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John Murphy Steve tasker with one bills live joining us in studio movies have a lot of time talking about. Bill's legacy history with Thurman Thomas but a current buffalo bill and studio with a right now fullback pat DiMarco pat thanks very much for joining us we appreciate it thanks for having me. Your your your voice sounds like a bucket of gravel because I mean we've been staying around here all morning and our offices and we're we're getting ready for the show were right next to the practice field and it was. I didn't know how to describe it did affect every single guy on the roster every coach every staff member out there was screaming at the top of their lungs for like an hour you have planned dodge ball today it was fun I'm sure you've heard some balls hit the wall Aaron animal scream and yet to watch a walk into the field ask injury had been by these events paddock setup and were some small courts and Everest. Divided into teams how they divide the team he said there's kind of a positional thing to. There's draft so there's certainly there's eight teams and then basically had like. Football draft him snake draft it's too would be. Poll numbers out of happy future slot and to get time a lot of competitors out there's that he didn't. Believe. All of that specialist Stephen how Oscar Taiwan Jones and couldn Schmidt and the carriers are murders one about that must. This could seriously thrown the ball moved out on a meeting. What is going to tell us about god what was wrong with the world. That's amazing it that somebody Stephen ever joke or watch a little bit exit some that was somewhere up there of bills and take. What's the matter with them why they get any traction for the patriots what is dodge ball due for a team and in the month of may. It's team chemistry it's fine it's competition it's there what that time we can get the coaches involved in players and just a different dynamic to it that it's all competition and that's what we're doing in the weight room we're doing on the practice field and it's constant competitions was just a twist Alpharma that. It's ongoing throughout Cammie you know they keep track who's winning who's losing how each team's doing a where guys fall it's all about a point system going all the way through so at first I mean first day all the way through the nine weeks or whatever two weeks of. Yeah and these are some stuff up for grabs to Egypt for a parking spots your team win gee it's your own. Hotel room off for away games if your team wins so little incentives like that to really keep competition going get guys fired up and should of course is almost lost because right. Plus plus you get guys like. You know cross pollination of positions. Are subjected to know guys that compete with each other. Yeah it's all submitted by Chris last week in that was cool terra. Just see us push it to the Max and to kind of continually uplift on and get guys going in just. Its interest he saved by grace because the bikes are stationary. You're right it's all on digital right I mean you saw like data that they are there racing for let us. These were it was like based on calories. One source three bikes you don't burn 500 calories and one by foreign calendar second bike and 300 hours of Third Reich. You can split up the strategy to it kind of all these competitions like 500 couched between your team yes so wasn't. 12100 calories total of I think the winning team took a nine and a half minutes it was trial and hundred homes on immigration energy and disagree to the Max they did ten seconds cycles of just as hard as you know for ten seconds and often then. That they had some big boys and teammate Kyle they had McCain is Lewis what. What is now they don't keep track of their specific calories do they now it's it's just for the by consumer I just I characters on like a skinny guy get to see you calorie burners a fat it all depends on the roof of restaurants and yet they can pedal fast so you get a gallon growing again like cowards cranked up about 13140. Reduced its per minute and count as you progress. And we should all be big. It's always much easier Patrick DiMarco bills fullback Patrick DiMarco and studio this for the next couple minutes. Last year you did it's many things like this oyster how much is the offseason conditioning program change from Lester this. We you know I guess we have a new office coordinator in the course they've all. I was familiar with the scheme last year with with Rico so I'm kind of had to learn a new offense again which is cool because it really auction and Iran's on the same playing field so you're kind of confide in pointers from. From ever want throughout the entire teams where we're trying to you know this time years are working on the and in the weight and skin stronger and you know we're competing them. I'm distinguishing easier almost and with this guy and push each other and it's. It's fun to see guys kind of pushed the limits. In a lot of ways we are speak with Sean McDermott in here yesterday. And he had a lot to say about why the bills have a fullback in what for him is because of the defense you face and forcing them to prepare for you. Mean there's got to be a package for you in every game plan so that if if you need that tool in your toolbox you're right there's just kind of and mature the only one right you're the only guys active on game day that the true fullback so Europe somehow missed you. Yet they there's trouble we usually try to work at tailback just to get a few reps of basic stuff I'd just. You know mark Woodward got it over last year yes he was kind of hybrid so yeah it's it's when he had a fullback it's. You know it's something across the defense asked her for help some short yardage goal line. You know if you just wanna be a physical team presence like we try to be here in buffalo. There's just get the ball down and on down their throats so. But you know there's also different things you can do when you have two backs in the back field. Or even spread out wide you can get some matchups yeah base personnel you get three linebackers in the union Gallic. A shady or Charles went along with its linebacker. I like mounts with mr. guys. Asked Doug McDermott the court return to this question assess your how many NFL teams you think there. Using fullbacks now and the second part of it is when the bill switched offensive coordinators is that person that you look at late game what does Dave Bullock tiger. Yet so I I overlap ideologue and 2012. In Kansas and it sounds are played in his offense it's kind of tweaked its expanded to a bit since then on. But you know this is it's an exciting time it's new offense it's it's a lot mentally to prepare for right now but. You know I like how we often to set up like now. He's setting up matchups I like a lot of schemes that we're doing so I think it's going to be good success and take 1015 teams do well actually I think right around there I think. You know. Fullback usually plays cause 2530 charm offensive snap so. In some guys are more special teams driven some guys and offensive driven so kind of depends on the team scheme but. Having one is just gonna make the defense prepare for stuff that they don't always look back. I don't think there's a trend rate that more teams unit in the Gator art is it I think it's pretty pretty stagnant. I think you know. Your three years ago I think. More teams did in those teams are generally in the playoffs. Because it is a different element of the game that team Taft therefore. And I remember talking with Sean when I signed here when he has come from Carolina and house come from Atlanta. She was like you know having a fallback if it's another thing to prepare for. It's packages were you only have X amount of calls in this and that there's only three or four blitzes we haven't of those packages so it's a way to manipulated defense and when you want to say about. Yeah this this at this time a year when you come on you're kind of competing and and you're getting a feel for the offense same thing I mean. Stables gonna use it you're gonna be a part of the package because I think Sean McDermott has a philosophy resist listen I know as a defense of corners that it. So that's kind of get a give you a chance to say all right cool I got a spot here but now you've got a chance to get acclimated to that softens. It is going to be more than last year less than last year do you like this offense better and you know what I'm saying. Yeah a minute it's not too much more you can do in the scan everything it's a copycat league for the most part there's a lot of interior part of the wheel right there's lot of Kerio over different terminology so a lot of this plays or be very similar with different. Waste do things more moving parts. But I like the way it's set up I think they're gonna utilizing the more blocking pass catching in different areas where hopefully I can help album you know I'm. We asked him to do on Amir went for themselves whether it be blocking. Past protecting catching specialties whatever it is I'm just only it's more w.s. Were built fullback pat DiMarco who is get ready for a second season with the bills this offseason I wanna ask you about eight you got a business marketing degree Carolina writes on Carolina. But I saw where this offseason you spent some time in the NFL program at the is it Stephen Ross school at University of Michigan right yeah any business yeah it was a program all. It was a blast it was so it was featured in entrepreneurship. Franchising in real estate and a kind of dabbled into the authority and franchising and and real estate so just trying to expand investor myself really because you know I'm only in this league for. So long so you really investing in yourself and your future because. In this league NFL does stand for an awful lot from guys so you know yet to set yourself up for post Caucasus is. So you just start I mean we're you know we're blessed to be open this game and to make pretty good morning all we're doing it marks you know I was more guys would let the money work for them at a protest yes actually bought my notes. Wrong appear buffalo but a few Dunkin' Donuts is in Denver Colorado sells drugs you from the very ever roots there Noah from Florida but we just we study the market I'm on with the upcoming investor group and starting the market learned a lot about it and others there's a big. Opportunity for expansionist no we bought for existing stores and half of that territory so we're open now if we get ten to twelve stores in the next farms each years. Yeah and asking you said financing franchising and the third was such an assistance and yet so real estate is. Kind of goes hand in hand with franchising correct because it's more about finding a location that it is plugin and. Exactly and we're gonna hopefully make it you know kind of Abdul investment thing were we on the real state and we put the franchise on the real estate so. You're kind of make in revenue two different two different ways so. Super excited about that but I am. You know the Ross school it was it was an awesome experience is a three day program we did on site tours that guy. Places like orange theory Jersey Mike's on the at a local real estate investment firm there. And just learned a lot it was a lot of note taking was about ten hours of classes day. But it was really cool and I was gonna network which can I ask you a lot of guys have other stuff going on their current and former players. Stephen Tulloch. Several guys that have stuff going Johnson school of its kind here their minds here and there stories what they have going on in you know just to learn. Our condolences and wrong in buffalo although important is the official copy the Buffalo Bills yeah. Just a retreated out of a Dunkin' Donuts and I got some tweets back. There weren't too far I don't know and a I guess come company policy. But there are so so you're in the offseason and we were talking in the break and we mean your Twitter account you're. Go big gulf in your uncle. Is a former professional golfer yeah Christians are actresses and you're which. And senior tour right so he's got to get back at least ease of Reese fairly recent. Yeah professional golfer he's I think he'd lost his tour card two years ago and it's kind of been floating around the Golf Channel for yes you do not seen a most of broadcasts in and he's itching to get back he's. Competitive nature he's one of three boys my dad being the oldest Marco Rick be in middle and Chris is the youngest of three boys so. We get all of our three families together it's it's competition. You tweet it out below earlier in in this summer about the masters worsened Sunday and Monday passes have been in the masters a couple three times you're talking to get. Just a brief summation about why. That is how we go through I have been movie bit or racist or whatever you whatever and athletic events sporting event you've ever been to white tell me about to sign no. I've been there tell me why don't you think the masters is like one of the kind of it. Now it's just a magical place it's it's beautiful mean golf is when passions into an Austin is sort of watch. These professional golfers you know I'm not a bad golfer but I'm fresh a football player professional golfers are watching these guys do what they do a deal to move the ball. It's really impressive and then to be on a stage like that in that place is just appear I think there's not a not a flour at a place no gum on the ground their trash on the ground I mean you honestly. Feel bad walking with your shoes you are finished at my shoes off marker for Americans is that everybody whispers yeah you know us and the birds chirping in the flowers blossoming and. It's also that the only major thing you'll ever go to business on corporate sites from that and and everything and once you're there. You're there and it's. I think one of the cool things about being in there is. Sandwiches are dollar waters fifty cents a mean they they set it up so typically for under ten bucks yet it's awesome and it's just has to match or experience on their believe it was 2005 when. My uncle played with Phil Mickelson final group and Phil won his first. Major thank you probably remember the picture until jumps you might slightly tried objectives the victims daughter is so yeah I think I was nine or ten years old room 500 them. Everyone was excited for Phil will. To finally win a major and their single film did your dad sort of bunker shot up past Jimmy Kimmel noticed putt Jack's lead towards the end I think the final citing the final putt your dad gave them. Your uncle gave him a look yeah I think Chris Edley and eighteen footer and sort of twelve footer and said. As Phil he put his sand shot in the front bunker past Phil's peace at all on the hit a read only history. The film in the final thought I knew it was pretty cool you know I think Chris finished fourth or fifth. But I know. He still talks about. Which and he got one of those Damascus that you know he was played with tiger in the final group B had several top five finishes there so here's your Crist is no joke it was a really good for him he's really good player and I hit it far. Kristi and crystal is never far better slogan was incredible. It's on. That's so you've been at the masters which and you and you c.s and plus you got that family ties there and in years. Chris can be on the senior tour next year yeah and actually wanhatten down to sea island in. Picks saint Simons area this side this weekend with. About ten or eleven bodies to go play golf for all weekend so will be good to get back out again tomorrow Myron and Ringo enjoyed golf course. That well just prospects for the bills this year and how's it look different from a year ago spurs. No playoff berth last year is that within reach of this team new thing. I think the sky's the limit I think it with a new often spin and I have in the guy's been in the same defense for two years now there's. There's a lot of opportunity for us to continue to build on we started last year. You know when everything with coach McDermott split off cal government. Let's give playoffs and machine to calendars so it's about you know each stay now it's about building interest in the process and winning the day winning today be in playoff caliber each day and how you work in the classroom. In the weight remain on the field so it's Libya process but I'm really looking forward we got it wrong. Yeah we spoke to missionary soon as we go after winning game in me you know we can we're generated over and it's part of building towards that in an opening day through training camp through the pre season at all and it's a it's not supposed to look like it's a finished product. Off for sure and I think that we've we've met a lot of good moves this off season bringing in guys and you know it's it's pretty evident that coach McDermott wants a certain type of player. And a guy who's gonna come in here and work his tail off the who's gonna nose assignment and these were brought there and play with passion so I think we have a lot of those guys and I'm really excited for. Expect that covenant continued success thank you recruit him in years enjoy your weekend that their guys are pet to Barbara bills fullback joining us it is one bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills ready. One builds live from one to drive presented by a lot of healthier until 3 o'clock today we got men on coming up from. ESPN insiders thoughts on the draft. He's a former bills' safety. A former bills' running baca making the big news today aren't I was gonna have his number retired and that's the top of our. Twitter poll which is an upper a couple of hours like here on the telephone line as well. 8030550. Or tool free 1888. By fifty to 550. On the Twitter poll though it's a vexing question calm so. As his number retired Kelly as a number tired Bruce Smith as his number retired so now who's next which Buffalo Bills player should be next to have their number retired. Must know to take. On Twitter 75% you pretty overwhelmingly say it is Andre reed 14% CC camp hope. 7% of somebody else in mind 4% say Darryl Talley. I'd say Steve with all due respect everybody including you signal nobody right now let's take a break from numbers retirement and. I elude these guys are. Certainly deserving you know there's a couple of guys you could have a conversation about Andre being one of them can probably the other. But yeah I mean it let's face it it's. I think he kind of got to be in the hall of fame to get to have your number considered to be retired. That puts on ray Reid and James Lofton in that conversation. All the James only here for. Six years maybe five years. Yeah it's it it's tough tough. Bar tree roots halting Joseph leveler would be in the Joseph Andy yeah so I mean that would be. But you analysts say based there was a second ballot hall of Famer Jim Bruce were slam dunk first ballot hall of famers. That's pretty hibor. That's a pretty. The tweets. On this and other items Robert caving into we tweeted. Which golf course we are speaking of port tournament. Where there's no corporate signage in the meals were so reasonable well that would be the masters I was being Augusta National debt I what I've been there a number of times and it is a special place. It's the most amazing thing is for you to win it's quiet. It's a world class of you sporting event it's very quiet in there it's everything is manicured it's a wonderful place lots of people but they're you know the very works well shepherded around. And you go into. The way they set their concession stands up is unique as well. But you go any grab the stuff you wanna buy you go out and and you know the guy I was with my good friend of mine we get a couple of sandwiches. Couple of bags a chips are where we get some dessert things we get a couple of drinks. It's always you know we got a pile of food in front of this cashier and I'm peeling off you know. Casino thing you know it's going to be like. 4050 miles that's right as he does that mean now I'm fifty. I said none out this food right here it is yes sir. TC Hewitt Agassi is ebbing and fifty. I look at my friend Joey won anything else about it I think we can. And that's back that's it I mean it was it was pretty amazing in that and that's the way it's always been there everything's wrapped in the same green papers and you can't see it and and every all the buildings all concession stands completely away from plain mean you can get there within ten or 152 walk. Nobody even allowed to bring a cellphone into the property let alone use one kid you have to check it at the door and they hold at four. And green and Lee yeah please which you know what a lot of people's Akashi on I've got you know might my grand babies do whatever I need to cultivate well they have. Out of you know oxide off places there's two different places where there's a line of your old fashioned pay phones. There's a line of all of them there's like 25 them there's one over here in the there's one across a different location on the property. You can go and listen this you can pick up that phone and if you know the numbers. You can call anywhere. In the world. 32 or pre masters. Is paid for AT&T. Public certificates of icy outer box. And now a prime target based freight I couldn't have but I do is there was there were there mostly pop up. 15100 pot day give free foam cover it per day but that's secondary market. You talk and they were there some there you know that at the height of it won't for over two grand pop. And that's just for one day get in the door that day but she's been the whole day there and you can and you know paper sales practice rounds. Parts of cheaper deal cheaper yet but you're talking like your talk and second and third day of the third and fourth day of the tournament where. You know tiger's probably in contention. It's. A good leader board to look. That's its pricey for face value for you combine them from Augusta national right but yet to win the lottery is no work. Lehman was to get him in that lottery the lottery he waited for the activists as a moderate the odds are the same color and it is yet no change to our guest tickets. But it's the because they have season team people had for years I mean they have. It's like yeah we've had this family here and you know they people will be getting him for years and they're like season tickets and they pay whatever it takes an in yours to keep. So they do with him. We're talking about number retirements one who should ever remember retired next on the tweet sheet couple tweets from all day football. Read 83 can't deny them in the that you're talking about all the favors and from staff go bills. Darryl Talley was so all underage but everybody knew who gets by an immensely was heartbreaking. The scene the only news about him was to be potentially related CT you hope he's doing well so cool to see the fans rally around him after that article. On number retirement for Darryl Talley not a hall of Famer Tom. Certainly while certainly beloved here in ball low or no no showing nobody else and a note from nick spotted that explode any. Why am I the only one who gives hole below he deserves and he's I can't falls into the same category as. As Darryl Talley their beloved by not only the fans here but the guys on this team they. Both those guys indispensable to not only. The success of the team but even to the greatness of those players we've been talking about like Jim or even those three guys we'll tell you how important Gerald now in and can whole works and their success to you. He skipped over this this week from mini camp Jack bills are retiring 34 for Thurman that's great. But when they retire 89 for the greatest special team of all time. Went to the bills they retired. When the bills from the Atlanta 2000 and walked him. The Q Rubin for sure maybe molds or shall user for a mission to there's a good and the list offering an Annapolis long enough and nearly get mine both. Well I don't often get down down the way to analyst. Yet it's. It's a great conversation ever had their favorite players or the phone conversation about your favorite where is an. It's it's great stuff let's take a couple of phone calls on this issue who's next who should be next. Or what do you think if sermon here is that Jeff and I don't want a calamitous Jeff go ahead. I opened it there or Marco and it and fortunately. All in and oh. Jeff Jeff Jimmie favor star over his reputable understand you get a big run on the phone there yet. I thought about pat DiMarco buying a couple important. Franchises then it's that was important whether suspended let couples see them here so he shouldn't feel bad about that at all. Well he didn't by Tim Hortons franchise he bought Dunkin' Donuts franchises in Denver oh. You missed that part of the conversation terrible. You know I hear on board. That's good. There are Thurman. I have to apologize I was hoping to get him on the line do apologize to him because at one point I will sure he deserved to be in Albany. Well really aren't wise that but then when you wanna look at one game. Not only is he was an indispensable or at all absolutely that is. Teaching that you read on third down back in cook. Not only that look at the second half of the Cleveland playoff game and that's. All you need. Right do you mean that 989 game you were at fourteen pass receptions or something like that and yet. First out to build off as going nowhere. And second half but being put cars and ripping it all off screaming to anybody would year. We got to stop. That. If. And that was on the hot all right that sickened in the huddle although Holland Jim and. This it was is that they get it up the line I remember one point basically it meant peel off three. Took covered arm and on at least one. Yet there's no question about your right Jeff and and that's that's great calls great memory because that game really was an emergence of something that happened it was very special and turned into what became but the next year in a Super Bowl season of the year after year after year after. But Thurman you know talking about redefining a third down back. Thurmond only redefine third down back because he was the only third down back who was also first and second down back Thurman was on the field all the time and that's why he. You know is a hall of fame guy he he did everything extremely well and I think they and that that the good part about you mark said this. Thurman they didn't know how good a receiver Thurman was until late after the draft and we got a minute training camp rethink how obvious it seems now. Listen they're paid played at Oklahoma State the guy behind Thurman was Barry Sanders. They wished they were loaded at running back and they they handed off nobody knew their Ricky can actually got to the NF LMR thrown in the football because they never did that in college so. I don't know that he redefined the third down back I think he elevated that the role of running back. As a guy who could play every night just. This call from Gary in Cheektowaga hello Gary go ahead in our boat at. Number seventy come. It Christine yet have to think about that he was a great great player all AFL player he's demoralize on the wall of fame. Hum I don't know does he belong that you busy. We looked I here's my approach in and Gary you can answer this question for me. We need many more numbers retired I mean I like to keep them an exclusive. Very exclusive club I'm not looking to put anymore numbers up there when he met your like again it. I really feel that assists like he was like 01 man wrecking crew went. Yeah there's no question there's some guys that has some great moments. I think also the got to look at. Gary I would think it's got to be from front to back from beginning to end their entire careers. And and I think that's got to be taken into account I think it and I don't know that much about Tom says stack I really don't know he was a great player I know we played back in the sixties on those days so championship teams. And he was. And the guys who played with him loved it a lot they thought the world of and he was a really great player on the team but yeah I gotta tell you I gotta I gotta plead ignorance when you get two guys outside of my. Outside in my area it's hard for me to say I gotta yeah there's a a tweet we just got a one bill's life. From the richt 625. I know his number will not get retired. But when does mark pike get his proper place on the wall thing without pike there is no tasker I agree with you there. You talk about special teams guys and as mark pike was special teams guy with me for eleven years and he was dominant. He was absolutely dominant he was the greatest and Marv called in the greatest big man special teams player of all time and he's right. He had more tackles an idea on special teams for his career did you really yes he did. And and Alter I tease him a little bit too because we hit and I always used to laugh about Bruce Dehaven our special teams coach who's since passed away it it. Which one of us was his favorite. And I have to use begrudgingly admit that mark pike was his favorite not me why. Listen mark was the best he was just an and he was enormous. Guy and he was a physical night he's an impasse a moment in the matchup on on special teams because he was so big and could run so well. He was. Just a dominant player and I I would love to see mark Tyco on the wall for him because hey when you look back on that is as successful as all and people are so generous with. The with my career and how appreciative they were and how much fun I had. For me. Mark pike was every bit the player I was and he was and he he won't get his. He doesn't get as much attention because I get a lot of stuff we got to I was like cause a fumble a blocked and keep switchers slash place. Mark pike was a grinder and he was he was so good so. I'm somebody brought him up that Allison. I bring this up to this is totally self serving for the show. Our crew and the other whom they had the guy admits to mark pike and within seconds they have a whole Rio for those of you watch unanimity in the TB a mark pike highlights. Good job guys I. I would never how. They have I don't know barn like but really got mark like I don't know but he's thrown out of really repressive right and you were entered into presser right uber I would like this at Preston who. Exactly. Mark like highlight within that. As. For those of you watch and amnesty. It from a guy in the TV business that's hard to do. That's hard to do and when we stir when I start talking about that tweet that was just said in. And start talking about it you're right in the second or two there about government is more like switched on Sunday which just spit out of bill's name in the past Zealand to start doing networks. And are well. You know I mean how. I like karma born infected today we announced that Thurman to mention car artist and his announcement that we had that. Week when you get on FaceBook live we did the announcement FaceBook like here one bills drive on the field and and we do that you have to start talking about a couple of minutes I am not really familiar with it. Can start talking a couple they told us to talk and just can shoot the breeze and have a conversation for a couple minutes so people find out that its on line and they do that. But anybody on FaceBook I guess it's a notification. What ever had a point anyway so during the run up when we're supposed to start talking about the announcement of the Jersey retirement. I asked him to you know we're down on the field and in your like me everywhere you look in different parts of the field. You have memories of a dime can play yourself may play some cool happening in that area again in that corner in this corner and this move in the I remember right at fifth when karma Garber got a fight. With Brian Cox is there. I start a new York and hopefully they'll remember that. Is Brian Cox was vilified dad or we hated that the fans hated him and he was awful and it got to be fun for the fans to boo. He got thrown out of the game here in buffalo. If that fight and third as what Thurman remembered so you've mentioned karma Garnett it was time because it was hilarious pay out and I noticed they don't have karma does. I've got a minute no Carl Gardner so we got. That's that's one to one day earlier products that the government since aspect obsessed decked. Great player on the bills a mid sixties AFL title teams so I've put them up real quick you're Steve. He's got credentials are you ready for Tom cystic I mean I knew this but fort time AFL all star six times all AFL. To retire if a champion the AFL all time team on the bills wallop name is and the bills fiftieth anniversary team. He's got some credentials he what's considered for and there's time statistic. He was considered for the pro football team never made it some people think that's an oversight. Com. He's got numbers he's got you know we knew at the all on the all AFL team you know ten years the American Football League. Damage to get your attention. I definitely that's a solid contender I think for the next Buffalo Bill there was number retired go back fifty years in the sixties to do it. And cystic of course a pass to weigh heavily in the late 80s1987. But that's a solid contender all AFL all the team it'll instantly. Six time if well also report to him if all star six time all American Football League that's a player. And I'll Terry and here's my criteria. And I couldn't I couldn't have told him much about him I know I've seen some of the highlights like we've got highlights plane right now and misty that. You know I go back and I've talked to both courageous and and and at Murkowski and poll McGwire of course. Some of the other guys who played on those teams in new. Tom says tech and you know that yes the test is this and you know what I'm talking about we start talking to guys about of the players not you guys even sometimes guys on other teams as well. When they start you start talking about a all of us. This. Exist on university could quite figure choir and start whispered about it and it really is happens to everybody I mean it. Guys used to talk about that when we used to play Bo Jackson. Has that acute literature yet like you've entered some bureau sanctified territory. That's how they spoke about Tom says that it just it just dawned on me and we start re not his credentials that that's the way Paul Maguire and brokerage in those guys just talk about system active. Who should mean exhibit number retired of anyone gives a call we'll get your calls we'll get here. Tweets it is one bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills radio. Back to the show jumper to castor one goes live from one bills drive. That phone coming up at 2 o'clock today on the show this the the former bill safety who loom is now writer and a pretty good NFL analyst for ESPN. Count me or did you see that at the picture of a group like this would stop me perspective. Again video site and chemistry we have the end zone picture of the stadium and you can see Thurmond onions on this in the upper wanna want to read and get that victory for the the assembled if folks go on the court by the yes oh yes the bills that sermon right being Internet. If you when he left series that I got to go to all these two weeks ago he's 10 one's in an hour later he's still doing them. Again there there. Real long day I'm not anyway it's going to be 190 degrees at a time he's. Well. It's getting his number retired we talked about it and that's Austria says Austin state made the announcement on FaceBook live a couple of hours ago but two and a half hours ago we played again you're you're eyes don't I want to and an amnesty of a crime but it it did get mean. While Steve this really moved Steve history work its way to get over that seriously. I was a little. Guys get your here every day now and you got his surprise me to and I told it was really in bombing took about cost but mean and mean it took me really quick listen to this take a look at the Steve tasker announcing that they're Thomas. It is good at his number retired at about 11 o'clock this morning. We're here to announce. That on the Monday night game 2018 when the New England Patriots come to buffalo and October. The Buffalo Bills are gonna retire your Jersey number 34. Which is app I got that stirs gets tried guys who who can see we had rehearsed eyes start to get choked up when I say that this the big deal. While we have that we eat your humidity get a that we knew we took unrehearsed bit. When I say this is kind of cool. This'll do a lot of blood sweat and tears. In this and have the fact that nobody else nowhere I think is pretty big. And for our and this is really an announcement for the fans. Yeah you don't do stuff without making sure he'll be here when we are tired of security so they had to make sure did it and I hit ten we had a sexy. Which Bruce and Jim and Andre increased Bennett and we're all so stoked. Set the Buffalo Bills are gonna retire number 34 after a hall of fame career. Let's come back and live and in buffalo with a wife and children. Peta part of all of our lives. I just really cool and I'm stoked that I heard that this is cooking now. That was critical seat I didn't anticipate decked out that you guys and everybody. It did it it is important to me is it is to Thurman I take great pride in having played with all these guys in the the best part of Babylon that would most of the best things that's and for those news yes patty. Thomas their his wife food addict cake formatting with the announcement which they brought out of bees Berkeley to it is a birthday today. But. I take great pride in in the fact that I was part of that team that went to fourth street who rules part of kind of a historic ends and special and hear me say legendary team yes it. And that. But I think that. I told some of those guys this and they were Bruce making fun of me there was relief fund because we go on these vacations and kind of philosophical after if you read and you know I don't what are the bottom most proud achievements of my life. Is earned in the love and respect for the guys in the room. That locker room was a it's a pretty tough crowd well. And dad to still remain friends with those guys a couple of decades after we finish plane in known so much about their lives and where they're at now and taking and European apart each other's lives it's hard to do in this day and age even though it teachers stay connected through social media. But I it's it's. It's fun it's fun to be part of it so when something like this happens to one of those guys like I do feel it and it popped out on its current school in. Quick way that it. It's amazing to me and think gosh am I get choked up as I was you know we were about. They're give me all these instructions on how to do this FaceBook lives I'm not that well versed in it so literally thinking about it and then now. It directly affect. It was colts and we have Thurman on the show early will put some of those took reload on the show. I'll talk about number retirements anybody else there's an age being tweaked and only because Toronto story about this talent cart tweets and Billy Shaw. To have his number retired he's in the hall genius he is number 66 he's on the wallop name. Number now retired he could make the argument goes that argument but Varitek wants story. Com did you play with those Terri Kress is he said he were 66. As the do we show. Where it fell through the early Chrysler spokesman tells the whole area story about. Billy Shaw watching the bills' game ones on television. And seeing Jerry Kraft who was massive write huge. And wearing 66. He was enormous secrecy or six stretching 66 out all over Billy Joseph was. A tremendous cart in the old American football what do you say about Carrie Lee called Larry Felton said. What. Blank is that guy doing the number 66 we couldn't believe that they gave his 66. To the Condo bureaucrats. And he probably a pretty good argument he was vetoed bill which I was a great player. Oliphant employer yeah and also he was the only. Player in the Pro Football Hall of Fame who played his entire career in the AF yeah. So to go for them to go back and say you know what that guy deserves it is. Enormous for him and then that's a that's a good. He called elected alteration old story. About and you know Billy saw Barry isn't wasn't really propane but it was certainly calm he was he was upset. The Jerry Condo was wearing number 66 in the Buffalo Bills and reform and and when you watch if you watched pilots don't trust you what a great athlete he was a tremendous player US. Understand why he might be in the snout and it isn't that got Jerry crafts. Right but a little you can't it's a lock on on given majors yet Donald C. Yes that you know if you put but he it's the same story in which to measure up. But especially if you're correct acts as if it didn't look like village. It in play like village you know I remember this hi guys I remember about Billy's show somebody broke one now on the sideline. And believe she saw. Was. It was a speedster running back wide apple knows I don't shop was wrong with him step for step ahead of the guy couldn't catch him. A guard. Which is good news and made an athlete. And amazing to see that's that's that's the way while it. Cigars as we're number 66 sprinting on the sidelines ahead of the speedster. Has pretty cool anybody next who should be nets and Sarah. Number retired for the Buffalo Bills aren't Dolan in a couple of tweets on this was to your bills and tweets in the great camp hell number 67. Backbone of the Kagan we've got a lot of people talk about kennel Thurman was talking about Campbell earlier today. Yes and K it was you know obviously guys that all of us on our team laden and the title too soon. In them elect kind of a big void in our friend in our brotherhood there you know but we wouldn't be on the buy president's appears absolutely we. I'd and we would look forward his post if you and although it's hard to it it's hard to transpose today's technology and ability to talk over. Back then you know although wasn't that long ago it just happens arm should be FCC how much he did it. Listeners about the five prisons you desirous of Saturday just it's just me I think. The fight presents a Texan is not just five guys about seven guys on there and it's a text Lou that started. I don't know where it started but it's. While back he ended the members governor Bruce Smith hall of Famer to a tax Jim Kelly first bow hold him quarterback Thurman Thomas hall of fame running back. Like all through those guys have Dodgers retired and there's Cornelius Bennett one of the two really all time great players and in the bills on that. Ninety's team Darryl Talley who is beloved by all of us in in this kind of a Big Brother to all of us. Who else is on their. Andre Reid of course hall of fame wide receivers on there and myself are on there and in his last and we also added the punter Chris Moore because he went on vacation with alls he had to be included and he's on there as well which is a great addition because he hasn't. I do if he's in southern. I hillbilly kind of take everything so. We all have this tax loop and when of course when Thurman is news came out and went over and Bruce comes into town or when. Cronies comes into town are we going to Wear us we hooked up and we all. I realize that two or three of organ together we're all getting together we plan or vacation and take one together. And they all chime in on anything significant that happens with the franchise because they're all very interest with the Buffalo Bills so. None of it is publisher bull. But. It is pretty funny sometimes because you see these guys who are now. Public treasures. Trading barbs like you know fifteen year old kids it's pretty funny sometimes that's the five president's tax and started it was it was on this morning when term we knew they knew the announcement about next. Post knows there are now. The ones that are able to reap a you know it's for frost is pretty funny for other people might be like. Yes patrol guys texting back and through so it's something but it is for me it's. It's fun and it's almost comforting sometimes you know those guys still out there engaged staff since we also keep track creatures well so. Hey coming up next hour we're gonna talk with mad bone former bill safety is an ESPN insider he's got thoughts on the draft just completed a couple weeks ago and about where all these teams are headed Matt Bowen joins us. When we return one bill's life from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills read.