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Talk a lot of quarterbacks today we got a guy who knows a thing or two about quarterbacks. He is a former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals for five years from 2013 through. 2017. Two time Associated Press NFL coach of the year two time Super Bowl champion as well and he is the quarterback whisperer. Haven't Ebbers Iranians have a Lima this right now coach thanks for joining us Jeff Murphy Steve tasker in buffalo we appreciate you coming on. Called my budget got another I don't. It's great we're doing better we deserve Bruce Lee you've decided not to stay retired too long it took it got a job at CBS congratulations on your new gig. Well thank you so much I am excited about it you know really want the same regain some power. Hoping broadcast it might be an option and then got really lucky guy with a great jump hit you yet. Yeah I agree he had been working with the first one I'm torn when years now I see him coming in now I'm going to be. Siler reported toward the other crews on CBS I'll probably run across pats with the it is at the seminar later this summer. Tell us a little bit about you know used to you can kind of stepped away from the coaching he sent decided not and I know why I mean I'd I'd that's why I never win. To coach because it's a little bit of a grind. You got to meet you're gonna be happy to stay near it though and and you know kind of watched these quarterbacks he used to whisper to. Others don't doubt. A rare look forward production meeting and that all the stomach has not worked with the coaches and players and a it's good insight. The coach and people talk about we chart our court wrecks all the time. People talk about quarterbacks and their importance over time premiered tenure in the NFL in Needham prior to that. Is it impossible to overstate how important it is to have a quality cornerback in the National Football League I mean everybody says it but. Do we really even understand how important it is to have a quarterback playing at a high level. You don't have a chance. I don't back me. And pillaging Matt thank. He's very compared to Baltimore Ravens and turned over but it really well here. But that defense. In all I'd just get jail when Madonna quality quarter. Will Bruce toll a little bit I mean you just stepped away from the coach erased this year did you have a chance to look at or think about any of these quarterbacks that were drafted a particular. You know the buffalo us appear in buffalo we got Josh Allen age and we know that need you you're known for your honesty so we wanna hear all the good stuff but we know there's got to be a downside as well once you give us your thoughts on if you have any. Yeah I think you know I love his size stature in the arm strength. You know as an actress you've worked problem but I think and work and work toward armor they've they've hit some of that. But there are five bullets not outlook did it live bullet and ask fresh and but he views them as Allah is unbelievable. As upstarts. Probably their best in the right. If we talked with Jordan Palmer on our show a week ago the day after the bills draft Josh Allen a wondered what is Jordan Palmer's. What's his trademark what does he provide for quarterbacks what you think he did for Josh Allen and present Arnold for that matter. More than happened college. At all I don't want to thank you in college right now. But that's why they are old fundamentals at every position are hard not as strong as they used to be when you have more hours on the field. And a quarterback Nate I'd like all going to the driving range. You gotta get on the range at least twenty minutes of fundamental circuit. Respect with adversaries former head former head coach in Arizona Cardinals two times who will champion and two time eight PNFL coach of the year Bruce errant. Bruce you wrote a book called quarterback whisperer and I gotta be honest I have not ready yet but I I think I want to but I want you get can you give me a little bit about a thumbnail what's the give me some of the things that you wanted to write this book about what do you think is important for developing young quarterback award that. A handful of key things. I think the bigger than mistrust in the relationship. Weather's been echoed quarterback on the order quarterback. Former column slaves and their quarterback they appear only on the same page of and have a trust factor where. Don't tell me what you think I want to hear some language here and number that term and that we can build on it and don't take. Criticism. Don't take coaching and criticism because it is approaching not produce. And bad habit but again. What do you recognize. When you have one you know here's Russ Cochran. Got it. It absolutely I don't care what their plight and said they weren't course you think he's wrong hole golf and absolutely. And guys around them better make sure the girl went through. Coach how long does it take to a bill that sort of chemistry and it and get a quarterback ready to play in other words. Can you count out a rookie quarterback of the of helping your team win it if any these. Teams that drafted guys in the first round these five teams try to from a new game the count on him to be decked gooders that it is an unusual set and out liar when. I think as a rookie defenseman around to dropping back at them then. Pet owners are rookie goalie had a number one defense and a leg where strong running game. Secret and a third and in the red zone that we had a chance west. And when you look at just break it down but the young guys Eddy to phases you gotta be good. About pride to artists guys in the league I would take care burst upward. It is that you've played adequately on third down and read so what did you learn. Did you have Peyton as a rookie as well you do Greg in Indianapolis. At Bateman birdied three years ago. You know the first year was spread learning curve we were preempt argument being not very good but every day at practice. The team was excited to go to work because. We knew or are getting better every week. And that short circuit and very. Yeah I'd tell me a little bit more about. How. He said that you know Ben when he was a rookie got and you guys did he didn't throw the ball too much but on third down he stayed on the field and in the red Sony was effective because he's such a tall guy could see the field and compressed way. But it talked to him about how good. You know is it every inverse relationship as good as your quarterback can be the rescue team doesn't have to be that good and where does it kind of find a balance where. Your quarterback and played just OK but if the rescue team is just okay you can still win I mean how does that work DC a balance there that. If the rest of the rosters awesome your quarterback doesn't have to be in vice Versa. To one dollar peak. And edit an op scoreboards and are a game that began and these are important we get. But ultimately work. Certainty and you know it. As you behave towards you put that led to get together each week Norton. When Gary. And I'd our defense got problems. We need a little more ball should button which I'd like a term like production side. What you do the ball like small ones. Yeah Andrew Luck this rookie you're right it with the colts as well what was he like that first year. Unbelievable you know I've had some great but he was. The most prolific rookie just but he could do. To win games in the fourth quarter. Architecture it. I think he's our record I've watched it once or seven games. That your fourth quarter. No shirt on his grip. Coach how much. Are these rookies in these young quarterbacks who come into the NFL how much they held back by you know the new style of offense now in college football and and what do you get when you get a guy who maybe didn't play that like maybe Josh Allen at Wyoming now come into the Buffalo Bills. Outrage. Over what coaches are saying the coach Carson went. I'm coming out of code system. Josh says out dot rose and went in and out of credit though. Guys on different district have been spread. He's got it structured some. And you've got out applications. Nation doesn't go to organization and fan base. Because I really talented but that learning curve this huge when he gets. Are you glad your book is quarterback whisperer. How to build an elite NFL quarterback. Does each quarterback there was successful cornerback need a whisper somebody who's. You know injury here in their head for the most Carter can get by just on talent. I think yet I have yet to have somebody to give backup quarterback. You know all of those guys I was liberal build better candidate and lean on. That no no they don't want to ask don't. Eventually I guess coach a lot of and may have no doubt I was just up the number two quarterback and number one would always guard Doug and them. Yet that that's a good way to coach because it and it got never gets insulted that way but you better have a good backup quarterback with a thick skin. You coming its interest to do it looked on the list of quarterbacks in Carson Palmer Ben Roethlisberger Peyton Manning Andrew Luck. You work with a ton of guys. Tell me about I mean. What's the most common denied any talk about their grit and all that the tell me those are common denominator but denominator among those guys because we all see them is very different quarterbacks I mean Ben Roethlisberger is much different than Peyton Manning. And Carson Palmer's different than the two of them. What are some of the things that. That you see is being may be the most fundamental things about a quarterback rather than if it's just graders are skills that. That you see or something that you can why can't we evaluate. College quarterbacks. More accurately. Ager much. That. And art yeah yeah that's really what you went to quit everything else. But few actors are at an art yeah I process information. You got Jim Martin I'd bet your you know there's certain hot. Robert do it at the work I'm gonna involve. I'll vote but it happens and what about that yeah you got a lot of really talented arms under the jet cockpit information. And make it yet. What are things I want to ask you about also is you know when it how much do you. Put in the guys' personalities I've played with with and against a lot of really good quarterbacks. And almost all of them had a little bit it jerked him where if the if they break the huddle or they come back and laughter bad play their they're chewing guys out. Rightly you know they don't they don't like it when guys around him don't play well how much. Stock do you put in or how important is for quarterback to be able to have that kind of relationship with his teammates where he can scream Adam and still have can be productive. Yeah I think that's one that they'll. I don't think you're you're you're. I'm and it had. Our politics guys. I'll fly. Win. That you and your locker room over. And I. You can think that I'm the leader and I mean. I've never felt it. Down a player. The old equipment and it might dressed down here but I doubt that this quarterback coaches molested them. And and take that. Let him get the frustration but he never got out of a lot of guys that I love vote him out of god who's got his own good. He's got back daughter how big time and three years. Yeah broke all of he'd never ever said a word about opera laden and and those guys that have gotten killed. The tech guys you about it when my favorite probably my favorite NFL player coach you have Larry FitzGerald during your tenure. In Arizona what was it like to coach him. Our guys. Have reported by the player Larry a couple of my. What we're here we're near Walter Payton man of the year that back up there and we are and this leadership in the locker room the way he prepares. Well he plays the gang church just down also all of that official. You've ever seen dancer any of that stuff he coaches teammates right away. Just ultimate pro. I think the game lost another one this week just like him Jacob would. Did you did you witness it all anywhere coach. You are. Most respect are probably an all out yet they ask you we have a new offensive coordinator here. In buffalo bright table comes here from errors order from Alabama now he said. You know NFL experience but it's inevitable that you made also right when you came to the NFL you'd come over from college football right you coach in that day Alabama right before you. We came to the leaked. I have my first thought I was go to temple. And you know went to Kansas City that I went back that I went back that you the Mississippi State Alabama. Aaron came back into the NFL. From Alabama can billion opposite coast papers as first year. What kind of a transition you think that might be for coach stable. Caught on big advantage for him he's been married strategies how plays in the leg. He knows. He knows how to coach. I think she's sympathetic. The coaching your tenure your rump before your tenure Tom Landry and his effort doors. You became famous for your capture rectangle caps earth are those that thing of the past now the you know a coach in a row. We Wear those on the NFL on CBS. You are got permission from cute yes whoever ads and actually they were always made by and there are and they were and our allies products. One of the reasons that I warm all the time we sold them to stated an on line and our foundation. And all the all the proceeds goes to foundation help children. Let's go to Steve tasker what's start wearing caps and CBS to currency that I'd come on asylum or cap. The coach thanks for this good target we do you think you were spent a few minutes with us we appreciate appreciate your Bruce. You guys people beyond doubt on wrote me too.