05-16 Newest Bills WR Austin Proehl with Jeremy White

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, May 16th

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On the AT&T hotline now detectable that a football. Bills wide receiver Austin Proehl joins the seventh trumpet 255 overall Aussie good morning it's meet Jeremy and operate Wilson here as well hour this morning. I'm doing great right do all right so what's it like to be. Someone that strapped to your seventh round draft pick and you know we talk about how how guys go through the draft as the draft is happening over the course of a couple of days. How do you watch it how did you experience it did you. Everywhere you or your computer refreshing we're watching ESPN we're just out doing your own thing waiting to hear from somebody. Knowledge I was very luck and just try to you know see what was going on all of the peck and his. You know she impossibility and and the teams and who they are taking so. Always kind of been like that in compact using them even when I wasn't involved let it stand locked in on it just because you not. I love the game around us in you know new faces in the eighteen to stuff like that so I'm it was fun just being a part of it and you know army you know just get a phone call. Was it a expectation you're gonna hear your name or what were you re getting nervous at the end if I imagine. There are opportunities beyond the draft a lot of undrafted guys sign I have opportunities as well Souza gets later and later you're you're still gonna have an opportunity when it. As it got down delay around salary feeling. Yeah I mean is that they become nerve wracking but you know try to be patient and in our state that you're a ball in the right spot and that's like that's right in and out the best are out no matter where I got predictor. You know it's more important you get picked in the right spot and being here about slow it was deafening writes reforming how was rookie camp for hip. It was Austin is that experience. You know I'd also get around guys are on the chemistry with Josh on the other receivers and you know start learn the playbook. When it comes to rookie campaign and and getting chemistry Josh Allen how much how much of the playbook are you seeing in rookie cameo for bills fans. They get only could they can only here like the coaches what happened red rookie camp Powell went. For you guys that did this offense. We're hearing the term that it's gonna be more multi dimensional again is there anything you can tell us about. Build a look at the offense or the play poker or what it seems like this offenses is gonna aim to do. I mean I think is often they'll be very powerful and just. You know score a lot of points so we're looking forward to just continue perfecting that and die each and every day working at it and learn and you get me out so there. Let everybody you know to new playbook for everybody so knock on us to learn and practice there and make it the best often as possible. Now you've been familiar with Brendan being and Sean McDermott before Richard had worked on the staff in Carolina. Are you sir. So what was it like says tests have familiar faces one when your name does ultimately get called in your own buffalo you gotta. You know those guys mean was your was your dad happy about that just the idea that those two we're gonna be familiar faces for you. Yeah I mean I think you know both those you know both Brandon and coach McDermott you know my dad has the you know a much respect for the both of whom you know so alliance. There you know cause impairment to brake coach and you know. Christine just continues to you know work hard and do what they do so I think it's it was a great honor to. You know be picked cheer and be part of that organization and a look forward to do is uphold that standard. Bills on receiver. Austin Proehl on the AT&T hotline selected seventh round and North Carolina what's it like growing up within NFL that. I was pretty court has been around a games I was born just in being in locker room has been around you know great players. It was a great opportunity for me to see what it took. If you would it take to be very neatly in not been eating up and given the got to earn everything you have been you know that's something that I learnt early age. When it comes to being around guys like daddy did you everybody that you looked up to win when you're a young kid in just kind of I don't know wide eyed around an NFL locker known these guys are in on the bat the best at what they do was always receivers do for your dad and and was always about looking up to receivers. Yeah America I think I looked at my dad and you know try to model my game after him and the way. Approached each and every day you know he never took a day off you know he continued to. You know even in any. You know late years 151617. Eerie continue to approach each each and every day like he would earn a spot I think Dallas. What made him special and just continue to work end and drive themselves to be the best he could be. Regardless of you know how he fell order the position he's been so. You know definitely him and then you know I got garlic Marshall Faulk who was more on how much political arms and it's our history in just. Seeing him come out to work each and every day proved his teammate and knows coaches and himself that. You know he was one of the best so you know stuff like that that you learn and keep primarily age no huddle we're a big impact on me. What do you be doing for the next egos have OTAs next week and then training camp comes along in June so are you. Or are you just like count down the days until all training camp and the season starts a 10 you do Indians from what you do from now until then to make sure you're you're you're ready. Yeah I mean I was hit with the guys each and everyday work out on your buffalo in our facilities and then. You know yeah I don't have a countdown inside a training camp but also a day by day process we got it it is each and every day learn the playbook you got to be prepared dentist. Armed in in the weight room and our strength happening in stronger and the body right you know that's the other arm outside level off or. And put yourself in the best position of playing help this team win so that's ongoing right now do you work in on your machine with a guy of that then. Approved of them and I can be dependent dependable accountable you know and tough situations and you know that's my goal right now. Of the bills giving any idea where they might envision your lining up to play a lot outside it that. Carolina but may be inside maybe sliding like that. Absolutely I mean I think. You know mostly slot and you know you know one of the things that I take pride in is being on the play anything that the play so whatever that you'll be able to do it not good about my ability. Time will bust a look Austin in enjoy the the next round of oat CA's enjoyed training Campbell won't we'll talk it online to see John Fisher. So much.