05-02 Bills 4th Round Draft Pick Taron Johnson on One Bills Live


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John Murphy and Chris Brown Chris is in for Steve tasker reared till 3 o'clock today. Talking about the bills and talking to the bills including our next guest joining us right now the subway for a stick out like. Last Saturday he was so Buffalo's fourth round draft pick out of Weaver state we are happy to have cornerback Terrence Johnson on the line with a starent. John Murphy Chris Brown here in buffalo thanks for joining us we appreciate it. Our guys brass. Great episode where you Sacramento you all the Sacramento right now. Yes I know is that we watched the draft Aaron and tell me about taken in the draft list it's Saturday. Com owned an exciting moment what bill probably my heart kind of drops. A little bit helps and nerve to make some do both say he's so I was real excited how all around my family of friends there are cited for. Where you. We you'd like. Some some guys have said this before they get the call from a team and they say our gonna pick you the next day just be ready for it and you know you hang up the phone and some guys have said in the past. I believe it until I saw my name on the television we've got in the same boat there. Outlook in the exact same boat out lately that there will pick out what you see money go go and order so it. I was I was about well really what what when they told you that I had to see to believe. And then just with respect to contacts. You know leading up to the draft. I think you said that in that they have much contact with you pre draft. Well Darren and Mubarak met all the coaches like the whole all the whole like based organization yeah in Rhode. And after this gearbox have emerged from that at all so I was kind of surprised that they column. That they that they called. So what was your impression coming out. Of all that time he spent with him at the senior volume had to be thing of everybody's lined up here this this must be pretty stare is like how did you. As you take that walk in at the Senior Bowl the end of the week. Well off but like they were very incident. I mean I think they work but it. Basing that they seem to have watched lot of mosque built in just like me a lot so that's basically what I got out of it in the they. To happen in the draft. The Teradata. How would you compare the you know the pre draft interviews at the Senior Bowl it's not a structured right as it is. At become buying and a couple of other books it's his right I mean maybe he get to spend more time at the Senior Bowl with teams who wanna talk yet. I arch say. In the Senior Bowl I felt like. May be all like all the coaches or necessarily there they have all all all or it's out there but not all the coaches do their so. Where I'm there with the field they have so close that I like it repaired. There. But up some minor come by. All the votes. All the stuff like that was put out your vote I only saw the whole basis of The Beatles so that. That's what I. No terror and I was down at the Senior Bowl covering it you know for a team website there and you know the FCS guys. Our names of interest for me because you know those of the guys that really have the most approved during that week. And you know you and now your new teammates here and Neil from Jacksonville State you guys were to have a handful of FCS guys that were on site. I'm curious what your mindset was going in because watching you any concern Neil through the course of the week. Me guys in Baghdad's it to anybody I mean just I'm curious what your mindset was going into the week. While not trying to make it bigger than what it was you know you obviously want to make a good impression so how did you. Prepare yourself mindset wise for that week. What are. I would think in that they're not out selected not as big as soon as yet yes I think the biggest difference is probably their debt. Yes a lot more that it it's yes yes well. But other than that I like it if it is in too much and not only way to get that yet without playing against the best is yet players in the country. So I'll decide who are so that outlook desperate search. That that's such as are we going to do it on to lock it is that you have the ability. And that's just what I set up through. Was best receiver you went up against last year for Weaver state and how did you dance and terror. Bet he brought that up to its. That we would say it was probably. A player and remote she would dock us. He kind of calm. He kind of went the opposite side of the game. Citing the play that much but what it's like if you that you it was a really good player and he's probably gonna get Jack is somewhere. Actually. So I know that you know you played a little bit everywhere. And Weaver state is you're. I mean you're probably their best cover guy and I know you even followed players around at times to handle. You know the opponent's number one target. Can you just walk me through. Some of the different roles that you had to. You know take on in the Weaver state defense number one and which one you know you felt you were asked to hold down. Most often anywhere you the guy following the number one most of the season where you in the slot. You know covering their best inside guy and I'm just curious the range of your assignments there is we don't get a lot of Weaver state games out here. Yeah well op played com they say where that eat up all of most of the time off while they're the best receiver. And omelet would that you in the slot or outside both Amanda ordered him if you went inside and mental ought to make you an outside start basically disarm. But we is that because that is the Harlem Hospital worker would be a very Nichols outside corner. Just wherever. Wherever they I need to put. Got education have you received from the bills coaching staff Karen about. How they plan on using you hear him talk to anybody about that. I have but I don't. We're we're gonna see what happens. In this in this in the near future. Yeah so I mean every where they let them I'm ready six down from mass or whatever position that they have. I know little out by order. Yeah I mean I know that. At least the NFL draft knicks. You know and their opinion varies in validity of course and certainly hasn't carries much risk with the bills coaching staff has in store for you but I know a lot of them feel that. You know you could be. On the field very early as you know a nickel corner I think they just like your change of direction skills your quickness in your ability. You know to defend. To wage goes hat how do you feel about that what's your reaction to that opinion of your play. I mean there's we have some good some good definitely quarters on the bill and that is why about today so. Wherever wherever I'm of this sit that's where that's probably felt a promise you my best that's up from alert in did that let up Arctic. Do you find are you comfortable in its own like if they ask you to play a lot of zone would you be comfortable doing that here. Almost that the most that. Would like I mean I don't think about me out there are some pretty person out software to match the demand an act to be. As well quarters so. There's this this this whatever whatever at this situation as a floor can do. So it's Darren we'd be remiss if we didn't address this. The comeback. You you became a mean rather quickly. I'm I'm sure it's probably the first time that's happened for you. How how it's the how tough was it for you at the outset in terms of your phone blowing up. And has it at least died down since then because of me we're looking at what was a completely honest. Mistake. But we know how social media work so what was it like after it first happened with your phone and how are things now. Com. I hit his stride like a lot a lot like don't worry about it anyway. They were just basically same. All publicity is good publicity so does that I had an. This was I wanted to outlook says that it had. This kind of guy. My name out there look at Mort all of it shouldn't how to chip like that analysis up bottled up doubles reforms in the end. Yes it is only now it and we'll talk about it out. You know this bit of medical like what I would say that's really bad thing that. But it's certainly better than like you know fallen down a flight of stairs or tripping over something in looking like a complete clumsy person. I I gotta tell its parent and for the listeners that don't know. Terence get ready to run through the gauntlet to come by where he's got to catch. You know balls that are being thrown at him and show is ball skills. And you know you can't that you passes you know you do 180 catch on once you do on eighty cats on the other side and then passes start coming at you left and right. And and terrorism force and look in the wrong way on the first pass and the quarterback. Just drills him in the head but here's the part of the video I like the most Aaron. The two guys in the background. Watching. I think you've got this one guy that's got his hands on his head after it hit you. That's the guy like the most in the video forget about what happened to you but I I mean hey man if anything hats off to you for continuing the drill. Because I think that showed something to a lot of coaches that were watching like. Here's a guy can take something. Unexpected or bad that may happen on the field and the guys is Yankee plant. That's that the much. Shortly we have cornered this thing they're gonna happen again right it's got to focus on like in their place. And little make good places to redeem yourself or anything like that. If there was any game that's it that's a PBU that's a fast break with the hit right. And MPV used are something that you kind of excelled in Tara I mean. 48 games 41 PBU's I mean we're just getting targeted a bunch or where you just make him place. Ops or else they can play especially well for atmosphere and it as many as part right out my freshman and software but it. Like me like I was that way that they see accessible. And then just with respect to your Twitter account. Which for fans that may want to follow its terror in jail eleven. You've got some interesting advice on there at times I gotta say. Yet oppose. Less than a day ago go to church together is a good date. You know don't you routinely dispense dating advice to Terri. Not magnet. The obviously like that from a select a good thing to do somebody. And then and then another posting yours drain on his whole area is so are you warriors fan and or you just a drain on Greene fan with all the antics that he does on on the court. I. I like the word I would necessary MC span but I really elect where I'm really keen sense. But it became ever really know system. I've got to go through the explosive poll found that as the Bay Area so I'm kind of words that only will it. They're grown up in Sacramento you come out of there is really him in all city wide receiver. And you go to Weaver state and immediately I guess Chris we here they turn him into the defensive side of the ball what they see what they make that move. This thing is I actually the votes to change it's about to elect him. What could be back to be better corner rather than why receivers so it's sort of like out there out there probably in the summer. I was just like just thinking about and I was like I want our plate. Or replace Porter knocked both the coach and what we've approached it like quarter boats and play corner house. And actually calm he actually was that the bill Burt disorder period of time. Like along I'm like I mean I'm not what's is there. Take you. Yet say okay. He was in the excited that our ash. It's kind of this and the receiver coach Lynette he. But you excited that I want I don't think position and that's probably because he was a quarterback so. Excited and they were there when her heart acts as. Where you completely foreign to the position or had you played zone in high school like you know don't run and forwards a whole lot different or running backwards so I mean did you have experience playing in high school. Yet to follow mall outside of me player of fever bush. When my China China strictly for porn and for somebody also like how can be a quarter. At the college level rather see so that's that's the. The general what's the plan and you and the rest of rookies are right here next week right urinary just about a your annual year just about a week from now right. What is it what's the plan what do you guys do when you get here. Armed but it that I probably well. Our coaches you ready for with mini camp really. Are you nervous. Not right now. Not right now are probably will be. Nick we. We'll doping at the net you'll be fine. Day coming through our group. There's a good group back there and at secondary did you did any of any of the guys on the roster reach out TF you got picked over the last few days are now. Arms yet they did. And the linebacker Lorenzo at least. Yeah he's from from the Bayern. He's he's good friends and actually my coach what do Marcos is at school he he reached out to. And that I didn't seem to the contact contact them up here and who just got it. He. He he's actually me and knew quite what it was missed seeing them as well as you have milk he he reached out to me. Is that that we bought bought bought at a Mets well so. Yes that's it. Pretty cool we will see you here next week then that Karen thanks very much for joining us here this afternoon we appreciate. Karen Johnson bills are rookie quarterback fourth round draft pick from Weaver state joining us on the subway pricy talent subway eat fresh.