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Here's presented by. Some are saying. Walk investigators into Peter's Prager Reeve days. We're live on WGR Sports Radio 550 and MS universe special guest. In studio fan and friend of the show. Very much if I don't want a goal and start telling everybody and on the view what you said to us when you first came in because I would not want to look like we're seeking compliments but I. We appreciate your support and our work around here and we love it here are the ones shown join us. It's very sincere I've been in this radio business for her. Along time now and wanna love about the show. And you'll always have detractors judgement is so you know you'll always have detractors in this business but the beauty of this show. I honestly feel like we're stepping inside the locker room every time I listen and knowing and having worked with the number guys who've been in that locker room. And knowing that I only know this much about really goes on in a locker room that stuff enough for me is funny is. HE double hockey sticks and I'd love listening to on the radio it's a different show and it's a great so keep it going and with that cinematic. Compare standing out. Then Dunleavy. Given us the ultimate slap backs it's guys being who they are elements yeah I knocked they would say there is nothing phony about the show as even if people there's a moment they don't like what I love about the fact as you come back the next day. And you don't change we are and half the stories are we here. Our stories that. People would hear on any other show because it's player to player. To the fans out there listening so hats off to you guys while I'm done today. I don't feel like there's a silent Erica feeling as one estimate oral and in my patent it in the show over it absolutely not I don't know their mind and let other stats sorts he student radio on the day anyway. We talk radio Thon. So we we have we talked you since the dollar means. He's got to be excited today calling games next year down he's going to be in the lineup and probably of mills that. Jack's coming back and another year. You know oddly there's a lot of there's a lot of things in pieces in place right now we're talking about the other day and that I think everybody should be excited I mean not just about all lean but. How the Jack rejuvenated O Reilly's. New Casey medals that samurai are probably have a new contract wrist line in Colleen Ku Li all mark. All those names are great but really for me having seen. This record spin for five years and unfortunately without results people looking for. He is and this isn't to critique anybody else's job until now but for me it really does start from Jason. Through the coaching the head coach. His staff. And then the players you bring up from there because you can bring in as you guys know you've been on teams have a lot of talent players and some guys your probably wish remember on the team. In the first place but they were there and at some point that guy you wish was never on the team. May be surprised you by doing something very teammate lies or on the on or off the ice and you thought. Never saw that common but because the general manager saw outcome and the potential the coach made it happen with certain tools that he gave the players succeed. It happened and came together so for me you can put all those talented names into a hat and say this is great they're here. Now what you do with league them. A stable secure environment around them he Yuma coach who has had a definitive plan. Who you may be on side with or not but in the end of the day he sticks to the plan and for me that's something the Philly at last year did he didn't waver from his plan. He is a vision for the hockey club buses Jason so now they have pieces that you justly you know. So that's what I'd like I like the fact from the top down things to me have calmed down. There's a definite plan these guys are gonna budge now they've got some pieces to work with whether they stay or move them for other pieces who knows that's part of the game here but. That's a by coming parks do you expect Jack that the cycle power and sphere. Quite a few to be honest in its interest in watching the playoffs because we judge players and unfortunately for the last five years here we've we've judged them on a regular season we haven't judge them on. Where now Patrick line he's being judged on only until I mean score one goal. And I can only imagine what was being said to win the title Patrick lining in this guy's stuff poppy status or rules. Jack will face all that as will Casey when they matured to the point that they're making play Alfonso. Our judgment on time has been a regular season to this point in time. But I expect that the regular season for Jack eichel will only continue to get better a regular season for Casey middle step for Brendan who leave for all these guys only get better. You think Sam Reinhart can do what he did in the last 35 games of the season I think he can continue that into a full season next year. I would think if he's if he has the right message being put into easier whether that be from a general manager whether be from an owner. I don't know how involved owners yet that at this stage of the game and in twenty teen compared to when you guys repeatedly thrown darts right to win means so quickly we forget that Sam was. We mean throwing dirt where he he wasn't put in a bad situation start but he was put in the situation a situation because they had to experiment to see what it was that dark. Where he threw harder back at me masking Sam Reinhart did something very special and on the last 35 games of the year he was over point game. And he was outstanding he was clearly one of the best players on this team. For 35 game and I don't think by cart's next year on that sinners so I feel like he could he could from start to finish next year obviously keeping pace consistent you know from start to finish is hard to do. But I think he's going to be a much better situation next sister starts in the way I said throwing darts to like to say that you and I have fun with that yup but. But I think people quickly forget that at the start of the year you know sand was playing center and you know it was an experiment was playing with different players and then. He was with Jack a lot of the start of the year even when he was. Move back to the even when he was having his. Most success and Reiner I think was playing with Ryan O'Reilly most of the time on. Well yes it's changed a lot yeah at and what I wanna what you hope Sam who is it's a Smart young man when it comes hockey that. And I think he's not Smart would've been that's. Things aside from argue that might have come out rock does what it away at a at the end of the day I'm here that's all we care at at the end of the day I mean our first. Few years and are chosen profession this would be a hockey you're going to learn something about yourself because at some point you're gonna go put in the situation that you do you really didn't bank on. I mean we all get to a point where we're successful that we're we're given an opportunity than somebody says listen I know you want to do a but you're going to do beat today. And then all of a sudden whether that's a player who used to score goals are now being asked to defender whatever that. Scenario is. If they don't accept it they don't succeed and may be at first they don't accepted and that's where the frustration comes in on the ice while. I'm not used to playing his position this isn't how I got to the National Hockey League everybody knows it. But. Maybe was salmon having that thrown in his lap and the bumps in the road started the year last year. Danny starts to figure it out whether it's conversations with people who had of him movement and hockey their entire lives he. Dad her brother's whoever and says Tailhook dude. Accept it learn it and and you can do this and and I think a lot of people forget you guys don't because you've been in their states is that. Just because these guys are in the National Hockey League doesn't mean they haven't figured out there's a lot of figured out still analogue and I think for Sam that last 35 games a year reference rate is at. He started to figure out it doesn't really matter where they put me or who they put me with. My game doesn't necessarily change where I go when we have the park doesn't necessarily change where I should be when we don't have the pock. That might on the defensive and your responsibility lies but I think what we saw Sam figure out at least for me watching on the ice was a this guy I was going to the cider front of the net every single time their in the offensive zone. That's just where he went and he knew. To fly actions and they when this team starts making the playoffs is samurai art has that part figured out and it took them five years to get there. He's not going to be moved from that spot in front of the net and were watching guys now score in the in the playoffs. That's for the goals come from so it's a it's a learning curve I'm OK with that I liked what I saw the last 35 he has. Absolutely. He is the epitome. Makes things certain things look easy makes hard things look easy some of the passes that he makes. The plays that he makes along the boards the plays he can make down low some of the patent knoller passes when he has the park in tight. Those are the things that he has that you just just can't replace him makes him invaluable the question I have is how much to pay this guy. Right I mean going into next season. There's a lot of money am I mean I think there's speculation I can go everywhere as to how much you should or shouldn't pay this guy or how many years should or shouldn't Simon for. But the question is let's say a player you Sam as an example. Might have his most success with one player for example Jack eichel. Does that does that. I guess hold a general manager back rev I'll ask you this from. From signing him because you think bully can only do that with him with one player or do you say why don't care feeling does that of one player if I need someone to do that without player. And if that's the guy either and we got to pay have accordingly to be that other piece of that star polar. Well does that make sense you know it just doesn't make sense but. Duo is but he didn't just do it would Jack likely did a lot of it is. Beautiful stuff with Ryan O'Reilly I mean I think Sam Reinhart in the last half the year if that's what we're seeing from Sam Reinhart. And moving towards the future I mean there's going to be a lot of very very happy people I'll tell you that right now. He did struggle at the first forty games this season and and the force 45 games of the season he also got put in positions. That the team was trying different things he played at center. They wanted to give him an opportunity to see where where he fit amongst. The centerpieces. I mean. They tried some things it did not work which is the right it won't register or re thought his drafted as a senate you've got to try him there at some point in his career the first two years he was drafted as the senate right you know in any the last couple years he's played he's played winning now with Jack and had lost success but started to she's not a didn't goal as planned. But I can tell you right now what Sam worked through it he worked through the tough times and let's not forget. And that's the most important thing. He's 22 years old he's very very young hockey player with a tremendous amount years ahead of them. We want Sam to kinda have some ups and downs we want him to try and figure out his game. Like like dance saying. He's really starting to figure out his game he understands that his asset is when he's in the offensive zone and he's within three feet of the paint. That's where Sam Reinhard is the best player. Or one of the best players around and in the in the National Hockey League he's he's brilliant at. At tipping talks fining pox he makes small little played geez he's X he has great hockey IQ. But the one thing that I would wanna add to why I feel that Sam. You know started to kind of take off in his development was he started to move his feet. And the first part of the season he did not skate he did not move his feet he's not blessed with you know. Extreme speed but he's not slow he just needs to move his feet in the second part of the year you saw him really. Start to play with a lot more speed was game. Once the guy on the offensive zone word ego. Permanent and I I would think to some of that speed is and add and correct me from wrong and and breaking down your point. It doesn't mean he's the fastest guy on the ice but it's getting to where he needs to be at the right time and not taking his time getting we're thinking okay. And I think that comes with figuring out the league in figuring out the players he's battling with every night. Since word during the add ons for Sam Reinhart here in world is agent right now and we're doing a pretty good job it. But it's all true. This guy takes a beating we might be his agent but it still loves lower prices sign of work and listen and I've I've come up I'd I don't have a ton of conversational guys in the room and a five. Calder watched a game I've noticed something specific that I think that was a pretty. Courageous Knight for player because to play in this league you've got to be courageous guy I don't care where he'll like any player or not. When you guys played yet to be courageous for a lot of reasons yet deals stick up for yourself and feel on the plight. Now this game is fast every guy is built like a brick wall. You have to be courageous to go to those places and Sam for me sometimes god that's not knocked out of him. But he was also up in less than half the second and right back Torre had to be and then back in the lineup the next night. This guy is able to take a beating. He better be able to take a beating because if you want to have championship success is gonna have to keep going there in the beatings are only going to get harder you know one day in and watch that every night right now disappointed that we haven't really made and I tonight. You know you're absolutely right you've watched obviously probably a lot more games and we have that there have been times where you see Sam market absolutely rocked it. And you think you're guy because he's not the biggest guy. You know you're thinking he might he might not get up after this one and here there is just pops right back up to the these dots all over Spears' eyes. Down over spies under his visor but he just jumps right back into the play. Another thing and for praise the kid is how fast he makes plays a mean when he gets the park here knows where it's going that puts him in a position. To get himself out of trouble. You know I mean just with how quickly he can get the parking get rid of no where he wants to put it but that's a great point of I mean. We don't ever give credit and in that regards Sam Wright are when it comes atop this because he's not a guy going in the late not to fight anybody's easy is that I have exactly I would he's one of the toughest players believe he definitely checked Reyes kill right now and nightly basis Crosby hatred comes because he gets up when he starts Barkin and he's he's angling for call will what else is he supposed to do because he's not gonna drop the gloves he's not gonna fight. He doesn't have anyone lineup that's gonna drop the gloves for him and fight in this era of hockey just doesn't happen. The way used to sell that's how Sidney has bought himself some extra room. And if he's not a talker than you got to turn into Brad marsh and we see however one doesn't like what Brad marsh and as the by himself from on the ice. In hockey and horny teens so for me sands a guy that got all fired up games and Ed sand basically it you know if ribs if you're the guy that keeps not and 23 the ice he keeps getting right back companies decide that again you're think it would have to do to get review its start. Becoming irritating start. You know and 35 games to end this season. But it it it the question that you just brought up what what numbers are you thinking and what term are you thinking. Seems like all the young players of today are all signing these long term deals. Are also signed five million. Carlson's offered deal I mean these guys are a little bit older but there are a little bit older but they also have put up you know. You know significant amount of points like marches goes up around seventy I think 78 points this year the year before and forty scored thirty goals and had. You know 657 points the skies are conversations that got a house before the draft right so. Let me throw a name on IUN it's not the same player. So forgive me for that. But without the leaps into bright shades with and without without Toronto handled not some country. Okay it was seventh overall for them and at that point in time at least hadn't Hadley. A picked that high in a first round there's a kid they knew that had. An attitude. He had skills. But he was still trying to figure out how to make that work at the NHL level and you see flashes of it then you see moments breathing and well. Do we resign this dude you move on from now as a country. If memory serves me correctly I am not the best. At this reflecting on contracts with the they've not bridge and yes they did bridge in my two point nine million dollar bridge deal. For two years raucous and then after the two year bridge deal they bridged them again for a one year deal at four point one I'm not saying that happens for Sam but if you're. If your general manager in your looking at tally your bringing and you're trying to Figaro. Where they fit I'm not saying they're the same guy but certainly how now ism is now figured out the National Hockey League and how he can be most effective. I think their could be a little co relation as tomorrow Sam's trying to figure out how my most effective. How to write it myself invaluable not only to the sabres but if any other teams looking sank a take back at herpes if you wanna you wanna deal on the day a taken today. And because of those 35 games at the end of the year I got a thing GMs around the leaders think and are you interested in moving him because I will more than listen. That's my yes yup because that's Mike. M.s I think are looking at samurai guard saying. You know he's just finished his entry level deals a 42 point season with 23 goals follows it up the next year with a seventeen goals season 48. Points or 47 points. And then. Finishes this year with 25 goals. And 25 assists for fifty points on a team that finished work on ice team that to go to the three years have been last than in in in the NHL. And you ask yourself where is the upside for Sam Reinhart when he starts to you know be surrounded. With better players around a walk and you know an odd ability and stability. I mean it's been a carousel for coaches here and enmity and managers so as a young player. Thank you say it doesn't affect them at all but short does them GM has your future in his hands the coach has your ice time in your position in his hands so. I think again yes and you put all that together with just. Give these guys and that's why I like the Jason and fill scenario right now and ownership is made it clear. This is not change this is the stability up and now favoring these young guys in here like salmon and name anybody else to say. Now let's see go to work. So what kind of what kind of a term would you be looking at when you bring up now and Audrey signed up. Average yield two years and then another bridge deal for one year before he signed a long term deal. Are you looking at some something along the same line. As an answer I kinda over their president and it's cannot get at these two years. If he wants a long term deal which you know like I love them for long term deal hobbies and number I think you've got to consider seeing me in the form at the draft. And yet how these conversations with him at the draft or before the draft I what are you what are you looking to accomplish if you're gonna sent trade Sam Reiner. While you wanna get faster than number one key number one I mean what can that what can Sam Reinhart. And that first pick in the second round get you can get you back in the top seven of the draft. Somewhere in there pick up another young forward can it get chewed you know what a top tiered the evening you saw what Taylor Nazis Taylor Hall. Which saw Taylor Hall got so Edmonton and Adam Larsson would like to deal or not least about Adam Larsson. So you know I've I just wondered about deals like that. Because I. To be has to be quite honestly yeah. I I just I'm very weird idea of making its a trade for a samurai and are right now because you know he's a player that's put up fifty points on a horrendously bad team. He scored 25 goals and enjoy your lawyer I'm the guy Sam that I I would due does anybody were I keep bringing you up in I've been the only. I time Sam Reinhart. Defenders in this town. Even when he wasn't playing very well I believe in embarrassing at and that's why talk about a trade. Doctoral says at the end of the year. I wanna get faster up front wheel San Bryan her being sent her idea come from who's someone's got to move out of the lineup. I mean we just keep talk about the same players if you're gonna wanna get a raptor Garrett you don't trail one guy and get faster. Well no but I think you're gonna have guys like Larsson and not be back organs or not they act they have deals left and when he left he but I think you can. Give those up if you wanna get rid of those guys give them up for anything take a fifth round pick six round if you need. If you're done with them you know your talent and I don't believe there's any sense in trying to hold on him Max value form unless you package a minute deal. But if you just wanna part ways of those guys you get rid of them one by one. Take it form. Take a 64 and then start bringing in all other guys your pales maps he's just wanna bring in just wanted to get rid of those two guys right. And more of those two guys at the fourth line guys while also said Reinhart he's a like hotline you know why is that significant. I have significant move it here later this gives basing your wings of money in free agency who can get I don't know that's why we're not the GM remains. You know but. While we night I think everybody after a look at I all I asked Jason Marshall the one who said that we need to get faster upfront. While right there's there's there's a number players on the forward line that are not considered fast. I would agree the just named a majority of them has made those guys almost like I don't play or speedster. By tough tough contract to move although I thought he had a good finish of the season so he's a guy that I would like to see come back. And see we can do next year you know fully reduce the whole summer off I've heard the rumblings are back training. Sold you know that's that's used it. Would you like to TSA saying a vote samurai and heard who has fifty points already. Where can Sam Reinhard go if he has the ability to play with one guy whose high end. Okay and he plays the entire season there Sam Reinhard it was like Lilly the rolling the dice every single every single solitary game we saw. There is a different life there's a different lineup different combinations. Trying to fine and I understand it like Phil Housley has to do this that he's trying to find some sort of chemistry between somebody what you are like. I'm giving you the answers by seeing these guys I'm I'm giving you starting points you know like Mike areas of consideration not necessarily like guarantees but. Areas of consideration. To. Upgrade in terms SP. That that's. I mean that's all I was thinking when I talk about that but because foxholes number one comment one of the first things he said. First question was is housing back next year yes next question. Where really you have to improve the most BI get faster. So you know you take back comments or look at the roster. Process of elimination required to be talking hoping bang boom boom boom boom and duty to any guys slowing faster with or without the part two that's I mean. We're we're seeing now win. You know. Jets and and Vegas sin and capitals and and lightning the team that loses. The coach at the end of any given night on the losing side says we weren't. We weren't quick enough to post time is based on these guys and because of the level of play. That you wanna get to his it team that's not just a process that begins now that's a process that starts. From the message and training camp through the first pre season games you get in. To making it happen in the first ten games of the season or if you wanna block a mop and seven game series throughout the year and have twelve blows and call him your your season. You need to be quicker in not just the quickest guy on the wing by. East Coast time and space are fourteens can set up a break him I mean that could be the speed to these referring to so there's there's different ways you can be and tell you guys but. There's different ways you can be quicker team. Merit. Chairman or aren't much help that he is doing something for the Golf Channel that is so he. Might not be available at 1030 is it just sends us a text message. Although I did say Daniel grotto is going to be joining us today I guess he was up on my plane poker so we have to try to pre taped out one night he wants to do Friday a brokered a no I I enjoy the game but I also know that if I ever sat down for example if I got a call from either U2 birds and a it says you know game. I am so fresh meat I would be you think I'm wrote him a shark or something I'm broke now I'd like money and protect money I don't. I'm the guy honestly I'm the guy goes to Vegas I went down with twenty bucks to. Some kind of we'll I don't know it's called an and 120 box was gone I ran back to my room and says. We're going out to dinner yeah why I get harder and players that passed the Meehan on every hander feel like a month ago. It feel like every hand has its that's right now there's kind of change sides I'm so many guys that bodies have played the game and I get all the time can't mono. On lacrosse guys are used to hang out with going Clark a body mind of these Stan used to draw you've got to sit in on a gamers I know why you're constantly trying enemies in the game I guy and that guy I had a friend of mine reach out who knew no home knows them and because he was tweeting about. All of these people that think Vegas was done after game one against Leonard today. It all in an aching about one in Tucson I was like hey can I sent Jay McKee attacked and we know specific use he welcomes us is Craig. Says that Vegas is and after game one this one has won here. Guess what you know and his stated and agree on. I'm a huge fan number one number two bandwagon. It's why he's drawn a guy so trials on the playoffs. And you're saying because of Winnipeg yet. No because he's in Vegas and he's band wagon just like every other oh win win of her Vegas support you Miami I got an umpire and right now I'm Avaya support jury that is a tough series we should all watch sat and we constantly while if I go back and forth on who. In the we need a Canadian team the Canadian born guy. The Canadian teams got to is there what's the point five years is on the numbers since McCain team cops say that they come on seriously. Let's get one for Canada and then at the same time recently. I love watching guys who were. Let's say cast offered not one but literally they were given misfit toys as well whatever they column or third group chat is there called the misfits so what whatever they're labeled as it's a group of guys it all on just all of a sudden showing up room on how did we did here. And now what do we do and then they're galvanized together for a number different reasons. And you never wanna see that fail because one day that could be us in our old lives were were thrown into a situation regency coming and and nobody gave us a chance so that's hard to Rudy gates and and that's been the toss up that series all right that's why they're not going away. That's why they're not going away they're not just the that they're not going away either going to the finals it there are enough people that. Think this great story is going to have an end to it sooner rather than later. But. You can't help but one that Nazi and more playoff talk we're gonna do our daily dose of dollar ain't coming up and see if Craig thinks if Winnipeg is. Going to be able to steal a game and Vegas are coming up here Jeremy Roenick to. Right here WGR Sports Radio 5:50 and am asked CDS gators today with Dan Don Levy. Welcome back to you as the gators enter Peters Craig Green Bay were live on WGR Sports Radio 550 and at Massey joined in studio with Dan Dunleavy kind enough to come across the board today and hang out with us. Or man remade. Act Craig rebate 52 on Twitter shows that these gators I'm at the site Kregg. Keep up with one more Twitter handle you are acting and Dunleavy yes I will not do a lot of looking at Twitter today will say that. Agreed to a new contract with the C or shall you count for a few more years that just happened today. Which is so. Which injuries and I will not do a lot of staring at social media because as you know others as many. For Mario as many people yes the one with the arrests box so many political life. Or as much as people say very nice things is also enough people let. We'll try to ruin your day of social media and I lived the good like about it so view and I have had an interesting conversation off the air about this and I wanna. Personal I think you're fantastic in not a cynic you came on the show and pumped our tires. Whoa what's it like the criticism you took following a legend like RG and I'll I'll tell you why ask this question. I took a ton of criticism not knowing where came from because there wasn't robbery when I came in at this time it was. A razor and laid the ground work for guys like me but you know he left behind a footprint that was almost impossible to fill. And you know legendary is the term that you used to describe a guy like rob ray in this community. And I gotta tell yeah. People hated me just because there was corroborate that and you know I got to wonder like. You're coming in next RJ and that's got to be hard I mean to follow in the footsteps of somebody who's done something great. Is. Very hard to do. By and for someone like Greg who's done something like nobody else has ever done I mean there's data Gallup van and obviously Ted darling of the first voice of the sabres it and for RJ. You come into these positions when your offered the opportunity to the way I looked at it was to be around work with and and and follow. And watch not imitate to just see how Ricky is around doing his job and that's been a learning process. It doesn't mean I will do everything the same when he wrecked his but I certainly take note of how he handles certain things in. Rob it's helped mail without a lot too and they often make fun of me about your over preparing for game to sit down call a game but the game take care of itself and I've found a happy medium for me were like to be prepared for certain conversations with an agreement. And and tell some stories about players when there's time to do so so there's been a ballot a balancing act here for me and I think. Coming in here yes sir our people immediately my wife sat in the stands recently and she said the guys. There were two people behind her who said well he'll he'll never replace rich and arrest and I never came here saying it was here to replace Richard Iran I'm here for opportunity of a lifetime just like Rick when he started so. Europe there are people out there that will say you'll you'll never be you'll never replace and you can't live up to get that I'm I'm not trying to I'm I'm trying to about a mile and standards. Of mine Lou my own injury in the same as a player in the game we all have our own dreams of what we want to call people aren't you people in general and you know depending on the circumstance and sockets in sports just can not deal with change. They just fallen a comfort of hearing someone or seen somebody for so long I get under the same again you know on it and I understand but you know what it's hard headed as narrow mindedness you know I I like. Just living through it you're you're and I used to always say here to try to be robbery am here to try to kind of so my own mark did you or did you find I don't think Rey river was trying to going to Montreal in replace you know rock Larry Robinson nor Indians he's. You know dealer Fuller bought Craig probably you learned known in Montreal few Yugo when they're trying to be anything but yourself you're chasing a lot of. Ghosts here don't know what I was told after my eyes my first or second. We had a couple call ups I think it was my second year the first three defenseman David Wilkie was her first rounder. Rory Fitzpatrick who is the second rounder. And I was the third round. And all three of us were really really promising up and coming defenseman. And they started to immediately call us the Big Three and that's what they called Robinson. Should note these but the relevance and now the defenseman to a point and Savard. Search bar yeah Robinson the point Savard there because they were called the Big Three and now they started to say. This is the Big Three this is the Big Three that's going to be that. What are you talking about. I am nowhere near any through one of those theory. Never will be I news but listen I wasn't in there to try and be Larry Robinson her early appoint her. Worse Serge Savard I just tried to be who I was to try and stay and via piece of the puzzle on that team that's it that's all you need to do. And you guys I mean you and the same situation he came in. You know obviously a story tough guy and robbery. Can't come in and take a spot because rob. Was a fan favorite for years and years and years in buffalo he can't come in and take his position and think that everybody's gonna be happy. And and you're in the same boat years you've got a legendary. Announcer you're not quite although they were all out in our runner I don't care what you should never feel like you have to. Go in and do what you do best make your own mark. And and and enjoy doing and them and you know your amazing at what you do by the way I appreciate annoying and it diary. Regenerate is is one of the greatest play by play guys in the league but I'll player right now and I mean that's tonight is not just because you're here today. You do an unbelievable job and I love your voice thank you. Lot of love you why I love your voice and voice is very distinct in the way that you call and I mean you've got chemistry with. With Robyn the boys and or our in the dumps or he's very can give about what you do pursue what you all are now are you need to worry that he. Hey everybody out there rob and he gives you figures for a lot of years until it is it's so now all that's apps is. I know you know I mean it's it's also I didn't. Have been on and the National Hockey League team room but I get the whole team dynamic I've been part of teams Randall that. We'll dang it if good applause function the same as what I'm saying if if if if Robb's not given it to me written me or I I talk and timely times it's a pretty good shot there before we want here he's up in the Booth that he's ready to go. And he hauls off and I think it shall can take some minutes. If that's not happening with your teammates that year you're just not fit me and grab you know be that surrounds are great for that there's not a single day he has and rip one somewhere and critique your tie your shirt. Read that right there you in the locker room hockey terms as love is love dietary now people give I get trouble. On eight daily basis and I'm not kidding when I say this a daily basis. I am told. That meet. PD and myself. Need to stop picking on Marty. And Marty is a very great guy and Volvo by night here all the time and they and I don't feel like. Explaining myself because I have to do it every day I just look at the men's we're just having fun but here's the thing. I don't I see deserves it I. That's an effect felt that you and I all PD and I both love Murray and if you're not getting picked on or rib. Then you then you're not alone the last thing you want in a locker room. Is forgotten or ignored that's right it's lastly you're getting a year made fun of and have been fine in in and year. Then that means that there's a lot of love going on earn Marty's Marty Reid we bug Marty all the time in this and that. But Al player right now he's no innocent little guy I mean people think that he had such armament proper guy. We get up there and he starts ripping us and I might be and your videotape that we put this on there that's you know an. I've I mentioned before. Because there there were some times I'll be honest and it's when you hear the critiques and you think OK I just need to. What looked like a good idea. Might be a shadow that you could never crawl out from under and no matter how good you are. Maybe no one will ever be as you say ready to move on from something that has been so fantastic for so many years and you think. Their opportunities elsewhere and then you sit down and think well that's kind of taking the easy way out here you. You look at the positives of of weathering samurai and hard finding your place where where do you perform the best howdy perform the best what can you take from the guy who maybe he's getting a little. Maybe he's playing to position you wanna play. But work with them I mean make each other better and at the end of the day. That won't happen and I've told to many people just to finish your point about teammates. What Marty. Robbed him before Marty with May Day here. They made this job in the transition. And you as well when we are calling games together as united talks on the planes to a vote to sorting through things need to weed out those discussions. That's the part that makes it fun because for a guy who never played in the National Hockey League. When I sit around guys like this you have and can share their stories and kind of treats a little bit the way they treated their teammates because that's a big part of your lies is to be around guys do you consider teammates. There your pals that'll never leave who you war it's a big party lines. It's fun to be part of that for me and so that's. For me I mean I I still talk to me day often we converse about wind when Brad left buffalo he was disappointed that some Brad this might be the passing up your career you don't know yet. And it lands in Vegas with the best story in hockey for him and now moment if it's. A subdued view of the gulf you love hockey people around the league everybody knows new York and he's off to Vegas have a great time he misses the heck out of buffalo. Still loves it but I mean what an opportunity Atlantic for him so. I love that that the camaraderie and I I was the guys talked to Janeiro time you give it to him as well on the phone and he get guys on that's that's part of it and if that wasn't part of and I can tell you there's probably a lot of times that we always dissent on the witness. We are source be joined by greatness someone who can never replace Jeremy Roenick in the the greatness of the Sega game department. But he's shooting a Golf Channel show right now so he's got to try to check in with us at some point today. Kind of imposed by oil market estimate we have monster line we had a monster muscular. Bring it on some on Twitter we're. Daniel in the grand Ol was Israel's Adam was he Milan was that today here. He Tommy Jones line I don't there's a sudden someone kipper come. And it was there was a Vegas courtly good. For all misery you know everybody's call in and want to be on the ends it is an returns on makes liberties in stuff. You know it's we only have enough time or international to our national I don't play this game here and human one of the east. What he is the greatest. This is a great poker you're the greatest oil. He's he's the most. Famous famous poker player in the world he is he's got this such a great personalities. Infectious I. When I was told last night. That and Alan are known how many text that I use and use that can't be repeated. But. I mean I am I am I thought he was angry I was like are you book at a poker player on the on the show and he's huge hockey fan obviously but but guys are wired city disappoint us it should ask your permission. And he's like this is amazing I think your four crap you don't really using it I didn't believe them I didn't believe them because you know Daniel grotto. If if a lot of times when you see him go to poker tournaments he's wearing neutron Maple Leafs where he's huge huge crock pot. That's in the last couple years he also had a Grand Rapids Griffin's ushered on one of the tournaments awhile back they sports Isa c'mon with a supplement other station north of the border India in big hockey easier jockey but economies such a self made guy and back when poker was just starting to. Remember first turning it on that can really gonna watch guys play cards on TV rights and Daniel was the guy he was. I don't think on your shoulders and hands Hulk Hogan's in town this week and right Daniel LeBron was all over the poke holes try to take down. And yours are all carry out a terrible terrible and Terry bought a poco I don't paranoia. Terry bought bowl. Ballou. It's not Hulk Hogan. Unity is parents Lee came hello means like its name halt. Talk a maniac and I never really thought about it but. I'm actually super depressed right now that names not all terrible and he does is scary bowl that affect the hits and it is very bold. Know that ice wording got to do not know it or did I even think about it I think guys on the altar. The uncle. Well I had on your computer glitch that debate rebate broke off the art Hogan Hulk. Here. If you think that's a it. Is that people her name and their kids nowadays there's there's can't get it you can tell readers not percent name hope opener. If somebody knows somebody by the name the birth name on the certificate as halt please there is heard of this one can't they give. Who did your. I mean this has come up before obviously localism in news but this this is there is somebody out there. Because it would computers and they'll upload rowdy Roddy Piper. As is real. His name is rowdy. I don't know it was late in the rowdy part of it. But it's rowdy Roddy Piper. So he might be rod. Roddy Piper but I don't know all ya the opponents you guys play with any guys in the game that played under completely made things. At the end of the day Powell when you're only names that we gave them out well but no re really wanted out because is name as an Anthony. Anthony Craig Green Day. Two real. Answer Blaylock and that. He didn't really because they're all a Twitter people that took that took that called me Tony the rest rest of the day and on people were calling me Andy or drew. Yesterday and all I have to say is thanks for listening as as there what's wrong with a and in those planes aren't yet. I've read a book about buffalo gangsters and mobsters from the day. Tony good name for those please take them. The wrong Tony they town. George Carlin did a great skier bode guy's name Todd. And the tone was where's anti. Eddie and Tony are investigators Andrew. Anthony and Dan. Comment that others have off the rails and that's why I love listeners are angled towards gold and that's a radio weights don't we don't know where it's cool I love it but I locker room talk it's 114 or ten. 48 we haven't even brought the playoffs last night we got Vegas Winnipeg tonight at nine we after recap game three last night. Well right back here in the skaters WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG we go through. Hockey talk. That kids these these these investigators. With the Andrew Peters head grade web page. Okay coming up at eleven on the investigators were editor daily dose of dollar mean we're gonna projected. Also gonna recap the caps lightning game last night. Box before we get to that we've Dan Dunleavy and studio here in the investigators WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Sun amazing movie trailer yesterday I'm a movie Baath. And a music buffs. Love queen and bohemian rhapsody I absolutely on. See the trailer for this I did yesterday for the first time and any time somebody try eighties. Anything to do with Freddie Mercury I cringe close my eyes and I just pray for them. That they're able to pull off because the guy was so I never saw alive I regret that. But have the Wembley dvd of the last concert and watch that religiously. For. The music the entertainment the flair the creativity. Everything we're talking about to do with hockey in our human broadcasting careers. This guy had the stones to say I don't care what you think you need to trust me here I've got I've got something to offer and that's exactly Freddie did so. The fact that someone came up with the idea to do the movie is not shocking. The shocking part is that someone had the guts to stars Freddie Mercury. And pull this off and it looks like in the trailer. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint. But it looks like I mean even though going to be talking Mehdi here great trailer terrible I don't know I vetoed the voices. Costumes that hair and even the that John know that Freddie Mercury news mile within his teeth and the way that kind of stuck on a little this is his makeup as physical make up with something that. How on earth view. Stole that from somebody else and it looks like they've come pretty close so I've said the only problem isn't about the November. There's not a chance I'm wishing for November again here tomorrow. Not a not a chance but I'll say this though that okay. I. We know all the hit songs bohemian rhapsody famous from Wayne's world and every night that are growing up the first queen song. That I knew and listen to religiously because of the beat and the sound right off the star was we will rock you. I mean is like it just just even now when I saw the trailer yesterday am watching and assert thinking back to all the the SARS in the first queen song that I can think of that arm that god takes me all the way back to my earliest. Days my child I would be we will rock you and as a family friend of ours. He was older he just listen to it all the time and that was the song for me but. They have unbelievable problems of what are you looking you queen fan to do you have any interest since he wanted to see bohemian rhapsody the other November. ID would I would like that idea I like quaint like the music maker remains in you you grow up kind of giggling as. You know fat bottom girls in your kid to think and this definitely is so low fat bottom girls the song is amazing for me hammered a fall. And then now from team aspect and brought this up somebody but with actions in group one name the opposite said. Ever listen to the queen song one vision. Yes it was it was someone who's younger than we are in the office is to give a listen at just. You might be of these this one day. And it was agreed upon that they're there could be a good time uses by the whole thing it. If for those listening on average it's about one goal one vision. One fight and it's literally it's an amazing I did see a team listening to this song and being sent out on the ice and being convinced. Man by man sitting next to you in the locker room think and how many are now our analysts are are looking you know you have to listen to right now I have to look you. I guarantee when you look it up and you hear it you're probably right I know by the name of separately do you all know that old song. For sure there. And just what I did to me what a kind of stance is one vision and that vision is to win the Stanley Cup there's. That's why they're here that's why were all here to hopefully be part of that in in buffalo on day which weakened. If we believe it's going to aperture it'll happen but that's song one vision if somehow they can incorporated. And tell him that if it doesn't fire up the just take Jersey up poison your body needs to play I don't know if it fires up it's kind of magic like now once you you know violently have we had to win when I was playing tier two junior made the video guy. Mean highlight real. Too it's kind of matchup by by queen anyway so. Your movie buff or your music buff or is it movie yet camera fall I'd be patent fight video so that'll day now they'll. Razor PD May Day. He knows better than me today I put a lawless hammer to fall I got a music guy and and a and a movie quote guy. I mean I'm surrounded with. Excellence I guess. I really. It's it's very impressive the way your mind to work spans of entertainment. Maybe you want to. You know we could we can put it that way. And that's why I'm a fan of you because you're very entertaining. And we investigators so hopefully we're entertaining and we got to come back we got a break coming up. And when we do come back as I mentioned daily dose of Darlene got to get to that we gotta talk playoffs. Vegas Winnipeg tonight and we also have our buy sell tree coming up so. Stick around WGR Sports Radio 515 MSG the investigators were very it will be right back.