05-16 Howard and Jeremy Show HR 3 feat. Andrew Peters

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, May 16th

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Men without hats. Safety dance. Do you know this song makes treatment of Andrew Peterson student the next hour. This was when this one presidents' trophy or. When. Sabres are great. When our shows consistent talk about how great the team was and taking song charities from fans. Somebody wrote a song about this are up to this beat. About Brian Campbell I don't know I think it was the soupy dance. I don't remember that remember spots a man spot chill man was part of it I remember. If you get caught between. Danny Briere and Drury was another one incidence if you come to new the New York City. They're bigger safety dance that's. It's it's one hit wonder day because we're doing the bison have won maybe we'll do one at one. Or the rest of the week why not let's do it I loved one I loved one hit wonders. Who doesn't love a good one now. Safety dance so what's the greatest one hit wonder. Come on Eileen. We built the city. There's a lot clo greens are pretty big lately he's he's the one hit wonder of the decade was his. Heard and. The game you can't forget you ya. All for you but it's it's a different version in the side but it's not on the radio you know after. All right 830552. Wanna join us we've got lots of stuff lots irons in the fire here were talking in the break about. Couple things about the these hockey series about I got on the love Vegas I wanna say I heard yesterday Gary lawless was on a Mike Hsu available log and I changed my tune on Vegas. Based on one thing he said sold a little bit later. But the one of the reasons as surrogates UN for an hour this week. Ex US me in the break and this one I want to talk you about and I had a conversation about this on Monday which was. Ryan O'Reilly will watch him play at the world championships and his comments at the end of the season I wondered. If for Yule. It was a problem if fits because O'Reilly says you we lost his love for the game and I think that there are two ways to look at deputies being honest. Or the you've got like a major problem in this means that the guy's gotta go my my feeling on it is. It's a problem but it doesn't mean it has to stay a problem. Re like the guys honest the guys willing to say that. I think most people would at some point have lost loved for something that they. Previously love whether it's hockey or when the radio Scholl or. In all of sudden it's like just does not feel on this right now on this is wrong or terrible time so. I don't think it has to be like a scarlet letter that he just. Where forever and is unforgiven. Null. And now go back and say. I like what he said. I never I never once. Had a problem with with what he says that I I I think. I think of the issue with it in and if you ask anybody. Former players or anybody watching or listening how you probably see that behind closed doors right I mean. But. I love the refreshing honesty from a player I wanna know how player feels about a season like that especially a player of his magnitude guy that plays as much as he does. A guy that you know. Does love the game hockey is when he came here we do was talk about the Ryan O'Reilly practices and how we would get younger players out on the ice in his first guy on the ice and in always in the gym and I truly believe that he loves the game hockey and everything that comes along and it. It's easy to say the money to right shall take the money aside because I think that's an unfair. Argument I generally don't put the money anywhere near these got a lot of my a lot of ul do I don't know unfairly unfairly will say would you make seven and a half million dollars you better love well you know what that's what the business pays him that that's that's beside the point I. You know we have Thomas panic on the investigators this week he was army crushed Monday. And we asked him about it because he was a guy that I felt put a ton of pressure on himself like Thomas was a guy that was very I don't wanna see emotional in a bad way but war is hard in his sleep. If things weren't going his way. For the best interest of the team you knew I mean he would he would slam a door when he came back to the bench he would bang a stick. And it wasn't because he didn't score or pour me was because he feels like he let the team out. And you know he he he had a comment and I thought it was really just he's loved what he said. He's that I've I've I've been there before and you know. Again it's it's not dollars and cents the guys are making it 88 comes down to you know environment. Performance. Team performance. In combination of all it's so. I think if you asked if you poll all those players. On that team and asked them if they love the game hockey the end of the year and we love watching it and pretty tough Clinton right soul so I mean it's easy for us as we can turn it off. But the players there and they're not allowed turn off you know like that's it's their obligation to show up on nightly basis for the fans. Win or lose. But I understand it. And I actually respect his honesty now do I think he'll be gone no. No I don't I don't feel like he'll be on I don't feel like those comments merit movement. But. I do feel like he's a guy and hot teams would want to get his hands on I mean for guys the credit is so hard on himself what season it sixty points here. So you know Alec forcing we can do with some better players around. There Jason Marshall you you probably have a cover with the exit interview with O'Reilly happened before or after those comments probably. That's an interesting question I don't know I I'm assuming after her path yes it if not maybe there were some after if there was a before. Yeah out in wonderful Riley would be a box pro probably silly what do mean by that late what do you think deep you'd probably SAD the union back. Is this is it something that you need is this something you need from me here. Yeah I don't I don't think it has anything I think he's tasked to do with the season as a whole I mean. You know maybe just disappointed. You know how. Everything went I mean but again. In the general managers first year you know like he's got to evaluate everything so I think that our conversation at the end of the year that he has for the Riley can become extremely valuable to the general manager. With the information he can get a player like that you know. Glad. Okay are all your best face up as you say. I'm thinking of Phil Kessel here. Not the they're the same in anyway but Phil Kessel was. A focal point in Toronto and took a lot of the criticism. And became a guy that was he'll never win he's not a winner and then went to a great team course. And start to put up huge numbers and it's almost like. You get a guy like O'Reilly or castle in this case different to different types of players they can instead of being like the guy can be just part of it. The new might have a better situation may be arrest miss Darlene helps O'Reilly in this way and maybe. The sabres swing a trade for another player that can take but I guess what I'm asking is how to the sabres if they're gonna keep all Riley. How to they make him not. Takes so much of it himself out of a talent like listen. Won't we yes we're looking for better leadership in this room but you'd just taking all the blame every night for all the shortcomings of the team isn't really doing that. I would like to see and we talked about this too and I thought dark Craig had a great point honest to I I. I think he's at a point where he should be able. To go in the room and point fingers at me if you watch the Daryn Gregor interviewing me he needs to be more vocal I think he's a guy that players will will listen to. Com. If you watch his interviews and and again you know we we have fun with it but we understand like where comes from. But he always says I need to be better I have to do this I have to in and tough scenarios right. He he needs to do less of that he needs that two. Take less burden on and and you know it's it's not on you Ryan it's not it's the whole team I mean. If you're not on the ice for mistakes happen and it costs a team game it's not on you. Any and it's not an individual I because you know the once once this team starts winning. He's a part of it it'll be wee wee wee wee weed but right now things are going well he uses I and you know I feel like. Think he could he could go Wendell in that locker room. Very much silica Chris Drury could a key to me he is like eight Chris drew when you look at the type of play areas he's great defensive players solid faceoff guy. He can put up you know. Fifty to sixty points not a good team you might get to 7075. He might. And jury was act guy not a speedster. Very reliable and responsible. But right I feel like com jury I don't think would say hi I IE and take the responsibility I think he. Was on a much different team he had Mike Grier he had other players that were who were. Older veteran guys where you know if he does sprinkle a little bit of blame somewhere it's are going to rob anybody or effect anybody a certain way and and I I don't know lake right now I don't know the sabres have enough of that where he can be comfortable. Pointing fingers around a lark and I'm guessing that it's back guys fault but you might seek tough night for the forwards got to be better helping out the RD of forwards got to be better problem. Things like that instead of saying you know I got a better start to mean you know working and all that stuff so. I just think he puts a lot on him and sometimes I can be too much for player and I don't wanna see I would love to see the other you know other pieces in there for a guy like him who doesn't have to take on. All that responsibility. How does it positive player when you do have a bad night you know we have a bad night the goalie had a bad night he knows it is in lock permanent coach out in the press conferences could use to say. Or the yeah I know you did you didn't have you didn't have to say that everybody saw everybody knew it. And again I guess it would depend on the guy right how you're gonna receive that that type of even though. Could I apologize saying it right I mean you know if a guy goes if if the benefit cuts like me who played three or four minutes and and I was eight. We need to we need better from art deal there I mean what what do they do it turning pucks over. A category well whether players like me are not a team is talking gore. But a guy like Ryan Reilly plays 2425. Hard minutes a lot in his own zone. You know and can't produce points in Munich says something you know along those lines. You've got to assume that he's you know. He's right. You know like he's not going to be guidance and ago knowing his characters can be it's gonna go and org I'm the boss in the media I mean a general comment about where your team needs be better on any given night is nothing wrong it's called accountability so. Same thing the coaches need to hunt need to see from your goals I mean why does that so about bicycles and Libya and royalty can appeal sought. You know I mean if I turn a park oversight crisis summit says. Peters can't turn now park over its price you know what. Irene no no need to beat the dog and I don't know Avian like a guy Marty limping but at the same time it's part of it's part of the business I mean we we the we are in the industry of criticism. And Peter joining me in studio for the next for this hour 8030550. Or phone you and ask anything. On on the sabres and in other players were in the industry criticism mass media were and were in the industry criticized yeah right how's how's that transition for you. Posit Bentley because I think when I was listening view on the way over to tell your amazing by yourself I I if Christ the way I'd screwed I got no hole I can't do that you and did you at all by yourself considered to show take calls talk to people I mean. It's hard it's hard but. I actually enjoyed it I mean I'll be honest with the it was it was a little bit of a tough grind at first you know. Use use ET criticism offers some comments to me core opinions that you might have been I think sooner you know. Similarly you start to realize that. Some people like you have to seen some people don't and it's you know that's just the way it is but Twitter doesn't help in west. Bright but as as a player who you know I'd imagine still has relationships of people league with players in the league players in the area. I would imagine that that's kind of top that's one thing that we we don't have in fact you Naughton many times you know you get different people on the paroles and I think when it comes third. Doing coverage of a team some people silicon communal go to the locker more often and and I actually haven't answered it which is like I'm not supposed to be friends with them. I'm not supposed to know their story real I cut if I wanna tell a guy he's got to get traded. I I'd like to get this guy out of town I don't wanna know that he's gotten a family that's really nice like. And and try and I actually an end and now transitioning out of the game. Any end to the other side I understand that I understand how you know Ali it must be hardly having or. Knowing the guy and maybe having to criticize them you know we just talked about being in the in the industry you know criticizing the eight there has to be some sort of separation but respect you know and Sharia and I just imagine is as of as a player transitioning like. It's it's got to be you you won't understand what it's like you'd understand that you know caller calls up and the first from the selector when I do that like. Get this guy out of town he's no good maybe he's. Dealing with something that you know the general public doesn't really know about it he can be difficult yeah and there is that but again mum. I don't know all of that worry was supposed to care about that night as bright you know it. And I am saying that as a former player are we supposed to care about a guy's what's going on in his personal life I mean. I don't know everybody has something going on their personal life every single person out there listening right now driving or whatever. They have something going on the personally it might affect them in her day to day operation but you know I. I don't know that you can criticize their performance for a but at the same time. I I don't know that I would want an element here I don't know that I would I think that you have to have that separation from. Personal life to professionals and that's just the nature of the business right I mean that's Zack kind of the on forgiving part of being a professional athlete. Right I mean everyone knows of these guys have personal lives and but I don't I'm not sure we're supposed to care now. And yet. And it's only good jerk saying that but it's slow when I was playing I don't I'm not sure that anybody cared that if I had something going on when I was playing I mean their work by you know a lot of stuff going on at times. So you. I think it's a function of free agency and gets a function of trades. Its function like maybe you. Of your fan you love Chris drew like no one else or to any rare like no one else and then not an X or he's on the flyers. They all being their teammates that her right right and if your fan you know you've probably had your heart broken once you're a fan long enough it's why. Maybe if you're in your Buhner UP your father and son your son loves these players and you. You're glad you're some likes a player your daughter likes a player you are you more like the team and the players because you know the players are gonna change and your Natalie gonna go through that change. Right how about how about those hobble the key is not of the players who are old enough to the comments John you know it's up when their dad gets treated or I mean I never experiences and that was one of the things I wish I was able to experience I mean. You know a son or daughter will bring rain but I couldn't imagine. I couldn't imagine having son or daughter playing professional sport where. City year town just wanted to go on in Haiti due out and and your kids have to go to school here are your these auctions. My dad thinks he should be traded in you know I mean whose bodies were or the other night in the Nortel has a brutally I mean it's like. The heart. I mean and I'm sure it happens rikers. Now. Does he doesn't mean I thought that's. And their employees or about bills coaches that have gone through that kind of thing so yeah it's it's definitely think the kit kit that live with the this year and his brother played in the NHL and he Harvard. From kids at school your socks or whatever megas arts in your brother's going to be there for this law these rookies not to you know I mean you know. I. It's about the kids Brothers in the NHL. Regular even make a comment like. And a part of me thinks that that stuff right you can get jealousy in a lot of pain in his tail it it and it can get tough there was a moment last night in the in the cavs Celtics game I'll LeBron James got hit in the face and shoulder the face had to go to locker room he's kind of shaken up on his way to the locker room. A guy walks down of the tunnel and yells and a space like LeBron your sock in on and someone said. That's embarrassing how what a joke that guy is and I agree to a point. Because. We do want. Rivalries we do want that charged atmosphere a for bills fans were bill's fans like Tom Brady sucks some says back like come on you guys are stupid but we know he's not bad yet but it's our job. Because he's in the stadium got ties to tell him that he's not good evident for guy's gonna get out of his seat yells something LeBron come out come out it was something better than use all right because I mean let's LeBron you know honestly say you really of course like I mean really I think I have a title Michael Jordan's that tonight here every gimme a break yet not a real I don't actually think your bad but I'm I'm the person that the game here. It's my job to on some level being just rooting against you not singular bold before you wanna hear all time low quickly. I went up to watch Hamilton bulldogs play against Cain Kingston front next couple weeks or few weeks ago in the way tilt conference finals and these drunk forty some odd year old guys just yelling at the tainting goal and I'm looking at on going you guys are in your forties this kid's seventeen. That's stuff I really the kids in high school or you're sitting here yelling this to yourself you know on the flip side of that because that's. You know that's real time all is that low or is the law also included the sabres when the lottery for rest missed Colleen and I am over the moon excited and like. Yeah this eighteen year old kid's gonna save the city. Same kind of thing it's like these expectations are placed in these kids. Because that's you know that's part of it we don't he might actually do they might ask you something are you more excited about the drafting Darlene this year than new world when they drafted Jack. Yes. Yes yeah I think so only because. This is like is defenseman not just that but. Mean there are better pieces in place. And the bigger part of it is that they would be I mean this is a random lucky win. You know like they would do to get to to win this is you know one of them was a paycheck for. A harder job put in in this one is and here's a scratch off ticket you just want you hit the jackpot like to me it's a little it's all different. Yet there was a massive celebration. To winning the dollar lien lottery where for the I comic David lottery. Every single day we had that draft troll or re practiced losing but you also knew you're getting one of the yeah yeah exactly I mean I mean so you are getting it in that year you're getting in generational talent no matter what's on the sabres finished dead last you're getting them right to it was about celebrating that day when that happened. And for for Colleen it was undetermined until lottery itself actually happened on the twenty. 8030550. Are a couple things we get back we've got to get to the things by the way Tony company tweet hokey hump day that's hash tag holding company today. At WGR for your chance to win a 25 dollar gift card to Jim's stakeout happy hoagie hump day. I heard something about Vegas yesterday that totally changed my mind about them I'll tell you what that is. When I'm gonna get back in to a yeah any vs laurel you to take on manager and all the good stuff last night's Washington and Tampa game on times 80305 that did join us meanwhile the win cash code from mr. Brayton will. Yes when cash code word for the 8 o'clock hour today is of Bally V a LLE. Why you have. Least 35 minutes text to Bally to seven to 81 per chance to win 8000 dollars in the national wing cash contest. And WGR. Cool okay. Okay. Everybody. And on dollars right draw the line. Why is that one hit wonder right. I thought loses this title like generics on that everybody could use. You know kind of like. Happy birthday this is Carl Douglas. Guns who fighting I had no idea who Carl douglas' anyway and outside it's okay did you know this is Carl Douglas. Only when I placed on alternate throwing a Carl Douglas song or the Carl Douglas armored you know this is it not a chance. No not until today. Thanks for your honesty now view but now if you come at me one week later and say it Brayton Carolina at the Carla dolls Douglass on OK I got it. Carla or Karl Karl. Well I would never do that I would never come Newbury and its its owner Carl Douglas on the basis. Andrew Peterson for Howard for the next our interest here for me tonight. I hit it with real (%expletive) if your sports headlines the lightning with a 42 win over the capitals last organ that came a little bit. The cavs are down two games tonight after last night's loss sabres rated signing the sign Lawrence pilot another odd defenseman. The Swedish defenseman on the Swedish. Elite league defenseman of the year for HV 71 a he gonna got the sabres have been mentioned could be signing and the minute officially signed. Lawrence pilot solution sports headlines accepted in the wake of the top via our magic missed in the final putt to play nicer here. I don't know Brayton would we're talking of that brain says it's possible. He could go to. Rochester. I don't know on May be a depth guy and ABC help works out. Dolce. But the over the second set to think the second consecutive overhaul of the defense last year they got a bunch of new defenseman. And definitely good work out and this year we're already looking at two. I had a it's a right dumbed down there at in Saber Lan they already have doll leans name up on the board. But zip is that they have that they are important positions and all that in the GM's office because told me. Dollar means RD up there. That's cool. Quick thing last night's game caps and the caps and the lightning I'm sorry she's capitals and lightning did you think that Washington. Was asleep at at the Swiss ball game. Because on the on the broadcast on the intermission report. JR and Milbury roasted the capitals for not being prepared to play in for thinking maybe just show up. I wonder if you saw the same thing. While yeah I think god the way Tampa started I mean like they were shot out of a cannon and I just think they. They caught Washington off guard I think as possible and maybe you should not happen at home I think Washington's got to be more prepared and ready at home but. I I do agree with what they were saying and and you know. Shameless plug your Jarrell we are Marshall a smaller 1030. And that it is it's one of those things where I was shocked that Tampa was able to get the lead the way they did it was. Terry I. Based in the first two games with thought Washington was gonna come out and slaughter them home and really grab a strangle the series but. That's the amazing thing about the the playoffs and when you have the two best teams in the conference facing off against one another. And this is this is what you get you get uncertainty. I really mean it's it's a coin toss any given I mean I think there were people out there that said Vegas was done and after game one it looked like they have done shirt if they got. Destroyed in game and that's where the is that the discussion comes in of you know who had who had the advantage. Our Winnipeg because they rolled out of a game seven and right into the next series two days later where Vegas had how many days off in between. You know there is some of that where you know might have taken bag as half a period or period to get going in that series not to change over the other series but. It just view just wonder there's no explaining. Tom. The parity of the league right now I'd I don't know how to do it and if you look at the depth chart you could say that lightning or are have way more depth. Then Washington and you could say that Winnipeg is way more depth then. Vegas and then it looks like it's the opposite and the next game. So long. What on Vegas Gary lawless Vegas and Saturdays to cover the the used to cover the jets and now he's covering the biggest gold nice. He said something about Vegas last night that I'd still don't want them to win the Stanley Cup. But he said something to show little Bulldog you find an unmanned that. I hadn't really thought about before because I I don't know if you don't this balmy injure I don't ever give the and it took credit for good decisions because I don't feel like never make any. But he made the point that what Vegas did was. Were the NHL did was they set our will take your 500 million dollars and will give you a chance to be a good team. Which they hadn't done with the expansion teams in the past and it hit me which it shouldn't you before like oh you know what that is Smart. You're gonna put hockey team in the desert instead of making it so they're going to be bad for four years you should try and really quickly stoke the good thing I. Nobody even after they put their roster to get still Soledad good lake when they were drafting Braden McNabb and wild bill Carlson mr. nine goals last year and you know on this. What's he gonna do he'll get twelve in Vegas this year you know he figured James Neal will be you know average march soul might get 1920 goals because he's not really marxists all right you know what's taller gonna do Alex talked as a rookies you know he's not gonna do anything and who also they have there I mean I don't think anybody's. Who might leaving notes. Colin Miller. The Colin Miller the defenseman number six kind is that Colin Stewart Colin Miller this guy is unbelievable. On the unbelievable. Watching skate I've seen him play it live twice are on TV doesn't do any justice watching skate. He just he Dallas around the ice he sold fast. I don't know who these guys are I mean to me at the start of the year I was calling him the major or the IR Cleveland Indians who these guys the yeah. Yeah well maybe it's maybe it's revisionist to say that the view and into the NHL kind of want this to happen they they they never would have thought it would be this good. And you're right after the expansion draft in the NHL of the GM's for not I'd be able to evaluate their talent properly I mean what you think do you think Minnesota would rather hall and talk or NB minus zucker or dumbo. I mean. I don't know how I don't know I don't Hala had fifteen points and talk and almost forty and some GMs that better than others I mean I toward it and you're such a good job and the sabres lost will carry which. You know OK but the time we thought okay not about right part of at the end of the day girl who was the difference maker in the first series of the playoff with regard her oh we are talking about was. While bill Carey right now. Yeah it'll 30551888550. To 550 if you wanna join us here on Vegas in Winnipeg when you watched Tyler Myers recent. Mean Myers is a guy Tyler Myers that we traded is that because they can this go back to you Riley point Myers here needed to be the number one. There's tons of pressure on him he sends a big contract instead now he's on the same contract but he goes to Winnipeg and he's definitely not number one. Mean he slots and more vote. Just have you know regular not as much pressure on new defensive role whether it's you know bottom Payer or a second pair. He doesn't have to be as good he can be the same guy and not facing the quality come. Dish. Dostum buffalo helps that I think true ultra helps that Morrissey he's no slouch. You know they have they have good defense I mean. There's less pressure on him I think when it cube like that. Goes out wins Calder trophy as the rookie of the year as a defenseman. You know the pressure the pressure mounts than textured any signs the contract and you know I mean now you have to try to justify the contract in the teens actually going in the other direction. Success wise. You know it it it becomes tough that it becomes tradable asset and you know he goes somewhere where is probably happier as a western boy. Any in the last rhetoric I kind of feel like Winnipeg at that time. You know when he was brought in he wasn't being brought in as a savior they kinda had their own little issues going on it and iron Al goaltending and some other personal things and then. Here's a guy that just as an extra couple few years to develop I mean I feel like people forget that these are defenseman it's a takes a lot longer for edema and develop and a and forward look at look at Hedman we've been talking Mahendra for years but had been wasn't hadn't told your 45 of his seas of his career means good. But now he's now he's Norris trophy and you know I think we saw that turning a couple few years ago in the playoffs by it. You know it does take time and and you know Myers you know again. Great first couple years and then you know a bit of a tough tough year after he signs a deal and goes and gets to have a clear head. Does this. Make you think about Bristol and anyway. I don't wanna trade restore and other conversations come up a lot. But I I'd just. I just feel that he trading guy like Rouse this crystal line regardless of what he can get to return going to be looking for a guy like restless for the line and I mean. When Toronto rolls into town at least you know the Cotchery and restore gonna go you know I mean and I don't mean fighting I just mean. Battling because wrist those nasty he hasn't nasty edge and he doesn't make ton of money when you talk about top defenseman tight defensively nowadays make about number two money and Colleen will help him because you know Dolly does not coming here and get a ton of points right off the bat. But it it. Alleviates the pressure of off from wrist order for having them be viewed upon as the guy that defense and asked to provide points you know 'cause they feel like. He can be a really good shut down guy to. I really do and I just don't think you can trade fastest was the line and but if Jason box a tree processor is the line and you know it's because he's getting a boat load and returned. 8030551808550. To 550 to join us here on W Cher the Vegas golden knights and Winnipeg jets will play. Tonight. Coming up at. What times a game and we got here and WGR right yes indeed were carrying a hockey games not a clock face 9 o'clock faceoff Vegas. And Winnipeg the Vegas flu that everyone talked about what it takes and go to the road. Here's another thing. Home ice advantage right this this thing about homeless and managed this year in my wanna talk about road ice advantage lake Washington. If they lose the next game people say candidates back home ice advantage in the series where the road team has won all four games home ice this year has not been. Really much of an advantage for received gutsy even Winnipeg which is an insane atmosphere that lost three out of four ohm and here there on the west outcome I want as prime example. And in Washington. And I mean just couple goals early. Washing got to 21 right and then our arms armament 31 in the era. The owner of interest and 803055188552. Foot fifty on the other side to it that you guess the prospect running you do know. I'm finishing up a good guess the prospect of heard this game no I'm not. All of the high neighbors prospects now to be a hockey prospect global good a condition of hockey gets the prospect with you here. And he'll play along it's fun game that's on the way next here and of each year. Quick fisons update their home Friday. It's gonna be one hit wonder or night at the ballpark and we are with that we named it one hit wonder. Week forget tomorrow and Friday. C'mon I'll index these midnight runners. Might argue tomorrow and you wanna be mean excels coming in to know I'm not someone that wanted to confront the memento. Good. Right and a fashion devices game 7051. Hit wonders night at the ballpark celebrate those twos that made the careers of their performers. Resurgence bring happier begins at five through dark craft Beers from 5630. Saturday's armed forces day Sunday is tops the dog day at the ballpark all blogs skating free. That's good because my dogs don't have Internet jobs so there and of money error event in fact they eat money. Dogs are expensive they are expensive. The food is expensive. The things that they destroyer expensive you know why you have three dogs we have three dogs you know set yourself up for just. To be an emotional mass one day down while I had one dog in my adult life. And just completely tore my Horrow we hand powered down while we had one that had bloat and they needed lifesaving surgery to not. Die speaking of dogs being expense of that when our costs few grand. Five grand. He was in Canada so was Canadian. On the you're saving 2% and not what's yeah I was the not a fun couple of days but he's all right annie's he's doing great and now he volunteers that. Any nursing and rehab center halt peace seminary and what's a lifespan. Fourteen your commitment and a aria. Yeah I mean you re use old lover like well we've got we've got more years out of this one so try to save his life. 8030550. The bigger Peters in here for one more segment here. What are we not get to yet with the caller call ended but hang hang up before we got to be expecting a pursuit of John Tavares for the sabres sure why not. I'm not saying again adamant in saying mean if he goes to July 1 I would imagine. A phone call sure. Why not where does he go. I'm convinced he's not going to stand Long Island. Although things have been so silent they just hired Lou Amaral hour's news supposedly that's happening. I don't know what that means but. The best thing that's happened the islanders for a Tarvaris is Matthew Marshall. That kid is so good that. The islanders I think can make a good case for yell stick around. You grow you look at this kid they got a couple of really good young players and say hey big scorer that the guy. Anders Lee you know and they have they picked up narrowly. They have. Your business and five million dollar deal. To our daily news so. He might he might soupy but then again Vegas has got a time of cash. Taurus to Vegas on well the sabres I would only think they can do it if they trade O'Reilly they might trade Ryan O'Reilly and open up seven and a half million dollars and you have room for Tarvaris. In about couple years three years you're gonna have to sign rest ms. Colleen to money we'll see how big big that is based on how how good he is right off the bat. Let's get the prospect at the hockey issues guess the prospect the fun game than anyone complain. We have had a couple of rough days Braden so I hope that. I hope that our prospect is. A little more gavel for the folks playing at home and for the folks playing in studio I would hope soul for you guys as well here the rules he's gonna give us three clues about a hockey player who was drafted in the top ten. That was drafted in the craft is only top ten picks and how many years ago if you go back to eighty wanna knock him and known yet I think he's gonna keep it relatively. Moderates in modern dance or throw Cody Hodgson an error I want I'd give me more of a surprise the top ten picks of the tenth overall a journalist and that's right. Right so I mean maybe you're talking nine to one. He's the intensive care yeah yesterday yesterday we do we have had some tough ones we have campus went home. And Michael blocker not a chance he throws him Dinah rock vessel for that and before that we had robbed near mired for speaker Fontana. Chris Baker gets this went on iTunes that's the last I usually play this game well he text me and he's doing right now brittle before words in the first clue and federal haven't. ROs don't forget the prospect. The year I was drafted I scored twenty goals and 65 points in 72 games with the Regina pats in my two full seasons all involved garner. In my. Two full seasons in Regina before being drafted third overall a put up 27 goals and a 108 points in 100 in 29 games. I ended up going as the first offense been off the border my draft year but it went back to the western hockey league for one more season before making the jump to the NHL. Wade Redden and now. What do Chris Phillips play. Now he prince Albert but that he didn't have he was in those kind of numbers he was an item closed he has sold monster scoring defenseman played the western hockey league. Third overall I cannot do that piece that third overall. I it's a third overall he did he did go third all it's a third overall could catch a missed that one okay that brings it in third drop third call but Terry berg. This is way more fun with you recently it was old time he actually went third overall when here but I only play in the third overall. Didn't didn't Aki berg come from Sweden anyway Finland and tacky Terry bird and cut the tears in the eyes. Like who could tackle Luke and and the Mecca he's gonna like Pierre Luc paternal wanna play with him in New Jersey. Only people on blond is real last name was maternal hype in the water let's habits along and it's a very long list includes two I don't know what do you know. Here's the number two or three guys at my best statistical seasons as a rookie scoring ten goals and registering 36 points in 82 games played. In parts of six seasons with my team I scored a total 36 schools that a 143 point 377. Games. During my sixth season. I was part of a trade which changed the course of the franchise that drafted me I ended up going from one coast to the other spending parts of two seasons with my new team. After spending two more very short tenure with a couple of Western Conference teams I was traded to the team who got he might only Stanley Cup. That team acquired be the year we won the cup and I ended up with a goal and seven points in 21 games played that year. In the play offs the next season return of the Stanley Cup final only to lose to the team we beat the final the year before. All right so what an amazing game what teams played back to back its cup finals. And Detroit won it in oh wait don't nine. And then lost to the penguins the next year who would about a third overall draft a defenseman. Who went to Detroit. How many times of the men back to back seasons at the same two teams going to the Stanley Cup finals got near Myer. And I are. Scott Niedermayer was third overall. Chris Baker already has of course she does. Teams that played back to back Stanley cups against other same two teams it's akin to go one since Pittsburg and Detroit. Gary in Ireland. That's an area. Are right. This kid. I figure out why you guys look at and I are there any other clues as well there's one more out here one more clue. All right I'll go through this and if you guys got a guest during that time Euphrates shouted out. Kurt association now. I think I would spend a few only was he drafted East Coast traded West Coast. It there are drafted West Coast trade eighties co operated East Coast yet so you go with and then won a Stanley companies coast team with a West Coast. It. Now. I. A procedure doubted that he was second which now. Here's your third clue I spent a few more seasons with my team in Motown. Detroit all right so it's Detroit putting up 78 points in 300 in six games more than more than Detroit defenseman. Of the 0809 when name wind and then they lose all. ETV analyst. Aired word. And he was first out of nowhere war wasn't I think so. I spent parts of five seasons in Motown. Then I went back to the team that originally drafted me in the Bay Area for two seasons before wrapping up my career in the mile high city my strategy. He used to know me I was drafted in the same year you were draft I'll boy. Third overall pick all of Brad Stuart. Again another wife she knows you might go on ninety's I listen I wasn't paying attention in my drafted number three overall I was I wasn't going there. You'll you'll learn if you do this more you'll know that I'll play Brad Stuart. Yet those kinds of numbers you know who went number one year. That you look at the number two feet by on number three was Brad Stuart number four right now five. That's right it Rico Fata and number six was Manny mile notre after that. I think Cameron could well our efforts to get a better guy than Michael barker and campus when Holmes failed tremendously. Predator it was a pretty good window while I now thanks for taking me a trip down memory lane. And thanks agreement and our thanks for having me on the other side we're gonna get to all Winnipeg Rick Ralph. As analyst and radio host of in Winnipeg will talk about the series and what's gone on with the jets since trading away a vendor canes since acquiring Tyler Myers and now all that's going on with the jets in their series with the golden knights next round of each year.