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You exports dog Saturday gets ready to get it on. And on win. WG Oscar. Sports Radio 515. Well had a lot of stuff today we hit a lot more to continue to talk drafted just a moment here with Emory onto his EC EO and founder. An analyst over at football game plan bottom on Twitter at at all game plan every does a good job right now the draft so we try to bring as many. You know draft knicks on as we can for you over the last several weeks have more for you lead up to the draft which is it less than two weeks. The first round Thursday night April 26 in Dallas this year. The bills are scheduled rate out of the 1222. If not they be picket 1222. Do you think they're going to be looking to move up there looking to move up now I think and we'll see how falls however the board does follow certain way. Teams don't want out of there does take two teams that make a deal. The bills to wind up with a couple players. First round in Thursday night instead of moving up to get a quarterback which I think is the plan really since they made the deal with the Kansas City Chiefs a year ago. To move down seventeen spots ten to 27. And pick up an extra first rounder this year. That of course was sped up even more so I picking up the extra second in the city want to steal extra third. In the Ronald Darby deal so I think that's been the plan for a while I think the bill still hold to it by my mock. The first one of 2018. At WGR 550. Dot com right now on the eighteenth tee outlined we welcome an Emory hunt once again the CEO and founder and analyst over at football game plan. You could follow on Twitter at at all. Game plan and I appreciate it Emory good glad it's him knowing over at the outcome buying when we met I admire the things you've done I appreciate you joining us here today. What repeat to have you ought there in the for the falcons now. Let's start here we are quarterback obsessed here buffalo. Because we all believe and I believe for a year now that the bills are going to treat up to get the quarterback I said when he made the deal last year looking at city. That deal was all about trying to find a franchise quarterback in 2018 because they have more ammo here we sit now they have historic ammunition six picks in the first. Three rounds so. We just need to know who so let's start there and. Talk about how you analyze it break down these quarterbacks so kinda give me a little bit of a thumbnail. On each of the top quarterbacks where you see them and how you may have that ranked. Well oh look at my quarterback number one air Lamar check out there. I'm that the top the list because of what he can do not only port Altman who would he can do it beat it EPA RT cover AM EDT are deeply run deep at QB eight. How you played at the bit in bad activity out like he should be the number one oral picked. Eat instantly make everyone on this team better your office will be better it's been a running game and all security review let. What do what covers more don't you believe could open a lot quicker. And defensively with playing with the lead playing with the ability to be able to chew up clock what you're ready gain. Are your defense would be a lot better at the rebel Arctic eat there at one. Arm that it I have them pronto. And at number two because of what he had. Coming forward a think you have good up but I. Object you have the turnover issue in that can be a concern but I do like the up our city and it looked when your goal I gotta look consistently get better. Come on we thought and yet we don't pick that back a bit this year at a tremendous virtually campaign start to believe they're still who worked with. Which it came forward. And then lets it go from there are so. Are they like at the Zurich gap after that. Other of the top two guys or pretty much is there you know not much of a clip before you follow up is there a gray area between the next group. Well premiere at the big gap in the market acting pain amp R&R rated market now that the ninety. And I'm happy that we not forty but overall. So. You have the Mark Jackson and clear head and shoulders above everyone in this class. And here that they know when you're playing with is playing on an in our rob that's all of them lie. Receiver I meet Nicole appeal it it is the only one I believe. The owner and an adult rock critic and no one in the backfield. Have been able to air its football being. To where they been able to beat Boris speak BP. You know that it would you rate the people at the player yet gotten significantly better year out yet a lot working Wal-Mart that you're now. Borrow did you little bit ahead of jock who wrote movement are ready. Because of that are that is the balance of peak pressure and make that that happened outside of the framework of the plate. Wrote it is as steady guy act the Arctic what role did he can't be gotten better and dispersant these two would use you what you're gonna get. Broken which is the bed I think they're back to you right now and it no outside the gate if speaker may do it mark you before I think a lot like eat eat them. And it wanted to be can go from third rock prop break. In a lot of people I eight got a electable. And now he's. I am happy to around it that in the third rounds are well. Area. Including overdraft and marquis but I do believe he's a solid player are not detainees are open guys. That you wanted to see going this I'd direct. Well it's interesting you say that because a lot of mayfield look on out of buffalo right now it's really been. A lot at a baker love fest here and most people most bills fans really want to make me feel they talk about his intangibles and his leadership in all of those types of things so it did you see hear you say that because if you happen not even battling not going. To be a player you should trade up for but maybe. Take in the second row we all he won't be that right everything that's the problem is not exactly happened like that these court backs go up the order early to panic they wanna do that so. He will be over drafted somewhere. On do you think it's he would regret taking baker mayfield and saying he has every tennis court record. It wrote to be a franchise quarterback in this. I don't think it'll be a mistake it won't take them in the first round that we keep that out the weight because our it will be Kiki you can win with them in debt. For me I wouldn't rate up to keep the guys that aren't because that'll keep him at eat well we'll paper maker either piece of the pot. He let it rip you look at team. The teams are in the final four so to speak in the NFL player all Kiki was one it will be played well I actually think our work. By getting rid of him breaking acre up. So I got out like you I've got like eighteen and also bigamy still so look back there I wouldn't trade up on ball low. Because in popular so a guy that going to be there that you can when whit whether it's wrote in. Darko objective and or may feel. It's going to be there or been as well. I wouldn't trade up to get the we get a quarterback out like they. That they'll build buffalo is that the buffalo has a lot more meat in one guard Derrick picked in the first round at the jets beat two premier players. You kind of want to see how it plays got beat the chip to get their guys go one Aetna was well. They haven't mentioned Josh Allen yet. And he is a guy that has been tied the bills for quite awhile now that he's the guy that I boxes bills any trade up yesterday in. I would just say that I was afraid for my life when before I left the studio yesterday to be quite honest with Emory because people were so mad at. That I had the bills taking Josh Allen lucky he's not my favorite. I like the other guys better than him as well let. My job here as you know with my address the trying to figure out with a team like Hewitt I could seek I think it's plausible that the bills might very well liked Josh you know we'll see where that goes that. How do you rate down Alan this year number five guy or even lower than. Elderly that you remember that guy at BI outlaw that and also would flout the top floor. It is the reason we're here at different have. Here's my thought on Al no reason why. You know he acts in it the appeal. Yet we are we don't get strong ball. That they've given that the person you know you watch him play well what it's been about gains in the situation a part of it. I actually really good about the brits don't barely turn turn the ball over we know he's a really good actually beat the product he rector. And it eat at that at all for it. Accurately shouldn't speak so with with both skill. Joseph the old implying. In that their rent though not understand why keep it the people up because. Those tight window wrote that he happened Mika who broke he's making those who certainly not be you extrapolate that to the rest of the field. Back problems which whacked out like you know I believe at the people on a pitch count you know you have to really ringing in the end you want him brought between twenty. Maybe concrete are beginning. Back though play actually with the strong running game back where you'd be successful I like it being to eat there at the bit version of do not count. You know I know there's different drop out up there but I think we don't let your gotten out is what jock Alan is that what he can possibly be. If you have brought up Mason Rudolph yet he is a high riser right now at a faster rise a lot of these guys it seems like he's been put more in the first round discussion as of late. That a lot of these guys you don't even have been your top seven where is he and body see him. May roll music got out our league and match up like he'll I think you can spot artery constructed recruit or gain but after that. You know BP inability to really dropped football. At certain part of the field its inability due out we pressure all that will come fall or keep them happy court or aren't element. This group received the ultimate patent that whopper neat. He's always gonna be put down a little bit more more so than others so I have to guide written. I don't the the wild you'd gain that. It that was an app but what you're talking about this we're so well while we all know that the caterpillar all it was so we'll all. It at this issue we felt it. Come circuit in big game at Oklahoma City in the put a lot of don't big gains with each week Indian air mail. If he'd be game but yet you can throw war there cart your account again out but state. But when we need you to. Throw that appear that that dog UT EUU faux. Bet you beat it you are in a get through it all ECU is on target in and and for Rudolph. That probably aren't out again in big games deeply that small. Emery hunt here with me under major Sports Radio 550 ease the CEO and founder and analyst over at football. Game plan Emery let's go outside quarterback here for a a little while just talk about how the the first round which shape up where you like guys. It seems to me it by most accounts most people would say chopper. Barkley. It's Patrick may. He that's a war it doesn't seem like maybe maybe four maybe five guys who really thought that he leaked here of non quarterbacks where do you see the top of the board. Outside of quarterbacks as far as the best players. Jiddah the great question because you know you you look at bar yeah it is being one among the who are picked Cleveland to try to big market for it in fact that at all. But outside of that I think cornerback is a really good. Strapped you know good. Of this in this year in the trip I think you have a ton of guys that are really good corners you talk about. I did go war you also confer on my acute abused yet. Also believe a guy like ugly it is accurate serves. You know two to park public defender he can play in a court he recorded please CP. Are you look at their own games but I think there will complete you leak talent. And I'm a big penetrate my arch remain Edmonds out of for G six here's why then do nineteen your goal at the compound it. It blew my mom when I went out of their number because. Bet screen all ought we have guys that it is an productive repeat what liberty expect. At that eight. I know there was one hour before in a mobile Chloe I don't look that young when he came to it's rampant and it didn't pan out. But I think the way he plays with his ability to play and our or outside backer. He's threatening one of those premier talent but I do believe cornerback EU the great year as well put. Keep an audit into a linebacker with with broke partnered entry might have been in a complete a terrain of the intimately multiple spots. I actually sent Cleveland maybe should focus on Berkeley want and then. Jack's support it should make you think Jackson would be there for I think Jackson might be there even even later than that but let's just say they do. Kind of throw it off script that he expects them to go quarterback whether it's not Arnold or. Alan it seems like let's say they do go off script the giants are set there at number two. What do they want the giant to Q and today they look for you guys replacement that's a case they have the pick of the litter there or should they go for a guy like Bradley child they seem to really love. See that's what I believe. In that Jack are here in New York City. I believe the art of war but while art in its entire rap they could be controlled the first route bigger Cleveland. The giants need. Running back he could make you were running back he could make before quarterback. You could make a great keys or Britain's got DDB BK four and all the apartment and linebacker though they need a lot. And that's why in my mind to your Cleveland may have. Yet you wanna be the quarterback for getting data Q what is it a bit might it would result watt that but it I was like oh yeah because you live note Pete the quarterback but what. And still apply that they are the this year yet what the quarterback what however. If you wanna maximize the chance to give up getting. Two top. Our Allah. The guys they're all a big marquee rates in the old planet because they can go anywhere they can actually robbed you of seek our market though you know they probably won't seek a Marchex. But yet let take up the running back or because Jack who literally go anywhere with that they're keeping including trading out. It's interesting by that you really kind of throw that thinks for a loop here here here definitely not the majority here in your own island here with some things in the way of thinking that's great that's what makes distress upon. And remember at draft. Now save my listeners earlier on the way in outlets in oak hyper even said. He thinks that the top of this draft is maybe the most while he's seen in his forty years of covering the draft. Yeah we think about it that Jai Ho McKee that yet we know between war. A quarterback because you don't give up all book that topic but he back property. Our business value its first property so when you make bad movies or quarterback to anyone at putting in got to put this out that order back. In it bit by it doing the draft but is there so we know they're going quarterback but I doubt what we can't you really don't know a bit that I it's your damper. Are you really pick a quarterback. Home because you to keep these Iraqi Keenan and yup they feel pretty quickly. So they have other when they are not one that that is really. Oh while Bart in the draft they go multiple late who as well so if your buffalo are at it why. Maybe the treat up to get that god that they walk because there's too wild or is it opted in Denver in New York. It's interesting with the jets I think there's a lot of meat you'll love going on with their fans as well I get it all the time I see it I think there most of their fear based IC. Really really want speaker may feel there's something you know obviously loved Rosen. Hopefully Darnell falls down but what do you think you're there in new York and he really cover the giants more so what. What the about the jets in the best fit may be for them as far as quarterback what they actually ultimately might do. Yet that the quarterback is one big question mark and we brought in a county also brought in a deeper water and he's another wow are you speak negate. Anything Adam we're at war in that one huge picked up but we do need a quarterback and he will take on because the public be treated to get into position. I think the big guy that can sit and I think wrote that would make that bet they'd. For the death I think he'd give them their version of Eli Manning they're consistent steady attitude George McNeill never got it now whether it that a bad. You know what you're gonna give you any coach to up to know. What they're going to get out player. I think that the best fit for road now believe Pete he gives them let them or risk more so. Then the other guy that being that where they're probably in the order rocker in the bad at all. And it's good for governor while they've taken all of the clear and of course route. Probably probably should have done a law topical it's been healthy it. So you always kept at el going. Do you wanna be in a late with the debt is here with the mood they made their share there aren't that topic court. Yeah you know it's interesting I'll tell you we had in what are filled out who covers the jets over there in New York it's something we've been kicking around I hear on the radio. I take it as much as I agree with the skills that things like that. I don't know it would need jobs in the owner of the team who's now in. Basically you know works for trump essentially. Would be down with having a guy and Josh Rosen that. Seem pretty anti trump and the other way he conducts himself that he wore an app trump pat to a golf course and up to one or not I've seen that that team should operate that way but I. Every Bible though. When owners got to make you know owners have to sign up. Often these decisions and that's the case I'm not so sure he's gonna wanna diet his team that is that much anti political what he's doing. Really as a up political. Ambassador to England. And all right let's take that into it to be equate him a couple of big roll out of it. Daughter is it too much been up in doubt Larry you know a sport that earned over this concern. Mayfield I believe would be the portal called wild card because you know. And you deal with the New York City media week all right so it doesn't speak it take one it simply pay a pretty good at and do what happens on eight bit. Or the back of a well look you know so can't deal with that pressure without you really want okay. Who would be the ideal we can ask that presser. I'll be in Baghdad with the etiquette only its route there early that would all of the Lamar Jackson to. I think it puts Josh elements be quite honestly I don't know there it's something they're thinking but I think he could be. A guy that would fit that profile he would not the play right away. I know the east it's sort of project you're I don't welcome obviously but I think you at least at the profile advocate let's sit. Let let either account or Teddy Bridgewater steer the ship for a year and then maybe Josh Allen becomes that guy. If that to meat bet at the great point because you know what he'd bring the people physically however when you look at John Allen. I think you know you could have been a complete uniform you're looking at Christian at Bieber. So I'm glad but Bambi did a guided gonna come out there you draft really. A lot of people who go to overdraft and not play. Now a lot likely to be eight years ago when you traffickers had really your beat him out there playing a meaningful game I'll have a repeat. Comments more left you with Emery on the up honor of football game plan every tell me about the wide receiver group this year how you like them because the bills have. Some holes there at that position right now they have there 123 or Kelvin Benjamin C Jones not at home that I cannot really. Scared of the Jesus not many defensive coordinators but also the coming up injuries in some way shape or form all the guys so they have to act that group how do you like this like receiver corps we elect bastion where. That's why outlook with the bill app or now many app that two for tropic. Aunt and in my boxer Mikey and help congress did not release the -- but I are accurate quarterback. I caliber the bit of the great receiver quiet in the that we break down we see or hear apple ball game when we break it down Bart but this in the UK ready. Her. A button and critique or saint completely two different this. So we break down off this and lock it in Laker and in our. Or are deeper and when you look at what the bill BP it used help. In the plot if you don't want outside that are going to be some there's going to be some great talent in that the middle part of the draft for them picking you guys. Alike. Coming out of USC that the young receiver the partners names that are marked the care keepers that were Bette with the U. Apple alligator Alley. You want to get those guys and really create big league that you want yet and Antonin Billy you want a Christie Kerr won him some don't. The brits are the guy if you wanna galaxy build and operate in the short intermediate area you want carpet it's a short at the along with the you want to go. Quarter opened this repeat retreat record that the league could be cut but to be that guy. You know Amy looked at me beat down a lie achievement in the lead around. The moderate a guy like it to file when amp Georgia or a Gartner from. In a statement actors yet another underrated refute that it will we all are Campillo leveraging effect though there are mountains that would be at this for a split. Blocked the plate here that they upload it pretty. Early ought to get it up. Premier guy at receiver and also some good depth guys the opera they're rough. Everything you're doing this today I really appreciate hope we'll catch up again maybe sometime after the draft or whatever but I do appreciate them on the PG art meant. I doubt receive. Every hot you know follow him on Twitter he is at a ball game plan CEO founder and analyst over at football game plan. Doesn't that were there and I will bring up people who have. Different opinions contrarian opinions to what month many of you think when I think in. I think his quarterback rankings are. Kind of interesting strange but really this is why we do this right is everyone's different and it could very well be what the bills that cool how do we know. Right he has Jackson at number one. Sued Arnold three rows and for me field five love letters six hours seven. Josh Allen. Pretty in it an eight. Our support ticket timeout we come back we're talking at the schedule it's gonna come out the next like ten days or so and it Kennedy you know look at recent possibilities with the bills and he'll where they could go what they might do here. And where the NFL combine placing them. More that we come back here and a VCR. All right we're well game here with the NFL schedule. It alarm clock schedule. Sound like fun right it's going to be. Myself and Derek who's back at our WG I our studios in Amherst we're gonna do a little mock NFL schedule here's what's gonna work Yankee game for us. You know still this thing I sit here that's gonna work. I'll give you first pick you can choose who they opened with that I get weeks to a three that you get for the I five and we'll just kind of rotate back for so it's kind of like a snake draft. And fantasy football so you're gonna have we want him and I both have the opponent's home and away. In front of us we're gonna do this see what kind of schedule what. As well so special anniversary could very well be in prime time that first week's cease I don't think will be the bills. But it they are the summit the son at a game or two or them one demonic games. It could be possible to be one of the eight teams could be and that schedule we want is don't see that would see that they would like probably Detroit Chicago or Minnesota won there aren't even secret Cisco. In that game will cease so far we have earmarks schedule here. We won at home of the Jacksonville Jaguars we chew on the road against the jets we three at home to Detroit we four away against the green bay Packers and for some reason. I always find this just the spot they like to put the bills against the patriots rate rate around week five yeah optical away against doing. So well knew that that team's wasn't a snake. Where did you just choose Green Bay yeah. So it might chip chip mine snake means we. Tate is. A but it does you about one out photo L I don't know how I work. You go that's what every sank a but the point now I don't know why I was Florida and then I went through what is. Yet but the point is that's nice with what you read you go to three's tonight he gives one the first ever always gets the next it would that is the sacrifice the first. Okay it got 222. It's one 111111. I'd just out works man. Well I'm used to sneak trip where it's what you double LaSalle baldor and plus out of I feel like I like that you could use ice it's your division with a season and the second road game in a row we. All right then so two games on the road you don't wanna be it exhausting this team already. So I think im gonna go ahead and then take the Chicago Bears. Coming in it. So come back home get the sick and you know a nicer opponent to try to go ahead and beat up on in the confines of. Europe he'll. And that would mean that three of the four NFC teams are already out of the way I looked at the four NFC teams already out of the way. I'm operatives that's not that sexy here. This is a good spot spot this which it re around. Usually middle of the season I like a buyout like irony eater night but I think this sets up pretty well for a bye week here. On the give the bills by we get we never seven according to our box schedule. I debated that as well after they had two straight road games like that but you know it is a good time to get that thing right in the middle of the seasons in rest recoup and try to get things settled there. I need to choose who they get the two weeks to prepare for now. I'm gonna pick. The Houston Texans. Because you mean like that would be he broke. Because you might need two weeks to prepare for the likes of Beck and indeed that's what Debian clowning JJ watt all and that Shawn Watson guys can be healthy too. So I don't think at a healthcare is that the bills to experts are scheduled flight out of but the way I'm choosing this thing right now I'm gonna take the Houston Texans and this guy of your road opponents the only one I'm more worried about is Minnesota. Well the thing about it now now you have yet to play an adult I get that last few weeks it's all the way through December that somewhere you think it. Maybe they were played adult that you pitched east of these two division teams aren't schedule a right now we have one choose three. Home games 1234. Away games. Op Ahmet come back home and put the Miami Dolphins on the schedule because they just think that I legally I don't Lester was a little bit different but some time. Try it I mean now you know what I mean. Home at these numbers generally kind of feel but I'll stick with it now home it's Miami weeknight which would be the and not to. Our it I'm gonna give us a nice little road I mean a nice little homes need clear November then yeah I'm I'm I'm gonna give us missile homestretch here Jamie's gonna like this. Massive there's not a guarantee of 3 December games. Maybe. I'm gonna holes the Los Angeles chargers here who OK for the tenth week of the season. Parts of chargers come to buffalo weak number ten where in the November now I think rightly be. Or Allard but late October may be still early November. Generally in November Visio. Okay see to warm teams coming up buffalo it's not really that cold yet that would be is scheduled disadvantage. For the bills and after your home of the chargers I think they have to go back on the road again. And let's see they have not played where we look at certain. Still have Minnesota there are openly in the despite yet we don't relent in this is greater row own what Thanksgiving week somewhere in there. But let's say the critical on the road take John. The Abu my left here kinetic. What might have to 00 well they have the north deceit but at the Baltimore Ravens about that. Baltimore Ravens are are a good road team here they haven't played there crossover team. From the north yet so that so that it'll on the road at Baltimore then in week number eleven in the Spock. Our it. I'm gonna go ahead numbness a stick on the road here one more time we twelve Indianapolis. It's. OK let me go to the colts are chosen to that's good so. They played the team that was the colts got an entity that is the colts yet right basically the city I should say. Here are my whip through twelve weeks so far we have. Home Jackson following the jets' home Detroit away Green Bay. A way to England home Chicago bye week. At Houston home to Miami home the only charters at Baltimore. At Indianapolis that I think they come back home and now with the jets Becky your rematch of week number two for the bills that we never thirteen. The New York Jets another division team coming to buffalo in week thirteen. RA and time for the part that nobody likes to do. Which is. When you put New England back on the schedule for the second time coming to new air field I think now is that time we thirteen. So it's not crippling to your race if you're in a playoff push here it's still out of the way enough but if you can get something out of it'd be nice. But you know. They don't tend to do well with the pats at. Which means they only have one more home game on the entire schedule remaining that is the Tennessee Titans where will they get slot this. Particular block I'm actor put him there America to have three home games and two on the road to end the season. So I am going to look I need an away game here. And the dolphins already visited so the bills now to be. We need division team in twos so like week seventeen. When I do you gotta have every here yet to save the fishing in which seventy. And I can't do that. That I think we ended up essentially putting Miami at week seventy. OK so let's put Miami we took to eat at you and I'll do I'll give you fifteen and sixteen that so dominant put Miami week seventeen just to make sure that this goes right. I'll put Miami away week seventeen just like last year you get fifteen and sixteen at Tennessee at home. And you have a match but mentally a little road Minnesota there you go where you put on the air a team. Yeah I'm get a model way here week fifteen yeah I met with two AFC match ups. Which could make for another interesting end of the season for the bills sweet sixteen they're hosting Tennessee. And then ending the season on the road Hulu. That would be interesting to. The illegal wild card that those scenarios aren't so here we have our final much schedule I will I will tweak this out a little while so Reno's right. I'll take Derrick and say we get this together we can Butler mock we state you know really in kind of sneak in there swirl of sneaking we have. Jacksonville Jaguars at home open. At the jets in week two home against Detroit Lions victory and their act Green Bay in week four. At knowingly leaked by the couple at least dollars a week six that a buy week at the Houston Texas week eight. Holt might all night home of the chargers in week ten at the Baltimore Ravens week eleven. Twelve it's at the Indianapolis Colts home with the jets have thirteen home of the patriots fourteen. Episode fifteen homes at Tennessee Titans sixteen at Miami that we took to rematch of last year we seventies like a pretty good here not sexy. But gut. Looks like it's about the only scheduled to go beyond us and yet I know critical because last year there what happened at what they doing them and Miami Dolphins. Can act at them like the last five weeks of the year. That was like beaches grouped all of the UC east games for them except for the jets and right it made. No sense kind of but at the same time I'll take it the way that it ended I mean you closed out with two. Wins against Miami and you know that's a team can take advantage over. Right we'll take a final timeout welcome back here we'll wrap things up you make phone calls it tight squeeze and an 8030550. Here under each year. All right well I've actually out our schedule there good job. That was fun appreciate that. I tweeted out excel sports there and I just that he thought bills' schedule and all seventeen weeks including the bye week now turned out you could see right there. At my Twitter page at cells or so go check that out shot it down Florida where. I'm sure is weighing better weather that we're having great here getting ready for a storm and what's your what's going on John. Should keep DNA. The great that you're from an expert on property actually. I appreciate that worry on Florida. Who weren't. Oh I just drove through there the other day I was down there last week I was down there at Mike Healy took my son to Disney. That we drove to the West Coast that some time some friends. I always have an affinity for relate Landon. I know they pleased and grateful partly clinic Kathleen high school which currently is ray lewis' home and us great players have come out of that area but it's enjoy a always everytime I get to spend over that area. I think it's great if we have a bill's backers. Location you know we always like to go more to gained in that's a. That's awesome you know I would tell you know like John I the support for sixteen years I think every Florida town is built backers by arson. Every single don't you go to Port Charlotte do you go to Clearwater. Tallahassee there's Lakeland there is a bills. Backers box but anyway I digress let's argument about the team. You know a cattle and asking about the draft now. I'm not gonna ask about anybody's names in particular book I was wondering. The coaching staff what do they view as far as certain traits that are hired her on their on their. Late great criteria like. Accuracy strong arm progress students. You know seeing the whole field you know lack kind of things pocket awareness or what how do you rank that is there any way of the eating some sort of insight to. Is. I think he's the best interfere question because I don't know the answer to that I don't know how they rank and here's the best way I can. Describe it I guess that though Shawn and that is just by going off what they sat in their own behavior. Austin's history and it but please let's let's connect the dots. They were they did not really want Tyrod Taylor back unless he go to the pay cut it that they got him back then. Halfway through the year limit or that they benched him predate that Peter and part of the reason was why. He wasn't really the most accurate passer and see the field as much as much as they like tapping his athletic ability I don't think it was as important you know to them to have someone who could. You'll throw from the pocket and then what they say what do they set one. One of the things they've said. Is written Venus at this radio station which is when it's 39 at each someone who could stand in the pocket and deliver strike so I would say according to that. Accuracy in being able to. Being able to throw from the pocket would be number one on their list. Yeah Balkan. I was wondering because that was seen Al. Helping kind of rank in their eyes. I mean I know it's kind of hard not knowing exactly but you know just. China that you have a better feel than we do action eagle bulk. Like try to connect the dots I mean obviously outlook that Brittany called me and told me his exact plans for a second happen. You know I'd I'd love to be in the room where they discuss these things I think it's always a sliding scale and of course as you know Sean. I mean you're gonna get a lot of scouts and people in the organization that a lot different opinions on these things never won a necessary opinion they have to debate and walk through all those things that. That the thing I'll say this though is. This is why I don't think they would love Lamar Jackson necessarily much which is you know. If you usually have someone to a certain traits that you don't want that person anymore usually go to somebody was to retreat and as much Lamar Jackson is or is it Tyrod Taylor. And he is a no bigger quarterback he's faster more athletic which is crazy to think about. I don't think they want that style of quarterback only because they wanna move away from it because that's just at that make sense. Yes it does make sense you know I actually agree with you there and I I've personally I mean I like mayfield and growth in. Built between those two women active hanging around there when there either as we move up or Wear it well I don't know they would be there but. You know I I would think that would be nice have. It's gross but it is just depending on what happens during the day draft day you know how it shakes out it's hard to imagine what will be going off the. All right and I appreciate all call stay warm I don't him to tell you that don't therefore it makes the call but he. Continental it's funny regular lap that because of ice storm in April here in buffalo I'll squeeze in a call here Chris up in Canada. What's going on Christian to be GR. It's solid unit. See ya. I gotta put I got to take on the quarterback think. What can I'm looking at taken Jackson instead of spend and all the picks to move up to the move up to you for the giants spec and all who see it as an opportunity to address the wide receiver position in the first round as well. And with the actual problem with the extra pick capital we've got the next two rounds I think it's sold a lot of other holes. That we can get a lot of strong players. Because look at this place so all he was nine and snuggle with average quarterback play if we can upgrade a couple of positions. And have our quarterback for the future whether with a good outside threat do I think we're looking at may be a better record. Thought. Here's here's the thing I don't disagree at least at least that is right Kress but. It's not about having a better record 28 it's not about trying to be as good or better you're twenty team that's what you wanna do of course but that's not what the draft is about. The draft is about the future in the sustaining long term success. And if your plan is to if you think if you think Crist. Like our last guest Hilary Hutchison he's his number one guy great then that that would solve all that you'd really have your cake you need to witches. Get the quarterback preachers guy in plug holes. It's about me the draft is about setting yourself up for long term success. And buying a franchise quarterback. You've never been a better position as our draft capital to try to do that they were all the phone calls today the very much to Patrick hammer chief meteorologist Jill to the BG RC TV buffalo. Pending ice storm coming up at least they seek out their goal listen to that. From pat hammered today out of it to reach your fight that count for more information. I speak to him on Twitter for all the weather info of course Paul Hamilton talked sabres I appreciate that. Every hunt came aboard. We talked draft a lot going on today thanks a lot to Derek back at the studio to all the people out here at the RV showdown exotic Allegheny casino. That's right that all they say they'll be here through tomorrow. I think like everybody for joining our program we have ESPN radio. Coming up next thanks opportunity.