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We're back with. He instigated it's presented by MP Carol hard. Hey welcome back against the gators I'm Andrew Peters along with Craig room day it's Friday at 1130. On WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSU wise 1130 so important. That's Darren triggers time on the show he is blocked every Friday 1130 and he joins us now. From the beautiful land of Edmonton Alberta Daryn Gregor are you doing sir. I get and it was a late night with a overtime and Edmonton. The building Lou electorate here and the orders on the way to win and Compaq and up and get ready to go to that particular. You know we we had Jeremy Roenick on that's my name drop right there but we had Jeremy Roenick on at the end of the last hour and rib and I were talking before the show. About how impressed we are that Edmonton's two young team to go out and get shellacked in San Jose. Seven nothing and then come back only to rebound against a grizzled veteran team like San Jose and win 43 in overtime find a way to grind one out. After wet wet rip pointed out being down 31. Yeah out I mean outlook Newton. Whether or not they. Is it just couldn't find an extra gears does to put the letters out of their misery and it'll hold onto that computer at the debate from the job that. It targets able McIntyre at. I'll watch it closely from the book the midway point of the second period on the letters were pretty dominant and in overtime. You know he was shocking that it could last that long dispute that went into the final two minutes of overtime first period of overtime because they haven't been. Absolutely. All over the panel that sharpening the shot clock read fourteen to and in the first five minutes alone I think Mark Jones based. You know two or three bill saves. To stop it out either you know the older group that now they church. Ran out of gas or. You know they it may be that the adjustment because the younger letters absolutely that extra gear in and turned it up a notch in overtime. Darren Gregor on the line TS and hockey insider artist feel like we're just pouring salt in the wound right here we're talking about Edmonton. Because of what happened yesterday here in Buffalo Sabres are the playoff system that the schools decided. To relieve Tim Murray and Dan piles of of their duties of the team we had done yesterday. But mr. Burkle today out on the podium at his press conference talking about. We have to do a better job with discipline structure communication and character what do you think about what he had to say there. Seattle I think it's very telling I think it's birdie on us that you know he also acknowledged that he got some regrets but he wasn't all. You know prior in the are hammering the hiring of the general managers select give it pretty good feel. That that the guerrillas are going to be very involved moving forward here and out to be. Because you know and are building their hockey operations department again from the ground up in an unbelievably. Busy time of the year. If you've got the expansion throughout looming you got. The calm mind to prepare where you've got the NHL dropped to a tree get this you got that at any. That's why you know where and when Terry Google docs are experienced general manager. What toy with the idea you know eat eat to hire somebody who's in it right now Kook in the you don't jump on board up sabres. And not just focus on an Oregon coach maybe deck and a little bit later. But focused on doing everything that he acted in good pictures the sabres are in line and ready to some of the trading big mile event. That are coming up in the near future. So oh I had a question for is so when you this is the first question I think I've ever I guess I was just gonna sell or a while I don't pregnant beta that Darren tiger segment. You know I I when I when I look at most organized nations they have your GM your present in Europe hockey. President of hockey operations what is the first person that you're going to hire is it all hot the president of hockey operations. Or is it a GL. Well in a perfect world I I think it would be an overseer hockey operation call the president called the director of hockey ops whatever you want. I get the thing that I without those who we is that person. You'll put that guy I'd be seen them party view them party doesn't make me wanna be in the data the trenches and and working hard you have to. To be as successful at NATO general manager. We know his track record is appears period. So you may be and that's my speculation. You know they're they're looking at him in doctor trees so that he helps oversees the Google. In the process of of hiring a general matter in a perfect world you'd make sense to goal that we down or up. The hockey operations latter but again time is to be out here maybe maybe find the right guy and maybe he would be Lombardi speculated so watch them. That you know he's capable of handling ball you know the general manager job. The president of hockey operations but it is going to be the one thing I can tell you I think it that this yet they're well. Frankly there's no shortage if you if you find that hockey star be it again Lamar you're somebody else. Doesn't that open the glory collider that's why we're seeing names like Chris Drury from the New York Rangers. Bottle of water roller Billy Guerin from the from that the Pittsburgh Penguins. Hire Marty Saint Louis in. From those that street Louis and and it'll they'll be others that it is named Tripp in this. If you're hiring a guy like. Even Norma carvers some degree from Chicago. I feel like you need Unix. Experienced hockey executive. Balkan did you help. Iron out some of the wrinkles along lake so the lip I think for this group is gonna be pretty long. Let me ask you this and river and I talk about this regularly if you just tuned in to aaron's record joining us southeast got a bit of a cold out there are still called her an advocate. I have money in the Internet Marty Booker did not at all. I was exam parties and we ask would you be cute cute cute but he's coach Meyer you know they'll beat you up short but. Art that broker. And I entered into a bit of a cold but dry in the. You program it Louie is coaching minor hockey. There's more there's more pressure in coaching minor hockey and there is in the NHL. Nobody area. Totally I totally forgot my question to let fate after all we we we were talking and that's the first laugh Craig's out of the show in two days there are regulations. Lindy Ruff is a name that we toss out there obviously the ties to buffalo all but. He had a disappointing tenure in Dallas and I'm just wondering. Maybe stepping away from coaching with the connections he has the Olympic experience. He's worked Easter I think he's very close with. Joplin area obviously knows Babcock he's worked with these guys. He's very well respected in dialed in and I was wondering seeing how to Jimmie the oh works who came from Detroit you know you kinda get he's had. Gained a lot of experience is that a guy that could. Could be candidate. Well could be again I I I don't think that the Pulitzer in a position right now we're going to dispatch editing. I've got a hard time believing that they're going to look rock. Rather than look at. Ending you know untrue that they've got to help you lower back or you know what let me rub it. You know during it is with Buffalo Sabres and and look at our rule. Got up on things as well. I just don't see those men as being a part of the building blocks of the future I don't see the bet. But maybe they go through this process in the true currently recognize that. You know the perfect fit isn't there and after reconsider that my sense is based people but it talked yesterday that Lindy likely wouldn't be involved. All right so I set out a tweet last night and I hate to admit that bring it up on the show what I set out a tweet last night. And it said not sure what would be more of a shock today files when Murray like goal or the Blackhawks getting swept in round one. I don't know I I can't believe I know sharks about the news camp on the hawks. I kind of like I'm I'm more shocked that the stock Lockhart that's what that I on the ball Lundberg I hear the again. Yeah public cricket respect to those guys I. I guess I made them according to Chicago Blackhawks couldn't be out you know I I I like that natural predators I pick Chicago win that series. But I I thought it would be good series at photos via a 67 game at the thing. I'll Wear Chicago prevailed because they're experienced but based spotter. Stages could not get anything on it and luck you know natural play great game and on top of that packed arena. Well played out of his mind so when you got those ingredients that you guys know better that night that Putin leading ingredients in the recipe person out. You know the hawks have played a ton a hockey over the years though you know we said the same thing about the kings a couple years ago. They played me these guys have played over a hundred some odd games in the last 56 years just in the playoffs alone I mean. That takes a look at what happened and the one year where they missed the playoffs completely and then came back the next year won the Stanley count maybe they get this is there a break time. Well maybe and look one thing we've learned you know speak amount but not social but pretty. Attractive being given what's going on in buffalo got all. On an annual basis just quietly to make miracle now. That that cap team always has been capped peak Chicago let you know you find a way and be partly because of the trucker that acceptable Blackhawks players. You'll want to come from Europe. I'm restrict appreciate conflict and Erin. Because they feel like it better chance to win a championship every year in Chicago media that changeable little bit because they were eliminated so quickly. But I doubt it and I'm certainly not going to question the possibility of the Chicago Blackhawks B cup contender Cambrex. I'm with the I mean I I I it doesn't take them out of the conversation and no way to I think that dolls that. The beginning of spiral where they organization goes down. What do you think about the Washington Toronto series to me that's probably the most interest are nothing to do it geographic. Location but just in terms of the young team into Ronald. Yeah I you know I'm not surprised by it I still think Washington. In the series and if they adult that you know there's going to be try to questions. On on that organization. I don't think anyone is in interpreting it losing their job and run well general managers there. I think it's great work I gambled and got shot and Kirk at. You know that was a gamble worth taking because the watching capital there are built and designed to win the Stanley Cup. But they've got to prove they've got to find a way to knock off pesky made leaps. You know the experience basically I think is is actually an advantage. These young blacks don't really know what. Adversity. The peace in the playoffs to the pressures the ocean Greg app you'll they're learning it probably fired her. Com Erin Erin Brady and make them stronger text here. But they're complete listing so you've watched and witnessed serious lot and have to win this series these kids. In Toronto are going to give up and if the defense is better than I thought it would be an circle ending that there are so. You know that your Chirac. Do you chalk it up to nerves with Washington like I just don't understand I had him beating them trial for street. Toronto has all the you know six or seven rookies on the team. They don't have no playoff experience. Hell yeah what is going on in Washington this is an oiled machine right now yeah right from the fourth line defense to the gold town doesn't make any sense. Well look you know country watch the Pittsburgh get that Columbus Blue Jackets slot right. No one when you've got a team on the ropes. You don't know what six weeks anymore because the parity that exists NHL but don't let them linger. And that you or the Pittsburgh Penguins last night. You know I mean not that that was surgical. Not an outstanding game you know Sidney Crosby elevated his play I mean. Columbus chip didn't have an answer that they couldn't there was nothing they could do that. The push back that's what happened happened in Washington you know that they have Xperia after they have a lot of experience there but yet guys like Justin Williams can't do that. All on the dole don't. Problem and it became a little light the other night you know he can't expect him to it to carry the load so you know back from of that in the Donna let them the star players watching capital and frankly I think Braden albeit an Albert get back in the series so. You know he turned it up a notch and we've certainly seen that he's capable of Gilligan. While it's all about accountability kinda like risk prediction of four straight past beat Toronto assault they can't just be that it speaks to his ability as a hockey analyst they Daryn I mean. A lot of prophetic I'm new at this Andrew and just learning remind yeah access. Yeah tests we're learning from our mistakes Darren Dreier thanks for joining us have a good weekend we'll talk to you next Friday. Thank you.