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Sports Talk Sunday
Sunday, April 15th

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Males make me wanna. On WGR. Sports Radio 550. Welcome welcome welcome. And to sports talk Sunday I am Jody B Aussie great Wilson. Taking me. He's dated day. We'll hear from pre next week of the hope get in they'll get in the game's second missed more than one. You achieve that easy doubtful or the outs he is he always out for today okay. But a game time decision maybe for next week we will see. Sunday morning it is. Freezing outside and there is ice everywhere so I don't know who decided to settle. Here way back when but I want names. Because it's ridiculous. Sports talk Sunday here on WGR Jody BIC 8030550. Is the number I wanna get. But you callers today on least favorite ideas in the NFL draft talk a lot about. What our most favorite ideas are going through this draft process and how long we been talking about the draft and everyone's got opinions. I've run not only got things they have opinions on these quarterbacks that most of us to be honest. Probably haven't seen that much. Off. That's what we're doing today least favorite quarterback ideas the mosque gonna talk a little bit about Josh Rosen. There are some reports on Josh Rosen from this weekend. That just can't confuse the hell out of the odds NHL playoffs keep going they've been. Really gets so Barbara we got a ton a series at who'd nothing we could essence sweeps the week's getting destroyed last night by the ruins the Bruins look like their. On the rate to a 45 series when your trial might be competitive losing seven to three last night. So early hockey today. 3 o'clock penguins flyers that teams tied at one apiece. All those gains were blowouts for either side so that's been a good series so far hopefully we get a close game now. Going right into the draft here. Least favorite ideas 8030551808552. By fifty you can. Tweet at me at DB Osce WG Ari can treat station at WGR. By fifteen you can text us at 55550. Already getting some response on Twitter. And Justin kicking things off with his least favorite ideas the bills treating both of their first and second round picks this year to look for quarterback. My personal opinion on that idea is. I wouldn't be against it because you don't have to give a beard first round pick next season. If they find a way to treat up without giving up next year's first that's the ideal scenario to me so while that's Justin least favorite idea that's one of my favorite ideas. While Miley favorite ideas doing it just suggested by far running back are like so. I'd like as our quarterback you know your guy go get them I mean you got about you know I think. I think most people would agree if you if they treat tougher for a freaking running back if they trade up pursue Kwan Barkley. This terrible burden. That's CDO will burn I think Al leading anti Nixon in the top five knots yeah I do the bills I would not anticipate they're gonna do that. And it. I don't think anyone even expects that to be in consideration but if they drafted another running back in the first round not just a running back like he would be. Think probably the best of him because this is like a generational running back prospect but. My god treating up for running back would just be insanity Nicholas says the bill straight up for Josh Allen is is these favor idea. Nugget that that is one of my we stay ready ST it's not my least favorite idea but it is one of them. Dave says. Trading up to get Allen. Or staying at twelve to draft Jackson or rode off. Is a similar to mine August minus second Dave's is the most similar to my opinion so far. Trevor. Says give up everything to trip to the two spot and draft baker mayfield. It's easy this is where. Everyone's got different opinions on these four quarterbacks. So Travers thinks speaker mayfield is the worst idea to trade up for. Nicholas says it's Josh Allen. Dave says it's Rudolph for Jackson. You know we got here in dar rolled and Rosen yeah. It's very rare that you hear fans around here. Not like the idea of getting Josh Rosen. Or Sam Arnold specially send Arnold does it seems he's kind of emerged I think as the number one guy. Interest owing to me I thought bros and was gonna end up being that but sorrow this kind of emerged as the number one guy. Alan's the only other guy really right now in contention it seems to go number one overall to the Cleveland Browns rose as the guy with a concussion history here right that slows and as early as injury issues but Rosen does not really have. On the field concerns. Now some of these reports are about to get deeper bench and Albright this weekend. Macy teens think otherwise but from the experts we listened to he's most polished passer. We had guests on a couple of weeks he'll set his floor was Matt Ryan. Like that how probably gonna end up being late not much better than that Brian Blake is floor was somewhere around Matt Ryan league. That's what Josh Rosen as he's he's the pure he's the pure passer he's the he's the ready day one guy. He's not the project he's the opposite of the project he's the guy of all of these guys that should be most ready you listen to the experts to come in and start week one for team. So getting right to be Benjamin Albright reports from this weekend. He tweets. On. Friday night. Our Friday all of the big four quarterbacks most people I've spoken with consider Josh rose in the one quote most likely to slide. He felt that up with almost every. When I spoke to said Rosen said. Quote the most ready but also thought he was the high for both ceiling guy of the four now that's where. That's a different thinking from the people we usually hear from the low ceiling part. Now the high floor is what you think the high fours will begin a row we hear that he's. If he's the least likely to boss and then third tweet basically people I talk to think if Rosen doesn't go two or five he falls. False too where is my question Miami. Miami's eleven buffaloes at twelve for now. The cardinals are at I think fourteen or fifteen. Like eighteen when illustrate one as usual for. But this is this is the thing if that report says. That he's gonna fall if you go to two or five so this is the question where does he fall to. And we don't have an answer on that we don't we're not gonna get answers on a prodding to drafting we might never get answers I could see Michael tour five. Whether that's to pick could be. Giants that can beat the bills that can be that's hard for me to see someone other than those two teams that while Miami and Arizona at this point seem like they want to trade up. If the bills want to they have more firepower they have the relationship with the government they have. You advantages to get that second overall picks will be hard for me to see someone not named the bills are giants picking it that second deck five is the Broncos. Now let's the other spot the bill's betrayal to. Along with four before I think. You know Cleveland gets a lot of talk. About one Barkley makes and four and rate Barkley makes sense. They just hired John Dorsey. That owner. Would go nuts if he hired another guy betrayed them. Dorsey supposed to be the guide it's gonna coming here and he said this that no more no more. Funny business were were a one we're drafting a quarterback. But we're gonna do is we're gonna make peck. Were Don acquiring draft picks were gonna draw a acquiring draft. Capital thirty the ten or eleven pick 99 picks in this draft are ready which is one of the most in the league if not the most. They have the draft capital they don't really need more so one to me is absolutely off the table for seems pretty unlikely. This bench and Albright tweet would back that up if two or five other spots for Rosen those are the two picks I think in the top five that are available. This threes not movement once he's not movement and for it would be hard for me to see them moving all of that would be more likely than the other two. So what are your least favorite ideas and if you got anything on this Josh Rosen thank. If you why why would he fall. Is it character is it this. Fact that he's got other interest outside of football are NFL teams that terrified of personality. That they would are not willing to take on a guy who might be franchise quarterback because they're afraid of what you might say or do. Or did it doesn't pertain to football. 'cause when I hear coaches write your general managers. They constantly say we wanna do whatever it takes to win. Walt. It Josh Rosen is gonna fall. And it's because of the bat. Then these GMs and coaches. Hard line. Because we're seeing it a little bit right now if Colin can't protect. He's not on a medical team which means there are teams in this league that are valuing. Off the field issues over. Quote whatever it takes to win. So was that I rose to fall. Because on the field and if you want if you wanna coming here and tell me that it's in your injury riddled. Because he's injury riddled is that cautions because your shoulder injury go hat. I'll listen to that. If the bills. Had an opportunity. To draft Josh Rosen with a twelve not even move up if they had an opportunity get so lucky to get him. At twelfth or even you don't seven or something the menial small move up the court campus picking. And they were gonna say no because of that. I would think that's a bad job. And I'd be 100% against that. We see we sought in the NH LP Casey banged up traded from Montreal. Essentially because of his personality. Using Norris winning defenseman at the age of 2728. In a trade him for a guy that was 34 years older. That trade was not liked by anybody know it wasn't from how it was great it from hockey perspective. No one liked it. Montreal for some reason felt they needed that guy out of the locker room. We have the problem Montreal is is that you know it's the same route and admitted he got the alumni they're really late in the in the that high office jobs that are always there. And they got this core belief I value should build a team and they do that changed their ways and Ernie ball. Yes and that is exactly I think what is going on in the NFL and that's your comparison here soon band to Rosen. April Rosen. Has these issues. And that's vice falling. You're not doing whatever takes the win. What what is he on the field if his full if he's gonna be now Ryan. I don't really care. What he would it went in less he's committing crimes or public something it's actually serious off the field. I don't I don't America not threatened because of what is opinions are on things or because he likes tennis. Like he is interest outside of football OK do we want all of our football players to be robots. I don't even. That's my opinion on Rosen. Quickly on my least favorite ideas and actually before reached one mine we want more from Sean. Here who says missing out on rose and Eleanor Jackson. Then getting desperate in drafting Rudolph in the first or second round and that leads me right in to my least favorite idea for the bills in this draft my least favorite idea. Is not trading up. Whether it's because they can't trade up or because they actually don't want to. More and grabbing Mason Rudolph at either twelve or twenty. Mason Rudolph. Cameron talked my buddy nick Lowe's announced he in this hour who's watched every game Mason Rudolph displayed to stated that it's probably be about 945. Rudolph of all these court Mexico could go in the first round he's the one that doesn't have the arm. We had guests on this week it's at his arm doesn't match his body. And I'm not mr. herb. Can't throw in the rain get thrown snow the weather guy. Because to be honest Tony Snow games that we had really here in buffalo it doesn't matter to need about that I just want the big arms to have the big arm. And there's five other guys that have a big arm. Some have dropped six that's quarterback. Because he's the only one last. Why am I doing net that's an easy EJ Manuel now what EJ Manuel the first quarterback taken the similarity is a dressed EJ Manuel because he thought we have to take a cornerback. And he's the best one left. And that it at that time he was the best one period. Rudolph to me is that Rudolph to me is getting desperate and it must have been really really like him. That's hard for me to believe because there are not many people that like him more than these other five quarterbacks whether it's Jackson mayfield rose and Arnold. And Alan. They just don't. Let's kick things off your phone mine's 803. 05518085. B two by fifty let's kick things off on the show today with Joseph in Angola Joseph your exports talks under what's going on. He'll work off. All Schaub and it'll while supporting you know exactly what Eric Burke. Gotten. Off to adopt the cabin 38 in the one hole that this year shot a shot. Do you do you think seven is high enough to get the quarterback they want or even who or the court like you would want. Even. I don't know what I'd go back or you know. Who's got. Oh. Okay well if if what I just read from Benjamin Albright's true and he could slide past five. That and that tree Joseph makes cents. Because you be training at the seven you probably wouldn't be giving up nearly as much be giving up its 20 and you'd be getting. The quarterback that some people think is the best quarterback in the draft class. Pure passer. What I always here for Josh Rosen pure passer mark's got an opinion on. Josh Rosen mark what's going on your sports talks on it. Or good morning Gartner this I hate so goes the year them forward knowing that it would create quote you don't get a kid went here. 11516. In the gravel was time to develop or be it in the article. It. You didn't want to do it years it's. And when you're ready I want to hear about. The quarterback on like EJ Manuel work or not you're not work or can accurate heat because that's more than appearing with Josh now. Oh how does the work houses accuracy in the you're gonna hear our camera and getting hit eagle summit with with all of our own here. Only hear about a guy who confident at the offense ready people haven't a horrible he's injured he's histories were quick vote and I think they're trumped up. I really knew what about Alan broken collarbone in the past season nobody talks about. Do you Dolan does I didn't even know that Odyssey had never heard it. Exactly and you wanna hear something worse people thought about it completion percentage. The mountain west noticed completion percentage was that you go. As bad. 49%. Four never sent that your right that came out over the weekend and I think the other steps to follow that up herb ranking. Was that he was 55 out of 56 ju co quarterbacks a year and we should percentage. Yes it's it's terrible and you know what enough arc it's unbelievable built are only one authority to use. The vikings and ravens to not have done one thing in the French our sister draft a quarterback in the park and. Injury it is never gonna they've never done and this is the one time. That you've got all the ammunition to do it big never done it ever. Even when Jim Kelly GP lost than were their first round picks they weren't even the first guys they drafted in the first round of yours. They drafted a tight end I think first and Kelly here and ejected Lee Evans first and lost in year the only time in the last. Forty years. That his team's draft a quarterback with their first pick was EJ Manuel that was its one time. In like march you said mark thanks for the call. Never in the top ten. Their close the top ten their twelfth. There's rumors that big cut even have a deal in place with the giants at two. Who was second before though mark talked about Alan there. With a 49%. Completion percentage and ju co and Ed sub 60%. Completion percentage and the mountain west. 55 out of 56 cortex and you go to three years ago in completion percentage. Now Sherri obviously grew from there because it went way up in the mountain west. Which is not a good and a great conference but it's obviously better and Yukio. But apart comparing Palin to Rosen. And the only thing you're giving. Miata Rosen in terms of negatives is injury history and off the field stuff not even off the field settlement terms are getting trouble member this is not. Mayfield getting harassed herb chased by cops this is bros and having political opinions. That's what we're talking about with them. If you're Tony got injury history Matt Stafford. He missed like a hundred gains in the first three years is pretty played its first three years of his career for the two games he had an injury history. Look at him now split the sixteen game season like 56 years in a row maybe more I don't even know. And he's a top ten quarterback in NFL. If I'm getting that from Rosen he's a high floor guy. Why am I drafting a guy in Joshua Allen. Who's giving you worst production in a worst conference on a worst team. And has a super low for the ceiling might be higher but. How much higher if do we need to have the next Aaron Rodgers in his draft. I want to have the next Aaron Rodgers in the draft I don't need it though I need the next I what I need is the next. I don't know Matt Stafford. Derek curry and to me that could even have that good. I need it guides you know is going to be here for ten years. Philip Rivers. These are Super Bowl winning quarterbacks but third court excerpt good enough to give you two was suitable. They're not Rogers Brady Roger Brady is they can get they can when you're Super Bowls almost on their own when they're gonna carry you to Super Bowls. Cam Newton went to a suitable. Matt Ryan with receivable. Also Wilson went to a couple see bubbles. Bill what help doing it. Joseph Flacco won a Super Bowl. Aybar as interior here about Joseph Flacco yet Joseph Flacco won a Super Bowl. So. When we're thinking about this. Quarterback. Elin might have the best chance of being. A whole Famer. Lake in terms of his ceiling is to sell high and in this due to throat over mountains. He gets thrown over the mountains really. He made Mike may knock. It did never the noises Mike may act was making ended at the Wyoming Prodi NFL network. Lake coaches love this guy because think about will think about coaches at your coach. Robbie got a pretty big ego in the NFL. You made you probably made quarterbacks before. You may court next batter you coach quarterbacks what he's capable right what does cable if you're watching Josh Allen. Your coach your thicken our man fighting to teach the skies and full work. Help this guy it was and it's his decision making looked at that arm. Just what its Oral Roberts annoyance. Pretty much when he was coming out similar. Once was obviously more polished but they're thick they're coaches are looking at Alan thinking look what I can do with that. Ever else is thinking. What if you're wrong. What if US a coach can't make this guy. A better decision maker what do you can't give him the vision that needed to be an NFL quarterback what if you can't make his footwork consistent. You don't I'm shirt but the coach. Can think that has yet the ego he's thinks he can do anything probably. I know I would thousand NFL coach and I was watching Josh Allen I'd probably want Josh Allen. Because I think I would think I can make Josh Allen the best quarterback in the NFL. Whereas Rosen. Little more individualistic. Little more of of a neat guy maybe a little bit. And he's already polished. He's not finished product. But he's definitely more a finished product and Allen is. So sitting in my chair. Bros and the better idea I can understand Mike coaches want Allen. So to me that's the debate. Because when it comes my least favorite idea I mentioned Rudolph has might be saving idea. Ellen is my second least favorite idea and it's close to my least because you got a trade up to get Alan. Rudolph you can get a twelve or 22 mile I want no part of that at all. Ellen you all you're not just. Getting the prospect you were giving up assets to get him. If the debate's gonna come down to those two. And the bills like Alan battered. Because of grosans. Opinions. Or. Alan's high ceiling. I think they are making a mistake. The thing about Allen is all of a threat are going to be super wrong on him or super right out and because I don't see a lot of middle ground there. He Timmy could be. It'll be quarterback he could be Ryan mallet. He could bounce out of the league in five years. There is that much wiggle room with them. 803055185. 2550 you between get me at DB Osce WGR. Keep it coming on your least. Favorite quarterback ideas floated into some hockey too as well. But butting it close enough he's gonna join me at 945. He's gonna try to talk me out of Mason Rudolph. Being my least favorite idea he's watched every game is played and Oklahoma State. That's coming up. Sports stocks Sunday and Jody B Osce listening to WGR. What about it too early without first pick for the build a mock sword he that good fit for both. I don't think you you know got that on the strength really brought the ball or bat whether he's got smaller and you know it eat it probably could make a lot of like court are small and part the realities. So they've gotten smaller and have a harder time it'll in the football cold weather. Steve Mench. From scouts ink on Mason Rudolph. WGR NB SP and 1520 producer Nickels announced he's gonna join me in about and roughly fifteen minutes. Cover Rudolph he's watched. If not every game Ross played almost all of them. Think he's lost some Woolsey. He's got a different opinion than me because I don't like Rudolph and you hear it in that clip there. The arm doesn't match the body. No thank you. I don't want the sixth. Best cornerback. 8030515. To your least favorite. Bills draft idea. Mine's not trading up in getting Mason Rudolph. A close second for me trading up for Josh Ellen. Sell has the bills trading up for Josh Allen in his first mock draft WGR but do you dot com check that out. On our website moving up to five for the Broncos back rich sin meaning of ESP and junior jets reporter. Clicked on his first mock jet to get a good sense of where the jets are thinking yes the jets taking baker may feel that three more importantly for our sake. Rich in meaning has the bills trading up twice. Moving up to five. And then using five to springboard to. To take Josh. Rosen. With the second pack. Love that might be my favorite idea at this point. I love Rosen. Arnold seems like the darling guy at this point. Seems like everyone what startled there's not a lot bad to say on him. Is that almost a you know is a pretty you'd is that the speculation he's gonna one the Cleveland. For the most part arm a lot of the trends have ban. Dar Al that one but there has banned up push lately. Among media reporters and were in just reports that Allen is in consideration and that Allen can also be that first pack. It doesn't seem like it would be anyone other than those two at this point. So it's either going to be Rosen. Are sorry to either gonna be Arnold I think your Allen at one if you trust the reporters in the draft experts and sources. But you never know there's so much put out here put out a draft time. You got to take everything with a grain of salt. This mock draft though from rich in meaning. Arnold one of the browns rose into the bills may feel three to the jets sign me up in a heartbeat. Mayfield of the jets the scare me a little bit. Because. I think he's gonna be really good too and he's Canadian division but I'm getting Rosen. To me I in my opinion on getting the better guy. In my. Coming from a guy that's really only seen a few games of each end the rest of my opinions are based on what other people's. But those people watch them play more than me so ops in the trust them don't see Josh Allen anywhere in this mock draft. By rich in meaning. But he only go through the first ten picks. That would be something. After all this Allen talked if you were to fall out of top ten. He's its duration for one. I'm sorry he's in isn't 08. Is the cardinals. Trading up to the bare spot with the eighth overall pick in taking Josh Amylin. No Lamar Jackson topped. So quarterbacks at 123. Eight. I was reading a little bit us. You know more reports about the patriots possibly getting involved in this trade up for a quarter racked what do you think of that but potentially did the thing about the patriots is the Bleacher Report. The Bleacher Report report. Think it's very from a couple days ago was that. Day like Lamar Jackson. Very interesting I think that is Jackson really might be the only guy they can you get their hands because they'd while they have 21 round picks. Bolt their first round picks are after the bills' second one the bills at all and point to doing what's got 2331. Are higher in those two picks your. Hard to see get in the top ten. Means the chiefs traded up to where the bills were at 111 last year moved down between seven and eighty got a first the next year. Startling new England's getting an effort. Or is getting an a top ten. They're not affect the bills. Nor do I think most people think there that sodium. And you have to really love a guy. So what are your thoughts what's your least favorite idea. 8030550. Act DB Osce WG argun a lot of reaction so far it seems like. A lot Allen haters. Lot of Rudolph haters. In a little bit of baker mayfield sprinkled in. Has had a lot of connections to the jets. Jets picked third I think right now. Brits meanie who edges match of his mock draft he's a jets reporter he has been taking mayfield I think my a lot of mock drafts I've seen have had eight field going three. So that could be something to look out for. Also something to look out for L one. I think is the only one of these top guys the top four at least that haven't visited or worked out for the bills. Last week they had Rosen and mayfield in for visits and they flew out to California Ed. To work out Arnold. Where's the Allen visit. They really love Alan where's private work out. Might it happen it is Prodi announced are remembering. But there has been a thing of the past couple weeks of them. Is Josh Allen really gonna fall also because. Of personality. Or are there actual on the fueled concerns. Because right now I'm not seeing a lot on the field concerns and end it. As I mentioned in the first segment Benjamin Albright. Has him as the most likely of the top four to slide. Past five. It is insane to me. For being the quote unquote most pro ready one per most pro ready quarterback in this class. People and even called Arnold a potential project. And he's a lot of people's number one quarterback. Project has been said. About Sam Arnold. You can the changes throwing motion a little bit his mechanics. Jordan Palmer working with them at its pro day up to his work working up to his pro day changing mechanics in the way he throws. Bros and. I don't see problems dialed your problems brought its full work out your problems about throwing motion. I don't your problems about decision making turnovers. Lisa much Arnold I don't hear concerns over completion percentage. Do it and here is. Well he's got some up political opinions. And yet a couple concussions. Is that it. Is that white default. I'm not elaborate a little bit early here WGR. Yes at 1520 WG our producer and Oklahoma State. Phonetic Nickels announced he's gonna join me next talk a little bit about Mason Rudolph who I think is the worst idea for the bills in the first round. Sitting back and not sure not drafting off at twelve or 22 little more Meester top coming up next. If you call 8030 but it on your least favorite draft idea for the bills with the draft. Week you know week and a half away. Week from this upcoming Thursday. Listen to sports stocks and here WGR. I put dom Rudolph the bottom only because. When I look in such a big strong kid but it armed that it matches are. If you want to throw the ball he threw it deep ball but I don't seem to ride it that well and I know he's gonna kill because we know each other for years but I have to be odd about it so that's why would have been. It will be capable player. Very strange choice in music here by much for our esteemed producer and author and over here. It's. You know it's already snowing in April you don't have to rub it in my face with Christmas music and all about things man and that the tea. Yet it's now that throughout mean. That was Charles Davis by the way and if a network Annan Mason Rudolph. Got a little distracted during the break saw a story that. Deaths the C Ito by a I don't even know how to pronounce these data Yankee NL's one Justin Bieber. Surpassed five billion views on YouTube setting a record and hackers deleted the video. That led me to be English lyrics for dust the CTO. Nicklaus and ASCII WG our producer ESPN. 1520 producer have you ever read the lyrics in English lyrics to dust the seat though. I heard them. Read I've never read them myself but again let the charts show. Aka and it did did it staying where they had producers just read them at a have. Woman producer I'm sure there her and one of the belt producers just REIT due here explain with no like music and it sounded utterly ridiculous. I'm gonna have to find that analysts and that because it there's just two lines here that are making you laugh especially. That is your beauty is a puzzle I want to creating manuscripts. I. Are you familiar with the hacking group anonymous. I am they have made. Threats of two. Load. Yes yes yes but I think that was then directed all of its paperback just deleting their video from the streets of beer. It's catchy. If catchy. And whatever its original language is not didn't. Not just in beer thrown in there and look at our Nickels and asking you're here to talk Mason Rudolph to talk Oklahoma State football. Did you happen to catch that Charles Davis clip on the way in here. I did not actually OK so essentially Davis says there that Rudolph doesn't have the arm. To match his body. You've watched TV was it fair to say you watched every Mason Rudolph game in Oakland state. Would you say that's an accurate statement. You and I think. I think mostly come from meeting with his people he has a lot of deep passing hurts Europe mr. Oklahoma State that the the same about. Those people. There are times where he ball popped them up. And meek is stopped and yacht and Ebert were so great hero Alex. There. Better at adjusting and sent it back and fixed in the big twelve work so. Some of those passing yards there are really just from the benefit of having. It's receivers being choker now I will say summer that. So I think she can make the eat out throat and the thing that people would consider professional throat are as worried about we're eager to get the ball. 304050. Yards down field. These pop that he put on ball I think his inner me that he can currency over the middle and mid range and I can throw short at this aside its army with the people. Right to speak journalist art technique I'm not sure that you can have strength to get it there but it just it'll it'll float near her on time. Nichols asking WG our producer at nick Lowe's announced and lows and rusty on Twitter. Nick underscore LO ZA and OV SKI if you're looking for him on Twitter. I've been talking so far and showed today that Rudolph at twelve or 22 right now is my least favorite idea going into the draft. Are you the guy to talk me out of that. No and part of it it's because what. Bill stands one right I mean everybody wants to get their big ticket guy or if they're gonna get a guy that is. You know probably part of that second tier from the main. You guys that they want the guy who won the Heisman Trophy was a finalist again near city this can't see and I don't blame people for not wanting recent drop I just think. That people should. Look at giving him like a legitimate chance you're so a good quarterback prospects in the strap there it's almost like. The further down getting treatment or and shipping catalyst marks from. Certain people that you looked on the lit like they're getting. The treatment as like the fifth and six guys in like a normal quarterback claps we usually like. In a lot thicker a group of five guys four year. Player from like Sara Lee stately ticket sales was giving like they actually like even like the fourth best quarterback ever miss class to prospects it's in slate. You look down on intrepid later entrap eighty contract that. The acting. I don't blame you want relevant director not a Tolbert weren't too I just don't think it's the disaster scenario YouTube. Okay. What more can you tell me about the offense that Oklahoma State plays and that Rudolph has abandoned. Is it really going to be a big gap for him coming Indiana fell in terms of the change in style and the offense that he's going to be walking if you will what was Oklahoma State really playing. Oklahoma State has really interest in offense and it's not just your traditional area offense that you hear about McAllister the arts. It and then depending on your perspective you can look at it better or worse Oklahoma State Illinois has written thanks eighteen to twenty plays in the playbook great everything ultra net is adjustment opt. Reading the defense. Or audible call from the sidelines get lashed out simply seek coach's poll but those big boards and do you know huge foam boards and they have like pictures and worked on them and that's a quarterback make adjustments so it'll be an adjustment from the standpoint how would you get into into well you have a the playbook. To stick with the phone book. Or since Oklahoma State in yet eighteen opera that played. But a lot of it is based on your reached and the further he got into college the more Mike Gundy was comfortable letting group got actually due adjustments and all laudable polite started at a time. He was junior he was stepped line of scrimmage just making you know. He would check out of a pass play into a run play. You know certain six on the road at Texas or something like that there'd ghost. Back to me shows the ability to understand what the defense planning on doing. The soccer or. How worried about Durant is really just like studying for a neat that you and I were in new bucks but I depart that I don't know it's teach someone is can you identify. The other what you're itching swelling and doing so. One bright steady let Baylor similar type of offense bright streak in India palatable dealer we ever identify what Mike linebacker. Now like better Oklahoma Italy indicates to me to burn copies apple might discouraged diagnosing with the defense is gonna do and adjusting their play accordingly. OPEC and accents so you're obviously big Oklahoma State I mean I know you you root for word. You Brooke for them once they get in the NFL to succeed. So looking at Rudolph right now dessert situation that stands out to you in the NFL that he can go to that would beam that would really treat the most success for him. New England with these situations I see where he would go and have. Enrique got the most success simply because of PE. Tying even at behind the quarterback like Tom Brady right. I don't know his predicament and start right away. He needed that ops he's been interests are more your early development like. Atop big twelve quarterback I just think a place where he can go and the expectations will be super high immediately were different. You look at. What it would be here just for comparison sake and keyword speaker at twelve or 22 here like I don't think that would go well. Simply because. He or on them to come into play right away and. I know he might even play year one if he was strapped to the bills were new England's league there's zero chance of that in the last three I heard you think. So is that how afraid should I be done if if New England does take Rudolph. Late what is his ceiling because to me Jackson scares me a little bit a New England is the Bleacher Report report this week. This week's news that New England loves Mark Jackson. Mark Jackson to me seems like he's got a pretty high ceiling and that would terrified me because I would think Bill Belichick and get that out of him. So does Rudolph have the ceiling. That if New England talk on that should scare bills fans maybe even to this even to the level that need to grapple it and. Yet he guards here have really high hearing and it's because of its physical tools and eat eat it's really not. Too far away from the pulpit with all the other speaker quarterbacks Comerica out of all are where he has all the tools. To. To piece this two week after he has. The side he has the strength he he had that all really physically so. It's this. Feeling really hard at issue were heard opposites or really low immediate gains at Oklahoma State where you're just became a soccer ball on its hands and you know even after recovered fumble or recovered turned sort touchdown in the Texas game it's so that. That's why I would be great that it built in appear to be directed by an arraignment because Belichick has the way of bringing players are sealing where this feeling pretty high upside to our tea and he can be a legitimate starter obviously earned you know ten or fifteen years. Wrapping up here at Nichols asking here in AT&T hotline are rate. You are at Oklahoma State fans. Do you where would you put Mason Rudolph if you were ranking him among these quarterbacks. In the draft. Probably six Ike are real Mallorca but it's gotten closer than everybody else makes out. Okay that's right because Mo most people would say that there is a gap. Both after the top Fort Jackson and that there's another big gap after Jackson to off. Yeah I don't think that as a professional I don't think the gap between the checks and a bird got a very big on I don't think it gap between our you our break. At first you know for as I Allen and subtract and I don't think. I don't think their captain that they either. A lot of quality quarterback play coming out in college football lately and I think part of the reason or particle wave. The book all machine in America is sort of the site where you are these kids acting pro special from the time they're in seventh grade. They're working or promotion and all these. You know quarterback coaching camps and how many casting academy. Things like that and. There all the seminar seven and quarterback played better than it's ever been and we can get to a place where we. In the future where there's three or four good quarter expert trap like legitimately. And a neat people vocal Purcell crawling market culture and title one don't want to meet each team likely it would get there on that on. Our neck is of it was a valiant effort. But. Mason Rudolph is still my doomsday scenario. Can't live here. Not our Nickels and asking you vomit Twitter. In at Twitter at nick underscore Lowe's announced he LO ZA and Boe. KI nick thinks during the Brett. Read a break for a comeback in the other side talk a little bit more about the draft bring in hockey too at some point today. Playoffs are rolling along that they've been ready entertaining so far though there have been some blowouts so we'll preview a little bit of what. We've got and Stanley Cup Playoffs to date coming up on sports talk Sunday I'm Jody B Osce Brittany Olsen out sick today. Also super IC that could maybe contributed to a let's say sports talk Sunday more coming next 830550. Is the number you're listening to WGR.