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He told weekend it's all about sports there. It's all on cells mind active sports talk Saturday would sell comply geo fund W. You GR Sports Radio 550 yeah. An hour here on sports talk Saturday why that the seventh. Senate Allegheny RV show right here. Out of the senate Allegheny casino wipes out about GO really really good time I hear people sort of low end. To a call outside the events that are down your free admission if you're anywhere. You can hear me in Western New York it's a beautiful ride of Europe and Europe in Niagara Falls here know or Rochester is like that come down here. The art haptic two hour ride after it's beautiful to nice day. C'mon down nearly RV shilling notes looking at the casino which apparently the air show that's fine. Obviously. In its refreshment somewhere and all that but like downplay. The adults right platelet treatment that get the casino rate here. I guess it's lovely drive that it is a beautiful beautiful scene of you've never been down here to basics on out. We are here today. They are here through tomorrow hundreds of new embryo RVs all in one place here back in the biggest RV show. In New York State you go learn more online Audi RV show. Dot com they have. Thousands of dollars you can save a class ABC motor homes so. We know what that is because I'm own one but I'm about to find out the for the year was that between eight BC you might know that you might wanna find out. What that means on out and take part in this NC with this is all about here at the RV show here today I'm here until 2 PM I was just joint. But a preacher promotions team that means giveaways. On now we simply go WGR team this year by it some bags. I would give it yet he did ya right spot on the political board we bag it shirts. What we Paddington bear paraphernalia here potatoes. Just appears on down not just enjoy yourself what is it nice write down Saturday into the army shall have to watch wired down here. And we'll take care eager to meet your Sports Radio like if we had some. Interesting discussions so far about sports and. Weather's so be careful tonight. The ice storm is going to be happening. And hopefully it's not as bad as it appears right now what could be it for some power outages around the Western New York region as wells C state Stacy out there get my mock draft. My first one when he teed up at the website that EG our fight to dot com and boy that make a lot of you. You bet. The illustrating for Josh Al. Not that I would do that but I think that situation the bills might do that I think it's plausible that could very much like. Josh Allen the quarterback a whale I don't know this could might they can Tatum brawl you know but that's the fun part about doing mock drafts from me. A thicker mayfield guy. ID like Josh Rosen Alex and Arnold I would have Alan behind all of them. But I don't hate just yelled as much but if you do. So what do you think about it in my traits and they'll give up there 1222. In the first round they give up 53 in the second round and a fourth rounder next year to move up to do that. To get Josh Allen but. Edu like that media hate that that's or talking about. Bill schedule and the NFL schedule should be out within I would say probably the next ten days at the latest because the draft is on the 26. Where is the fourteenth normally comes out right around April 20 give or take a day or two and we could get to Monday and we could find out schedules coming out on Tuesday or Wednesday. We can get through next week by and it's not coming out until. The following Monday or Tuesday we don't know it's all up in the air tires when the NFL. Gets ready wants to make an event data it says let's do it they also wanna avoid leaks so wants is ready they wanna make sure they get it out others that we you know the opponents the bills are playing. We just don't know exactly. When those games will be a pre season schedule was released. The dates that first two are not yet finalized the date the last two preceding games are finalized a one of them. Will be eighty Dalton in Cincinnati bank is coming to buffalo. On August 24 which is a Sunday at 4 PM. For a 26 excuse me Sunday at 4 PM. For it nationally televised game and that will get a chance for bills fans really kinda. Thank you adult person with some nice all the nations or whatever it back to eating him because he's on the other team. And then the thirtieth which all teams will play their final preceding game the last Thursday August. No longer the Detroit lines of the bills this year they'll be heading to Chicago to take on the bears the team open. With pre season game at home. Against the Carolina Panthers. And then they'll travel to the Cleveland Browns in week two of the pre season so we'll get into some scheduled talk a little while I got Paul Hamilton at the bottom of the hour talk sabres and Ryan O'Reilly. As well let's go to Tom. Who's up next here on WGR hi Tom what's going on. They're to themselves do a great job that's for sure you are thank you I don't go commerce. I was cold weather across Europe. Listen to diminish the list goes on and happy. I want to applaud the hope that computer in your pocket. If you look at the temperatures last march April today. Don't to a people that big a margin ever 62 degrees every technique is not really sixtieth block for so many nights ultra. Mean that's crazy right. I don't think this year in March we have broke forty I can be wrong that would seem like that was the case. It is it is what were they more of our military detention of that World Cup in that I would do smoke contract soared to a lot of outside work. Everybody is just behind. Obviously it is it is yeah. You'll go to Cordoba I think the distance. You know it's what it's also what you want you know it really is. And I believe the polls I've been a cultural Bulldog last week and by saying it is that the polls. Award quarterback in mind and he's not available and get out of Iraq told subtle. You know also but I agree review positioning on the court are more jobs frozen blood Google what Google rerouted because. We don't want or Sam Bradford you know he's deductibles sturdy guy in the right now. They've got to mention of that development Salina as depleted. Under acute. Is it we knew he was going to be injured I think this the guy owes them. That's pure passer in this draft I don't think anybody will deny that he's the best pure passer but he certainly comes the question marks about his long term health and maybe even. You know how much he wants to be best in the game which I think is they've had answered by him I think it's unfair to him to continue asked that. When he keeps saying he is but I understand what teams at that question. I outgrew that and I think this nonsense I just what you read in a bubble I we just wanna win. What dog I would have no problem with a dual stricter rules and knew we call it mentioned of optically looks that it. I I believe what did you say this that the that the girls are gonna make hatred is going to be on day one. If they'd quickly what is gonna draft accord Vick they want. You don't like they just tell us okay sort of the way so time ward Bruno archery golf opportunity. You open dramatic fields are would have no problem would it all the older than that I don't wanna shoot grip tool and no I do not I mean out. Judge Ellen yeah I don't want. Bogota you're much. I now have brought a prop thing it is one run up to some of the calls but I do appreciate the phone call pace the kind words as well top Louie. Stoney creek what's up man. They do great jobs so. I appreciate your sort order of the day I was thinking is this the pulse sort of washed year and a pick. You know we had that camera on the know what city. That it's a process that began your goal. We opt to stay on this on the on the on the line here on the processor people will do that struck this quarter. In all this for the mall there are a person like because maple because his production. Is leadership and that the united actors. So to me ice collapsed I agree with are gonna be arsenic yeah you look at our receipt thus give me in the book for Josh our. There's a lot of people who say I'm not one remodeled mop up more on our ears are perceived or artist to prove you probably don't. I know that I'll in how some issues with receivers. Not the greatest team around them quite get. And I might have. The providers is back receipt. I don't I'm not sure he's a guy you've got to keep on the budget pick a year. And hopefully with some. It could tutoring and teaching he would be me be with improving data are part of his game but to me. I look at it gave me tools and it got cut the arm. He's got. Leadership. For our she's got partial are secretly want the court or purchase order part to me I would equal. And just move up to well I don't know what word to get caught in a club thoughtful and help them equipment to the chart and in it that ticked off because. Gala it's gonna cost a lot but if you let your guy you wanna do it I I I agree that it's just really fascinating though where. This all hands and we don't know this is. To drive an option I was listening to a podcast want to get all correct response. It was podcasts like radios ESPN radio driving and listening to that end like I was on. And he was asked. You know is this the craziest. Top half the first round you've seen since when he said maybe my forty years now. Sometimes it's hyperbole maybe caught up in the moment but it really might be. Simply because of the quarterbacks the teams that eat them and where nobody falls and you know I'm not so sure he talks about these things it's really hasn't been talked about enough and that. Is that. There are enough teams to. Our sitting upright position at the court backed go early. Maybe teams like the Broncos and the colts and the box it appears that they say I'm not treat got to this spot. You leap player who is really need one of the best players in the draft on quarterback. Up Bradley child a sick on park a make up its Patrick that their wins games but those teams. He is just assuming she'd trade up with these teams as they say no like I'm getting a great player not treating doubt. It takes to do it and I wouldn't be surprised if those teams say. No way and I stayed here on speak at red beach arms that year and I'm taking Derwin Jeanne I'm staying here. And I am speaking at Denzel war quarterback you know and that. Is very possible. We all just assumed that I'll have the ports are taught that way. Just trade up with the Broncos to straight up I haven't illustrating the Broncos in my mock trade up with the colts down again. Be staring equipment Nelson in the face no he's he's considered by many to be the best art out of college in. Maybe over a decade so why would they wanna treat out of the have a chance to get them that's a tough sell what you wanna. Really really pay even more were already talking about paying a lot considering what the strap holder what it cost a lot specifically. To get a quarterback let's go to John in Rochester what's going on Jon and Biggio. Case now we you know I got to say I'm more intimate now about the bills not trading up swore quarterback would intact meals retirement we got or gore would according gland gone now are off center line Leo let it needs that are. And of course or linebacker. And I mean because besides alignment to equally of course a wide receivers so that the trade up and give the store away for. I think the store what's the store. Most would be trading up and that god get me away on numerous stressed X number. It is too general John but everyone says this tell me what you mean by that. What is numerous traffic if I told you that it straight to our five we don't normally get regret we shot shots up all the stuff. I told you that you treat the number five. And they can still keep one of their seconds and won their third still pick once the first one to the second wants the third is that giving up the store. In my opinion yeah I 92. I think they should that up speech in maximized to draft. Because number what we got McCarron Vick quarterback number two. Which means nothing in the I I don't care that. I if reaches. Your ability or mark are only available in. That is sure I agree with that I we took so are you you're got to get strap your quarterback is long rate at the. Exactly exactly. So I'm pretty pumped up by Sega and that's the thing tribunal retirement I think they may avoid trading up. Been playing more conservative game and I think that's what they need right now. Here here's the one area that you are wrong John out of the Richie got into retirement changes anything about their draft plans he's a guard. You don't suddenly say we lost a guard who's 33 years old it was all the last year of his contract suddenly change your draft plan that doesn't what does work like that. Do you all pro for what two years hero the guy. Practice eat any just took a pay cut in the team basically gave a pay cut in no extra years which means that probably. I'm guessing what I told them if you don't take a pay cut or moving up from you anyway. Right right but but the fact that we lost three starters from their lie deep into debt to me the game changer start to draft schools. I got yet does not mean not to me at all you know to each teacher a quarterback that's a game changer. He just eat quarterback period. If you have a franchise quarterback it doesn't matter how many hold up your roster gives you a chance to win I'm telling. I mean I should say like that you get you need to have some spots filled. If you a franchise quarterback and numerous holes your roster and still the chance to win again I'll look to I know he's the greatest rate now while he's one of the greatest. Aaron Rodgers I mean. Look at that team when he's on the fielder's when he saw and I know it's an extreme example again but you get my point. I mean. That's what the Pittsburgh Steelers at holes around their roster for. Many many times over the last fourteen years but there's still a contender every year because they have Ben Roethlisberger simple as that. If they don't have that guy any if they do feel some other spots they're not going to be contender and that's the way the bills are. I just I hate it you gotta have a quarterback franchise quarterback in this talk about while you gonna put this guy behind some lines it's not you know you have always hold your line. Is that the start right away yet draft him for 28 senior tracking emperor when he eighteenth through 20/20 82030. You know the rosters change the bills also have right now. About a hundred million dollars and they'll cap space next year projected which means they can also fill spots next year. Through that through free agency is your roster and achieved there's ebbs and flows of I think too many people get caught up there with the roster looks like right now. What they need to do in the draft for 2018 the draft is never about one year the draft is about setting your organization up for the future in right now the term war. In positioning it better position to set themselves up for the future of the franchise quarterback that ever happen. Other than being actually in at the top of the draft but with a capital I have which is historic I wrote about this at the website. Wow how historic. Bill draft capitalist right now if you missed that. Since this league with a 32 teams in 2002. Only two teams only to have actually selected six players in the top 96 of the draft. At the bills used all their picks on that that's exactly what they would do it hasn't happened since 2008. Kansas City. Teams just don't acquire that much capital and you use their capital you don't require it to not use it to me use that capital to move up. To get a quarterback. Somehow someway aunt that died but but I will say the guy if you a list of two or three guys. In their bull gone by the time it took five or six then don't and stay where you are because I might not an advocate of is doing it to do it I'm an advocate of doing it to get a guy you law. In that could be 123 guys maybe for the strap I don't know. 803055888. By 52 but the people Hamilton's gonna join me at 1230 when I talk about. The end of the year press conference from Jason doctoral. And the comments from idol right. I was on vacation when that all came down I did tweet about it because at least in the. We had our we have the comets are actually in the back on demand search right Writely a comic vine. And a lot of debate about it. And. My position is this I appreciate rhino rightly being honest I think in this day and age don't get that allot enough from players and there's a reason. Part of the reason is because of what's happening to witches people attacking him for being honest I get that I understand that. That's why guys give lukewarm response is really good responses or whatever. The bottom line is assuming he's telling the truth here right in that he's gonna tell us say. I'd be basically the game as much I've defined that become accepted losing an other people do around here to all those kinds of things. You're gonna say that. Then. I think they. It's hard to come back from that unless you have the change of scenery or change of environment. In the change of scenery and environment to meet doesn't just include changing a lot of people around. I think at this point. It would be best for the Buffalo Sabres. It right rightly bolt his own career. To move on and have a change of scenery not attacking right rightly for saying. And he's telling you the way that I think it would work out best for both parties here. Whatever you do for a living drive and on the rover valueless the show on the app somewhere in Minneapolis or somewhere it was in Iowa listen whatever. If not your own job. Your own job. And if you went into your boss. Beckoning you think about if you or possibly be the boss and employee came to. Instead. Started at. Love working here mortal love what's going on and he rediscovered that. Now going forward you're gonna think what I economic change and what can I help or maybe one of the ways to help is too. You'll get a different person who doesn't have that passion if he can get assets obviously sports are different yet they treat currently rations but. You know you're going to be questioning at the bottom went from means to as a boss if your Jason optional Housley. How many times now going forward. Bridle right. He doesn't see it seemed engaged in a question of how we tap your own teammates question. Is about the coming back from. It again in the right O'Reilly for him his own self might eat it that's okay sometimes it happens I've seen it happen in teach. I was teacher tenure a school teacher. I saw people who I taught with who basically said. Go to another school I just don't like this one's not if we the people around me. I don't like this and my boss or other teachers at the kids or what we're doing here and you cheat sheet Iranian chief environment. It like up teaching. It didn't really low where they work it. They needed a change of scenery it happened that all of our careers at some point or another in what way cheaper for. Sports is different again it it's dollars and not telling you. I'm not attacking rightly get them sit here I can't believe this guy would say that some people have. Rockets that. I understand sometimes how that passion we lost it to me. It's very easy to connect what they did with the tank battle like that discussions to date but it's easy for me to connect what they did. It would detect how we got here some players got here even though the primary people are different with in the organization. The city is the same the fans are now more accepting it to lose. Watt it's when teams are power up 520 games of the season just lose the rest of the way I think that becomes pervasive. Around everybody. I can understand. And for his own career and for the Buffalo Sabres. Especially if they can get something really good for him that contract. It might be better off. To you know move on from right right and that's liked me out when it happen. Lot of you agree a lot of disagreed and not. Sit here and tell you. It's it's a party like it's just that people think it just your pilot on the guy got a pilot on me just wants it he'll get rid of him because he's being honest that's not the case. He's a human being as emotions I I don't deny the like I believe what he's saying and I completely understand that and where he's coming from and I do empathize with him at some level. But I don't think you can keep them in the dressing room anymore. That's the thing. If you Jason I troll I'm glad he was honest is now I know that had a need to move on from him and replace players like to think who I won't be questioning. Have that love into labor and he's gonna get that back it's it's gonna get back because he's gonna go play the world championship he's gonna rediscovered I know that's gonna be the case how much do the teammates he plays with the guys at reliant think that he's gonna. Become that guy again have that low for. You just got to build your team. Business decision here. And that's why I think we better operable parties pages partly sabres got some I don't know what does which treat them. According to Bob McKenzie I think it was fair but MacKenzie it was not. Who I yesterday who said yes thank you said you know the things that get quite a lot four great we'll do it. I mean that's where I am with him all able to come up next he's gonna tell us his thoughts in a year presser right right in the. It's coal Hamel Teahen. Well Rick Jenrette. And the reason why. He's sitting on top football Hamilton. National holiday. Sports Radio 550. I want to welcome all Hamilton and here on the eighteenth the outlines of pot you live today at the seventh. Annuals and Allah is our showdown here at peace. Allegheny casino in Salamanca all the urban doubt this is you know it is. Beautiful. Unturned that you urban settlement. I don't really know and I haven't they at some point amid the ruins that I don't think I've actually been there. Well I just I tell you spent a date on your ticket and it's a beautiful drive. It down here this casinos that app is we have all these. Party's argument it will be down nearly broadcast to the out here tomorrow as well Paul I I just. Gave some thoughts on the view inherited an odd about what I am what I think about his comments in Writely and it when I heard everything was look. I appreciate his honesty I'm not attacking him when I say this but I think once you get to the point where he's that if you're Jason not trolling. You know going for you they always now question whether or not this guy is truly into it I just think it might be better for the sabres in rattle rightly so career. If they parted ways and and I think maybe you got that point with this player where you gonna have to try and move them it says something in return. I was actually they're before this actually. You know Phil Housley. What he wants he wants a team that can skate and that's what Jason botched roll wants to win. They've got Ryan are they've got a post so they've got O Reilly they had Molson. They have too many people that don't fit that bill and I've been being chastised for probably over two years now. Where many many people want a rhino rally as the captain and I kept saying he is not a leader after law said he wasn't a leader in Colorado. And there are just things that I exceed that any includes. Beating himself up even after wins. I mean they would win a game and he would sit there and beat himself up it went 51 he be beat himself up on the one bulls were against him. To me that's not leadership. You know he eats he said earlier this season because I watched tape. I don't even recognize number ninetieth on the ice I don't know what number nine he's doing. He any any egos I just guess I gotta work harder he was just at a loss. Of why he didn't have his team and I think that's why. I've said this a couple of times on the air this week I've maintained and he agrees with me a 1000%. He should score more points that he guys. But yet he's right around the high fifties low sixties every year so there's no. Statistical. Proof. Redick could support that statement. But I he goes into streaks and he is talking about this that his slumps last longer than most schools wars do or points people. And deceive yourself there's too many nights where you leave going. He's what was he doing in the overtime goal there. What was he doing here and there are a lot of nights and leaving say get a really good game he was the sabres bass player. But they're not enough for those and that's my problem with mr. and not enough of those nights and if there were more of those nights and he was more consistent. There is no doubt in my mind he would be consistent seventy point player. And with the salary attached to that I think that's where because even more problematic great cannot talk about a epic five million dollars a year Paul. No way he's paid to be one of the best two way players in the game he's not bad that it. I have had people say well how come team Canada Watson well when he gets to the situation where he doesn't have to be the guy. You have to beat the guy here in kinda had to be the guy in Colorado to. But on team Canada it plays in the fourth line. And he can excel there and he has a lot of good players around him and if the sabres were to get good. And you put him mr. third line center. He might get to seventy points he might be the player were talking about. But is that what you signed him to do. His beer third line center behind middle stat and Michael can't do that. Should be exactly that that's not what you paid him to do. Seoul. And I'm not talking about trading him for a third round pick. But if you can get any decent defenseman or a decent forward with speed. Your heat and me there if if they're gonna trade him there asking a lot Jason but Terrell said. You know part of a program Mir may be trading part of the core. He didn't say who. But rhino rally does not fit Ohio C style. You know us as a team that wants to get up myself back up off ice bath. And wants to skate. Soul and in just the self deprecating attitude constantly. Is that what you want your room. What's he doing behind closed doors is that just for the meeting his benefit or seem open around behind closed doors too I might gas. Is he's opened behind closed doors to is that what you wanna what are your leaders. I own it sounds like it sounds like I'm not trying to psychoanalyze here but just from. The periphery it sounds like there are more deep rooted things going on. With Ryan O'Reilly and. What appears in the case maybe what we see what we hear from him we talked from you set about leadership from his own admission really is what it sounds like your. Exactly exactly I mean he he says himself he's not a good enough leader. Said it again and the other day on Monday. He goes I have to be more vocal I have to you know say things and be willing to say things then. But he doesn't want it and I said to look at it from what I'm hearing here would you like a change of scenery. And he said absolutely not. He said I really want any part of the solution here I love the city I love it here and I call it home. And any talk about what a great city it is in this city deserves a winning team. And I believe that I don't think that was just lip service. I totally believe that. Do you think that his trade value took a hit because of the things he said. No I don't think so. You know he. There were some things setting Colorado went to Emory where it's all gone all thinking that he had gotten a superstar to weigh in one of the best two way guys in the league. There and it paid him aside so. I think. There are a lot of teams that would be interested in Ryan O Reilly what they'd be willing to pay. I think with pride be the same as they're willing to pay may be a discussion happened before the trade deadline. He's a bottle said there were a lot of discussions about different things even hockey trade he goes which we can build on now. As we move forward towards the draft in the offseason and those types of things. So. I think it there would still be value their I would not trade him just for the sake of getting rid of him. But. I would trade amid if the right deal came along. All -- and here at me on WGR you know Paul's funny and I know you would you're not want to talk about here but the majority of the you don't get the peek behind the curtain. I think there's a juxtaposition here that's kind of interest between Ryan O'Reilly was a couple of years ago where Jack Nicholas and now with AR today as far as their leadership whereas. Right O Reilly we didn't know necessarily maybe you would see some things but. I think people thought he was this leader when they got is going to be this guy who's gonna you kind of take charge of the Romanian that as in the case where is Jack is arguably. He wasn't at the time but now he'd be calming or that did you did you sense that you hear that from him from Jason natural. And what you saw Jack Nicholas leadership really start it's starting to seem like he has really super matured to the point where maybe he deserves a captain's next year. And you knew we would mature mentally and he talked about the it is public feelings. You know you know hall was last year and there was none of that this year. Maybe once in and everybody has a bad I mean who cares. But there was none of that this year and he said I gotta talk to you guys every day we might as we'll have a good relationship. There's no point there's no point in being the way it was last year giving one word answers and any even. Went on to say that. And this is our. Our way to talk to the fans. You know let them know how upset we are with this and how they deserve better. Than what we've given them. And so he he he definitely has matured. I think what he needs. I think maybe one of the best moves the Toronto Maple Leafs made. Was picking up Marlowe. Now because he scored 27 goals that's great. But because. That's the guy Matthews can Leon that's the guy martyr and lead them. He is just our guy that has been through the wars. Played so I think what was it a 178. Playoff teams now I believe that's correct. He has all sorts of experience going yes it won the cup but he has all sorts experienced he's well respected. He still can play the game. That was such a good signing for the Toronto Maple Leafs and that's what buffalo has to do optional desperately. Has to get somebody of that caliber. Beginning here and help samurai guard. And help Jack Geico and help Casey battles that. Because there's none of that right now. That's interesting you bring this up so I mean because boxer talked about how. How much you they have which they do how. Nice that is but it simply need to mix it may be that veteran who's been around is that to thinks it. I don't write Gionta was on this roster but you know he's he's so long that you that he was gonna be that guy but. That's the trustees say that that maybe that's really where this team needs to go is instead of focusing on how young they are maybe they can get a little bit older and it can approach this roster. Just a couple of guys and they have to be the right guy. Because. For whatever reason and maybe they were just too immature to figure it out. They didn't show Brian Gionta any respect at all and he's the tempered I am talking about. Now he could produce at the same level that some Marleau still producing. But this is a guy that's won a Stanley Cup he has scored over forty goals in this league. He is a solid solid human being. We mean he just lose his leadership but. The youngsters they'd wanna hear. So that it was until they showed him the respect. So that's it so there was really any need to bring him back and I thought there was a slap in his face. Buy it because they have bad guy here. But they got to find somebody else that can. That these guys will respect and I think now that maybe they're a little older in their little more mature or. Able look at it. And I and I think Jason botched roll wolf if if he sees as not being respected pulled into the office and that'll conversation about it. I don't know if if they regime before did that they've just kind of let it go on just George's is a great leader but. They just kind of what it is kind of laughed adamant. That those two guys should not be laughed at because they've been through the wars of the National Hockey League and their great leader. I know you have me searching each week to create a class. Look at guys like Rick Nash or Paul Stastny and I don't that's too rich for their blood but right now I'm not retreat by that you just said. They have to do in addition to getting better players. And finding some better defenseman and and and that it what do you do with Zach Bogosian. I mean Zach Bogosian. I don't know if he's ever played a game at a Buffalo Sabres uniform Rhee has been injured he's either played court or banner. So I don't think we have seen the oceans fast but can we afford to wait for it. When it's a guy who just keep consistently getting hurt and getting hurt I don't blame him for that. But if it's a fact the life that it's it's somebody's kid don't itself. Is that a salary that somehow you find a way to get rid of is that your buyout is that somebody that maybe you have to make what looks like a really bad trade. To get that off your books. Because I don't know full overseas that Bogosian play the way he's capable playing so that right there is a big problem I think for Jason bunch. Real quick all the trilogy go anything surprise you so far about the first several nights of the NHL playoffs or at least just any observations. It right away I've I wasn't expecting Philadelphia to respond from a seven nothing pounding walking to Pittsburg. And almost to the same thing for the penguins in what was a 51 I believe what was the final score and so that except that surprised me a lot. I thought Columbus being down. And then being able to come back and win the first game quite honestly I have them being swept. I thought that was a huge surprise considering where they weren't how well group by our had been playing going down the stretch right. That just seems like with the capitals do. It's it's it's their nature and that's that that that one's surprise me to. Looking at the other ones in Winnipeg is is that is taking apart Minnesota I totally expected that. Vegas and LA are playing about as close as you can and I expected that night. I kinda thought and I would get by herbs San Jose we get by Anaheim it's only one game we don't know that's going to happen. I addled thing would Bryant going tonight to San Jose in seven lead to Anaheim and seventh so. You know we expect that to be a close series but the Philadelphia. Linking to the way did maybe the biggest surprise I've seen. Four games today a couple of 3 PM it's Colorado national managers at Tampa and at 8 o'clock tonight Ronald Austin definitely team's latest. San Jose at Anaheim Paul a great job all year we really appreciate it. One of these years we're gonna talk about playoff hockey hopefully sooner rather not talk long. Since we've been able to do that during during this time a year but it's I appreciate you coming on every time you do it this New Hampshire and talked yet at the draft it's closers while. Well thank you very much and I've seen nothing from Jason but through a change my mind that he's the guy they should of fired I think he's the guy that maybe can get them out of it. And maybe this makes trades like you talked about like the Buffalo Bills that. And that feels I don't rally rates rates of talent that doesn't necessarily figure program. And network for the buff. Little bills. Are Paul thinks up but it will catch up OPEC. All Hamilton on all the sabres right all right it's not agree with all. He means Angela Reilly whether that's at the draft that would be the most likely time to do it. We're sometime around then we'll see what happens in a real fight it in the call it's your phone calls we come back. Few couples do make it feel with the giants get so called quarterback you want after Cleveland take they're there. What's interesting about that is the longest time there was a discussion about Josh Al wild. Not only were we did not commit to number two of possibly get bigger big strong arm thrower good play in the tough tough conditions the buffalo and a effort effort Jake query. Could he beat that type of the guy. Whether it was also long discussion about it even need to go opportunity yet. That is Charles Davis medical network he joined Howard and Jeremy earlier this week you catch that on demand to be your fight fifty. Dot com Tony it's not a lot has been waiting on the lines we'll get to him right now I can't hear all the I want second. The link it to Tony. You Whitley Tony up for me if you can their their but the station I appreciate that go ahead Tony on the air. And you're cute so our guys thank you. They are the court such an alarm would quit when he came around celebrities. In my terms I played Iowa sports in my terms you decide to quit as what are you what an amount. Yeah and what do you do with a Mike I mean and again I. I I do understand how losing it. Can be kind of you know something that's not been accepted him when he says I don't deny and a I it's real I think it's happened here this organization. But where do you go from there I don't think it's coming back from that once you admit that it tell your boss that essentially. It's all it's only accept that you know how to be except that that's that's the problem but I but I mean that's that's water under the bridge about the draft. If I would build its impacts. Now so Buick baker refueled faults in view sit near it like nine under terms. What I do and I'd jump in front of a Balkans. It and move up to market its first gold markets are. It I would give up your twelfth pick in the second round pick to move up to so to spot. Levees there five or six which is local that I. And what cropper. You're semi obviously he's gonna be there it sat where U said he would be their five or six I guess my problem is this here's here's the problem with this Tony. You have Miami who. Many people believe really also like baker make deals that you have to make decisions say. We have got to go up again now or he's not to get there because the dolphins are critical again. If I can get away with a first second or third round pick out what. Okay I think that's fair I think that could be possibly it that can be what it takes to get a guy like baker mayfield or whoever should state up to. You know five or six the culture just that you know they meet that dealing down from 36 that it's the moved on again we'll talk with every hunt about it every gonna join me here next on WGR. He's all in the NFL draft and you can find them over at football game plan is the CEO and founder analyst output. Football is played as a great job Regina the draft and other things all football related talk with him next we come back and be yours portrait by fifty south actually lied. From Seneca Allegheny seventh annual are each year doubt these advocate Al.