04-26 Josh Allen Conference Call

Bills Football
Thursday, April 26th

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When did you know or at least get an equally maybe that the bills were very interested in you and how far back and you go yeah kind of pinpoint that maybe is one of the teams that you'd land way. Only came around visited mean Wyoming and today it bit you interest are that. Probably on the Gordon we talked to a lot of things aren't I want to hostility he talked about football. Expressed interest there and tonight you know. I understood they're China's trade couple different button and ever happen. Fortunate enough for me you know it happened at seven. Just super blessed super excited to be a Buffalo Bill. How difficult has this 24 hour period in. Given the lows and highs and you've gone through. After what's gone. There really. Just because. You know my failing. Those my my teammate now I know without person I am. Those tweets don't reflect the type person and I am so. It was very hard could be under that scrutiny for stuff that happened so long ago might you take it on the chin you know what the much broader beat like there's about I think about it there's. So that I can go back in it and stick that thing that. You know I can't so I'm gonna take it needed. You know our community better criminal we people can't you know beauty is an example. The bill said they they circled back they talked with the EU the top of your coach. Teammates about the situation. How much contact did you have with the bills specifically after the tweets and the reports surfaced. Yeah I talked to them I probably sit around noon today I'm just explaining. You know what happened why it happened. The circumstances of you know that tweet it. Just try to explain like that does not mean it's not the outburst and I am and they did their due diligence they talk to my coaches they talked a teammate. And you know one of my teammates and my coach is backstage you know they they definitely believe that high character guy because I am a social and every day. They go to buffalo I don't earn respect my teammate. Earned respect my coach is not that I wanted to about it. And Josh I'm sure you've heard that it does snows and it rains it gets cold here in buffalo it. That's something that you had some experience wit. Absolutely you know being in Laramie I think that out of all of off four or five quarterbacks in this draft. You know on the one out dude for buffalo you know the type of atmosphere that ship orient the weather I've adopted it takes to play a cold weather play. You know I out of Baghdad am fortunate enough that they came up to give me going to be forever grateful to give buffalo well it. You know let's call this place called for the next fifty to forty years. Just what what do you say to bill's fans are gonna go look up some of Stetson and you had done years statistically what he's sound and look enough that your completion percentage and ask it. Don't don't do it you don't like the dad just me now. I'd say it bought the game films must admit though that I can do. I think that. They pure quarterback. Indy summit so that I can do it I think Friday that you know are definitely got to learn and that a stressful my coach is down and get the quarterback room. You would make you with AJ try to become the best teammate that quarterback that I can be you know whether it played right away whether it's sit there and you know really. Break from these guys is what I'm gonna do I really wanna help the team went for August. How do you approach that balance Josh of knowing you want to be the guy. Vs knowing you need to develop further improve yourself at this level. I'm always gave me a lot you know I wanna be there. You know talk about one of the greatest quarterback to ever play the game and I know that they'll no small task. I mean with the coaching staff here at teammates and I'm gonna have. I definitely going to be put a good position to help this team went in. I like it said I'm gonna be hungry every game becomes the work. Bring my lunch skeletal my head down. I got to be the best quarterback that I can be you know day in and day out there that a lot of hard work. But I mean that your surgical. Always would I firmly believe if I'm gonna you know do everything in my power to become the best quarterback but I can be. When you do when you went you don't when you had your doubts that if they go going through that talks with the bills that at noon today. What sense of relief was there and knowing that this team had the faith in you to actually still trade up to strike what. What it happened overnight to trade up and still take you at seventh overall. You know there's tremendous release are I got the news last night at about everything happening. Extremely delicate dumped so very emotional. Just because you know I know that that's nominee come up with papers that I was six years ago. You know whatever happened happened you know I think it happened for a reason. I definitely think that I was destined to be a Buffalo Bill Herm I'm extremely grateful that they were no way it. You know they stuck up there next army and now my my chance to go proven. Make sure they they look like they did the right now right move it by trading up in the. Gates also like your interactions with the the owners Terry and Kim Google we are told that they came out next who were part of the contingency that watched you work out meet you and Laramie. Yeah I mean a fantastic meaning and then obviously there pretty beloved in in buffalo they've done a lot of great things there are. He didn't approximate they're really all of elbow local ball and ousted out that they were still. Just they're all meant everything really. Makes me happy that that complaint or older that really cares about his players really cares about his team is gonna do everything is possible power. To make this team is successful pop. Just tell us what fans they excited are you going to buffalo. You know are different than they should be excited because I don't want to one side deftly picked up buffalo. Deserves you know it seemed that that goes on to win. You know playoff games Super Bowl. Like it's got a lot of hard work to get there but I'm the type of guided gonna put my head down on the do everything humanly possible to make that happen. I guess at whether it start right away whether it sit behind AJA. Becoming the best teammate that I can be in you know really pushing this team towards. Ultimately greatness is what I want. Just how I know what and when Brittany came out he said. A view this kid at buffalo what does that mean to you. Mean don't. And that's what that's the word association maps buffalo it. Take a tough person to play above quote tough place to play in a tough fan base. But I mean I definitely think it was a match made at this Abu. Think I've done in my college career in art but I've played it over the buffalo have a similar environments similar weather. I definitely think that that's where I really fit you know big tall. You know strong armed guy that can interpret the wind I think that definitely necessary for a quarterback about what. Just one of the last few months been like for you mean you come from. A small farm town you've played college football Wyoming and then over the last few months here in. The subject of national debate people are picking apart every video game and then. Last night the tweets come on I mean what does this sort of shot into the system then like the last few months. It's it's been the real just knowing where it came from. Now been injured ecology few years ago but the think that this is our will be sitting here. Now have a Buffalo Bill. You know rejoice with my family it's. It seemed just did it seem like it might never happen but I never gave up you know that faith and obviously. Newsweek this stuff that wasn't the greatest deal but you know god works in mysterious ways. One way or another I was gonna be a thoughtful well. Did you steered clear where these past few months. Does deleted. Last few days unable to be a furlough the broad scope of things are some cons and things but I. Armament they are written you know really be close but I can't my family in my coaching staff might deem it that's certainly their. Do you feel like the Twitter thing recently cause you to follow in the draft. I don't think so I don't so there's a lot of uncertainty we'll look at apple with me. But I guess we'll never know whether that happened or not. I really want to be a buffalo bill and to be with a coaching staff. It's going to be a blessing. Well when you met with coaches Syria what stood out when you meet with you know new offensive coordinator and you know how he might fit into their their plans office. Because Dave is pretty muted that that jumpin it. Alert edit its equity TJ it's going to be special I think that he's done has passed. To have. The success that he has to coach or as a go to that he had you know he prayed a lot the table obviously coach McDermott. I think it's been built well well last yourself. And I can be more excited about coaching staff and complaint or a quarterback a good goalie. Fantastic guy. Outlook or could be a real. On the border available there that's. It did AD on the border how how in depth was that process with buffalo. Look into and a you know when I went to visit them but it was pretty in depth they can defeat means plant and equipment on board they. I ramming through some of their plays. Some of their formation and stuff like that. I really think they got a good sense of that I was a quick learner they would pick up on of the stuff they were preaching. And I just think it's a fantastic fit from start service. And election time. From what areas of quarterback and you feel you need to improve on the bus. Well obviously everybody wants but that be on the completion percentage up 56% which is not good not by any. I'm I'm here to help this team went between what a position I can't two win though whether that complete the ball. 70% on you know give it my coaches dressed coach Colin what he felt because stable I'll play. And understanding what we're trying to do it an offense so that would enable me itself are often they'll ability or beat a stop the openly but it bit better this audience. Josh everybody seems to. Kaya project do you agree with that are you project and when you expect to play. What should I hope everybody's project I hope you're not a finished product when you presumptive you know help you know we've all got a lot of learning to do. You know not just quarterback but every position you know it did the transition period where. Everybody got to learn everybody's got to get better and everybody get it just the thought that there at belt. To be caller our project is not and Craig you me what did a compliment that I I got a lot left the outlook brought. You mentioned the up rules on the sabres what do you know about hockey every near European hockey. And did you watch the game at all. I do watch the game. And you know I will say it is hardly anything better than that playoff hockey except on touchdowns in a football game but. My sister actually worked for the Anaheim Ducks for a little bit got go to you get there. Excitement. Just the pure energy inside of a hockey arena at some special. So some believe that accuracy is is a tough thing to teach and you know improve on some believe it you know sometimes you have it sometimes it don't what we're just what do you think of that. You guys as a concept and do you think that's true or false. I think it talks. You know I definitely look back at my film and when I do admit that large part due must beat. You know also make it should come consistently setting might be right now it's on on time you know sort front stride. And you know when I do those things I've seen a lot of result nickel back would be to bulk global. I'm not looking at both become operable yet account. The united beat them the result that would Jordan Palmer topic if you'd like do you work on it. And they didn't continue to track that process. Is that is that if the biggest thing you've been working on you know maintaining the base and you know the structure there when it comes actors it. Absolutely and just making sure that any common don't forget the pocket. It's the same exact way you know at the same date that the strides on the same followed through with very compact. Niger Pollard and a great job with me I can't be apt here what you know and be a violent side. Are you expecting to start opening their what is your expectation on that. Now I'm not at all in common I expect to go and I expect to compete. I expect earned job whether it's game on it midway Tutsis and it a year maybe two years but it whatever the case could be. I'm going to be the best candidate that I can be able to play whatever role I can't help he went. You know well and really being a starting quarterback being developed what they drafted he'd. Be done about Albert try and earn their respect in this country like at that they've made the right decision.