05-16 Brett Smiley of the Sports Handle with Jeremy White

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, May 16th

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On the AT&T hotline a follow up interview this is Brett smiley of sports handle dot com Bret the morning my name's Jeremy. Fill Syracuse grad is I seer Syracuse law grad morning. It. Good idea I reached out do you we're trying get in touch with you about the gambling story about the legalization. Than that appears to be on the way. Because your. But initially like I'm just looking around for stop trying to find out. And you would have an article up about how works in Europe Powell. Regulation of sports gambling has been a norm there for a while I've got to be good to kind of touch base on just how it works but before we get to that part of it. What's this week been like for you someone who's been following this so closely. Throughout the process once the Supreme Court decision came down. It then it's been pretty insane. 42 hour or so haven't got to Paris Lleyton and respect of many hurting counterterrorism and out of my mother and lost so it's been an interesting week. You know that the city was not unexpected. It's read an Achilles we kind of saw that it's what's coming. You know he's every made sure valid across the US covering this it's. The big decision has ramifications. Not just on sports betting. And it's been about. Backcourt saturation so low with an active Lotta people like sports wagering so. People are stepping up and it's about time. The law that was passed what 1992 with a was it pass button is is that the woman is a veteran law. Yet it's a special amateur sports protection act and ironically. Interviewed him battling regulars features editor Bill Bradley at times former Knick in Princeton tiger who was instrumental in getting a fast. Is this a case of sports leagues felt it was bad until they realize that they might be able to get in on the action and that's what it what is really changed here. There are one of the factors I think. Whether they wanna admit it or not they're on no neck yeah it was good news Nielsen study showed that. It will alert during pregnancy or peanuts or surrogates bird longer period I'm gonna watch more games. But they'd they'd work big open getting a lot pat Hearst where. But some credit that so hurt and gauge mission here a few years ago he and the op Ed that at experts said. Sports studies are happy in enormous quantities return. So you sit what it exists in a black market or bring it to I'll be the regulate base but they've all. Ibaka is due today are better investment and believe it to companies so I became the picture hypocritical than your standard course. Spewed Brett smiley sports channel like come OK so when this ruling came down one thing I I saw pointed out was that congress could it. Just enact a law to make it illegal but that's not expected because. And may be in 1992. That might have happened because. The sports leagues were against that might a lobbied against it but in this case you mentioned Adam silver and I think the NFL and the NHL head up. Bit of a vague statement as well but it seems like these leagues are not a lot before. Yeah we've reached a clear tipping point and in 92. Other quick edit enter a commissioner at the art all have a group meets at five. In favor lighter load that Jerry. Yet yesterday after the court student came down again or they'll say that we're going into us and rip. Certain members of congress about some sort that remark at the beginning of this year. NBA official and joined by a Major League exploded and here is including in New York State Senate. Saying that you know they understand that. The tech hit him elude this case they'll be a sports that he may be coming in Vegas wants. Certain in certain points in Namibia. The legislation's so they're trying to head unit that now that the law the NFL saying okay you know this is here we respect the decision that we just. They would cut of the action well now. When it comes to integrity of the game. In 1992. That they're there of the case against sports gambling was integrity of the game. And now as they're for it they're still pushing integrity in this is where we get to you know other models international models. The integrity attacks mean is. How do you separate the league's desire to get some of the gate and on some of the action under the guise of integrity. What would actual integrity what what I guess lever what checks and balances are put in place. To make sure that the integrity of the game is still upheld. For the tickets and in two parts one pair. They're pushed into this thing that the military may occur so called Betty great integrity leave its they have to label to it they don't know what to call it because it's it's really neither they want a chart that spear royalty. Now sports a operators 1% up top may sound small but it actually about. When he went to Pakistan or sports books typically keeps. You know proper state employees is better. A lot state near included I've not to warn that New York oppose some very limited form of that quarter per cent that would typically earmarks burger. A lot of integrity and expect though that things are already occuring dates at least misery. With officials in Nevada we don't use some of that monitoring. You know I think part of what throws we're saying underground for awhile at this misconception matters not poppy air related maybe what you executed bit. But the planet it is bad business for sports books they're did any sort of fixing going on. So. On the border Lou if all regret is is there any reason for. Sports books for states for congress for as the legal lobbies this is there any real reason to cut them in. He of it or get out of the extra couple leagues in the NFL says we want integrity fear of the NBA since says we want an integrity feat is there a reason to cut them in a that they have any. A legal grounds to say we deserve 1% of us because we are the product. No legal grounds whatsoever this caseload that. And started basically you know information source and and whatnot are public domain information and there's no proprietary re enact. Sort of it's basically request at this point and a lot of lawmakers that didn't scratch and had a large it would take. What would be taxpayer money that we will be huge for our roads schools and get it though each and that they haven't given much traction with that. Better argument so that's why it we're going to see in the NFL in the other league now that congress. Basically moms that know adopted that and you're staking get a federal framework put in place they don't have to run around here. Every state from here to Arizona tried to lobby to the state. So they're gonna ask for cut and take it to congress and trying to lobby to get a cut but it's entirely possible they could be kind of shot out in this process but. One way these leagues could probably come back is by offering their own version of the product would that be the next logical step. I don't think any league is is going to want to get that close to her car and orders that act mr. neighbor to the new Monrovia. Carolina Panthers. Has some sort of equity sticker ownership and in short game in one of the other big players. But in the what they're gonna argue that it actually so the data rarity in the third party that Clinton knows that for them. And the integrity has gotten at behind but they're trying to. Basically staged put it up and dialogue that sports books I don't like it has to take their data nobody's. There's a better so that's that's one great way that they want to monetize this. Rest rally of us for channel dot com are I didn't mean to interrupt you as you were you were going off on. And on what happens from here is the next logical step if the league doesn't get that money. Then municipalities do states do. That there is a a ticker Twitter feed you had a state senator Ron was at Tennessee suggesting that they're gonna introduce a law where the money goes to K through twelfth. Yet it's it's. Can you wanted to date and had a really better than they expect. Yeah each of the biggest is that in the states right case and now back in each state. Has the ability to implement. Sports betting to license they wish to lighten and and come up with a tax circuit. Agreeable broad side they're they're going to allocated a bit differently some state starts putting it teachers' pension fund some states. In general on that beat you go to infrastructure. All the top I had and that the current version of it here you know I'm not sure whether you're marketer record tweet it out later Billick people wanna look up there's. At 7900 and that. Senator working on his Jon bon. Let's Miley and he got better but yet particular variety of replaces. Some seniors that it cannot. Yep right to our. Brett smiley a sports channel dot com okay so. European soccer over in England over at where it's completely it's been very normal you've got sports books. Their advertisements or on jerseys are in stadiums that the sports book is in the stadium. That's very much like like a horse track you know you you go watch the race there and you bet on what's happening there. How has that environment been able to exist without any. Real threats of match fixing and does give something that's that's policed and occasionally you're gonna find it. But how how is that work with the government and with the with the with the leagues and with the teams. It's ever heavily regulator there sports regain has that Bennett an actuality is buying a beer in Europe you know literally blanks. Here's sports book. The corner perhaps are very much to merely sponsors are mayor about. Our sports betting companies here and around the jerseys. And you know their latest they're regulated they are they communicate where where none at one another they lack of any irregularities. I would you take in what commission and it's you know that the players are earning. Pretty vast sums of money at this point so I think it's the risk of integrity here match it's a pretty overblown one sport where it's actually a problem it's in. Tenet and it at the lowest rungs. Australia that the problems. Yeah I'm and it's navy. Mean some golf here and there I don't think it says minister a concern. As an elite navy making it it's. It is it basically it it is out of the common thread you see when it comes to. Boring about integrity of any sort of sporting event the lower level it is the more likely it is to be. Potentially corrupt that it and the idea that an NFL game could be fixed in any way is really far fetched. Yet the at a thought actually it sparked that's gonna get 22 guys in the other it's if you're gonna have any impacting the need to get to that. The quarterback probably and very maverick like 1617 million dollars not so for somebody to. And potentially your earlier career search. A relatively small in the money this it is seen in saint Mary. Brett smiley sports analog console. Time lines for all this what it used the UC each state having its own time line is this going to be. An arms race a space race where. Because of the existence of net native American casinos which we've got some in this incident New York that are already saying they're gonna get things rolling so. Couldn't couldn't in this. Scenario when your eyes all of the states be very very quick to try and push things forward before congress before anything else can even really be figured out. Yeah but by the end of the year you're gonna see. Part six maybe seven states that Ari app or earning power and that New Jersey which took a more permanent place. Couple neighbors Pennsylvania. Delaware which are at Napa probably later in the West Virginia are illegal that Mississippi made some changes to its stake application last year. I really cute and New York you're gonna get something done what ended June you know they don't want to see. Pennsylvania New Jersey get out and some there there is so I'd like they talk a country and it's Missouri. Iowa Illinois that the adding conversations hearing heavier police other stakeholders. So I think there's going to be a second wave of the B. Beginning in middle 2019. State doubles team it's going maybe I'm the breaks little bit. Study it and I cannot begin to roll it out so my expectation probably back in and hear that. They'll be eighteen to twenty states but like you said congress chooses to get involved and it probably will take a look. That could change things a little bit but regardless I don't think they're gonna go out and Dan and. And how to I think this changes the league's themselves let's say. That might be affected by whether or not they can get a caught whether that didn't get. Congress stood to get involved and allow them to get their integrity fee but. And removing that. What does it change about the way the game is presented to you if you feel like. Sports fans are gonna it will there be. ESPN gambling station will there be more shows dedicated to a will an instate inexperienced V basically overhauled. For people that want to get this type of I don't see affixed this type of entertainment for for these games. Quick. A little better you can soccer I don't think we're gonna see Andy in stadiums yet excellent. With a betting window right you like that not anytime soon. Media Atlanta it will probably change a bit it's. I would imagine is in debt that's more dedicated input content right now. Scott and Palestinians back east that you know it can even imagine that a well is there or their partners and it would allow our. And to be more that you might via a network pop appear here and there there's one out in the desert that turned out they get more information maybe they get more. Mainstream tech up. Consider that to be regarded as a massive amount of a sports a dirty going on an illegal I don't think it's story Q. Changed things. Too much maybe it you know that the bottom of the yen hit a kicker there's a sort of line now. BVL Michael doesn't have to make built reference has just announced they were the what the spread museum yet exactly and Dmitry if you are out of surgery centers. You can upright and finally how does. College sports how how was it different for them for the NCAA because some of the reaction I've seen is that the NCAA is actually one of losers in this case. I guess it depends. Right frame and we are no college sports is is one of the most. Have a bad area basketball March Madness college football is somewhat popular and that felt great during. We talked about some of the lesser lesser not compensated athlete so like NC where. There is concern there but there are a great deal with that that they could say that. There's Betty limits does that take two out of 3000. Turn game especially in eight games. So it is if there's such a little the at a I can't see a player wanted to throw it away. But it's it's also NBA commissioner Adam silver or in Ireland that. This steady at thirty occurring it would bring eventual legal regulate premarket and orders there abilities it's monitor what's going on January irregularities. The only meters scandal the pass and twelve or so years has. And the year effort from Arnie and and he was nick integrators are urgent information in out in a legal black market recovered by chance that. Yet the tactic that not so. That can get dirty tourniquet and edit out the open and analog stick to darts. Brett smiley sports handle dot com Margret thanks for the time very much and the new landscape below and see how it all plays out. Brighter thanks it's brits Miley he's the website sports handled dot com which has a lot of information on this just in terms of with the Supreme Court rulings mean what happens if New Jersey loses you can give all that kind of stuff. At sports channel dot com bunch of inching articles with a pretty thorough lay out of what happens here.