04-15 Leftovers Podcast - Roundtable Mock Draft

Derek and Frank are joined by Pete Carges and Mike Jafari (aided by Nate Geary) for a Leftovers Roundtable Mock Draft. Derek, Frank, Pete and Mike/Nate were each given 8 picks, and the mock included some trades. Who does Cleveland take at pick 1? Did the Bills get their trade up and how much would it cost? Give it a listen and find out!

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Roll up doors podcasts on them easier to buy dot com and on demand audio Jerry Kramer. Media guides you every Wednesday and Sunday with a podcast thinks is always listening and time now frank for the most in. Issues project we have ever thought of and the weather decided to kick us in the shoe in for a moment it hit it. Well I mean we saw that ambitious and network and it's the billion dollar and a nice now let let I'm gonna messes up or I'm a mess up a little bit on here so. We have a roundtable mock draft and it's still happening. Peak charges. This or hang out with this year. And of course we are gonna have me Gurion here for this as well but he. There is no power reason Clark in. To his home. Beats off to be announced. Finally won the rules at that quarterback mentality all rule anything out of his own teeth man. So Nate Nate stuck at the gates we got Mike to our though. Hanging out with us for the second straight week this time is is because today at seated hatred you last week yeah yeah yeah yeah that's exactly why. It has nothing to do with the fact you can't go home right. Absolutely. So yeah Mike and Mike Rosen Batavia so at the bit of a dry form and all whistles that is here in the so. Actually from three minutes ago from. Closer than people actually for a well on hand in open. And they did this club stores closed doors short Mike has a height and the ice won't let it happen you know so. So there is that. All right so it may Geary is now playing advisor. To Mike to Fareed here too bass and Nate is with us in spirit rang this roundtable mock draft and with out further ado here's how it's gonna go down guys. The ground rules are this minute thirty for your picks ranked men need to get timer. Your phone get a stop watch out for admit that we reach and uses stop marketing arm muscles. No on the enemy and no I don't think it's so I mean. At the scouts have right roster. That is user iphones for yet I can just use your phones that but I imagine is not Perkins click the button and just. Tapping it looks cooler hearing that case you were doing right now Atlantic again. Anyways that anyways the teams that are assigned to each of us okay eight picks up person. Nate slash Mike they have two rounds picks. They've two rounds fix the 49ers the Redskins the chargers. The angles the titans and the jaguars to finish up their draft that he collecting G Ferrari. Do you Fareed I like it I like it team G Fareed there. I got the short end of the stick I got the patriots. Two picks there and that also got however them second most interesting pick in this draft maybe the most Gupta giants. Membership colts raiders Packers and Seahawks and falcons. Pete is the only 18 picks in this yeah I want to thank you for that by the way because that's less resurgent that is I appreciate the that it says eight used to look at east just wow. What's that he was beaten so he's got the jets sorry. The bucks the dolphins sari again. The cardinals the cowboys the Panthers the saints in the vikings Pete might be enemy number one by the end this much effort bills fans you know. Speaking of the bills frank has gotten them doubled up you lucky little bought. The Broncos bears ravens' line Steelers and Eagles so with out further heard do it team Jeep. Is up on the clock here at pick number one. So. Well we always got. Well the consensus odd number winded between the news we agreed that Josh Bailey should be is the best quarterback who could not cash rolls we are going to take. Asher Allen at a Wyoming number wind school grounds. So Josh Elin going number one overall that kind of puts me in spot Frankie got the timer rate yet are so Ellen so. The judge a bubble we said sandals on the board they have taken. Taking calls right now you've got something bills you might wanna say ring ring and you've got a minute. Now we've got a trailer we are crisper result giants who this. This is being I would watt. 12225365. Next years. For two. God. That's a lot that's a lot let's run that let's try that I finally got to make that move because I feel like that's that's a price goes to do all right so it's again to recap you said 12225365. Yes and next year's second round pick yes that means you still have a selection in the second round you're still have a selection and third pass good job frank okay what we do our seven round mock later the letter today and who have I would tell that I. I would I would held up more person. I don't know what that that's a lot. All right to trade bills frank I'm gonna burn out got apologize and am burning down the building. That's rough army also thanks for making now have nine tax. Giants fans do you want to trade this one through adjourns for as I I don't. I do I what I mean I don't Arnold there actually it I grew Mike and I'm that you do. Then again and again I mean the types of moves based on the fact they're trying to probably don't run for another year the town well actually used so. A better move for that will be used to it partly our right. I don't need that help however you gave me something I didn't want to refuse that's a lot of Texas truth so you're and I feel like the bulls have to get up to do make your day with this type impact. Buffalo Bills liked Josh Rosen. I don't know what is the real reason free throw and then I heard the other guys who got jets' Pete. I'm on Clark. It keeps you on the clock I think he's behind Josh Rosen Hughes might you be one aka anti franks seems to subscribe to that as well can I can handle it I study I study was being QB once it's like you had to pick the bats basically because I know you and I don't want to Austria and so our rights of Pete is up que Su just the next quarterback off the board all we don't know them to Arnold's hanging out at pick three look. I think it's pretty obvious semi take a look at the jets going into the season into the college season armored the first USC game I saw us here. There's a guy with a Arnold Jersey at the USC internal gestures if it's say. At the USC game if he's there at three there is no doubt in my mind this is why the jets made this trade they wanted to get up and get their guy I assume they would add to Arnold number one on the board. I've taken to Arnold three year. Our record expert picks that means the browns are up there or pick for knicks because guys. So listening. Are right well you got him we've got a minute and a half I'm trying to dig up dolphins are cardinals come on guys. That that would make your mayfield this year. No bull beat Pete McMahon who it's. Yet were were staying put. Our guys really nobody's moving up I don't know I I think the reasoning might just be that me field might be able to start slipping here. For the dolphins. Okay well we'll see though. He lasts. Bradley shove stick on our people still in our child serving on the board to me it's crazy for him to dissect I organic is quarterback for him still. Violent I don't and I mean I know he lighted Barkley but I don't think this makes it does cause a browns fan I piper and this lead to HM makes a lot of sense for them but the district the pass rusher last year but he did take a pass rusher last year to hear that op care in childhood. Forward yeah I yeah I think. I think it's just going to utilize situation. Yes terrifying you know yeah I do. Well Nate is is it my scout here is being an adoring yelling at me Barkley Barkley Barkley with an act he put explanation point at the end of it. I feel like that as enthusiastic about it mystical otherwise organ or Chicago partly. I'd say on Barkley there at pick for some ranked. Is back up after trading up into this I have yet to make a pick. It. So you're the Broncos bring them Brian Baker may still hang in polls bear. So it's shop. Now. It is available for Trey. I. I mean if on the Broncos Dusty Baker may feel their person on tape. But it is bill what does the Broncos. I just let me arena you know yeah we may be bringing him appearing here if you guys are the Broncos play. With a remote we have. Which team we would. He error thing. Redskins want positive when yes you got beaten Washington. Without knowing that we're nine architects that was Franco. Yeah I recall dance we got we got it's not an insider could help so we picked up the fully cover the advance out of her hands were it was on the boards though yeah yeah all right nevermind still make your pick for a ghost written yet if I the dolphins are cardinals against the Eagles. And adapt and grow make their. And be bigamy. Quarterback maker may feel that means our. Four quarterbacks in the top five man field in Denver mayfield in Denver behind case keen on. Actually the and they've been tied to that team that quarterback player as they've been tied to the to each other since the Senior Bowl it it makes its hottest acts like John Elway pulled some strings for the senior bulls that their coaches can coach Dick Armey filmed an extended look on him. So it makes enough sense. Finally I get my own selection that I'm not in trade out of my and the colts parity refuse to trade down further than. Pick six before this thing. I am making my selection and Bradley shot has fallen is in my lap while freckles yet this is a no brainer I'm ardea Marty cut and in Bradley each of the colts and if you're colts then that's a dream come true yeah the fact that you moved down to six in use still got probably the best defensive player in this draft hands now. Parts of Grover to Pete and Tampa Bay. Tampa Bay the ducks. Tampa Bay Buccaneers who still on the board alone France France. You know all in again. Might might say this before my research and the draft comes from August until December. I don't look at a whole lot I don't look at a lot of mock drafts I have a perspective from the guys that played on Saturdays. With that said. I'm gonna goal Derwin James the strong safety safety at Florida State vast ice is second best defensive player in this draft during and during James is a really solid player and I think guys. You don't think of Fitzpatrick has something to say about that but I think he's gonna play corner and and so during James is easily the best safety in this draft best pure safety end. I stays in Florida you know he's a playmaker at the box defense not good last year there. They're they're offenses you know they've got some playmakers but their defense effort number. Eight the Chicago Bears frank to busy at the top of the around him. With the bears. I was debating on whether it's an offensive player ever. Try to build around two bit ski. Wore her. How that defense a lot more that you really can't go either answered well I'm excited kick it out which al-Qaeda and whether or wild weather out there that attended and they don't. Why I want it what you wanted to do her for the bears. The other big old guard out there are still yet yeah Clinton Nelson's hang out at delta and for there them. Yeah that's the guy Nelson but Nelson prices going BP A yet niners answer yes yes get a class guys let's speed is around. All of you are the raiders are angry at you right now. So we got Clinton Nelson. And now very quickly. Broke on Smith ate some personal favorite monetize tackling machine this guy is amazing the one that's who I was thinking of two for the area. But I think and I think that it Nelson's there at eight you have to take them. All right all that arm's gonna go with me to Fitz Patrick there for the raiders anything defense for this team I'm taking the return on their terrible happens and I was just hoping rule once mr. snow balled their ten it turns out that's not the case. Miami with Pete. Hanging out there there's no quarterbacks from the top four that you want that you wanted that are there anymore Lamar Jackson Mason Rudolph the best ones available there now. I'm suspecting Miami's not going to be taking quarterback here eleven. No. No Barack quarterback. Who traveled to I think it's panel and then. For congress or corporate Clijsters who he is a really good at the bomb I think the dolphins what they lost Landry so let's take the best receiver in the Borger Ocala Ridley rule Calvin ridiculous Alabama. Nice pic there. Four. For dread draft it's not really I'm receivers residents. Are so. At twelve here the giants at me now it's it's not the bills the bills gave me two picks in the first round here. And unfortunately for the giants a little less in terms of talent hanging around nowadays. Connect job to do in wanna cut I cut out about it but frank gave me a lot of picks here and I'm gonna go with my eight. Cornerback one I think it make if it's Patrick is a great utility peace I don't think is best cure corner in this draft though. I'm taking John Mayer Alexander in this case and I'm shipping Eli apple out tomorrow yeah and his mom to. Exactly so I'm done I'm done that up hunting quarter cornerback won here. Jai air Alexander. From Louisville is going to be my selection for the giants epic twelve so. Nate. Took REG thirteen GRE. Pick thirteen Washington. Washington. All of her. We have no idea here. Really. In a week he was kind of text either I have no idea or did you from Washington where and I have an idea what they should do what you got. Well I think. One of those two quarterbacks is kind of intriguing this is a team that just treated for its victim he's got nothing there. How much is what Alex Smith shelf I don't know I'll be there there's two guys you get possibly are there. I'm thinking one of those today it would be pretty good pick their team that probably should start open. A team that does need some wide receivers you've got the likes of guy JD nine seconds. Amongst others DJ Moore being one of my favorite receivers in this draft a lot of answers prayers here in mr. Other receivers Christian Kirk court and Sutton James Washington all kind of on that board there as well but I single soon for each of them. But. You know right now there's not enough time to try to pull the tree here. 33 seconds 33 seconds left neck and neck to me years or so let's do this. I think what we are going to do here on the front of one view based on board yeah. This is full name. On no no I'm not know AT&T I equity as they better route for Jackson it's your call your golf lets the air well. I'm gonna go with the upside here and I think we are going to ago. Let's go one of the QB here we're gonna go Jackson higher ceiling. The margin access and time to. Teams you are each rolling everything now as Lamar Jackson goes pick thirteen now sitting behind Alex Smith. So for peak in Arizona they are shaking their fists yeah and that's unfortunate their Green Day. Hanging out at pick fourteen musicals portrait and I thought about it and we and number. Bill Belichick was looming around for a moment. Oh play it with with 21 round there's unfortunately yeah I'd I just thought there was enough time to pull it off so. Picked fourteen Green Bay defense tackle the Avaya is still hanging out there in the Packers can always use an offensive line help on the front seven as well specially. The Avaya the pick there so now I moved at fifteen and key with Arizona. Arizona I am gonna go with who I feels the best corner in the draft Josh Jack's. On Iowa and respect that press play make him ball hawk I watched him a lot to Syria three picks against Ohio State. First pick of the first play of the game in a pick six he's nasty he's got dive for the ball so I like this. Iowa. Now yeah I think that. That's solid pick though for the cardinals getting Josh Jackson Iowa. One of the better corners in this draft that rank confused with Joshua Jackson played Charles cowboy yes of course and break hanging out there pick six team with the ravens. And seeing Lamar Jackson going in front of their bases as well. I don't think Baltimore and it says that they need. Other help on offense ring ring ring ring. Hi it's still ballots so have you gotten the. As though both from the British roots army betrayed him. What's your offer. I will give you pick 22. As well as the selection in the second round that belongs to a San Francisco 49ers. First and second early in the second there. Two to try to jump up to sixteen from 22. No deal no deal notables cut Baltimore's 86 in Baltimore hate the patriots enough it's a much. And it would take Darius squeeze. From Alice you know I eat ice Darius guy's side so Darius guys want. These series tonight is that they already back in the words he is how's it or not it not Percy Kwan Barkley he's. Easily number one running back and the sport. The guy is fantastic. So that's a great pick there so Los Angeles charters that means team Jeep. At pick seventeen. I need just aka god the bathroom and margins and then I got the first piece of information yeah. Let's see here Weller debating over two guys here what do we got. Well firstly they want me why make a call anybody like at quarterback. I'm I'm I'm trying to think about it would New England here why is it that we give us I I'm I'm ringing you up here and this is this is still well in this Bill Walton prisoners. I will offer you pick to point to as walls are selection in the second round moving up a couple spots between three it is both your first round picks no mutiny. 23. As well as its lesson in the second round. Yeah the niners and the niners selection in the second round then ninth pick ninth second second round. Okay. You got a minute. He's got a communicated with his with his scouting department out there. Yeah let's see what glitzy way. My it's my scout says I like. You know we didn't do enough trades so I'm gonna just over. I think I'm now on the way to do it in and wanna let New England developed a quarterback so Mason Rudolph can. Can can can fight it out with with Roseanne Arnold in his division for years to come the only thing interesting let's do it. All right we're gonna make the trip the way we we we don't know and I went there to Yahoo!. There you I had a Bill Belichick yeah I don't deal with it but a at Billiton wants guys that cannot be the strap three years I don't know yeah it will be a fourth. OK okay all right let's do it aren't afraid to go patriots. And the patriots will select Mason Rudolph. To avoid any sort of difficulties. In getting him I was worried that. Fifteen was going to be a problem sixteen was gonna be a problem bomb securing my guy right now renewing and to try to help torment bills fans for ever is that six quarterbacks and for seventeen we've gone yes we got six quarterbacks in sixteen packs probably you know X they're although I can I mean that's I can Def we seen that happen that's excellent and six agencies in seventeen picks. So yes our it's an artist Alice. Yet we don't know what is that is that they got an area that. No other way it means I'm back out of the dolphins it's the quarterback it's east of the got a lot of confidence seahawk fan and I'm thrilled right now that offensive tackle Mike me grin she is hanging out at eighteen. For the CNET is going to be our pick their line was terrible last year the assets in his Seahawks seemed old line and here's what I have for my needs for the Seahawks all line more old line corner safety. May be a little bit more help out their wide receiver running back did they had no running game partly because a line was terrible but I think Russell Wilson was a leading rusher last year it's him there in line is awful eighties or off the line help. That the Seahawks and yet I'm given a tomb Kiewit Dallas. Where am I gonna agree this is such a cowboys guy 20 boy so they lose. Dez Bryant. And you know the look at a wide receiver and my guy at a Texas saying am Christian Kirk. Who I think is one of the better bass wide receivers in this draft class. The guy's got hands he's got speed. In me you know me maybe a little bit reach some people might say but I think he's a Texas guy he's going to Dallas rural Christian Kirk I think your hate yourself because it 24 Carolina's problems they can bang it that was one of our targets there you don't sitting at 24. Frank picked when he with the Detroit Lions. Who today need. Her stuff. Yeah lots of stuff. Honestly strangely enough linebacker from Maine Edwards out of Virginia Tech he's Aaron right now still there so you're still there bends toward the corner Ottawa I was still hanging out there coup I'm looking that and that's two minute tape for the lines are O lord our rates corner Denzel award any corner. Let's not enough defensive tackles going either and Cincinnati Bengals might be able to fix that. You've got the likes of Iran's pain you guys. Hand let's a year to even Brian out of Florida there's some big bodies that can still get moved drought around here Ana Marie's first on Michigan as well. Corners like Mike Hughes still on the board there as well dance award just going. But there's a lot of linemen in this that really can keep moving here I'm not Lyman are far you know Leinart fund at the same time did there's sometimes things where there's obvious via. So the Bengals up here team G Ferrari. During the wrench and everything by giving Washington a ball teams Mark Jackson. I think. He's naming a couple guys here are what is he got man. That's the scout is condi is pounding on the door for couple names here and now he's well he's gone. He's like I give politically she's still there I don't know icky side and his side he's gone yeah well. Aren't so is he banging on the table for. Its. I don't know Pete knows that that's the thing is that but he loves the idea Sutton but I don't know if it for the being I don't keep Woodley definitely hardened son probably not a similar to AJ green right so I don't know if he would really like it picked there. Okay you know at this interesting I'll take it we're gonna go Hernandez here Aaron Hernandez. Has. Yeah cards will Hernandez he need a tight and KUI for its guy who's been to the well actually it has gone to he's he's gone god I forget so he will not be draft and we president. Yet we might. Start will Hernandez from you it's not going to assassinate angles at picked when he when frank. It's not you it's me is if it's the giants. It needs yeah giant's hand out there and it. The pick and I think I'm gonna go and take a look here. At my board and you know why it. I might go ahead and do something else here and Citicorp Barkley. Was this election opportunity at picked to for the giants. The white nine. Why not here try to get someone else. And I'm looking here I'm seeing nick child and so we miss something and why not. I've got one of these guys I've got more picks in the second round animation take throw on the should take the right when I'm going to Sony Michelle I think that's right call Sony Michelle here at picked 12 for the giants. Means. They get some solid players they get more here they get a corner and gyro sand and get a running back and so initially got more picks in the second round then you can name anymore. So Sony Michelle there and now. I traded picked 23 from the patriots that's team GRE right there with the Los Angeles chargers. Right so partner Peter charges up here actors are up. Let's turn to remain Edwards Mike Hughes for Sean Evans some of the best guys that I can think of right now Jauron pain. A big body for 314 I spent. I think I need to join this strip more than Oscars is responses are while I can't believe he's there. It's exciting. What a steal like witnesses that make me maintenance and it's a new embarrassment that's why piracy was here for this that's right well they view other well he he Israel that the chargers moved down because looks like they're gonna take a guy here is at. Lleyton Vander July effect of that money says take and it means to remain immense I think that that so he's pretty surprised he would take it and you know little earlier that we Backus a pattern guys though. Angeles chargers are pretty excited and the wind and the draft for the Los Angeles charged getting too mean and words linebacker Virginia Tech. 24 peat with Carolina Panthers. Look at the panther series they lost their boys start to the bills. And I see a big old offensive lineman there that's ready to be scoops on the take another bam a guy. And it's Iran pain area of the Carolina Panthers also caught a touchdown. Last year I remember that repaired in its past for our after on painter I'm paying going there so teams you are you're busy again. As it's picked when he five with the titans. Diane. Oops I hit 60%. A it. But you gotta give music and yet that's great that's fantastic attacks in the wrong scout an intense applause. Home like yeah I think. That's this person's really confuse you with a victory Tata. Compared with the popped up. Well done well on a case so you know as the titans you know there's multiple ways you can ego. To be tacit deal vacated don't pay attention after the bills picks because you know. I guess the casual. Exactly. So. You know the titans. What is it what's the playoffs last year the got a core you know they they got it they got a star quarterback they wanna have to implement what you can't forget that. One thing that happened at an early out and saying she so I'm not expert Eric you know I got to make the pick here dude who's a wider number one wide receiver Corey Davis used strap Larry David he was heard a lot last year hurt he was hurt last year I mean and there's still a lot of potential with him -- Mason storm there are out half hour. And I donate ways it was kind of pounding the table for this guy and I think that the pretty cold here are there. With Corey Davis Selig McCourt and suddenly here we are looking at site eerie looking hard. Is veto of a available to know he is not news taken back at pick fourteen banks to mean. Picket fourteen OK now he was extreme days Dobson green Bay's got heated today. And how much and we have. Ten seconds. Well it's harder iPhone community Ireland I gave you lacks attempt on the oh yeah did you did OK to fix that men are right. But it's hard it will give you leeway if you have fifteen G barring us communicate on something that's why he gets he gets some leeway to use it yeah yeah so he's got a little time while we talk about this though I mean some of the better players that are on the board a guy like quote Sutton is personal favorite of mine. Darn I see a win out of Georgia but the titans don't need any offensive line again you know offensive line that is Ayers Girardi you need some help in their front seven though with the defense Slaton and Iraq Sam Hubbard. A couple linebackers that you can look at there. Harold branch of the pacers' job Boston College another idea there is well below overnight no overall while. Yes I went off of our local Barack goes very. While we're gonna go to best player on our board and down we do things and is I think got beat pretty freaking cool. Yes exactly let's get President Obama. Who wide receiver who was who was number two. Yeah noise here Decker nobody more he's out there and immoral is us Garnett he's gone now. It the shot that it is that's probably. Our races the Atlanta Falcons right now are thrilled at the choices that linebacker that they have. And I think in the go ahead and take advantage of that I'm going Lleyton band dressed out of Boise State. After. Yes test the swift current. So vendors going there in New Orleans with Pete at picked when he southern OK new ones well. Think I wanna get Drew Brees and other toys causing not assured of a defense last year. And my guy. My favorite titan in this draft. Is my dude from Penn State Mike sacking. All right dunk he's huge he can catch I'm going to sack key here for the nor on saints aren't very nice there I mean it. It does help fill that void that was left by Jimmy Graham when he was good yeah they really had it presents immigrant and one and it was it's actually have now I yeah that's it. It's not a it's not generational kind of town there anymore and then the very least psyche. Gives you the upgrade that you would like 65 to 47 and he jump out of the gym so I'm going to sacking. Our ace of Pittsburgh is up there with frank. Everyone else after franks pick everyone. Has won the selection remaining yep. Trying to figure this out for Pittsburg. Probably me. Yeah I think my lines that playoff game my Sunni vote 4245. Complete portals of the deadly as I opened the parents. These were shot at and so available. Enthusiasm I'm going with him for Pittsburgh. John Evans. Now the enemy for Marsha yes and it's nice fill. A void there in front of football win. With apple which easier yes exactly so we are pick great go for our Jacksonville got to pick are you ready to go here we're going dark codecs. All the tighter and tight and OK. I spell that again I don't know he spelled GO ET RT ISI got it. So gone are the tight end. Going to Jacksonville there that makes a lot of sense and but I'm a little surprised too tight ends going here toward the end of the first round and that's a couple of years ago is there a liquor run tight ends when Mike and Jew who got drafted and then yet brown has OJ our John yet the giants also. It's a gang armed and millions Howard Tampa yet there was little running giants president and Ingraham there in the Indian joke do so you know write that I mean I don't think that tight end class compares now. But at the same time it just not either way. Minnesota picked thirty. They really don't have a weakness honestly I thought Minnesota a little worried about how the corner situation looks after they threw all that money Kirk cousins you might need to contingency plan. Yeah it's true I was looking at running back with they took one last year Arnold for interest TVs Murray is a backup running back. And lost McCain ran an eagle somewhere announced yes he won San Fran now so that was one who's gonna corn amendment against Xavier and the best in the league. Tree Wayne's first tech Marreese her still hanging out he is selling out as me arm. Let's say other best players available Connor Williams tack ought to taxes came and Brian defensive tackle Florida. And we see here called no profits tackle UCLA. I see when the guard out of Georgia Ronnie Harris and safety out of Alabama and receiver DJ Moore take on Alabama guys today. Armed you want deters it takes left the draft zealotry. But they handed us a little work effort time here and stuck on this team vikings. Their sentence sentence. Own. Gimme gimme kind of Williams in on sure they could Caroline saw dolphins had no idea. Who our or line. All right Kovalchuk is back up with victory and first. So patriots picked 31 here as Frankel and it with a Super Bowl champions. And I mean I've I think I've got to make like the most New England you pick ever. I was Welker at Clark a quarterback enough that three in the fourth now I'm taking a Goer. And I'm going I see you win here it's the be all pro it's classic patriots where. It's not. It's not a fun peck. But at the same time it is exactly what they would do. You know so it's boring it's not sexy it's the patriots that's what they do and that's what they do you frank rounded out. With the Philadelphia Eagles super bullish and it quarterbacks stalwarts. I don't Eagles to bolster. Yeah acumen other quarterback in the quarterback will fall now all ought. You've got to throw back a couple of all the interviews that Easter bowl MVP in two years. Now political attack all and local charities are right. So to up pencil lines for up at one and ending the draft there. Are so to recap everything. We had a couple trades in this involving the bills and the patriots. Both getting deals done. So pick one Josh Allen who Cleveland Browns and bills moving up to two taking Josh Rosen giving up on a decent amount. To do so but willing to do it nonetheless you call it decent year trains you know god will arm that Jack as she get a giant return to that in a giant return man on. But the jets happily settling for Sam Arnold there and it comes three. Com Cleveland again the idea double up sick on Barkley and joining Josh Allen their ankles. It's OK cross chiropractor and anything. Baker may feel going pick five to Denver Broncos Bradley child picks six of the colts Derwin genes the safety of Ford's stake in Tampa at seven. Clinton Nelson to the bears at eight. Broke once and it's right there at number nine for San Francisco the raiders while mad settle for me to its Patrick. Another Alabama guy right after that on the board for Miami Calvin really joining the Miami Dolphins. Then the giants after their trade down they get the first of their 21 round picks in the return from the bills Shia Arabs into the corner of the Louisville. To Louisville players going in a row Lamar Jackson going pick thirteen to Washington Redskins that's right as either it's either now. Either the shock or controlled job of the round table mock draft I'm not sure what you call out due if you would value it slipped. Yeah I mean I thirteen seems really how am I getting because let's get them to get these run quarterbacks and every starts panic and I just man thirteen for Jackson under twelve overall master jays locker was like seven or some point did avail of the defense tackle going to the Green Bay Packers epic. Fourteen fifteen Josh Jackson corner going to Arizona Gary's guys one of the better. Players in this draft in the running back going to the Baltimore Ravens at patriots trading up to pick seventeen to take Mason Rudolph. It hit the Seahawks. Getting up at tackle Mike McQueen G Christian Kirk the receiver going to Dallas Denzel war corner Ohio State being drafted by Detroit. Meanwhile the dangles after they had originally traded down and got an offensive lineman in that trade with the bills they settle for another one off and guard will Hernandez. The giants with their second pick they get Sony Michelle the running back at a Georgia. And then the charges after they traded back they settled on getting picks and also getting linebacker Jermaine and beans a guy who's falling down the board there little unexpectedly. But stack withdrawn pain going to Carolina 24 receiver corps in Sutton being paired with Corey Davis from Marcus marionette in Tennessee. Lleyton band dressed going to the Atlanta Falcons at 26 Mike too sexy. Going to New Orleans there for Drew Brees to throw to. And then Pittsburgh getting linebacker Sean Evans out of Alabama and then the jaguars getting doused Oder four. Blake portals to try to throw it to maybe we don't know. And then three up at the wine and ending the draft there off its Ted Carnell Williams going to Minnesota. The patriots taking guard IC a win out of Georgia and then Cole Miller from UCLA. The tackle going to Philadelphia to round out the first round. I love the giants pick Sony's. It to I think I'd I thought the other term in this I don't play. You know guys are clear. That is its second. And I mean the way the immediate trade at the extra picks new I mean who was the last good running in on that bridge this evening post partisan about that is another. Yes did that immediately ran into any Jacobs amount as Ahmed rounding. Back there was a guy from mom. Boston column holes name Andre Williams. People. Dear lord it than I wish I Jennings like you know guys. He's a chamber at that point is that there I think. Yeah he's right back early days he's lazy as to which had a fault with the pivotal position. He's here that's not good outside of the pitchers days ago Stephen rudely. And I'd like I liked I liked it but that was the hand them. That the dolphins picks price cut taxes in a completely ego Rudolph there. But I don't want don't want them I don't think he's going to be Gergen and like I don't let these are reached school and get them well you don't open your pick for the pass on savings right if it. All of us though now. I know really makes sense though because they did you need a wide receivers playing in an article about are now I don't think they're given up on. And tan like you take root out and saying you know another yeah one more year. And we love with the chargers did will we down we probably would have I traded back with Washington if you guys came coming a little bit keep calling a little bit but. Yeah we're just you know they need a quarterback Alex Smith doesn't throw a wide receivers like oh top ten pick you know. With the Steelers do I was planning. Shot happens in agents and asking is the Pittsburgh now place in his jobs gases have been an escort them. The now nonsense that's what they need to yet in in a decision about that. Today play our game that much easier than like the test ports for the doors yeah. What we think today's shocks rather than the Lamar Jackson peck. At the trading the are trading up yeah. I 6266. Quarterbacks for sixteen yeah I mean I could now leave that. Breaking deftly see that happening at this it's something that we might have to prepare for a six quarterbacks and top after the draft because of the fact that. There is such a premium on all these guys all of sudden right now everybody is so desperate to get that guy that just gonna swing for the fences and I still think it's a bit shocking that. Brown's going with Elena Juan. I will say that but I think what we what happened here was it was a nice exercise in what could shake down in Yemen in all absolutely I think it's I think I'm happy that we did it this way logical growth in two bills. Timmy he's QB one team and he's got he's he's he's got all the meetings why it. Mean image are looking for a franchise quarterback. They Bayard you know he's not gonna he's not gonna be using is league's all that much although I think he'd although it could it mean if needed. And accurate accurate thrower against makes a bit will make those big time throws when needed he gets the ball quickly. Yeah I think it's so fun at the ACEC except for the dolphins who still only the second or third round here now on this I there are back quarterbacks if seized three out of four drafting them in the first round there and there was a solid. Chance that they might have done it there pick eleven with a Mark Jackson why I don't. I think you're right my I think the dolphins do take one in the second there around my resisting reform and are ready give up Montana will give him at least this year. To CLA does committee ironman series. But they wanna have some insurance like on the even audited by a play that David fails guy in the into the last Agassi's last excerpts inform. I I think that's kind. I explanation point that they want to take a quarterbacks played a guy. Yeah it was yeah. That is sure art world gentlemen this is thought hmm this is is fun it was challenging it was a little different but I think. Not to you perplexing I mean. There were some shock picks but not many. A lot of us just sticking to a board there were some guys that fell unexpectedly. Among the likes of to mean and where it to mean and means I should say. Drowned pain Denzel ward kind of fell a little bit might think when she making not a top fifteen missiles surprising to me. Job too going to use that we are picked for the chargers and yes very Bradley Chubb slid to six for the colts. So. There were some slides there was some guys that might have been taking a little sooner than expected but. Overall not any drastic reaches I think a lot of these guys that were taken our first round caliber. And I think that was is upon exercise you guys Mike thanks for filling in for Nate my pleasure. Nate banks for texting in as you'll listen that's office. Pete thanks succumb. And and they you know supplies are sane thing to us and I'd imagine I'll be seeing new hanging out with with the gang at I hope to be your draft weekend now yeah I would imagine I I'd imagine we'll be seeing you around on that Saturday for victory does that's my favorite is drafting three you get those diamonds in the rough and Dave were there is for you and I are eking out about four through seven and needs just like hey I'm here to host it and our hanging out. It's our looks are what bothers us I had about that the bills. And then it's bated becomes more or less that but I think that. This class is a fairly deep one I like this draft class is not getting enough walled as a classes hole. Because so much focus on these quarterbacks that you know. You know it obviously involved what's gonna happen is not just awful it is around the league and nationally that the quarterbacks are the first thing everyone's talking about. And it's for a reason a lot of teams needing one here this quarterback class is deep and good at the top. So. I think there's a lot to the sad though about the rest of this class. And if the bills don't manage to move from twelve and 22 or they have the only move up slightly. That's a pretty nice way to go about it with this draft class. So. It I'm gonna ask you something really off the cuff here and as we've wrapped this up now they've been there what do you think. Who do you think does and the sliding in the first round was most likely play that would. Or. Sly. You know. I think some of those secondary guys could could go for it farther down I think what did James and if it's Patrick. I have heard a lot of chatter about them. The wide receivers to aren't getting much love I can see we've fifteen or sixteen picks corn off the war with our wide receiver being taken. Which I don't remember the last time that haven't so yeah I think. I think I would say a receiver that you may not see receiver goal until the middle the draft which is unprecedented at least you know and I've star and actor. Our race and while you like you're you like to date three Stockton. Gotten sleepers are jams that you have a saga right now boy. Sleepers in gyms. Currently actual landing out of Iowa State he was a quarterback slash linebacker all that says process all all I mean this guy is there warrior. He is a warrior. That says buffalo bills' fourth round selection written old Everett I really like him and I like I'm Anthony Miller the wide receiver from Memphis. He's he was a walk on at Memphis he's got great hands. He and I think is quarterback Ferguson is a guy the could see maybe do make a little bit noisy and a house I would save Miller and and now Ferguson would offer those guys from Memphis. Market ever owned by counselor our men against him via print cards just 550 CA RGS 550. Mike thanks for hanging out with us again and it's it's been posting its is on WG I our budget dot com and on demand audio on demand audio brought to buy northwest bank make the switch northwest and get back to living we get handy. It is an idea right. Well we'll have a slight right up on this I might post the the mock in the description of how all the picks went don't spoil it and homeless the stroke now so no. No we will not. I will not have this written out of all I will keep it I will keep. I don't aren't picks so that we select after the first throw we giggled I can see how wrong we where all you as a unity after it is. Why don't you post this wit down you know. The stakes in order and the trades that happened and then I'll get them listen to see with the trees where our case he was picked what I'll say in the descriptions bill's trade up. Yeah roundtable mock pick what you low teaser casual user you guys as you sense is that you mean by easy got a. We got a piazza you might keep in mind games and all of loses goes. Ideally he is the so. Thank you Pete thank you Mike D'Antoni years for a contributing as well frank. Another episode. And we're closing in on the draft. And while supposedly the way 1 way I am excited. It's time to start talking about this draft class is full. Not just as quarterbacks even though it's got the reasons for your ball well for the reason that we're swarming all these quarterbacks. Need to be able focus more on this with the rest of the draft class. For frank. You and I will be back at this thing back on Wednesday thank you for listening. To a crazy round table mock draft from the leftovers podcasts under the TR I dot com. Repeat charges might depart for me here in Texas along the way. Frank. Thanks always tease out.