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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, May 16th

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I who is this I don't know this one's I don't think. Turn the radio off yup turn up the radio turn on the radio out a ground. All right. Byes and have. One hit wonder night on Friday and this show has been transformed because we've never had more text messages than anything ever. Then when we started talking about one hit wonders. OK now I know this song turn up the radio yet by who. The autograph autograph all right so we've got that for the rest of the show and mixed in with a are. Chatter on sports talk Edgar Peters cumin and 8 o'clock. Austin parole bills receiver at 730. Lots to get to. And really wanted to wonders along the way. My wanna wonder story I mention Montell Jordan this is how we doing he once came to a concert in we'd sport men may might have played like their affair or something. And he played this is how we do it twice. If you are playing a song twice at a concert you know that sounds pretty solve one hit wonder song Korea 8030550. To join us hours on vacation. Big things happen and hours on vacation like legalization of gambling. And the Saber signing Lawrence pilot and the big holes. Mama and really they just had done rookie minicamp wrap up so. I have a Twitter poll up there about Tyrod Taylor to an answer that checking out whether or not you are certain that at the end this year basically what I was asking at the end of this year you're gonna feel like you got a better quarterback. But you had last year she can vote on that at our and my Twitter page or text mean email mean. Tweet me all that good stuff. In the meantime on the AT&T hotline a follow up interview this is Brett smiley of sports channel dot com Bret the morning my name's Jeremy. Fellow Syracuse grad is I seer Syracuse law grad morning. It. Good idea I reached out do you are trying get in touch with you about the gambling story about the legalization. That that appears to be on the way. Because your. But initially like I'm just looking around for stuff trying to find out. And you would have an article up about how works in Europe Powell. Regulation of sports gambling has been a norm there for a while I thought begin to kind of touch base on just how it works but before we get to that part of it. What's this week been like for you someone who's been following this so closely. Throughout the process once the Supreme Court decision came down. It then it's been pretty insane. 42 hours or so haven't got a kind of sleep in and have respect me hurt in counterterrorism and out of my mother lost so it's been an interesting week. But. You know that decision was not unexpected. It's I have read in the que les we kind of saw that that's what's coming. You know he's every made sure valid across the US covering this it's. The big decision that's ramifications. Not just on sports betting. And it's been about. Backcourt centuries and so low with an active a lot of people like sports wagering so. People are stepping up and it's about time. The law that was passed would 1992 it was it passed spies is that the woman is a veteran law. Yeah added professional and amateur sports protection act and ironically. Eternity of battling regulars features editor. Bill Bradley at the times former Knick at Princeton tiger who was instrumental in getting past. Is this a case of sports leagues felt it was bad until they realize that they might be able to get in on the action and that's what it what is really changed here. That there are one of the factors I think. Whether they want an editor not the long known that yeah it was good to insert Nielsen's study showed that. People are doing in a sea org Adidas sports aren't gates served longer period I'm gonna watch more games. But they've they've worked they opened it and eloped at U verse where. But some credit to act so Kirk NBA commissioner. A few years ago he and op Ed that that they respect. Companies are happy in enormous quantities return. So you sit what it exists in a black market or bring it to I'll be regulated base but they've all. Ibaka is due to stay prepared and that is until they're companies so I became ridiculous but also from your standard Boris. He would Brett smiley sports channel like come OK so when this ruling came down. One thing I I saw pointed out was that congress could it just enact a law to make it illegal but that's not expected because. And maybe 1992. That might have happened because. The sports leagues were against that might a lobbied against him and in this case you mentioned Adam silver and I think the NFL. In the NHL had a bit of a vague statement as well but it seems like these leagues inaugural lobby for. Yeah we've reached a clear tipping point and in 92. Other quick edit an up and mr. at the in favor lighter load that very. Yet yesterday after the court student came down we are NFL ready network port in the stress and rip. Certain members of congress about the sort that remark at the beginning of this year. NBA official and joined by a Major League Baseball they've been here including it here statement and it. Saying that you know they understand that. The tech beat him elude this case they'll be a sports but he may be coming they just want. Surging. Certain points in ten of the the legislation's so they're kind of hedging their bets now that the law the NFL saying okay you know this is here we respected assistant we just. They would cut of the action well. When it comes to integrity of the game in 1992. That they're the the case against sports gambling was integrity of the game and now as they're for it they're still pushing integrity in this is where we get to. You know other models international models. The integrity attacks mean is. How do you separate the league's desire to get some of the you get in on some of the action under the guise of integrity what would actual integrity what what. I guess lever what checks and balances are put in place. To make sure that the integrity of the game is still upheld. On the ticket in two parts one pair. Their push into this saying that stimulus has made her so called patty great integrity. It's they have to label to it they don't know what to call it because it's it's really nighter they'll wanna charge these we're royalty. I don't sports the operators 1% off the top may sound small but it actually about. 18 when he Pakistan or sports are typically keeps. You know proper state employees to better. A lot of state you are included I've not Q warns that New York oppose some very limited amount that a quarter per cent that would specifically earmarks were. A quality integrity and expenses. Those are the things our party during that ate the least misery with officials in Nevada Utah Houston and monitoring. You know I think part of what droves we're seeing underground for awhile at this misconception matters not mopping your related and maybe it was executed bit. But the planet it is bad business or sports books it's it any sort of exit door and on. So. Let me pull up our live all broker is is there any reason for. Sports books for states for congress for as the legal lobbies this is there any real reason to caught them in. Yeah the idea of the extra couple leagues in the NFL says we want integrity fear of the NBA since says we want an integrity feat is there a reason the cup amenity they have any. I'm a legal grounds to say we deserve 1% of us because we are the product. No legal grounds whatsoever that case law that. Then decided basically you know information source and and what nutter public domain information and there's no proprietary right and that. Sort of it's basically request at this point and a lot of lawmakers that didn't and scratching their head art should change. What would be taxpayer money that we will be huge for our roads schools and get it though each and that they haven't given much traction with that. Better argument so that's why it we're gonna see in the NFL in the other league now that congress. It's the mom has not adopted that and he's staking get a federal framework put in place they don't have to run around here. Every single state from here to Arizona aren't allowed to sadistic. So they're gonna ask for cut and take it to congress and trying to lobby to get a cut but it's entirely possible they could be kind of shut out in this process but. One way these leagues could probably come back is by offering their own version of the product would that be the next logical step. I don't think any league is is going to want to get that close to their car and orders that act as a neighbor to the new owner of the yet. Carolina Panthers as some sort of equity sticker ownership and envoy game in one of the other big players. But it'll be back there in the process of divesting from there their stake in scandal. What they're gonna try to do it it actually so the data rarity of the third party that Clinton knows that for them. And the integrity has gotten headlines but they're trying Q. Basically have to staged put in output and dialogue that sports books in a light and have to take their data nobody's. Official data so that's that's one graduate that they wanna not this. Let's rally of us sports channel dot com are I did mean to interrupt you as you were you were going off on and on what happens from here is the next logical step. If the league doesn't get that money then. Municipalities do states do. That there is a detector Twitter feed you had a state senator from the Tennessee suggesting that they're gonna introduce a law where the money goes to K through twelfth. Yet it's it's. Can you wanna date and had a really bad and then expect. Yeah each of the theaters this in the states right case are now that you know each state. Has the ability to implement. Sports betting to license they were so light and then and come up with a tax rate that is. Agreeable raw side but they don't allocated to that at least some state starts but he made it teachers' pension fund some states now. The general plan that meet you go to infrastructure. Up the tab and I had about their current version of it here though I'm not sure where they're your partner Beckett tweet it out later develop people wanna look up there's. That's 7900 and that. Senator working outage on bonds at. Let's Miley make good order had yet to regular rider to replace there's some senior citizen or not. Yet right to our. Brett smiley us sports channel dot com okay so. European soccer over in England over it where it's completely the it's been very normal you've got sports books. Their advertisements or on jerseys they're in stadiums that the sports book is in the stadium. That's very much like like a horse track you know you you go watch the race there and you bet on what's happening there. How has that environment been able to exist without any. Real threats of match fixing and does give something that's that's policed and occasionally you're gonna find it. But how how is that work with the government and with the with the with the leagues and with the teams. It's ever heavily regulator there sports that he has that Bennett and natural it is buying a beer in Europe you know literally blanks. Peter sports book. On the corner perhaps are very much merely sponsors of merit. Our sports betting companies here there on the jerseys. And you know their latest there regulated they Arabic communicate where we're not a one another that lactic any irregularities. I would UK and we commission and it's you know that the players are earning. Pretty vast sums of money at this point so I think it's the wrist and a career match it's pretty overblown one sport where it's actually columnists in. Tenet and it's at a lower problems. Australia that the problems. Yeah I'm and it may be. Mean some golf here and there I don't think it's two minutes a concern. As an elite navy making it it's. It is it basically it it is out of the common thread you see when it comes to. Boring about integrity of any sort of sporting event the lower level it is the more likely it is to be. Potentially corrupt that it and the idea that an NFL game could be fixed in any way is really far fetched. Yet the at a actually it's spark that's gonna get 22 guys in the other and if if you gonna have any impact in the need to get to that. The quarterback probably and very maverick like 1617 million dollars now so. For somebody to. A potentially your earlier career for. A relatively small and the money it is it is seen in saint Mary. Brett smiley sports and about council. Time lines for all this what it used the UC each state having its own time line is this going to be. An arms race a space race where. Because of the existence of net native American casinos which we've got some in this consider New York that are already saying they're gonna get things rolling so. Couldn't couldn't in this. The scenario in your eyes all of the states be very very quick to try and push things forward before congress before anything else can even really be figured out. Yeah but by the end of this year you're gonna see. I six maybe seven states that Ari app or earning power and a New Jersey which at Portland that case. Couple neighbors Pennsylvania. Delaware which are at Napa probably later in the West Virginia are illegal that Mississippi made some changes to its stake application last year. I really cute and New York City and get something done what ended June you know or don't want to see. Pennsylvania New Jersey get out at. Some there there is sort of like they talk a country and it's Missouri. Iowa Illinois that they're having conversations and hearing that your beliefs other stakeholders. So I think there's going to be a second wave of the B. Beginning in middle of 2019. State doubles team that's going maybe I'm the breaks little bit. Study it and then it's rolling out so my expectation probably back in an X here that. They'll be eighteen to 28 but what you said congress is they get involved and it probably will take a look. That could change things a little bit but regardless I don't think they cannot go on in there and earn. And how to I think this changes the league's themselves let's say. That might be affected by whether or not they can get caught whether that didn't get. Congress stood to get involved and allow them to get their integrity fee but. And removing that. What does it change about the way the game is presented do you feel you feel like. Sports fans are gonna it will there be. ESPN gambling station will there be more shows dedicated to a will an instate inexperienced V basically overhauled. For people that want to get this type of our policy affixed this type of entertainment for for these games. Quick. A little better you can soccer I don't think we're gonna be ready in stadiums yes excellent. With a betting window ridicule like that not any time soon. Media Atlanta it will probably change a bit it's. I would imagine is in debt that we're dedicating into icons and right now. Scott and how to do it back east that you know it can even mentioned in itself is there order partners and they would allow our. To be more that you might via a network up appear here and there there's one out in the desert that turned out they get more information maybe to get more. Mainstream kept up. Consider that there aren't that it's a massive amount of a sports a dirty join arms and illegal I don't think it's story Q. Changed things. Too much maybe it you know at the bottom of the yen hit a ticker there's a sort alliant now. It BR Michael doesn't have to make bail references just announced they were the what the spread as young exactly and Dmitry if you around trigger dangerous. These half price and finally. How does college sports how how was it different for them for the NCAA because some of the reaction I've seen is that the NCAA is actually one of losers in this case. I guess it depends. I train them we are no college sports is one of the most. Heavily bet areas that alters March Madness college football it is almost as popular as NFL wagering. We talked about some of the lesser lesser up top it aptly selectors C where. There is concern there but there are a great deal attack that they could say that. There's Betty limits. They 2003000. Are games especially in eight games. Though it is if there's such a little to be had I can't see a player wanted to throw it away. But it's it's also NBA commissioner Adam silver or not my arm that. This steady at thirty occurring it would bring it and you illegal regularly premarket enters. Their ability it's monitor what's going on January irregularities. The only major scandal the past and focus or years it. And the year effort and Donny and and you nick integrators are urgent information in out in a legal black market is only by chance that. Yet yet to set up so. Mr. Beck can get started turn it into an edit out the open and no longer statement Paris. Brett smiley sports handle dot com Margret thanks for the time very much and the new landscape full on and see how it all plays out. Writer thanks it's brits Miley he's the website sports handled dot com which has a lot of information on this just in terms of with Supreme Court rulings mean what happens if New Jersey loses you can get all that kind of stuff. At sports channel dot com bunch of inching articles with a pretty thorough lay out of what happens here. 8030550s. Our phone number 1888550. To fight strategic writes in it sounds like the potential fixing a vet games is more sole players tennis and golf rather than team base of code makes cents. The other thing is. In terms of like him imposing limits that's helped prop bets work right now like you can you can only about a certain amount for most books on. On a prop that like. What do you know the prop it's easy the Super Bowl it's funny I wanna read a couple of texts on this there'd there'd been a couple. I'm sure they're not alone I'm not I'm not gonna ridicule this is just gonna kind of VA. This is how things go Jeff and Lewiston operates in. I spent thirty years in Florida soon as a lottery came in the state this in a percent of schools within three years the state cut the school budgets by the exacts an amount taking that money can't see any other result happening here. That's entirely possible that's also an apple lotteries ball can be. No politicians it would take money away from schools. But another text will there be a WGR gambling station oh wait there already is I'd rather listen to a guest talking up. And coming Pakistani crackers wake me up on this boring Chad is over and read the star of the show we had summoned tweeting so like always gonna talk gambling all day today. No no but. This is very east this is to me it's very similar to fantasy football what you guys having a fantasy football Gaston replaced fantasy football. And the numbers grow and grow and grow. And who is ever gonna want Twitter I don't wanna I don't care which you're gonna have to breakfast today. And the numbers on Twitter grow and grow this is a service as as he points out as a Brett just wondered on the UK it is as normal as buying a beer. At Premier League games and at. Champions league games and while legal it's as normal as buying a beer. Here it is and stigma ties you know that the number of things you can talk about what this. That are stigma ties and as soon as the stigma is removed it's gonna like polio we are up. We're all we always had that egg that we're that we were allowed to do that at one point. And I I get it you know I've been to. Places where they have things that they do not have a New York State or in the United States at one point and it feels so. Mischievous and dangerous walker on answered and Michael Kyle look at this displaces against Saddam's like another planet because they have some things that we don't. You can just buy and over there it's normal. All we hear sports gambling. Did the point I've made all all this week when we do talk about it is that. Have it is that is soul much more. Popular than you know and I learned this in the last year because I've started a little bit more. I have no idea how many people were doing it until like you know would be out with a friend talking in like that I would have action on some until like oh. I ain't. Think coming out of the shadows I guess but. Anyway for those of you that it doesn't interest I get it it doesn't have to be for you. Fantasy football's great fantasy hockey I don't care one lick about fantasy hockey now think I'll ever play fantasy hockey again I have before. Fantasy baseball player a couple times it could not care less about it. There are plenty of things in the world that you're gonna be subjected to DB just say no thanks and there's going to be another one. So while it's kind of knew now when you can tell us. The stations talking too much gambling. They're going to be a lot of listeners that are going to be interested in it and it's going to be a new part of your sports life. It's got like the point I've I've made this point a couple times you know if you don't like politics getting your sports sorry. It's going to. You can choose to let it bother you and anger you or you can just net. Push it aside I don't care about that players politics and just here for the games you can just you can decide yellow body could decider Norah you can side to engage in it. But it's beyond your control this point and sports and politics are tied together sports and gambling are tied together sports and one politics not just at the level of like players and activism but. How much money is gonna be generated for schools if they decide to go that way that that Tennessee. State senator introducing a bill to fund K through twelfth. Around the country teachers' unions going on strike demanding raises where you gonna get the money. Colorado legalizing marijuana and funding education with a a lot of education with a these things the worlds and intertwined kind of place and if you're going to be the kind it's offended by. People talking about gambling in the sports world I'll. I guess that's going to be your thing but it's absolutely on on the way and it'll be a big part of your sports like even if you don't partake in it. 8030550. I takes the breath smiling their sports channel but come bills receiver Austin Proehl on the other side here on WGR. Mambo number five of continuing our one hit wonder bumps here on W jar your sports headlines. Look over the board because that's where power usually right to sports headlines but he's not here today so we can write them down and that I have them the the cavs lose to the Celtics it's a 10794 win for Boston at 20 series lead in the Eastern Conference finals for the Celtics warriors and rockets game two is tonight. Phoenix when's the draft lottery they tanked. And they won the lottery they will pick number one Sacramento to Atlanta number three victory Edmonds courses first of the playoffs. And Tampa beats Washington for two for 21 series lead now for the capitals. Mirrors all star second baseman Robinson canosa spent eighty games for violating baseball's joint drug agreement new league announcing you know suspension. As. All Famer frank he took a direct apparently suspended three games those are sports headlines next update on the way at the top of the hour on the AT&T hotline now impeccable at a football. Bills wide receiver Austin paroled joins seventh round pick 255 overall loss in the morning it's meet Jeremy and operate Wilson here as well hour this morning. I'm doing great right do all right so what's it like to be someone that strapped to your seventh round draft pick and you know we talk about. How how guys go through the draft as the threats is happening over the course of a couple of days. How do you watch it how did you experience a did you. Everywhere you were young computer refreshingly watching ESPN we're just out doing your own thing waiting to hear from somebody. Knowledge I was very luck and just try to you know see what was going on all of the pick and just. You know she impossibility and and the teams and who they are taking so. Always kind of been my you know patched using them even when I wasn't involved let it stand locked in on it is because you know our. Love became analysts in you know new faces in the eighteen just up like that so I'm it was fun just being a part of it and you know army. You know just get a phone call. Was it a expectation you're gonna hear your name or what were you re getting nervous at the end of it I imagine. There are opportunities beyond the draft a lot of undrafted guys sign I have opportunities as well Souza gets later and later you're you're still gonna have an opportunity when it. As he got down delay rounds howry feeling. Yeah I mean that they become nerve wracking that you know try to be patient and in our state that you're a ball in the right spot and app that I that's what I did and out the best part about it no matter where I got Victor. You know it's more important that you get taken right by him being here about slow it was stepping right fit for me how was rookie camp for hip. It was Austin and experience. You know Austin get around and guys are on the chemistry would Josh on the other receivers and you know it's hard earned his playbook. When it comes to rookie campaign and and getting chemistry Josh Alan how much how much of the playbook are you seeing in rookie cameo for bills fans. They get only can they can only here. Like the coaches what happened at rookie camp Powell went. For you guys that did this offense. We're hearing the term that it's gonna be more multi dimensional again is there anything you can tell us about. Though the look at the offense or the play poker or what it seems like this offenses is gonna aim to do. I mean I think is often they'll be very powerful and just. You know score a lot of points so we're looking shortages continue prospect in it and die each and every day working at it and learn and you in and out the other. Let everybody you know it's a new playbook for everybody so knock on us to learn it infected there and make it the best often as possible. Now you've been familiar with Brendan being and Sean McDermott before is your dad worked on the staff in Carolina. Are you sir. What was it like it's. Tests have familiar faces one when your name does ultimately get called a year on a buffalo you got it. You know those guys mean was your was your dad happy about that just the idea that those two we're gonna be familiar faces for you. Yeah I mean I think you know both those you know both Brandon and coach McDermott you know my dad as the you know. A much respect for the both of them you know so reliant. There you know cause impairment a great coach and you know. Christine just continues to you know work hard and do what they do so I think it it was a great honor to. You know be picked cheer and be part of this organization and a look forward to do is uphold that standard. Bills on receiver. Lost control on the AT&T hotline selected seventh round and North Carolina what's it like growing up within NFL that. I was pretty cold has been running games I was born just you know being in locker room has been around you know great players. It was a great opportunity for me he put it took. If you would it take to be greatly in not conceding nothing given the got to earn everything you have been you know that's something now our early age. When it comes to being around guys like daddy did you everybody that you looked up to when you're when you're a young kid in just kind of I don't know wide eyed around an NFL locker known these guys are you know the vet the best of what they do was always receivers do for your dad and it was always about looking up to receivers. Yeah America I think I looked at my dad and you know try to model my game after him and the way he approached each and every day you know he never took a day off you know he continued to. You know even in any you know late years 151617. Eerie continued to approach each each and every day like he had earned a spot I think Dallas for maintenance. Special and his. Continue to work end and drive himself to be the best he could be. Regardless of you know how he fell order the position you can so. You know definitely him and then yeah I got garlic martial talk or walk on a much political arms in NFL history in this. Seeing him come out to work each and every day Cooper of his teammates in note coaches and himself that. You know he was one of the best so you know stuff like that that you learn and T primarily age know how to avert big impact on me. What do you be doing for the next are you guys have OTAs next week and then training camp comes along in June so are you. Or are you just like count down the days until all training camp in the season starts a 10 you do in the interim what you do from now until then to make sure you're you're you're ready. Yeah I mean I was hit with the guys each and everyday work out or buffalo and our facilities and then. You know yeah definitely count down to it and by the attorney camp but it also are they buy their process we got a ticket is. Each and every day learn the playbook you got to be prepared enters. On in in the weight room and are strange happening in stronger and the body right you know it's the other arm at the highest level possible or. And put yourself in the best position of playing out that he wins so that's what I'm doing right now continue to work and done an issue with the god that then. Approved of them that I can be dependent dependable accountable long and tough situations and you know that's my goal right now. Of the bills giving any idea where they might envision you're lining up to play a lot outside it that. Carolina but may be inside maybe sliding like that. Absolutely I mean I think you know mostly slot and you know. You know one of the things that I take pride in his being able playing anything that's the play so whatever that you'll be able to do it not good about my ability. Rival best to look Austin and not enjoy the the next round of OT ace enjoyed training Campbell global talking online to see John Fisher. Thank you so much type thanks very much Austin pro bills in YouTube everyday bills wide receiver Austin Proehl seventh round pick. 255. Overall he's four for forty. And mentioned as a precise route runner consistent separation. Me nice for the bills to find a little bit of you know like have found treasurer where this week talk on the receiving score a lot of I'm Wanda. Not quite hammer the bills on to just point out I think it's it's it's a unit it could really use somebody to kind of just pop up can be be great unexpectedly great. With a that's awesome parole or or anybody else that comes in. It's free agent off the street somebody coming up the next. Couple weeks couple months and don't expect as Bryant bills did have a receiver and for busy yesterday to. So like. That there are looking into the position. And one thing you can do to really help your offense turnaround maybe would really get a guy that can can work on the slot in and get separation. Those guys are very valuable especially as. It'll tow to open up things are around the up and so Austin Proehl bills wide receiver seventh round pick and now thinks the number joining us. 80305518088. By fifty to 550. Coming up at 8 o'clock into Peter's gonna join us talk a little bit sabres with him and and he talks some. One hit wonders is well. We never got to laurel vs Johnny. The did you get the audio. Yes I think that you had they are right there are right so. The mortgage the one Alan let's do this quickly laurel vs Yani if you do know what this is let's play along if you don't know what this is. All explain. Basically there's the computer file this is this is sky now this is west worlds the computers taking us over the of their first up as the confuse us. Artificial intelligence and it takes over. So it's a sound file and the question is much like the blue dress or the white dress as a blue dress is a white dress and people freaked out did you go to the same thing. In two people concede that two different colors. Now why did the blue dress and white dress sometimes I saw blue and sometimes I saw white. And I figured it was something to do like I don't read the explanation I don't remember why but you've you could. I did see both of one point. But it did a blue and and collect two hours and that and I see a white one and I seen the same thing. This one laurel verses Yani will play the South Korea. Texting in that you want what you hear Peter laurel. Or you hear. Yani. And he's brick throwing me. Another one hit wonder to another wonder when you wanted to go out now. I've been effectively Rick rolled thank you. You ready now bucket. Laurel. Or Yoni. Key numeral for five times. Us. I know what you hear. I hear laurel I heard laurel that time every time laurel but. Sometimes it comes across says Yani so what did you hear it over the windows don't call them this is Texas Texas oral or Yani. I hate when doing this. I I could do bull Cheever CNET there's a video is a famously again if of a all London. Two car us train in the tube. And it's traveling and you can watch it in and appears to be going away. But it also appears to be coming toward you gonna flip your brain you focus on it and then switch it. And UC going the other way such an illusion that your brain makes it go either way depending on how you're looking at it. I just played around his laurel verses Yani yesterday I heard them bolt. I could. I could find out later was trying to play around an active lease which. That time it was laurel every time. Played again. Now owns laurel every time. I've tried did here young I can. That is the Johnny at first the laurel everything after that is that the original file or you cutting. I'd just cotton just for the ones we try and find illegal file there. I don't want I don't wanna cut because that the X the it's supposed to be. The one thing. Laurel is definitely the more popular answer. Texture laurel this morning on TV was Yani ya on TV I heard Yani and radio laurel. Are you any serie Danny. I've the way I went away I was doing this at home last night or with my phone was. This the C go to Mary Gordon. Oh. Laurels. Yeah. Margaret Loral Loral Loral on your buds through earbuds I only hear you any. This this morning when I was doing it on my phone. It was. An exercise in a take. Take your. Your mouth. And start to say the words Danny. And hold your mouth in the way that you would make you sound. Because when I did that. I would hear yeah Ani the Danny. And then I could easily switch back it's kinda like com. There's funny ways like delusions and plane with your your mind and in no optical illusions are much more obvious to see it it's not. Often that we have this now on the radio I haven't heard any wants. As your playing I haven't heard any one right right exact and I would have heard it multiple times I've heard multiple times at her it both ways and I've heard it bull. First five times any in laurel after that I can't hear you anymore I wonder why that's all I've feel. I was hearing any and it's it's disappeared on me. Now it's freaking me out. You keep your bowl against all right thanks for indulging us and that. If you wanna fight it on the Internet. I'm I'm serious goat if you haven't give Twitter you heard it from us go to go to dead spin that's been posted this and you might. Find that odd different. Format does it a different way radio might be wrong because one of the things are run about was at a it's about frequencies so maybe we only play a certain frequency. I don't know. Go to dead spent listen to on your phone see if you get it differently on different. Mediums it's weird. Laurel vs Danny the new dress I hear you any through your votes. Tax rates in there Rick roll was under appreciated by Jeremy should give you more loft maybe. So John one hit wonder day maybe. I. Are you sent. 8030550. Interpreters coming up top the hour's time the wind cash cold. Yes texting to win. And I'm getting yelled at fire balls because it into this at 25 I keep it's probably that that's probably my fault that that's fine dollars that's BE ST. FactSet seven to 81 for chancellor thousand dollars right now the tax act go do it seven to anyone for chance and a thousand dollars in the nationally cash contest on WGR. And you just waited out the yeah any vs laurel that I did analysts not iPhone. I've got to rediscover you any. I had yeah any last night I had any dismay Hornaday I've got I've got laurel now I've got laurel. Still laurel. That's on my phone I'm I'm not gonna arrest until I can give you any back in my head are right. Wireline expander Peters are WGR. There was nobody else are required to tear me away. Spain drafting. For a lot of folks wonder over the weekend. Well for the Yankees game the other day. I want to go. Liberty. So much here we go. If anything I wanna say that's location dropping it's not name dropping. Those are places that I've been to. So I mean. You when your name dropping of California. You when your name drop of Yankee game. This guy this guy named dropped you you get sick and tired of your name drop out there why why my name up. Why don't I'm brought to by the premier group one of the week it's fair for the Scott 0899 for 750 milliliter bottle on the five dollars between you by two during. Premieres dollar sale also brought you by premier gourmet Buffalo's. Craft beer destination. It'll Israel 550 is our phone number the we have a lot of people text in that the herd laurel on WGR and you any un dead spin war. Yeah any on my phone the laurel. Man it is it is a brain. Melt or we have somebody who's listening at same time the one guy that tweed Eric yet tweet instead I heard laurel but the person actually heard yet. Yeah you know this is the kind of thing where. It's probably RD out there like the explanation of why this happens it's it's more fun to not look at the exploration. And just to think the you heard Laura liar yen in just for us to think the each the other one is crazy. Already Google Billick and it turns out that this day for the redesign things. There is a the reference of something just like this in the book I was reading the performance cortex a warning on book dropping now. I read a book. Reading still which is all of the brain and how it functions in athletics and got the idea out of and there's something about this where they were big play a word. And they would have the a video of someone saying a word that clearly wasn't the same work. And which one you hear the person saying thank your brain your brain at all the shortcuts to do stuff like that so animates us kind of fascinating. Another text or it's an. Was it game dropping if he's that game dropping. Put it you look at us just sports dropping talk about sports all the time you and your sports dropping hockey football. We get it you've seen a sport. Crawl author and a 80305518550. To 550 its. And it's it's it's a weird thing and leading to whine about getting Brighton to whine about. Feel pretty good about today I don't know why we are bringing up this old yeah Annie vs laurel thing I mean not bothering you it's test it's just one of those. Who cares it's blue dress white dress Yani laurel. But it's it's it's. It's a great debate yeah I got to embrace debate. As they say. That I don't even know who came up with a whole Yani moral thing. I'd like to thank them for Null. It's it's got people yelling need each other thank you. OK Alex twittered in an explanation I've spent way too much time reading about this this morning our idol put that link. Yeah any vs laurel when we were eternal part of those sabres we'd we talked sabres early this morning because the sabres added defenseman Lawrence pilots. We have not yet touch base with a Swedish. Person to talk about him yet but we will on short with a lot of works well works him. So that's on the white but we'll talk with not Edgar Peters is in studio for me for the next hour and then off to the NC gators after this with our credit Marty that that view you guys put together. The classic late eighties watch Herschel almighty god it's good but the ghostbusters a tweet that out very cool our interpreters on the way next here on WGR.