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Howard and Jeremy
Monday, May 15th

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As I've done every step of my life and it's been hit the ground running you're gonna find it a more hard worker whom humble. I just wanna do what's best it's not going to be my team soccer Michelle wants team. Suddenly Terry's team and cans is going to be the whole Buffalo Bills a collaborative approach I think that's what wins I've seen Carolina and that's what you can see here I know how strong the fan base this is and this is a football town and that was one of the attractions to come up here and how exciting is going to be when we get this thing turned around and get back in the playoffs and take it from there so you know I'm really looking forward you know and as Terry can't we talk about that they've only been here a few years I promise you they're gonna give us everything we can and it's up to Sean and I and the rest of the team to get back. As the new bills general manager Brandon being some of his comments from press conference on Friday. He's with us on our AT&T hotline right now we welcome into the show here on WGR bread and it's Howard and Jeremy good morning in belated welcome to town. Good morning guys excited to be here we appreciate come and all of us this morning. I am asked yeah I just started reading a piece I've not read an entirely MM QB you have Peter King as a piece re interviewed both you and Sean. And the Q today is he just tweet a link got a little bit earlier this morning. And I wanted to ask you about your relationship we show on. You have a chance to be a GM in the National Football League and I'm sure that's important for anybody use and an assistant GM or anybody in the front office. Which take this job if Sean McDermott was not here is the head coach of the bills. Yet you know. Obviously that was in the near the birth or your question that wasn't attraction there but. That wasn't the only attraction there look like I'm only take a job or Sean McDermott goes like that. What I got to meet at the Gulu. And see their vision for this team and the resources that we talked about and they they just they wanna win so bad it was. There was a lot of boxes that I need to check. When I went on this interview and you know them as people adjust the whole set up I mean I had a great deal in Carolina. I was next in line they're pretty much being conveyed to me so. It had to knock me out of the park and it did. As you read when you're in Carolina in in a quiet home where ever sat and thought about you know interviewing for GM job. And on what what would the box as you would have needed an owner not a third at the goalless but for anything you would have interviewed for. What would be the most important boxes you would have needed checked to accept that GM job. Well you you've got to know that you have their backing they're they're gonna. You know they're not gonna argue and then hamstring you cannot achieve this. So you wanna know what the resources situation. Are they gonna like she's been to the cap from in their teens that. That some of these things are not allow. You know just the facilities here you are the players gonna wanna come here you walk in it in this place. I mean. The food is excellent. The practice facilities are excellent I mean just all the technology. Our draft rooms set up. It it's a wow factor to recruitment in itself just walk into this building so. It's a handful of things obviously you wanna know what the head coach situation is is that spot open in my feeling it is it already there. If you don't feel that mission is echoed it's already there in your unsure. You know in the interview process if that's gonna work you don't wanna do something that you're really unsure of it at it is. Level was any part of it was one of the boxes not to say that you want anybody lose their job but was. One of the boxes that you have checked there was a job more attractive because UConn men. With almost a blank canvas in terms of the football operation side of things you you've got to go higher you know everybody in the front office and all the scouts pretty much. Yeah you know it is a very unique opportunity. And at first you're like wow what a daunting task but. At the same time you get to build the way you wanna build it and bring in the people who you know from around the league that you crossed paths on the road. You know talking you know on the phone it's trader. You know waiver transactions whatever so. It is it exciting as well it's a lot of work but. At the end of the day I think I'm gonna love it by the time I you know put my hand print on this and and get it. Set what kind of a Brit what kind of a feel did you get for this job. And it and it does is kind of you gotta be delicate here in your answer because the job was held by Doug Whaley mean I think people knew that did it didn't bode well for him but he held the job. Having said that when Sean takes the job here and I'm assuming you guys stayed in touch with the each other. At some point you might I realized I might have an opportunity in buffalo what kind of a field did you get for everything what was Sean telling you. About things that it happened from January on as he took the position here. So really. You know I sent Sean a congrats to Sean and I are all playing together back from the San Francisco 49ers interviewed just a way they schedule that. And on the way back. To the airport. He got a text and and then had called agent and it sounded like about how we got to that point things were. Progressing fast cheer for him the ball well it's all very excited form. And Stanley to to get this chance you know it's one of 32 you know as the as as a head coach or GM. And I cinema congrats text he came back he you know we did press covers came at Charlotte and gave them the old man I'm happy for you. Jamie need anything near the kids you let us know we're here to help. But other than that. Didn't talk to Sean thought Solomon the calm behind. And the funny thing was they set a suite at the com by bird you know freedom cannot adjourn breaks between the forties and in this stuff and Paul lo and behold the bills week was next hours and so between breaks. I caught up with him under some other coaches you're gaining cross and some really got Suze it was neat to see that that. To be honest with you. Out of detective Howard thing the month then you know you still love it they treat you well counters the generic question you would ask. After that really didn't talk to shown. Until this whole interview thing started. Brandon being with us bill's new GM here honor AT&T hotline insert the type of team you wanna put on the field one of the things you'd mentioned it on Friday was. You wanna be tough to play against. Run stop the wrong cold weather buffalo you know that I think a lot of people have heard those words before in terms of a building bills teams and myself included many wonder if it will ever be a team that throws a lot so like in terms the way to win the NFL today. Is there up is there a style of team that you ultimately see yourself goalie. Well you listen a lot of things in the game have changed. They really have argued that more passing thing you can see that all the doubting you sports. So everybody likes approval but the fundamentals of the game have not changed you've got to be a little block. You've got to deal with tackle and you got to go run the ball and that's kind of what I was getting too I'm not saying that we're just gonna go period and the ball forty times. You know three yards and a cloud of dust all day what I am saying is that you have to be able to do those fundamental principles are at some point you'll catch up with the we want a mile per the ball. Ideally we want to be able to do what the deep you know we wanna go to to dictate to the defense what we're doing posted and dictate to us so they wanted to stack the box. You know I'll revealed it and say hey let's go abroad only if they want and if there were about the passing game now wanna run down your throat that's more what I was trying to explain on Friday. We knew look at your roster you mentioned you know you got to do a little catch appear that you have some basic ideas of the roster but you know you you got to do a lot of homework and you to know everybody on the roster the rush for much set you know bread and I think sometimes if the GM gets tired of might be in January and you might be able to come in and start putting your stamp. On the roster that's not the case here it's pretty much set what's that like for you. You know that different. Obviously you always want which you know you're stamp on especially if she areas. The positive is I got to do that personnel thing right now and so. It would be probably a little double stretcher out about to go and free agency in Allen have a full staff or the draft well. On the this year and I don't have any college scouts. It is what it is it this situation in its if I'm fine with it. The ideal thing. You know I don't know what the what the exact idea would be but I get a chance to get to know these guys on film I get enormous players through DOT eight through here in June. And then I would have a great feel by the time we get to training camp in August and at that point won't be able to make moves through can't. The final 53 cut so what you're gonna go to do some things to help improve the roster for opening day. That's one of the things there's cares about if if you. Again typically if teams are gonna make moves they would have done you know when the league year starts so forth and so on do you anticipate looking at the roster and then going to chone and say hey. You know maybe we should move this guy out of this is not the right page so forth and so on to do you. Do you sit down now look at contracts and think of possible cap cut serve you pretty much kind of just let things go. Well we're gonna violet everything. And that those will all be discussions. Sean and I had a preliminary actually two preliminary discussions as I got here Friday about the roster. Where he and his coaches. Think they have needs. I have my idea of a couple places I think needs. But that's blew it right now again. My first priority and Sean has been great he knows I'm working on getting the personnel staff are labeled her assistant GM Joseph ashamed yesterday who's going to be. A great asset two media and everybody here. So that's been priority number one in it will be until it gets staffs that that. We're always going to be look at and we're will be look at this week. If their guys on the waiver wire will pay attention to it if you know and we see a guy can be moved to the team calls about a guy that. Would help them and we think it's helpful to us we'll that we consider. On ash about quarterback in a moment but you mentioned Joseph Shane so Brenda what can you tell us about him why why do you feel that was a guy you wanted to hire. To work with the bills. What you call currently Joseph has an excellent name. He's a young riser is probably the best way I would describe it. Joseph the hard worker. As well he's had experience in different areas he started in Carolina. As still the college. Scouting assistant became an area scout. We didn't have anymore. You know we having played 22. Increase his role. And so the Miami Dolphins when Jeff Ireland took over and Bill Parcells of that team in 2008. They may in the national scout and then he worked his way up from there and do great things and prevent just basically ended up move in three years ago to Miami he was an area scout Texas. To become their director of player personnel and he's done a great job that team is you know obviously in our divisions on the rise. That was another positive he knows this division well being in Miami and you know anytime we can we can take the dolphins and help build up plots. But who's to say getting to know this division you might once again decided it. You might not want an hour that's been a rough rough rough stretch at the. Well there there's a region job through open but you know we're excited about what we're doing here is that did the other day Rome's not build a day we're gonna do. Brick by brick or how we wanna do we're gonna go solid foundation. And you know that there's better days ahead. Yeah and I I I'm glad for I'm happy for you but it's funny Brandon I'm having you know both who has been here and everybody around here so long you the other day you mention. About the division like the first thing you do OG issued for the division title. And I'm sitting their god forty kidney this thing's been locked up and and in Samantha goes to Brady for the last fifteen years it's really hard to get past that no. No question it is and you have to. You have to give Bill Belichick and his staff and then had to do what they've done Tom Brady. That unprecedented. But you know what it's that the challenge to the excitement. Of the challenge. There's challenges all over the league no matter what team we go to this is the top league. We see it every year teams from the from the bottom come up to the top and and vice Versa we saw that Carolina Leno we went to the Super Bowl. In fifteenth and in you know last year we finished in last place in the division you have to. Be ready to go every year and we're gonna build this thing in in world you know we're excited for the challenge. Team with buffalo bills' general manager Brendan being quick question for you on it I mean this is a big fans. Nothing we we do post game we do Mondays through Friday we react to. That decisions that are made on the field others throw the challenge flag are going on fourth down make in the right decisions you know this isn't the coaches have to make day today. Will you guys have any sort of it's system meant you know they have the card for two point conversions we have any sort of mindset he'll approach it with you were there when riverboat Ron became a thing I'm not sure that was overstated your opinion. But the idea that there are there are ways to. Increase your odds of winning a game with key decisions what will only when Sean do in terms of making sure that you you're you'd be making the right place. In situations like that. Work buddies say that when I interviewed my first interview with the the coolest. We talk about shells we got some I had that section in my book about. Is called the right head coach and obviously they are to head coach but you have to have that ready of the GM. In case you walk into a situation where there is not a coach. And the one thing access the box that I can't check on Sean yet and it's not shown ball is he has coached you know the end and echoed per game yet. Is game management and I am I'm overly probably OCD when I watch games on TV. I pay a lot of attention to what you're talking about when the threw the challenge flag when the not. When the call time out when the spike it. Everything when they go for two and what I would do that Carolina that would make notes in I'll go back and circle of what Ron Rivera and he called him. He would he would tell you the same thing we have a lot of discussions some of impassioned discussions. Sometimes I was the pending a guy or hearsay and watch that coach do this and he's dependent in so Sean are gonna talk about that we actually RD I mentioned it to him as well. And he's got some things we're gonna we're gonna do a lot of little test runs with for the season he's got a game plans of how he's gonna attack it. That'll be his area but you know I'll have conversations with him as a deal with the with Ron Rivera in Charlotte. It's funny Jeremy and I were talking about that subject you said test runs we were bring this up what last week the week before we asked essentially to simulator like a pilot sitting down in the simulator or I don't know if you guys play Madden and you call up situation dram. How do you do test runs for new head coach to get ready. Well what you do is you know one play and not planners are what what what you can do is pull the game. And you know we could just pull up a golf and gamer you know patriots game so when our division and maybe you know we opened up with the jet maybe the jet and you predicting you figure out situation Tammy come out what the score is. Any call played you don't know what can happen and you can you sit there and go okay come out come out come out based on what happened. You go to what you have your coordinators. In the room as well in your talking about it and then after the play everybody discusses art that the right move to call the amount that the right move to say spike his fighting o'clock o'clock whatever you whatever you call this. So that's how you do it that that the only way into it obviously when you get into training camp. You do some four minute drills since two minute drills. And that's where you've talked to the players about game situations you'll be very important for you know whoever the quarterback but if Tyrod went the job in or whoever is. For them to be on the same page as issue on and Rick Dennison. So. And defensively with the Leslie Frazier so there's a lot of ways to do it. Over Kraft is probably the near the best way to to do it but. There's nothing like game day so you you can only simulate so much but. I have a lot of confidence that Shawn is prepared he's so be killed and and regimented in how I prepare for everything I know he's going to be up for the challenge. At the lack of game days makes it that's a makes it tough to actually practice this often in your experience with. With Ron Rivera. Did you find that you you had an impact on the way that he he thought the game or saw the game at all I mean obviously he's been around for a long time as well you say that you might have disagreements but. Were you able to oral or you one of and home a few that might have been a driving force behind. Starting to think the game and think game management a little differently over there. Well. You know. The great thing about Ron is Ron is a listener. I think Sean has that that's a great trait to have we all should be good listeners. And I think. Ron was always he liked scenarios. Bill Johnson is similar in that way to just talking through things so wasn't that I was always writer here he was always right it was more just. Put it out here and we'll talk through it and maybe there's something in this scenario that when I watched the game on TV that I brought him. Or maybe something that happened in our game that I was not aware of so they were all just on one discussions I think. Open dialogue and discuss and then Evan candid conversations. Is the best way to handle you know things. Like I guess one shorter way for me ask this is we consider yourself someone who challenges conventional thinking. You know it at the right time not I don't just challenges to challenge it but I am always. I pride myself I would say on understanding of the game and in understanding game news management situations. In one of the things that sit for years it is more games are lost. Then one in this league. You know Morris code stupid time out or you know poor time to challenge based on the situation culture shock last time out he really didn't really gain that much for things like that. So and there are a lot of critical decisions every game comes down about three to five place. So you have to be prepared obviously you're not combat thousand. There's going to be times when. You know we're gonna look back after game and say well in hindsight maybe we get it done X or Y. But if. You said if Tyrod is starting quarterback is that going to be blunt is that really mean is that it is it that is it at all possible he isn't or is that just one of those things where. If you're gonna preach competition at every spot you just don't say it's Tyrod job. Well you know listen I'm I'm new here I met Cairo the other day obvious yes in Cairo film. If we walk up to today I would say current artist Argo we have an angle routier's. You know we got the young guy Biederman but it is nice things this weekend at the mini camp. You know I've cargo Jones have a you know huge arm talent I don't know. Anything about it personally. TJ yea it is you know has done and starting his career so there are some guys on the roster. You know. I am for open competition Sean has earned the right you know for whatever job you have. Whatever position you're you're trying to get so you know I'm not in the business of handing out positions you know on May the fifteenth. We got a long way to go it's going to be fun. I'm excited about the challenge so that's what I'm saying I know. I got a lot of belief in Tyrod but you know we got other guys that are gonna challenge that as well. Read before I let you go on quarterback. You know that spot has been a sore spot around here for a long long time. You didn't have that probably said the other day when you're asked about piracy to really have to look for quarterbacks in Carolina yet cam Newton's you don't have to worry about it. That that the thing I'm curious about is lucky to have a top level quarterback give a much better chance of winning making the playoffs competing for Super Bowl all that stuff. How do you get the top level quarterback here. You in in Carolina you ended up at the top of the draft you got Cam Newton. How does one come into a situation like this where they've been searching for quarterback for twenty years now and get a top level quarterback. Well you know the draft is generally where you get it toppled quarterback if you look back most of the guys. Other than Drew Brees the situation. You know where they'd they drafted over him with Philip Rivers and let him go in your shoulder injury. You know generally speaking. Manning Brady and Manning probably hear him just an injury in and they worked out where they get Andrew Luck. If and reluctant follicles lap you know many would finish his career in Indy they would never let him go. Brady and in New England Aaron Rodgers. Generally speaking. You're gonna have to buy new quarterback in the draft. Doesn't mean you can't find it somewhere else and look and were gonna look at every avenue to do that but. If you just look at history I'd be lying if I didn't say you need to draft. That every year does that make sense to keep drafting one every year and just keep trying. Not mean you know there's draft in the draft and you got to believe in him you gotta have some way you know I'm not just those stand up to with a blindfold and threw darts. You know and and hope I hit them we're gonna do our homework in a research every year. In two week on one obviously when we found campaign Carolina. We didn't put as much emphasis. You know folks Norman draft we have a guy will look for guys you know who's going to be the best back up you know they they have Derek Anderson is that it was a scene got a perfect for cam but. Yeah until we feel like we are 100%. Set it quarterback we're gonna be turned over every stone to to find that position and and hopefully prize fund franchise guy at some point. And final the most important question everyone's been waiting for the follow up that's the route revelation that your favorite television show he told Lauren hall of your favorite television shows who's the boss. Which I gotta be honest Brendan that was a heck of an answer. Who's the boss. They gave me about the respect they can't. I loved Alyssa Milano when I was growing up so that was probably. Jaded view had a big crush on her and well the only day and without standing but. If I was a later show the short forgot what modern family a good laws good. I like that go but I I I think that old little bit under pressure that was a. A little on I was hot with the world go to that. It was a I'll listen I know I don't announce it has the wrong hands are let's just if I did not expect it maybe you didn't either attitudes like these that the they'll have 90% of what the blonde that it understands that it was a none of the fun little segment we had last doing that so your favorite football movie was Rudy. And yeah. And I wanted to ask you is it because they were just it was just done a really cool movie or was that one of those. The message you know the whole the team is there and we're handed in our jerseys for Rudy was was it just it's Como we always it was the but the theme behind the movie is trying to get a window into your signal your soul let's write like this a football guy who says. That's the kind of team I want there and it for a collaborative effort that's why like the movie. Well obviously you know you love story like that think part of that was that was true you know adult or movies out there that are fiction. I think the thing that. You know I used to watch that thing and I get chills up my spine every time I'm getting chills up my spot right now. That they would start chanting Rudy Rudy and the whole thing and just. For a guy that had all the odds against them and people just you know appreciated him at for what he did what he brought the team and what the ultimate team on game day heck yeah with the on the field now he helped them but Boston is but every day set an example. And that's the type of guy that Sean and I want. It's not always going to be the best athlete position. If we want guys that do everything the right way all the time and they can show others how to do it so there was being no hidden message in that that. Rudy for whatever reason you know maybe it as a says because it was a true story you know based on true story. I just absolutely love that that that he never gave up. He lived administering you know we always want to run out at all the Irish. Yeah you get chills I was reached for the box of tissues you know. When he he's up on the field adapt Watson admits is too much for me so it. You have around you that when I'm like. My brother my real quick like like that's not not not cried every dollar my allergies here is. Our our chief competition and onions in the kitchen. What is going on over there. Exact depth that ultimately to try to show I tried watching Rudy that's right yeah. Well listen Brandon thanks we kept Joseph long time we appreciate given us extended time here this morning congratulations again. On the job and and of course the best the success in putting things together over there. Thanks so much and I appreciate you guys have you know that B Brandon being the new general manager of the Buffalo Bills joining us on the AT&T hotline. I was a symbol to save gas yet. It's really it's exposed that Tony Danza is still I think it's hack of an answer I never would have if you asked me I never would have come up you can give me a gazillion choices. I don't know if I've ever would have reached who's the boss for that answer for him. Interest.