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Absolutely locked doors podcast Derek Graham cracker Kerry and think utilities was. Five BP dot com so. Pain and you know it's fun. What's fun. Watch him well why it's still fun it is still lots of fun still fun but today and start up a little football censured for once it's been a little bit. Since we were really getting into the football thing. Yeah so let's get back into open here at. Really. With rookie mini camp coming going. You see ago you know the first look at Josh Allen throwing teammates and working with this team now in OTAs and everything like that I mean. I got. Elements things stay here with Josh yeah. And it's really about this. There are still spends its. Of course and of a peep it when it comes to. A draft likeness. Where you've got it. Especially in NFL where you've got five or six potential franchise quarterbacks. And none of bomb Blake stood out from the other where you can take. None of all was there was no consensus number one. In the draft. Their people talking about pick me on one which ended up happening to the top but aren't on one top eligible on one if you Hussein. Rosen should go one in the same marred Jackson should be. So when higher than where he dead. And. Everyone's gonna pick their guy. Ends. When the bills make their peck the people who. They didn't have to block the bills taking her wasn't there are guys are going to be upset by. Yes now people like Josh Allen and the bill Stucco and the people who like Justin and are happy that the bulls took Alan most most fans though are kind of you know only you know it whatever go bills and yet. But there are some in this is this one gonna say. To these fans on there are some that are still sat. And to that I'm missing you know. And I think they're upset because they wanted eight QB who indeed knew was a sure thing now to make this team better. So that they can do better than where they were last season I'm sorry but at this point. If and this is gonna sound hot take you rate. At this point. If you're not embracing what's going on. And you'd rather be right and you're not ban. And John. That's it. That's that's all I've got to say that at this point because they see a lot now on Twitter it's like hey what about AJ McCarron hey what about knees and Peter mean these guys are better than you think. And Josh Jones is can be trash now. Yup just flat. A we don't know that be who cares they drafted him to be the franchise quarterback yeah stopped trying to be right. And hope that everything works I was that diet first I mean yeah we bring you took a big deal Meese going. You about the pick it's still up on the way it happened. It happened it's over and now you have to go ahead and say let's see what happens here and I hope that I'm wrong. To have a bad feeling about this course yet but now am I gonna really care about it now. There's always risk when your. The day quarterback yet with any court there's always going to be because he wrong about everything yet. I just rose to be the biggest bust in the world is that they will be one guess what I don't care anymore yeah I'm done it's over. It's it would distract me and everything and I'm seeing though is that there's a pretty good coaching style of Brian Cabell in bills training in bills were camp I should say. And I'm excited to go out to Rochester and see what's going on out there. On C this kid live on a see this guy. Do what he does best and see what happens. In this. That's it that's cool thing there to eat today is just you know I'm son sixteen people that are just trying to be you know more about being right than. Then seeing what happens and hope in the wrong. People try it weighed too hard to be gentlemen enter. That's what did it did but it wanna be right because they wanna be because they're trying Beijing and China if you argue meaning they can do the job better and argue about aging parents presence on this team on Josh down is terrible and McCareins Gannett. And help this team honored release anything. Anything negative at this point I don't care. Might know what I saw I know that I have got a problem with the selection overall. But. I also know he's the wrong it's time to embrace yes embracing go bills you know embrace it enough for him than. Not the moment. And you know what fine at that point who needs. They. So puzzlement then that sort of stuff yeah no it does it gets in you know. I was in the fan of Alan as well I'd probably would have been probably eagle. Second last guy would have taken ID when I take them the only guy. On a tops this would have taken over was Mason Rudolph ball lights of the first rounder is I would've said he's the least yet odds are I would of CNET anti ranked by. But at the same but at the same but at same time. I understand why the bills want and I don't think I I think you know all the allow the reason we saw whether it was all he's got the upside the athletic he's a he's like he's he's ball false. I guess I eat I under I get that it's. By it he has also shown flashes where. He get he can be one of the best guys in this draft or he is one of the best guys in this draft he showed flashes up that's. And it's. If he works on news on the mental side where I think that's for the coaching is going to be huge for him. Then you'd Vick may very will be able to put it together. And be able to be a franchise quarterback. I think that I see why they took him yet. But I also. You know we'll always have my doubts but those doubts are gonna be buried now. And that's it who cares we got Brett so Brett. And I have to do from there is just hope that the bills succeed here. So what you want you wanna be proven right or do you wanna be and miserable. Are you wanna be wrong and happy to Iran. So whatever and that's all it is at this point it's annoying to me that and I just had to bring. So. No I think bill that bills. Rookie camp OTA is you know is not really too much you can draw from right. Right not libel it's there's no. There's no real action going on so. Who knows what's gonna happen. But the same time. That we portray yacht. Cannot wait it's going to be one of the crazies training transparency in a while because. There is the most exciting. There's new quarterback. Always exciting when there's new court. You know. New quarterback competition. And yeah I mean remember three years ago how crazy what's having Tyrod Taylor here Matt Cassel and he demand. We umi went to that one of what's a couple we went. Like we went at least a couple times a week X yes we are students at the time yet this yet and we're we're trying to cover for the Ball State station you know all. But you know obviously press credentials just showed up. Which made to drive every yeah and he was exciting those floater charting passes and the use. And now you're gonna see the same thing you see that kind of hype because there are three quarterbacks that you could realistically say they might each start this season. If there's an injury. Someone else might be tried in that you might not expect or is Josh hill and the guy with the pedigree. Take the job laying claim it as is or is he does he handed so yeah if he wins the job then that's his job stop yet. But if he doesn't win the job he stashed. Which is exactly what I think they need to do yeah but. You'll be exciting to see. And if he's looking a little off target right away well beacon we can worry about that'll. No I think though that training camp is going to be exciting. And the fervor of is going to be awesome. So I'm excited let's see what happens here do it let's go. Now. What does what does this season mean no for the bills. And a lot of national media are saying the bills got worse. A lot of national media are saying that the bills are going to be one a top five draft pick. Hearing everything in the world yeah. About it but I had this team is going to be I don't think they're gonna be as bad as what the national media says because remember. National media thought they were going to be tire a top five. Have a top five pick last year. USA today had the Eagles going for and well. Yeah I mean and play ESPN and had a canard that peace agreement was team yet you can argue that. Date there roster got worse. Did today. On the offensive side gas yup that's definitely especially off line. But after the offensive line though let's look at this let's break it snowed actually. You still got some court you still had him put competent bodies in front of him on sentencing guidelines competent ones yeah LeSean McCoy gonna McCoy he's gonna do you think he's got to be you've got reliable. He got us. He is cut on dime 25 via US got me really good reliable. Back up behind him as well in the running back position. Asked if Chris Ivory there yet and I think that he's gonna hopes allele that they resigned him. Plus they bring back. They the department of our scared that it. Yes it brought back and that is receiving option guy that you know you can get it catches yeah on third down two keys key guy and that resort on guard. And also that means that having to that as an option in the passing game. Mean you vote quarterback out in the slot have me do some damage there we do that the song the last couple years he's gotten touchdowns. On please in the slot because he's he's just dangerous when he cuts he has. Receiving wise it's still receive is still weak but getting it worse is I don't actually think our county debt. I think I think it more I think it's more likely that it's gonna get better. Now the strangest don't get this straight into it without actually adding all some major talent it can still beat get better because. Zeta-Jones. Basically played all last year with a shoulder injury importantly mean yeah that's not easy now. We know what the stuff that he's going to he's going through blood he looked everything looks like he should he's she's gonna be fine Libya and the team will be training camp everything. That is known as always if he is healthy. That's an upgrade right away. That from last year's state jail yes and that's Welker right awaits your receiving corps not to mention result eventually you've got your gonna have a full year of healthy open Benjamin's you just miss Shuster aside. No rookie receivers may impact yeah. Yeah. And that's actually com. I mean you look at that 2014 miners your class you know gals and media. And saddens and Jimmy henchmen. Be worth the rarity. Yeah even Herman's yet. For some. Robins robins. Though that draft class is special. That's the thing yeah well that. Classless that's the that's the no abnormal because it was it was a receiver happy class with a lot of on his tail it was just deep using. It was the most talent receivers clear it was it was the Laver is it it was what the quarterback classless this year. Yes I so now my big thing is. The passing game. Didn't get worse I don't think I don't think it got worse and my major reason is this strangely enough. The quarterback position. Now I'd get that Tyrod Taylor is light. Around the around the country. And around the league east he's respected ya a soul least we east should still like him he's out Smith. He is the most continues. Even took the mantle last your from Al Smith as the most conservative quarterback in the NFL game. Why's that well Alex Smith kind of when Ronald toward paced start the season last year. He was actually one of the best passers. He. First avenue the Ares I it was probably the favorite to win MVP yeah. And and guess what happened. You have a guy in McCarron or Peter and or else. Those are guys that are going to take some chances with players that are in a one on one coverage to if you didn't do that tyra terror never did know he wanted you to be open. And bills had problems separation but guess what they do have in the big body commander. Of Benjamin I guidance prior to that one on one you throw that 5050 ball and Benjamin turns it into a 7030 because of his height and is jumping ability alone yet. And AJ McCarron. In his starts with Cincinnati. Had a guy like that all have better version of that in AG agreed yet. But green was able to come down with those contessa balls turn a 5050 into a 7030 and 82 when he kind of ball. And McCarron is not scared of throwing that. That's where I think everything's going to be fine. It's because of the fact that you have quarterbacks that are willing to throw these balls now. That fade from computer into Benjamin in me snow against Indy all yeah that's that's I'll throw that Tyrod Taylor would not have attempted exactly. So I think that everything's fine yeah. You're going to be able utilized elementary and in his strengths. That's how things. Other receivers to that. We're gonna see a lot of competition in the receiving position as well yes because you've got Kaelin clay you've got Andre Holmes you've got. The rookies ray ray McLeod an awesome Proehl. And you got to bring around Iran Streeter. So it's gonna that's a lot of competition right there for probably would. For probably what three spots yet and not to mention red Streeter had and so how appreciation for ya and ya. And he's almost becoming a fan favorite loans all got Randy Riley is also a speed threat yet so he's got speed that the other guys down. Which might make him a little more interest yet part of Julia Allen wins the competition. If Josh Allen. Wins the quarterback spot through training camp. It's going to mean that he is just as some of his weaknesses by that time Brett because some of his past and start us actually have something to do. Width. Be short intermediate passing. He gets better when the ball's going further down a few. The bills and their receiving corps don't have that option via. Right. Not right now. I mean come Benjamin you can chalk it up deep and you could see if you can come down. But again you don't have dental roster you can be a guy who just that straight line at half million history he'd get that separation that's original here's another thing. Players do cut you do get cut after training camp that are surprises. Yet pleasure during train yet so I'm not too worried here. So did those fastening get worse now that you're better. Maybe depending on which quarterback decides it depends on what goes and if they elevate the team. Bought it. The defense got held before we do that though the offensive line yet and it's like yeah go back to the competence and I think that there is competence on this team. If Marshall Newhouse can kind of get his stuff together from last year. Where he was one of the worst offensive tackles and Lee. You have competition never go to gasoline him in Jordan mills you're gonna have competition in this entire. Interior of the line you and have a psyche you're Deion Dawkins. On Dawkins on the left looks very promising young rookie. And not governor you what why Tyler why toes gonna join Ryan Roy yep John Miller but it costs as for fighting for competition. Brian great if he's probably gonna start training him as a starting center. Bode Russell blow up voting so yeah so you dozer and compete for senators locked up so. The bills have options have competition and if anything at this point so pars on the during his men and elevate the town that they're actually is lacking. And that's where I think that the bills are going to be fine. Does that mean playoffs and probably not but doesn't mean they're going to be two reports it does mean that we're going to sit through a lot of we did the last seventeen years with a seven in niner. Six and ten kind of record or maybe Nate Nate and baby probably maybe. By. If it means that Josh Allen gets in those games late in the season he gets to learning something about Steve the pro game and learns and develops. Now take. The that's what I think that's the path that they won gold ounces because LT wanna know you don't want to I think that's what they're expecting to. I think in terms of like what they're. You've got a thing to bring him being awful and at least five years maybe even three you know at least three to five years ahead. Right now. Am if he's an assuming he's doing that it's. He's looking at this is probably not a year were gonna make the playoffs we're gonna get. Or gonna get the best all of our players and make sure our franchise quarterback is developing rights because. Next year. Bill's got eight taught enough cap space that they can use to build around their quarterback. And get what he means and be vacant. Less in his weaknesses. And let him Atlanta and utilize the strengths past. Rank on the poll you the unit on the spot cast widget will would you find Ryan are shocked. Yes I'm right yes. He is speculating about the Edmonton knows trying to meet big splash again defend I saw this tweet. I I rights and I had I had this tweet up till. I have an up. Find out from dull hockey yes and so rather shy of TS and speculating that the owes much autonomy to big splash targeted a big mean defenseman. And just did suggested. Trading the tenth overall pick and defense and an Oscar cluster bomb to buffalo for rest mistress line. Please give me that because club moms are pretty darn good player his own right. And would be elevated by the presence of a roster as Dolly. I like wrist problem more than a love Bristow. But. If you're giving me a defenseman who could still be. A promising player in his own right and the tenth overall pick as a thorough it. I'm saying now. You know for the fans are clamoring. For the sabres to drafting forward again because the need scoring well. If it is still have chance you get full meal happens you would be get bolted it dollar and a one he can get a full Burnett and and no that would be just a little bit amazing yes symbols that. I'm not saying I would want the trade to happen. I'd want that polite if it dies. That's the reason we're getting rid of polite. I would be opposed to I would think it's. Cluster bomb. I don't know where hand in Bristol RT and other. How locals say our because if if that's if that's been suggested. And that means that the view they don't. He would view Bristol line and as a top pairing defensemen more than they would view Oscar cloth. And it's also appears to rally. At this is also PH rather we're talking to it game that decides to give me a top four defensemen and the tenth overall pick for a top four defensemen. Who could be a top to pairing guy if he has the right person next on. Why would I be oppose this I'm saying yes every time to think that I'm here Shirley please be dom goal hat. I dare you. But it may have to dares gonna do it it's not us she's gonna do something else if but the symbols that. Now remember. Demand straight up offered Taylor Hall for arrest mistress alliance. Yeah. Remember that. Yeah. So if he's going to third Taylor Hall up there for a style that means he covets him. And if that means that they and he knows that clot on his seat desirable piece. I mean grant it was speculation former let's yes and reporter but. We know that Bristol and his coveted. By Peter Sharaud. If that happens buffalo really loves their Swedish defenseman so. Simon it's just that's often you can't past I know I'm just saying lately with they'd love this vetoed an offer you can't pass. Simple. And then if that happens by the way. Well. That's nice little cap flexibility. Oh and by the way you job's not done yet I've. But now you have the tenth overall pick to go ahead help yourself get some two to four depth. Don't be on the bomb had not 21 points last season and 66 games. Four for Edmondson and I believe he is making. A little more than four. For Jen Rogers must ask Oscar clout Obama signed through 20/20 three. And it's a four point one million dollar cap hit through that entire contract. By comparison restless or slime is signed through 222 at five point four. Got Obama's Tony for this line is forestry. These are some pretty good parables. Traits. Right. When it comes to the cabinets. At least through that yes. Well you heckled phones got another five years results on other. Was at six now six rape her appointment. On call pharma signed for one next year and a lesser capped out okay. And it's only a modified no trade clause in club bonds' contract. In 20/20 22023. The last uses oh a. Yeah habits of you even getting doll beaming getting d'alene. Would that because. I I think though I think the one thing I'm trying to figure out who is. Caught bomb is a lefty. He plays left side all right he's only ever played the left side unless one lefties gonna have to do. Switch in the right side I was an agent which you can build Colleen would not have a problem I don't think the mentality proudly there that if he honestly. Our nine if it if you got that offer I'd. Think that is something he would take yeah but lawyers line he does put up points for everything that is wrong with his game yet. 414541. Over the last three years. Yep 82 games 79 games and in some. Cluster bomb has only hit a career best of 38 and l.'s post when he seventeen yeah the women in the play and everything went right for Edmonton. Any clue at all the 82 games I hear nest. And caught on hasn't really been necessarily known as a scorer. But the sabres are beginning their scoring Dolly. You're also getting the tenth overall pick I would still take us. I would Bryant is I do I think if that's offered straight up like car bomb in ten for Bristol. Obviously is a GM I would try to negotiate more about Trout trying to get more. Here Shirley my accuracy because it is peace rally to. Also all I see. Income fund works then crystal line. Evening gaining d'alene. The weakening that part. After him. Easier on that. Yes. IQ and a but again if I'm getting number ten with this I would still take the deal that's fair I I think that's fair like I said you're getting a top four defensemen. You have to be giving up a guy who could be a top pairing defensemen. With Colleen when you've got crystal line and but. Clip ons like would be easier to. But it Tyler Myers a fact. That. Congress lions life's blood out of the gate. Of their top riddled line is gonna get all's hell hole like about how all of a lot easier now to you guys even with. Even with everything he's gone through the last three years. He still putt up forty points as a defense yes I do agree and playing that meant that much minutes. So if if first alliance oversaw a line in heck is having you know platelets he has five points let's let's say he scored 36 points next season. Has like tangles. Lights. His minutes are down because of doll lean. In his defensive side of the game improves dramatically because of its. Yeah you can do the same thing with cluster bomb by. You still got out he still pairing him probably pairing him on the top pairing with Dolly yes so he essentially you're getting the same you're gonna get the same thing. I do agree with that so it's a matter it's a matter of who do you value more due value clocked by more about coastline and mark. In its do you are you putting Dolly on the left side or on the right side because of their trading where's the line and I would it's I would as expected Dolly there they want only to play the right side. But if you knots they the UN has a lot aunts and I got from the left side. Now Obama is a righty. This is completely different story. Yes. So that's kind of where I'm figure that's kind of where I want to figure outs yeah. I think though that it would be the fact that you're also getting attacked and that's. That's where I'd be more acres yeah. Because I'm not I think it I think I think it's at this summit to I was thinking about as well. And I read I read this on Twitter it's like oh abusing or ass. And I think it's time for us receivers to stop using. Player Scott stopped calling players as assets. Because that's essentially what we're that's a sensible don't you're looking at trading. Where's the line in for a comment on your looked in that no you're trading asset for more assets. You know you got to figure we're you know what you want to build with this with this he received now that Colleen is coming here. So if you want Dolly into play the left side and be the franchise that's been on the left side. You won't crystal line and with him because he's being your top top defense in the last three years. And now to your pairing him with a defenseman who who is gonna take a look awful risks lines back. More weighed more than one mark of scandalous. Dead. And Mandela did a fine job of doing that last season but you're getting now you're getting a guy who can do it. And then elevate everybody else. A long way at Bristol line. And that'll without take blown up Marcus and dials back as well scan delicately the second parallel upside whereas if you want to AP if poncho says we viewed Colleen as a right as the right side a defenseman. And that means. Then that gives you board that flexibility to trade crystal line and in this kind of betrayed. Yes. So that's kind of where it's like you can't just view it as an asset like you're training assets for another. Because of yield the treasure these things back. You gotta you gotta know what are you trying to build with the sabres team. And they could but they can also sagged I don't think they'll gold this route but they can also say. While we can have Colleen as the right defenseman on one pair lived with like Marcos and Allah and we can have wrist line and on the second pair which it okay now and the they can do that as well that's the flexibility they have and they're gonna look at every single possibility. You're so all I wanna know where they've where they want Colleen to play. Where and where what the where they view Bristol linemen in the organization. Before I would just before I would even consider me even if this offers already on the table for the public this offer can be on the table right now. For about appears relic of called optional last week and say hey offer call upon intent for a slime. It could be there right now. But I wanna know where they view Bristol line and were they view. Colleen coming in before I make this straight before I know this that this trade is gonna happen if they view. I guess that they don't view Bristol line and as a second pair defenseman and they want Dolly to play the right side. I think and the traders line. And they would make this kind of trade. But if they don't but if they want to risk the line and on the right side top pairing with Colleen. Why you make in the strait just because of right you can't just make a trade to make trade. Yeah I got a hell it's got to help. And it's got to be in the minds of what you're bill and that's what I and that's why I think that this trade offer would be something that optional if it were offered. Would take seriously I think I think he I was ought troll I think I would take. Brought to your right and and that's nagger also planes yep get your viewing it. As assets as your viewing it as you're trading one asset your Guinea is similar asset plus seeing other big because we're talking about for frank. We're gonna need to do something about. The players that happened either on the defense corps just access to play Paris with us as Dolly it kind changed the landscape below it changes it dramatically. You have to be able to give up something as well maybe you don't now need to use time to feel something in your top six for reports. Media from is that because guess what. I'm preacher. If I if I'm bottle for example I get that deal next the norm talking Carolina. Jeff Skinner. Yeah he's pretty good bet show I've got the number and if and if that's their mindset if that is their minds sat and that's the pat it will go down. But if they don't view that if they view. Only satellite system that they can't get rid of the new advisory and that that a so that's why like I'm not talking where I wanna make this tree now or anything like that. I wanted to know where viewers the line first if if optional comes out the next month brought before a draft and doesn't release say a lot of positive things about Bristol line and if he's asked about him. Then your then you can lean towards lean towards us because you're not he's not viewing he's now he has a view as a top defensemen. So that in your rating game arrest is Colleen. Cell. You can absolutely need district. Well but. Again if it's me go out to that I think that you're gonna pass it and it's a very it's a very you I would I would say no. I'd like gristle and at all I like Chris Long and a lot more than they do cleft bomb even with that ten pay. I want I've been do you think cluster bombs got the problem though where it's Yi is the guy on defense. And I don't think he's got that problem. I think it does because he's the guy in Edmonton that is competent on easy only guys in its and that's competent. But I also think that the so trying to view arson that act to a paltry. Missed I think Emmitt and still kind of trying to justify its. Matter of fact the go take a look here and sees me and use it because it is. Problem is getting in you were close to 25 minutes I've been over use I I he had a shoulder injury last year so yes. That's all I don't know. I think though that Oscar clout on would be pretty testing please he would Al absolutely every single. Every single person. They know that is Edmonton. Fan or some of the covers Edmonton or even email you to one. They don't like this idea at all. They think is it's Daryle Ward. Yet. By the way he's getting. At least 22 minutes a game over the last four years what's Larson's and it's been since not joining Edmonton. And again I look at it myself from the computer's really slow working on safari here. I don't know why it's really slow it's he's averaging less than pop off. Oca especially in Edmonton. Caught Osmond you're twenty minutes and Larson it's been 292156. That's that's the last two years that's less years and he's never hit higher than twenty to 31 on average time the last year he was a double. Oca. So caught bums getting more ice time then Larson. And that's all the guys that you ate at a CC. That's right that's also because he is better and it. But that's right that's my point is I think clapped I could be better if he surrounded by a better defense core processors line has this problem. Are you know they are up. One important to our note I'll I am absolutely taking out I'd absolutely I know exactly what you're talking about the thing that's hustle areas now to me is. Wrist sliding goals from a team where he is the number one guy and just having reviewed and does still have to be the number one dot. With no how. When you finally are able to get to have a guy that you can play wet who can elevate who. Can take the load off your back. And now that's not gonna happen. Because you're you're on and it's in now. I don't see this I would say that I would say I don't make this straight. I'd do it. My neighbors and at the very worst you still you're still getting back eight top four defenseman yet an and that's fair and then you then might be able apparent process Dolly. My my worry is I think Chris line in issue apps leak. 100 press can't do it's yet and probably will do it. But I would they know I would I say no the thing that pushes me those that I get on the litigation. Yes and it's a very valuable piece yet you know what I try to do though I try to handle instead of number ten ones RH. Harsh yet it yet. It's right some people man offered a prize if if champion of this tilt is that he did you know does he do that and trail right. You do that you trillions Marsha on. Byron by a riots yeah. They indeed. My and I made it out alive and now no doubt they're on like Jake McKay were some sort of promising prospect your way for union are NH with your Oscar clout bomb. Instead of that number ten overall pick product. It going to be a little herders swing. For re still. But again the man tried sort of rating in jail yet. And we all saw hall all of that mine for Edmonton. Yeah. I would say don't make this straight because. I wanna see when Dolly never specials and each. Point production lines it's a pretty like if instead of the numbers overall pick. I get right you should Hopkins men's network of 56 points. Is also at some injured girls so that's and signal he's never eclipse 56 points. Best point per game average he had was the lockout year thirty foreign 55. Now. Maybe this last year though with 48 and 62. Mates that that I think that's a better point per game yet. But again. That's the best she's done. Yet. Can you imagine. And now I don't think that's heart is as much mistress is I would think. Because not to mention. I think Edmonton would like to get out of the cap hit three more years of six million dollars per season a hole yeah. And you get to keep your overtime overall that title in this yeah. I'm turning it until I see a different way. So I guess I'm not taking the train them. Now in out you're not taken and I'll write off slot back to football for go back to hockey or you want is to all of us as let's continue football. Let's go back to football night so Els and I suspect that. The. Why the hell. Did it take. So long to retire Thurman Thomas and number. Especially since no one's worn it. Sent Thurman Thomas. Incompetence. An accent like it just it doesn't make sense to I don't know. 34 is a number that you don't touch. It is Robert in buffalo and guess what players realize this. Eighty three's the same thing Lee Evans got special permission from Roger Reid to Wear that number yup. The yes the man he said go ahead. But nobody is dared to do that with 34 he won a lot of bills as a quiet. So why didn't we have this thing retired like. Only 2000 why I think that I think this is like. At least they met an island all Angel put that number in little rafter and then just be dumb with. Gone yeah grabber yeah is basically what has been treated I call it incompetence. First such an alleged marketing genius and rest brand and there is a quite a bit of an oversee them. You know. Two numbers for the bills or are officially retired and there will be third a third and there'll be a third and there should be light should be a fourth boundary. Yep that's it. I'm not I'm not I'm not saying you throw retired numbers out there all over the damn place. I'm not saying I'm not the much out Canadians I'm saying. That the Yankees you know like. These are the Paul team players that are recognized the most bills lore. Get the all time sacks leader at best quarterback in franchise history as a running back to one of these possessed. Dual threats of running backs yet he was it was just running the football and he was a threat of the backfield. In the passing game any of Andre reed. A man that should not need any reduction and is a hall by the way all favor a if you're all they were I think you have the right and measures are tired. Other than that and Ben that's me you get a little late into the stretch imagination kind of thing. Yeah I think that this is. This is exactly what they needed you. I mean Thurman Thomas getting a retired on the Monday night by the way which by the way Thurman Thomas helped them win their last Monday Night Football game. To prove it. Com. Does that and we don't that's M wheels article you don't talk about the dials. Yeah I didn't act that did that and I don't know what you're talking about my memory of my memory banks are I don't know what you're talking about stop there and I'm really not using your now yeah. Yeah I think though that there is a a big time. Money grabs here and opportunity and also the respect that deserve to have happening along time ago. With Thurman Thomas is number being retired. Can Google's First Act as president. Meet. At at at at a ha she's better job it's like she's doing it this thing or something like she knows what she's doing. She was about apparently some people then vote for me you thought she was cut out to be a president who's. Interest and now. But I thought some label bought playful just they play a full cloth just play apple interest saying now. All right. Sailors there's who'll back to those things yet. Now. It's playoff time. It is yet I still play out time back to laugh I mean this happens all itself what was your Doctor King again you know clear who's getting boat race and is not cool. He hit it it it it it at at. This man. Is not an affair Mormon call it off at this point you'll want to see anymore. Seriously that it's her magazine that Simpsons get stuck cities are already dead look man. LeBron James. Can do everything he can't. When you put up 42 point and you still lose by double digits. Range jeans socks and now he's gone he is gone after this it's over. There's no chance LeBron James stays in. This team is terrible. Around him. It's Kevin Love. And and everything else. Yeah air Smith is just terrible arm why does she still gets its fist that hit it. It was heaving get minutes for this team it's just ridiculous. Dare Smith is. Off. When he had a hard volley in the game. And is looking at resume on whatever it first off don't don't don't go after care Smith for this because live dude has their own hot soup on a coach. His coach yeah. So you go and tell me that that's a good idea to get his face. I know you sticking effort but. It. But secondly. When you have to keep trotting out the likes of Aerosmith interest in Thompson. Rodney and everything like that. The players that they got back in those deals. From retooling the roster. They're not showing up in the post season and it's hurting them right now. LeBron was it would take care of it because the raptors didn't wanna show up. And this is looks more like Teaneck gotten to a seven game dog fight against the pacers. Remember when I had said that this Cleveland team reminds me of the one. Yeah before LeBron left and until pretty right about that because goals Cleveland teams. Only got a finals once. In the cause when he gains males because at the other time period there a second or a third round exits. So it's kind of on the same way now. Going to be weird seeing him not in the NBA finals frauds. Yeah. Yeah if but at this point do I bother because Golden State's probably gonna take Boston down with extreme prejudice. Yeah we're gonna win anyway yeah no matter because Kevin Durant for the and yes. And he dominated game one against the rockets was shocked into used tonight on shock. Right. Game three. Results tonight basement ya ankles back in history where they are the home team any shortened five game sat. They say that you don't they say that a series doesn't interest saint Louis blues and while. Happen and it and I happen in bulls series. Things got interesting Null in Washington Tampa series the series gets interesting when you win at home. Yes there's no one's done it exactly. It's fun to watch as though it's run its its best road team in the playoffs. Really eaten too in the playoffs on the row I think site on real clip from Washington. And guess what good news and still two more road games in Tampa. So they aren't so the phonics the finding is use me you steal strangely enough practices if you're watching your steal one at home. Against Tampa. Violating God's self. It's funny because usually in the NHL playoffs. If you can win at least one road game. You've got the best chance of winning the series. Usually have seen that. Well. Now in the Washington embassies of you to win one home game he got the best chance of winning. With that with all the but the road team winning so far. Now it's weird but that's yeah it's it's just but now details when a pack. Big hero was only one after old C after seeing how Winnipeg treated Vegas in game one. And to see it Vegas bounced back in game two like that. It makes me your hat and say well that's like get for doubting Vegas. Yeah us. I I didn't think that there but I thought to Zambia quick here's the we went it was point. And our country for showed up then stonewalled. And stole game in Winnipeg which is huge. On base is one of the better teams at home. But now it's up to the jets to steal one in Vegas because they need to I would expect I would I would expect. A split in Vegas. Two games two point. Collect to Winnipeg for game five it's 22 series. A candidate I'm coming in that feeling right now I wasn't I was never doubting Vegas to starts. Even after that lot Los did. In nineteen look as it was only for two deaths that's not that it. Yes you got you still got dominated by 42. You could say you could still say you'll you we were still in that game even though we got Dionne we're still and it. Vegas is able to play guilt placed on lockdown hockey. In game two they force Winnipeg to make a couple mistakes and they were able to capitalize on them we saw. Marshall score a couple odd man rush a lot of almost vertically on a score one on a 211. So. You're citing easy to capitalize on mistakes as they had been doing. All year. Now they're going home. Anders and it's gonna be a hell of an atmosphere they're great at home they're great at all. It's a big game Timmy very adjusting it. Winnipeg is also also is able to steal one on the road as. They are absolutely it was that we saw what they did against Nashville yet the national series you sought and won they won three games a natural gas added up. Three ends of the seven games that they took in national. And natural was known for partly known for that atmosphere they had yes. So they can handles visitor they can take. Winnipeg will be it would take it that's why I really find this year's going to sink. I really I'd still stake in right guns here I think I would say I'm still say I'm still sick in the Winnipeg is why don't they don't just take it that they take whoever comes from the Eastern Conference in. But I don't take yeah I also taken when a thing as well on the series. But. I wouldn't be surprised if we're going to game five in Winnipeg in this but is is it too but let me have it sending teams Ceres people at my blue line. Absolutely I would I would be more than happy with that I would be shocked if this became. If this is if Vegas Winnipeg split in Vegas in three of four and five sixes that was alt a home team. I wouldn't be surprised. In the slightest. Then no like for example the Washington blues in tampering in three. Here is. That's lefty not showed up right now that samples us on the panel is. Yeah you learned a Little League game two they took a couple penalties and Tampa jumped to a 21 lead in game tip don't. You know one of homeless you know I know the urgency calls for it don't take the penalties. That samples that wells like about the game to finally yeah and on to idealist I wasn't OC yeah yeah she lent some ice deck that you where he hits it in the glow it's had means glove but the puck manages to hit hadn't in the face at the same time the alternate stroke of bad luck do you. Challenges that but at the same time I got to keep your stick on what are you doing to orange to go there anyway. Really that you're trying to that the putt with a high stick candelabra. It's I see why it ended up still accidentally being called. It was there is reaction rally is reaction and it's a reaction that guess what. It. Not that it was necessarily the right call it can very easily have been seen is that in real speak. That he's got hit in the face with something while stick was up near the face. Who don't arrest I'm probably looking at thing going on put my hand. Yeah so that's what looks like in real time. But I think that you know what. That's all this if Washington stays on the ballot box and doesn't let Stephen stamp goes fire one timers from the freaking left faceoff circle. Were out of Ashton does the same damn thing. May be gage takes these series sooner. It's like you're letting coach Robin Brayton point and Steven Stamkos and Victor had to have free space with a back for us S dollar and on your team. Yeah target it's hard to defend those guys is when you have to deal them five on five. It also homestead also I'll say your goal it was also making saves. A lot of yeah but again I think that. They dried you lost you lost 42. And probably wasn't going to be like that if in tase me damn house. So there's yeah it's. And same thing with all four of these teams. I know it's hard to. Avoid the penalty box now in the new NHL. But if you avoid dumb penalties you have a pretty solid chance wide. I don't want to be letting the likes of William Carlson Johnson marsh is so. Patrick line name or Paul Stastny march rightly or Alex Ovechkin at Denny's is not sob. Or John Carlson or Steven Friedman is opposed to keep your good Robinette Victor had been doing their thing out of power play and that's it's like it's a science. Don't take penalties. Don't triple player this is true don't slash its trio c'mon it's true. Don't be grinder he's charging at some guy. It's simple sound now around. Wrong that's why I'm saying it and a who thought when I say things that are wrong too but that's besides the point. All right well I think I've done enough rambling today. It kind of went off to a place by the way you re re is also in nineteen to only played let's let play less than seven minutes is easy to. Error if it because of his two hits. In just two blocks. Yeah at at at at that. Amid it's only his game once that. Face justice in deference. Don't forget that too costly times yet that you've done in minutes minus line to and its no blacks played seven point five. Yet when he five let's. Get that at a. So. One other thing you mentioned this before we started. Offseason for in the NHL. Let's worry about that I'm very easy. Let's worry about that another day lines are closer yeah I think we did enough today that that they were annoyed enough people today. So I'm not worried about that. There's been a lot stores podcasts frank take home. I'm drinker period there cram. You listen to them GR Sports Radio five defeat on the man's. Check check on all the other stuff Jeremy NC gators won those lives children Bulldog nightcap with Frye in sports like Saturday's course Sox Sunday tee to green. High school sports and everything on. WGR. Follow us on Twitter Murat Derek in the WG Jarno. I met frank or curry though. Find my spelling in the description that was there when we got out there on treats. Followed. Of GR had to would you like that the and yeah. I got an element dumb things that to sign off that. There is any. So I thought I.