04-16 Sal Capaccio with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Monday, April 16th

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Honor AT&T hotline is our very on south but you know. Who. Don't tell feedback on this mock draft the other day and hasn't really inching article up to add about roster turnover on our website at WGR 550 dot com. And we'll explain how exciting today's voluntary workouts will be good morning sell Arian. Good morning guys my roster than ever should be the stat of the day and yeah you know what I can do that to you wanna give you wanna give the status then. Sure I can give it if he'd like you I have the right economy wanted to answer I got it I I'll tell. A bonus doubted they still brought you by express my not your average convenience store. OK so here it is. Last year at this time the buffaloes had 61 players under contract. And when he made this time is the first day of opening opening day of offseason workouts. It's to this year they have. 41 of those players are gone when he remain out of 61 last year only twenty are still on the roster. And when you look at it pretty incredible none of the QBs. And only. Q of the fourteen combined. Running backs and wide receivers. And that would be LeSean McCoy and manager Andre Hall Patrick DiMarco sort of pull back but it's incredible actually you know quarterbacks death. It's a lot of turnover. I you know but it but again I guess maybe sell us out and I wonder I wonder how you stack it up against like. Other teams or coaches and GM's come in and what kind of turn over their experiences they reshape their roster from year one the year two. Yeah I grew that I haven't done that research obviously on that he'll puzzle different but Tom it seems like it's quite a bit. Of a dramatic overhaul and and we know we know that they did that I think it's I'm quite sure it's above average but. I think it's even further than that it seems like that's that's a pretty big. Roster flip and you know I wouldn't be surprised if we're talking about even a heck of a lot more you know even some of those guys maybe have been here for the last year and after two years that might be gone. Over the you know next what 34 months. We are with us out here you gotta bill's questions or comments were talking about Dez Bryant you think the bill should go after him would has won sign here. 8030550. What Dez Bryant south with the bills want him would does want the bills. I don't see Dez Bryant thing in the kind of player of the bills are looking at right now and how it wouldn't surprise me completely because that you have a whole wide receiver was recognized. But Sean McDermott and green Aminu lesser extent at. At the owners' meetings and we spoke with them you know they know that that's something they have to address and McDermott even made a point that. You know throughout the season throughout the offseason. You know guys become available he made no mention of Maclin Becker last year what you're given garlic Bryant so I think it is the type of at least yield player meeting veteran that they would expected maybe. Hit the waiver wire and kick the tires on that. And particularly I mean look guys his age is gone up in his productions gone down and it's as simple as that he's 29. Our goal on thirty years old this year he over the last three years he has yet to crack. 838 yards receiving in any the last three years that was last year actually his best year in heating to have very good down catch ratio last year 132 targets. 69 catches he's had a few drops to last a couple years his career that's kinda have shown up. I just don't see the keys of the type of big time playmaker. Or at least threat that they need in fact. To me he's become more possession receiver which is what they're loaded with anyway and that you need more speed than anything else. How confident argue that one of their draft picks. Let's say I'll even limited to the first three rounds one of those top 100 picks will be used on a wide receiver. OK so they were to keep all six I think it might very well this is notre right let's say they they run behind yet. You know. I'm not totally confident in that I think that bill they'll look at this seems to be more of a quality ansari on. I'm more how to arrested more this this this draft seems to have lessened the top more depth at wide receiver you're not talking about. Indeed have a couple guys up there like Calvin really accordance when. Awkward or a sudden I mean guys like that near the top. Of the draft but you don't really have a which you have in the past some guy's article yet he's gonna go. Know last year we talk about what Mike Williams. And the kid that went to to the titans I. Camera's name right now but we're talking about those guys last year. And you know we're talking about guys like that this year we're talking about more about guys who will still be there in the fourth fifth round I think that's where you would target. But it wouldn't surprise me if you keep six picture you have. Enough picks there where you knew you could wind up getting a wide receiver somewhere and in those first few several rounds. Validus 80305 to join us 888550. Q effect fifty show the workouts start today but more notable is the 1 o'clock news conference today which number permanent brand and being we expect anything. Well you know it's going to be I think if these questions about Richie intact you know for support or what you know obviously. And all the social media behaviors and kind of odd by hand and on the same time you know the team has placed him on the reserve retired list are expected to be there today expected to remain there. I expect they would basically say if he wants to play that have a conversation but it's hard their concern he's retired because they have had a conversation. With them I think that's one of first things will be asked about and talked about. And then you know we'll get into the draft in Yellow Sea I think the you can always gain certain. Things from these guys when they talk as far as connecting dots and the same time as you guys well know you can't. Yet take everything with a grain it's all you really don't know. What they're saying there is completely truthful here's the thing. It's really funny has listened to is Adam chapter of the weekend and he was asked agree question about. Powell you know how much of this this time a year teams you really cannot lying to put things out there and he made it he he said it really well which I think I agree with. Thirteen to outright lie. It's not really as forthcoming as you want them to be because why would they be right but it's not like he's got their completely. Like your face about something I guess you could do that but it's more about not completely telling the truth on everything not going as far as you want and everything because you don't wanna put your whole plans out there obviously. On the on the drafts Al. How much stock do you put into the guys that are coming in for the pre draft visits. I don't remember if there was any. Anybody look at like the guys they draft last year how many were in for visits. They had a lot of corners and of course we expected to talk to quarterbacks. DJ Moore is coming in a wide receiver for Maryland how when you see a visit. How much is that you know do you think OK the bills really liked this guy. I don't think they really like them I think they're doing their due diligence I right I'm sure there are some guys they really like I never jumped to all the must really like him. At the same time guys I don't ever say. They must not what you got because they don't have written for a visit there are lots of ways to meet with people or to see them to talk with them you don't have to bring and for a visit Britain be admitted. On our radio station that sometimes they will bring guys in for visits just to me look like they have an interest in him so. The next logical conclusion would be that means they wouldn't meet with some guys that you have an interest in right. I mean it just makes sense that that's how the game is played I did a mock draft of the week and as you said. I had the illustrating upper Josh out which was not popular with people like get it about one of the reasons one of the things people said other than that was walls there's. They obviously don't like gallon because they have even met with a madam well that doesn't mean anything to me. They say they don't have to meet with somebody like come there's other ways to go about doing that who says that they haven't they meet with a on the Telecom line or. Well if this guy comes your facility are using one of those thirty visits I at least think it means that you're doing enough work on him due diligence that he could be on the radar. I would say this those cell if they do in fact draft Josh Allen. After having so little in terms of meetings would we not have to have forever disregard. What meetings would be like. Probably Brian and I quarterbacks are you sure right like the most important position the biggest take. For the franchise in a decade or how long you wanna say and they didn't put together they barely met what I I think that would mean we go forward and say well we shouldn't pay attention when they meet with anymore. Probably Jeremy I think that the question would be then when they meet with them Blake did they have more content and we know about other than these are thirty visits because. Maybe that's the case but you're right and we find out that they really had much contact with them then yeah I think that we could say well. At least as ours Sean McDermott ringleader charge maybe these that is don't mean. What is going on average income you know. But guys I don't know here's what I think this is just Meister the picture in my opinion obviously I don't know the team if that's anything other than put him on the reserve retired list. Our rich he hasn't. Really said anything other than my guess is he your return about I. I think Ritchie is confused as far as being in a place where he understands the end of this careers closer than the beginning. He probably is frustrated and upset that he even himself agreed to pay cut which may be now regretting but he did it. Maybe he wants to play feels like he's worth more than what the pay cut gave him. And this is a power plant has parts I'm not discounting the fact that he said this stuff about is health issues. I think that's probably very real eye at the same time. When you. Have when you fire your agent of social media and and you retire and then you tell the team to really issue. I think that there's got to be some sort of money involved issue with all of it and are the bills are concerned. Let got I think the bills play this kind of like its leading humbled and last year I wanted to ask you aria yeah if you wanna retire. And retire and we're gonna hold your right to welcome back you can play for us. If you wanna stay retired that's fine and we're gonna have your rights. The only way I see the bills releasing him is that they feel it's just going to be such a distraction and they don't wanna really deal with this and you would hand. That they that they use that but at the end of the day. You know the thing is you know Richie is isn't he isn't a different kind of personality we all know that Erdogan and what you pretty well the last couple years. You know I. I like Richie I think he desert a really good job when he talks of the media now has the right things and stuff like that he's also angling for a job and media when he retires he goes on. How powered show a lot. He goes on our school lot of things like that he understands how to play the game with the means and the media and social media and I think this is kind of maybe he's doing nothing to do the right way but these are each trying to do that and in a in a certain way and play games that way while Charlie your memory demeanor in the playing games. I don't expect them to play games here I expect and it just basically say. If you retired your client that if you wanna play that's great if you're retire we're not gonna play games here and we're gonna keep your rights. Okay and they do so that's like you said this is. They released Bolden is right this year right but this the same thing it for you want to play he's got to play here. That's what I expected and look me they may say at the end of it and Bigelow covers our deal with this like are on it. Look at bay they were preparing for cannot averaging Kenya after this year anyway that's that's evident by the fact it. They basically cut a salary almost in half. And didn't give him any new years so maybe just maybe he could have been a training camp casualty I doubt it but at the very least he probably. Almost definitely would have been here in 2019. So I think they're already they were planning for life without him so wouldn't completely shocked me they said. You know what would still wanna deal with this if you look at when after I don't want this has become such an issue that yes. We have to be answering questions about this and talking about it all the time they know we'll just let him go on as very wave released him out of his contract you don't have to do that in at this point out that activity that. The media grip gravel called for had our break here Luigi round LaSalle here on WG yarder right ahead. Big guys great show. Thank you for listening that I like to Richie discussion it purchased at through. Hey Mike she opened the passes mention that sometimes he thinks maybe the bill should actually draft. Quarterback I'm just wondering if they can't move off. This year. In the draft to get there are number one guy you think Dick consider maybe drafting Jew one maybe it's a twelfth. And wanna suck it may be one in the second round at all I have thanks. I say no because they're not gonna carry four quarterbacks they have Peter may and they're probably going to keep me just signed McCarron. Who's going to be the veterans so mine quick answer to that is no if they didn't have Biederman salary wouldn't be against it if they are spread or not far enough apart. But you know some some wool sometimes bring up the idea of drafting one at twelve and 122. Which I. I would do that if I had two teams and two coordinators in two sets alignment in two sets receivers. These quarterbacks are all gonna have different styles. And I wanna make sure as I'm trying to grow old the most important position and I'm giving that person. That player every single. Asset I have in to draft two of them would mean that one of the more easily have a leg up on the other. Yeah look I mean not only that Jeremy I've heard people say while the browns draft that one and four mean c'mon. At any age get I understand the more swings you get more kicks of the can more can you get. When you develop these guys whether you have kids that take wraps you have all the people in your training camp you have to. That you have to identify you do your due diligence and you identify a guy you think is the best or at that spot and he's going to be the guy and you before that you trash somebody else who's a premier player to help your roster with the other first round pick. Now I actually wouldn't be opposed drafting too but to me you have to be early and then late in the draft not. In the second rally the caller said like you said more spread out I would do that even if they bring forty camp because things can change maybe. Maybe in the day you wind up you know. Maybe AJ McCarron doesn't make the team you have to name a whole heck of a lot may be they appear to get traded or he doesn't make the team so maybe you like. The guy you draft with your first round pick and then maybe in the. Fifth round or something like that. You keep a guy well no fourth round but I wouldn't be wholly against that I think even for from a peak too early you're gonna draft when that early. In the first round but I I agree that you don't see it happening if they were keep all of their draft picks they've nine draft picks right now. I wouldn't be totally shocked if there was a quarterback early and quarterback late. Mr. Bashir have fun out of the facility today. And we will Welch well actually we'll talk tomorrow because we'll recap what the brand of being John McDermott had thing. Okay are no problem thanks.