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John Murphy Chris brown and studio this year on the show today joining us in place of Steve tasker will be back tomorrow. And then Steve starts in earnest on Monday as he begins his regular co hosting duties Monday through Friday. Noon to 31 bill's life starts on Monday look forward to that talking today about. The draft we do almost every day not necessarily which quarterback about. The kind of draft strategy we what you think about this a little bit the draft strategy involved for the Buffalo Bills and the 31 of the teams in the NFL look. We know it's it's a draft that there is several interesting quarterback prospect the have been already a couple of moves up and down the draft report by teams. What do you think could still happen before the bills select next Thursday night week from tonight the draft starts at 8 o'clock and which other NFL team. Has the potential to maybe ruin Buffalo's plans give us a call at this note to think. 8030550. Tool free 1888550. To 550 you're kind of think the patriots might be that team. I worry about them only because of the analyst they have they've got to ones to choose and really just to get let's just say Josh Rosen doesn't affect slide. Let's say he's he slides past Indy it's you know past Denver fives are now in the at six probably not taken him unless somebody jumps up. Candidate probably not taken him at seven Chicago not taking committee so now the slide design. I think if that happens people are going to be ring in phones off the hook for picked 789 intent. Trying to get up there and I think the bill's gonna have to be one of those teams is a team like the patriots. Just by giving apple first round picks can get up to nine does that picket 23 and thirty want. Or with. They're picket 31 and bolt their second round pick seeking get up to nine they can even get up to five or six using both of their ones and one of their 22 rounder so. That the patriots absolutely have the ammunition to get up there into the top ten and really kind of rain on the parade. At the bills have been trying to put in place here it to be in position to move. We're hitting meet Judea quarterback prospect. Chris has done the spade work kind of identifying who's got the draft capital and the Miami Dolphins picking one spot ahead of the bills have eight picks. Including two. Fourth round here's the bills with their nine picks to choose. Two the second round was 23 round there's. Patriots eight picks that's a lot including 21 round is into second round there's and it's an interest seamless because it showed you that. You know you get eight or nine picks the bills have nine. That's good but some teams have the all picture back created equally guess that's the point here Chris. Right just like your team like the Packers for example which earned his G viewers are viewing right now they have twelve total picks. But a lot of their capital is in the later rounds they've got three picks in the fourth round and they've got. Three picks in the fifth round two picks in the fourth round so a lot of their draft capitalist towards the back half of the draft. I don't think there really are too many teams that have as much capital as the bills do. With six picks right now on the top 100. The patriots. I believe we're one of the only other teams I think they have five in the top 100 yet they do so they get the two ones that you choose and then pick 95. So. There aren't any teams that have that much. And so the bills you know have some pretty prominent capital to work with. And you would hope that that's the difference maker for them but if some other teams strikes first or some other team chooses to overpay. You got a problem. Via problem. What do you think you missed call which team you on the look are you on the lookout for. Is the bills get set up Charlie on the line from the west side of buffalo Charlie go ahead what do you think. Bogota you do today I the team that. Could've bought my mind as of yesterday. The Arizona Cardinals got loose I think they're going to be a surprising given a lot get a quarter crack. And he then you've got to question why have you on the phone. What do you think about it. Pictured from Richmond and Washington State quarterback I've been worked strapped been in this sector router goal that's all I got the same but the team that I'm nervous about now was Arizona's in the give up a lot to move up the one of these quarterbacks that's only got the seagate would be doing now. Well that's Chris is sharp points out the cardinals have eight picks but. Most of its in the third round they have what to pick 23 rounds now. Looking at their draft capital they can get up to five or six but they'd have to give up. A one a two to three to do that. They have to so that was still there with a hat leave them with a one. To get the quarterback they want and they still have a third round pick left over is that enough. Do they wanna part with that much capital to do that. If you're one for Steve will to out there I'm sure he'd love to get a franchise quarterback to be believes that that's that guy I mean I've got a situation out there where. They really don't have. A definitive answer they have Sam Bradford they acquired free agency I think all Sam Bradford does is buy him time. I think he's their bridge quarterback and with his health history you have to believe they wanna get a young quarterback in the pipeline there. Two room and start as early as when he nineteenth so they might be inclined. To get up the board. And make that kind of a move they can get up to five or six without even talking about future pits you know. They can use a one a two and a three to get up to about five or six based on you know the old. And admittedly somewhat outdated draft value chart so you know that's where that's it's yes. A couple of quarterbacks a catalog letter from Richmond. Bomb are glad it's my favorite draft. Preview Ireland scouting services they have low eleven listed as a third round prospect now given the way the court Richard reacted low letter could wind up in the second round I would think. I'd like to be first round workers right. Not a first rounder note you know what I think of one night when I watched Kyle a letter at the seniors this year when I watched him there all week. He was just a guy who got the job done he's not a guy that's gonna while you like whoa look at that throw more holy cow. It's more like I was a good decision OK I was only hit the target again you know he he just kind of get you don't. You know sit up in your chair and say while looking Kyle all at a but to sit there and say I'm glad is another player that he may others you know that you like the consistency. Of his game and that the the player that I thought about who came to mind when I was watching Kyle lol that it was match up. The old Virginia quarterback widely was a third round pick but I think. While that is got a chance to climb into the back after the second round in this draft. As we know as you mentioned her quarterback values rise. As you get to the draft because. Teams get a chance seeing they don't wanna miss on a guy they wanna get their guy when they can. And so even if the value may not be perfect. I think sometimes quarterback values get inflated and and I think while it is probably he and Mason Rudolph are probably. That next year. After Lamar Jackson I think Mason Rudolph could very easily get pushed into the bottom half. A the first rap just because if a lot of those guys who orally whether it's for the top tanner five in the top fifteen. I think the pressure will be on for a team to take Mason Rudolph late in round one as I mentioned earlier in the show New Orleans it's when he seven comes to mind. Looking for an heir apparent to Drew Brees so. Yes I think law let it could be a late second round pick Luke Falk I think is a little further back at our let's governor is a sixth round. I don't know pieces that late but I think he's a day three pick. You know I'd best round for probably at worst round six and he's got some impressive statistics. Through the course of his career. In Wyoming at the senior vote as he was there to. I noticed law let a far more than I did Faulk. And and Faulk gets knocked also for playing in that Mike Leach offense which they feel creates inflated statistics. He's had some injury problems that he had to deal with through the course of his college career but yeah I think he's more of a. Which team which NFL team the other 31 could beat the bills to the punch. When it comes to draft a quarterback in the first round what do you think it was a call. 8030515. Tool free one eat eat eat by fifty to 550 got a call here from Stephen west Seneca Lloyds T welcome Joseph. Thank you I tend to think it will be New England as the independent feel well it took a few of over there. Ten years and making them more for the for the closure of the package and dividend. That Africa cup. Yet maybe they have four leaf Roberts Chris I think you called us to our attention just there was a year ago. Patriots is all the there succession can't take anything Whitman's success on the field. You know AFC championship super both. They have not been the best rafting team in the NFL in several years historic race or not that impressed yeah. Make player traits. More often I mean you can go all the way back to the days when they traded a fourth round pick for Randy Moss trade fourth round pick to Oakland for Randy Moss obviously that. Was huge for them but they seem to be more successful in identifying talent what's it's playing in the league. Then pulling it straight out of college. Whether it's Belichick or the scenario whoever is making those calls and presumably it's Belichick. I think they do a better idea. Do a better job of identifying. Talent that can help them once they see it in the leak. As opposed to projecting the talent from college to the NFL and their draft record I think proves that. Com. You know they they've had their share of hits there's no question about that everybody mentions Rob Gronkowski every single time. You know getting him as the second round selection. And there have been other guys that they've been able to pick up in the draft but they have been far more misses than hits. And very often that's why there either a in the trade game or be in the free agency. Trying to mix and match parts there. Because their draft success has been very limited. 8030550. The number to call it via comments questions may be an answer our question. Which team might beat the bills to the punch when it comes to drafting a quarterback it was a Collins don't you think that's going to caller from Douglas in Rochester I don't responded. Hey guys don't do a great thank you. Cool here to tell you about how we're gonna get the number four pick from Cleveland after they they're like number one and they're striking out. Barkley goes to which aren't and number two. We already had an established relationship with tiger archery what are are not social roots in this is something that. Might materialize for us. Which had tipped over. I say this and in outlook of the respect our risk. I think that existing relationship suffers a little bit overplayed I hear people say about kennel and cattlemen in and Brandon being they were given a couple of years. But the east these these guys are cutthroat competitors. Are gonna make a move based on what's best for them and you know there's only 32 of these guys GM's. And they all had each other's numbers and there's no barriers to communication between a so I don't know that there's much to be said about. An existing relationship work gentlemen work we've been I just don't know that they cut each other breaks or slack based on existing relations. Don't think they cut each other breaks but I do think. That Brandon being knows what Dave Gelman likes and could package something in such a way. To make it appealing to Gelman because he knows what his preferences are he knows what he likes those really value because I can cut him a break because now we working you know I or you know down know there's going to be no hometown her previous working relationship discounts. There is history with Dorsey that goes back even to last year as you know Sean McDermott and the GM at that time Doug Whitley me to deal with him in the first round last year. And maybe you read some insight into that. I think that's probably a little bit of a stretch here's the thing you'd do that. The question on the table right now is due to Brown's part with their picket for if they get the quarterback Antwon. They currently have nine picks right now. They have two of the first round one of four and they have 32. Round selections so what are you giving the browns. To get to four. That's gonna convince them. Yeah will slide back to twelve. You better give a whole lot of other stuff and and I'm. I'm inclined to believe that the browns have enough draft capital in this year's draft. Where to get to four you may have to give them one next year where they're looking to stockpile again for the next season build again next year. That's what they did last year if you remember the browns. We're trading and acquiring future picks. That's why they've got the draft capital they have now because of what they traded away and gave up and slid back. To get all these picks in this years draft I would be surprised if that is what they are after. If they're living in a listen for because you get a chance to have who you feel is the best quarterback on the board. And one of the argue probably the top two non quarterback players in this draft at four. You've got to do you've got to give them one whale of an offer I think to convince them not to take that bird in the hand right now is it's. Is worth far more if on the grounds that what you've got sitting over there in the bush. Two things I've heard it suggested over the recent weeks and all this draft round up bit because they have so much stripped capital. The browns would somehow not. Wouldn't value their picks as much as somebody I disagree. I don't think the question of value I think it's a question of we've got enough to work with this year if you wanna make me an offer I'll listen. But if you wanna really tempt me to move out of here for. Talk to me about 2019 or can you give me in 2019. That's gonna keep me interest. Let me talk about Tony nineteen from the bills respect from moment I heard Howard Jerry talking about this this morning on our play chip in buffalo WGR. Bomb bay I think it was both of them may be just one of them. Of the belief that Brandon being. In no way would wanna part with 29. You know get a top ten pick next year and they're going to be at a bed 2018 and that there can be valuable I don't know and that's an overly appearance yet I don't think we're going to be thinks like that look he knows what a first round pick is worth whether it's. Top Tenner bunt on the first album. I don't think he thinks like that would mean presumptuous when he thing. I think it's presumptuous to assume they're gonna have a top since election I everybody thought their habitats into this exact. An Arab or whether it's when he won 22. And they've enhanced that position and they're probably where a lot of people felt they were going to be at the outset sit up there around 101214. Somewhere in there. And that's where they sit now after some some work in a trade with Cincinnati. I don't think you can close yourself off departing with draft capital in the future. If you know and if you are convinced you're getting your quarterback for the next ten or twelve years. And again we come back to the courage of your convictions peoples and how can you give that up. We've done the research. It's been exhaustive. We've done our due diligence we talked to everybody including you know the middle school nurse at the guy's middle school. You know ask you know about bumps and bruises that he had editing Angelos you know that he refused the bandit you know that I mean these guys cut its so fine. That after years worth the work they know and they should have. A can a convincing opinion on where they feel that players in a project in if they've got. The stones. To beat the players they believe they can be at the quarterback position in this league and if that is the case. I think you move heaven and earth to get to guide the bills have gone. Far too long in their history the better part of the last twenty seasons without that guy. So if you feel you can get that guy and the difference between getting him in not getting him as a 20192. Round pick. Pulled it. Trader at. Karen helped pull the trigger right. 8030550. Toll free 1888552. By fifty. Chris brown and studio with a us. The that we are a week away from the NFL draft next Thursday night 8 PM and we're talk with you about the other teams that might be at cinema quarterback which team could beat the bills to the punch. When it comes as selected quarterback in the first round next Thursday it was a call let us know what you think about that whose call from Jim in Rochester I Jim go ahead you're on the air this. And but I'm just the end. He's written record in the bills that the that they won't do them to swear I. That in Iraq certainly at quarterback I could be able to get an amateur and Viet. I think we have to get to do because he went through he could take quarterbacks. Two though. A war. And I'm sure if you did you guys in particular. Whoever it after the quarterback and they give them equally. The quarterback you wide. Open Q that the two but it might. I am really do I don't see we are but a group that is he's said a minute yeah if you go to this to their base. That did not happen between now there's two reasons. They would not too skeptical as I missed the bit that organization that's. Who knows the equitable in the blue chipper. And include boot removed until and you beat you that's just sit there. To do this I except for the yeah its instead you're going to do one attitude you. Jim I'm inclined to agree with most of what you say and I agree with this part most mostly. I don't think the bills are really I don't know about I don't follow the OT disclose that I don't think the bills have a list of four they can live with their trade up or right it's probably joke guys is also its joke and I agree with you on that. I would say this I know I'd seen what the browns have told their fans about. They have enough draft capital map tree down. I just think in the in the following week the week that remains for the draft anything can happen anything has already happened some of the treatment I wouldn't blocked any. You inherit didn't look so war. You know I don't probably you don't have to go every guards and policemen they're just trade adhere to that he'd betrayed that warm. Probably we are fortunate even if you sit before you can't exactly get the everywhere anyway. Well here's here's the thing that Al counter with that I'll play devil's advocate for a second here Jim I think what is at work here is the wait and see approach which means. Let's wait and see who Cleveland takes Cleveland they take quarterback that we don't believe. Is one of the two best in this draft but maybe they q.s a favor and take one of the guys we don't consider is highly on our board. And that affords us the option to try to trade too for knowing at two with the giants sit there. You know they could take. Or maybe they can take the quarterback there is a risk I'm not gonna dive for a second that there's a risk but. It wouldn't surprise me the budget team to wait and see who the pick is up by Cleveland because let's just say they like Josh Allen. And they take Josh down while maybe there's two or three other teams that didn't have Josh Allen is one of the top two QBs and they've just done those teams a favor. Now do the giants sit there at two intake could they want. Sure they may taken on quarterback what if Sam Arnold there. Which is the quarterback and apparently the giants like the most and would consider taking it to maybe they take damage united you have prop. So what is a risk I don't think there's any question about that Jim if you wanna reduce the risk yet you go up to two or try to make a deal with the giants. Point Jim thanks very much effort calling let's call here from Joseph in wanna go ahead Joseph weapons show. I don't know I'm great thank you I got a question we noodle arm. I agree with me got to make the trade them but just from what we have a New York station at all as. The puck but it is the bills to a small enough to. I respect there's not what it is and how much like Miami got an example that we can't wait an outward up and we want to move up. We got enough trips capital. All about what. If you're a bill like you. A number on each quarterback like what they've got Arnold on the to get away from sources back in the third. What was it like it's too personal back and Allen are not as I am going to wait two hours you know. You know sold through somewhat better just all the more quarterbacks they've just been put in the Oneboxes say okay this. We get anybody's. Way too short to second and murder. And is that no mystery as straight unit that you won't. Yeah I bet I'm guessing they probably have something like that when you think Chris now I don't know Vick goes for quarterbacks deep. I have hard time believing that they feel that strongly about four quarterbacks I mean there might be. Of the top four cornerbacks there might be too that they really like the other two they say well they slipped twelve. And we're so there may we think about it but sure I think for the for the quarterbacks they want I'd be shocked if they don't have some sort of scenario in their hand here's what I think about. Our guest yesterday Tony Pauline who said what we call it an agreement in principle. Between the bills in the giants I mean I'm sure they do that kind of work do you think. Yes and while I think they would apply AA. Value system to what they'd be willing to surrender to get a particular prospect. In the end. It doesn't come down to who it comes down to the pick because other teams in the NFL I mean I give to hoot and Holler about Josh Rosen. They care about the pick. In the end it's a it's more about positioning. And it is about the players because he got 32 NFL teams who have different grades on all of these guys some might be slim. In terms of a difference. Of opinion like I've got to believe that most teams have seek on Barkley at the top of their board. You know give or take a few spots but. There are differing opinions on these quarterbacks I don't think there's any question about that. So the value that is uniform. Is the pick. The third pick in the draft is you know worth 2200 points that's universal. So you may say well we would give up this much for Josh Rosen and we give up this much for sand Arnold. But if the bottom line is you got to get to pick 33 either of them you're paid what picked three is worth right now what those players are worth to you so. You can talk about value and what to give up for either of those guys but if you feel you've got to get to a certain spot on the board to get one of them. It's all about what the pick is worth. Not what you have players are Tia well. I think if you have a good idea what the players worth and you say well. That's what it's that's what that third overall pick is worth but that's not what this place is where it went up immigrants rate you know what and you sit and wait rather for the that for the next guy or. Opened the guys slot yet idea yet. I don't leave him blindly say well it's the third pick this what it costs now it's the third pick this is what it cost is this player worth that price. Think that's what goes. Yes yeah I mean you have a player in mind when you're going there I'm just saying you can't. I don't think you can arbitrarily apply. A pick value you know that a draft capital asset value to Sam to Arnold. Because you don't know where you have to go to get him yet and then once you do. If you find out it's more now you're not gonna get him because this is what we said. Yeah. Okay this is the price were willing to pay for that player you're number one quarterback on your board he's there. This is the price were willing to play and that's senior locked into it forever but this is the price we are descent were willing to pay now. Now you get to. You media guys the other team to cooperate maybe that doesn't get the job and you also gotta hope as we're talking today. That one of those other teams. He's willing to pay a little bit more it. And there in your division and your pain and twice plan twice a year for ten years it's going to be great draft next Thursday which team could be the bill to the punch. When it comes to drafting a quarterback in the first round give Mexico divisions but in 030550. Tool free 1888. By fifty to five feet decrypt that back immortal moment John Murphy show from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills. John Murphy she. This round instant it was this today until 3 o'clock filling in this holds the answers here tomorrow on Monday. All of which show what goes lives he will be here. We just showed us brownies have the pro good stuff yeah. I think what Steve. It's a guy asked him how many of those two commercials have you done that. These I don't know a thousand acted and he just what he's a natural perform adequately. You put me change he will do. It's good politics is Steve is really good to be and it issues are prone to it brownies pretty good he's here today. We're talking about the draft obviously a week away the schedule comes out tonight at 8 o'clock. Other draft Chris we're talking about which teams might move up. And get past the bills. In the first round to get one of those premium quarterbacks we talk about how Chris is on the work on draft capital. Might not be yum exactly what to think what you've also go work out recent drafts in what it took to move weapons record rectory. Right yeah just kind of looked at some recent history we went all the way back to 1990 and the Jeff George draft you know Jeff George is the first pick in the draft in 1990. Colts gave up a fifth round pick that year. First round pick in 91. Offensive tackle Chris Hinton. And wide receiver Andre rising to get up to one overall. To take Jeff Georgian. George started every game in 91 the colts went one and fifteen. Only lasted a few years there is you know and then stayed in the NFL for over a decade due mainly to the fact that he had this rocket arm. He just wasn't very consistent. With that rocket arm and really wasn't a great leader either. Not considered to be a great teammate goes so that's three players you mentioned here two players Pete and Verizon. A first round pick the following year. And their fifth round pick as 20s20. Years ago long ago right and I think things have changed. The first I don't anticipate you do you think players will be moving around its weakest but I guess we could. Seems peak games of power I think players could be part of the equation I wouldn't say multiple playwright necessarily but maybe eighty players but it seems mutual. So and not to completely dismissed Jeff George he did lead the league in passing at the raiders 97 before it was over Ryan leaf. This is the well documented one but they do thirty for thirty on this earth so the chargers. Gave up. First and second round pick in that year 98. Gave up a first round pick the following year in 99. Gave up kick returner Eric Metcalf. Linebacker Patrick Sapp. To get the second pick they took Ryan leaf who as we know was gently after four years fourteen touchdowns 36 Dixon mystery. I want her it hurts your neck and a history because you know that could happen again it probably will happen to one teams don't you think. Somebody's gonna miss Beckett and rookie upwards of 83 trip FEMA director six quarterback first round could have happened next that's the record by the way three of them at all. Three corporate it busts it would seem to me it's all classic in here I'll. At least Ken O'Brien made a couple of Pro Bowl here comes the jets and as it applies to every jets fan at. The jets don't deserve much credit for anything but when it comes to the draft but I wouldn't call Ken O'Brien applause he did get into the playoffs a couple of times. And did make a couple of Robles. Tony Eason and got to a Super Bowl lateral view argue is because him. It wasn't Todd black which is probably the biggest plus of that group would you say yeah and then ease in and then probably. You know O'Brien somewhere in the middle there three hall of famers element in it. In the class and experts quarterbacks in over the draft three more recently couple years ago right there were 2000 four's. Five lost in the miss. Yet Roethlisberger went to Apple's Eli Manning institute rubles rivers is very good but no Super Bowl right. I give more I didn't have got to I think a lot of people forgot that the falcons traded up. To get Michael Vick with the first pick in the 2001 drafts of what they give up for the first pick in the ramp they gave up their picket five. Pick 67 which was a third round pick in 2001 that senior they gave up a second round pick you know to. And kick return team Dwight. So again. These last these first three that I mentioned involve players right. On rosters. I found that that was prior the most interesting thing I found that we get to 2004. Remember Eli Manning and a plane for the chargers even though they picked me. And now the giants. Draft Philip Rivers they sent Philip Rivers to the chargers. They also stand a third round pick I'm sorry for. Yeah first pick in the third round 65. And then first and fifth round picks the following years that they give up. A three that year with Philip Rivers who has taken a four. And then they also give them a first and a fifth. The following that's not really like trade the player and its moral victory in the first. And a fourth. In an effort in the pit that she. As a lot but a lot to see rubles then worth it and he still playing. Then comes the horrific Robert Griffin the third move. By Washington. Who have the sixth pick that year. So they trade that pick to move up to two. With the rams. They also trade pick 39 nay years they give up their one. And their two in 2012. First round pick the following year two point thirteen. And the first round pick in 2014. Who. All to move up for Yahoo! spots if you think that jets overpaid with three twos to move up three spots from 63. Washington. Not since well. They're picked it six. A second rounder and then two more one. About three ones and a true. To get up four spots to take Robert Griffin the third and we all remember in a breakout rookie season and is is being turned into jello. And his career went to jail pretty quickly after that. Now that we just after a second you were saying before ruin to break a moment ago howl if the guys there that you want. Price shouldn't be that much of a factor there's an example of obviously they elect RG three. But they paid way too much and not knowing not even know we know RG three. Put about a good player you have to Goodyear could have a good career he did not but. Aside from that that's an awful lot to pay to move up to our spot for spot I'm not I'm not given up that now I'm my Brothers I'd be willing to part with a one next year if it meant the difference at night nine I guess that would have I'm not even up to ones I'm not given up one next year one the year after that that's its crease. It's ludicrous Welsh yeah that's Washington for. Jarrett got. You know we remember. The rams went up to the top of the board to take care adopt first overall they were picking fifteenth day. So they give up fifty have a lot to they gave up their picket fifteen. Two twos at 43 and 45. A three. Picked 76. All that year so they gave up there wanted fifteen. Two twos and a three to get up to the top of the board from midway down fifteen you know fifteen that's not bad and all that I'll. A first in a third round pick up the next you know everybody's seventy art that's the price that's an awful lot 12345. Picks including a pair of one's a pair of that basically 212 twos into threes to go from fifteen to one that's too rich for my god I'm a bit out on. I am cashing in the champs and don't at all. You know and and Jared up look and that look like a mistake I should say this they did get more than just the picket one back. They did get pick 113 and 171 I think that's a 45. If my math is right. In return for all of that draft capitol the gave up. And fortunately for them. Things started to turn around you know which on it may run in the Athens they executed it boarded air gap strengths and he came around their playoff team leaders grew under Jerry company looks well on his way. He continues on his current track Carson whites and year. Right so they had to pick at eight. Had to move up to two. So they give up eight. 77 which is round three. Pick 100 which is early round four that year and then give up all one in seventeen. And a two NET. Just to move up six spots but that seems OK to me doesn't it. A one a two. So all all total. Eagles give up to one's right. A two. A three and a it seems OK to one's one of them being the pick you know yet who picked that day exchange right. And take in the second pit and they got a fourth round pick back so they got this the picket two and a fourth rounder that same year. In seventeen. Or the following years seventeen. And you know we know what Wentz has been able to do and and that was a team that was convinced after sitting down with him at the come by actually. The Eagles website Eagles back. After Wentz is rookie year they ran. The Tom nine interview. From the room remember on their side it was fascinating to watch it just watching him grill him and put him up on the board. And he's not only given him the answer they want he's giving them additional options. He's in well what do you do with this play call against this look. What's your protects any allegiance rattles off a protection. He rattles off this goes on other option here. Is I could call it this way and we could slide protection in this way and I can move the back over here and also do this that's another option to and they were just. He had an he had answers upon answers. And in the way they. Described it was. We thought he was good with the x.s and knows when we put them on the board. It was almost eighty it's about territory with the number of answers he was able to provide them yet he far exceeded their expectations and after that interview bank. I mean they stamped him as the guy they were gonna go up and get in move heaven and earth to go yet and that's what they did it. You hope that. The bills or any other team is thinking that feels they need that. Had that light bulb moment yet in one of these energies whether it was not a pre draft visit or at the com nine. And no. We gotta give up a little extra to get this guy he's worth yet let's do it it'll be that's that. If they do. Give up lecture I think it would stand to reason whether that they admitted her shows the video was guy right there or whatever right it would stand to reason that they did have that kind of moment was when it. Yes right I would agree if they make a big bold move to move up the outlook or from. One walker yes Mitchell travesty is we all know the bears looked like they were in panic mode when they did is because they were sit there three. And I don't know they got the he BG beast. And said we gotta get up to two to make sure we get this guy I don't know what Intel they got from somewhere at some was trying to get up to two and maybe maybe it was true. And it was interesting because I I saw the 49ers website that kind of went through this again. You know they reviewed last year's draft when they agreed to slide back from two to three and this is John Lynch's first draft as a GM for San Francisco. And they want it Solomon Thomas badly. And they were nervous about sliding back from two to three is in no Chicago why they were worried that Chicago may want Solomon Thomas. And of course you'd never know for the team you're trading with undertaking agency look I just wanna go get my guys to. So there was a little risk there but I think they were convince other probably went up to get a quarterback here. So the bears give up their picket three along with a third rounder at 67. And a fifth rounder and wanna let no that's a fourth rounder 111. And the third round pick it when he teens so they give up a one. A three. A four. And a three and eighteen to move up once one spot. And the jury's still out much Robiskie but he did so shows some encouraging signs toward the end the last season. In a whole lot to work with his entire receiving corps was hurt is offensive line of suspects. On one side and really no defense or your very often playing from behind defense to tee off on you. Don't stretch because you've done you've just went through what 28 years worth of trade ups to get quarterbacks. Teams really have to have a strong commitment and sometimes it works I mean how many different quarterbacks that you look at at their eight may be up for a from really good moves for maybe a little at Georgia. It comes down Ryan leafs a thumbs down Michael vick's probably a thumbs up until the dog thing here. Eli Manning's a thumbs up Griffin's a thumbs down but that's. That's circumstance I think injury I mean who knows what his career would have been a right to close me out there that Shanahan still coaches there and you know that kind of stuff. Got probably a thumbs up yet Wentz is a thumbs up tradition he's jury's out. Yeah maybe five of the Nader for five of the eight but you really got to have a strong commitment and you gain. You got radiated the pull the trigger if we hit you know we get a lot of calls and tweets and step over the last several weeks BBC. Stay where you are you know you got a hold of bill okay you can do that and that might be what they wind up doing but. If you're looking for a quarterback you've got to be ready to be bold is the lesson I learned from it you gotta be ready to take it chains. If you're in the market for quarterback you gotta be ready to put a lot on the table which all the chips in without the big boy and exactly. It's going to be fun next week we're gonna talk more about this we'll get your ass as well. 8030 but fifty told free from outside buffalo 1888550. To 550. Back to normal with John Murphy show from one bills drive a Buffalo Bills radio. John Murphy she didn't show where are we away from the draft him or not target target yet. That's a surprise actually about to eucharist at that can do it. Can you talk about the draft quarterback that's a week away and its like. Every day it seems there's different little twisted to think about I'd I'd. I. If you do I think. There's so much. Potential. Jockeying for position at the top of the board it's. I think it's going to be like. On Wall Street sell equipment at its guises is going to be you know it's it's going to be. I think it's got the potential to be bananas there. Where people sit in their share. You know watching this thing on TV your loosen the radio and go out. Right multiple woes. I hope so I hope. That's where it goes it is a week from today 8 PM we're gonna be on the air on the radio side Debra BM and the Sam Kass I obviously during the day. On Thursday a week from today. Noon to 3 PM and then at 8 PM next Thursday will be on the radio and reflect chip in buffalo WGR Sports Radio pipe it to myself and Steve Tenser than the following day. We have a radio for five upwards. 10 AM to 3 PM. Aside look at for five hours and you probably part of that every part of that yeah hopefully they're for a little bit first round pick will be and by then you'd think it. Be set up for the second round Friday night's second and third route the talk coming up next week the draft as is. Our new show one bills like in the meantime what do you think who is imposition of may be screw up Buffalo's strip planned scored a victory airplanes next week. What are the team give us a call 8030550. Tool free 1888. 550 to 550 call on the line from Larry in blocked board Larry go ahead you're on the air this. Well we're gonna afternoon. It's been kind of laid up I've been in election years show. Pretty much weaker all else that's where obviously a better thank you. I am. And I don't think we need. And cryptic you show won't there on the screen. That there is anybody. In better condition and want people to move out if they want to Indy you know even then. Patriots move you don't next year they're gonna end well Aaron and in the draft pick. And from the other girl like I don't just won't be any. Audio in the battle labeled well. While I think the great equalizer Larry and and I would tend to agree with you in terms of this year's draft capital the great equalizer for some of these teams. If they are desperate enough to get up there is future draft choices and I know what you're saying to Larry that the anticipation is. That if that let's say hypothetically the patriots are willing to part with the one and 2019 or 22019. Your under the assumption and probably a lot of other people would be to that that's going to be picked it's lower in the round it would be as attractive. I can't dismiss that. But once you start talking about future one's. Future two's. Just going by the history the deals we just ran through it gets the job done. It really Dutch yet so. I don't think we can just. Completely dismiss that that is the great equalizer for teams at the bottom of the board. Offering future one's future twos so teams that maybe have a lot of draft capital already in this year's draft. You know where the U deem it to be that the Broncos for example a five we haven't talked about them yet. That's a team that could screw up Buffalo's transplants but to say the Denver doesn't decide to go from five to two. Main. They can still offer the giants a top five choice to get up to do we get the quarterback that they want if if the guy that the browns take it one. Is the guy that Denver had at the top of their board what's to say they don't go from five to two they've got two threes two fours into fives. And the Broncos have a lot of draft capital and they're sitting at five comfortably ahead of the deals with a lot more to offer a team in return it's it's in the top four. This than anything the bills can give them a twelve. So. And you know Denver's a team that could completely ruin the party to that it didn't have to LeapFrog the bills and I drafting from a position behind the bills. There are pretty up there and they've got a lot of draft capital. I think they conventional thinking around the league though is that Denver is not really interested in a quarterback as a case Tina yet and they drafted quarterbacks with the not much success in recent years in that they you know Elway doesn't seem anything you like here. Right but I go back to what Elway said the cal by that I mentioned on the show yesterday he was asked point blank. And this is before they even acquired case Tina when he was asked this question. They asked him. Archer hurt by all the misses over the years is they've got Tim Tebow packs in lynch. I still forgot to look up the third guy that they missed a third guy that was the first round and remember it wasn't really for. And asked him what how do you feel about those misses and he goes. Can't worry about the mrs. and keep firing. And I'm like boy there's a gunslinger recorder and there is doesn't care about three misses on quarterbacks. In the first round of the draft. And the areas helps to be John Elway in Denver they have account job secure he's like the John Wayne up there is getting so. You know he. In care about the misses he's gonna keeps doing it I think he knows there's a margin error that you just have to accept as part of the equation. Because the position that is missed on more than any other in round one over the history of the draft is quarterback will why is that. Because more people make quarterback picks and probably at his position in round one so that this rate is gonna be high because the total pool rate is high. Is it higher than any other position that's a research that I'd like to see out there to two people miss on other positions. Just as much if not more than quarterback I don't know and and I certainly know this week or next week I don't have the time to. If the answer on that. You know maybe someone that. Has time to crunch the numbers can do that he had a lot of accounts out there this Scot free now that we passed ex date equity call one of them up and have them do the numbers on that but. You know I think Denver's is is about a fight concerned if Cleveland at one doesn't take the guy who's at the top of Denver's sport. You know they can move up from five to quite easily in the reason that's appealing to the giants. Is OJ Cutler. Yes Jacob America for six that was the other guys think they got Jay Cutler Tim Tebow accidentally its first round picks and he was Cutler missed. It was a good quarterback. He was an attitude problem plea for under twelve years though and got traded to tie ups times so. Yeah. But those were the three misses that I was referring to with the Broncos somebody referenced those and pose that question to John Elway but I think there's a genuine. Chancellor Denver could say well you know he's Keenan's nice quarterback but how long is he played two years. And then we got to find some money and I'm not convinced that. You know. Accidentally injure. Whoever else they have on their roster us Weiler still there Chad killing. Of their there. I think he could be easily convinced that he's got to go find another one were believes that one on their roster now is. Not as good as what they get a pick to this year's draft draft is a week. Way we've been talking about it for a couple of months and over the a couple of months alt exit narratives developed you know Mark Jackson I would rather run than throw it. Sick on Barkley is the future hall of Famer. Well buddy Steve palace although from pro football focus once a poke holes and some of those draft narratives he's gonna join us next with his. NFL draft narrative busters steam that was oval NFL draft college football analyst for pro football focus back I'm coming up next on the show John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts. We're live at one bills drive on buffalo new tree.