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John Murphy Steve tasker in our one buffalo studio you're bringing new one bills line joining us. On the line right now the good guess to the show for several years former bills' safety ESPN NFL insider seven seasons in the league. One of them with the bills have a they have met on on the line with us met that are coming out it's John Murphy in steep task here in buffalo. I neglected to mention a successful high school football coach as well right here you're pretty good you'd know seriously you have some championship caliber teams are right. We want go finals the last three years but that's our that's our secure start there are junction. On the what are culture. Our players and they'll feel a cold rebar schools rebels or law and order. I'm a big supporter of that you know choose you know ballplayers that Russell play basketball. Across occupants were based all. And contracts are arguably. But the other important law and all along well. It integrates itself so much warmer where one person bounce in my life. You know will work fairways you know cultural of that I'd also felt. In my life you know about it later we're. Up on the big and I didn't really play here and felt. I doubt about no here we still have you let her art. And it helped in large net the progression. More than modern false fell off as well it's an election. More strict leveraging of art is they just saw. You bitch adamant about. Having your Athlete's Foot multi sports why is it important to you or sides will coach what do you get out of that. Well I I think one. Well. From my perspective. And that's what they are grateful. A freak you out on the you know he Atlantic are. Yet the manager Larry. Yet to be structured in you let the war eagle school you go to your what are practice and yours for you won't be able to scramble your old. Bodies. I really think that help. Be younger and our coach develop. Will be stronger in the class and strong when the school musical it's agent and that's what will. Yet we say such. I thought our with our kids golden lessons program. You're young I'm a big air tight. It's your car big ball on the people I'm all back for. The condition bubbles that are there are two oh wasn't that other stuff. Not part of people. Eat a lot to date yet so I know absolutely what we'd like two days there were there are all. Thought we were. Our. It really like each muscle up. Again not a child's ability but also odd though outwardly specialized sports at younger age he should do everything everything to people who are not yet. Year and a young man who plays torturing sports people can keep you around and that's what you want. And also the upside. I think you don't reach it it's still so what room to grow going to be a college athlete. He comprehensive. You university said he still are unique give you this because you're not some. Matt bone is NFL insider joins us on one bills live Matt I I agree with all of what you said wholeheartedly you're right I've I love having kids play a lot of different sports. And one of the things that you if I wait guys particularly in the SEC had a chance to look at. A couple of young rookies that the bills have signed wide receiver at Easter. Quarterback Levi Wallace two guys and when your if I waiting players. And all start by ask in this do you see those players. You can kinda tell have done more than one sport do they did that jump out yen and or these guys will Robert Foster Levi Wallace rookies out of Alabama for the bills are those two guys you can look at this yet those guys must have played in the sport. You expect because the athleticism their competitor they don't start Foster. It sits on one armor or or one report that's what. 144140. Edit cells that look out not only develop you know and I don't think you produce the level. He walked into orbit Alabama watching at the cal so. The music aren't as great body control he can pick the top offered deep he's got an upside to catch. And if you look at what they'll respect you still can't compete for a while wide receiver yes we want to that more or. If I can do a course special teams player. It will first art that have compete for talent Chico are quite punchy may return operatic work. You know a month for a lot of kick off which are. Amonte all of which are somewhere in the middle which use that I think that once it was track ought or think are so perfect for inspiration garlic and that's I'll. That's a large it was almost like I'm graphic what can military and then that's sort far. Joseph Mike Martz and the trojans certainty well we'll look I have respect for. I'm afraid seven year as a modem at school all seen quite such a party target bought some garlic Foster. Who happened. And irritable and speed chip released each. Which you need to work well on its Opel style rout tree. You feel more consistent receiver you can bike and that picture stressed that because look. We guidance that we got a flight is our specialties. And I would walk. A law that. Security doesn't have to reinforce excellent account Barnes. You know he didn't want seventy. Like he has been afraid. Actually called alt a program altered and it's Obama bought that album cease. In a target or a orbiter Fitzpatrick on the record thought it would be able at all. You're charged their weight rod or not feel a lot of people actually in response. My third thing at bottom what a pupil. A lot what you wanna want to invoke anybody could be the real thing that we are about Jeter in the country in whatever he would fight to get back. I struggled a little girls to be. They want. Take effect you're cute joke and I aren't trying to get more rest it for about helped out. And it really competitive that's supported here. Again another guy Tucker might well kicker on that free agent Bob under strokes. Shell that you wore contributor on special teams for children why. Did it back keep you know I was for their culture and a quarter which workers killed itching to wait where we can add to offer bodies are. And in terms of your. More functional strength that's a translate Sunday but first show you won't be seen or inspection. I can use. Yeah it is so small man I'm I've followed I want to the one of the week and practices that rookie minicamp he and even just among the rookie group. Bully that you worry about army so small way can he withstand the punishment that he would get out their quarter. I bet you know tackling. I also cheered each piece let. Is what killed him and OJ got a older job as of yet but are you therefore perfect check your approach. She can't keep this level elite don't get so it felt receivers that our. 646. Arch and wanna. You know that you parking lot like multiple combat load not even. You know precise route obligated aren't you and you're not what you are checked ball because I'm bigger strong work supported techno beat. Patrick show goes to compete in it's that we are. But you don't need quite a bit you don't mr. art. But when I was Toledo will. Quote that you don't need to be the Iraq War. At court OK if you don't believe it Eric I think fat but it certainly wheelchair that can compete with the church or. Are geared guys that handle perhaps a tree itself does every little thing every fourteen that. That Owen is our guest the former bill safety ESPN NFL insider. Who's written a lot about the draft and some of the prospects and you were a lot about may give Fitzpatrick. A guy who does have. The kind of side your looking for in the defense of backfield you think may give Fitzpatrick might have a lot of success in his rookie year. I do you know natural herbal pre that is it like our. A Japanese terms of versatility what you want for you know they'd moderately this tape he nurtured as well mark our debts built laid it to Green Bay wanna get it is of course you aren't. It's summer can play a lot to play outside accurately gets a running back work harder option always. To roll down in the box to blew it intact what's very complacency medal play you Deepak. You don't really it's I set expectations for England Ceglia of being in the current. All of that to decrypt cornered in the you have all these ratchet again at running back we have our. Let's see what OPEC now we have some neck deep regain our perspective I know which matchup for. Nothing about lately talk people are out of Oakland city and he put it in church accountability preparation crops early or late we'll. Oak Eric and the leadership fuel air you know I think want to get a great he'd be in that situation on body without gentler I really did. Are you are a lot but again and it helps you get into. He doesn't have a true position I'd go rob a position for let's do my job well. And this guy so what are going to be important. One of those guys who want to ask you about a lot of things you've written about is how successful. You think Bradley Chubb could be in Denver you think he's got a chance maybe to even be rookie of the year I can kinda see your reasoning because of the that. Defense he parachutes into but talk a little bit about Bradley seven and this atmosphere that. That you see in Denver that could make him perhaps a defensive rookie of the year. Yeah I thought all thought shall we what age you know outside the court you know. Some oppositional or rap or Brett shelf. They all are in court now are a top player that position. There and eat Goddard why I think a lot yet we keep your Bert speed car strong you can. Read out. You're not occur especially. Beyond all that. Is our rookie year because we are faced a lot like. Got its act like in equity are often had discussions are they work and opt out. On your proper order off and was sent back because there. Our partner thought about it I won't want or to salvage a in the great situation. A little what they do great situation put up. A lot of good numbers patient and equity in this big war vote wanna warn situations. We get just. You have got to I gotta agree with you there right I think he set up to perhaps a really successful season not only because he's got a pretty good defense and and has a great pass pressure on the other side but. I think it in the futures still look at why Von Miller is good as he can because he Von Miller's it as a smaller. Smallish pass rusher who plays with phenomenal leverage. And the big guys can learn from the small guys in a lot of ways particularly with the techniques they use of getting around guys because if your big guy and you play with leverage then your almost unstoppable. I agree and that's a great thing about. Exporters rookie class discussion when they go to flight that has that was when culture that was the internal culture where we weren't in this enormous. The biggest thing for me as a rookie and Ellis I was struck by a common not Super Bowl seat. It's just the you know what. Okay see Marshall Wall Street. I'd lose Orlando Pace. A war she ought to prepare. College started polar orbit in the white what it in the trailer doesn't. Know and that we have this stretch but are you think you know that's that was what. What you really don't. You know look don't stretch and that stretch and don't get called a big support because it because it's oratorical your goal. When you hit thirty general bet you that's a long. We just admit because it's such. Every year like we see how they prepare themselves are able to that development of these ports matched up we can't release it. So I keep a watch. It will you know this is who is strikers would want followed up outside the line. It watching what actions are just so back. That brought our guest former NFL safety for the year the bills also an ESPN NFL insider there's an interesting post we talked about on our show yesterday met. Where they polled view and other ESP NFL insiders. About which NFL team declined the most so far this offseason to them picked the bills you'd did not write. I'm not actually help secure than. You know we're secondary break it up and you ought thought that was a secondary acceptable. Rudely you know the rich shortly announce their potential in chancellor. As uncertain future because an entry in the carport and therefore won't be rebuilt its logically that beat. Shot XTO. And also seen out and got a look at that about mobile. It really. You know. Up on the offer on questions about on the opposite at the skill positions on all that to publish all cool and worn out on court. We'll have stopped report that its position in the lord I think it's also a lot perceive you know at Chilton spends that would help it I wouldn't talk to. He's got this the point of attack was a lot guys are about to default because he uses body treatment. You know and yet younger players like Jones senior rebel. But I didn't spend a lot in terms of draft apple until later drafted wide receiver position also got the quarterback is uncertain. Such reward you're gonna talk about the ball. Not word about what it's dark secret. Because there are jokes because the public like I say because editions and made to create and the draft some defense sound ball aren't they thank you. Being a traditional weight gain because that. At the offer courses. Play a critical game which it would AJ McCarron I guess it's uncertain you don't have a talk equation. It would job I watch a lot of it on a lot so yesterday to a lot of folks. A lot later actually Prius a lot young quarterback of all seen it. The project work here are watching a ballgame. Watch a lot all we won in Iowa City. I hadn't seen the natural to a jail term which. Is our strength is mobility but this. I think we're just need to work on our blog on it all conceivable gate without doubt it. Or dirt track that you make every. And what he has long wanted seven several European born at quarterback. He got out there's certainly would you I think it turned mechanic and be able act with. Equal to what is our people say it's teaching actress who are in actually it's. But you can't teach young quarterback. Fitness pro walker because courses are in that little marker past Renault or Eagles the ball was recovered and no. Window either so. They get footwork and from the slot. You're look at it fixed and we ought not at all. Apache software. Insightful. And not my quarterback. I don't want to. And it would undermine our fast but he need to develop. Which. Was more. We don't control. I'll share. Which is Auburn and I'll still out while outside the numbers are such no question about that. We can't put towards such a distraught and beat back the intensity a little peel that's going to be its results but in terms of the upside. In the law to war. I don't have more than one quarterback. There's no question. It's near certainty or court are his coach how you build. I UT can be more accurate and professional. It's a team hey Matt thanks for this is always great to catch up do you think you were being on the show this today. You know Matt Bowen former bills' safety spent seven years playing safety. In the National Football League and ESPN NFL insider. It's mad is great need jaundiced by the way in the subway pressing and so we eat fresh. You can into the season and Mets are breaking down tape and showed some of those concepts online. And a regular basis and he Caspian he's sensational these gory. Yes it is interest it was just seem to me because I work with a lot of guys who played quarterback. With in what I do and I get a chance to see guys who he's played us on like Adam Archuleta I worked with a game. Here and I and guys like Matt Bowen who played safety they see that came from the other side of the football also looked right Kelso is like that. It's really instinct for me because it's a completely different viewpoint to see the universe from an and it's pretty enlightening. I'm ever Peyton Manning one time with the end of his career. Win when Ray Lewis. When he lost game re loose get a called a career in and they beat him to go in the championship game Peyton Manning took his son's over into the Baltimore lockers they could meet ray Lewis and and Payton said there's one guy. I would really love to watch film what it is regular opens because the way he sees that he sees the things on film that ray does. And knew the understanding that he had of office I bring Danny goes admiral Allen I think you know because he. It is a completely different way of deciphering the game. Because. You know you it's the other side of the coin and to hear guys like mad bone and mark Kelso and Adam Archuleta guys I work with. Break it down. It's unbelievable. How different it is from just the other same team same bed different side of the football it's. Their mindset different is it's amazing and it's it's a lot of fun his team on line break things down. We did not ask me and I did advancement or did you about just yet but he got there we estimate about you know the bills good idea that you step back. And the like things to say about judge Allan most upside of quarterbacks which is why he was drafted seventh. He says and arm strength mobility atlases and it's all there. It's it's we've heard it before. I think it's good and the Smart football people like apple when they say that though I think I like to hear that I like to hear that yeah you can have a different opinion about. You know who belongs where in the first round of the draft a month ago now but. People see why the bills did that there's nobody. Really nobody who gives this a little blue body says well those are crazy Grafton just you know and it's. Right eye opener yet you know that go along there's you know the common refrain is not issue ticketed taken for shooting it Josh Rosen and they missed out baker made but few of those people now than there were right there is sold water under the bridge there's no difference complain about it now but I think one of the things you get now is that take on everybody saint. Just what you said. Weis he could be really. And then there's guys like all he needs to work on just little touch past you know will vote for the past you know tails off the fastball. This kind of fun to hear guys talk about and a and decipher and some of the things they've watched you know Josh you're rated do. But anyway it's. As if Monday talking to guys like that. Had a lot of guys with their was on we have and we're. We get back we should resent that went too early so now phenomenon and now I am just rate a move on. I can only talk about the stuff for so long what's that. The yeah all the new guys almost they've gang all the resilient team like Brad it's Bateman is gonna be enough. Adam is just OK the guy and again I deserve to be teased at occasionally. Of yeah that we did have Thurman on and Thurman is Canada's number retired and what do you think about that and who should be next that's our Twitter poll but it. Which bills player is and should be next David number retired. And make your case why we like to hear your voice on this give us call 8030550. Tool free 1888550. To 550. On the protocol with thirteen hundred votes and already most of you 75% say should be Henry Reid another hall of Famer. 14% say can help 7% of somebody else in mind four percentage Darryl Talley. We'll take some phone calls talk more about this in here from Thurmond he was on our show a couple of hours ago here we. He has to say about this when we come back it is one bills live from one bills drive. And this is Buffalo Bills three. Your level we're talking about. Blogs are repair witnesses. I know it's not just me. A lot of people's minds you listen you don't want to do on our picks in February. Nobody thinks about that you when you needed unit. Listen I did I chose this and this I choose to skip that I atom I've I've. Done big time last season. And it is such a pain. To schedule it. Get it done get it in on time have you know it's a three week wait to whatever you know and then it's so I just say you know armies which coast and you this year and go with what I did last year. Yeah and didn't have it and they end up and then back at myself in you know what in March on the call them up and get that thing down. You know it'll take and it seemed like Lamar in March. And once and I didn't think I using attitude of every year I did not answer is as a whole so yeah I thought you. I think the price if it's hard to start anything members right if it ranks right up. I. Great company great company the Toro is along the long looks great. Lawn mower repair places all alone in America and I got this month and I that's right I've got a big time lower. And so I need it thing work yet so. Taken a chance on you know been detected it I think the German getting it tuned. Listen this is what we don't live in like Texas. Where you gotta mow it every day for nine months of the year ten months of the year. I'd like 45 months this time of the year ago yet a mode at least once a week yet least. And it's only my currently five days if it rains and they get sunny concede it stepped off. And I'm Diana because mine is in the Chicago waited and waited until I needed it how stupid. Which is particularly in the way it ideology could take it published it in there and it's like you roll it up. It's like there's like 900. Yes mower yeah. Notably work. There it is yep it is greater. Thurman would like this conversation we have a good charities with their earlier today about having his number retired third. Player in bills history get his number retired during Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith when he take about that. Give us call 8030550. Your toll free 1888550. To 515 which are being next. What about that or you can do it on our Twitter site at one bills like a couple of tweets. From big poppy when the question is who should be next version I have his number retired Big Papi says Ken hull. He did more for the community in this country and just play ball from Joseph he tweets and Jack Kemp question mark. Only bills quarterback to win a championship AFL longtime public official in Western New York former secretary of housing interim development. Also championed equal rights for is African American teammates I points. Listen to the Jack camp argument. After being a long time respected congressman and actually yeah being on the presidential candidate for housing and urban development. Yeah he was heavy hitter journalists he was a heavy hitters more so off the field and I'm there you go that's part of the conversation too so maybe maybe that. You know is a detriment or applause I don't certainly as a as a congressman was. He get his number retired. And they have to they retired numbers in the halls of congress wonder. Every tire carrier guys go in labor and numbers Jersey went over there at the back at. Obviously this tweet to come close the way I feel this comes from Greg Miller. Guys that you need to be on the wall of fame is a huge thing retired Jersey is super you lead. Loved both in this apartment like but don't go nuts hold up a few years the players are on the wallop thing that's vertical and inclined to agree with Greg Miller and that I think it's forum that. I agree I think and been on the wall of fame I mean that's you know that's awesome I mean that. Yet nobody's going to be sitting at the managers should be. On the wall it's big nobody whatever that. Maybe seven. You would it once once that well you know here's the thing though once the lives off then then you've had you. In particular when they retire James Jersey. And they kind of made that decision. That may be would be good idea to do they. The two guys they did. Bruce and Thurman are absent slam dunks absolutely and then when you start happening conversations about it the guys. That's where the dot as we drove ninety for Bruce and Thurman there's no conversation be accurate there all. Period. So I you know that's. If there has to be conversation about of the guys that's where that conversation should stop its really good criteria slam dunk kids under absolute slam me just say here's a name what terrible our retire as number what. Of course you're right what they're you would date June that's it and so those three guys I think that's it there's. There's nor the conversation he had for those threes I think that's pretty Bork who. Mom. Hears me Christine tweet and tweet sheet about this discussion. And it says for you Steve other witnesses from Chris Mack a clerk how to Steve. Compare the biscuit vs Darryl Talley what this discussion on player numbers to retire those who seem about even. I can see that too reactive cronies Bennett was an extremely important player in perk and particularly for me I think he was the catalyst that that landed river we traded to get him he's the first player picked in the draft by Indianapolis Colts. And there's a three team deal mega guess it's really active for me I think is the most important. Trade. In the history the bills franchise. When it came down is also very complicated. And to have it pulled off by a hall of fame general manager bringing in a guy like Cornelius Bennett and sending away draft picks and Greg bell. To the rams for Eric Dickerson and draft picks going to Indianapolis. And the bills getting cronies been into the fold. And the things that he meant to their defense when he finally landed here in that and the impact he had I mean from the first play he was on the field. John no way to know what to do. And that's. Yet he's in that conversation now on the other side Darryl Talley. You'd be hard pressed to find another player. On our roster during the days of those Super Bowls who did not think Darryl Talley was almost indispensable. As it as a leader as a policeman as an accountability partner for every guy on the roster. As a guy who could hold. Egos in check. And to check the great players on the team make sure they were they knew that when they were step in Ottawa we all stepped every step down the line every once while Darryl was a guy who could step up to a superstar player it's a year ago and you're wrong and they would listen to. It's a rare ability. The Darrell had in that locker room that he that he. Exploited for the good of the team good of himself eaves truly truly tremendous tremendous player and a tremendous human be and yes so those two guys may be darn even. Number retired materially. It's hard to say I don't allow members return again it. Certainly there to me if I was doing all you know roster. The and you cry every time I'd like it here. What were. The calls on this who should be next if they're number retired from the bills Jerry ever travel analyst Jerry going later in the year. I agree with Jack Kemp are preserved as an airport presidential candidate to that. That's correct sir you read. What three or port numbers are retiring numbers bird. For political her political forgot post football careers. While he was to write me a bowl MVP. Powell. You know beat these horror. I guess ninety's I think it is his position have been retired for thirty years ago. Or some mole or John you're I think you're tomorrow program. What. I look at the old old old old guys seem just a terrible Garrett and negative currency. I think there's been a bridge. And bidders there isn't a great to me what is the base those 1960. These are. Third bowl. Touchdowns yardage. Throws. Probably option. Mean in time where both quarterbacks. Were sort of what could be. What you are today were there there in the French. Championships here you. Yeah I was 1965 AFL AP AFL player of the year pro football preference second team all sixties team we need. He was seven pro bowls. So. You know he was he was through time if violent repeat no one values once. Well I do agree with you guys are equipped to reveal their but I think there should be a bridge. Those sixty's championship. Yeah I I agree that it's a French it's at an error in the team the kind of gets overlooked and in lieu of the 1990s team. We heard a lot about the sixty teams we're playing go to Super Bowls every year those guys were guys that came back in Canada. Power inspirational to us as as as younger players get those old guys in there I'm ever right before Super Bowl 45 more had Jack Kemp come to practice. And say something to our team and and it was great to see you so there was that bridge there and as far away is it seemed at the time it was thirty years before just like its thirty years now from the time of the nineties and two word is now for this team so. Yeah I think when you get so far back in history I think a lot of it. I hate to say it. And maybe Jerry you know this it comes for its gotta come from the fans. And when you get. It's that far removed from the 60s50 years removed from the 65 team or 55 re. Years removed there's not a lot of people who remember the great players of those air. And it's up to but after really the thing is to keep them alive and it's as hard to do some. Let me say this there are a lot of players from that era on the bills wall of fame. Cookie Gilchrist the coach would say even the broadcaster beer and Miller did that several years of bills football but when we continue book characters and up from that era is on the bills hoping George seems. Hum. Mike Stratton over to Branyan. Alicia Thompson Astec they've met ignored in terms of the Walt thing. That's true what you think about this though cookie Gilchrist and Lou Saban were only done. Recently post ownership change you know that was and that was a personal thing. And both Kate Hudson both cases Jack cookies the ad there was. It was turned personal and it wasn't that they would have been or should have dinner for any other reason than that that they were forgotten but you're right there's a tonic guys it will wallpaper from the sixties and deservedly could be deserve to Jupiter absolutely so. Gathered there is that in fact. They didn't make the wall of fame for the ninety's guys. It was made for the sixties guys that's why it was even invented because they have some great teams in the sixties and they storm commemorating those guys in. You know the mine these guys can attack on that. There's call from Mike in Hamburg go ahead Mike you're running this. Okay. I don't disagree a little bit if you guys. As far as numbers the other retired. But the ninety team. In my opinion work. One of the greatest thing evolved. Because of the fact that they went to four consecutive Super Bowl nobody's ever done at. So I have to say that there's a few players that I. See. Actually. Retired the main hero LE. Rabbit. Can help secure and you ask your earnings aren't you all England would actually. Whipping consideration. Like I appreciate that what about a Andre reed. 100. Yeah. Okay and all those guys you mention are at the walloped me words you're talking about it Jersey retirement right I know. But you're talking about your retirement. Jersey retirement should be very very rare I like depicted is only three bills. I'd really I just name you just up warnings. Because it's that or. Not or. That you don't agree that it should be rare. I don't rattle off warnings W agree with that. I think it should be at the the the highest spots hall of fame is pretty equal Walter that is another wrong with the. You know oil famous is great it's a tremendous owner and there's few guys get recognized like that and and and that's which should be I think. I think the wall of fame. Is how we should recognize all those guys you just mentioned. Grace Bennett Darryl Talley. Can't hole myself and create a forum right and that's that's to wage should be and in fact decreased Bennett not being on the wall I think his. It is. I think that should be rectified but. I I think that is how it should be I think the return of the Jersey retirement. I'm kind of with mirth on this one I think that our guys that they have on. Are the only guys to me that their doesn't even need to be a conversation about everybody else can I have to have a discussion. And what she did where you have to have a discussion or debate about it he. It's it's a know. It yet to discuss it and debated. It says something about that that's right. The game I hit and that's another bag that it might have a good call Mike and he gets you know he's a little bit on them on the like and let everybody in that. You know that it becomes a little bit of a participation trophy cabinet with it you know does it does having. Retired Jersey numbers which is important and read their tree but does that in any way diminish the honor being in the offing. Now are you sure but because a guy like the last caller talked about how all together at all and with anymore I think. When you have a lot of retired Jersey members it makes the wallop fame a little bit less of an hour nearly. Well I got this far but I really you can get this card and get to the injures injures retirement I think it diminishes while opening. Which I think is off Ottawa do that your history. I get your you're logical that they you know what it's not. It's not about you or me well it is about me is I'm on the wall but if it for me it doesn't diminish how much it meant to me. So that's really. This thing yet so for me now I'm totally. Totally OK with the way that were it it did not diminish what it meant to mean to be watched and what you write and speak for lob well I'm gonna ask you to put yourself in the position of one year maybe two or your former teammates. Thurman Bruce. Wallop gamers themselves. Jim up until what three years ago Kelly was the only one and his Jersey retired. That diminish the office cruise too do you think. No I don't think it diminished it but I I do think. As in every where your neck it's natural saying you know can measure yourself against. You wonder if they're gonna get around to doing that for me if they do great if they don't and it's you do like him and that means. Right a little bit but I don't you know I think it becomes anything animosity. And even even this. Ignore confines like Andrei reader can't hole or anybody sane. Right from about they'll joke about it. You know can we do joke about everything. So but now another reason I think though not to have too many retired Jersey numbers. As I don't want it to the wallop in cheapened or diminished ordinance are held in less less less esteemed position. I guess that's good that's good point two. You're right you're right. Thank you are right I agree. Here's another honor Buffalo Bills can reported your time is running out the bills McKiver kid reporters ages seven through thirteen. The cover of the upcoming season training camp. Home games everything BT and in between if you think your child has what it takes a peek at reporter submitted video go to our website that's all the information is. Buffalo Bills account but the deadline is this Friday may eighteenth. A select number of finalists will be called upon to audition here live at the and ports were at pro sports training senate the 2018 Buffalo Bills can reporter details on the website Buffalo Bills that come but if you're interested or pure. A son or daughter our interest that you got to do it by this Friday. Stephen I've back immortal moment one bills live from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills reading. I'm from today's show brought to you by a advance a lot of providing Western New York homes and businesses with the finest and security in home theater. You prefer alarm and home theater for writer of the Buffalo Bills we learn today. The Thurman Thomas gonna have his Jersey number retired it'll happen on Monday Night Football October 29 with a built all the against the New England Patriots armed number 34 will be. Retired probably halftime ceremony with think if that game. Thurman joins us on the show today and talked about being a part of the buffalo community and how much this means that. Lance. Eleven years that I've been back here. Is given me an opportunity to get back and really be involved with the community. I'd love it I mean just. Walking down the street you know people who hate government whatever just. One of the as the keys wannabes who couldn't really do it correctly but now they wouldn't do it. You know you see some of the people out of the great years ago yeah. That's great and I really appreciate that you know means. It's been great and I like. I love it here. It is the place I call home. All from Houston supplies that I call. Me you know I mean is everybody in here that we've been back. Thurman Thomas gonna have his Jersey number retired pat DiMarco join us on the showed today bills fall back Becker his second season. New offense new offensive coordinator and DeMarco talked it was about giving to learn that new Buffalo Bills when he teed off. So I overlap ID law in 2012. In Kansas and under arms are playing in his offense it's. Kind of tweaked its expanded to over since then on. But you know this is it's an exciting time to new offense it's it's a lot mentally to prepare for right now. You know I like how we have to to set up like channel. He's setting a match ups are like a lot of schemes that doing so I think it's going to be a good success. Patrick DiMarco who fullback in a lot of good things and gets it into because you know what's gonna happen the bill's opponents and maybe even not their post but their fans are gonna go back and look at Kansas City 2012 start watching them off its. And it's interest into that we've we've heard from Sean McDermott. And also you know Patrick DiMarco today it. It's going to be about matchups too by getting your best player on their worst color about dictating what that defense is gonna look like when you take the field highest. It's pretty exciting because whenever your office doesn't play as well or doesn't. Things don't go as well as it should. Lange and that's one. Some criticism bill's office got last year from and they did they moved on from Rick Dennison they didn't it just it wasn't productive their 31 and you league in passing. And there's a lot of moving parts and Lotta new question marks is that with the guys on the roster coming into don't know who they are yet. But putting them in a position to be success was what this offense is all about it and that's something I think is most intriguing most encouraging part. About this offseason with his office is gonna look like it was gonna morphed into. Our that you competency you're interview with Thurman and and I was teased you about tears but the emotion you showed. Kind of refocused me on what this meant for Armand Thomas today what it means at your Jersey retired to be honest when I talk about how we've got enough jerseys retired for now. The way you responded to that made me think this is big this is important let's not rush to return to many more jerseys so. Thank you doing everything you adapt to think and I but we found out the other day that was gonna happen and act and I knew it was a big deal I knew we'd make a show around it as we kind of did today. But your reaction determine how to get everything in this is a big deal this is really pretty cool. Yet and and you heard Bruce Smith he came Monique Coleman talked at Thurman and he talked about the night he went on we spoke to about it Thurman who talked with Thurman about doing it. It's. It's home. It's. It can be hugged by her family you know I mean it's it's when you're in the middle of you know new air field in the stadium full it's. It's Western New York I mean it's. It's you know it's Thanksgiving dinner. And everybody's there and their base like she chose not to like the little things like right. It's what it's like it's like that it's like the holiday where everybody loves it you know and it's it's and it's been. You know the reason for us everybody getting together is pretty big for these guys tonight and I feel it and I. And it's it's awesome to see because you know we have somebody level ought. When good things happen to whom yours your happy four minutes this is one of those times no question about it so I'm looking it's going to be real celebration on that October 20 knows I'm looking forward. I just had to play expected the date groups his Jersey retired the jets game. All right week two of the twenty sixteenths got core gas and they were in the process again crested at halftime and and it and it was great to have that distraction from how bad things were going and how bad that team was playing that night. The awful might for the bills and these you know the office where I got fired the next day. You know that's how bad that game was. This is the patriots hopefully Thurmond will have enough to make it efforts he'll probably say something about the game right when he makes Eagles beat them out I ask that I. Yes you thought about AM I tell you what you're sit and I've done and I'd like emceed Canada's halftime things you know. You lose your place pretty good I mean I was. Down their doing it for a win cookie grow creek Chris went on I was supposed to you know there's some people I forgot to introduce down their nose or other what you do. Plus it's tough crowd yet. And yet the echo idea at and people you know you see people before walking to go to the bathroom again appears to have their coming back into their people moving around there's a lot of movie that's hard. Yet these to shoot me down to do the Walton stuff. At halftime and it would be like a crazy golf cart right down because they're just beyond a year and it's a long trip around in that stage yet it is it is. I thank god you do now about the to our show is gonna be good mental model joins us about a couple of other guests as well we got production system today from George blast of cold make. Thomas Conner Kelly route JJ terino Kevin charges and James Ruble our producer. Talk a little more about their remember army one bills live from one bills drive a Buffalo Bills radio.