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Hey there welcome it's no one goes live I'm John Murphy Steve casters and side by here. And work a deal I've from one bills drive. With one bills drive knew her field. Right next door reinsert the pro sports training center and a big day here out on the field about an hour or so ago. Steve had the honor and the pleasure of introducing. The newest Buffalo Bill former buffalo to get his number retired Thurman Thomas number 34 gonna be retired this fall. In Europe they're doing and there's also yen. In fact that's why you know we do the little open of the show when you were there you don't buy or sell tickets I was over there with Thurman it was a a beautiful day. And that's on his birthday yet he turns 52 day. And I did the math Royces eighteenth 34. Through its 22 and give you public man but anyway. The sentiment was there and it was great to see him he's looking great and obviously I think he's he has known about we you know it's not like it was a surprise him is that you know when they do this. The first person they go to is the part make sure he can be at this game and what his schedule is and make street and the back for like a guy like Thurmond clears schedule so. It was really more of an announcement for the fans and and do it on his birthday and that. And prequel which the video because you. Kind of emotional. You know I talk all we are luncheon on base would lie they cut me off guard I can I help ledgers yep and also they hit me third REIT that is put his hand on my shoulder almost couldn't get through it. I cried a really good your carpet. So when my buddy got his Jersey retired I you know why is it and I hadn't really thought about it. I mean they you know Kennedys in what they tossed the Jersey and help that I had as soon as I got and held it up and looked at and I almost couldn't contain human child. And I and if it came out of nowhere but because I really down so X dot cited form and it is. And in our locker room and in the in the locker of these guys now. When guys were going on the wall thing will a lot of guys from the team won the world including myself. It is a big deal is a big into it means something to crime even in the law that. We emotional I don't know that I got emotional during my speech because I had a rehearsed so well. But as you know the pro am a big time professional but you're but yet their if it was important remember having a conversation with my late. Frank can't hold. When he got put. There is no it didn't just before the east retired jerseys. There's no greater honor in this region. And have a name put on that rule. Mean think about its date yet I mean it's like hey you know haven't you know. Skyway named after you know obviously like something that's a fixture in and have your name put on it like your Jersey in the rafters at the odd the old water the arena. It just doesn't get a bigger than and then they you know to have been one of three guys yet to get your Jersey retired I had it on and you can make you case forever and our Twitter poll is about that today who else would you like to but you know you talk about those are that's the mount those three guys in the mount Rushmore. Yeah of a bills football and I get to grab whatever I can tell us it was pretty cool. Thurmond's step by going to be on the show this here momentarily we'll let you following your congratulations to Thurman Thomas when he joins us has been a good deal of this superstar to show with us here today. And Steve right. Are put a poll today deals with that singular honor now three times that number being retired by the Buffalo Bills. Jim Kelly's and number twelve votes retired in 2001. And the bulls waited fifteen years Bruce Smith's number 78 retired two years ago 2016. Two years later Thurman Thomas number 34. Officially retired bills are gonna do it in the Monday night game against the patriots. On October 29 probably at halftime ceremony don't think that those details have been work through yet. So we got terminator to talk about it an act would have pulled deals with the next one is their next one maybe no one else you know. Merits that kind of recognition but what do you think give us a call it 030515. Your tool free 1888550. To 550. Or you do it via Twitter at one bills alive the bills announcing Thurman Thomas we'll have a number 34 retired this Pollard quarter pole. Which bills player is the next to have their number retired and why. Let's go to think we've got to pull up there and it's gone pretty one handed to Andre Reid 77% of you say Andre reed should be the next player to have his number retired. 12% of you say can call 7% of somebody else in mind but bigger we have in mind 4% to Darryl Talley. And we always McConnell liked to react to people who who. Engage us through Twitter and one of the early ones as a really interesting idea from B Furman says instead of retiring numbers. Teams should assign those numbers two captains or to leaders every year. Even just for one game to celebrate the legends of the passable never be forgotten I think that does more for the legacy than putting it on wall and taking it off the field that's an interesting thought. I don't know if it is a battle for our hits and actually thought I'll give you that. I don't know it's a good idea. I don't know if it's a bigger honor you retire guy's number. That means. No one else can come close of that guy no matter who it is yes it would be immigrated it would serve to inspire somebody is a cap letter right erred and you know I mean. Right away you'd think well why not give. Josh on number twelve maybe that'll inspire him but you know number twelve any special should be set aside as it has been here. Yet but it is an interesting idea that you may be keep them alive. And maybe have every home game a different guy where there are some you know something of that nature where it's totally can't publicly about like. Yeah nobody cares. There nobody could change at numbers nobody cares. But you think about it. A different guy would be assign a number so that there would always beat. And number 34 in all of the guy who worked so well you know that's for number twelve over you because you'd have. Even if you don't gain you have a defense of lime and where you know and third twelve numbers are way. They did that or not sure what this deficit now at my alma mater Syracuse adversity number 44. Was a legendary number legendary number. And every once a while to get to recruit. And promise him running back typically because it was Ernie Davis on Jimmer opposite number 44. I hope they do that anymore I think 44 might be retired answer keys if someone is a bottom that rings somewhat snow that's kind of what you're talking about here. Although little bit they kinda use it is an incentive to assign it the recruits yet you think about it we'll give you this legendary number. Think about this to will we drafted two Davies white last year out of LSU and LSU Notre Dame is quite warm and guess accurate number eighteen. Venture but he had a number that was very significant. To LSU community yes and whoever wore that number was considered leader captain. Stallworth character guy just. A real treasure to the team. So it could be something like that as well but that's that's one way but I think in the profession allowing illegal around the league look around. The Chicago Bears have fourteen numbers retired. Fourteen. I mean the league almost went to listen listen in India. He got in you know go back Gale Sayers Dick yes they almost that'd be great players that they've had in the past. Its interest and think about but certainly here in buffalo they did not do it for. He'll forever until up until Jim retired and he came back in porky and look to use some guys there that even in Chicago since ninety. May be. Littlest face but here's the thing to back in the day back in the 40s50s they're trying to sell tickets. Right to Soldier Field so that some one reason Pete for people coming by ticket and and do it now I mean you've you've really got in and out of the park so to speak in football. To a future number like you know total thing yankees if. Fifteen retired numbers. That's a lot. That's what season but he games is your rate fourteen where the Chicago Bears have been around forever should reach so Gail sayers Dick Butkus yeah Bryant hello Walter Payton Bryant tackling the dredges to. I would ego more. George ballots will again more yeah I don't know 763. Sit Blackmon. OK okay yeah I am karma is cute is that one running backs the one wouldn't recognize red grange. Mike Ditka. Those edges of the it's hard to make arguments against him obviously that's a lottery that's only like seven or eight or nine though we got like five more and more than. I don't know how do George McAfee running back defensive back in the forties and fifties. Bill Hewlett and 1930s. Bill Jordan Syria well that's it that's the then there's been around since 1920s bill George. 1950s and sixties linebacker by Bulldog turner in the forties and fifties. That you agree to. Fish did Boston Celtics. You know when he retired numbers you. Eight. 21. You can well that's all. That's that's ridiculous and that's only since the fifties I would think right. Since Ian BAB anyway we're off topic but it's governed by going to be in studio with us we'll take your phone calls retirement coming up at. 1 o'clock today we're gonna talk with the bills fullback gum. Pat DiMarco I am pretty easily. He was replaced by that Marco at the mark at 1 o'clock income of 2 o'clock former safety number not retired Matt Bowen played year year and a good player. But bank of when he played here in April and is now agree analysts and ESPN and fell in sentiment on. With some thoughts on the trip with the outcome but the Jonas united noticed I read this. Thurmond is his head is high school Jersey number 34 retired. It will reach high school and Andy's. Number 34 Oklahoma State retires. And over the Buffalo Bills. Must be so upbeat. Oh the hall of Famer college football game pro football in high school hall for him to travel. Outside players to talk about rubber stamp everywhere you go there you're the best thing. What you describe Obama I don't know what that you're like I'm over that now and get into trouble is that it is gone. Let's hear your thoughts. Thurmond's never being retired a heck happened I would think halftime of the bills a Monday night game against in the New England Patriots. Which about Sunday at 30. That's October 9 correct over one minute warning that's in Israel like 52031888552. To died two days before Halloween. Tees the crowd will be into that. Bob what do you think about Thurmond's not being retired give us a call and who should go next if anybody. I gave me the votes on the poll you know equitable for other because I don't I don't know that I am ready to put Richard in the number Steve. I think three is good yeah through fourteen but the bears 21 of the celtics' fifteen with the Yankees. Don't wanna get you know got three. Threw for more depth and pleasure club when he who has special. A lot of guys who I'd love put my arms around you can't hold you know. Andre. Darryl you know all these to Gerald tallied Andre reed all these guys were so special team play she had a bunch of guys. Who. Can't you can't retire more Levy's Jersey didn't have one Bill Polian is yours needed one I mean yeah Obama walked right there on the wall of fame which is equally well not equally but very good I mean it's awesome you can't do anymore than. And so I get it if he gets to appoint words. You do you want her daughter we got a 41 guys like have like that intelligence a little bit. I I read an article Motley group may be last year some when the last guy went on the wall went on in the rafters for the Celtics they were like one. Series a lot of in the writers away. You know Jo-Jo white you know some of these guys they go back that he was a good player he's awesome championship team legal back and look at his numbers system is he was even. You know he was named the best. It is position and in the conference you know sibling and let alone. In his Jersey retired summit included to that you get into that and not only. Boating terabytes of themselves Walter brown who founded the franchise owner of the team radar back sure right absolutely. Dennis Johnson DJ seven seasons he's seven seasons. Bill Russell certainly should have apparently Jo-Jo white. How many years. Bombs leased to NBA championships. From 196090. Played about ten or eleven years it's okay decades Bob Cousy. Got retired but. You know you know about whose of course and guard yeah Tommy Hanson. Coach player coach and player. It sets Sanders great player in the penalty late sixties. Champ B two teams jets have a check it can retire that number Dave Allen's. I've ever at this point I should admit I hate the Celtics and I do hate. Renewed last night while I'm. The second half of that game last going in and it kind of made me remember much hate the Celtics it's buffalo braves if your brakes and as I was. You hated the Celtic unit is Celtics after the Braves were gone and they had magic I mean bird I hated I that you know Hitler ever you hated labored in Baghdad so do. Yeah Walt and Robert Parish re all of them. For obvious Celtic and a hero bitter Don Nelson Don Nelson does not be longer. Bill Sherman and it easy Ed Macauley frank Ramsey Sam Jones Casey Jones Cedric Maxwell. Kevin McHale Larry Burton. Paul Pierce Reggie Lewis Robert Parish Jim lost to top. 21 Boston Celtics at their numbers retired that's unbelievable that's what eight to 21 Boston Celtics fifteen New York Yankees as we sit fourteen. Chicago Bears in just three. Buffalo Bills now with their numbers retired in the leagues and have his number retired. Is now in studio with us all the Famer Thurman Thomas regulations are in the school. There had been picked. Asked about. Is home. Pharmacia incredibly humbling to have your number. Retired and I was I was there for Jim's. But I was here for Bruce's while we're here for Jim's used to play. When questions. 20012001. Note I was in your lower than floor. You know what well here's the thing that nobody knew it was gonna retire nobody knew it was a surprise that rod refuted noted out of that area I think and it was. It was a big deal because it never been done in this. History. Waugh a TU. I. For. Myself in relief and rules. To a encampment here. Our number guys that we've been meeting we'd like. You know I think they recognize. No I was through what we do here home. For the Buffalo Bills organization form altered time. You live in here and you're doing things for the organization and a but as early it is not just me active so much help along the way. You. June sprints yeah majors yet coaches. I've. Had a lot is you know and and that goes back to you know. If not this the 34 hours. What you. Got the list and that Rangel is exactly already got a list young angered us nine of them and the list includes cookie go rescission act. I was at 34 for the bills of fullback in guns don't don't have any recollection at all epic Alan Smith in the mid sixties. Wide receiver named Bubba Thornton worked the number at you remember him vaguely Jim Braxton was a really good so a player lawyer for OJ broker more and more traffic. If he loses 34 Yury Wilkens fullback for a couple of seasons in the new the nobody's worn it since you designing the numbers. You know in a real sense has been retires that just has Thurman slips the equipment guys and I don't let them. You certainly don't give anybody that yours he doesn't think it's funny Tiki Barber retired Edinburgh today gonna retire Rodgers if they they watched as soon as I retire. I know that. Well you know the story. The wind of BO's draft is the oldest Mikhail. When you were to what charged today yet you want it 34. In wooded told no and hit the security number was down and affect retire guardian. Well you know I mean it. And that's what I think all the time to images and ever you know became Cuba. It's official now what yeah it would it would have never been warned ever since I've. Left the Buffalo Bills you know an ad to me there was best yet but for. Cemetery to do this to us and adding two more of about can answer that. It was so many strokes of luck or four to buddhism they you know. Favor blessing whatever that that K commentary knew the club before they if they were fans ride their local they they grew up here they have a history with this city. And in a few and like every we all know but we know better than anybody. When he here in the city of this team this team permeate the sabres they are they're part of every minute you know you have family friends or relatives. Did the clerk everybody you do business with they all have a friendship in one of those two teams so. And it commentary being a part of Nolan. In the history your history and how great were you know just to do that program that is awesome and I really speaks to them and and how well at the polls on the on the region. It really and they've been outstanding owners throughout the community with the sabres right everything else that they've been done over the years. On my daughter ironically has really become close with Kelly their daughter armies or made as. Been it's been. They are says they've only team it's been positive news for me. A Fuller because. You know sometimes and Leslie. A new owner and general manager and I want that well you know they might Wednesday you know what I don't move I want Jim task. Burma and around as marvel at what we need him for that what are we need to import you know they're not playing wars and what it's for them to really. Home. Have a hand in a lot of decisions that are based on what we do and former players. That there that I mean that they're doing it with the sabres also. And so. It's great outcome unloved and being around here I've just thinking about it. If they continued to. They in his path would cost me Darren and Brandon being. Guys we overlap Merck was laugh and yes Sean McDermott on. During the break Dan I was because when I love this way. I'm rated good cover I it would make it when he art right start Enrique what. I applicable to walk so I don't make sure I got blocks and after right now. I seek constantly keep you knew it. That the guys they draft and the temperament of the guys or bad character guys they brought in the kind of coaching staff they got the wake show on handles everything. The lead the guys that make sure stay on the team McCain and the guys that they bring in the guys they either again as they say goodbye to. Maybe it is just it is. Palpable. Now together they're making these guys how close did they really work make in this team in the. About it her and talked that the environment that you guys. Just filling rock having guys that. He and help this football right now we're just replacement because of him because we got to feel robbed by right no we we think this guy can play. That's why we're bring in a mortgage or team and you know they asked the coaches here and I love it. And be heard him talking yesterday in recent attacks this morning is in the couldn't be here today for the announcement but stuff like that yes. It helps he's he's been really open and honest and in friendly with all of the old guys like you meet the equivalent of the dinner this year. These are. No. Need to talk to zero listen we should talk again we ask you for dinner okay is that it will come out make. But you're right. And we mentioned yesterday the first year last year and long time where they'd rookie free agents make the club and I think it speaks to. The fact they got guys they can pick guys that are really they stick with them even. School's role in this offseason continues there. I'm stoked about this I'd. Like to note about every day I have to talk about a five days a week. Yet been found so far. I don't know there's no evidence yet that a huge competition goaded for conditioning and stuff out there today and you couldn't hear yourself talk about in ought to come out there playing god almighty god it was unbelievable they wanted it you talk about it death match for the it was dot little all of that says. They play differently just regular right in right just read our system and I'm Tony what me and additives he was always yeah. I thought the Thomson's here with a solid favorite gonna have his number retired by the bills October 29 when they host the during the patriots he announcement came about an hour and ten minutes ago. Have you seen this video yet we have a video watching Cuban man your partners Steve. I like this video experiment if you watch TV here let's grow up listening on the radio this is Thurman. Being told and being presented with his Jersey is is numbers officially retire by the book open. We're here to announce. That on the Monday night game 2018 when the New England Patriots come to buffalo in October. The Buffalo Bills are gonna retire your Jersey number 34. Which is that I got that stirs gets tried guys who can see we had rehearsed eyes start to get choked up when I say that this big deal. It while we have that we eat your humidity gonna that we knew we don't have a rehearsed bit. When I say this is kind of cool. Daschle has a lot of blood sweat and tears. In this and have the fact that nobody else can where I think it's pretty big. And for our and this is really an announcement for the fans. There. You don't do stuff without making sure he'll be here when we are tired of security so they had to make sure did it then back hit ten we had a sexy. Which Bruce and Jim and Andre increased Bennett and we're all so stoked. That the Buffalo Bills are gonna retire number 34 after a hall of fame career. It's coming back to live and in buffalo with a wife and children. Be a part of all of our lives. I just really cool. And I'm stoked that I couldn't resist. Now the Ukraine to little bit there have been so I'm telling me that the birth that it doesn't happen. Within about a number of trips where he's does this yeah. We get yet we go on vacation at all caller wives and you know. It a couple of red ones and soft out five. Military and I you know and I don't humor and it's true I cry like an old me. I cry at a really good beer commercial logging into the idea of marriage and tiger. Is killed I thought. So I think two dogs and ride it. Thought of him total total easy mark it geared up over anything. And accused. My life is nothing but you know tears every day you know and so. Really and it getting choked up like that really tells you what it means to Thurman. Two guys who played with him the guys who have or happened. In it's. The it's awesome to. October 29 Monday Night Football and I like everybody you'll all the guys you know big issue. You know I was being seen awesome you know me. You know that would have been would have been the same week in Bruce. Is yours to. I'm yet compatible 1 o'clock guy into this. I was I don't I wanted answers on that one up and villages still somebody that we really beat you don't yeah. So you have knowledge of what does and others and you were just wouldn't add it to you know. More unhappy. If the women Monday night would you react I hope. They could well see that's a different we hope we will have if that is numbers in the night when the team would restrict credit for the plus I think he'd like 201 sex yes and to a he's duke what visitors would retire or if I. Look at the little overstatement that yeah. The dinner conversation about this that you've been in a but there's more than nine. I think what I replied is this going to be and 7834. Then well. Some. To say that to keep gym in line to. Jim's you know. So because Jim is fair game as well he's gone but it. It is it is absolutely monumental and it because. And I said it'll be when an addition to be a lot of a lot of sacrifice. In what it takes to play for eleven years for this club goes forcible would be an a National Football League most Bible place. That's. You know that's. One believable. If the last eight. Allergy commended what do you guys I mean haven't Bruce once viewers special teams. And really haven't got it back talk about all the time have a guy like candidates who could really become an outing games you know just widened. No just me always door no hard and dirty word you know we had all the players that were involved with this situation also and can it was a great guy. I meant to look the group and I have. Eli Eli. Kinney. Caller well Tim Tim bill. Mean those guys that committed and I agree with all in full or abated Engles McNamee delete the group that we hang it was really special every single year. That was here with the Buffalo Bills. We did one of the things I get a kick out of you know and the bills mock funeral fan base everywhere they always do stuff on Twitter now puts step because social media now yeah they can all engage players former players and you kind of cat what they're saying in the in the fan base and there's a on Twitter where it was always say have a touch down today from the buffalo to all our rhetoric right so they had more awhile back and it was they show like a 22 clip of I can't remember who scored the question is like beating your stomach but. All the guys coming up in court it was just like a brought back so remembers every guy is Katie Davis was on their John Davis resigned there Karl well showed Chris hale showed Keith Matt Keller showed up Pete mats. All these guys were in this in the video highlights. And it was like man was just so fond and was well what I'd feel what a great group page you forget about it work everything you see him. First thing in the morning news you know it's just it was quite an actress. Whoever is buried and I think that atmosphere is Camara. All right now because backing we've played well actually we're. We know we're we're won't go to practice to see the guys this these don't make that would be just. And I think this guy out of my environment that is being treated as great a great place to work yet replace the work yet. There aren't you were drafted thirty years ago right AD. Well yeah but that is what my question why. Did you at any point back then you come up here you know your mic as a second round the first round year read your rehab from knee injury. It and anyway could you envision what would happen you know you play on the team went to force of global seed. You go to pro Bolger most valuable player you go to the wall of fame and now. A wallop aiming and the pro football team you know a huge number retired. Nobody dreams like that nobody says I'm on a buffalo do know that. I mean. You know first they were just took me it. To hopefully get drafted in a National Football League in an opportunity came. Joseph. I think was always. As one witness who ball as it was I never thought about all the blame the wall of fame in type two junior hoped to lead family living here right now you. That never you know I I think revenues to play football that was. Almost is this really never liked him be free. And even jail with a year. And don't wrist and with him if it comes to delete that you met with the ball I want don't I don't think they think about like all roll all rookie team or. Going to the pro ball it was. All about winning football game and trying to force the of this Campbell trophy I mean because that's all of that kind of looked dead right when I was a kid groin are. You know obviously Monday Night Football but it would be great. You know to play on Monday Night Football. How local cell and all those guys whatever but Jimmie but the Super Bowl was yeah that was only dreamed that I have ever had they can that one day. I'll be able to lift of this and there's a board shall never happened bought the so many memories in between. Others lot of immigrants are gonna stick with its gonna take a break we'll come back to give you walk outs and if so the Zeta all the papers gonna get his number retired for the Buffalo Bills. Give us a call 8030550. Toll free 1888550. To 550. There are doubts and studio this one bills drive from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills rating. About that 13 of Mike Gundy Oklahoma State coach the former too many Beers and. Ultimatum. Two years no was it. It is my dog football quarterback coach. Is winning critical six and it's you've got a tremendous job under programs they really. Turned a program around home. Still got that one that a pastor that we can't be who you know it's. Which hit with a bit of a basketball and restless leg off lists we can't be used it to differ world that's the NCAA is again it's you can go more than ten refute that Warner is the right one. Right right happy football banquet yeah no thank you coach. Thomas seven his number retired by the bills will do it in the ceremony when they play the patriots on October 29 if you have thoughts I'm activists call 8030550. You're tool free. 1888550. To 550 start of the call from Virginia Bruce on the line from Virginia go ahead groups. The fact that some thought it's their it's. We are so happy and so proud for street who had a few years. Or period. To have you uncle opera and and I am here. Your Jersey retired and and Al. Armor I'm used statistic Iraq. 100 year history. Professional football. They're directly. There's a little more than 450 players that are ever hear yours yours yours are so. And that's let in the numbers are actually in the pro football. Lack by about half that. Oh. Businesses there is quite and accomplishment is quite in the statements being made by the new owners. Terry in Campbell glue. And congratulations. To the city of buffalo. There. You guys. Are welcoming in. Eight start and day our individual and a man of great integrity. Should be ever enshrined. In being heavy users retire. In buffalo bills' history. Bruce thanks for coming Monaco resident that's awesome being here and I know that. You know. You really are a big fan I knew that you are statistic guy pride I didn't know that about you but. You tell us a little bit about. You know. What Thurman can expect that you had your Jersey retired it was on Monday night game as well and it it's it's quite a scene is it not. You. In camp therefore all I mean it's even more. Emotional. They've actually. Your speech at that all of sudden because you learn from the home crowd it's good police in 2000. And I don't actually off. To the podium. And I was standing in front of all those bills I was speechless. Outposts and I was argues froze. And now all active. Look at the crowd and then look at. All of the a do. All that I turn blue book is my teammates are available there yeah. Turn around them and there are all the movers. And it suggests it was just say all oil cheaper than. It's just one that I will never ever forget. It was quite a moment I was there and and Thurman I mean have you had a chance to think about. No the tenor of your events I mean because it is an opportunity and this is you can hear us the real money is. Like nobody's going to be watching him give fifty me. Like a Super Bowl and everything like that and his GOP you know only get 75000. Alive in the audience you know. The and he thought about it. I haven't thought about that. And I'm not give be best not to I think a variety. You know I'm gonna just that now with. Petty in the key is over and they found that just wing non not only have a I want you know I think it. The thing about it is that you know what. The people that I kind of think in the hall of playing these was or be that kind of thing people. That I would think in this piece you know my family former teammate and have made it yet it's just it's. ST EV ET. The Italians ask your and just called you just call Bruce having. It's a way to Bruce. And when I know that your come in you'll be and down throughout you came in town couple weeks or just to say hello to Jim Kelly. And you're gonna come in for his golf term as well. Wind can you know win can you we expect to see you. In ten or you'll be at this Monday night game is in my right. There's there's no doubt about proper commitment it's too early and so actually it's probably. I have to be oh rushed. Two who are. The festivities. You know it's his Cadillac ordered that all thing. Would you you have to prepare to speech reading and make sure everyone's take care. Now lack urgency. It's never let it slide. It's. Yeah. At the moment or my teammates. How cables. And how much. I -- limit personal let me put you Bruce let me put you on the spot for just and I hope this is now line but you know all of us all of us remember playing in we have some great memories together is there something that happened in Thurmond's careers their play. Or moment. In Thurmond's career. You know leaves and it was the MVP you've been you're the MVP defensive MVP you're the best defensive player and in my mind you're the best defensive player of all time. And there are things that people remember about your career certain place. Is there something you remember about your teammate Thurman Thomas in a game or moment even in the locker room away from the game that it you'll always remember says something about it. Well. There's there's there's stories one went out all of full it will be trio put. Every every morning when we walked into. One goes drier the locker room. There was humor. I mean it was it ain't it was yes a welcoming experience it was laughter it was love that was. A search of Shanley and and and just couldn't wait there's been panel on another. In network environments but the there's this particular play. There are low teaser image sticks out like sort. He did it flare route. The outback field. And really turned it into one. And I hope armed I'm saying the strategy in the proper alternate language. And Jim threw the ball and laid it out and try out when you permanent. Still for the ball and was well. To the ground and he reached out and snag it and brought it back in with one hand. And right hand. At all group. Are all excellent. I saw what this. This young man we're gonna means to this team. For years to come and that's being made that catch. He would do it but and a terror grab them and and shook Moran hours sure certain black or they'll rebel groups in particular. Erica I. Let's there there right fair it was was the plays that they're they're really. It it it really. Really made me. See what type player you've got to become tropical low post. Well that's good night that members against the colts and it was on opening day I think as well so. Bruce say I got a Terry wrist thanks for calling is not a means a lot and we wish the best we'll look forward to seeing you in the fall when you come in for thermos Jersey retirement. What you got the mere. Three lead him off terms it's looking forward to do and make sure your golf game very management yeah it. Or Smith hall of Famer and number retired Thurman Thomas numbers look good early retire by the bills October 29 and at the New England game that you're mentioning during the break how you're getting text messages your hear from former teammates friends ever. You probably know. So you don't need a numbers problem and I was there. I should say Elizabeth does that thank you yeah you know RC duke. Right right Lugo right iPhone you got to Africa because he answered there just couple Mike in camp or might go ahead you're on the air. They are not regulate and odds are great honor for you and your family thank you all remember me I was your driver or goes. I took it era where sport show every everyone's saying. That is sordid. Lot of track. It's it was the garment I've been out on a famous people in the car and honorable wars but he Q now one. Your credit to this community and we appreciate. Thank you very much some. Thanks Mike it is great I mean this obviously you know this community is meant the world to me and and we will be put to rest tomorrow life and in on this you know. I love it here so much as one reason why we moved back I mean just you know just to be around the community again because I think as as players you know. Why were playing we try to be involved with the community go up but we can't because we have a job to do what. The last eleven years and I've been back here. It has given me an opportunity to get back in Peru would be involved with the community and I'd love it we just walking down the street you know people. Eight Thurman on average just one of is the key is when it is who you know I couldn't really do that when a plea but now they voted to bed in Canada. You know he's he sees some of the out of some great years ago. That's great and I really appreciate that you know I mean in the report is that haven't been. It didn't get to see ya like to you know on you know you know I appreciate them and their players each of them. About what we did back in the day and it's it's been greet me and I like us. I love it here. You know it is the place and I call home. You in the off from Houston supplies that I call home really appreciate. You know I mean is everybody has been here just we've been back and then. Says. All's well call this one's from Scott in Rochester. And I don't mark on honesty. Commitment congratulations. And thank you read our great on Iran. You're you'll my expiring. One impact when I was younger man I couldn't wait to watch Sunday football and sheep farmer and out there. It was you that was the highlight of my we can grown up and huge fan. Always have been always will be. Would agree what a great thing that they don't hurry there I mean you've earned it every step of the way. You know and being a part of a community. It's it's also mentioned moved back here you know and it's it's good to see because people that are well rounded them. That hurdle which you do in your position and I'm just real happy for him camera before it happened and I will be there when they do it cause their Bruce it was a great great look it's. Great show. I can't wait to see what do you out there and get to number retired man. You go to skeptical you don't expect these to be cool and it's from now till October. So about five months you'll hear about. Or you'll get sick of it and nothing right it's going to be the it's. Rocket is is already turned out to be cool you know I mean to have them announces you know birthday that adolescents especially you know in its. If if it's true I mean yeah I will be interpreted it. Mega merger in regards. And tonight's what does he need to hear people like you know from Rochester call in and they're accused of wherever it may be you know just to see how many Buffalo Bills fans really out there in ruling. Amid fan of this players that we've touched rob this entire community all the way to rock just answered you on the complete. Thurman thanks congratulations happy birthday this is as you said about a school liberty you could ever get spotted the to be better. Yeah you're gonna you're gonna have press conference here a couple minutes and all of via. Rest of the media get a chance to argue that I'm so glad you spent time with those weird now survivors but. Coming on one goes live with business awesome you will be back during the season and known. And we're gonna have you on the weak your Jersey is retired two of the Austin thank about it religiously and I'm heavyweights he cried it was silence over. Your your car is really low. It was the globe EnerNOC. Yeah. Thomas a hall of Famer. He's gonna have his Jersey number retired October 29 with the bills for the patriots Stephen I've back but more one bills live from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills reveal. In fact one feels like. He gestured Thurman Thomas Gannett is a Jersey retired October 29. When the bills with a New England Patriots on Monday Night Football at a good time talk with the arms even though. Just talking him up and the second India commercial break. As he makes his way out to meet with the rest of the media here when he played and he when he was playing well. He quit and. All of you on the shoulder and all he was tough he didn't like the media and used everything they said as as fuel. You know and a lot of guys do that even now you see I mean with a deep draft picks Jeno. Josh rose insane and mystics on the third it was like that he can be I hope he invented that but he perfect cool he was he did not. I mean he could construe anything into motivation that's why it was so good he's motivated all the time plays good. And you know NFL MVP hall of fame and the guy who's. And I remember. Just after retired still tried exercise will be good on capitol game tapes this child was like videotape yet to. They watch it while your on the treadmill whenever. And I watched games and I forgot. How physical. It was he took a pounding a lot of gains and kept thinking about I never he never took days off practice. He would just like sit there and sometimes marvelous guest analyst at their watch to pray plated. You know they they would sit and damage he would never. You know just take days off. And and after that. After idea. Physical pattern and they took in the great plays he made in the the load he Cary and the guy just day east shore for work on Monday. And a guy who's it was a complete. Running back and you know as his buffalo career wound down the last few years you know what I begin to appreciate even more. And he probably could run this quickly as he could earlier on his buffalo career but. He became the all time greatest. Blitz pick up guys that have ever seen and not in it wasn't just fiscal CB would identify where the the pressures coming from and get there and you know he's a superstar it's a former NFL MVP. He's on track for halting career and he's in they're sticking his nose in there to pick up blitzes like you know you is don't expect to see democratic gadgets are on the roster. He did that a lot and and I think. All those guys you look back and I you know I do some public speaking I speak to him on motivation and leadership and teamwork and all that and I always point to. Thurmond to Bruce to jam. And they're great players they were and Andrei and some of the other guys on the team always point to them because not only physically gifted. But they they did this they did the dirty work I mean it worked really hard at being great in every aspect of the game Bruce never get he's got 200 sacks. But backed out first and second down was a beast to come down the line and close off the back the cut back and make tackles. In the run game away all the all the time and he was of he was they all did that Thurmond and stepped in to the right guy in protection. Thurman did that not only stepped to the right guy but he stepped to the wrong guy with the offensive line made a mistake and he picked the guy app that was was already supposed be picked up. All over he knew what was going on in front of all time. And you know those. He knows as much credit as he can get to go to the whole thing managers are retired I mean a lot of people to understand. What that means and that's what it's all encompassing he was truly truly great winner which was used the other day we're talking about Thurman yesterday before but knowing what everybody's block it's I was really. He would come off and can't hold told me this one time and you know camp was. They would come back the huddle and I view it in an office hours were sitting around drinking a beer whatever happened he can't use mental they would. That guys and believe we'll talk about Thurman I'm aware of me does listen he has he'll run play he'll go before we watch the film before the regular he'll know who messed up. On the block still though. Who missed their blocker who couldn't get there and how they missed it and what they were supposed to do and how was supposed to go he knew all the stuff the guys up front we're supposed to be doing. And knew when they messed up just by I don't know why because he sought. Felt it. Know who to nuke attack I don't know but he knew he could say and you know again get up to the second level is perfect it was he can't was. Really wowed by that. Thurman Thomas hall of Famer going up on the he has is name is up on the walloped him and now his number will be retired October 29 this year. When the ghostly the patriots were talking about that all day long you're welcome to join us. And we'll talk a little bit later on about if anybody else should have and retire from the built but coming up next after the top of the hour break. Those fullback pat DiMarco joins us in studio we'll talk about. These offseason workouts what went on out there today and a lot more with pat DiMarco my back jumper he Steve tasker. One bills drive from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills revealed.