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Howard and Jeremy
Monday, April 16th

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He's always I mean it Jeremy why did you. Hello hello and borrow Whitewater how we Simon thought it. It here but pucker private files. They caught hue were hungry Jeremy White don't know in your private snowball you like that name. You're not brought. Number I won't take you back up here. Don WGR. Sports Radio 550 him. Our lead army to 74 years old has passed away. The lousy way to start the workweek well. I'm not saying it's good that he died but I did wanna say this. As soon as it it you know went down our earlier army guys. The a lot of people know we use from full metal jacket and FDA also did like other shows where he was that kind of character yet a reality show. I see someone dies at 74 yeah that's that I also think that good for you man that's young isn't. OK adding that. I think I think we should be talking like eighty okay. I would take seven or actually produce more than 74 I mean not only LA. Let's forty years left I would take 74 well it sure beat 64 sure that longer have to discuss about that does this mean that I'm old as soon as I see someone up. Dying in my elbow right to issue AJ think like for you man. Irony for I think could have told you are and and how your perspective changes for example by she summoned passing me at like 64. I used to think well let's young and a now fight early seventies ucits every part of our. Okay that's that's not all but Julia at it I feel like that's Youngstown before I feel like you gotta get to eighty. I think adding eighty it's like OK although you know the women outlive the men so I mean I'm I won't be around applause my wife if the weather stays like this I don't know Palmer makes fifty. This is taking years off our lives. This weather yeah. The ice storm wasn't even really. Well I guess in different parts and once but it wasn't that bad here I was out of town all weekend so I flew back I got back yesterday we landed around 1230. And I just sought you know we've we flew through the clouds and see hot. There's white stuff on the ground out but let us there was snow too I thought it was all like ice storm and then there's actor would you guys that actual snow it was kind of like a slush storm almost well then I edit in do you get to the airport parking lot you like. Guess eight. We start chip away old ice but it wasn't that bad it took a five minutes Rick yes I did it it it was if I had to get cargo on had to get the brushes going eventually it. It would start to chip and you could slide off chunks it was one of those days where you know when you have these ice storm continued drive. And you have project I'll sheets of ice flying off cars at a high rate of speed that it was happening yet Soka on the liked the ninety that you ninety. There were chunks of ice flying off cars. Was kind of weird like get to just gonna dodge project I'll ice. But yeah it took a few minutes to do chip through the stuff they're driving wasn't bad the roads seem fine again this was. Early afternoon yesterday. So the toughest part which is get the stuff off the ice are the ice off the carpet. Yeah ma I'm good move but it was I got to New York Friday. It was mid seventies mom was sunny. And mid seventies on Friday. Ever is out in shorts and short sleeves even Saturday was nice it was cold the baseball game but even Saturday was still in the mid sixties. And I thought. Can't wait to go home where it's 31 it is ice on the car now yeah we could use the warm weather it's it's not even about warm weather I would settle for I'd go back to just not raining all the time then now it's raining today it's brutal pouring its support Mike Lehman at maybe I'm. This is like the dog owner this is the worst weather for dogs. All this don't they don't want to go outside and and you don't wanna go outside and when they do go outside and they come in with mud and everybody hates everybody yeah. My of those days are long gone a it's just depressing via the weather's stuff that's why I said like I Friday with so I want this you know Friday it was again. That the sun the warmth that was so nice. If we're kind of reminded you what is supposed to be happening appear but that will will will get there. I'm sure we'll get there could be worse it. When he exits knowing Green Bay and they where you know they were below one they had tons a solar blown out to get the hockey game in less that in Minnesota I would prefer. While I would when he is the snow. Yes over the over a quarter inch of ice not rain not the ice doesn't do anything to me this rain and the forecast right now. Today not rain tomorrow rain. And look once military's gonna be nice in the forties gas is good that we did it ID to drain the water off my a winter cover those torturing afforded your percent chance of rain and that's I cannot be arraigned Thursday 80%. The temperature never goes to a 52 in the next week that you have to worry about dogs afterward about water getting to the top my winter cover. On the pool on the pool it's getting really high and the more water we have. You don't you know is not exactly funded pump the water up the pool cover when it's forty degrees outside but I don't want any more rain it's. Hold up the golf game from wood there at a kick it out on the court so now. Moeller closer to the draft and. Oh I'm gonna give you one more piece of disappointing news depressing news I didn't think about the draft at all this week and I didn't either I thought about one thing and I thought about hockey playoffs. This is the sad about the status that was all weekend was. FaceBook gives you the memories of like this day five years ago this day eight years ago. On a loser Friday or Saturday eight years ago Saturday let's say it was Saturday it was meet posting a FaceBook updated set. In the sun 75 degrees 241 Beers at the by season's game sabres Bruins game one next. I was sitting in 75 degree weather at a baseball game drinking tool for one Beers. To what and when that was over I was gonna walk down the street to game one of the playoffs. Which went like this I did what Beckett right they did win that game that they were division champs bid. I mean like life was good that's right there's eighty degree or whoever started agrees one sporting a. Add to the next in the playoffs you know everything's from the sabres have heard really since that day you should just it's all downhill. That it gets certain game two they lose the series and next year to ensure that it while I make the playoffs but they were crappy for the first deputy than they push in that Billy lane no. Now gained six. Game seven to blow out to all downhill it's that since that game one against the Bruins if someone should at night when one of the I wouldn't wanna know excellence look at it option messages you know you can go through life and not know what's happening at the sabres are just good to you the next ten years after this two whatever 67 years. You know I probably would have told enough to. But after that that was the high point of the state of sabres hockey for the last. Seven it used to be so fun now. Again I thought about a little bit as we go watch another games only from the standpoint of watching just what you did the emotions you remember. What it's like you know the game day in this and that and how opal you know how big a goal is an apology got to watch in the Minnesota game last night. You might remember series where you're you're down to nothing to come home for game three you know you got to have that game and every goal seems so important that I'm watching. This four goal onslaught by the wild in the second period last not the place is going nuts and Mark Leno had a puck bounce him for off him for gall. I think about I don't necessarily think about sabres memories in the past chairman but I think about. What it's like when you win a playoff game when you lose a playoff game which gratitude for game two what's it for the first home playoff game. What's it like the nervousness up brought a power play and it's a tie game come up one in here. A one goal lead in the third period when you're constantly looking at the clock on the screen going tick tick dec. Forgot thanks. So I think about all this stuff that we wrote well it's been awhile but the stop you experienced during playoff games that that's what really gets to me. The other thing that happens this time of year every year is. Meant you watch the playoffs. Was sabres are nowhere near that every year. You also said that last year. Major New Jersey can also auto Colorado fans the not supposed to look like those teams because it's on there in the playoffs near 31 so. You know the sabres now they don't look anything like these teams it was actually mean the the first round there are goals being yeah a lot and it's a lot of fun yeah like a 54 game with lead changes in scoring chances in Washington blonde 32 goal leads in the first against and one and a great at two different ones last night. Minnesota I set Minnesota for the second period last night and it's not like they were all power play goals there's. There are goals being scored in the policies like I wanna say that this does happen every year the first round there goals and they just kind of you know weighing down until he gets the cup final when it's. He knows he's thrown their bodies each other and to want finals which you know they can be fine too yeah but yet it has been really entertaining. The first front of the playoffs so far no I enjoyed watching. You know I was in and out over the weekend does that stuff going on but. Check this in game two I didn't see game to the Toronto Boston series I'm looking forward to seeing at least look tonight. Because their catch and a lot of crap in Toronto as they showed a map cocky is the team is. Yeah it it's isn't that some of the leaves the least media follow on Twitter actually dilemma. Everybody calmed down let's not trade our roster right now like people are talking about trading martyr trading deal Lander and his team and every is going nuts in Toronto who. I mean the Marchand line has been dominant and those what they give up twelve goals in the first two games to the brunt hopes of that series to me. I watched a little bit of that like a set of soccer game one did not see game two but I'm really looking forward. To the the crowd tonight in Toronto the atmosphere. I wonder what a lot of pressure the leafs will they booed their own team Lily Ellis that Mike Mike Babcock told his guys the other day said stay off the social media. Don't go on social media at all replacing it. Which your wedding day were you think that that didn't go back social media don't Java back it'll all be good but for now. Don't even look at social because we like me saying to people here don't go outside. It's good bad better that if you can stay inside stay inside so that was his message to his players guy from just don't even don't even pay attention to it. Come back. Monday night be ready to play and don't listen to what the fans will say if you want a scapegoat anybody should be Cotchery. And getting himself suspended I was still surprised me pregame finally did something right up I and it was issued a suspension that sends a message which are good for the league in Cotchery. Meaning you can kill your team what that it which is exactly how this is supposed to work yet it's supposed to be not only. You're missing the games but how much you let everyone else down right to the next have a guy thinks about that kind of hitter is in that kind of its position. You know over time ago it flashes through your mind like I can't leave my team without meat right you can do that to your teammates because they're not they're gonna regret that I. I honestly I wasn't convinced it seemed there was near unanimity he was going to get suspended. I was an even convince the league was gonna do that and then I thought if they suspend and it'll be a game maybe two and when they put a three game suspension out. I was impressed that is one of the more. Dead on suspensions or one of the one of the better jobs and that the league has done in recent years of suspending guys in and sending a proper message to people like. I was surprised you know I give them credit for getting that done. However. I got to step via the day at Columbus Washington game last night no you know what happened I mean I was up but knowing announcing overtime goal on the outside review. Controversy. What's hiss was his back skate up or not when the puck crossed the Blue Line the Matt Calvert overtime goal was not a they couldn't celebrate right away at the stop the game that bring up tablets I wasn't watching it live I sought on a replay this morning and it's funny I. I watched the replay like three tied than thought this is hurting my head I don't wanna do this anymore to see whether or not to skate was up in the air and on and all this other stuff but at a critical stood. But the NHL had an offside challenge in an overtime of game two of a playoff game last night great had to wait. And I'm sure a lot of people left the building. But the other team scores you get up in the sky almighty I'm angry I'm but let's. And I'd just headed I had for the exits right away and then if they'd call that back you'd had empty seats and disgruntled fans though I'm sure you would not let back in the building I forget what is it was it was against Ottawa. Was at the they would lost in the conference finals that there was an overtime goal lot of what we're won a game here I think it over tiger won game five and they won game one and I'll I hurt myself headed for the train so fast I mean to write the putt I mean it's almost like. Puck across goal line goal I'd opt out. And I would even a thought to like wait let's that maybe they figure out on the thinking too. Ottawa wins in overtime Joseph core vols won more games here he scored in overtime winner in one of the first two games Q Jim and of course Q fives Alfredsson well I mean I was I was already out of my seat and turning before the light went on I think just because I know. Let's go to other relief and you know get over. Yeah I don't think you could have done that last night in yet what Felix and you miss that feeling you miss that race to the train Baja that anger of crap we lock let's get the hell out angered forget we been here for the last two and half three hours them. I do I do actually I will take all that with all. Although I used to make I used to be. You know always talk about how I can't handle the stress and leading and game days and all and that. I'll take it just just bring it back. I'll be more than happy to deal with the stress of the playoffs. Nine and I do feel sorry for the capitals the gonna go down in flames again. Don't don't blame Alexander Ovechkin yet a couple of goals last night it was couple games in overtime I mean Celek even getting dominated Null but so they've I did that whole I'd still give them a good chance I mean. They're the better team but they keep blowing leads that you keep blowing leads and you know losing game in overtime books for the first overtime winner is Calvert last night and it was. And Aron who scored had to get one right there what article on the bread man. An air I'll open era as soon. And and oils and I always thought that's what I was. OK I did I didn't know. I apologize for not knowing Brayton or thinking is that I've got heavy I'm guessing that's the only thing I ever thought it was it to you here are carried to their I think panera galaxy goes to like olive garden and just cracks us up let's fix I like the endless bread bowl play is yes. Maybe we're just like Brad yeah not really sure nuts about panera. Yup. Okay good the French has also gave away. A while this goes back to his time with Chicago and I did not even know that. But it never gave away Brad yet back in 2015 they're calling him bright man. In game drew scores are going to get free bread sticks on the way outside the arena naming. I'm I'm officially a thing Hasan the conversation frantic and officially old because things are happening I just. I'm not as up on them like some that'll happen on the celebrity like who's that. Number of them meanwhile there a big star and while that's when you get old right when you go on your Tony you don't know anything else is like him. Hey there's a famous person who bought or if you do it year you forgot forgot it it's either one of those to be the you don't care to find out who they are or you just forgot who they were. And either way you where yeah you're in a cocoon that that's rightly or ten days from the draft. You didn't think about it at all. I it really was a nice break but have been admitting to naught if I was home I would have thought about it but I was out of town and the Billy Joel concert Friday night and nobody came up to me asking with the bills are gonna do with twelve. And then the Mets game Saturday night and it was too cold to think about the draft I was busy freeze in my butt off. I didn't talk too much though the bills are gonna do it twelve but we had a lot of conversations about what are we gonna do want Thursday night. Should we should you be with the people you tailgate which should you be with your family should you be by yourself should you have but giant watch party should you go out Florida mean. It is you know it's ten days from now and it is a monster day for the franchise and it's. Future without the the feels like that the future of the franchise. Terms on Thursday. And brain and being in Sean McDermott of the guys that are make the call we just. All right guys you know what do you got for us and what what are you gonna do here. You know I think they're gonna tell everybody at 1 o'clock today and I don't probably won't tip their hand I don't in fact I think that they will say they're still evaluating. Trust and can't. That would've Kelsay wouldn't be comfortable drafting anybody at all right now he did that a couple weeks ago he's now bed jets quarterbacks with Syria yet. No missing here recess and it did the giants appears like the giants are not gonna move out to all right that's the latest. The this is a star in the New York Post where they're surmise thing. That it does not appear likely they will take a quarterback at two. And it looks like. They view is it's phrased here they've views sequent Barkley as a near perfect prospect. And remember they brought point out in the article that gave government keeps talking about how. You know the guy you take at two needs to be the Hulk and best player in the draft and a guy you envision putting the gold jacket on Sunday so they. That the report seems to focus in on Barkley. That that's the guy the giants love they think he's better than Ezekiel Elliott and he'd be a huge part of their offense and here's a help Eli Manning and blah blah blah blah lap. And if not him then maybe Bradley job but it doesn't sound like they were take quarterback to. Okay and it doesn't sound like they would trade attitude either I think that would be the other thing I would read into that if they love Barkley. And we're sitting here talking about the bills wanted to trying get up and did Judy get ahead of the jets it doesn't tell the giants would be willing to move out if they do. They would not I would assume go want to go anywhere they don't wanna go lower than the spot where they they still get Barkley. So the giants have to find a way to get back to four where the bills have to trade for and then go to too so. Dad doesn't or five and then to be as long as Barclays out I mean like they just can't have Barkley go to say Cleveland at four. They don't they love sick quite Barkley they'd have to find a way to make sure they still get him well trading out so I I don't know at this point if you read that story you think the judge is staying put it tuna taken right. Yes she would. It's it's it's inching that story lays out why they're not gonna take the guard because the transitional value doesn't make sense correct and in the same article it's pointed out to the giants' ticker running back is worth it yeah. OK I mean Ezekiel LE one for Leonard for that went for we've seen some running backs go at the top and help their teams you've also seen just is almost just as often the you can get them almost anywhere is it's one of the most replaceable positions in the league. But if Barkley is going to be in a leak type guy like LeSean McCoy is exactly totally irreplaceable but. Most turning back to plug and play in regular guy that's fast enough they can pass protect and can help you in the passing game. To take one to IR. But again are they guys they don't they view him as likely near perfect football like OK like. And it and they said. You know league level running back much better pass catcher then Ezekiel Elliott. No off field issues no character issues. So I I think they're looking at him as its. A gold standard Nike they don't have to worry about anything with take on Barkley and if you're trying to milk a couple more years out of your thirty whatever seven year old quarterback hey look. Let's get Eli Manning sake on Barkley and I assumed they would keep O'Dell back at that point there you're there you're too big weapons around your aging quarterback so we don't want them to take Barkley right that's that's. We don't want them to stay put I'd like in the trade that's dot trade out after the bills yeah. Ideally I'd like to get ahead of the jets announcement just get a choice over the jets correct but if they're not and trade out. I mean it's better for them to take oppositional to like an absolutely Don tech quarterback right and then I know. I'm looking at. Likely try to find a way to get the third best third quarterback off the board hope please might number one choice but I with at that point I'm thinking. We're like 0456. And how high do I have to get up to get that quarterback after the jets. That's the good news that the giants beat the giants did that Barkley even if they don't trade out. That's one less quarterback being taken off the boards a one and three go quarterback and then I got to figure out am I get before I sit at twelve what are my Dylan. What is Brandon being doing at that point. Let's. I mean really ten days away and it's a team that story keeps changing and what they're gonna do but electric wires are just a Jonas is so exciting now. Watched backstage. And it's offside I thought this day was in the air well ever it's hard to like write whatever okay exactly that's what happens with this the goal wasn't scored on the rush. Just. In possession anyway. So big it's huge gopher hockey Blue Jackets rate. Yeah whatever ten days away. This is ironic to me there's an article how the giants won't take your guard because oppositional value that's whether gonna take a running back oh well there aren't. It's like. Some of these rules that you you wouldn't have used to have said you don't take a safety that pyrite never take a sepia and high that's gonna changed a little bit in the way that the tight ends now only game in. I had a sad day for you on how tight ends are used and what about the bills will be discount often thought of that related today but that. All right let's make a trade that slips and we're here from Brandon being today and John McDermott and the try to play a little bit of poker if they say any thing people say it's smokescreen. I'd love to GM to do that beings just say we are going to do everything we can't trade to number two why are you serious and maybe call a smokescreen. You know that that doesn't work report called for yet and then five power and there aren't that down actually know we have no interest in trade him Q well under at that dot. That's a smokescreen to erratic. When everybody thinks everything could be alive what's the point on the true. The only thing he wouldn't say is you know we sure we wouldn't rule out trading backed down from twelve nations that. He should he holds they should say that's the only thing I do not expect him to say right there's no way says. You can't rule out trading down from two felons from twelfth minute because you never now. Could he said when he made the trade with Cincinnati that he wanted to make sure they got up into it's not they can get like a really good football where they were going to be there are 21. I do not expect him to say. We wouldn't rule out anything including trading down from twelve to get more picks. 830550. Happy Monday morning everybody you cannot call and talk Stanley Cup class. You can talk draft you can talk we'll get to the old Dez Bryant talked with him being available now and still. Looking for a new home. We talk about that too. And whatever else is there some also happened in sports of the bakeries wanna complain about the weather that's fine too. 8030550. 888550. To 550. On the show today south Abacha will join us to be out at one bills drive for the 1 o'clock news conference which Sean McDermott a brand of being which by the way you can hear life. During the John Murphy show here on WGR. We will talk a little bit about baker may feel the find quarterback from Oklahoma Ryan Aybar will join us at 830. He covered baker mayfield career for the daily Oklahoman. And we'll talk NFL draft would be the ire from the sporting news at nine. We wanna hear from you so Jonas a WGR. If you fiction is for one of those or up top. You gamble. Because they are going I think they're gonna move that that I'd be surprised if they feel Cleveland at one definitely quarterbacks. Giant she could make a strong case for them you go to three with the jet they cap it. Quarterback they'll that you don't rule book to number three and say you know what we're gonna take up guard are now five Denver again you make an occasion even though they dined you'd locate key you know. Is he really be got to take you to the future up if you can pick and about any better have. Multiple convictions because Cleveland a big one your gap. Since Charles Davis don't forget about mark Sanchez's suspension. So he's we suspect in for the Broncos. Federer is that what Mark Sanchez still league yes they suspension for Mark Sanchez. Bills' voluntary OTA's begin today strength and conditioning brain and beating John McDermott speaker 1 o'clock today we'll carry that live on. One bill's life we change name today and I yet I'm John Murphy show. NHL Columbus 54 overtime that he Washington the goal was reviewed for offside they got it right I guess. Pittsburgh 41 over Philadelphia David 21 series lead Minnesota bounces back and beat Winnipeg sixty when Vegas at 30 series lead on the kings. NBA cavs get smoked in game 118 point loss to Indiana the Celtics get a win over Milwaukee. Houston over Minnesota Oklahoma City beats you to saw all those game ones the Mets. Twelve and two. After a win over Milwaukee and a bunch of baseball games were rained out and snowed out and a conversation about shorting the baseball season is louder than maybe it's ever been good. We should now take twenty games stupid just fine. Right triple A pays 144 thing is that about right I think Leslie what great eighteen games off lop it off. Shorten your schedule. It was cold Citi Field on Saturday night and it is even worse yesterday I didn't go to yesterday's game and came back but it was downright chilling if you're not gonna shorten the season. Play the first month. In the south served five months and then give. The northeast a month at home and July or whatever or how Germany who's got rivers got domes Toronto's got a Dalmiya give them whole bunch April home games out and adjust it's it's silly that people are sit outside and you know they played a game at Fenway yesterday and that the first pitch temperature was like 37 degrees. Quick on Dez Bryant when I've also seen the bills listed as potential landing spot you'll see them you know buffalo wealth the jets. The saints Avis. He's supposedly said he wanted this like I did think he wanted to stay in the NFC east. Like he told reporters on the way out like seeing guys twice a year you know but nobody in the division has interest in fact the giants and Eagles thought of that cap space Coca. So here's down to watch Washington and then what else so maybe he go to become Seattle I thought I saw mentioned okay. Sure anywhere yet good luck to him he's not gonna come here I would. Be really really really really really surprised he showed me if that happened I'm not sure he settling up the receiver but he wants was. But he would he would immediately be a starter on this team because that is they were talk about his numbers were down last year. And begin that with sixty something catches and 830 plus yards around here that's hall of fame number race days. In 132 targets like think how many targets that is for the bills that became get a guy on in thirty targets in two years so so. I say he'd be a starter only mean that maybe they put through receivers on the field and bills. You know they do agreement of three current receivers that I think we can put on the field like I guess if you wanna count. What was below moved the third guy at this point. Boy that's a great question but could have thrown down the the point remains a I just don't think he would want a contract homes under Helms. Are you wanna come here and I don't think they don't want any part of him either so they have a desperate need its position and here is a name on the market but he brings baggage and you know the bills of kind of show on the pedal like baggage. I would put more stock in him not wanting to be here than the bills trying to make a play for him. Again what kind of money you're looking for how is it I assume it may be once just the one year deal but I if I'm Dez Bryant I'm just. I'm looking for team Reich can go and have some good numbers and get on the market again next year. Third there's nothing that you know AJ McCarron a rookie quarterback is gonna help in terms of Dez Bryant's numbers going back into the market if indeed. He is looking only for one year deal. Eight dole trailed 550 to join us 888550. To 550 let's go to Justin and Orchard Park just in your on WG are red and. A hightower a hey get me all the pack our. Upper all the rights regardless who eat that. They are going to so we need an expansion team lightly in the cup before the papers it is. Added to the depression and at. They had that it has an added to mine I mean I honestly just an item we talked about this what is the playoffs began I said Jeremy. Pay Vegas make a run of the finals I think it's a great story so my depression on the sabres has it doesn't rise or fall. Based on Vegas is success in the post season. Com. Really I don't I don't stress out about Vegas I think it's a really cool story I'm rooting for them to be. LA and move on to the next round of us. I forgot more about Toronto being forty points ahead of the sabres in the standings this year biggest is supposed to win this round I mean they're show they won their division they're playing a wildcard gym. So does have also won this round and they're got I mean that yeah there are among the best teams in the league this year so but he did it. I I don't think. I think more as I said I get more depressed about Toronto produced Toronto was down. Toronto missed the playoffs although she Estrada was at the bottom of the division of one of the worst teams in the conference and they zoomed past the sabres and end up with a hundred whatever points this year so stop like that that bothers me far more than they can. I I hope I am of the party pooper opinion that I do not think it's great that our expansion team shows up and has better than all your teams I think that's kind of I'm idea the statement about how bad some of your GMs are but again the guy that went out there and build it. That built it George McPhee he was the former Levy Washington disappointment. Right he built the cap playoff teams they just plain don't play all right time right and always and he's gone their kind of still on the same thing so. It is it's a funky story I don't want it I think it I don't I have this with football I have this what hockey I don't wanna team to show often win the when the title right away and of the fans don't have anything you know you think. Whether it's new money whatever it was silly to just show up and all the sudden you're the star of the show if biggest wins the cup. I don't know. Boy wouldn't that be. Embarrassing. I don't how the way how could the league not be embarrassed I'd honestly I don't I'd rather have it this way than an expansion team shows up and a forty points for the first three minutes of forty but I mean you know he's ahead but there were expecting secure in this league I think San Jose or Otto had 21 points they're forgetting capitals won eight games the dissidents and hideous but there's a lot of room in between should win the Stanley Cup and win eight games. Saudia they've been a wild card team and a great story but. This idea that the biggest golden knights or when the cup and I'm going to be happy for them as for my entire life met the other teams when it and Alan new team's gonna show open. Does not just on I wouldn't be math doesn't add to my stress I would actually get mad yeah I'm so annoyed. I know I I don't sit here and talk about while we're great story I do not do that I would say it was it would be great story of Winnipeg won a cup. When I take it went through legitimate pain that the team left in Nigeria so I mean I'd I'd say when it takes much more deserving national to a degree we nationals. Grown into a great hockey town hopefully Vegas you know continues to sustain the way the national has. Now shall be great stories for us because last year they get so close and the problem to lose. So I thought I like my sports teams when they win it to have experienced some pain before him. Again five if you were a Vegas span and they won it in the first year. And while I would feel a little bit goofy that I know wasn't supposed to go this way it was a supposed to have a little bit of in a mutual pain muscles you'll talk about. The game four loss against the sharks with with friends for sure three years and be bitter about the officiating which acts there's a fragile as you can root for they've had plenty of pain as they have had plenty of near misses they've had plenty of playoff flame outs but. Yeah I still think I think what they're doing is absolutely believe like last year I feel like national kind of graduated into the true hockey towns for a lot of people. He would you would have maybe thought Nashville was whatever and in their playoff run was so Fonda kind of like watch happens yeah and national became like are right. You guys are cool now you know I think the sharks went through that a while back. I mean the docs have a cup. Think of the Panthers when the Panthers were in the finals in 1993. Right was met beef. 95 revivals of the midnight they got swept up by the problems Colorado certainly trumped up by Colorado got in off if the Panthers have won there. You gotta wonder if they would only wonder how it affects us and rooting for attendance and all you want archer for Colorado because why don't need an X I I get it I'm I'm usually where you are. I just would Vegas did Timmy was so. Out of I mean nobody thought they would. No one in their wildest dreams would have envisioned would Vegas did this winning the division the a victim of a hundred points and what did they were just. It defines exploration admitted there's no way could see in this coming so. I shall be my first choice out of the west and Washington was my first choice out of the east in terms of who I'd like to see win the cup if Vegas keeps going on this run again I I will field completely okay it would. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550 Chris tweets and I agree which Jeremy expansion team should have to should have to. Earn a good team like everyone else. Not given one by the new rules. I give credit to the NHL I'm glad they put the rules together the way they did you don't I don't need expansion teams coming in and being the dogs of the world for 345. Years. And having the expansion draft they had with Columbus and Minnesota was addictive very bad they basically gave everybody that every team's dead weight went to Columbus and Minnesota that's not the way you wanna run an expansion draft I think the NHL. Should give get credit for what they did with Vegas. I don't even there's no way the NHL could have envisioned Vegas being this good. But you don't wanna have an expansion Jeffrey just drop bad players on the new guys in the league especially when they were paying bond they pay. Me I'm hundred million dollar and get on a change arm to try to change your mind one sentence. If they win the cup yeah. How much credit does Gary Bettman get to take. Well no I didn't know Laura Bennett and how he shouldn't get that more than any other team he can walk out to set horizon we'll cut right all right. Please aha what I don't I'm dreading what line does he say. This was baseless it was at that time they set hockey wouldn't work in California Anaheim that what does that about Anaheim now. They say that they said hockey and Vegas would be a bad bet. She's there until could fiercely he would it would be written that how it ruined it that the rules that they put in that Gary Bettman gate that. You know he won them the cup well. To the rules they were good rules for for Vegas but McPhee puts the team together McVeigh that. Based this is what they did all those mock drafts to get ready for the expansion draft they still do it all the preparation they split that all the work. They put the rough to together they may whatever trade they needed to make to stockpile all these other different things. I mean I've I think the NHL gets credit for putting together a better expansion ruled out process referred for for building a roster than what they've done in the past. And it ends right there and I'm not gonna go out of my way to give Gary Bettman credit for anything in this league and you wonder is Seattle be able bit. Tougher because teams are gonna be wise to the kind of players that. Maybe they should keep but they're paying even more they're gonna pay 650 million dollars to get in this league you know let the the that it's funny you know you're considered talk about. Give credit to Gary Bettman and yet over the weekend it's pointed out I don't know somebody tweeted out and you probably retreat that a lot of people dead. You still look at you you look at the NHL in goal why you have to playoff games on at the same time. Whereas the NBA is if you're a fan of the NBA Saturday or Sunday plop down eagle comfy chair new and you watch four games over the course of the day. And if you're a fan of the NHL you get 3:2 games at 3 o'clock watch. Why do you have your playoff games going on at the same time why can't you why do I have to last night start watching. Whichever game would start at first was I think Minnesota Winnipeg maybe started at seven and then Blue Jackets in capitals at 730. And you gotta time it back and forth of what our cal watch this game to the end the first Brit and watching the game that first bridge over K though the other game will start to second period. Mike is just staggering games all day long gives you more Saturday when you had two afternoon games pretty much going on at the same time between mr. 3 o'clock toward their I think so it was the predators avalanche and the lightning doubles yeah. Why NBA said NBA goes what like twelve. Three 69. To stagger stagger game so everybody can watch the game in its and fired Ian for whatever they don't do that. Anyway I apply SFL draft. Monday morning we wanna talk to you 8030550. To join us via phone lines open it and give it your thoughts. As you wanna talk about Dez Bryant what about it. Bill's fans. What are the chances the bills would want Dez Bryant what are the chances Dez Bryant would sign with the bills. 8030551. Of the chances Richie got a new shows of a voluntary workouts that are. He's shall. Work outs. Oca right the last two let's cancel my contract right no he's had many since our debate over the week any treated out it is at his old age in which he fired by the way to release him from his contract right and the bills that. Even a legal bills to release him from his contract. And than the last point four hours now he has tweeted that he's keeping a watchful eye on his phone. And he also said that. Much it's never about the money until it's about the money. Never forget money never sleeps it doesn't eat breakfast around faster. Between that it Jason Kelsey it's never about the money until it's about the money. So it is about the money for him not deliver in the kidney who else. Look. Keep mother is server tireless to kick off where you wanna play football come talk to the bills if not. Enjoy your retire if you want to come back the bills I mean this kind of stop is the kind of stuff they don't like wouldn't you just say it's Delphi get out of here good night maybe they were just turn around say. Thanks but I feel like at this point. He would be trying to get that and I almost feel like the bills they screw it really got the reserve retired list you wanna play you got to play for us we soldier writes. 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550. Eight downtown buffalo is revitalized you can come celebrate at the buffalo networking happy hour market on the calendars that is going on this Thursday at buffalo river works that will be. Live music with hit and run food and drink sampling from area restaurants it is all free. That is this Thursday the buffalo networking. Happy hour going on at buffalo river works. Game did. They had their fourth lead. And make political play on a foul. With forty. Please. Chris covered on the call these nights. Lead the kings three games to none in a series three goals in three minutes of the third period and it was at the hip tightly packed together. And the other see the what the wild at like three goals and in less than four minutes in the second period that the penguins had two goals in five seconds Winnipeg might lost Tyler Myers the side I was watching when he got hurt it was so hard to see he collided with markets believe they'll actually Jeff Paulino and it took him into the boards is a very awkward play in Meyers left and went on the tunnel. Tough to figure out exactly what happened to Paul Hamilton. His view recent liked Leno didn't have to do what he did there. So I never saw. OK and I never saw good replay all of a sudden they cut to a shot up we're gonna get your culture moment it'll thrill for fifty myers' Lang and ads on its side he's not moving. And the Nate the only replay that sought. Excuse me. Was kind of up. They were off in the distance it was ice level camera but you could really it was hard to see. They collided over by one of the team benches at the right point that right at the Blue Line and I really couldn't tell what happened they collide and he goes down and and then Myers eventually gets up and walks off into the locker room and it couldn't do exactly what had happened on the -- must take a look at he scored last night by the way to Myers she's got to go he had two goals and for and that's yours Paul tweets that you can see a punch to the side of the knee are no kidding OK so why I don't know if that's true wanna go back and take a peek at a right now a seat and you have it the I didn't see that I mean definitely it nausea of a punch to the side of the name yet. All we yeah markets fully you know. That's not that's on I did not see it until Paul until we've basically says he wants a wonderful. He punches him beside the neat. That is all that's not nice dad at thirty yeah. That's that's a that is what we call in the terminology BS play the under mr. Flinn should be hearing from the league all man rides dirt and I bet he does that hasn't caught on that's thirty it's not a 100% clear what the like could he possibly be flailing. Now that's really it's they handed version of a slew foot I mean Knox is like up by punching him from and read our shank induced rally I guess I got it that's exactly when huge. Turn your phone over to me to see it. Marchand popped into my head but that's a dirty plot. That's what he's doing. All right between an out boy should be Soledad a public decide today should be suspended for that. Wants fully knows right hand 80305 chipped it to join us 88. 552550s. We talked playoffs we talk NFL draft when does it. And should the bills go after Dez Bryant what would be the more I'm trying to think had a phrases on Twitter what's what is. More likely or less to be less likely it's hills watching him or Dez wanting to sign here it's who has no way he signing here who says no who says no debts thank you. Who says no that's I got a phrase the people they bolt probably say no retreat that out and says no it's more emphatically yes I think says no more about it. I think Mike in Pennsylvania is that gonna join us this year and a preacher go ahead Mike. They guys good morning yeah hum. I don't know how likely is that that deadline has the ball will go but it on the bill I am actually going out there for you in war aids. Horrible and my term debt personal they have they can put on the field or with. I don't think is the number one equal or more that number to kind of red zone kind of a guy similar to kill me just. That's some. I mean he's not a not a burner tip on the bill and brought it in him home. I think you're going to hurt our quarterback in the strap which that we know they are I think you got a crowd were completely competent both by weapon. And I think that's just what that god of fire. Column yet you know yes and so on bail out the ball and yet it seems like. You don't show him a little bit of money will go to that. I wonder how much the bills will be willing to wonder how much. Term it would cost I wanted Cameron Meredith as a restricted free agent that was two years ten million for the saints didn't cost them economize he Cameron Meredith which. And three children pretty cheap and went a good option. Four I put for the bills receivers are real quick Mike they did bring in DJ Moore. For a visit Maryland receiver yen this expect visit one of the top receivers in one of the top receivers wondered questions about the receivers in this draft is. Where does the top receiver even gulp it's supposedly. Like not a good first round group but you get to that like 234 like you get out of first round. With the receivers and you have good not great. But good depth of the class that you'd like to get in the Austria or southern reset about the changing position. The guys that usually go at the top are the physical freaks and this draft might not have physical freaks the might have guys that are. Mean at San Antonio Brown is not a free but he he has but you know guys that will establish themselves as great players but they don't it's necessarily jump off the page because they're 605 Enron for four. Mike my question Jeremy brought up the keyword my question you would be term. What's the plan here the bills are going after Dez Bryant you talked about you know bringing in a guy pretty young quarterback well. I would like to believe that it's more than one year that I I just I used signing Dez Bryant to a multiyear contract is she gonna wanna do that is it a one year prove it deal. It's that he just walks in goes elsewhere I just I don't. It just I don't see it happening because I just don't think the bills to a pay him what he would be looking for. And be wanna do anything beyond a one year deal and and and I just don't think that you wanna play here but how long is signing him for it can't just be for 2018 then. Right and and you know it is probably not gonna ever gonna take a wonder he'll opt out of the bill offered in the year. You know. You're BO com. I don't think it's gonna be you're one you're you're all welcome. Eric you money brickyard and built up a lot of apple acts here thought. It was bigger go. Your code and only Eric you got it yet I don't. Yeah it the Peter that you're. I mean you're signing up to get rid of Kelvin Benjamin right now if you're you're saying he's not coming back. The bills wide receiver core C there's one problem I have with this war there Thurman you know let's get the break and talk more about this they don't want guys like this Dez Bryant is. Sammy Watkins diva right. Which there's maintenance involved the question. Did you see Sammy Watkins twit over the weekend now the alright it's what the bit to bit different. Yeah I'm a bit different. Sani locking its claims to not be human. Wood pitching his tweets we'll talk about some receiver divas and whether or not. How Dez could fit and how the public position. For the team is. In flocks dew on my comment on him not being human now or should I say before we come back. I think you're gonna wanna hear the tweet first okay.