05-16 Rick Ralph of TSN1290 in Winnipeg with Jeremy White

Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, May 16th

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Winnipeg in Vegas and Rick Ralph joining us covers Winnipeg for. Once in Witt and in Winnipeg and mixing things up sorry Rick and a Gary lawless was on of the afternoon guys thought and Gary used to be Winnipeg and now he's in Vegas. Your Winnipeg Rick rough how are you good morning its chair my name's Jeremy and bring designers well. Not bad element that Gary was here for a bit insane altered or they exit now it's kind of a rematch not only with mediate i.'s board history without that there is a hockey club early. Now all the series has been interest thing I don't know if you would have been of the opinion that after game one it looked like Winnipeg was very much. Too much for the for the nights to handle on the game to what was very different so when you go from game one game to what did you see differently. Well I think he's got Nashville. That you're in the national series we sought similar kind of income game became so when the when that they get him out of this. I think they were coming up that high in game seven win over Nashville just kept rolling a lot of questions with a B rust in Vegas or rest and not lad lot. For the Winnipeg jets but they are able to kind of take the game right to Vegas and dictate from the start when they're able to do that. They keep trying to take the game not over but they can try to control the way they like to. Vague on the other hand in the second game game two. I up there are half step quicker and I don't know whether the hang over finally caught up to the Winnipeg jets but they just didn't Abbott and Paul that's you know he. Turned the puck over more. In game two that he has the entire playoffs. It line adamant Roscoe he's not the only one the jets just didn't seem to have an against negative the negative they're succeed in this series. They're gonna continue to skate they're gonna be tough on port check your technical development. I assume that brought a little national defense that we saw and games for sick again jet. It seems like Winnipeg trying to. Came together fairly quickly write this team had and never won a playoff series never their time in Atlanta and then up to Winnipeg there is a playoff series with a sweep earlier on. This year and it did people up there see this coming from the jets. No certainly not to this point I think people were looking at and I personally would look yet they'd be battling for wild card spot. In the west and in this scheme went to the playoffs and 2015 with a much different roster. And get swept by. The docs in four straight so there was will be built from there and look at young guys like Nikolay Uighurs and Patrick lining and Josh Moore C. And the importance of shy actually in Jacob true about and and really the big Greek in this year's honor hello pocket you back to last season. Goaltending was number one question heading into the off season bringing in Steve Mason. Under the two year deal and really excited forced alum busted up his game and he's been the big story here this year and I think the big reason for the turnaround. Ralph on the eighteenth tee outlines being on the Winnipeg jets. For this Winnipeg team it it's I can remember. The Twain I'm a reference of Alonso apologists were listeners to hear the slot between nineteen hockey news crowned Winnipeg between nineteen Stanley or soda hockey news. Brown in the twin nineteen. Stanley Cup champions of the belief that like the system was flush with talent and they were gonna be really good. Remember that because the sabres were around the 20/20 champs and of course the sabres are not anywhere close to that at this point I guess when I'm asking it anyway saw this coming. How old how different is the team from Tony fifteen point. 25 two when he fourteenth at Torrey 15161. To take finishes below buffalo one year after that playoff appearance so. This this climbed this assent to. A potential Stanley Cup champion. I mean there's there's surprise and then there's the speed of it which do you is is the bigger story how quickly the turnaround Kaymer how drastic the the changes were after one playoff series loss. Well I think he he talked about how quick it was in really this team what it relocated from Atlanta they start in the draft and develop then. So mark rightly was their respect and he came in here in his first year. Made a lot of people quite excited but he was sent back to junior second year same thing. Jacob troop are coming out of college coming in the year enter cop coming out of college and he beat your. These things kind of move rather slowly charge more see other first round draft pick them and some people labeled him video bus but finally. This year has emerged as one of their top blue liners. So some of the late guys coming in here that nick almighty we're sort Patrick lining in a major impact as eighteen and nineteen year old. The rekindled started. To be back in 2011. For the stockpiling assets. But it took another turn after the 2015 playoff appearance and saw the departure and the cane which of course went to. Buffalo would you guys and you saw Andrew Ladd former captain be shipped off and he left here Michael Foley was another one that chose to move on and go to Calgary. And it just continued at that point I think after that four game sweep against. Anaheim it was really time to turn a double down and go yuck and that's what they elected to do it. Part of it was in goal part it was Sunday in the course for the young guys I mentioned up front as well but. It Paul Connick and the fruition now edit in the pipeline continues. Dmitry coup lookup for you guys know quite well was an excellent 56 guys for the Winnipeg jets until he read into the injury began the year. With his back he's healthy he's ready to go take it in the coli outbreak now. Joseph Mauro who's played well was obtained from Montreal but the trade deadline for a fourth round pick he's played well he can't give Google a break now. So that you look at Christian that's a lot and over in Finland and the and the world and you know top rate. Player coming in Sammy Niko on the back end as well they continually have young guys here that you're gonna question in this lineup possibly yen. Here have you mentioned Tyler Myers yet. The that it can buyers yet it is funny because there's a guy. Who. My mentioned with school would cost you and cool cop where a perfect five C area not but this what do they get club. Was no better that when they had that. Pairing on their 56 and everybody was healthy upfront probably as they haven't had a lot of that then of course edition appalled that the has altered that center position that is made that. Core group even more deep. But now finally into the playoffs and a funny time because usually you're paying up in the play out. The depth of the basically. Once they acquired that these days they have their full lineup yet. They finally have that now with cool cop out but Myers has been good solid PK top four guy for them and in injury to the news is the top you guys but they prefer a plea when this club running on all cylinders they like him as a 56 well. Which is an expense of role but if you have the room and do it. Mean. For I was sought Myers the trade for Myers the trade if if we could go record trade that includes a vendor came Tyler Myers Zach Bogosian. It seemed to me that what the sabres and jets were hoping to accomplish by swapping Myers in the ocean and part of a deal was. Change of scenery will work for each of these guys and for Myers the change of scenery is not only been a different team but a much different role here he was. Signed in and he was looked at to be the number one and that's bulls definitely not the case and what you're seeing out of him in in Winnipeg there is a more appropriate role. I think so I think he's fine and the same goes for Demetric hook up that well when these guys aren't counted on them in the top defensive areas group. And Morrissey and you get dusted off lament obedience or so when you have miners. A lot in the penalty kill as well and cool off when he's in the lineup but right now both guys there's not much that past of those guys the match ups are little better beat. You saw with Tyler Myers when he was passed that still live in the top four role. And he started giving round that 1819. Minute mark I don't think he got the best of Tyler Myers at that point. And so what he's playing that 56 roll scene spot duty on the penalty kill and also what you're seeing a lot of a Mormon and decided imitate this season as well but it's really trying to attitude game but it's the matchup that he's getting beat the role they're using him in. And you mentioned this gallery area of the salary. Cap hit that the knock against. Now speaking with rook rough TS and 1290 Winnipeg. On the Evander Kane trade you know that's one of those things the sabres are about to go through that right now where. Teen produced on the ice they trade him away I I don't have any belief that they'll be bringing him back. And this is a sabres team that has been said to have. Locker room problems so whether or not it's fair or Vander came that they seem to follow him around whatever role he might have been that. What was it like in Winnipeg immediately after his departure was there. I think I guess when it's happening you can only say so much when the guy leaves. Was some of the laundry at least up in Winnipeg was it aired out was due to do just become move on forget about it don't talk about it or is anything more kind of revealed about. His presence in that room. Well the joke here was speaking of lottery that it was you know left in the shower a Tony you know. Premeditated everything here we've got this ball rolling as far as that trade that would go to an ad requests to trade data come out but we didn't know all the time. The team was saying that no that wasn't the case with a vendor came there was reports a year to earlier that he. Wasn't happy and wanted out and saw that just kind of finally came to a head when he was dealt. After he was moved there was dissent they think or Leach now from the fan base. It was kind of a good riddance you. For the Winnipeg jet inside that locker room and it stopped for any of busta cap or really figure what goes out Matlock and we're not in their you only get. Kind of bits and pieces but just and it was. This group could now move on in and maybe he just didn't fit in at a group. Yeah he's he's a big guy he's right now he shoots from anywhere. He can play the physical game and each court. That was kind of the 2015 jet they were gone with more speed and skill up front and the thought that you know what we're just gonna move this dialogue and so. A couple of guys that needed a new start in different locations seems to worked out. At least for the individuals I think for the most part at home Bogosian. Injury problems followed him about the aftermath of the change rate was I think that the fan base figured the jets managed pretty well. Yeah and for the for the who for the other pieces that went through jewel army out. Brendon LeMieux gonna do we see army at this point any any reviews early attempted sabres fans are feeling like they're missing something vague. Well the question and always with it was was with and buffalo offense can relate is is consistency. And what he's been used here is in the third fourth line role so you have that offensive talent that it adds to essentially what's been checking line at times. Any can be used as a defensive. Apps that as well so he's not counted on to be atop the player there's another guy that seems to have balance I. And collected in that third line in this case now sometimes a fourth line role. Whether or not you're missing that buffalo art for me to say it they like what he added here. And then he talked about Brent let me yield eased the sand paper and the jets don't have a lot of that right now so there was a thought that maybe he'd command. This year and grab a spot but. Not quite yet I would be surprised though he wasn't working its way into the lineup next year. Rick Ralph TS and 1291. Last question I know we had John talking about a lot about Vegas and Winnipeg but at the the the Winnipeg buffalo connection is. It rings true for a lot on Bogosian. Ivester question a question rhetorically about him he's battled injuries I've seen and I. I've seen him play fairly well he can skate he's got size they keep you can CY. Teams might like. What. The measure the bulls are but a kind of asked the question and I don't mean to be insulting I mean. When was he ever good was he ever really good. And I mean that like. He got a big contract he got signed to a big long term deal there must've been a time whether it was a one year in Winnipeg he kind of really lit it up and and and led them. When you watched him was he ever really good because if he was I don't think sabres fans have actually ever seen that yet and that might be in large part because of how often he's been injured he's in he's been nonstop so we haven't seen a ton of sand and we have seen them and all that we've ever seen him be really good. Yeah I think it it goes back to his draft when he was drafted by the Atlanta Thrashers and I think it was sport overall I'm not mistaken for overall effect is much. And especially on the offensive side. Sabre candles he's he's not afraid to take that shot but he's not the offense and defense and I don't think that was. Drafted fourth overall and was expected out or at least the whole week there is yet top two guys well know when he was here in Winnipeg and acute best use and and even went a bit. You know coming over from Atlanta there was a problem what it is Zach Bogosian is just typical guys the big guys. You'll stand up Turkey make each and add the odd point but he not to media. An offensive defenseman so where does he fit in that while he was here it is time in in what do they even the top order then. I think now if you have a that would go to on the Winnipeg jet he'd be similar as. And Tyler Myers different kind of rule all but at the same time a 56 guys couldn't be expectation for him to beat. A top two defenseman is not there but yet he has been given the contracts. Of that you would take a top pairing defensemen and I don't know that when is during his time here eventually we just gotta look dead thought well maybe. You know the fact he'd be drafted that high shouldn't translate into what we're expecting of him bigger better suited and or fibers are. Now Ralph on the AT&T hotline from TS and twelve but ninety op finally the atmosphere in Winnipeg. How is it I can tell you this if if buffalo were in the conference finals against Vegas. I would great and it couldn't happen across conferences I just know. That I would I would think of how bad buffalo fans want it now that Winnipeg fans feel the same way where is Vegas is just this new kid on the block it feels like. You might wanna win not only for the win itself but so there's not another team that that is. Had at the you don't mean like you don't like to see buffalo loses to Carolina we give the a lot of the pain was. But it's Carolina they don't care response is we view and I don't wanna say that this is there are about Vegas but I'd imagine Winnipeg is. Life consuming up there right now. It doesn't seem fair when you look at it from the baggage standpoint whatever deal that slowly through here and he's got a Walcott and now in the western final. For Winnipeg I mean I've been here seven years now I get out here when the jets returned from Atlanta. And a lot of talk when you talk to people that grew up here from here of that jet one point no air that this might division they couldn't get past the Edmonton Oilers. And it was just a nightmare and in the key left here in 96 but it that a lot of that was the honeymoon phase of the first two or three years that first playoff appearance on fifteen that everybody obsolete jacked up here. And then kind of retool their with a younger movement the last two years so now here we are. 151300. Roughly get into the building sold out pretty much every night although there are some tickets that the price is up there a little bit critics of the people. This deep into the playoffs. When you get just over 151000 in the bill. You've got as many as 27000. In the street outside. You've got all the bars that are around the arena that are full. And up businessmen told by the mayor on Friday up 200% in natter so if you are not. Following the Winnipeg jets here in Winnipeg when you do and I've not it's not sure what you are doing in Europe the park you're doing so yup you're not interest in sports because. That they beat it's just a fever pitch here in the city car dealers have all the white cars along spot as you drive by with white and conditions. You see the signs and office windows downtown. You see people. With Gerri see people emailing and texting one another. President signing operatives tagging at stake don't get dealt now it's you know it's just like a fever pitch here and you wonder if this is just gonna gonna burst itself at some point here but so far everything has been taken in stride and and fans are loving it. One very good I think to buff I conceived speak for the whole city but I'm rooting for him. Thanks again Eric. And our guys I'm Rick Ralph TS and 1290 on the jets and the golden knights.