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Wednesday, May 16th

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It's how we Simon Jeremy whites. Just proves our side of the net wow. We'll. I'll go to you can't sorry Howard Simon Jeremy White all Claudia good news after. That's able to our. Is it that perhaps believe and Canada. It is not a guy out alone. The but mark what a rough game. Hard to believe. Yeah. Non WG ER Sports Radio 515. Those guys are so great. Beautiful pool what how is that another country it's at the world championships a few years ago 2015 world championships that was when it was in the Czech Republic okay and those guys are. I'm guessing soccer announcers turn hockey announcers and it went horribly wrong speak English yes. Calling the game for Canada. They I mean those guys called the tournament pretty much throughout polite. They had those like they're Maine announcer and their main color guy throughout the entire tournament the bolts will want to talk over each other the entire time and bright and I just there's so many beautiful things and there's like hogs are Cody can you know what. Allman that's great Tony fifty in the world championships the world championships are still going on yes that ban on those Sunday it feels like. Well maybe we're not paying attention as closely as we would because Jack Michael's not there Casey mills that's not there right rallies there yeah. But he beat Penn one he's been good in that tournament right kinda in in passive three yes he scored in the first three games and since then gone tackled. Yeah I. World championships and an object like when Casey it'll set of their I'm definitely paying a lot more attention to it but in in the meantime I've got I've got basketball hockey on on. Stateside. That is just as important. Hey good morning it's Jeremy White meat and operate Wilson's here Howard's on vacation we need jam packed show full of guests and good stuff coming up today. Here's the rundown Brayton or you're ready can you handle it. First off we got to get to laurel V Yoni. At some point and after that first that the Internet thing that's. You know you play an audio clip in which one is it it's the blue dress vs white dress bought out for your ears that if it's fun. A bit anyway guests Brett smiley. Brett smiley is on at 7 o'clock this morning he is at sports handled dot com. And I reached out to Brett. To try to get. Someone who understands. Howell. Sports gambling in the nine in the United Kingdom works how it's policed how it's regulated how they battle against match fixing and all that sort of stuff. And Brett smiley a Syracuse grad Turkey slaughter and has then I'd. Covering this for the sports channel dot com lots of talk court coverage and in addition of that. Just to complete understanding for how it works over the air because I can only tell you have my own personal stories about going over there and betting on sports. But how how could the United States kind of copy the model. That's coming up at 7 o'clock so we're not you know but the bill Scholl. On gambling of course but Brett smiley give us the war on that at 730 bills wide receiver Austin crawl. Will join us on the show wireline of course coming up Edgar Peters joins me from eight to nine. And then at 9 o'clock we'll check in with the Winnipeg jets and Rick Ralph. Is joining us on the AT&T hotline at 9 o'clock so pretty much from seven to nine were covered with guests and in a wood and around the sports rolled what's going on with gambling with the bills with the sabres nick Peters the sabres just announced the signing of Lawrence pilot yesterday. Had to make you very happy because we've been waiting for that. I I'm on Sunday Britain asked Jason botulism we get on a show like how do you win those sweepstakes is nobody else want Lawrence pilot disease. Like the look of buffalo mean. It's a team where maybe he's promised the opportunity to be in the top six on the east top four readies. He's the Swedish defenseman of the year Newton and he's an offensive minded defenseman. I was texting with some sabres. Sources yes they'll like our you know what I bought my get out of this guy get Lawrence pilot in addition to arrest ms. Colleen. And a solid defenseman. Nothing wrong but it my as well take a shot you know he's got it. Basically comes for free can someone of these guys internationally. And pilot the defenseman of the year were chasing down someone at jerked. You've spent the last like three weeks calling Sweden all the time because arrest as the only right yes and now we're gonna do it again for Lawrence final I'm I'm already after reading it yes you actually call Sweden for this gap while well I'd I mean I email people and and mom we get the chance topic I do call at that point disease and I mean calling internationally doesn't that in public international code. Yes what is Sweden's code 011 is net 01146. And and the rest and OK so that's I think it means it's. Man I don't know anything about international calling for me on us I thought the US was 011. Attic. The redundant dial here and I'll 00. CNN gotcha yeah. Mean think look this up near moments are calling it that. But are right international goes to a yet for six. 011 is how to dial out of the Connery country and that or six is there for six is Sweden's national car and I think 00. And then. The rest. If we what's funny is this whole process has made me as we're talking about Colleen Morin. We talk about the Swedish league a little more it makes me want to go to Sweden like I'm I'm. Watching highlights in reading about stock Coleman reading about 41 though a lot more because of rest missed a lean and now Lawrence pilot. And I'm Donna. A little bit international traveling but never to be Scandinavian countries and it's kind of may be one ago in a natural beauty never their seems to be happy they're good at hockey. In the to fond place anyway Lawrence pilot joins us sabres and I wanna say Brayton that this is like the new and Teepen. In that he's an offensive defenseman to come from overseas was supposed to be good and I'm gonna wait to see if allows replace him. A lot of similar traits are involved with apple in Teepen and pilot. It's it's kind of the same thing both guys were really good break Al pastors both guys can skate pretty well. Both guys had a very good offensive mind it's just now going to be okay pilots got two years over here were as anti it only had one year over here. And quite honestly for pilot I don't know behind. I don't know how he makes the NHL roster right away I mean he's gonna probably have the water but he socks off. But if he goes Rochester which is eligible to do when you know he's probably not gonna elect to Sweden if he doesn't make the sabres roster. Once he goes Rochester he'd probably automatically becomes whether top defenseman so he is a candidate for Rochester you think for sure okay for sure I don't think I don't think he's committed to have one of those situations where you know he wants to go back to Sweden if he doesn't make the NHL roster. And in Toronto did a similar thing with Andre has Portman last year. Who came more ironic that from HV 71 and in Sweden. He played really well over the air comes to Toronto and gets ample games here and then please bulls the year and it with a Marlys. He's 242 years old so sheriff he wants to make an NHL career for himself he's got a two year entry level contract with the sabres. And a warning to one Swedish defenseman a middle of the year attic a friend asked me. Does what does this mean how how do you square that doll lean. Finished third and rookie voting in pilot is the defense and of the year in worst super excited about the lean and the pilot's gonna like okay we'll see how skyworks. Basically because one kid did at seventeen. Sixteen and seventeen and other guys 222 I guess I think the best answer I've got four but deadly so that a lot and I say that's that's good news I mean. And Teepen is headed back to Russia by the way it appears that victory deepens going back to the KHL there been some reports that. This whole CBS. I saw thrown around again last night where that CBS report is is back from may third. Saying that there was a TS and report that he's going back I did not hear that TSN report I did not see any TS and report from it. So honestly. I don't know I I can't necessarily believe that that's sort but I mean I it would make us very likely that he goes yeah. It would make sense I mean for the sabres. Where does victory and keep an even fit in and so he'd have to find a spot with a another team and I mean it doesn't mean he couldn't I would think he he showed up for the sabres to have for meat from another team I take a flyer right the sabres never. Trusted him never count her comment that never really played the style they're supposed to play with their defenseman because they were hurt and they didn't seem to have horses for a but. For a pilot I don't know if he's gonna make the sabres roster but if he does and they'll leans here and goalies here and in you view. Bogosian healthy I'm not tell you that they are going to be good I'm just tell you that. Public no excuses are toast for Phil Phil Housley and being on able to. Get these guys to play the style but he wants the sabres are supposed to play an up the up tempo fast style and move the block from their own defensive zone and skate with a quickly and they were public. There were one of the worst teams in the league that. Think if you hired a the best running coach in football and they never ran it. Or the best throwing coaching football than ever passed these elated they didn't have the guys do it the next year they've added a bunch of players that in theory could help you do it. For per house Lee I think. You know it's what we would only say that the seats too hot for him right now. Any call about him during the season was not exactly entirely dismissed it's just. The season went so terribly that house Lee kind of policy he skated Johnny applauding fans that would say. He should have been evaluated and I'm sure he was the organization has said they're very happy with them so okay. The most liked the way that he operates and be waiting to see how he does with a guy like rats in the stalling and a guy like Lawrence pilot. So pilot added to the fray coming over from. Sweet. Good gut whose next when we went once we get another player more players more quickly. Also. I've what do of one other note on grass missed Colleen if you wanna know how. Likely it is that the sabres are going to draft telling my super secret sabres to order source. Who's never been wrong. The only thing he's been wrong about we don't even know he's wrong. This is the guy that does told me a lot of stuff with the sabres in 14 in the bills three been hearing something but it didn't come to fruition in the bills and have a chance to make it come to fruition so. Or will give a complete pass on that. He says my super savers Twitter source about Colleen that on the line up boards you know like. You have the boards up on the opposite the GM. That the leans name is already there. Which I mean it's not exactly shocking news self when you have the first pick you can do stuff like that when you have a consensus number one the at a position of glaring need. That makes sense the year to be on the board. So if you're wondering. But where can I get action on this is there are other prop bets I know I was able to vet who was gonna be drafted in the first. But the first pick in the football draft and Brown's kind of protect that. Do I have an opportunity to place a bet and this one because it seems like a pretty safe investment. That's rest missed a lien is going to be the first peck the sabres are already kind of operating as if he's on the team which makes cents and there's a video yesterday going out he's in his off season summer conditioning. Program for London yes whether or flipping tires they're flipping tires they're riding bikes they're playing soccer they're doing just about everything. And he's all layer. I've never put the tire. I don't I don't know I don't bigger old tired uploaded every workouts and different stuff and I've never actually done the old tire flip I've smacked attire baseball bat yeah yeah. Entitlement I don't think so. And others like the sledgehammer to the tire right the flipping of the tire out maybe use their ruling of the giant tires. I don't know what that would serve yet while I don't either. But not when I played Little League Baseball or coach would hang entire from the swing. He'd say you're gonna follow through and just you know swing and all I like the utes when you look at at a tire swing right OK pretty much yeah he's flip elected giant monster truck outs yeah exactly of all they're huge they are huge and of all those tires that are produced in the world what percentage of them are used to be flipped in workouts vs flipped. Aren't reverses put on to monster trucks those are the only ones that are specifically going to be used to flip. By human beings are monster truck truck monster truck cars even bigger. Those are tractor tires right that they're flipping and those workouts across that work out I support this this deal size of these tires yes these are the hard hitting issues are gonna get to today. Could what's the size of this tire how much is away is lots attire flipping across that I I've I know that okay it looks like he looks like it's higher that is put on like the back tire detractors giant tractor. Not all right. We'll gut he's working out he's getting ready to come minds on the way the draft is about. A month and a week away from today and there you go one difference here attacks are one difference between pilot and and Teepen is the pilot speaks English and and Teepen didn't. I was born in Detroit shouldn't have a communication issues that anti Condit did his father played in the NHL brief clear was with NHL organizations. Lawrence pilot so that's true in that he has some experience. In the US. That that could help. The sort of things I was wonder about like these teams that have so when he different. Languages in so many different. Just cultures. Smashed together and sometimes languages it's. It's going to be interesting to be in his locker rooms for people that can't speak language interpreters coming up it o'clock you can ask him about that. And other text or the sabres have to be trading way if you defense in this offseason right. I don't. No. If they can. I suppose it's possible. They need and had a really really bad defense corps for many many years and we'd. I'm almost all say I thought they do a lot of work to try to fix it last year scandal coming in. And victory T ten and hoping Brendan goalie made the team like I was looking for. In a couple opportunities to kind of flippant. And LO was new. And that didn't really happen scandalous fine. Everybody else just kind of fell into. More they worry and awarded the goalie didn't spend much time here. NT been breaking UN a whole campaign to free and keep in which didn't work he's been free he's been sent back to Russia. I apparently Mel maybe maybe he's been sent probably sent packing by the sabres instead of up. Lawrence pilot so. Make you know your programs playing the part of rot Lawrence part of the victory antique in this season will be Lawrence pilot and security trademark the free pilot. Campaign. It's in the process but I really don't think I'll have to use it because unless he goes through Rochester doesn't play then I don't at the use it. Zedillo's Rochester it's not a big deal. Where is NT but if he went to Rochester he would have likely been back indicate. I don't think that's the situation we have to worry bout with large Pallet right. Well and Jeep and was how old he was 242325. During season has so east. Young too mean and sometimes I wonder if a guy comes over if you and his courage to kind of try and see what happens. Other times have you come over one year young reached 42 is is young so Tony for for that matter the still trying to build some sort of career a what are we seeing a little the last events even in the NHL. It's possible latest cost. All of which is unfortunate because I don't think he was ever given a fair shake that. He probably should have gotten over here no such how bad the defense was last year. You can't tell me that putting in a guy like Josh Georgia's Justin fall pretty Campbell you we're going to give you any better chances of winning a hockey game and having and Teepen. Now anti but it's not like he was a lot of really big liability in either rent. It's just I think that. He just didn't necessarily transition. Quick enough for Phil Housley in als we didn't trust them so he'd rather have guys that. Were ready to go in who could be able would insert themselves and I think those guys are more reliable than NT but never once. Lady W probably should never played the running games that he did but. Wells was gonna put in right now Josh Georges was pulled at the beginning of the season you kind of don't have a spot here in in buffalo to play people will play you but yeah. You're. Cut adult thing right and then Justin fox kind of just like and throw in guy it was like OK IE he's capable of keeping up with the NHL level but is the united be factored helping you win games night in night out now. I'd forgotten about W entirely to just mention him as I want ran through all the new defense in the sabres got in last offseason to try and you know turn this thing around I thought it could be could work because of how the kind all hold their defense surely still have risked the line in the Bogosian. But that of the budget new names and that definitely did not happen. So here's another kick the can. Don't rest misspelling coming in I and my season ticket group I've I've read nude my season tickets and reaching out of the people that I. Do season tickets with my one friend Al. And there are three people in the season ticker three families I should say I'm I'm I'm in and I've text my my buddy and our other friends or are we end. But buddy is out and the other group is very very maybe. And it makes me that like. My just the soccer by the soccer because. In all honesty I'd I'd thought about. Not renewing my season tickets but it comes down to the fact that. I'm I'm I'm the person with the sabres that. A lot of people are with the bills which is this the offseason this is going to be the one returns ground. For some reason. On the sabres I am much more like that the offseason will come elect. Are right I see it I see it all coming together the over under is 82. See you later man this team's going to be good this year and they won that lottery for rest missed a lean and I got it right back in that mode after being very close to. Canceling insane like I don't need these tickets I'll sit with my my wife's family has the sit with them I don't need tickets it's fine they won that lottery and boom. Let's back in and my my season ticket holder of counterparts. Are not. Well I mean I think it's very easy I. I did not very easy but it's easier to turn things around in the NHL then it would be say the NFL because in you'll look at the Colorado Avalanche work. It finished with 48 points last year and in this year than in the playoffs. Would he want 48 point swing the other way. So polite I insist you could swing from one end of the spectrum to the other in the NHL I think much quicker than you can in the NFL. And you know. I just I just certainly think that the additional press for Celine is gonna help solidify that line even more and not only this year but for several years to come also. Hopefully. Anyway Lawrence pilot good for him glad to have him back. With the sabres are it was a back glad to have him with the sabres. And learn more about a maybe the coming days. Brittle continue reaching out to Sweden and finding coaches they can talk about. Lawrence pilot. People it for HB 71 yes not for furlong and a note. HE 71 won the Swedish hockey league championship. The year before this last year didn't sell. It's so he's got and he he's got a little bit a winning culture around them sorted and deepen. That's his point so it deepens didn't translate ejected at the Bork. But who gave their customs they made him get rid of his winning culture now hopefully Lawrence pilot can walks in the door and brings some of that in. Schneider. That's at I've got this eight. Now it's really go from one defense in the who's who does all that to another one that's exactly the same. But two years younger you know it does feel like antique in part two which is. But I thought Brian as Rouse get a good. Tweet about this like pay the -- some sign that guy you've heard of twice because you might herta bottom once or twice as we talked about it. And he transitions from the guy you've heard all once or twice over to. Get that pilot guy. And that's where you live and our hearts and soul. September October training camp in the opening of the season. Ago it'll 30550 is our former I've put up what's wonderful about the bills quarterback situation. And I am surprised. At the results I am I gonna say I am really surprised that the results. So get into it a little bit IE guess Saeb. Mean here's the question and Wheaton keep astronomy at the site 12018 season the bills. Are you circle. One of the bills quarterbacks will be a clear upgrade over Tyrod Taylor. Do you think basically that you can tell me who you think's gonna start you can tell you you think's gonna start and then got maybe Josh hill goes in week eight. But Ford this coming year of the bill's gonna have better quarterback play than they did with Tyrod Taylor. And I get a four options they give you basically yes and no but I split yes up between AJ McCarron Josh Salomon need to Peerman. So will they have a clear upgrade over Taylor yes McCarron yes Alan yes Peerman or no. And the results. Are surprising to me. I'll tell you what the poll says mold to get your thoughts on an 8030550. Sometimes we talk about the bills expectations that switches to well they got rid of Tyrod so they're definitely going to be better at that position. Let's let's dig into that what we expect that our quarterbacks this year. 80305518085. BP to 550 Larry into moderates in. The signing of pilot more big things happen Howard's on vacation I'm not sure a big it is but it did happen. And attacks are rights and are you writing off McCabe another guy forgot about. Sorry. They've got a lot of guys that just kind of forgot about because the president's about. 8030550. Give a thought on that we have a full segment on Lawrence pilot signing with the sabres didn't plan that but. You know it's nice to have. And I hope they get a few more. On the Tyrod poll on the bills quarterback situation when we return here on WGR. Really intriguing interest in order to be built as you've all seen parties change in the past few years you don't need to be a big hole and it's like the stage you know told no object Q and skating and he certainly there have Dole's. Guilt in his heels so I won't be too surprised if he gets the shops along the way you as my opinion the best and in their potential. You have scored at 38 point it was a real offensive threats so it took great strides in the game and then route to captain MacBook. That is Lawrence. Those are the spoonful Boudin. On the Lawrence pilot. If you had stock in Swedish. Hockey broadcasters appearing on WGR. Then. Clear hit to pick Lawrence pilot as. The new savor the newest Saber. Soul you can join as it 030550 of thought on that quickly to your headlines around the sports world. Jalen brown 23 points the Celtics beat the cavs 10794. Cleveland got up early in that game and just slowly methodically the Boston Celtics kind of beat him back and they're now be known this postseason at TD garden LeBron in the cavs are down two games than on a and now. It's on him like always like to say oh like I always say I hate doing this this series is over stop the series is over but. When he got to wonder of the cavs have enough support for LeBron to get anything on the Celtics play. Not quite like the warriors but it's a super balanced team that has a tunnel weapons and the the idea of Celtics warriors. Parnell global better Phoenix wins the number one pick in this month's NBA draft. This marker in Britain spark in the Phoenix Suns. Bowl blatantly tanked along with a number of other teams in the NBA. And they did win the lottery data point 5% chance to win the lottery. And they did win it. So they'll be picking first which means of course there aid the laughingstock of NBA be that the member when again you know we're gonna blow. I'll have that goes to say I was gonna pull back Phoenix wins number one at Sacramento number two Atlanta number three. Victor had been his first goal playoffs the lightning bite back and beat the washing capitals in game three last night's they're down two games to one. The capitals of say the intermission report it was back and forth between the cavs game and the lightning caps game. And the intermission report on. NBC sports network. Roenick and Mike Milbury eviscerate it Washington for not even really trying. In sometimes I think that we do that too much. Saying that afterwards the only thing that ever wins but a couple pretty good video breakdowns of whether it's oral off. War is. Victory caps just not buckled in not not relief as focused as they probably should have been saying that they would regret this game and now. And an honor of us lest he did make 436 saves in Tampa did score on the power play twice which is not on the beach often do go to portraits of the power play but. Either way it's. A 42 win for Tampa. And Washington according new guys NBC didn't work hard enough. Oakland 53 over the Red Sox the Yankees or nationals had a game suspended after five and a half innings because of rain those teams wait for more than an hour. Did not resume that game gets underway at 505 today. In the middle of the game after that it'll pick corporate world was in the fifth that the fifth and a half inning. Nets' offense blows up the blue jays twelve to Jordan Lyles the higher up Roger Padres. Was five outs with a perfect game on the to give open it still one. Mariner's also a second baseman Robinson connote suspended eighty games for violating baseball's joint drug agreement. Which shot lead to immediate discussion about whether not this makes him like in eligible. For the whole fame which I must confess by soccer no. Suspended three games. I didn't even think of it does David think you can make all fame just that. As soon as the reaction was August has means he's not he's gonna to wait for the hall my reaction was all were still doing that we're still. We're still doing that okay. Eighty games for canal for a diuretic which is considered often a masking agent. Those are sports headlines next update in the way at the top the hour at top the are really get to. A little bit of breakdown on how sports gambling might work in this country Brett smiley CEO about sports handled dot com who I read a piece from him. And wanted to get his expertise all about how works in the UK how it's policed although it's up at 7 o'clock. The Twitter poll. I ain't I'd like to think that when I put these pulls up I know when I'm gonna get. And sometimes they do and sometimes I don't so the question of one of the askew is. A Ted come. Played with this for a while trying to throw Holler wanna ask you how wanna say it. And basically comes down to is from asking him on the shoulder is on Twitter is Torre got to the words and their perfectly install operator and I explain it. Are the bill's gonna have a better quarterback this year than they did last year but again I have better play. At the quarterback position this year than last year. And 030550. Are you of the belief. The bills will have a better quarterback this year than last year Tyrod Taylor of course last year had not okay season. He had the worst of his bills' career but it was like you say worst. Thing it just means the least productive. Three years ago he was pretty good the year after that he was not as good and then this year. Through what I would say not much fault of his own that he's kind of the same guy. It did back even for you know you've got more games where. The bills offense was ball. And Taylor came under more fire maybe in part because everyone had expected the bills to. Move on and this was the plan for a long time that plan. Ultimately. Results and Josh Allen being on the roster and signing AJ McCarron and trading Tyrod Taylor so. Lester was kind of the other is this. I wasn't a cloud over him but it was just like you knew what was gonna happen you knew he was gonna be gone. And when I seed. Conversations about the bills this year. A lot of times it it kind of starts with someone saying they expected bill to be bad. Whether it's a national guy or you know data analytics guy hero Vegas over under. And most of the replies are yep the defense is getting better and the offense that the quarterback play really could it be tough to be worse. Because they got so little from. The passing game. So okay that's the context for this Twitter poll. If you check the results bring ABC in this. Don't look don't look in my askew is on as to which what you think would come out of this the question is who are you a thousand votes in in forty minutes into the show. For the 4018 season are you certain one of the bills quarterbacks will be clear upgrade over Tyrod Taylor. And you could vote for anyone of the three on the roster or you can say no. You wanna give a feeling like what bills fans if polled are they certain one of the bills quarterbacks will be clear upgrade over Tyrod Taylor. I think there's at least one guy that's going to be voted as the an upgrade over tiger all three are getting yes right boats right of course mom I'd pick one of them right now old. Arnold Josh elm would be clear cut paper right away I'll save McCarron it is Allen who's getting the most votes while god but. The runaway winner. And I should I mean I can combine the three the winner of it all is no and if you combine all three of the others the winner is still no. Which I think is right I am not certain that any one of these players is gonna be clear upgrade over Tyrod Taylor's especially for the 2018 season. Know of your voting Josh Allen that means you think he's gonna get in and I don't know how soon that's gonna happen. I don't. I don't think I'm gonna feel like he's a clear up greater Tyrod Taylor by the end of this year that's going to be. I mean is it a high bar to clear. No but it's a bar to clear he would have to do have played in like 56 games he would have to play meaningful games. And he would have to have. Executed a passing offense that looks legit to me. Not just a couple of nice throws not just in a 250 yards and two touchdowns and a win over. The colts the bearers what I think it would need to see a lot to. To feel great about Allen at the end of the season nine he'd like. And I need any number of games where there is success and just to feel better sell last about this a what does what does the quarterback have to do. To make you feel better than than what Taylor did in my answer is like. My answer is a fluid kind of thing. I don't have a stat I don't. Nine earning thirty touchdowns. Against seventeen picks is that better than what Taylor did I would say yes more touchdowns is better. I would Anderson I would trade interception for touchdown and a 121 rate. Pretty much for more Taylor was an air forever in her forever touched on you add added interception would take it. Taylor was often what nineteen and six OK give me 25 and twelfth would take in a heartbeat just at 121. But it's it's not about numbers from me for what I'm looking for other bills quarterback situation. It's July feel like they have a full passing game because I haven't I haven't felt like if had a full passing game. Since. Man. I don't know I'm been here since 2002001. And man bled so it felt that way and change haley's offense it felt like they had a full passing game or maybe not awful quarterback. In. The Tyrod years it felt like they. May be more into a degree was of for Taylor always felt like you're holding him back and he was he was conservative by nature and they were afraid of him. And that's what they get they got rid of him he was okay. This last year. You know I always felt like it was it was kind of conservative. So no I'm not certain there's going to be a clear upgrade over Tyrod Taylor my my vote in this poll is no. It's one of the reasons I think they're going to have a rough year that they're gonna put finish below expectations for anyone that thinks playoffs I was listening to afternoon show yesterday. Tool called it's a playoffs or bust. And you can point out over and over again last year's team nobody thought their gonna make the playoffs last year at least they want expected to when they did. OK maybe that's like one for seventeen this year they won't be expected to make the playoffs many. Of the mocks the seasons whenever our that they are going to be kind of a growth year. They've added a number of players to the defense they're gonna try and build that thing in the vision Sean McDermott and in the interim it's about figuring out what you've gotten AJ McCarron until Josh Allen is ready and then he goes in and Peter Main. As he should be probably here is a distant. Fourth in the in the Twitter poll. So he thought on this 8030550. 1888550. 2550. Text or writes in I'd speculated tyrant in an even start Cleveland he's just okay perhaps finally happy new okay. Compared the past that's from Justin. I mean. I think Hugh Jackson named him the starter federal that's gonna stick but he did he could name on the starter other techs are looking for no more sixty to seventy yard passing games. Understandably. There was that game against the saints it was pretty bad Justin hammer once they read tyrants that's on the air. Google and rainy for me news. He was a little bit worse than he was the previous two seasons. Tony fifteen he was pretty good in Tony sixty was not as good and 47 team is not here is that it went the wrong way and that's what happens when you. Take away weapons and change coordinators that don't fit because you're gonna move on from a guy it's his numbers are gonna drop off. Now I've cocoa and last year the Tyrod Taylor. And trust me I want them to move on a I want them to upgrade the position. Or at least attempt to open but for Taylor a lot of his failures. Rest on the fact that the bills kind of submarine didn't and moved away from what he did well and moved away from an offense that was built pretty well for him with Greg Roman. They they went to the Rick Dennison system for one season which whose. Kind of puzzling but it wasn't puzzling when you look into exactly what they're known for which was to move to somebody else. 8030551808550. To 550 another texture from Dave did you just refer to last year's bills passing offense as legit. No and don't. Don't think so. If it did. David you have to do the contacts I wanna say no I didn't. 8030550. Wanted to back the Internet sensation. The new rule. Blue dress white dress the audio file the brain. Teaser. The what is it all the rage on Twitter in the Internet. Laurel verses Yoni. He don't know during a bend your mind into a pretzel. And now the 02 pitch in civic. I don't level headed for the monster and all of a monster and god. And miss god has given me is a three nothing lead. But from men do shot over the green monster in left field in free nothing is in the selected. That is a home run from Stephen the studies first the back back from bereavement leave his mother died. She'd been battling LS and I his first at bat back after bereavement leave a home run in Boston nice moment for a Steve biscotti. By residents they are home this weekend. On a road trip right now the home Friday brought on a Friday night bash seminal five starting in Scranton. It's one hit wonders night you can celebrate the tunes the main careers of their performers are surgeons brewing happy hour begins at 5 PM enjoy craft beer three dollars from five to 630. Also heard all original pizza logs the dollar Charles the butcher for dollars pulled pork. And post game fireworks Saturday at 1 o'clock star for armed forces day Sunday 1 o'clock start for tops dog day at the sparkle blogs giving free and the dog bowls given away the first 2000 fans in attendance. Also Star Wars night on the way June 2 it's right on the core actually presented by Alpert that college super pacs are gone. In limited number of Star Wars four packs remain. Four tickets four hot dogs for coax one laser sword for 79 dollars if you delivered on Star Wars night that hung up on really really cool like the event. Tons kids laser swords and on fields that it's a ton of fun it's a it's so boot if I might say. So that's our worst night June 2 and then 9 June 17 day of how to Father's Day package and special get all the facts and buys inns dot com. When I say one hit wonder who's the first band you think oh. Hanson. And bop. Hansen. That's a good one. Mine is the first one that I come up but when I hear the word one hit wonder or think of wicket by Devo young but they might add more. The they have more. Feel like Pete they probably daily one or two more. Who's alternate one hit wonder like who has to be played at that fisons game that a one hit wonders. Think in. The proclaimed worst 500 miles who that's a good one stunningly game and life is a highway Tom Cochran. Think skiing. This is how we do it by Montell Jordan mean he the more. The Baha Men what are they saying that let the dog okayed the out Hulu dot. As you say the text or rodent who let the dogs out there to textures as same texture cleric clearing it up decks these midnight runners come on Eileen. Right Vanilla Ice ice ice baby was her second medal ice song not really. Milli Vanilli excuse me sir they had blame it on the rain and don't forget my number. Milli Milli Vanilli is not a one hit wonder I've I'll fight debt. Blaming other Raines big old Blind Melon no rain argued that giant that one is a one hit wonder no Blind Melon is better than that they had some stuff. Young MCI. Don't know which song but I believe it. Oh my god. We have of their we have we have we have an atrocity taxed breast feed to Lauren the lol role in the accounting later. Attacks came in for war for one hit wonders with brown eyed girl. You know all. That is not a one hit wonder Van Morrison is not a one hit wonder. I don't know much about Van Morrison baloney I tell you won it when not a one hit wonder. The few who semi sonic with closing time good answer. Flock of seagulls. I ran. Some are saying take on me by now ha Beaulieu that's a good one. The poor record given advises the list here that Shyamalan but jumble one buck. Mark the mock arena. Some of these Zoellick. The marker rain it can. Do we do could you even say who did that no that's like that's like a song it's not even a song mission that was like a cultural event. Wanna hear. Little story about my youth full. Days as an employee. And being a little bit stubborn and have a little bit of a jerk you refuse to the macarena at that that you told us we'll be out war yeah. App I work at Auburn doubled days seem Africa by Toto guys' total has a bunch of good songs photos great yet please. Rosanna and hold the line yeah yeah yeah there's no way total fits that so yeah at Auburn double plays games I work as a peanut. Salesmen I was a juggling Pina guide sold peanuts in the stance. And at the seventh inning stretch orbit atop the seventh they had all the employees go stand on top of the dugout and do the macarena. And I flat out refused. I like sixteen or seventeen whatever is that I'm not doing it what do you mean ever rails up there it's fun like I'm not gonna do I'm sorry. There's no way I'm gonna do it I'm gonna continue to sell peanuts or all watch our all clapped for everybody. But I refuse to stand on the dugout and do that that's the mentality of the two of them millennial you know it it is it is it was bad for the culture is bad for the for the locker room. Men all of the songs coming in so many. Cult Tex one hit wonder imagine by The Beatles go to one it's a one hit wonder for sure could not nauert even if they text. The Beatles. And on getting text to Right Said Fred. I'm too sexy. Yet the first public survivor either tiger excuse me sir or ma'am. Survivor has some great songs burning heart memo number I no way out one. Some of these one hit wonders are an affront to musical knowledge. More than words by extreme. Non. Another one I know more extreme songs. I had Durham three sides to every story. Mambo number five hey let's by the that the guys in good devises a one hit wonder right that this Friday for the Friday night bash. 8030550. And 1888550. To 550. Back on the other side can get to a little bit of the a follow up and some expertise on the sports gambling story. I've been telling anecdotal stuff about my experience in England. Betting on soccer games that I'm going to you go into the stadium and you back at the stadium and then you watch the game. And one of the things that people. Ask about is in a how to be police match fixing how how does regulating this work over there. Well joining us next Brett smiley CEO of our sports analog come cobbers. Gambling a lot sports lot this has been covering this legal fight. From New Jersey for a long time sold get his take on this and what it all means it's on the way next here on WGR.