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Is your sports update for today lightning defeated the capitals 42 in game 3 of the Eastern Conference final after back to back home losses. Andre Brosseau lasting 36 saves Victor Hedman had his first goal in the playoffs and to assess. Edmund has an eight game point streak which is alarmist by defenseman NHL playoffs since Larry Murphy of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In 1995. Capital center nick was back from sat out his fourth straight game due to right hand injury game four will be in Washington tomorrow night. Just we'll take on the golden knights in Vegas for game three tonight at 9 PM the Western Conference final series is tied. At 11 minute you're Gregory you would have thought the series is over already the sabres announced yesterday that the team assigned defenseman Lawrence a lot. To a two year entry level contract. A lot let all Swedish hockey league defenseman with 38 points and 52 games. Last season and was named a 201718. Swedish hockey league defenseman. Year. You army regular intends to play another season for cardinal in the Czech Republic. This would be his thirtieth professional season for the 46 year old forward. He owns that team. Over the world championships Finland handed the United States its first loss in the tournament winning 62. Sebastian of the Carolina Hurricanes scored three goals for Finland. And Patrick Kane of the Chicago Blackhawks scored a goal and assist for the US. Finland what plays Switzerland in the quarterfinals Thursday and the US will face off. Against the Czech Republic. Despite a 42 point night from LeBron James Boston beat Cleveland 1079. Before last night in game two taking a two nothing lead. In the Eastern Conference finals six players in the celtics'. Ranks. Reached double figures and the cavaliers had fifteen turnovers gained through Saturday in Cleveland after sports update I'm Andrew Peters now back to the investigators. With Craig rebate and stand Dunleavy here on WGR Sports Radio 550. An amnesty I just wanna say this. If you haven't seen the promo missed 18000 people who have seen it from yesterday that we tweeted out. The instigators Leo that we did for the show go check it out go to the investigators. And have a look it's. I don't Wear on your gear and jerseys and Marty's in the pads and stuff I've heard from people in Sweden. About that sweater and I was the Jersey that are warlord during the lockout when I was over there no formal by playing in a small town. Thousand miles north. Of Stockholm. I was closer to the Arctic Circle and I was to stock how many hours north of soccer where. Coming pretty reasonable argument I'll Sanders submarine I was and I told him I was passed Louis. Salt even or Leo soul docked here now is where the you could be making these names up I could point here now is where's the ice castle is the famous Swedish ice Kessler. So I was three hours south of there so they're building a castle device when I left Sweden on March march 5. Minus 25 degrees or minus twenty degrees. It's gotten cold when I got the car that morning the airport. We had a world junior tournament over their called and Lex and and more. And I think there were a couple of elections a couple of hours of science are cool you know I remember getting Stockholm in day a day off for the get into the tournament and news. Now and expects oracle to be Korean to a capriati's bond. I have no idea is they are listed I mean a gloomy way the size of the place and thought well this is pretty impressive. Google cafe opera feel out there and I can assure everybody that have been there. Places and things to Google today is well we're now Sweden is an amazing place wolf I'll tell you that right now so readily heard from people from Sweden about the jurors that I had aren't as I don't ignore apple has eighteen there anymore. And the red Jersey. From. My school grown up really so Marty had on the release voters are. Anyway we've heard a lot of that's a good check it out it's about a 32 promo for the show. And second it's so it's ninety seconds and now. It's a lot of timing very matter is his number ghostbusters when they do that terrible commercial for ghostbusters that's where the inspiration for that promo came from. Three guys from ghostbusters so. We have fun doing it. What do you what he's saying we had fun doing I I thought you know did you have fun doing it. Because when we do those things regardless of whether it's to throw that we there was Tyrod or it's that promo that we do or it's the up and coming thing that we're working on right now at the beginning of the against the gators. You always a distinct about. I wanted to do this is in my. That's his role in the group that's his role in the group B if he doesn't and you're thinking reds are you OK guys in the back again ticket items known talent and between us and the panel if we don't stick up for one another there and make it's we're going to be doing this stuff all the times I've got to. Keep them honest I don't bow. Don't columns like the day you're not walking around quoting movies lines all the times some policy you'll is OK I mean you have rule within your group. In your team natural so bitterness is your beauty a rift you're kind of elected Jokester and I'm like the guy who wants to keep things in order while I try to be happy everyday because I know that I'm I'm truck my happiness is is is for you know like a you know author Erica think happiness on the menu for two police suspect that. Take our case we're gonna get your daily dose of Dolly but last night lightning came out shot out of a cannon didn't see this when Tom and I thought I thought Washington and home. Would have given a little bit more. IE was really surprised to be honest with yeah I mean Tampa Bay Lightning looked like it can completely. Different team. IE was. I was worried a vote Tampa Bay I thought that they were completely laid down and you know Washington just looked so confident. Going back to their home building you would have thought that they would have brought a lot more energy but you know. Cooper did say that they weren't physical enough they didn't have enough grind to their game. We had talked to vote their big boys need to really step up here and we're talking about the stamp goes were talking a boat. Pitcher could draw off. Guys that needed to step ups or can only you know like anyone listen you're gonna winning you're gonna win games with your big guys OK and you look at the first goal was scored Steve Stamkos on the power play absolutely. Ripe for the bomb. Top shelf right hand side they go back to the power play. A couple minutes later and who draw up how about his lap chart one timer. Two two that the left left side top shelf I mean they just really started to roll the got a lot of confidence. Victor Hedman scoring his first goal of the playoffs the playoffs. That's surprising to me but I'll tire right now this team looks like completely different team and I'll tell you this it makes me vary very. I'm not tell you why a lot like Kinect game one win a paper I guess. The way Washington finished that game they were more dominant team I thought with three minutes left. They were gonna tied up O'Shea had that chip that one chance prime scoring chance. Whose two minutes left they scored there you know that Tampa tightens up from Washington's on in full throttle I. The way they finished that team. That leads me to think that will get more from Washington off the start. Same with Vegas you know however you bet Winnipeg got off to a quick three goal lead in ever since that three goal that third goal was scored. The series has been all that it's not all that I guess but the scores 52 since that point and that's like five and a half periods of hockey that Vegas is control. For me. OK so why didn't they store in those last three minutes. They do they get it to 42 why didn't they scored I have an answer for goodness are my thoughts because they were buzzing all of them. I between the pipes and at at the end of the day now you Odom to you guys have stood in front of these guys behind the end of the day it's their game to win or lose. Now yes you have to defend scorers have to score. But there's going to come a point where there you're going to face a push and they're going to get the scoring chances that's just how good all these teams are rate. So if Marc-Andre Fleury lets in a squeaker against by in the near post if if they if Tampa allows a goal constantly in the last minute or first minutes of periods against a Washington team if you'd just. I was so you don't have hope but you he sucked the life freight out of any hope that you had and what happened for me last night was that. That life was sucked out of them and they didn't allow it so. Between the pipes she get the saves that you need more often than not and I thought keep meets him brilliance and at the end of the day I agree with you your big guys have to be your big guys but bass of ASCII it's over. Watching a few highlights I apologize for radio auto bats in at a key point in the game that when it's and it's all it's it's a record repeating itself. For Washington and and on the wrong secretary. We're watching American hats off take the puck to the net and and and go on attested and and and get a really really good shot off in a very prime scoring area. They just couldn't seem to bury the park in Utah right now. Watching the capitals had a lot of very very good scoring opportunities but fassel that ski. The Koreas are here and I apologize what Ari standing inquiry is a with these shots again we hear from goalie coaches enough that we we understand if he's out challenging the shooter. And and getting to the spots with some smooth controlled rhythm of the which exactly what he did last night. Then he'll make the saves and this is a guy that's up for year end award for a reason he's a good goaltender and he he passed to be. As good as Steven Stamkos has to be as good as it. As scoot drop pass to be as good as had been asked to be he's he's Malia he's at the top of the list he can have an ordinary game in goal in the playoffs. You just can't. I can't say well I was okayed and I know you have to be spectacular. And for me I really thought temple would win that game last night I thought there's just too much talent this team is too good and I've seen it. And how does Arnold was seen enough of Washington to know that. There is still that aspect of their game where they're trying to convince their riding a wave right now I guess that that wave was just chopped down a little bit but. I'll IRS it's not Washington might be beatable because of slaying their giant their arch nemesis that Tampa would come in and think hey. We got these guys they already think they've won the Stanley Cup. Number eight already thinks she's. Finally got the win over Sydney that he wanted but the surprise to me was is that Washington. Looks so good right out of the gate in a while there carry this over him but you know there's a lot of pride a lot of Solomon Tampa team and a really good coach in my mind to it that. I made the right moves are rate changes in the lineup that I knew these guys are gonna have an answer and the answer literally had to be stopped giving up goals in the last minute of the period just knock it off. Yeah because we don't do nothing any other way and a hockey game you're still at it I mean right down to the last three minutes you're in it that's a waiting game is played I tweeted last night. Up two nothing in a series for me now when you tell me because you played. It's so much different than back in the day when you can hook and hold and clutching grabbing just knock a guy down. And make him so disinterested or not even allow him anywhere near the net you know if you do that now your shorthanded. There are ways you can box owed and everything else but. You can't just go around Hackett has slash and and and and punching guys in faces anymore I mean Wilson's doing his best to do it in everyone's runner around but at some point. He's in the box now stem Kos is a power play goal whoever's in the box to my point being it's a different game now. So at some point if you're down by two with three minutes to go to your point Andrew the game is far from over. Investigators Andrew Peters crew aggravate Dan Dunleavy joining us in studio. Or live on WGR Sports Radio 515 MSC he's at Dan Dunleavy. He's act Gregory 52. You were what you just finish with huge decided it's not over relegated to waiting game is played nice not ours and you can say that a vote. How much trust and a series although both series ABC team in the playoffs in recent years maybe last year score three goals and manners something. In Anaheim scored three goals and last you know look at throttle on all Europe that I IRS and my point a couple of years ago your two minutes to go on a game I still feel like the game's not over its tool I'd tell myself last night just to chill out I mean I've said I'm getting sort it you know invested in these games and I think aren't I want Tampa back in this series because I want. Both conference finals to go to game seven because I'm a fan of the game I want game seven for both these series I don't wanna see capital. Losing in a series four games to one man it's just not a. Excited about the series right now in both series is you have three out of the four teams that never won a Stanley Cup yes. And you know you have star players that have done a lot of great things for this game when you're looking Allah Alex Ovechkin you have to have a soft spot for Al so bad and he he his team in Washington. Has been. I presidents' trophy winner are a multiple times there always talked in net in their division. But they could never get by Pittsburgh. And now this is the year that is this the year that they could go to the Stanley Cup finals and do they have an opportunity. To seriously compete personal account I believe it is and I ever for the coach back of the bench in Washington do here's another got to put in so many good years in one spot. And was is labeled as a guy who couldn't get on the next level. He leaves all of a sudden the next coach some moves in that situation does really well doesn't the cup but does really well yeah. Now goes to Washington and he winds up on the team that can't get by the first round and Andy's together this analytics on me now throughout the season they've always been one of the best teams in the league pack but he he's being known as a guy who can't get him. I the first round tanks inside that his her Romans for a big guy did what Opel works Oprah I'm with the that's that's been the challenge that's why remember one point setback and the music down their play with and it went on in the words throw the ball play catch aggregate time and and a Sadat or watching the game I get so fired up it is a licensed Dunleavy. Sheila that. This is in your game to win or lose it's okay if buffalo is not and it just chilling. So badly wants he'll be when cup. See I think the same for stand cause I'm a big Steven guy from world junior championships and then all of the family and his parents and that's our group for those people but I'm the same with a basket. Guys are rocker roller who loves the game plays we'll follow passion and he's also swallowed pretty hard pill learned. You might be really good at one thing but you're still my considered the best and until you win a championship or B 87. You might carry that load on your shoulders would you rather see when a cop mr. rebates. Even stand coast or Alex over toss from Russian. 100%. Aren't terrible. Why. Give it I think Steve stamp coaches is certainly a and an incredible incredible player and in this game. Former first overall pick on has scored a lot of goals get on a great team just like Al so vast and I just fine Alex Ovechkin. If I don't know what it is I think what he brings to the game is something special. Young kids love. Grade eight that they love they they're so many Al Sebastien jerseys out there he such a well spoken fine. Guy that really does want he's a great. Competitor and he's he's just come up against. Are really really really tough match up. Every year and that's against the Pittsburgh Penguins to not only have one superstar but they have of you know two superstars you Kenny Malkin and then all of a sudden they pick up Phil Kessel and it makes things even harder for Washington nine I mean I I. IE would like to see Alex Ovechkin come out of the east but. The you know the Winnipeg. Vegas. Vegas is the most mind boggling. Situation that you can ever in pain in all of sports did you imagine that that team going to the Stanley Cup finals. I can't imagine. A 88 team. Of misfit toys. That no one gave them any respect. Traded away guys gave away guys here just take this guy game you can have them and now all of a sudden. This this is the real deal this is not a it's a one hit wonder this is the real deal hockey you think it's good for hockey Vegas makes it this far. I well it's it's great for hockey but it's I look at Winnipeg jets you know there is a massive massive massive massive market in Canada watching the Winnipeg jets rate now. I don't care fear from. From Vancouver or auto or Montreal Toronto. Diary now people are sitting there churn for other Canadian team in Winnipeg so you rebel whole country. That is all focused on Winnipeg. And and you house. While walking candidates actually hockey Canada now because they have a Canadian team and so all of Canada's watching for all of Canada is eyes on Winnipeg. What is it the CO waiter whatever it is I mean. There is a huge following in the you'd backing for for Winnipeg but at the same time they're going accounts that team that you just don't want to. I cheer against and and and why and you know Las Vegas. Vegas is done something that is just it it's almost super special. That there even at this point right now. And I for one. After game one thought that they were dead docs thought that they were have no chance whatsoever to come back against this super. Powerful Winnipeg jets team. But there are so there are believers right there are believers and it's not just use it in there you told me I was absolutely not. And I after the show Utah thought I was nuts. And you've been telling me I've been knots. And tell they won that game. And the reality is it doesn't matter what everybody on the outside thinks the guys in that locker room I mean Italian there's something special going on there. Those young men those old guys. Are all coming together and either they're doing something special and that's what's that's why I mean I've never been. Seoul. Enamored with the playoffs because there's there's some story lines here that are just amazing. Well it there that's exactly it late I thought the first round was kind of bogus. The first round was call you at Tampa's a New Jersey at some other series that's usually the route used. Can't wait for it all the fire Portugal. I I've talked a lot here in the last week but couple minutes or menace or. Minnesota was a really really good hockey team that lost their number one defenseman that you cannot replace whatsoever. And then on top of that losing either there. Arguably the best player in the playoffs at the time in factories there. It it just sucks for them because I think they could've given anybody in the National Hockey League run for the money. Well last night when stamp cost of that shot off than me in front of the net and the way he went off the ice and you thought. Because of Steve's history. Being injured and you thought well maybe he walks in off but there's a chance he doesn't come back from down that tunnel. And Washington. Has even now much more than operatives on the eve he thought that battle what might happen for him but thankfully for hockey. It didn't he came back. To that to the biggest thing you guys have been in the room I'm sure there's been games receiver gonna win this one for PD we're gonna win this one Koreans for whatever the reason these are all back. Wherever when she played her team dumped year whatever year you're anxious to gain some someone isn't for me for Vegas all year long every night they've had not to draw upon. You're playing someone's former team because of the way that team was put together every night pretty much. You're trying to win of four. Neighbor John carrier frank because. His team gave up on names coming in. Now let alone Vega said home ice advantage I really do feel for the whole spectacle of at all and the hold traveled point of at all and trying to figure out how to. Deal with that as a man and as an Alley our opponent throwing hand to play an expansion team you're gonna sit at the mirage on well why wouldn't you I mean let's you're human beings are gonna load how far I don't know what I'd like if you don't know how many of the thirty teams in the league this year had there rookie party in Vegas. It or or just the party you know like a rookie party that our party in general. Well you know Columbus did the think we've we've included base we got in a boat maybe 12:31 AM. There's a road trip. I said there RAZR as an army May Day for drink as it is a Smart about rob doesn't drink but your command and iced tea with a sudden and NC Brad says. You're going to be made in Vegas at 1 AM that you won't be home. Till 6 o'clock the next morning to not a chance among Baghdad just wanna have a body Guinness at all I'll be back. 2 o'clock popular. I lifted up my watcher I know I look at my watch it was 430 and I thought oh my goodness we have gained more on a muddy from playing whistle to work. But to your point yeah I hugest. You know not even going artists as Vegas that tower is open but backed by point so you're waiting for a different guy for differ Everett writes that motivation. Coach says that the command with a special speech and always got to do was preached structured of the game which of the guys already know but now that motivation and the energies there. The tragedy that happens in Las Vegas makes that team. More important than sport. So the whole city of Vegas it's something new it's something. That they are learning together in their growing together. And that the positive ID that comes from that hockey team's success that bleeds through the tragedy. And gives new hope to going forward I mean this is deep stuff but it it plays a part of what you mentioned. There's something that's almost unexplainable that's been going on here and so when they get down and a series I sit back I think. Not a chance they might lose that game but there's not a chance there in ruled by Winnipeg. As good as always as good as Winnipeg is and they might win tonight's game. 53 in Vegas they can win in Vegas easily either lack of hockey team. But there's not a chance it's going to be easy. And particularly the first game back in Vegas. I'm not a bad man as we talked about playing cards but I think in Vegas comes back tonight and that's the one home team like Washington. Did start out there with the way they wanted to back home because of that hole. We have a victory it's finally conference final. There's no finally a conference final in Vegas this is a first ever this is a new born right here tonight for them so that the team the colts. Owners the players. They don't change a thing they do they've been doing this for every single game this season so crucial and optimize or to select the abuse there. The there was maybe no bells on the though we doing some real I mean the last he wanted to use that as a team is changed your approach to regain. That's a lasting ordered all city do something different that's when you get lost in the woods you want it and that's what you're seasons. And for me Vegas tonight comes only say hey guys we've been doing this all year. This this is the atmosphere at Vegas every regular season game let alone tonight they've always been this. And Gerald go land is gonna get them. Focused. And ready to rock and roll and and I would think that you know Winnipeg jets. Know that they did not play the way they need to play to win against this team and they're gonna be playing a lot faster and a lot heavier and it's going to be a much different Winnipeg team I cannot wait to watch this game. Got to do our daily dose of doll lean just a few minutes here to spend on that we're into our buy sell trade when we come back. Bots. Got to get the windows and here is why not. On number one draft. Think primaries are in the board downtown and you know the old pairings and their. You know you're Phil Housley you must have a piece of tape over one of those old magnets just put Darlene on their whether the trainers or actually officially sent the right. Named today gambit. You know we talk about Dolly and every day about Lawrence pilot he is signed by you know I was Sweden's top Swedish defenseman. What do you think that signing how does that effect only if it has any. The fact. I think that dipped it's it's a great pick up. You know is he is he young man that needs a little bit of work in the North American game with a smaller smaller ranked he has some things to work on some strengths. You know getting stronger as a player but. Everything that I've read on this this young guy is that he is he's the real deal he can really move he's got great offensive instincts. He was. The number one leading point producer on the back end in the Swedish elite league which is. Which is pretty darn impressive. So you're gonna see this is going to be a highly skilled guy this is again be a guy that can skate move the pocket. But he's got to learn now probably. A little bit of the North American game mean the smaller ranks so it will be interest to see what how. The how he fits over here. Rudy is it for me and the keyword UC's learn so all these young guys names you brought up in the shall you do it until the season starts onward. They have the skill as we watch highlights here on chemistry. They have the ability to get themselves and related spots in the Easley yes they racers so. Aside from the coaching staff drawing up plays before the game when you watch video I guess that's one thing. The harder thing is to gloat configured at that speed and it's going to be coming at him when that time comes we saw with victory and keep them last year. Who had a ton of skill I thought but as the season went on you could see he was you start again it and it for whatever reason he beat her out of a lineup that's coaches his that's their business. But when I saw was a guy who was just kind of starting to get so. If that's the case of a took that long to kind of start to get it down look into you know who agrees surrounding it. Where is the on ice teaching going on what's the conversation on the bench who is he leaning on the bench. Who's he gonna talk to and and for me that's that's the next I would think can. I don't know curiously and always out again but at some point you you got to surround these guys at the right people. Yes. I I agree that I'll tell you what I love about this is a two years in a row you're able to get on an undrafted free agent signing on Europe I think there import that that. Yes sir that makes it that's important knowing that a general manager and get that done whether it works or not. Doesn't matter it does matter be great if it does blots. The fact that you're able to get them now and that's you know to me that that's first and foremost so what he does when he gets here. On him on them on the team operator but I'll tell you what. For me I can't wait to see him you know ma am I I would think that he would be coming to the you know rookie rookie camp in July he just turned 22 in December December 30 so he's young but he's already played 12. 34. Seasons. In the Swedish elite hockey we'll do your point. Agents players. Not just in North America but around the world they see what Buffalo's putting together here. And the reputation of Jason bottle might be your first time full time NHL general manager but. His background in the game who he's worked with what he did with the penguins minor league team players he brought on board. His philosophy here the coach she's brought on board his pedigree his background. That's something that I'm taking a five got someone who if I'm an agent for you you're my guy thinking nor nor think a good place for you that you will get an opportunity to play. Not just play. Don't let where this team finish fool you. And then just certain listing off all the players you guys listed off off the top of the show today if those people that weren't listening. You know the middle stats that Michaels said Reinhard resigning if it whatever happens in his situation. Bring up any name you one of the young kids that are coming your all of a sudden. You back icing cannot eliminate an opportunity I really play with some really good players who are my age in and around my age a this cute I'd be part of some really special here and not have to jump into a situation. Where the world is expected of me I better figured out tomorrow warm up the door and these guys are gonna have time. To learn some hockey lessons and grow up together that's big. Investigators Andrew Craig and Dan Dunleavy here in studio we have another half hour left in the show. Coming up we got our Beisel trade and we're gonna tell you if we still think Patrick Kane is the best American born player in the league today. Re here investigators WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG. Peaked at rates. And the Dan that Dunleavy in studio or this today. New. Contract and Dunleavy. Essar. Said apple hires and what do you what are you looking up for lunch today. Do I think we're the feeling that four let me non could be me. Let me. Some champagne. I've been and should not rule. Wall on the right side because the walls like I carrier meaning I ignored what I care battle a monologue where right here big. Big extension for Dan Dunleavy were problem here joint showed it in the against the gators and we've had a lot of fun today. Got to get into our buy sell tree presented by Buffalo's sports go to buffalo sports region by selling trade. New news sports equipment on McKinley parkway and analysis directorate analyst the first cell by cell trait. Victor Hedman as an eighteen playoff points streak we are mentioned this earlier in the show longest since Larry Murphy in 1995. So the buy sell trade is. Victor Hedman has been the best defensemen in the playoffs as a trade. Well boy. Needless in this room and article freshman doesn't mean I'll go first. Hope that helped man out Victor Hedman is been outstanding in the playoffs right now but and not even close to the number one guy and I guess. Dustin buy food. You include an aim it you know court. Big off has been unbelievable he'd been dean changing from the day that he started is out playoff. He's the leading point producer for defenseman at fifteen. He's a plus player like he's he has. Not only producing on the power play he's not only defending against the best players and every team he is a physical force that nobody can match in this league. He is by far the best defenseman this year. And as I watched had been last night that's the one thing at the start of the game Craig that I thought. Need to see more of that from him because he is such a physical presence but I'd I get his games a little bit different so. What Carlson had a good stretch here for awhile. Vegas. He's looking for an answer be different than I am. They're dropping the ball take off steamy high fives he's been on label Ali throw it there if it's via Ernie has an imposing. They are gonna sell this undated like Harry was old man river dance in a year so so close or just put a guy is allied itself and not panic not agreement with rip. You had NC. Well I mean John Carlson. Who aren't. In the dark model. Answer well okay. JC jacket on now parties. John Carlson. Two uncles yeah I need to play well he's pointed to play a lot of games and c'mon he's played only a bone here man yeah okay a three Stanley got. Buy sell or trade you're still you're still struggling this one. I am I know I mean it with a buffalo to only because every game he's in you notice and he has an impact and so many different ways offensively defensively. Not in my host anywhere near the nets and I never once tried to take a run out of they just bounce off from. It's via pop when. He is on these playoffs so far from defensive standpoint. The only other defensemen play more in the playoffs right now relative is PK subic. Speakers today nectar you was playing 2635. Carlson is second with twenty soon as there's been some deaths defensemen out there that I had some really nice runs. One of the guys that we can sit here and talk about as one of the better defenseman in the playoffs. But I'll tire right now when you watch Winnipeg throughout the playoffs all the talk a vote is dust them off when and how how much of force he has so. I've got to get it next topic for to the point percent of Baigent stake out Winnipeg will win a game in Vegas. Buy sell or trade. When you first and a strong person now doing a first quantity of articles where I'll go first go ahead and army guys that win a game and it's. Winnipeg for sure I see another split in Vegas and these two games don't listen to Vegas with that on I'm like that. By day because they're gonna win both games in Vegas. Sorry Andy I know later in hurts Icrc that can you feel it. Can you feel the pain in the third win both games in Vegas I can tell you right now. Winnipeg jets I believe is the team that's gonna win the Stanley Cup I just think that there are so deep. They have a top line in this league that hasn't even come to play yet and that's Patrick lining in and and healers. That's not because they haven't come to play let's just say this has done an unbelievable job dialing and a on any talk emote in this series I'm talking about the whole playoffs. This team this team is dangerous they're very deep. There they've they've got great goaltending great defense I just think that they're going to be hard team to play against so. But I could be wrong. I I. If I ever did fifty question. I I'm so there's I don't think they win a game idol I think Winnipeg goes all went to. Really I really do I think I think Vegas wraps this one out in five games back in the paying. For game five and talks gonna have not addicts and now I didn't say anything about anything it didn't show I was an accident I would never touch or manage your size my. Kyra. That would be the wrong move are right. Cost so nice topic for by such hurried playing on the road is better for coach is so Marty Saint Louis had a tweet. My opinion I used to love playing on the road because most of my coaches wouldn't worry about matching lines because they didn't have the last change. I've always felt I played more on the road checkers on the road chest at home I like both checkers is more fun. It's great tweet from an absolute legend. Undrafted legend in my that. But he's right maybe he is an. Absolutely right in the sense that he wants to play on the road because. Maarten Saint Louis was. The best player on his team at the time in because you can't. How last changed to get your match up your lineup match ups. I coached is basically continues to put his best players on the line up all on the ice all the time so. Guys like Martin Saint Louis are definitely going to benefit from. Playing on the road is gonna play more. Trying to find the coaches had a quote after. A game recently about that then and how line matchups and and and that part of the game could be used year advantage but he felt that and I don't wanna quote the wrong approach but. He felt that because the game now is so structured on every level that that guy's just. Nobody's really freewheeling out there when you don't have the pockets or structured that. He didn't think it was as much an advantage anymore though the line matching now does that mean right he could be wrongly crisis. But he said he felt the guy waiting game is played now everything's just so structure there's and if you waver from that structure year. Your beat. Did it depends on how many players the coach can trust on the rise against any player at any given time I feel like. The one of the quotes record the other night was to our goal line just tolls players just. Let me trust do you want to put you on the ice at any moment. And I feel like you know if the players get that sense from the coach and there's no pressure in that regard and they go whine and give the coach a reason to trust them. Mean you don't have to worry about line match ours is his city and it did these teams now particularly as we've talked about the whole show was that. There'll deep teams I mean and they put you look at Connolly scoring for washing the it doesn't matter of politics with Ali is going as aside from hitting. And and checking you've got guys that are finding ways to contribute and it is because of the structure their their where they're supposed to be they're not out of position and if they are. You're going to the bench with a goal scoring and playing with coaches rip that one of Max lines nightly basis it becomes exhausting on the French. Who's out there early eight OK you guys are upper register or you guys are right for ownership because any injury now to. It just becomes more chaotic then then well let's talk for line three and four its sucked forces that the defense pair of the third defense pair because you basically never saw the ice in it and there was a lot of flip flopping became confusing. It's a lot better when your plan Iraq went on a stronger team because you trust your players more you descend guys Oden. You know they go and do their job operate. I always found that when coach. Would say hey if you end up on the ice with those guys you know trying to change. You're you're not showing any confidence in me. Yeah I mean no course lake. You wanna talk to a playing mental games with players I mean. Asking them to get off the ice at a certain time and I understand why trust me I mean you know you get caught out against the other team's top line I understand that but. But it actually have them think in the middle of a shift all they're sold so now I have to change. I just I just think it's Cruz at the psyche of of any player that's that's told to change when you see another guy c'mon guys but then it and to backtrack it was Paul Maurice and as if arteries are there armory are real quickie recessed about home teams actually having a losing record in these playoffs any idea Weis is I have no idea. Or they don't it may be parity more than anything else at specially the season the playoffs. They used to be huge matchup advantage may be its structure I haven't on the map for the playoff format when you're getting pretty powerful teams lining up against one another early. No other than the fact that may be the kids come into the game now used to a bigger stage a lot of your players or impact players they've been on bigger stages they played. Maybe world hockey championships world junior championships in the buildings that we certainly know from. In North America aspects if you played for team USA hockey US air hockey Canada certainly you've been in buildings that have been jammed when you were. Eighteen years old and and and loud and maybe that atmosphere their little more used to so buying selling or trading by by. I'm gonna buy it by by. I'm I'm treating it as it depends on the coach Johnson on all plan rose putter for code I throw a question I just said by. Now while you're good you agree with Bristol have a list of the show I'd works here. It's a safe bet and his they have a right final topic for by sultry presented by buffalo sports Patrick Kane is still the best American player. There's the wording is still the best American player. Patrick Kane has set the US record for most points and assists and a single IIHF. Men's world championship so. Beisel trade Patrick Kane is still the best American born hockey player in the week. Yes in Italy today at bio. Outstanding this guy when he decides to take over game. Indeed. I don't know maybe I'm fortunate because we wash him do it more we're on the road in Chicago river which cover comes here he's just. Decides it's game over and it's game over and for me everything he's accomplished up until this point and the amount gaming has left in them yes. Well you know are dying and how after a bottle this because he only had 76 points this year and 27 goals he had an off season. I don't think he I think he's washed up. The answer is I'm buying in this Patrick Kane is still a stud muffin he is awesome he is amazing he's talented he is the full. The real real deal I mean he is the real uphill. Insanely dynamic. And he's he is without question I think the. Best that America more where. So I'm gonna trade this is I don't think he's the best are still the best American born player I think he is the best. American born hockey player to play. Ever yup I know Brett Pauly some points yet Mike Modano and but this guy has. Donna at all Hart trophy winner he won a heart he's won the Art Ross he's won the Calder he's won the cup three times he's won the Conn smythe. He's been in the Olympics he's won silver medal so summons. You're building a team and you yet. You know you're next pick house to be your all Thais see me next pick is an American born player so you picture Canadian born you picture Swedish born you picture Slovakian born nice picture American born player. Eagle on Mike and all the way of all the tire came. Patrick Kane's a stud muffin this guy is. Is in today's game he has been one of the best players for very long time. The players that he plays with he makes better and he is insanely insanely off the chart talented. He would be the guy that I would pick from the states. I'm with you I mean everything I have wanted to be a little different I'm an on going going to sound like a homework. But if I'm building a team the same as this year's draft you have a stud defenseman in the drop that you're not. Likely not gonna take number one. Mean for American born guy if I've got the way the game is played today and I had Phil Housley available to pick with my first. And that guy get the majority got a three year extension you know I'll go again say it and know what we're talking about your couple days do they even ask you kind of got I don't know yet what little. There are still negotiating I don't know I told is on someone's got to get the puck to Patrick Kane so for me it's that guy. Who could skate. Pass shoot. He's your American and it's not a bad choice it's actually we automatically adjusting forwards. You know and there's a guy that I think easily to be put in that discussion. When we come back final segment of the instigators. He got here we have coming up next WGR 550 an amnesty. Already. Welcome back final save millions to gators big announcement today the bills are going to retire. Legendary running back Thurman Thomas number 34 and I'll tell you what. He's coming in at 1215 to join them around 1215 to join non. Steve and John Murphy on one bills lives in what an honor I mean. I don't artists they long overdue obviously just expected and can't wait to see NI mean doesn't agree with that asset would you think it is. Speed. Speed power strength. His vision is. You know in order a table Thurman I've heard the most about was how it was his team guy. Guys loved. As love them so you know what I'm happy form and I can honestly say that you know. I know ran the great. All in the bubble yeah in the bowl loss lets you re going but that. He's always been like this fast fast speedster but oh. Ran my took one for the team and outdated. Raises got our win days anyway that was a team win razor and Mazie. Broke the boundaries came attack on the rev sprinted off to the final John Murphy show coming admiral. Want bills why would John Murphy tasker Thurman Thomas coming up WGR by this unanimous.