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Sunday, April 15th

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On WGR. Sports Radio 550. You'll be out here sports talk Sunday on WGR you know I was. Talking with our rank gates on the nightcap. Children bowler producer. Host of the nightcap. Last week about you they hurt him in the I think Joseph beamer BM we're grilling me because I didn't listen to music as a kid. Middle school high school. And whatnot. I. That that was my knees. Rick generous. I had and we're here in the eye it was a weird cat the role the highlight CD. Like. I was listening to housing the sabres. With Rick Jenner at night and I was listening. To that those classic clips. Is going on YouTube and just listening to Rick Jenrette that was my music was so good like. Growing up though I know and I in the late nineties entirely can now I'm told I missed out yes untold number I was more like mid to. Will be called. Mid two thousands and thousands easing centuries I don't know beaten Brad decade you know I mean is it wasn't so good and Rego. It was yes it was like what the Yancy coming up in Yang Mac which yet nick nick and nickel back there. The meeting despite rumors I do not like nickel back. As most humans shouldn't Alec nickel back and now Mike Noll. It's all much respect for you Mike images. Out the door just like that all takes a man I suddenly word before they were commercial I thought the Iraq those three words is all takes I like. Nickel back nickel back. Gross. Added Joseph playoffs have been you know we've we've got to put two to nothing series this. And they're Benson blowouts Philly Pittsburgh won one but they are both. Not close games he's credible we got 2012 that series was incredible if you remember back in 2012 but there were total blowout games. And Pittsburgh Philly so far. The penguins won by touchdown. In the first game. And Philly smoked Pittsburgh in deemed too. So hoping for more competitive game state they play 3 o'clock. And there were some gains yesterday that we're closely Boston Toronto was supposed to be this barn burner series. And Boston she's been crushing Toronto on the first two games. In Toronto missing Cotchery was their second signer. On missing I mean he took himself out of the series essentially. When his aunt with his dirty hit but. I've enjoyed the playoffs so far the NBA playoffs if not even if you're not a basketball Fannie used the casual basketball fan. This is not the NBA playoffs the last couple years we knew it was going to be warriors cast last year we pretty much knew the year before to last we don't have a deal Eric no we don't. This year is. Win a more competitive. But there are good teams. As eight seeds. The Gambia playoffs anymore competitive the NHL playoffs hopefully they start being a little more competitive deep and entertaining but I'd like to see some more closer games. I'm in this pool with Mike Hsu open. You pick eighteen players. And yet any team. And the reason I was having trouble with it. Is there were only two who series I think that I was a 100% certain who was gonna win that was Nashville. Over Colorado. And all three series Nash over Colorado Winnipeg over Minnesota is Winnipeg is just. Widget and Tampa over managers everything else I thought was a look at least a little bit up and year. So having trouble picking those eighteen players that you wanna pick players that are gonna go deep into the playoffs. And did you playoffs is the toughest sport to do that because there's so much randomness and you don't really know who's gonna go deep in the playoffs funny thing about this is having conversation with some buddies past couple nights. Yet HL while it's considered the most random week. Three teens. Win. Championships last ten years as it. LA's got two cops. It spurs up three. Chicago's got three. That's eight right there. We dirt there's been there's parity in the NHL. But there hasn't been parity with who wins the cup. It's been pitch for Chicago or LA for the most part that's at. Chicago's not awarded this year I would be. Stunned. If Ellie won at this point they just. Look like trash. And Pittsburg. Pittsburgh doesn't win this year they're having trouble with Philly here so far. We're gonna get a nuke were in a new cup winner a team that hasn't won. You Winnipeg I can be Nashville. To be camp body of course 104 minimum one sense that. So I'm enjoying NHL playoffs I'm excited for the gains today I am. Just as excited for the NFL draft. I'm getting that you know that feeling when the sabres are in the playoffs. And you kind of get that pit in your stomach. It's not out of like. I don't know what it really is it's it's it's nervousness essentially. You don't you're buddies fishing overtime games get later games get more important. Teams going over time. And you got that not in your stomach. You're on edge of your senior heart's beating a thousand miles a minute. I'm not plagued NFL draft is approaching that to me. I'm starting to get that little not much summit about it that anxiousness. Roll me. A little over a week and a half away it is really close. We've gone through. Probably 85. To 90% of the draft talk that we're gonna go through. And reporting a final touches on it. And it. I'm getting that feeling like I used to get when the sabres were in the playoffs. Maybe not lake when it's. Game five when it goes over time it's Philly or against Boston the route the couple overtime games but I'm getting the feeling like you know the playoffs certain. Starting tomorrow it's game one. I'm ready. Little bit nervous but excited. That's where I'm at the draft are now. Because this draft is so all important for the bills the most exciting draft of my lifetime. For me. Do we talk quarterbacks every year but how often the bill's laid widget in on the quarterback. It's not often. This is a really important draft for this out regime here but they did buy themselves an extra year because of the breaking the drought they did for sure absolutely did we would be sitting at eight and departs progress it would be a lot more people I think in the camp of fill the holes. Don't go all in for the quarterback if they had not. Made the playoffs did an excellent point if they don't make the playoffs they don't have. That Alf and still on the back. And they don't have as much time as they may have had now of course they would have been McDermott have been or fresh on the job. You know. Tear the hula Kemp Google me they got a little bit of a reputation nationwide opinion quick trigger finger. It only would add it to that if they hadn't made the playoffs and then had a bad year this year. But they it's gone the monkey's off the back. Elephants off that thrilling dolphins seventeen years it's an elephant. And it's gone the pressure is gone and all three. Sire relief the droughts over. We don't really need them to make the playoffs this year of course were never four. But we can give the quarterback beacon go through years of a little bit of struggle we can look through six in ten years this year. If we got that hope. That hope on the bench or maybe on the field. Depending who they get. Just to be like are we didn't make the playoffs this year we took a little bit of a step back on the record but man look what we got the future. To get this guy he's going to be franchise quarterback. They haven't had that in. Ever. That that I can remember watching the team for me Jim Kelly I'm Jim Kelly I don't ever Jim Kelly. I haven't I don't have a day or you're like I've got J. P. Losman I've got EJ Manuel had so. EJ Manuel was done by eight feet. You need to get a full year. We got the one full year and that he was out four games into the second season you never look like a Quebec court never look at different jets quarterback never had that hole. Deadliest outbreak. No. So that's that's I don't remember him either I'm young I'm 42 but each point three. Well my body today and what's way too much away about to be. Almost. A guy so I'm not yet permitted to say about to be pointer that were. Okay. Mob or that so. This is. The year and I think third I mean I don't agree they're gonna do it right. Does anyone think there are not. Joey tweets and I would count that point by seeing making the classmate fans think we can continue to make plastic filling all been hearing it all off season I agree I have heard effort people. But I think. Where I disagree as I think there were being more of that if they had missed. There are you right there are people that want to fill the holes because they wanna go back the plants. But I think that number smaller because they made it meet personally. I would have been all in on the quarterback for guard this. I don't think go to bed everyone's opinion there were deal last people. It's my opinion there will be less people saying trade. Everything trade the farm. It's Obama that's weak trade the farm. To get the quarterback. Well Tom Brady was sixth round pick Russell Wilson was a third tropic debt Prescott's. That's human and you haven't heard those neat hearing those means a lot more think. What's it rich in buffalo rich what's going on. Eight Joseph are you doing today I'm gonna have a self I'm doing great I love that topic that you just need. It is important I am willing to treat the bar with the exception of lectures first proper for this reason only. Because we have so many holes to settle could we get it franchise quarterback. And next year we get all 200 million in free agency careful. That is going to be embarking cool to get players to calm here. Knowing that we have a franchise quarterback I am willing to take it step back. This coming year. If we have a franchise quarterback. And that free agency Marty as a marketing tool to get potential players that would never come here. It will want to come here because now they know we have franchise quarterback. That's a great point that's something that I think a team like maybe Green Bay benefits for a who would go to agreement. If Aaron Rodgers wasn't there to small market now that's more like a classic. Football organization but if they don't have Aaron Rodgers. It's not people signing up eagle leaving Green Bay, Wisconsin thank I think we have a similar situation here in buffalo the differences we don't have Aaron Rodgers. So I think that's a great point I think if you add that franchise quarterback. That helps you with Reid's next year maybe you don't overpay for as many guys you got to Capra were you can't overpay. But maybe you don't have to. Because maybe you can sell guys and the idea of coming to play with your franchise quarterback whoever it is. Or are potential bridge escort back to Shawn Jackson with the Tampa. Because of James Winston. It was in the heart it was a hard knocks last year. He went there because of the promise of the young potential franchise quarterback you could get a similar thing here Desean Jackson's. That's a judge Jackson's superstar player but that even that caliber player is not coming to buffalo it viewed in last you overpay severely. Mario Williams or you have the quarterback in place like rich just mentioned. Another aspect of this there's a lot of aspects to it. Everything gets better if you get the quarterback. I can't. I mean I'd I'm ready to be darn hearing about the holes. You've got the cap room to do. And it's not. Rich said it was a little honor hundred million adding it's less now because they signed with Tulane is eccentric Murphy made a couple of sightings and it's about seventy million if I remember correctly. I will get exact numbers and at some point during the show here but it's I think a little it's about seventy million. Which is still a lot. Thought what a hundred but it's still tonne of camper you can do pretty much every watt next offseason. You need pass rushers go to pass rushers in the draft and the government brings the next year you need a middle linebacker. Plug it this year. And then go get your guy next year. Maybe user first round pick next year on it maybe sign someone. Maybe trade for someone. Alec Ogletree is a really good middle linebacker he just got treated in the league couple months ago for the fifth round pick. You can find a middle linebacker and it's overpaid like Ogletree. Find that for next year. The rams wanted him gone because they were trying to bring in guys that Madonna can sue and brainy Cox. And what they do they sent him to the giants. Because he's paid too much. Find that find the guy you can trade for because you can afford it in the other team can't. Those opportunities will present themselves opportunities don't present themselves the franchise quarterback. Because the best opportunity you get is like Kirk cousins who's not a freight as quarterback and that was rare. It was rare that a quarterback of that caliber hit the open market the only way to get a franchise quarterback is to draft one. Your odds are the best if you draft one high. To meet there should be no argument. About what the bill should do in the strap it should be all in to get. A quarterback in the top five. And the good news for me and the thing the reason I'm excited is because that's the way it's trending and I think that's what they're gonna do. And I can not weeks for April 26. Give the calls common thanks for the courage. 8030550. You can text us at 55550. You can tweet at me after DV RC WGR Mikey. Follow saw analysts that we much good stuff. We'll have more sports stocks Sunday on the other side here will do little more draft talk a little more NHL playoff talk I've also got. Nine or not a big NBA city. But I've got something that even you casual fans out there. Should be excited to see in the NBA playoffs come up all that coming up next you're listening to sports talk Sunday Jody B Osce much too far here on WGR. They'll block or have to listen and just about everything duck in a position where he has general manager in the organization can't duplicate the year that they've just. It got to turn a corner they've got to you know better your actions they've got to be at least. A playoff contending team. Mike that you complain that because I want to touch on this today that's there and right here talking about Ryan a rally. And there was some speculation on Friday. Debt over about a rally being treated for both Bob McKenzie who was on TS and 690 Montreal and -- dare jagr who was on the instigators. You can listen to that in our on demand audio WGR fight fifty dot com on demand audio is brought to buy northwest exits north let's get back to living. There are. Has been talk over Riley being treated. And it's. Kinda started coming after his. Locker clean up comments I am never going to get on somebody for being honest in the media because we never get it. It's just refreshing to have somebody actually say what they're thinking when talking to media and not giving us the the written down wind illegal things that are earliest days. I I'm never gonna guy and a guy for being honest and that's what O'Reilly was now is it a little worry some of what he said sure. If you're treating him. Only do it for on the ice reasons. There are on the on its reasons Jason botch Earl sat in his Tennessee and pressed Robert he wants to get faster on the wings. Now Riley's out of Winger. What you're looking at your top six. You've got three forwards in your top six that automatically your top six essentially in oppose so. Right heart in a Riley that are not fast. And a spot Sherlock speed. He's got a lot more speed in this top six which means he's one of those threes gotta go. If boxer wants is perfect scenario. I think. And of those three was most likely to be treated. Here Richard a Bozo. The contract. Yet a down year. There's some health issues there there were health issues there he was healthy dress for pretty much the last part of the season he missed couple games but he should be fine health wise. And I think he's gonna improve next year and full offseason. Instead of having to spend whatever time we didn't hospital and I think. Oppose those gonna come back next here it's still in the assault player in it up like 4550 points some like that that he's gonna be he's gonna need that. Any play ball down stretch over Riley. I think is the most likely to be treated. He gets you the most bang for your buck. He is gonna get you the most value. There were rumors he could about that about teens calling for him at the deadline. And boxer wanting multiple first tropics. I think he could get. Right hard on the other hand. He would be acting more likely to be treated that'll pose no. But both of them I just I can't really see it happening because Brian Hart is a similar trade to. I don't know the Seth Jones rank Johansson trade couple years ago something like that just on a lesser scale in America's bright heart's not. Brian Johansson. And the name that often gets brought up in a similar trip like that is no Hannah and Noah had a piano so they Jones yeah we've been talking about that ever AMIS taught that and mentioned it. A million times that potential treat. It makes sense for both teams kind of reasoning it's brought up so often because the sabres need blue liners and Carolina needs top six forwards that can potentially place honor. Even not needing need to signers but they need everything brilliant in the top six at Hillary I just inner city right or arming its anarchic of that though that idea from them. I wouldn't say he. Bombed. Struggled. Struggled yes he did I mean he plead with Seth Griffith Stanley yelled Tom Larson. But those were innings but his wingers polling centers or the year if I remember correctly. You rocketed to have much success with those guys. And mustard Jack cycle economist David in the early. Well superstar player they tried putting Cain with him in other guys just they did not early extended period of time. He really is simply setter for extended period time. I don't think he's a senator the years speed do it. And the way his role as kind of morphed he's morphed into. Almost like the weight Thomas and it played. But where does all his. All businesses around and that. Those first chances conference he's Bennett without that monster selection. At this point it's nice. Similar sites are they have a similar size I think I think if we look that up to find the pretty close. So if the bit at the sabres are gonna make big changes this off season. And triggers talking about it there in that clip. The O'Brien he's at. Because what else are you doing. That coupled if you wanna turn around quickly got something bold. Garrity oh Tom Larson Robin liner is not making you. In a weak team by any means now you could just staying stand pat. Which is tied with avalanche did this season and Michael brought up the avalanche in his locker clean out on. Jason palm though brought them up. Jason by natural. Mentioned teams like the Colorado Avalanche. The analyst didn't really do anything big they traded machine but not for pieces that help them in them in the short term the trade machine for. I believe it was first round pick in and got a defenseman sand Gerrard. Who's good but. He's not the reason they went from worst the playoffs. So maybe. You've got two options. You can either swing big and making giant moves like trading and O'Reilly or Reinhart or you just stand pat. And you hope that you're an avalanche you hope that you get hot goalie. In emea saw Marco whoever the other goaltenders. The problem is if that doesn't go well then fans are gonna get on you because you didn't do anything. Side it's very interesting what happens in the sabres offseason. Just got a report from Adam show after. Report frozen up in the air Cleveland. For Cleveland with the number one pack at a shaft reports the UCLA junior quarterback Josh Rosen. Would be hesitant to declare. To go to the Cleveland Browns are one. So it's okay it's worded very weird leader but I am sadly it it's that that's rejects even delete it's I wonder chapters and tweet it out again just reported. But the way that read to mean is that Rosen is when go to Cleveland. Which has been hinted that right. That's mark. For prospect the kind of say bettors can't the current that that's come out I don't know we were Jeffrey let me week we talked about earlier in the show I talked about. The fat why is Rosen full would why would growth of fall. Benjamin Albright reported that over the weekend that he would be record wrecked the slide past five if he falls if he doesn't tour five he could slide. In why is that because there's not on the field questions with them their health issues. And there is political opinion stuff. So that's the reason. That's a bad job to me by anyone the passes and because if you're the GM that says ought to do whatever it takes the wind than do whatever it takes the wind and that might mean. Drafting a quarterback you don't necessarily agree with his political opinions or that your. Gonna have to take some hits in the media or take a little bit of extra media attention because you've got. But if you're doing whatever it takes the wind. That's included under that umbrella. So out but this could be also coupled with that. If the bros and not wanting to go to Cleveland thing is real. Maybe teams look at that and say. That little bit of a primadonna. I don't know folic that he's already trying to say I'm not going to I'm not going to Cleveland I'm trying I'm trying to do more for my own. Future here with the team I want. He's very individualistic. He's got opinions on things he's got interest outside of football. What's funny is those interest not a foot outside a footballer like tennis. By the way. The people always nineties net interest outside of football it's not luckiest. I don't know but what does nothing outside of football. That he does that it threatens his career it's not what he's going bungee jumping and soft early jumping off cliffs. They he's. I think tennis. Being in politics or something like that are that he won't notice it did the thing on Rosen is he also he wore some. I remember correctly he wore a hat that. Had some critical things to say about. The president. That seems like a fish and turnout chip and the the of them the first time that was ever brought up on our air that I heard about it was. One of the jets reporters. Who said that could be a problem for the jets drafting a three because Woody Johnson the jets owner. Is. I think the ambassador he to the UK Ayers and the our lender something. But he he's and you ask yeah thought that that that was the reason why they won like they would want that. It but if that's the reason grosans falling. It is system at the bills. Have twelve steel and he's very. First of all that's incredible to me because as a lot of experts think he's the best quarterback in this reckless and certainly the most pro ready. If he's somehow their twelve for what ever reason it is a bad job to me if you don't take him. But I really don't he's gonna get there I think a lot of this could just be smoke. Because we just saw mock draft Iverson media came out of Kabul. Couple minutes ago thirty minutes ago an hour that he would go to to the bills trading up. I think it's still more likely that he. Is one of the top four quarterbacks taken. Then falling outside the top five where he I just can't see him falling outside top five he's too good of a prospect. He's more a sure thing and Allen he's more a sure thing than they field. You probably get some push back and sees more are sure thing that Arnold but a lot of people do think that. He's a good prospect. He's consistently been ranked as one of the top ones the forever is that Allen. Kind of was a late bloomer came out of nowhere Wyoming over the past couple years. But darn old. And Rosen has always ban on people like people whether I am them. So I would be stunned if he falls. But that's what Benjamin Albright. Cents. Early show here and that I wish airship to order where every tree he he has he has it there has not been another at a chapter three deleted. Eight tweet broad world also tweeted out. And then it's gone from none too so they maybe sustain. And a weird state. A US. And a break here sports sucks on apron Wilson's outset that a super pricey out. To be careful on the roads. We'll talk more draft and the other side the talk a little bit more about the NHL playoffs a preview of the games coming up later. Still got that if your casual NBA spaniel and her reason to watch. I've got a reason for you to watch. We'll get to that and more with so take your calls it a three off by 518085. 2550 the got to me. Last opinions on your least favorite draft idea. Mine I mentioned before with Mason her off at twelve and 22. Wanna throw yours out there tossup in a tree up by fifty tweet at us. And WGR 550 at the Osce WGR or text us at I 5550. Sports talk Sunday Jody B Osce you're listening to WGR. And finally Sam Arnold who like a lot I think is high end is Brett Favre a playmaker. A legend. The potential to be the most talked about quarterback overtime in the league once Big Ben and Brady retire. A popular kid who always says the right things are risk taker adult or throw interceptions. The low end is Andrew Luck you may just run so much he gets hurt. He is in some spots interception thrown his arm is good it's not great. He'll win but have skeptics will be incredibly coach a bowl and will always say the right thing. The high inferred Arnold is Brett Favre are blowing and is Andrew Luck. I can't take it did the college coward to say that Andrew Luck is the ball and and Arnold why they need consensus first though overall pick Andrew Luck. But we're told and edgy look was that would most can't miss quarterback prospect in the last decade. Sure he isn't one usually Mehta and AC chain to game didn't the colts didn't put nothing around and that's the low end. The top five quarterback in the league top ten at least. My god. That was Colin coward and heard. He does loved Arnold though he's usually a big USC psychic I could but that doesn't surprise me. That he said that. Where is he eating. Foxworth. That's right Chris. Tweets and worst stretch scenario was trading up for Josh Allen that Qaeda can't hit a practice that ten yards away. How often are we gonna need in the early seventy yard pass. It would be nice to be able to throw seven year Pascal I don't want Mason Rudolph that's my doomsday scenario but I agree with the sentiment I don't want Allen. Because it is accuracy issues. And to be honest. I don't think he would start your one anyway for the bills the bills are not set up that's just the Josh Allen. First year they don't we don't have a deep threats speak of so you're not really utilize that big arm if you don't have anybody that can. Beat the corner deep. Very interesting take. Couple of interesting stories just came across my timeline here pro football talk. With historian Steve tasker. New cohost of one bill's wife your WGR weekdays noon to three. Steve tasker will join a ten special team but a group of ten special team coaches and task here. To discuss the future of kick offs in the NFL. Now if the NCAA came with a ruled this week I think that. Teams can now fair catch. A kick off. And I'll put the ball thrown five. I'm normally a fair catch in a kick off wood in the NFL still that the rule you fair catch and kicked off finishes where have you catch it. They NCAA saying now and you fair catch it it's sort of point five yard line. We are heading Downey wrote here. I think that in the next few years you are not going to seek kickoffs anymore. They're going to be gone. Lot of I mean injuries is. Pretty much the reason it's good PR affiliate prop eight actually does prevent injuries. You've got two teams running full speed at each other. I take a kick return has the most exciting play in football. And wants. And what I agree now Dave but now it's pointless. Now the kick off is Tsotsi Decatur in year booted out of the back of the end zone. And if he can't or prodding its genial. And accents and honestly if your guy takes it out. Personally I'm ought times farmers are screaming at the TV know all what are you doing his injured how often you get into the point five yard line. Which is where the kick off ghost you know you're not getting their them watch. Average. Kick return. Is not getting the 25 yard line which is where the touchback is so it's Smart now outages Neela every time. Which is kinda wide the extra point which changed the extra point was. Nonsense there's no reason to have it was like a 99 point 5% success for. If were were approaching a point here were. Almost all kick offs or Ryder booted up the back the end zone or kneel downs. For touchback. There's no point do. Now the one that. Thing I think debt to figure out is the onside kick. Because if you take kick off some way are you take an onside kicks away. Because then that can. Really got to figure out something because began to games you would want to get eighteen in some opportunity how. Ever so limit maybe you wanna give them at least eighty opportunity. To get the ball back let's face veils her whole right. And did you jab jab Mike. But tasker is joining a group discussed the future pick ups. He also says he thinks that its days are numbered discounted said I think. That's accurate I think were approaching the end kickoffs in the NFL. No sore from pro football talk Richie Incognito. Ceased we yesterday. Incarnate a tweet at bills PR and the Buffalo Bills please release me from my contract. Contact athletes first further updates thank you for your service. On interest thing because and how Neal fired that same agency and twit. He's on the reserve retired list. So at this point I would be absolutely floored if he was. Playing for the bills week one. I'd be absolutely stunned I think I'd be stunned at this point he's point for any team. If he was told the truth about its health issues about his kidneys and is. Liver. I'd still I think he's got a troll on. I think as they have to give the team a lot of money back there's going to be signing bonus issue that has to be worked out. So that's gonna come. Don't know it's very weird what's going on for gene content you know I personally think he's just trolling. But I don't know. It's interesting. But at some point I mean just. At some point we move on here know or text and how do you feel about Rudolph the twelve top five guys are gone by then my opinion states same. No matter where you get Rudolph no matter what the scenario no matter. How you get them. That is my least favorite scenario he's the sixth ranked quarterback pretty much consensus week. Lake every one hasn't sixth. I don't want the sixth best guy I want one of the top guys and you've got the M go to get a top guy so why are you doing it he also says maybe jeans washed in his second round. To get booed off the familiar weapon. I did though again I just. I don't mind idea jeans Washington. But I don't need Rudolph I don't need I can get James Washington with another quarterback that you figured out I don't need the familiarity and familiarity. My rookie quarterback and whoever I drafted receiver they'll get on the same page. At some point. Big attacks in the tweets. NHL playoffs today. Some good action. Right now we've got a bunch of two nothing series leads national tea nothing and Colorado. Winnipeg up to nothing on Minnesota not only way to pick up two nothing in Minnesota they've smoked diamond back to back games. Adding last game they out shot like 45 does fourteen. That's series books are you to be sweep Tampa is up to nothing on New Jersey Boston's up to nothing attacked at Toronto and trial has even looked competitive. Vegas is up two nothing and LA. San Jose's up two nothing and Anaheim in both their wins are on the broad. The only series that's tied right now it's Philly Pittsburgh. And then you'll have game two tonight or get tonight between now Washington and Columbus. I think your most interesting series years in the first round are gonna end up being pets Bergen. Philly go forward and Columbus and Washington those two I think it wants to keep an eye on as your most entertaining series I think Tampa as. Pretty much dead. Finish off New Jersey it's hard for me to see Boston not beating Toronto at this point Boston just books unbelievable that top line of Bergeron posh struck in Marchand. Is the bass line in hockey and the band that for pretty much the entire season. Nashville things that of the two year old Colorado. Mean. There's and they're they're entertaining games. But I don't know how more at how many more entertaining series you're gonna get your art. Fast trip coming up next the deed Buchanan again to rev up hockey conversation there. Pittsburgh Philly is the first game of the day today that starts at 3 o'clock. I'm Jody B Osce. Bring Molson and be back in here with me next week sports stocks Sunday nine to eleven every Sunday right here WGR stay tuned faster equity began coming up next.