05-16 Bruce Smith congratulates Thurman Thomas on One Bills Live

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Wednesday, May 16th

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The call from Virginia Bruce on the line from Virginia going to groups. Here are thought if they're all it's. Different and I think that. Is there. A lot they've rather. We are so happy and so proud for street you wouldn't Andy is. Or period. Just to have you. Go operate and they and and they have here. Your Jersey retired and and I'll. I'm I mean use statistic act. 100 year history. Professional football. They're directly. Just a little more than 450 players there ever hear their jerseys retired so. And that's less in the numbers are actually in the pro football strange. Lack by about half. Though. Businesses this is quite an accomplishment is disquiet in the statements being made by the new law owners. Terrier and and Campbell coup. And congratulations. To the city of slower. Than. You got. Are welcoming in. Eight start actually day start individual. A man of great integrity. To be ever enshrined. In being haven't users retire. In buffalo bills' history. Bruce thanks for coming on Indo Russian that's awesome being here and I know that. You really are a big fan I knew that you are statistic guy pride I didn't know that about you but. You tell us a little bit about you know. What Thurman can expect you had your Jersey retired it was on Monday night game as well and it it's it's quite a scene is it not. Yeah yeah. And care for all I mean it's even more. Emotional. They've actually. Your speech at that all the time because you heard from the home crowd it's good police is the they don't actually all. To the podium. And I was standing in front of all those bills and I was speechless. House motion I was argues froze. And all active. Look at the crowd and look at. All of the the book to. All. Term outlook is my teammates are available pharaoh. Turn around them and there are all the movers. And it cherish it was just say all along for instance. It's just one that I will never ever forget. It was quite a moment I was there and Thurman I mean have you had a chance to think about. No the tenor of your domestic MM 'cause it an opportunity and this is you guys go real money is. Like nobody's going to be watching him give fifty need a record that's Super Bowl everything like that and don't you only get 75000. Live. Audience you know. And he and he thought about it. I haven't thought about that. And I'm not give the best not to I think a variety. You know I'm gonna just sit down with. Petty in the key is over and they found that just wing non not only have a I want you know I think it. And the thing about it is that you know what. The people that I kind of think in the hall of Maine these was or beater kind of thing people. That I would think in this you know my family former teammates and have made it yet is its. ST EV ET. As. The Italians ask. Not just called you just call Bruce MBA yeah. Bruce. When I know that your come in you'll be in them throughout you came in town couple weeks or just to say hello to Jim Kelly. And you're gonna come in for his golf term as well. Wind can you know wind can you we expect to see you. In ten or you'll be at this Monday night game is in my right. Albert there's not doubt about a proper commitment it's is so I can get shot over. After the oh rush. Two who are. The festivities. Are you know it's this Cadillac ordered to the whole thing. Were you you have to prepare teachers teach reading and make sure we want to take care. Now packages. It's never let it slide. It's. Yeah. The moment or might she hates. And I cables. And how much. I I had to limit personal let me put you Bruce let me put you on the stoppages and I hope this is now line but you know all of us all of us remember playing and we had some great memories together is there something that happened in Thurmond's careers their play. Or moment. In Thurmond's career. You know leaves and he was the MVP you've been you're the MVP defensive MVP you're the best defensive player and in my mind you're the best defensive player of all time. And there are things that people remember about your career certain place. Is there something you remember about your teammate Thurman Thomas in a game or moment even in the locker room away from the game that that you'll always remember says some. Well. There's there's there's stories 11 out all of full it will be trio put. Every every morning when we walked into. One bills drive the locker room. There was humor. I mean it was it it it was yes a welcoming experience it was laughter it was love it. That's the Shanley and and and it just couldn't wait there's been terrible on another. In network environments but the there that particular play. There are low it sticks out like sort. He get a flare route out the outback field. And if he turned it into one. An apple farm I'm very your strategy in the proper offer language. And Jim threw the ball and laid it out and trying to. You know permanent. Still for the ball and most well. Silva to the ground and he reached out and snagged it and brought it back in with one hand. And right hand. Out all grew. Our law excellent. I saw what this. This young man welcome it means to this team for years to come and that's being made their kids. He would do it but Anna Fuhrman grab there and sure Cabrera. Sure certain artwork go fertility clinics and their particular. Erica I. There right fair it was was the plays that it is they're really. It it it's route really made me. See what type of player he was gonna become tropical low post. Well that's good access numbers against the colts and it was on opening day I think as well so. Bruce say I got to savers thanks for calling is not a means a lot and we wish the best we'll look forward to seeing you in the fall when you come in for service Jersey retirement. Who are you ever see me about. About three leak in the gulf terms it's looking forward to do and make sure you go off and very adamant about sleep.