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John Murphy Steve tasker in today on the show getting set for the start of our show next week. Hope you can tune in next Monday it'll probably be a lot like the nation into. Played better and better and mrs. Kathy are way better music a couple of other elements were looking forward to the start of one bills live from one bills drive. Next Monday Steve we hear everyday noon to three C will be here a couple of days this week Carol widow logo. We have a new logo lateral weed so that we kids a couple of book. Looks at the logo and some of the some of the stuff going and starts for real next week. On the radio side out of play chip and buffalo WTO Sports Radio by PP when we do want and a lot of quality. We gonna get McDermott on with us then to occur that go get a Israelis are gonna the policy BO which number no no he wants to be someone goes if he's excited about getting your office. Yeah he was. I like talking to meet great guy and I think that's why I think he's. You know despite the success they had lashes not just because of the success they had but he's the kind of guy that speaks well to fan base here. Former wrestler and he just great got to talk to laugh and about not being able go get gas when that happens and ask best picture at. I wonder and I asked him this question about his opening message to his players today. And I think he's not doing you know and hum it's it's been said by a prominent coaches over the last ten years or so you don't start re left off last year. And you guys especially your team when he went to four consecutive Super Bowls did you go to camp about if you're thinking well that's where we are now that's where we. Here's the thing is different now than it was then there was no free agency back then so read that you had you know that guys coming back and we're. You know they didn't nobody's if their contract is up daddy did signed with buffalo and then become a free agent that in some bottles because but wouldn't think they were good enough and this salary structure was different back then the way contracts were negotiated is different back then so it was a little bit like okay. Here's eat eat you had holes in your roster but. That was all about the draft back then there was really no way right bolster your roster except through the dress. Artistic about it when you were here and the bills were in the middle or at least towards him that's who will run. Also low for gets away and play and be free agency that was like a major upheaval. Now what goes on on every team a couple of times every year right players good players highly paid players players you drafted first round maybe. They believe and they come here you know start a delay coming in this year. Yeah I mean play and be back and timely free agency guys start to leave and it was really. And people here in buffalo were of the mind that you know nobody wanted to play in buffalo it will only part of coming here you know that's just not the case it's about the salary structure and atmosphere and and guys wanna play for a team that they think that they can make a difference for an. And Buffalo's one of those teams last year a lot of guys coming in some home plate on one year contract by design from the club. And I think that it's a philosophy like like you said. Nowadays with these guys which duplicate you do start from square one year and I think that's like I think a little bit of a surprise to a lot of people who can't remember it was like when it's. All of your thoughts on what Sean McDermott said or anything else we've talked about today the lines are open 8030515. Told free from outside buffalo 1888550. To 550 or Twitter Paul. With what's gone out of the bills on the field today for the beginning of their offseason conditioning program are you confident in the way the bills are building their roster. The lines are open and you can Boehner Twitter poll right now 75%. Of you. Responding on Twitter say yes you're confident in the way distressed is being built 25% say no. Like to hear your thoughts on that 8030550. Tool free 1888. By fifty to 550 a tweet from bill's fans speak up. I've no idea would be is doing with this roster on paper but not worried at all very company knows what he's doing. Certainly do not dismissed McCarron no reason to great arm great winner will seek. But yeah having. It's on there's I don't say it's blind faith but there's certainly is a lot of faith in what McDermott and being a. Or put together and say yeah I mean this they saw the results of the last year a lot of things that people were very room. Very reluctant to believe could be better for the team and they can they all paid off it and it's in them playoff. Birth and so I think people I think the fact that there are so willing to trade. A lot trade pay and they they made the pick trade already they were 21. A month ago now there twelve they've already they just never seemed to let their foot off take their foot off the gas and guess what most people want. They want them. Burn up the phone lines shaken the bush is trying to find good players and good deals to get draft picks and players back in here night and I. Just people people love that they love an active general manager. And I don't particularly. In this image I think they've got one pitcher doing here's call from James in Rochester go ahead changer on the air. Yeah I guys thanks for taking my call her sure they suspect they're in it was nice to hear from a and listen you guys out the last couple months at this season's over about speculation and what they're gonna do with these six. That to me it seems like yeah I've been saying this for a lot of my friends that McDermott to defense guy he's gonna build a winner Retief I think he covets so linebackers. Today. To to go up till it's free there order to make these trades to give up as collateral for. Rose Leonard are now whoever might be. He doesn't seem like is like the rams coach it's. Like creating one of these young quarterbacks to develop and is normal the game ended I might say you want an adequate offense but I think he went to build a team that shut down defense. And up slightly above every job sent to committing the road Bernard Arnold these guys had to start right away and it's. Looks like you're looking for an electrifying offense that's gonna put up forty points a game it to it'd just doesn't seem like the ammo this team and. I think there dammit. What yet and you make some good points synergies but I want to refer you to what Sean richter herb what Brandon being. Had to say today at his news conference he was asked about this he was a you know asked about the franchise quarterback and how big. You know what's important to record of acres of print means it just moments ago. Got a different score he used. That's one of the main jobs. Of a GM is to to find a treacherous quarterback is quarterback lead house every single time yet. So he got bat and that stands almost an opposition to what they call their James thought about what them. Sean McDermott's approach might be there gonna come to an agreement here's some point you know on what they wanna do. You got their franchise quarterback. Good position to get a franchise quarterback potentially yet there's no guarantees for that dire they got you might pick at number twelve I think it's in very very interest in positions. And that and a fine line is always it is and always has been. How much you gotta you gonna give us senator you gotta pay to get up there is it too much and that's word the gray area comes in certainly. The bills you know who knows the bills could probably trade the browns out of there and you know out of their number one pick if they're willing to give up. Three drafts you know it 21 players in the next and not draft a player for three years. You know they've made it but the simple fact Mattias too much you gotta have something left you gotta get there with as little as possible. And if you can do it then news. You should if you vote but only if you believe the guy that you're going to get. Is going to be that guy for fifteen years and if he is will they got a chance but it the if you think he is he turns out not to be. You know that's where the balances in on itself. None of the all these quarterbacks or are good prospects. None of numerous good as other prospects we've seen come through the NFL draft. Andrew Luck is always the guy that every throws out there he hasn't won a playoff game. I mean that's. Got to build around and that's we're that's where it is in which were toll going to be. And I think being answered hasn't changed much for the bills over the last few weeks yes. Brenda means that you gotta have a franchise quarterback he also was asked today could you be happy. If you come out of this draft without a franchise quarterback who's with bills GM said. You know there's a lot of the players to draft and that was the big thing a movement from 21 to twelve. The natural assumption I get it. Is there move enough to get a quarterback Getty. We've we improved our draft position that was up. A second round value jump. To go from two point on the twelfth we were were excited. About. Where that moves us in on our draft for the players that we see would be available there. Mean to me talk about them one more brand to mean some white. Use S about the process of trading up for quarterback dimension how difficult it will be if they trade up to get it. A French has got a record and here's the bills GM. Every draft. I I take this is no different I did it I really do but were twelfth and I don't know what's going to be their twelve I don't know what quarterback will be there I don't know 41 up or down and that's that's that's really how it is as I sit here. You and whoever races are trading up first bought a set before. Even if I wanted to trade up for an antidepressant I know that guy outlawing it and I mean it this spot. It takes a partner to do it and be willing to move out. And so. Again I think I'll lose sleep every year porn draft speeches your always gonna have polls are always gonna wanna make your roster more competitive and better and that's the thing. We wanna find the best football players that we can to help us in 2018 and beyond its best vision. Steve the bills Dean Mcdermott have never said. We're jumping up and get the quarterback they've never said that we all assume that did that pump the brakes a little bit today possibly moving up in the draft to get a equity. Maybe not I think yet he's he's right there's three things you've got to have the player that you want to go up and get it gotta have a partner to get it. And it's got to be the right price so it's. Player partner in price you got to have all three of those things in place and that's hard to get all three of those things in place particularly in a year where you've got a quarterback do you think is the guy. Or one of three quarterbacks that you think is the guy. And a space and I think. There's a handful of teams out there the bills may be one of them I don't know that they might be happy with anyone afford guys in this draft they might like all of them for different reasons. But in my like all of and they said in the they've made it clear that. Press company is not clear because there haven't debates even in the room about how do you see my caddie Steve Baker may feel it's a B and seen how do you see Sam or Josh Rosen. It's a BNC. They have debates even now as to which of their. Personnel people like which quarterback the best so there is some gray area there and I think there's a lot of teams. That. They like all those guys and where they can if they get one of them. If they think one of them double faulted them twelve. News stay right there and you should picks. And down to a papers call from Brian in buffalo right go ahead you're on the air. They got a beta and they are now these look outside the park knowing actually actually. Thanks for sharing that. Yeah thank you so ot take real quick thing I don't have a good press conference. Think about that night yet they say well. You know we're not available to open up movement now and I don't think it picked up but we don't Quebec. You know. Why it would seem odd you know beating the only thing here is somebody who McCoy gonna be able to run behind the personal cult like the war. Wonder if we could trade with a Kuwait old was kind of thing quietly. Plot bought it ain't silly but no. Here are going straight up what a year ago according not any younger. Lot going on behind a great wind along with a third round or nothing you get your quarter pack he ought. And you go around. And. I know we've talked a lot about a liquid the create your quarterback they now I'm back everybody with Gary but. So they're clearly eagle eggs they got trait they don't pay collect your spot and I could I appreciate I don't live that preceded it. Well I think yeah a guy get it. Nick full is an attractive guy quarterback who just won the Super Bowl. But let's face it. You gotta get the Philadelphia Eagles say yes of that and by saying yesterday that they lose the quarterback is probably gonna have to start the first six or seven games of the season for them. And their team that wants to go back and win another Super Bowl. Carson wins got hurt in week. Fifteen. I believe of last year with three games left. He's not gonna be ready to go full speed and through training camp raw is just not enough time to come back often ACL so they need nick falls to come in play games for them I believe. In the first month and a half of the season may be the first. Half for two thirds of the season. If they're played well. So I don't think Phillies gonna be interested in trading away nick foale's. For LeSean McCoy. And a draft pick or anything like that but. I like the idea I mean you get nick pulls through trade no I don't think that nobody has called Philly asking about their backup quarterback who had to start to see global. I don't like Eddie you know policy for the bills I wanna see the future franchise quarterback practiced pretty good guy who won a Super Bowl that are pretty good job and went in Super Bowl. I think nick polls. Is a franchise quarterback in this league at the get a good finish to lectures on a very talented team that was. Are ready kind of chugging its way to the to the finish line at the Super Bowl also. I don't the easy answer here I would hate if they settled for I think Libya settle. To go for Nicole. Guess he capable Kenny clearly yet is he different making franchise court review plug and play for ten years after you get ready to play I don't think so I don't. When a guy wins a game like that it was kind of seems looked easy just plug him in our team he's played just as good and is not really that that troops are really true and analyst face and it falls is a guy who's thinking about given up football. Until they sent him back to Philadelphia where he loved playing in had a great experience there the first time around when it didn't go well form as a high draft pick and he he was ready to go back there and play or otherwise you've been out of football. Seoul. I see both sides of that argument I have no idea I've no problem believing that if you've traded form he came here that he would play play play give his best effort. But I don't know that that's going to be enough to win a playoff game or gain for the out with the again. I'll hear from butch butch and your earlier this high regard type I I the united agencies and thank you show. I disorderly jump into ajar and you know we are used plant some clips. What brand name being was speaking. One clip there is saying certain what there was. He has worker we have a ranks right quarterback when our roster. Already. Although we may have to deal. And I really believe de branded mean believe that. He Lee's agent care police innate Peter meant. I'm not saying he won't pick up a quarterback later on in his draft like a walk wore a Mason Rudolph ads that add to that meeting room. Why are really believed that they believe they have their quarterback are ready same image. Early when you have. We have a coach on coach says that you know as a possibility might package tactic in forward. Or they might nights since and pixel backwards I believe when he got record the court equally court equal it who wanted to get rid of anyway. Which local blood and begin to slow pace obligated to use natural pick typical war critics. Look I'll look at it a look at something like in New Orleans Saints at 47. Who wants who want. Lamar Jackson's. So. That they can go is that woman go back and pick up actually so active in there. And packed in starred wrap some player players these it trapped well. Its stock is roster I believe me these guys these guys from they're recent. And I believe believe you know would still wink. I like the way that he came often been through well we might and for first and we might back respect I think being coached. So that Doug looked at John as Steve I really believe believe appreciate problem was considered as they get what would it do to make visible. Is he came out of Baylor University. Is being brought in the soon. Plate being. Outside linebacker acute MI 64. Up 200 maybe fifty miles. To run to run well. And also he's a local kid. And it thing about it is that he play Kabila for four years played well so. You guys look at that I love you guys and aid in the gateway for next week there. Experts we love you too which is right. They ruled may throughout the prospect of possibly moving down as well and look. You've got to believe wouldn't Sean McDermott amber and I mean before they took to the podium today that the table. They have little meeting I'm sure apartment was let's not give anything away that's refusal screens out there right I mean that yeah this at your look at look at. 31 of the teams either watched beat him McDermott today or gonna get a transcript put together transcript of what they said that after her up. Absolutely and and they wanted to make sure that today left. No possibility off the table as a as a possibility of a real possibility this club the debate they may sit right at twelve. I think. There's no question that they'd they'd like AJ McCarron they they traded to get him and he's and he's a solid NFL quarterback at the very least. So they have no problem and in fact you gotta think to that if they draft a guy AJ McCarron still probably going to be the starting quarterback and your bird in the here and list. It is a must they jumped to number one. And kicked academic gotta pressure to play him but by the same token everything that we heard today from Brandon being Sean McDermott. Makes us knows that. Everything is possible they're gonna they're not given anything away we don't know exactly what they're gonna do we can make. We can make assumptions about it. But they're not given anything away. He didn't today they didn't today. And yet they were listen we all last bit in that and that half an hour forty minute press conference they ran the guys and the beat writers roll over ask him every which way they could trying to get something out of them. And every time they gave every scenario is a possibility. Trade up trade down state. You know it's packaged players package draft picks and move up or package players packed package draft. Picks and move down everything so. As it just. I think the thing that I got out of this thing today as they are. All over every aspect of this draft that they were they know what they wanna do although they said they don't even have. The order their quarterbacks say yeah right so even even if they wanted to jump up and get a quarter peaking find out which when they would take if they did. So. Yes. As the caller just said they are they're really Smart you thought through everything and they are they are you know the ratings go on the nurture I think they're really excited to distract Michael themselves yet. Eric take a break and we come back get back and kick off a little bit we talked about them and we got a couple of calls about that. We're gonna talk more about the draft are gonna talk more about the bills and where their roster stands. Right now and we'll take more of your phone call so now along lot of stuff to cover over the final thirty minutes of the show come on back. John Murphy shows he cancer recovered via live from. One bills drive in this is buffalo new street. Finally the John Murphy showed next week brand new show windows live by itself in this guy Steve tasker. Live here from. Noon to three weeks from today Steve excited about time with I'm waiting for awhile to start today. And none out given to us make the transition just some people excited. Hey Tom. We got at a poker folks coming up week we've got a Twitter pull out their view back to participate. As the bills hit the field today perceive the offseason conditioning program. You heard John McDermott talk about that what is up a roster right now with the draft coming up we know there's a lot of pieces there but are you confident in the way the bills are. Building this roster right now give us a call us know to make 8030550. Tool free 1888. By 52 by fifty. Or vote on Twitter under protocol. That's confidence 75% of the respondents say like what they're doing. To they would lash hunger in a way that season ended last year it was huge boost. Not only the fan basement of the teams that club's general managers had to I mean they got a lot of confidence. And they really use that to build off of this year. The confidence they got from making all those moves were so controversial at the time last year the only move. That they took heat for last year that didn't go well was an eight. But that's it that's really the only. Time. The only decision they made that they really didn't work out form. In addition to US and then get to rejoin his interest in during breaks DBS in the same question big bills in 1965 tweets in Merck me. Can you accept what the bills do on draft night may be no quarterback that you accept their decision. At stake trust the process well big bills in 96 about I have no choice well like what can I do it by don't accept walk out no. I hope they draft a quarterback I really do I think they've been set himself up for the last year to get in position to draft. A franchise quarterback in the first round may not be able to they may not do it. I think if their position to do it to get on the premium ones as well but they may not be able Lou so sure I can accept the decision. Will they be disappointed this question Steve asked me about fifteen hours ago. Disappointed when he gets extra efforts in the first through marriage. You don't care about that used to we've been talking about nothing else for like a two months and yes offered up if they don't take one follow Sam Donaldson accurately Cleveland Browns and I want to do that and staying would be awful. But shirt in my back the quarterback listen if they don't get a quarterback and it turns. You know and they turn into a perennial playoff contender and go deep in the class for the chance the Super Bowl wants Milwaukee I don't care I mean because that's the best the goal I don't care. If they take the quarterback. And he turns into this great player who turns into. You know. Drew Bledsoe or you know if some other guy who's really played well who never went that like like Philip Rivers or does that get us. You know. Those guys never won a wanna. A player you know Super Bowl they got this Philip Rivers ever get to one of I know I mean announced yet have an attitude and get a great quarterback here in this looks like it the chance they have with the picks and you look around the league a look at the map Minnesota Vikings. Who. You know went to their urge you had one of their great seasons ever this last year. With k's team who's a journeyman. You know. Well. Anyway Tom a couple of things always got to fit I don't finish up because Steve because there's a couple of weeks away. We'll talk more about this Steve's been invited to a via a seven argue issued collar right at the NFL league offices about what to do what kickoffs and punts. It's your opinion they're ready they're looking seriously at eliminating kicked out right for the safety reasons. Yeah I think they'll cut down on the number of kick offs whether or change the way they look and entirely. They've tinkered with it before we're all going all the way back to 1974. They they tinker with where they kick the ball off from and and but whenever the ball is kicked off. You know any time did the balls brought out of the end zone and got treasurer and it it's it's a dangerous play. So Steve is going to be part of a panel discussion about ideas and if you have ideas and give us a ring 8030515. And toll free 1888552. By fifty pat on the line from Toronto that give a thought on kickoffs in the future what do you think. Yet and technical. Statement yet you have to beat the two are. What they did. You go back to the side of these to be. And if the kicker can kick about it and such back apartment with it being there. To reward the kicking team. But it state ticket just in Padilla and yet that keen to have to catch the ball and then they get on the 25 and Arnold kickoff return you to catch the ball. What what. Have a as if he doesn't get it there were against the wind or something like that in November where you're trying to kick it into one into the state and he came to reach the end zone obviously want to argue are going math yet Democrat. That that's her. Our third part was going to be was if if the kicking team keeps it in the field of play there and it touched back comes back to wake up and elect a forty yard line policy. You know something like that dissident you're leaving the option of you onside kick surprise you. Aspect of the game. You know its interest yeah that's that's actually that's actually. Fairly. Saying yeah you have to kick offs so if you look at outcomes with the bracket now apps but oh here's the thing why would you. Why would the return team why would even need eleven guys out there how would you lineup because they wouldn't it American beanie returns just in order for everybody to catch the football. Because you can't return it. If you can keep the ball on the field of play because I can't reach the end zone. That would mean I got to write a list down this is because I got to throw this out there and yeah you're the yeah there's a that the ripple effect is is far reaching because. With no returns in the game you give up the heat either team's opportunity to have something really good or really bad happened to them. Aside from field position and the changeover possession. And it has been in the past us at this theory the show there's. There's always that chance you gonna get a kick off return for touchdown or have a fumble and recovery and go in for a touchdown like he can on every other play. And it's that deliberate changeover. And few position as change so it that idea kind of addresses. The two of them but not the third one and you know and like you know we've talked about my son play any candidate if you kick it out of the end zone and they don't bring it out of the end zone the team indicate to get to point. Or something like that and I am totally there yet they're they had had a crush they have points involved in that and if he started that in the entire game off with with a single point. If so we can have one nothing game. But so look at it this meaning you understand that believe me I've been doing a little bit Albright at start. Talk about the CFL stuff if it. Time for NFL true or false it is rocky about you it's these fancy New York's artisan cheese Steve and I look at some of the stories out there in the NFL and pronounce that true or false Dez Bryant released last week by the Dallas Cowboys. I Dez Bryant on Friday was quoted as saying. That's something I want stayed in the division he said as he was asked as Brent was as where you wanna go next to play in the NFL he said quote I won't see any any teams with. Being in the division that's a huge possibility. That's something that I want so what does that make it he's gone from the cowboys that would mean what though Washington. Forum. New York. Are filling filling. Dez Bryant should see in the NFC east troop calls unseen policy there is why why at least division. Why I don't think he needs to go in fact I don't think he will. They're too many teams are on the lead and needed a good wide receiver guy who can walk and make plays a mean he might be fit for Seattle Seahawks team. You know I might be fit for an Arizona Cardinals steamer in music and so yeah I don't think there's anything. And he may want to just because in the moment when he got released he wants to go back and make that cowboys hurt but I think when push comes to shove he'll take the best offer I think the best opportunity. What more and it felt true or false patriots players are finally fed up with the Bill Belichick. Danny Amendola did an interview with the a buddy my crease of ESPN about how difficult it is to play for Belichick he called him. He. See the word. But he said there were a lot of things I didn't like about played for him but I must say the things that didn't like were all about getting team better practicing in the snow etc. Belichick you know with a great results that are players from the Fed up with him at a shelter cost. I say faults because. What will happen I believe is Belichick will find another group of players who are not fed up with him and do exactly what you pockets if they. Well let's just say you're talking guys I like drunk all we've talked about him wanted to retire I think it interestingly enough. Those are guys who played there for a while more than a handful of years and Julian gentlemen Tom Brady. Amon cola. They've been their for more than a handful years and those guys might be fed up. But I think there's a lot of players who would like to go there to get their fill of you know you have a fourteen win season there are thirteen win season and a trip to the championship game and probably the Super Bowl. That's hard to get that's hard to get you know. Party get tired of and it's so true or false brought Cuba yet he's fancy New York's artisan cheese a call or quick one here from pollen Lancaster go ahead Paul welcome to the show. I bet in the draft I'd say no no no to higher priced at eight earned a well. Maybe go down pictures and get editors of the linebackers and needed it. Where you get a franchise quarterback Paul you might want it right now. Which one of the fifth round picks is going to be the richest corporate. You might want to keep might. Or might. You might yet both double notebook geyser both guys a fifth round draft picks. But you do eat or it Ayman Al. That's not true I don't think it's too well I'd I'd orders and no guarantees but. I don't think anyone would really realistically argue. Then a guy who's been in the league you know with cancer in the league for what three or four years now. Never gotten better starter a regular basis hit some good moments. You really got to are trying to argue that he is is a guaranteed to be a better player than Josh Rosen Sam Arnold. The best of this address place at Edison now I don't think mr. Yet what I. Yeah I I think there may be a great quarterback on the roster with Peter man or AJ McCarron. But with draft picks and the guys who talk football and know football think that they're pretty good guys. Guys at the top in this draft at got to take a chance in game one at a position like that's why I'd I would disagree with that too I I think. If you can get one of these guys for the right price I think you go ahead Angela can get one great prices speak I write prices at some of the key. We gonna break we're back for more than John Murphy show was Steve tasker accompanied live from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills radio. Things he's not John Murphy show. And now what do we learn from. Did they show presented by advance elaborately westerners homes and businesses with the finest in security at home theater. He'd prefer to my alarm and don't beat writer of Buffalo Bills. Picked up the news conference live from head coach John McDermott indium Brandon be Brandon being talked about how important it is. They have a French judge ordered. You've got to have franchise quarterback you'd. That's one of the main jobs. Of a GM is too. To find a franchise quarterback is quarterback league save every single time after apple. That's kind of an answer to the last caller to about the forget about it to strip guys and he got over printers quarter he had a chance. Knowing that there's yet as the people on there were getting into it saying you know. He doesn't understand the right price. Argument I give up four number ones to get Aaron Rodgers wouldn't you do that I mean. There is no price too high but the problem is we are laugh about it that's great what if that turns out not to be Aaron Rodgers but Roy Rogers. And and you get fifty people fired in their families and they're all out on the street you know is that as saucers it's not that the risk which McDermott both picked up a news conference it on the show. An air show McDermott how involved he has banned in the draft process so far. Very involved. How are coaches and and we have a very. You know team oriented approach to the draft with our personnel. Staff and our coaching staff and and Brad and his staff do a great job of staying. Open to listening to our coaches we sent our coaches out. On on private workouts two campuses. They spend more time with draft eligible players signing a little bit of some questions we might have an order drove down further. We have players that come into our facility. So our staff is very involved I myself have been very involved. And in Brandon and our conversations with. With Joshi in our assistant general manager. And and in particular certain positions were looking hard at two to improve so. And then tearing Kaymer involved as well so that's great part about our ownership is they are very much involved and supportive of what we do. So McDermott talked about his involvement in the draft I've I'm certain he's above zero wonder if he's more involved in the everybody would be. Given the fact that the bills have those premium picks those experts in the first three round again they've got their work out forms they've got and they've got and hope for obviously the quarterback things got a disorder on almost topics. But you're talking about teens got they're gonna. Grab a bunch of players. In this draft they got to be ready for all of that not just those guys the top and I think he's neck deep. In player valuations that nothing to do take this match is only week it happily now ten days away from round one in the NFL draft in the meantime. Phase one of the bills offseason conditioning program continues here at one bills drive tomorrow this is the first day today secondly tomorrow we'll get some players from the current roster on our show coming up tomorrow and if you miss the news of the day. Bill signed a couple of veterans of the German currently wide receiver you may remember that name from the New York Jets he had a really good year with the 49ers two seasons ago. 64 catches 667. Yards and three touchdowns. And they also signed a Teddy Gallup polling defense alignment. Who spent the most of the last four seasons with the chargers Los Angeles and San Diego Chargers forty tackles as a backup for the chargers Lester Pavel poli six to 290 founders. So they're still had an in the other thing you know we listen to the news conference. The the wanting we engages talk much about that he is absolutely right John McDermott said it. And and the use I think predicate complement to the GM grand in being. It's a twelve month process. I mean a week and our Twitter quote you know we talk about how they feel about the restaurant now that's today. Rafter could look different tomorrow it's the move look a lot different in a week and they hold. Crooks took a whole crew were staff of people who do nothing but watch pro football take. And they make evaluations. At every position. On every other team in every the league that means Canadian Football League NFL the spring league they've got everything ever the arena league. They watched tape and they know they have a file on every guy they can think of that track you know 15100 guys. Around the league all the time and it's happens twelve months a year because there's just so much information available. And they've got to get it right that's that's what the whole business. Comes down to is fine and guy that you will help you win. We asked our listeners and our followers on Twitter what do you think of the roster as it stands right now on the first day the offseason conditioning program. An overwhelmingly 75% of you said you liked the direction they're going in when it comes to the bills' roster 75%. On Twitter said yeah you're confident they're building a roster in the right way 24% said I'm not quite sure. We're gonna talk more about that over the next several days obviously steadier reckless to. All right yeah average expect tomorrow night as is that thing too big pick one of those top quarterbacks. If there's a ton of people that you. We had a problem. How are you can't Wear it you can how my guys just present the latency veterans and sponsor NAPA Auto Parts. Thanks our production assistants George blast of cold in the Thomas outer Kelly route. JJ to read or producer. A Buffalo Bills revealed.