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WG RRU. That's coming at work or are its sports talk Saturday. We did waiting for you since sunrise accountant's reports and are they just got laid. This sports talk Saturday. Real this game. Brilliant these sports talks Saturday on WGI. Sports Radio 5:15. We remain this morning whereby. Portrait. Concern to America. So beautiful the later today and night out more about that on the way in just a little while. Good morning to sell pot you'll hear back in the Seattle sports stocks that back from vacation. And next week down in sunny Florida gets it. To a lot of things out there and back on the air since then throughout the week looking back on Wednesday actually my first day back since that happened and leave it. Eight year along with you horse Derek Ngo and meals the station to reach out to be here. On Saturday I am not in the studios. Ever studiously. In fact. A riot all we don't hear this one make a beautiful beautiful ride. I'm here today at the seventh annual RV show it is the Seneca Allegheny RB show and is running from. Today actually running through tomorrow started on the twelve days those runs through tomorrow. And it'll go on here we have free admission to bond out at the Seneca Allegheny. Casino out Salamanca it's a beautiful drive like aesthetic. I didn't realize I really never driven. I've been down to nineteen eligibility early on pass a bill and I were on a cellmate it was a high school like football and things like that. But this is a great ride you drive down and a ski that ski country out there the mountains. It's so beautiful. Doubtless ways of halftime today in buffalo probably. Our 2 hour after I am where you live in buffalo and it just agree to limit the southern tier it's not that far. And it's really unbelievably. Awesome drive down here and a lot out for admission at the cynic Allegheny RV show. Hundreds du pre RVs all want please rate front here inside the you have thousands class AD NC motor homes the saint out excuse me at once when you're safe houses. All of them it's the biggest are each 08 New York actually and again it runs through tomorrow. And if you want GL ERB showed counselor or before and out here and it's it's a chance on downs at times here in Vietnam. It's looks like at a radio wrote some vendors out year. On the radio guys that actually broadcast that really it suits me. But have vendors out years while in the actual events that are orders is on parties and their rule equals out. And by the way this casino is beautiful. I've not been on the casinos in my life is a lot of like you know. In this one is really want to open up downtown awful lot of changes nations do they really made it a lot bigger ball how big that is. It's a big this spoke on down it's it's really crazy great stuff it's ours eating. Please eat out here they obviously hotel rate down here on site we have different things around the area which inside the place. I mean it is really really nice steal all your favorite scenes whether it's. T teams or slots. Things like that blackjack of course craps roulette or means that poker all that stuff where it slots video poker everything like that's gone down. It is today. At the seventh annual Seneca Allegheny RB shall tell you more about that while coming up at 1130 when it really. Letter we have some really important information about what's the weather so Patrick camera. Print from jail to buffalo and join me about the couple were some things are going on with the weather tonight this ice storm that's coming your way our way because. It is nothing to play with that is yet to make sure that you're making plans for this. Could be some power outages around the area because the nice to be tough driving. So you got your gonna wanna listen to this attached Patrick has to say at 1130 today. On the show us what they would Asa got lined up 1230 Paul able to. I'm in your press conference he spots from Buffalo Sabres get it that I don't rightly treat speculation what he sat I've had a chance re really talk about that. I hosted mobile blog yesterday on the afternoon shall we get it right rightly that trap which will do against date. Odds are related have a chance that we'll give you my thoughts Ryan O'Reilly and the things he said. And it isn't the oppressor and all that went down and at 1 PM get a special guest verse and I talked with. On the radio at least every hot he is the CEO and founder and analyst at football game plan. Is it got it really is in via the draft nose is stuffed green jacket which at the com I'm I've followed his work for a while. And our hook up with him at 1 PM today to get him here and talk and amp L draft 8030 by 5888. By fifty to buy it and get in my mock draft and it connects the world one player with yesterday a lot of became mean still mad at me. I'll do that but I think any to address the elephant in the room first ball before anything. And that is what is going on with rich. I have no idea that but that's just what I I have no idea what's going. You heard the update their create a little while ago and there exit was it last night Richie tweeted that he will be act. Offseason workouts starting Monday. I don't think that's real I think he was at the joked weak at but I don't know Derrick might be right in their church rightly ease racing that I think that when when you say that. That it sounds like you know eighty Ritchie said he was coming back I think he was basically at a point people's chains seat coming back I don't know maybe he was playing games with the organization. The organization put on the reserve retired list let's go back and it just the timeline of events here. A couple weeks ago which each week at his agents athletes first I believe it basically said through Twitter or fighter. Okay not the greatest way to go about it but whatever that's what. People these days and social media athletes especially how they communicate so every set that. This after he had taken a pay cut restructure his contract buffalo. For this following year which the last year of his country skeptical or seven million. Cut that down chew less portly I believe. What is so that he tweaked the buyer's agent and then. Suddenly while on vacation last daddy was Monday maybe Tuesday. Richie basically there's reports that say. That he says he's going to retire. And he's done with football and he said he went to the doctor and the doctor said his. As liberal shutting down his body wasn't. Doing very well you know he 8080 doctor gave voice to step away he said personal health reasons. He wanted to step away and then there was couple interviews quotes that came out with and then. Where he said that if he was really mad about the pay cut but he says that had nothing to do with them they can tell that it has something to do that but okay whatever. You will see and then from there it's that he was gonna change his mind he was done. Just a couple of days ago the bills put on the reserve retired list which is a special and that means hey he's done they can take them all the time. If they want. But they did put them on that list which means they hold his rights if he doesn't look like football can only be for the Buffalo Bills unless they actually release of this contract. After all that last night. Suddenly becomes a tweet from Virginia Tech is that official Twitter account saying. Hey Al the Al eight LB at the offseason workouts would be right he said. That retirement didn't last very long CU at offseason workouts on Monday which by the way Monday is the first day that. Players shall for stretching things like that. And that it's hash tag was made you look. And the first thing I thought my side is that he's just kind of people's genes here he's just. No make it in he just wants at I don't know you know Richie he's been angling to be in the media for awhile he is a guest frequently on how cowards. Op program. On fox sports one. And he also is he's in with arsenals sport she's got some things that exactly to be in the media I think that's in his end game once he's out of the human. I think he's kind of learn how to play the media are probably in a plea social media. But the same time I think I think is going on is he's probably millions sure about what he wants it you. He's ticket so he played a Pro Bowl level and there's a lot of money on the tables though he probably doesn't want to give up that money. It probably is Matt he did give up you know. That take the pay cut to stay in buffalo I don't know the bills gave an ultimatum all networked but he did do that. Oh by the way after he did that heals tweeted out can we be back for one more year bill's fans or something like that. And you know as a last night he says on Twitter that was shortly retirement and I'll be back Aussie on Monday. My initial thought was tweeting me what's going on I don't know but I do think that he's probably maybe it confused and don't write what you want what he wants to view. By the way is or like the guys get to towards the end of their career they want to keep playing health issues involved money that's on the table. All its public squabble sick thing happened with him last year for whatever reasons. Then this morning. Here we don't get more stuff from him and that stuff includes am basically. Tweeting at Buffalo Bills. And that. Saying please release me from my contract. In any says contact athletes first for more info will just athletes first. At least on social media needed a few weeks ago I don't know what's going like this at yell at the room. People asking me I don't know there's been no response from the bills so far. With this makes Richie techniques to what I can tell you is. Knowing how I know where to be that Sean McDermott edit in games. I didn't do I don't think they're gonna sit here and allow rich intact you kind of dictate what they do you think it's going to be. And keep other retired list I think there's three options here that they would my assumption would be I don't know this analyst all of this. I haven't talked with anybody over there with a built because they haven't said anything about the yeah. My assumption would be that basically three things wool. Come out of this that the bills will say this is how to play this either eight. You wanna play essar now it you wanna play we'll take up the reserve retired retired list shall the offseason workouts you say no. Then which could keep on this roster and other reserve retired list because that's because we have your rights. Or they might say we don't wanna deal with this distraction in the attic and we will just really issue now I think that's kind of the least of the three options as far as in my mind the way that they operate but it's very possible that that could still happen because. They don't play games like you said they're not. This is not a regime that want to sit here and deal with something like this so I think it reach intact veto. Needs to end according to reports last week he did speak with ownership. We'll Google as he did speak with rain and even John McDermott. And after that is when the bills beauties later put on this reserve retired list so all of that to me there's a direct straight line to this is serious and as Israel. Despite. I do change their eyes and I think that team to be OK with that they'll be okay with that say it and I went through a period Yorkshire welcome back it's fine. But I don't think you're gonna let this. I don't exactly know what's going on here with Richie and I don't exactly how this plea now but I do think it's strange. And it's weird behavior. On but considering the source Ritchie all the he's been through in the back like I said he is guide it. I think it's angling for the media when it's hot here and he's got to learn how to play all that stuff that surprised me also say. Again. You know he's at the age now he knows that the end is closer than the beginning certainly of his career he probably does have some health issues he's worried about at least that's what he said. In knows a lot of money on the table a lot of times this time a year actually I don't wanna go through the grind as the season gets closer. And it's my Brothers and it's competing and is blocking LeSean McCoy. You know I missed them money. And you start to think about that in the quarter on Monday is offseason workout stretching and things like that so. We'll see how all the sense I don't really know how to get and let that is like I said the big thing we need to start with today because we're not sure. Exactly what's going. Art so that's it with that if you have any thoughts that you're free to join today 8030 might it be 888. By fifty. Too so yesterday. I. To weed out and actions I've posted at our website at each year 550 dot com my first mock draft of 2008. Very key word in my first. Because there will be more they never are the same. I can guarantee you something will be different it back many many things will be different in the next mock media player the bills to be different probably will be. How they acquire that player will be if we will be. Is this one I had them trading up here's the thing. Couple things I wanna. I think it's it's kind of strange to me how so many people I really. I do realize this every year but I I forget and that happens and I realize that again. It's just amazing to me it's astonishing. How many people don't realize mock draft it is. Mock draft is is not what I think should happen. I think this team should do this I think will happen. It's also justly for exercise I have no idea. No idea how the bills rank any of these quarterbacks or meals for that matter I don't. It's just all guesswork it's all fun to speculate you try to Tyson dots to each other and you tried your best guess work you can. Guesswork but. Have no idea of you know first or second where how the bills rank seemed Arnold Josh Rosen Josh Allen make me feel all those guys. But the amount of people after the bills trading up to number five. To draft Josh Allen first of all you be mad about that totally fine again tonight problematic that would happen that's cool. That's why do it let's have a discussion about would you like that which like that all that stuff. But the people who don't understand. That that's not because I like him more than other quarterbacks. In case that means saying how dumb I am for that eat at the the guy is better. You have a local doctor does then you learn what is mock draft is what I think the team would you in that situation how would fall if the board felt that certain way. And that's about half but again I'll have another doctor next week and then I'll have a final one before the actual draft. On Thursday night April 26 but. I did late the Twitter verse on fire and a phone lines umpire yesterday when I was pulled out because of the fact I had the bills trading up to number five select one. Josh Allen in and that trade at the giving up there twelve picket 22 pick in the first round. They're 53 pick in the second round. 12221. Victory in round two and it 2094. Rounder so they actually still capped. A second round this year and 23 rounder this year that means they have four picks in the first three rounds stale as they re out six in the first three rounds and they would get Josh out. It's trade up that bothered most people did some it was just the simply the players Josh Beckett here's the thing I don't want Josh. I I like it more than a lot of you do it is a chance to be great more than a lot of YouTube. Or at least be really good actions say a lot of you do some of these that you have no chance to ever be relief that I don't think that's the case. Baker make you Ilich a lot of you are I IE would it I bills. I would not treat five to judge Ellen I would trade at five to take maker may feel if our board felt the way I have a ball which is Arnold. Brown's Bradley chip giant's wrote into the jets in its one Barkley to the browns. My job and not draft. Draft is basically do what I think the heat would you in that situation and not people. Don't understand that was pretty astonishing over the last 24 hours but it would like you or particular. Bottom we we talked a lot about this yesterday on the show with Bulldog but a lot of you could call slightly to do that I'd also like to ask you what is your best case a worst case for the bills in the distract what your best case the worst case for the bills in this first round this year is this worst case trade for Josh Allen. Is best case stating it's well in having somebody faulty I mean I guess that would. It's easy question answer when you say best case they where you are at your quarterback all right but. So maybe I don't wanna raise the question maybe to do a little bit differently here. You know is best case you have to trade up best case you have to trade up where it would be cool before I do that maybe but what is your worst case as well as the sit. Is Josh Allen going five bills treat your worst case scenario. I still believe it really cute those are trading up some way shape or form either get to number two. Four or number five. Maybe number six. I think seven becomes a play with the ball with a box eight with the bears not with the niners. Ten with the raiders. If things really fall their way and they don't have to keep to move up higher higher to get the guy they want a lot and all depends on what happens above. But. I become right now the sweet spot where it looks like to me. Denver because to me Denver wants a quarterback for the future but I don't think they wanna take one now they signed keys keep them. I don't want it out we went to five I should say they cite case keep them. And they wanna win now which means they like to grab a player can help them win now. If the Broncos can treat out of 51222. That's best case for John Elway which I think that's why it becomes the sweet spot for the bills to move into. 803055888. By fifty to fight it. On board here give me your thoughts on the Iraq. You know your best cage worst case what you want to happen in just what you hate me after I did that out yesterday let's start off with DNN offline. And Europe sports stocks in the year. While on the go and I'm thinking. And so on him he will ever remember while I just wanted to pitcher spot on. Or. You know I'm not I'm not work. Although there were all back here are now. Kirk I'm from the bill. No bill thought he might be a lot. What yeah. It is still it is a lot but I think most bands that I interact with. Would be OK with that it was there guy they were getting so to speak to meet again. Yeah absolutely. I and I thought I'd want to let up but we're on number you know. Oh I looked up my child was born. I've had more children into here in the palm of your art be your mom good. That's pretty funny congratulations boy or girl earn our report our report now. Well congratulations to you again and we'll see out transports up they call. And now. I think that's pretty cool it briefly a bit more children the last two years the browns that wins you people fault that vote. Eight a trio liked it each shot is up next in Rochester I John. It now they'll. Obama and now you you hurt me a little bit yeah you. I've heard a lot of people last week four hours with this go ahead. So I got to scares me because yours such a good reporter and you had your balls today seem. That the mere fact that you would. Incur much that would go aired makes you nervous but. I got my nervous this really spans from. Josh Allen had the choice and what we're moving up when I any ultimately this did not like I've read you my Amy who moved exhibit committee bill. Yeah I went to I would too. I do think it's plausible that John though I think its laws like this that the bill is due like Josh Allen a lot. Yeah and I got that out of concern. I mean I've heard and you guys have had a got a great shot to change all. Between all the shows bring a lot of different analyst. Nick is like they're suction Edberg and united different quarterbacks in quite. No where they are an arm some of them which authorities. Are other kind of like to reiterate which reported previously thought I'd. I quit football background a lot like yourself. Our coach might swoop what not and I have quote the quarterback position and baiting college so I I have an understanding some background information about the division. And you know among all people lie. You know that they let art but it never lies I feel like. And you look at that I'm up in all the quarterbacks I'd be on the top or you look at Arnold wrote and talked. Josh Allen feels make it I'd feel like. OK. I understand why Arnold gets a lot of a public he's getting. Really what you look like competition. Right here is what I've ever intimate probably like well. But he always prided. And it's like it was like we was talking about. Last year about. That's a great comparison to Shawn Watson that's a great comparison because the only time that mayfield really didn't do that. Was in the second half of that bowl game against Georgia in this semi final. Otherwise I'm and we had a guest on yesterday out hurt John we guess yesterday who is eat Wharton a Bleacher Report he did a great point he said. What happened MacKey was Georgia what they demand. And basically forced baker may feel that have a little bit more patient and that. Heard it shouldn't be a fight think about him but that was the only time he's never really bald as you would say that big game spot. I agree so all. I really appreciate all I think it well it'll job well you know loved lifting you are as one team that. That bummed out on continued the work that you doing what I am so excited it's so awesome well I mean I am the same age yourself. I've grown up during a lot of the things outside of the rivalry with where you are. Palm but the last one I wanna make with garbage and I've you know and I guess my my concern it is. You know we talk about the question I ever able to know that would have to be a little bit on the running game or. I'm just curious as I don't. I understand the dark bullet not accurate to tackle the chemistry don't mistreat and are over and at least intimate diplomatic car. I just watch your back. Yeah I think John here's the thing you could really afford half starters account yet docket this half because he was. Cut your starter by default last year after according glad that took the the you know went with him after that. That you're looking at possibly for half starters on the line what's happening right tackle that it's like Marshall Newhouse oh compete Jordan tells us there at the X factors McDermott. Who is on the roster. Like the that you like equals he was in the practice squad last year patriots selected him. In the track last year and then put on waivers reports he's started. I looked at John Miller let it costs right are there you have boat sent area. Growing goodly center or guard can be interest that you could be looking at four and a half. In new linemen to start at say half against them. Can get docket was there was a starter but he wasn't really the starter until he got the job due to injury according glad and all that we'll take time out. They analyze what I come back at Patrick hammer meteorologist over channeled to WG RC TV. He will tell us about the impending storm tonight the ice storm and how important is free to be ready. Both from me driving standpoint and a you know preparedness standpoint accused power outages and things like that exactly what were in for. And we'll get right to your phone calls get them I'm not. Richie on anything we talk scheduled they took schedule should be out. In our next week hopefully but maybe not for another couple weeks before the draft we'll see. It is the seventh annual Seneca Allegheny RV show it's out here at the Seneca. Allegheny casino c'mon down at Simi say hi we're here today it's free admission in sports talk Saturday two and a digital 2 PM and at GR. I welcome back sports fox Arie your city your Sports Radio I picked these out of pot you wouldn't. With you and I am quiet at the seventh annual check out our show here. At Seneca Alec ED casino it is a beautiful drive down. And it's a huge RP shield the weather is going to turn however and. When we have weather situations that are well vital importance we had information. I turned my man from jail to the GR CTV. On meteorologist Patrick here are adamant that right now because it's really important it's. Some information about what's going on today Patrick always kind enough to spend a couple minutes on his Saturday to do that means we now welcome. Chief meteorologist at the GRC in buffalo after camp which are eighteen to outline. Up at pictured doing this in a short noticed what really important that botnet. Well you that you and higher it would mean a parallel lives were not the most popular guy in the room. He looked at. That's really interesting you're right if I hit bad news on my mock you give that news on the weather here's the good news or body. And as for me as I can I can really change my my next week if you really change your forecast too much between now and the next several hours. No we can't in and I know a lot of people are just like okay we get it enough already. This has been that went through that is just dragging on and on it and yeah. It just like just stop Tweety Patrick. We only good news right or. When you're on the air give us a rosy forecast and unfortunately. That hasn't been the case recently on the last we spoke we need a major. So game with the colts that bill and and now we're here to talk about another actor in the Indian situation. I expand. We did we were looking to hurt this week. And insecure shall we in this classic. For free memory when we didn't you but it's mid April. And you know we've gone back to look just the other other situations like. And they're really ours there's only one that was back in early April 2003. There was an ice storm like this that really hit a Rochester. In and if you compare the key when there's some very similar. I can parables between absorbing this one. That storm knocked out. Panel for including 75000. People. There were tremendous downed trees and power now to say that's succeed here. And the Yankees stormed an exactly similar but I'll tell you at that data. If you look we wouldn't want and what we're trying to say is hey don't cancel your plans are up for it makes it look so. Is this afternoon. It tonight win anti gun outside it looked a little warmer or you ourself but here in buffalo in our pockets hole. And we're gonna get hold you up today say oh by this afternoon at about 3032 degrees. If you go out 101000 feet. It's like in the forties and fifties. It out warm air in the colder world we live is that her regrets keys for ice. And it's really didn't get going especially. This evening and tonight. To give it time line and especially maybe kind of include anywhere you live when that time. Yeah here's the deal I'm I would say Niagara Falls under the Niagara frontier the scar marriage. Your rain and then the transition to freezing rain probably can it's. Around Ford us fired because what we're thinking in initially it's just gonna collect on treason. Vegetation and maybe the roads just stay where it. But that just picked up in intensity. At the air gets colder that right spreads out I think the bull's eye is really gonna be. Central Erie county southern Erie to the whole area quite frankly. The Boston feels really you're going to be and it in the zone where there could be. I'm more freezing rain and of course little wooded area so you're gonna see more downed trees virtually their power outages. But I think the worst of it comes into slugs this evening and cannot. There may be a little bit of a low and then again tomorrow morning is when there'll be more race. And then as the day wears on it was up in minutes is turned to play on the rain especially tomorrow night so I think that the trickiest part of this period is really two nights because. Dishonesty that you know typically the sun angle in Naples pretty hot you don't really get this kind. But the sun Coke goes down there's no sun angle anymore it's cold it's cold enough for the ax and. He's so we're not think it. Let's start so summing. I always see these videos do you think a lot of people on like YouTube and you'll see people trying to walk down ice of the car sliding on ice is what we're talking about it that kind of ice machine like when you like that black ice or whatever what you. When you wake up tomorrow. Or tonight is gonna be lately trying to walk in you just can't walk anywhere each drive it drive anywhere. Very very possibly and if there's two scenarios that play out. First of all that there's a difference between free scenery and we didn't believe me today and tonight's. Sweet is short for you want sweet sweet. Our little pieces of ice that's all they bounce around they pitcher car and they just seem kind of bouncing up and down. And that doesn't you know accumulate as much doesn't stick to trees doesn't stick to bring matches and that kind of stuff he can weather pretty easily. Preview race can we get a ring for opt out is pretty much. Almost frozen but not quite it hits the ground or it's your car or the road in the trees as. And it sounds. It's got a very eerie sound sounds almost like static electricity like. It's it's it's really weird sound and underwent you. And we start seeing that happen that's when at first you'll see on the trees you'll see these like pros didn't. You're drops extending from branches that's a clear sign that it's freedom ring. You'll see on your windshield. And eventually. The roads are still a little warm right from the from the warmed to today if you want to even call that eventually it will collect on roads and sidewalks and yes those that video you see people's sliding. It is very possible I certainly hope not I hope to have been asleep it's no big deal but when that threat is there yeah you gotta just. You got to sound the alarm because everything is pointing toward that severe when I. So as a personal question here that's that probably if impact everybody listening might let you might have something going on so. I played just like football league playoffs tonight it'll late game I have to drive from my house city to. Basically clearance. In IE like this is like we're talking like at 9 o'clock team here. I hear fight which routing what what what is my. Washington this I want cheated a little lot going on and there's public eighties party there's just there's all sorts of that the and I want people to keep the players but I just to monitor because. If you're going out with six and I between seven and that's freaking arena starting corporate sweeting and you know it it may not get too treacherous at that point so. Check when she I just feel like do you feel little glaze of ice on it it's so. Taken real slow. Or think about rescheduling not kind of a clear sign but I don't want everybody should just abandon ship on the plains tonight because it's really after midnight. When I think things get worse. So. Just get a look he didn't bark the worldwide web and get the deal. And in it the whole area it's not like you're gonna go to one area and can we work and others it's pretty much area wide and also mental preparations to four on power to conduct. Right when the question what people. When you know there's not much you one thing is that I'm very you know textbook one. Back to mobile water resiliency of ice to keep refrigerated items cold fridge. I mean that's pretty basic and the power outages here in its intent but that. Like what we empower that we hear it for so those can I think he can be just prepared and sued. How well your devices charged right. And those are things he can take an active and power go out. So simple things like I'm gonna say well. I as a regular former. I'm sorry as a former Floridian. My knees to preparing for impending storms yeah a teenager but this won't be like that obviously that. I've been through that drill and you wanna make sure to generators are good but we treat him in your house folks that's it let's let people who'd been who don't use them. Don't know that sometimes pat I mean write your stories aren't like these these are fires the carbon monoxide things like that you wanna make sure that. Don't don't try using a blowtorch to unfreeze pipes outside I mean things like that people don't know until you see a story in the news. Well that was the house burned. Couple months ago with a guy and a blowtorch to do so. So yeah those are just common sense they institute think about but yet when the power Gonzales but you're you're you're trying to act react quickly what are they. Just use common sense your right those devices they're outside. And it would got a couple of hours just to get ready and prepare. And again I hope I'm eating crow tomorrow I hope. I don't believe me but you you wanna be right that this is a situation where I hope that things just warm up too much but I. Every time I'm looking at it this up former computer you're thinking okay it's gonna back it's gonna. It's not that it's still looking. Like a real threat and in fact I'm ice storm warnings are rare and missile there was one issued as you know by the National Weather Service. For tonight from 2 o'clock this afternoon at 2 o'clock tomorrow afternoon we are currently under that right we are under way yak goes into effect acute. I got ice storm warnings. Inadequately issued wind there is a threat to retail for about half an inch. Of ice. That's what that section one little example here a half an inch of ice. About five to 600 pounds which tree it will five to 600 pounds to power. Dot swear entries go down that's when bridges go down that's when power. That passage is that number you know what's what's would hope we don't get there. But that's that's the number that is possible and that's they pulled the trigger on the on the war in its written. Patrick hammered three GR CTV chief meteorologist out to one last question before I let you go here in the eighteen to outline. When is this weather going to warmup we are waiting for as you open up here by saying. It just seems like it's the never ending winter when are we looking at finally it's at least seasonable temperatures. And I think criminal ones about 200 Twitter followers in the next two minutes pure drop we're group we're cool we're not breaking had a we are we've been stuck in this weather pattern pretty much cents. March 1 if you recall we had a great and the February. It was a false spring. We stay we stay on the cool side of things for at least the next week we can. Real quick tomorrow's rain becomes heavy tomorrow night we're also wonder flood watch. So she doesn't flooding and small stream and creek sliding. You know farmland flooding is a real potential Sunday night and Monday which get cute as three inches of her with thunder and lightning. In the an okay. That changes to snow showers Monday night in the keys date there could be some small accumulations of snow. Highs on Tuesday. In the thirties so in the next. Three days we have almost every kind of weather you can get except the time we alike. Being thrown at us. And it is not show any signs of warming up quite frankly we may have chips slipped to get a job on April and quite frankly. Yeah I don't idol at all accurate. My. After the I think I rather have Josh you know you guys. Are. As hectic out. You know we. Let's lets you choose that the way our Josh Elliot what the war and Josh and what Josh honestly that's what actually you know what I might take. The pull it. All right I came and I gotta run I really appreciated. Thanks rog and we'll keep everybody informed and I really thank you for. Which you do make sure there but it's easy out there hopefully your place. You are. Looking at thanks to catch up. I hear about. I think you educate virtue to chief meteorologist we will take its time now. Sale it was very important I'm glad we did that I know it's sports show top sports back in. Drafts mock drafts everything else would she schedule all the stuff it back after this timeout. Oh. And get one of the top reported record that they're gonna help move up and if they're going to do that we're gonna have to give up a lot there are did he but a lot of press in the so they better. Below the play and I think there's three quarterback. That would justify doing. They have Donald Duck program and big debate he'll order regardless you would consider it straight up port I'm sure they're doing their due diligence as they come into the building. In the fall but with the guys you go up and down. The book report this. Those statements from Boise from there I don't think. Thank you wanna make sure I get the outlet right on that let's the phone calls thanks Patrick ever for joining me let's say let's go to Sean Minneapolis I shot at a BER. Intel not who. Keep the weather dock with than we had figured that if they Granada or been here in the heart of a storm right now and we had Reno but yesterday that. Turned the lead and then and our folks feel like he took twelve in to peer through the though all my. We're right in the heart of it here can. Unbelievable unbelievable at it and it's it's crazies sese. Yeah no doubt though my own what could we get the door for a typical user through a bit though I talk about the draft. But it better be interesting I've never seen a situation where I mean. I'm always been intrigued by laughter human being wasn't there just like what McDermott an impact been really talking about. The long term plan about you know make in the country Barack. In ultimately they've acquired all this capital with Egypt unbelievable and you pointed out earlier this week about how much capital account. Under interested in only made that move up to twelve. In order to the American you don't. They're somewhat unknown to bring in abuse. You know we're so much that he doesn't know what's gonna happen with can you trust certain people if someone gonna LeapFrog you and olive colored stuff the going on. And I think it's really important that I think it's interesting you make that trade. For tyrant with the ground regarding worked with ram and hundred wondering if there's something bear and number four B that they've already given up epic and he'd be be feel. Comfortable working with the browns and you don't get a minute to Bradley who went forehead to really intriguing possibility through bill. I get to look everything you say is right I don't disagree that meeting is set because. There are a lot of ties I think if you look hard enough you can find ties to a lot of different team losing guys in. People who work for organizations because guys just move around but the one that gentleman has been there staring at one in the face. And the treatment Tyrod everyone knows that. You know they've had these dealings with the browns in the past but you know I agree with the very first thing is that which is they didn't move up Sean from. They knew everything they did for the last twelve months to stay at twelve I just don't believe that I think they have planted some way shape or form. To move up I just don't know they can do it their teams. It takes to make a trade you know so I don't disagree with that I just question if they can do it. Yeah and I do police fear that because everyone know they wanna move up. That quote unquote to the media and took van Bergen all the pain. And what you made a point about Josh Allen and all going to be impaired him I I think maybe whoever it is. Difficult and yet if they quarter quote overpaid the media and the fans. It's gonna put back quarterback in just such a high purpose situation. With with how much they invested into that player and that's one thing that I that does concern me going forward but you got to take care and I really hope that the. I meant that the phone call I appreciate Stacy Minneapolis I agree a lot of what you said Richard buffalo accurate BER. More and so I. Think you. I've called a few weeks ago or public on you know I beat my argument for Josh arm be my guy. I made a comment about how Dean Mcdermott like the fact if you can then trim we create and football. And in the that they he's still my guy but want to start think about lately is all wearing neat that we have on the team. In guilt that positions in the Clinton Bancorp quarterback wide receiver. What if the built toward state add as well but it they're 22 picked. And then put together a package that includes 225356. Or 225365. In move up to seven meter ninth so now. Not only can you give in to the top and in a spot where you know every now I'm not going to be quarterback to become a bit of LeapFrog those this year. We could never quarterback they're maybe not you know not be. They err on the road served Arnold. Pop we have mayfield put down if not so that your option but market that Bennett number twelve. Quarter after a record a Calvin Ridley or DJ Moore tonight could start to feel more more spots on your roster what your thought that. I like the thought Ahmed tell you the on the street to rich I thought about this little drive down here it went when you drive an hour and a half to come to work. Go to Sports Radio show you think a lot of things right in one of the things I thought it was the same scenario what it's not twelve at which point to here's the problem with that. If you look at it 789 and that range remember what it cost the bills last year to move from and so it would cost the chiefs move for 1027. To ten. It cost an extra first rounder so I don't know if any team would be willing to. Drop down that hide it bills want to move up from twenty to seven rate I think it might cost the first round next year because that seems like the price of fifteen spots and route one you know and you know I mean. I do but if you look at the belly care. Valued right line with with those not with those numbers the typically deal wine with those. Now mind what you're saying is because you'd give up a section eight you give up all the people seconds or second third which I understand that I get it I may mean here's the thing. What can you do if you get up to seven or if you have. 7812 a seventh while rates while I still don't know that kitchen to the spot you need to get to get the quarterback you want because they only goes so quickly. Obviously if you get to 812 you're basically saying we've given up on the the big war. Now the start to back off it made it hard to get our guys we've just been you know plain pots in the hole I'm rejects and our guy. But you know it used to have an opportunity get a quarterback but that you also have a cure what Steve. It's interesting I think he could beat cornerback covers up all those holes I like your thought it's out of the box a little bit but it's not completely. Completely ridiculous to think about how the board could fall that you're sitting there on one particular guy right so let's move coupled with with 22 I I understand I understand the thought. We'll take time welcome back we have a lot more to get to. I. The mock draft I have that meet a lot of you that we ever pull up you guys really did. Buick Derek Patrick ever I put the pole up you asked for it. Would you rather have Josh Allen a great weather or no Josh Allen in the same. Garbage whether we've had it right now. Garbage whether know Josh Allen is leading 62%. To 38% ideally that's a vote at apple it's that I got Twitter page at sell sports when we come back. We'll talk more about the draft of course about the mock draft I have what quarterback you like. As some thoughts on Ryan O'Reilly I want to get to before we upon him to on the air. At 1230 in the schedule should be released coming up within the next week maybe week and a half before the April draft so we'll dive into what could be possibly. The bill's fate is our schedules concern and that of the year.