04-16 Bills HC Sean McDermott on the John Murphy Show


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Joining us in studio happy to have that coach of the Buffalo Bills on McDermott and sue the coach good to see argument. A great in yourself I'm an okay it's been awhile since we've talked. It's good to be back on it began as to what it's accurate thing going on all even pretty quiet as quiet yet in just working work in the community you know. I can tell from the start of the news conference couple months ago how really genuinely excited you're gonna Evan your players back and makes a difference fired up. Yeah it's good to see him. You just get caught up on life then you know and then to see. You know who's put the work in most of them had him working in and see them interact with one another again and just you know can joke around and really start building our team again it's it was a lot of fun. How many guys have you got actually on the roster at how many get you to keep like. Draft that you got to keep the slots open we do yeah I mean it's and I eat totally in ninety total likely entail right now with the exact numbers we descent into more over the weekend here. With Kenny and Jeremy there's so. Yeah it will you go up to nine in the back and cut a couple of guys before the draft it you know would always varies because. We wanna find the right now Andy right so some teams adjust and ninety days to get that magic number of ninety. Steve what will do is Brandon and I will just if if we don't think anyone else's worthy of being on the ninety's in order to stop it. You know 87 Asian and until two apples fall off the treat it are worthy to be added we'll stay where are. We were talking to Lorenzo Alexander about this last week. He comes back for a second year review when your staff it's got to be intact and different atmosphere than where you were a year ago when. Guys walk around with hello my name is exactly you know when you're introducing yourself. You could guys coming back who know what your expectations were no lawyers were there you know the baseline is for the work that's involved in the work that's expected got an acute state. It does in those of the guys I'm really banking on leaning on. To to take great ownership of who we are this year and what we're all about me not to change. What we did last year in terms of things that are important laws were gonna double down effect almost almost areas and those guys will bull. We'll take the the lead on that because they're the leaders and I think the clergy leadership is is important. Lock him before it won the next what's gonna happen next couple which it would ask you what do you find out about because I was tell overcome it reminded me watch those guys were how much hated me. What type added threat that right arms totally not a leader so. What do you find out about these guys because you said yourself I mean this a chance that some of these guys are going to be here for couple weeks the Agassi you know what. Thanks for stopping by. You know as you find out everything you find out these guys feature limited right and as to what you can do with them and all as a what do you. You know what are your expectations generally. I mean certainly there it's different from position to position and individual player's individual what generally speaking what he wanted to know. I think just really this is getting to know then and then. Getting to know us that's a big part of developing trust which is important as we move forward in these relationships. Get to know that right now we really can't be on the field. From a coaching standpoint I'll be they can be on the field from strength and conditioning standpoint but other than that. We really can't get to know them on the field. Which is what it is and that's that's with the way things are. But really the most important thing is building those relationships. Developing the trust and then them learning this game so that they can go out. And play fast I was out eleven to two so we're watching him and certainly your strength conditioning coaches are out there and stuff but but are you just testing on. I mean really just fine now like you said just. Okay he's staying in shape and or he actually looks better that kind of thing you're just looking for aberrations were guys like off the charts you know gained later after our Ed thinks. I think we were just trying to see where people are Eric Erickson on on his staff do a great job of really putting together a solid plan for for the players when they get in and and and so they were. Just starting that plan today. They're out they're stretching going through some movement in and they were in the weight room working so. That some on the field conditioning work and then off the field in terms of that we report as well. Tortuous about it offensive line where you've lost some players including. In keg NATO remains on reserve retired but you you're well set up there it seems to me with some veteran guys who played in this league who can probably villains of the spots of. You know we you know listen you we've added some some veteran players with vote sign in and new house and and you look at Ryan Roy and and what he was able to do a few years ago plane into the season like that it. The youth in India on then. And some of those players so and we get some guys that are high competition for some spots it in and offers a great opportunity. For young players to come in and help us and it doesn't have to be young players can be better players as well whether it's Jon Miller or whomever. You know you look at flat and what he did last year and and so having him back in other seasons so. You know these geyser or are gonna compete. And really part of the challenges so for them to take their level of competition tuna to a whole new level. As we go through these next couple of weeks here what do you how much do you find out and you watch tape all day on these guys every every pro free agent you've got to meet miles tape on them. But Frances how do you check at a elegant like Marshall Newhouse whose guy played in Oakland. Duke you have network of coaches and around the league you calls they tell me about this that you're trying to find out about him off the field as much as you are what the tape ships right Steve it's. You know we talk a lot in here about DNA indicated. And that's probably where it starts is hate tell us about the person when what do we know about him from college. What me. Have changed since that point in time do we know anyone that's worked with him at the present or as past team. And so on and we look at the film and say hey this is skill set may area to what we're trying to do and our offensive system. In this case alone elephants line so. Yeah we we try and really drill down on. On the person on and off the field and see if there if it. And and you hope more times than not that you write research pays off you know once in awhile doesn't turn out to work out and and that's why free agencies so. Dicey if you will it. It's really not how we want to build our team we really went on our team through the draft and continue to develop those players in the draft so that we can retain those colors. As opposed to them hitting free agent marketing going to play for someone else interns so. You know the freeagent part of the process is a piece but it's that the entire for a Lamar offensive. My question and you're asked about again that you lose courting Glenn who had been a starter but. But I think America last year I think of it the end Dawkins as you left tackle starter right now when he's coming back. He was he was really hard left tackle starter. In and get a good job in his first season the challenger before. A lot of our quote unquote second year's sophomores if you will to come back it had success you know to a point last year to date is why. What it would have magnificent rookie year he had. The you look it with the other young players today had. A lot of playing time had some ups and had some announcements that Milan all. Nate was out there's some tanner was out there and special teams and special teams capacity so. That's a big challenge to come back stay hungry when you've experienced some success. And I really trying take your game tool. And as you said you'd rather have draft picks but that that the bill for match I had this offseason Brandon being natural about having. Veterans and the defense of side of the ball starlet to lay. Patrick Murphy Donte' Davis you've added a lot on the defense of the all entry agency. We had in those you know those are good players Tran is obviously coming off of the knee. No we went back and looked at where where we could improve him. We felt like we need some help up front and Brandon is fantastic job and adding star and and Trent upfront and and the ability to affect the quarterback in an obviously stop the run as well and then attic a corner of Montes ability. When we did. I thought you know we we should we took advantage of a good opportunity when it presented itself and and so we're not done you know we we entertaining. Over the weekend here he's another piece fours so. We know we're looking forward to adding in the future good football players should distress but also adding a level of competition. Is it because at the end of data through brings out the best golf. Okay so was let's talk well but whatever is talking about the draft coming up in this is that it. I just heard regulators which you know we expect. And I love it I just heard the distress and Jim Kelly Moskovciak and guys got grilled about it in that press conference a few minutes ago when it's true. I mean you're living in buffalo. So you can't go to the gas station there. And not have a conversation I'm all right pets are bright accurate its best ever is in witnessed them all together I love it right so. You know. So give us your thoughts on I mean we're not only through a normal day and whoever is out there and a bit but I Wednesday titled it how do you handle the fact that everybody wants to know. You know you can trade up from twelve purity traded up to twelve that's really awesome you know who do you like that which the quarterback you like that are. Who's the most likely trade partner. Gotti Gotti mean we wanna rock we talk about this a good question right there. So how do you handle all that because you know it and I know that cancer is not yet. To be. No it's a hard part I wish we period. I wish. You know brand and I had this secret right now they hate this is what we got to our sleeve this is what we. Can't tell you guys yet that we're all gonna be okay you know Aaron and unfortunately that's not where we are I know we're going to be okay from the standpoint of listen we go again. We trade up and we package taking it this week we trade down get more picks we stay where we are we get decent amount picks already. This is what I know is I know that the work's been put him. And we still have work to do yet. That's ever gonna find the football players we have an opportunity to dramatically improve our football team albeit it'll be with youth. That means the future of this organization. Will be bright if we find the right players with those picks so. There's a lot of things out there that can happen between now and when. Mr. Goodell steps up to them microphone and opens up the 2018 draft and that's exciting part to. I know our fans are excited I'm excited and and I won't sleep a whole lot an animal between down and draft days so. This is I love the fact that ran together what's the biggest curve ball the biggest you know. Wild pitch that could come out this coming in the draft you know what do you wish you knew that you don't now. While Mike and Mike yeah. What's the biggest things machinery buys the home blood pressure what's the biggest thing you know don't know now he was she did. Well what the team to have a certain ethnic I mean that's that's what we're that's what we wish we answer was simpler than I hope it wasn't that aspect is that. Oddly us these same hate. We're seeing at twelve order one through that in planning to do. And are they opened for business are they now that's. And who's the lowest open for business and I Harold how high do you have to tell you right if you really wanna get up there are the expert if chance arises I mean every year there's there's a little bit of a curve ball most years in the first round that oh we expect that. As a league that league are either but it. Draft experts out there it's able that was Lebanon spektr's solar wind maybe around earlier writing and so that's kind of the the blahs at rates that comes with the dress you expect it's a bit scenes and brittney kind of addressed in the press conference. A lot of this. Happens on draft day when the clock starts this team gets on the clock and the phone rings. That's what all happens. It is and did the part that's needed really is the couple days you go back couple days usually. You're a year that's when people start in phones such to rain. You're at. Addicts in this case for for us at twelve. Are you interested in moving down interest in moving up our and then ran up on the in my office and I can party scene now Neitzel is that a cough zones oh. And it just the shopping starts right and and the jockeying for position the others oh. You know an action I can empathize with our fan base it's it is exciting for them as exciting for us and look I wish everyone at our fans at least could be in our draft room. To experience the electric. Atmosphere that's in there on draft night it's it's. Really unmatched in terms of the off the field that electricity. So much focus on the quarterbacks in this drift in and Brandon mentioned in a few moments ago. Sean how much hum how much of you been involved in the pre draft prepped for court wrecks and everybody as far as interviews face to face a meeting time with some of these press. Right very involved how our coaches and and we have a very. You know team oriented approach to the draft with our personnel. Staff and our coaching staff. And brand and his staff do a great job of staying. Open to listening to our coaches we sent our coaches now. On on private workouts two campuses. They spend more time with draft eligible players finding a little bit of some questions we might have an order drill down further. We have players that come into our facility. So our staff is very involved I myself have been very involved. In and Brandon and our conversations with. With the Joshi in our assistant general manager. And in particular certain positions were looking hard act to to improve so. And then tearing Kaymer involved as well so that's great part about our ownership is there very much about the support what we do. Come a little bit I would ask you one of the things I say about free agency of your most important free agents or maybe coordinators. New went on the offensive side tells about it. Where is a local guy and a lot of people from the area known Bryant able you know he he united. First got to know one another women Mary years ago he was one of the coaches on the staff and I was still actually playing. And the idea since that time stayed in touch with Brian and had a chance to watch his career unfold in New England before that at Michigan stadium and and a couple of other stops and lately it Alabama looming national championships that was been. Really interesting. To watch Brian development. His career take shape and to bring a local bad back home forget the fact that you know I knew. One another but to bring a local got back home that's been fun to watch had been and I've been a part of that before in Philadelphia now's the coordinator. Coaching in my background backyard where I grew up in. I know the good parts that I know the challenges with it to him. And and so the neat part really that Brennan Brian and I can do is we can. But what we can do is sit in a room and releasing it this is hell. You know what I grew up around he'd been with coach Belichick myself with coach Reid. Probably two of the more successful active coaches left in the game. So it's been really fun to have those type of outlaws. I think John you were asked in the news conference this similar question to this but. You have a chance to get before the Tony eighteen bills for the first time today what message did you try to impart to them what did you want them to know about what to expect in the coming up. It really just. You know as far as what to expect we always try and paint. Things in very. Clear. Way so that there's great clarity around what we do what's expected. And give him a chested to beat him best are developed into the best version of a themselves. That really more than that was for us to. You know let's get real and talk about. Here's twelve teams that made the playoffs in 2016 and the list of the playoff teams in 2017. There was only four teams that repeated. So that's the harsh reality of our league gets the parity. That makes our league so exciting from one week one year to the next so we have our work cut out force. We're not where we need to be. Not to sound negative but to go back to saying hey this is in the team. There's new people onboard with that new personalities and a new culture. Certainly we will carry forwards and things yes. But we have to start over and I went through situation in Carolina coming off the Super Bowl. And forty in 2015. And it went in between sixty Newman won six games so. That's that's real that's a part of our league which. In turn makes it exciting and but we have to put in the work with getter in the right to to get back to where we were and and to climb higher. When an opportunity presents itself.