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Sunday, April 15th

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Western New York race fans it's timed out Craig get out goal. The next hour TV airwaves belong to you. So jump stretch in inlets into a WGR's fast track. With your host of other evident there. I thought he Buchanan. Good morning great. 1103 here I don't. Good morning race fans 1103 or WGR Sports Radio 550 and welcome new edition of WG are faster it helps when I have my headphones turned up all the way. Good morning I'm debut candidates are listening as always that's why I was looking at you weird Mike is like couldn't hear myself as a cause they had my headphones turned down so low. All right more often early on this slick and icy Sunday here in Western New York if fear out there the roads take it easy although it's a warmed up a little and rainy. Some of the the probably your neighborhood side streets are still slick this morning while some of the roadways it's kind of turned to slush and just kind of piling up out there. Hopefully you're staying inside enjoying this one. From home this morning and I I would say you've got a NASCAR race look forward to that I'm not sure if that's even gonna happen today. As NASCAR is in net Bristol for their first visit of the year the food city 500 coming up. Grief like just after 1 o'clock NASCAR did move the start time up to 1 o'clock this afternoon and we will have the race. Weather permitting here on WGR courtesy of our friends at performance racing network Doug rice. And company will have the call if they go reefs and today it is raining currently. At the Bristol Motor Speedway down there in thunder valley and will get a further weather update. From Matt Weaver of auto week Mets gonna join us at the bottom of the hour here this morning give us an update. I'll what's going down at Bristol and just talk about the NASCAR world in general. As we are about eight races in your normal state races into the 2018 season for the monster energy cup series and speaking of monster energy in NASCAR that's kind of where. This first segment is going to be about. And only get to that demeaning kind of ties in what it started to talk about last week to. But a Twitter is open here at fast tracked by fifty FaceBook back conflict WG air pressure in of course the phone lines are open at 8030 fight 51. 88 by fifty to 550 are the numbers if you wanna get a touch. Anti letting thing going on the world motor sports NASCAR IndyCar or in Long Beach this weekend and Alexander Rossi having a great weekend so far. They will go racing that's their new no problem bow out whether in Long Beach, California today they will go racing seat at the eating curry school for two if there's weather problems at Bristol. Our Formula One had a L wild one in China already today as. Genial Ricardo getting the win for Formula One any cherry off this weekend but they ran the a the first four wide race at Las Vegas last week that was pretty exciting good stuff there. So anything going on a world motor sport I would say local racing season it is gonna start very soon but mother nature scoring that up as well as. The scheduled season opener for Lancaster speedway this us this coming Saturday that's Carty been rained out in fact both April dates Lancaster already been wiped off the schedule because. This long term winter we are currently going through and made it hard to get the property ready for the 2018 racing season. So lot of that guys that thirty in push back to may fifth for Lancaster is opener in a lot. They merit fill chart ever practice session yesterday they got rained out although they did have the B are you driving school up there last week and somehow they were able put cards on the racetrack. But and then number principles come up the final Friday in November are November ate it might feel like November last Friday in April. With there a practice and time trial events or getting closer although the weather you'll still seems like it's February it it is mid April and we may see race cars not on track somewhere here in question here into the Ontario very soon. So lie meaning going on in and 80305518088. By fifty to 550 but last week. I asserted talk about the schedule a NASCAR. As. We got kind of the low old. What under the radar guess slow. Lol pomp and circumstance not a lot of hype behind eight announcement of the 2019. NASCAR a cup series schedule which is. Virtually a carbon copy of this year's schedule minus the adjustment for Easter. Pretty about it is all the same tracks all the same. It in in all the same order to some slight dated testing for the Easter break but everything else remains the same pretty much. From 2018 to 2019 it and that led to seven. Disappointment for some including even from the likes of Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch and have have commented on it in the last. Couple weeks since the announcement came out we have the schedule announcement and this week. To add to that we had the announcement that monster is coming back for another year as the title sponsor. For the cup series as the initial deal in NASCAR it's signed you was. Pretty O will what Ridley was a two year deal but there was it talks are negotiation and would they come back for a third here in it. The monster kept pushing back pushing back the deadlines you know we need more time we need more time we wartime and that left it up question mark in the air we had Adam Stern from business sports business journal Earl earlier this year on this program he said it was 5050 we talked a Mecca February. But we finally got the confirmation that monster will be back in 2019. However. That is it did 2019 will be the final year apparently. The ads the monster energy cup series because NASCAR is already committed to exploring a new. Business model for their entitlement sponsorship for their biggest series that. It sounds like that come 20/20 the NASCAR. Cup series or premiere series or whatever they're going to college. It won't be. Monster energy cup series it won't be Sprint Cup it won't be act's sponsor X cup series. Or sponsor ex premier series it's going to be the NASCAR cup series the NASCAR premiere series. And it's gonna. And it may speed the NASCAR premiere series person presented by sponsor ABC indeed. Because that's that sounds like what NASCAR's gonna try to go to like most. Sports leagues you know it's the NHL it's the NBA it's beat league baseball it's not you know it's not. Coca-Cola presents Major League Baseball at Major League Baseball. And NASCAR's gonna go that route where there are name of their. Biggest. Biggest property it does not have a sponsor and it but they will have. Eight goal in no Ceres. Of of the of a list of officials series sponsors. One example that would has been bandied about in and I don't follow the sport. Unlike most my Twitter followers on on weekend war heats I don't follow soccer but of one example of this was the Premier League. When they dropped from have been called the Barclays Premier League and when that deal ran out. They instead of signing another title sponsor they're just now call the Premier League in they have a list of of officially sponsor is that due to use branding and everything. And it sounds like that's going to be what NASCAR. Is going to starting in 20/20 so it'll be than the NASCAR premiere series or cup series. I'd I'd soundly that that that they keep the although they kept the cup series title when they brought in monster that premiere series phrases been sticking around. Out there and so I think that's something that you may see come 20/20. That the that it's that that that's what they may call it drop that the work cup from it. But it'll sold in the NASCAR premiere series enemy be presented by. You know against sponsor ABC and he kind of like the sabres were their goal you know the gold ring partners the banners in the low with the top the scoreboard keep X hour. It might be something like that words you know. NASCAR premiere series presented by Coca-Cola and monster energy and Capital One bank in. Tighter whatever I type conference you know that that's that's what it's gonna be like in the future so really all of these decisions. Are our leading to. I know now ask you remember you eat you know the big UB 20/20 practical knit NASCAR 20/20 might be a thing that the sport. Might have a whole new look come 20/20 when it comes to at least scheduling and branding. For the cup series of the premier series whenever you're gonna call it in in 20/20. In addition to that we've had those two announcers we also this week the announcement of the off form after the all star race. In the or more portly the rules package for the all star race to the format. Isn't changing so much they're going with the what what they think they kind of into in the last couple years and that is the it. Twenty 30202010. So it's a eighty lap race with a ten lap dash the end. Of course when it's one million dollars one of the changes is no longer any kind of mandatory pit stops like I think that's that there had been some kind of rule in years past but this year. You can pit strategy however you want Eden comment when you want you don't to make pit stop at certain times the other kind of tweak to the format is that. All the stages must end under green so we'll use overtime rules at the end stages if there's a caution the end of the stage. So bet that between the bigger changes the rules package. As NASCAR has announced that the cars will run restrictor plates on the engine that Charlotte for the all star race that something. We've never seen done before at least not some time and course NASCAR but toyed with restrictor plates on the X and eighty cars Indianapolis last year. And that's where some of this comes from the restrictor plates plus the aero ducks on the front of the cars which is also something they used in the last year for the X and the cars. The splitter will be that how used to be off. Four years ago in 2014. They'll keep the current reading your hand but go with a 2014 splitter for aerodynamic purposes. And also put a a unique spoiler on the back of the car is with a six inch high spoiler. With on the ends twelve inch high here is what they're calling itself. Kind of similar to the expo spoilers on the extent Indy cars used to run as well too so all that being done of course to try and minimize the aerodynamic advantage a car in the league has. And try incurred of course more passing a mile and a half tracks which of course brings me. To all ought to all of this that and I'm talking about like I kind of talked about last year to their last week two was. Pretty much NASCAR's admitting that that the problem is in its. The problem isn't. The the car is a cup problems the competition it's the tracks the problem. Is the tracks in the sport. And it's the the mile and A half track it in you know we talk bottle time now how much the pub. Badly are bad the racing can be a mile half tracks now last week's race at Texas wasn't per mile track brings it that bad. In a lot of that had to do with the fact that cars cap cut down right side tires and that caused them to hit the wallow in while you feel bad when they do especially given collars and took a pretty good shot you feel bad about that. I'm glad for because they crede cautions and kept the recent Justine we didn't get a long painful green flag run. As much as I like blonde green flag runs that at CNN of a race. The middle of the of it and we still get a long runs earlier rates and it can lead to have not a whole lot of excitement so I was. Glad last week deceased so many tight tire failures at Texas last week that kept the race a little more interest staying in you know took some. You know took some big guys I contention early on and Jake kept the two mortgage rates so. You know it's it's a shame that that NASCAR. Pass to keep. Tweaking away. Com. And it's rules packages and it is to fix everything else sits shift to address the bigger problem is of the mile half track and just how. Incompatible. The their competition is with with that type racetrack in and fortunately it's you know it's it's all lot cheaper than trying to fix the tracks and sell you know instead of trying to cut them down. To turning him in new mile long tracks or shorter whatnot onset of having the silly spent hundreds of millions of dollars to do that you know they're trying to address and every other way possible with rules and in stages and everything they've had to do to try and and in infuse some more excitement into these races specifically the mile half races. In its been eight challenge. So it goes back to last week to. When I started to talk about and then we had that the guest on the aisle a last week but changing the schedule and again. That is going to be the other part of NASCAR and 20/20 and not only is the sponsorship model going to change. But the schedule is likely going to change come 20/20 because that's when. These five year agreements with these racetracks and these are these tiger sanctioning agreement NASCAR signed adult facilities in all three major national series. A couple of years ago that kind of has put the frozen the schedule minus eight few exchanges like the ones we had this year with. New Hampshire and Las Vegas and Indianapolis and Chicago and everything you know that that with tracks trading dates and everything. Other has amid a whole lot of that. With the last couple years because of these five you're sanction agreements so. All of these. Tracks are guaranteed these dates for five years which again as I said last week's a great thing. Four track like Walken Klein waited too which as we said. You fifteen years ago there was doubt every year NASCAR's going back now they have they can they get for five years for the first week in an August NASCAR epic line is going to be here and you can buy your tickets. Fighters and events if you want to ensure they would sell T if you ask. The Camara security by for when he ninety. That they can do that so that that's the good part of the deal the bad part is. Is when the product changes in in that the track's become. Less exciting your your kind of locked in. Two what your schedule has received already guarantee the states or less you can talk the track owners and treating dates. You're kind of stuck with what you got for five years and that's that we're seeing now long term that it might not have been the best decision short term it sounded great. Long term maybe not. So the schedules gonna change in 22 when he and there's a long lots of things you can do you know. One of them is the all saris by the way again all these rules changes the restrict with everything two shows you how bad. They're racing can be at Charlotte I mean heck they took the fall Dayton are putting in on the road course that's another sign that the that the track is the problem not not the cars themselves. Soul more of these mile and a half tracks could use to lose their lose their dates and fortunately there their important dates on the schedule. And you know course the companies that don't Omar speedway motor sport which is Burton Smith and company and then I SE which of the France family you know they. Whole lot of weight and clout in the enact it and NASCAR has can't go taking dates from. Especially yes in my tracks those the majority of the mile half tracks your Charlotte's Vegas is in Texas is an all that. You know they're they're not gonna give updates and hand them over to Iowa speedway which is owned by NASCAR of course. So it'll be interesting how how NASCAR and goes about doing this but they're gonna have to do something a fortune attracts that may suffer. Are some of the independent tracks the Poconos and over the world that both have two dates and are not owned by ISE grass semi. There they can be likely to lose a date. Also attracted me elucidate is Michigan which is seen on downward attendance for its two dates. Which are you know course so close the event to only its separate like two months on the scheduled so. And and of course it's Michigan he can't spread them out really any further weather wise. So Michigan might be a place that loses a track I would love to see Kansas lose one of its states but I SE is invested so much in that property. With the casino and everything I don't think that's gonna happen but I would love to see a place like Kansas lose a race. Texas. Knee I I think I can said that last week was mentioning race that they've had there. Some issues when they did some resurfacing but I think Texas a good market. Phoenix indefinitely state with two dates. Does Charlotte lose a dated it does seem to be a regular season rate Charlotte should lose the all star race. There's so much you can do with that all star race which is traditionally been at Charlotte course for like thirty years. The one year they did try to move in Atlanta to Atlanta which was like the second year of the Winston it didn't go over so well but now. You know do what. NASCAR should do may be what the NHL does with the error or briefly before those with its all star game pointed out their forbids and open it up to. Tracks that. Are on the schedule and maybe even to some tracks and are an arm on non major NASCAR schedule you know see if they can put together a package I sure it would it would take a lot for them off financially to to trying to damp but. Open and up to any facility that will like a holes that holds the all star race I think moving the all star race to Iowa will be awesome and you know I why is this great short track in a host six Kennedy and in a truck series races of course it's never hosted a cup race. And of course the fear is if you start giving cup these Iowa that would kill there attendance that at truck and extended the of their truck and steady beat that they owned but. Maybe make I a lot. The ultimate neutral site track for the cup series and just make it the else the track that you of the all serie said don't let it holding. A regular season Gator a playoff Dieter appoints her is I should say. On just make it the home of the all star racists and make it more unique short tracks so it's gonna be more exciting. And and neutral site tracks so data for the team to be limited. I outside of what they would have safe from the year before what they got mixed and the teams or whatnot. I think I would be great place to put the authorised again not a big sexy flashy marketing know. But. It would action wise and I think it would be well supported. Worth though where it's located and everything it's with within so many major markets they think it would program really well in courses. Having it having Iowa helped host a a cup race. Obviously it would just make it exciting to begin with because never held one. But you open up the all series move it out of Charlotte move it to him you know and then he. You'd have to of course you know planet out of copiers and advance so that the facility had enough to kind of noted everything to sell tickets but. You know open up some bids for for mad at any track that would wanna hosted and that could put their own unique spin on everything you know let the track decide. In home athletic but the track come up with a format for the race says as part of its package to bring in. The the all stories are NASCAR pitch format pitch sponsors you know whatever. That you needed sit to put together good show and to move the all stories from year to year like like baseball like hockey does every year instead of having it at Charlotte because. It does seem like that that Charlotte races have not been good in recent years and that's why they're moving that fall briefs to the road course and the Coke 600 of course we'll stay and be in the mile half track and so will the all star race with the other rules package that we talked about the fourth 8030 fight 5188. By fifty to 550 citi's all of this. All these decisions are looming large for NASCAR here in the next couple years and and in as much as some NASCAR fans may hate change. He used to because there's more common because. In an. Maybe won't affect the the racing so much but is the schedule will have a different look in. The up and the the sponsorship the Siri what we call it was gonna that it is gonna change. Come 22 point I a lot of people right now are bemoaning the schedule because of the weather I mean this is the third week in a row we've had. Havoc with the weather in NASCAR yet course the snow in Martinsville. Last week at Texas it was. The weather was up and down and it was coal and on a Sunday and that hurt attendance and outs of the Bristol it's rainy and cold. But at forcefully would that NASCAR is kinda got their hand forced. With. With where what you can do at this point in the schedule I mean you can't Janice. Whole global food they're racing too early in the schedule I mean. You there's not a lot of places that you could maybe move this early in the schedule. There are going through the same problem for an almost most of the most of the mammals the country that large parts of the country are dealing with reigning coal and and heist. So there's not a lot of places beckon hold NASCAR dates in March and in April and you know like I think this just the string of whether or in his is just kind of been bad luck for NASCAR I you know that you could of had the exact copy is the last three weeks he could have gorgeous and eighty. In places like Marshall Virginia and Texas and in Tennessee that that they're weather is Khin. It is probably even more predictable than and then here this time a year because of where they're located so. But and Forte I don't know what else you can put on the schedule. This early to a getaway for more weather problems you've already gone to Daytona for February the traditional open. You've already gone out west for three races with with Vegas Phoenix and California I'm not sure what you can put in this part of the schedule without. Staying in the southeast. With Elise the at the available facilities you have on your schedule your kind of stuck. Really can't go go much more farther south. Unless you moved you know it at Lan party had their day in the books and you can't go much further south the most he put Talladega on the schedule this early. Or move homestead earlier in the schedule that's another race that gets talked about Kurt Busch talked about it. Moving that they're making the championship race put that forbids every year I don't think that one is is is easy. As a humble in the all star race from year to year partly because homestead got this deal with Ford that like a ten year deal is a few more years ago but. I think I kind of like having the championship race at the scene having it at homestead every year making that the same track. Song not that not as much for putting the chief feature freeze up for bids come on Super Bowl. But I would be in favor and put in the all series up for tracks that one bit. Are coming up will talked to met wieger from auto week he is in Bristol get the latest on the weather from Bristol and let you know if what the chances are you hearing the food city 500 here until EGR. Later today with the grief like just after 1 o'clock phone lines are open to 803055188. By fifty to 550. We get back with more fast track here on WGR. Hey guys this is Trevor bing. Driver of the number six Ford for rest of racing you're listening to WGR Sports Radio 550. At the Christmas I'm confused Atlantic yes. But but but they you. 1131 your Adobe GR Sports Radio 550 Gaby can't handle EG are as fast track. The X and eighty series was an action yesterday and Ryan priests. Former guest of this program picked up the second pitcher X and eighty series win. As he out dueled Brendan Jones finally race restart and then pulled away from just an old car late. To get the win and win the X Kennedy dash for cash which garnered him an extra 100000 dollars I believe. And I'm writing and making the most of his unlimited starts at Joseph Gibbs racing and there's one of their spending series teams this year but great to see the modify a nice pick up another win in it's been it's good good see of these northeast voice. Do well Yasser freeze and in the trucks right increased the Infiniti series. You Bellini I guess we get startling claim to Ryan because is dead rhesus free cars and everything but good good to see these young young kids from a that the northeast doing well it in NASCAR's top series speaking of the the lineup for today's race it was supposed to be. And all Busch Brothers front row with Kyle incur however. Kurt got crashed late in practice yesterday so he's kept casting a look back up car. And he will full detail the field and a lot of big names at the rear of the field will get to that the second but it was what's been the bush Bojan affirm roe. Barbara Kozlowski qualified third Ricky stand houses had some good runs at Bristol recently qualified fourth then Brian blini Kyle Larson. Al Paul Menard to a terrible they Texas last week at the wall couple times we start seven Ellis ballwind nice all I never for the 88. I'll Michael McDowell qualifying ninth in the enough rough. For a motor sports 34 jointly Condo on some might pick for today start qualifying tenth. Then you've got the youngsters so William by iron in Dana Suarez and grossed six here Jones starts thirteenth clip where fourteenth. Chase Elliott sixteen Jimmie Johnson seventeenth here's some of those big names toward the back. Air called a roll Carol Wallace Bobble lawless a qualified twentieth get a good run mustard Texas top ten run then you've got. Denny Hamlin 25 Martin Truex 26. RG McMurray 31 Kevin Harvick who wrecked his car in practice. And it didn't even bother going off qualify he will start at the tail the field along with Kurt Busch so you've got some big names Harvick and Kurt Busch in the last row you've got. Truex and Hamlin and growth thirteen so it'll be huge to watch in the big guys come from the back of the field. Sue apple if if if we run today but double talked to met Weaver here and men and find out. You know a gimme inched in to see some of the big guys have to come through the field as the folks at Bristol have applied the the VH TV traction compound whatever you want call sticky stuff. They put that apply that to the lower groove it in to keep the cars on the bottom of the racetrack and trying Crete some of that. Conveyor buyer conveyor belt style racing that leads to a more excitement in and bumping and all that fun stuff they used to make Bristol fund but it's been a challenge in recent years with the changes they made the trek in making the outside group the dominant groove. This will this it was very obviously Cindy race yesterday that the bottom group is where he wanted to be able see if public cup cars run today is the likely be in the bottom I think even a bigger better chance of seeing cars go to data outside group today. At Bristol and once once we go bracing this afternoon but 80305518088. By fifty to fight fifty. And actually had just looked at the TV and exe Kenny Wallace out on breaks the on fox sports one of their their exactly showing that the other traction compound. That has been applied to the bottom groove although I'm sure a little blue that's washing off with the rain. That is going on there as we concede I as I can see Washington TV here in the studio seeing the very DM reach trek. There at the Bristol Motor Speedway but that that traction compound. Again trying to make that the bottom group did the fastest way around the racetrack and Crete some of that again bump and run of course content increasing that we are so we used to seeing at the Bristol Motor Speedway and speaking of which will go to the top line and bring in. From auto week in short tricks seen Matt Weaver joins us online met its debut getting your buffalo good morning great stock you again. Good morning Dave good start it's. Well let's let's put on our meteorologist pat. At first met and how are things otherwise I just thought Kenny walls is live shot is not looking good. No it's not it's a little little damp outside. We're we're kind of in a holding pattern you know on the bright side if that the Mountain Dew. Break up some of these storms that now. You know it doesn't take a lot of time Bristol half mile that dries socially. Be the case later that afternoon. Is it is it like all day rain is at the forecaster at the do they have a window may be later day where they even might you know put the light signed later. Well you know it's so complicated because. And the the mountains have a way of disrupting even the most. Followed him down forecast. And Debbie outside now to the other media opener and the window here later I I'm not sure announced it would get a quarry then the people tell you all the time that they're not going to it now the start or re let it be big or eight that each though that's going to be a challenge here and probably began but tomorrow the court at the pretty bad it well either by beekeeper in Ukraine. All afternoon tomorrow that could beat her. Fantastic Tuesday racing does that we need. Matt Matt course earlier in the week we got the the announcements of the ideal start changes it and the other the extent to deal with monster energy. And you wrote about it on auto week dot com I kinda. Just some big decisions looming for NASCAR here just just two years away and and including. Some changes to how they're gonna do the title sponsorship for the cup series or premiere series whenever gonna call it all there's going to be some big changes coming on that front. Yeah I really paying them an opportunity for Burnett artery had spent the entire bottle and a lot of different ways battle speaker of the eight idle on the cut period like it that actor Corey when he. Our adapter and putting the right during but it can't NASCAR to consolidate all their partner than the one. I mean you look at other professional basketball court but ball Major League Baseball. I don't have a title sponsor they have multiple spot I think the best way to describe hagel and Tibet to look at. Up 48 car right it has blow. There only primary on year at a model anymore yet to be. Cars or five on there may be higher eaten or. And by now are trying to have one people title sponsor they only a police to be twenty million dollars. Among her a year that undercut the I make the on the bench the kind of moved to a model where you have. Multiple sponsors that make you give him more money you're not undercutting that he added you can bungled that wager you'd see your radio partner. You're rat. Remember at this point I have a wife. Oh inside attracting the agreement to be off by one year the bundle called it the other night it will repay. Do you ports thing we need more short side of course. Maybe even a street course I did the great change not only in the business of NASCAR but also at the the old world racing product as well. Meant we are from auto we joining us. I met we also the all star format slash rules announcement what re what are your thoughts are not putting restrictor plates on the cars in Charlotte this may. You know my mentality is only. I'm not gonna knock it until the I thought that a Jules prior ormat last year that was given they are shot to be used began I think. All samples by its. The order is hurting it a lot away sometimes NASCAR roasting in the wall they don't give it kind duke. And it. They are a little bit. So I think they are the Utah are eager to try to play. They used at Indianapolis last. Period. I don't know it's going to be a great. I think that whatever they decide beauty big give it real or not. Getting larger notebook line. I don't know what the rate he's gonna look like. You it's no secret. Anyone who watched it now are that this technology the cars. That they he met are. Coming to the detriment of the race product already I'll have great but a I'm gonna put it bluntly they're on watch NASCAR but at the right company to make the break more entertaining I think we give them all the leeway in the world duke. Speaker out what looked like. At what point Matt do you think where we go we get to. Well we've tried to change this this this to the cars and we can't make mile and a half racing better what point did they say. We've got to change the tracks and and maybe not change all the tracks at once but. You don't tell a semi Eric you've got to change in Atlanta this year. And then blew it let's change it up to a mile or Kurt takes some being uttered do this there this. And just start changing these mile and A half tracks because that that seems to be the common denominator with these issues. Yeah I think tank the motor speedway meant they you to opportunity. When Avery acre back in 1981. Corner. But it stayed Mala have cracked. I've been very critical of the way that all played out we get to me it you're no limit. And you want no limit rate yeah. Interest sync it up a little bit you know. Parker ligament and be beaver it really. Eat that day. Like. He's done something like heel print BC. And though. Like every bit bigger and something like I have flown one mile and dumping it being pepper and anti a lot of people that are going to have the opportunity within the next decade or so that they backed by Oakley date they shoot that that they didn't. That was different and act that they gave more data flow. And you know that it -- just work right now. I think people's attention span await you sort the break the law and not an act and played for all the track but don't know the detectives. And the Charlotte they're new and pretty great even over the unique admitted okay now. I beat their unique. And I were more rate that bit you know work to be like all the week Marco we. That they bring out drivers personality pretty storyline rivalry that's what's going to make people watch that isn't. Mark your in the eighth when there. Bought today at the bigger again that that we need these shake it. Am I agree 100% without Matt we are here from auto week. Met one when we do finally go racing it's gonna be interesting starts of the race because you've got some big names there beat. Deep in the field Denny Hamlin march wax they qualified poorly. Kevin Harvick and Kurt Busch have had accidents in practice had to go to back up cars there's going to be some big guys have to pass a lottery scars. When this race finally starts. Yeah and we don't know what the track condition they're going to be either because now that it completely (%expletive) dining. I thought the race yesterday were spectacular it was all who'll grip or heard about that might call on everyone with stock on the bottom I don't know that was just the even the very warm in the mid eighty. What do walked away. Ever played down in there washed away. Depict the chemical compound. And once the race him again. Be it today. Date you'd say it's going to be cold there's a chance of no tomorrow I'd stay and though everything that they've practiced and learned throughout the weak yen is not going to be applicable I think at best cars in the back you can only the current. Whether in track and that I have no idea what to expect but I will. That much I love the track conditions yesterday. The back the team have no idea what to expect on the cars are not that up one thought it would be I think it's gonna make up on right. Met less than pro ego course he else you do work fraud a weekly also ahead up. Short trek seemed dot com and lol a friend of ours did pretty well that in a big short track race that was Stewart freeze it last weekend at the the vaguely Mallory said Nashville feet finishing second. To Casey Roderick. That pretty impressive for start for your first Steward at first time in a big super late model race to have a great run Mikey did. Yet determined that show coming out I'll admit that when you're breed them first started running. Truck series awhile back I hadn't heard much out of money on the beat well originally. Living in North Carolina and Alabama now. On the open a couple of caught them a time. And deepens you earlier prep them on the cart series. And then the turnaround in the the late model which. Runner caught our I think they're something that you carry over the the to me was doing it at a plate by air around late Nashville just a great racetrack at the legendary ability. And be immediately grab a day. That they cracked the mid pack beat but he was learning. And around it right back in the AP rocker who along with bubble are they might want to. In the Arab world CU RT I I get the impression you know more highway. I and whatever he's going you'd get the job. I cannot wait a dirt reed come next year they beat. It'd be getting more natural talent and muted and he's got a lot of trust that entire body disguise it. I'm not big super late Mala guy but I I hopes who runs the snowball derby this December I I would I would pay speed 51 to watch that. Oh. And I. Matt takes the time stayed dry hopefully you're not they're able Tuesday endo will hopefully talking again real soon. Think they've arbor some of the good typical if you Geary got the rain and I'm happy and out I don't know a while but I I appreciate you having me on them. We'll do it again then. Yet now it's not a great appreciate the time. I'm Matt we refer auto weakened short tracks seem dot com you can follow on Twitter at Matt Weaver AW lo lot of good stuff for Matt atmosphere at. NASCAR fan her shirt trick Fannie Scott always connected contents so give Matt a follow. We give back below wrap up this edition of fast track the whole preview today's IndyCar race will. Mention the Formula One race in that take your phone calls to an 8030 fight fifty. 188 by fifty to fight fifty we get accurate fast tracked on WGR. This is Kyle Busch got a number eighteen MM Toyota you're listening to WGR Sports Radio 550. Kyle Busch on the pole for today's race at Bristol what shall have right here on WG our coverage coming up right after were off the year Mike is that right. We are going right to appearance it is rough the year here twelve noon Manning and green flag scheduled for after 1 o'clock I don't think it's gonna happen but. Doug rice in the company from a pier and will give you updates and a Woolsey hall if we get a race and today. Talk about local racing mayor bills related to practice for this Wednesday in their opener is a week from yesterday they will well like yesterday's schedule their opener. I canceled their opener for next Saturday. Mayor bill is still a go next Saturday night. With pretty good show they was kicked off in a big way with the patriots Sprint's 358 modified sports and a forceful so few are looking for racing next Saturday. We might have a shot at it if you wanna go over to mayor bill on next Saturday night so they do have their opener they practice on Wednesday. But Lancaster opener that was scheduled for next Saturday is postponed due to the weather there was some local racing yes you can call it. The BRP modified tour they were down in West Virginia but it was air crew off from. Rates though getting the win over Jeremiah shingle Becker which is my when my favorite names in racing. Are filled it Gary also from nagger county finishing third gave Murdoch in Rex king Jr. old cooter king. A running up the top five there as Eric. Got a little bit of break in the race leader blew up with a about ten laps to go and was able take the win there and they said. At the end there with a met wieger sure freezing got to win last night degree and he's speedway in Pennsylvania. Picking up the win. In the inaugural Bruce Rogers moral the grand view speedway so was some dirt tracks are getting there. Getting opening getting some racing in a little bit south a year to kick off there are twenty ET racing season. Again IndyCar they will race today because there's no rain in Long Beach and it's Alexander Rossi on the pole for today's race he's been fast all weekend. And he was almost four tenths quicker. Then how will power in the NF Firestone fast six qualifying round is heavily Rossi empower on the front row senate passed you know. Scott Dixon who wrote to Graham ray held just a new guard in row three. Ryan hunter raging since Clifford row fourth session board day in rookie robber weakens him again who's had an impressive start this year. He will roll off tense today at the other Grand Prix of Long Beach. Formula One in the books the Chinese Grand Prix deal or cargo picking up the win. For Team Red Bull over felt Terry oh Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. Lewis Hamilton MX the first step in running out the top five for stepped in had a couple of incidents during a race including a notable one were hints of passion saddle got together. And that that's a battle out of contention battle won at eight he also had a late race run in with Fernando Alonso who try to pat. Who passed him for position late in the race Alonso won a seventh. Kevin Magnus and our top ten finish for F one costs. And the other Hamas card not so good for Roman grew Jeanne is he finished. Next one of the last spots. Finished the race for one of the last cars running in seventeenth. There and China for the crown pre. I just a correction we radio ESPN radio for an hour and then. We Prius goes. Okay because I believe I below our it will soulful picking up a 1 o'clock then so but I think they're going on the years at twelve Munich could be wrong. But will you'll get PR and now at 1 o'clock then and we'll give you update on what is going on at Bristol so stay tuned for that. And I will be back guy here next Sunday with more. Off Estrich here until Biggio also come up this Saturday night that they units are on WGR 550. A home against Toronto a huge game for the bandits. As they're fighting for their playoff lives and a very competitive NL east they lost last link Calgary and fortunately put up a stinker. Against the rough necks and so they are now oh fighting for their playoff lives. Tied for the final playoff spot at a neat. And oh win over Toronto would go along way to get them into the post season it would knocked Toronto out of contention it and all of Molson lock them into a playoff spot if they win this Saturday night at the key banks senator will be on under the chair at 7 o'clock John Cutler rainy immerse myself we'll have the call. And so we are not on the Twitter broadcast and fortunately as the league has hired their own broadcast crew to do the Twitter broadcast unfortunately so you only find Gertz. Armor and see in myself until BGR this Saturday night but two big home games to a round up the bandits season. This coming Saturday against Toronto on an April 20 against Rochester. So hopefully you guys can fill key being senator and the help of the units get back to the playoffs here in twenty team. So listen free Saturday night or we'll talk to you next Sunday here if more fast tracked on WGR.