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Show Andrew Peters could aggravate Marty you're on rely on them easier for Treo 515 I received you're just tuning in. We're having an unbelievable discussion right now how many pushups cry aggravate can do. Before it has taken me. And do them with in the key opportunities through a straight Sunnis aren't straight to the right answer of that was zero it started its star. You know the bad thing way. What it edits to certain enemies can dream yeah I started right from the I'd started on my needs in the first sedated fifteen push ups on mine. From the knees. It's if he should that is so I mean I'm I can't I listen if you don't work out. The reality is I don't care. Who we are you you lose your strength you lose your conditioning. And I have work always give me right now heightened it do I know you can. You know genetic marvel type guy that doesn't work out near the fastest guy ever like you that back I ran across the football field them throwing missiles to and you're like it's incredible this could be a wide receivers and there's a double back pat their number one he's calling me fat in fast but they say that he throws a missile for a capital purchase Europe. Okay. That's a wobbly missile. What what are we tuchman our results. We've been talking about a wish list that we put together five wishes for the sabres offseason when we just rifle through. The first four yours or number one was signed cam hurts ours we recess. Draft Caleb Carr wish number one draft defenseman Teoma car there's no particular order priority your. Solidified bottom six sports for all of you that don't think the bottom six is important watch the playoffs. A bomb expose the right players sounds obvious but it's not that easy. Buy out a contract. Again sounds kind of like yeah obviously but that's not always necessarily the circumstance because you can move. Move contracts. Pick up salary he's just things that that we would like to me ABC done and number five is interest Marty and start this woman view. Because. You know goaltending seems to be a big topic still ahead and we talked about yesterday. And sighing cal Peterson was wish number five. Yes. If you do have to. You have to psych helpless and in fact. Now you truly be sending a very humbling you'd be sending a very bad message to all your college draftees. They all walk in the way she happened with Jimmy BC. It's different this year we count Peterson but still I mean why the different. You know I think that he could walk away and not go to with the parts of no we could but it's also different because he's he has one more year of college left he's still not a senior in college. It's four years after his draft year are up but only because he played one year of USC challenge and went to college so. Where Jimmy BC. Graduated he needed to turn role regardless. Cal Peterson. Could decide not to sign go back to college one more year and Dan turn pro after. We routing terrorism are a function here in the studio repeated but anyway. So I think this is the deference that which is either party. ES to decide do I wanna turn pro or delay wanna go back for my senior year that's number one dad who wants to decide that. Which most likely will be I'm turning pro. And we'd be OK am I think when the sabres are not. I think there's a very. Good chance that sabres could lose. A guy like Linas hallmark to Las Vegas. In expansion. Like that when we're gonna protect them. Why would you protect them why would a kid and you would lose the rocker here whose arm. There's a chance why you you were not protecting Islam mark your protective manner and there's a thing that's a different story so you're losing you may be knows that a goalie you'd need to replace that you have south you'll end. You're his Johanneson dad is coming to Rochester next year. So who will be wit Johanneson it would be me be in the units hallmark annual Hanson but if you lose all mark you need a spot that you need to sign calpers and you need to keep. A house with at least four goalies. Does your developing or. Your are moving forward to wit and so Peterson is is a big part of as in two or three years from now he's the guy and you have to have that. Knocked on already. Risks looks like he's gonna disagree. It on line and Iowa I don't want it. Think if you I would like to see Carol Peterson signed this year. I would like to see him in Rochester I'd like him to be the number one goaltender I want him to go through his ups and downs and you will be asked to do I wanna see him play 55 teams in the minors in a pro sending not not in non college. In a pro 65 is all but 5550. Imperfect it is 655. Letter with 55. You know and and 55 will be a lot program. I believe it will be a lot for him coming from the net to the pro game 55 games is a lot of gains for the goaltender. I think he's gonna have some ups and downs throughout this season due to schedule and loss ride Basra of everything you know that you your. Living on his own the whole shooting match. But you want him to go through that's the whole point of sending these young guys the miners who they date understand the pro game. And I wanna see him have his ups and downs there's there's nothing wrong with having ups and downs. But I would like to see him. In in in Rochester next year that I think it's cute I think all mark will will now come up and be the backup for for minor. OK so now. Let's go back to think Wal-Mart would be the one you'd protect. And at Vegas when dot com and pick up now. I don't believe that they well. Why it was a matter and they appear in appear as a matter if they do well then if they do. You. If you're thinking letters are number one goal lead moving forward again for next season okay. Andy do now you have to start right back to zero and look for one goal ethical planners note there Marty. There's a few very very were to vote lose reminder. Who might not be applauding this I know a popular decision but let's just say hypothetically you lost from a letter and you needed a final number one goal means. Couldn't you couldn't you bring in Ryan Miller for a year to. Know oh he's so. All I'm saying I'm saying they're are trying to look Lilly's out there that goal writer and art goaltenders out there I think that if it's something devastating in that matter happens where you lose. Robin. You don't want Iran looms. OR and you have to replace it with a better goal okay sure I better goalie is not Brian Elliott. It's Steve Mason have got a goalie is not Steve Mason. A veteran goalie. Is maybe Marc-Andre Fleury. But yer are paying a lot more than what you'd be paying Robin Lehner. And the options that are out there two years though Andrei Pavel like ER slap a lot. I mean that's you just named you guys are better than. That's around my area none of these guys are better than soul. Rate now yeah Yale Ben Bishop was available is not anymore. You know I mean a goalie market is is slim and now. I guess that the question is do you do you wanna lose a young goaltender possibly use lose a young gore turn all mark. I'm probably. You know our realm we either do I then protect planner and that's the idea let's. We got to move on here to the point but just just to throw something matches here Mario. Here are a list of USA goaltenders top to bottom by salary not buy it ranking Ryan Miller Jonathan Bernie Steve Mason Andrei Pavel liked. Brian Elliott. Robin Lehner he's an RF face Chad Johnson. Bomb. And then you know from the area are starting to get into some some unknowns. But. This and I think that you couldn't. You can finest if you lost. Maybe I'm wrong I'm open but I let's let's do this let's go to the point is a topic for to the point next week mark. To the point is presented by Jim's steak Al by the way and what do they tell hated you. We Jim do it ever. Fugitives eat at him. Marty that's convincing. The all right first top got thirty seconds I look at lunch at Jim's right now go to throw thirty seconds on the clock please gentleman in the back it's time and effort to the point first topic. Of the Jim speak or to the point is. Do you have a problem with Kessler's style of play. Rank test once the first Smart conservative. Where as the clock has army sure I get the cardinals are when you start talking no I don't have any problem would rank Kessler's title played did I have a problem at twelve amused I'll play when he was winning all these cops know it's the you got a plea to try to be successful in the in the national arguing the playoffs. You have a rolled. Used to fill that role. It's fine as they go over the line sometimes yes but that's the way to listen Michael Mecca against elect's reaction in the late nineties against the Ottawa Senators. With exactly the same way. Stuck on them like balloon. If sick between the leg grabbing his Jersey put those in the face. That's the way you win. Oh man river. Give a prom a strike call dial my lord I had allowed salute the law of Ryan Kesler I love the way he plays he is one of the best draw men in the league. He's a player that during a regular season. He scores du 22 goals 25 goals a year and puts up your Europe around sixty points he's one of the best he's up for the self control the award this year for the best defensive forward. But he's more than that he's nasty he makes you want to hate him and he's the guy that you want in your team. Love the way he plays. The only shots at last night. Sodden. Clothes fought. So listen he had great Corey hit the post that was even shot yet again the chance to score I think it was in the third period maybe the second hit the post. Listen that to me this is the guidance trying to just the fan now enjoy Anthony's trying to get trying to score or. You when he's in the offensive zone he's defensively responsible when he's learned of defense's own he's a boat. Not allowing the other team to score when he's in the offensive zone he's making plays and what I likable Ryan Kesler is not a perimeter player he's not the outside guide to big shock from the outside. He's driving the net bump in the goaltender get in their face. He is he is just a terrible guided defend against when he's in the offensive zone yeah I was just. With the person the sign that someone had there aren't what the opportunity. At all armor it's percent of the country you cut the robbers. Well let's robbers or robbers and the new style Marty. Get you actually once you know the ones informant a male ones now there's there's river and there's risk gripe I have used greatly expand. Should this. Few people actually where robbers honestly that's I don't know as a writer that show things like guys do it to be funny Horry can't actually that's accurate now eight unity what you Wear that operate there I wouldn't Wear you know you know where am I I'd Wear this at it like it charity golf tournament you wanna be funny one angle where bumpers put that. In on the golf shoes on an ego that's the only time where I would see UPD wearing a romper years ago. Sabres alert like alternate years ago after a 5 AM visited him stake to see you know Robert and this morning that. Could this Dave Roberts got the night before there. How shall we let's carry out until just stake out heated germs if you get there before foray have it's still a great time. Can Pittsburgh come back if they don't get healthy. Listen I'm trying and it. They're gonna have a tough time even if they are healthy I just think that right now auto lot seems to really be. Playing within themselves. And they they know their style of play date trust their style of play. And it's it's it's not to it's not rocket science the way they these guys play the game their defensively responsible only care vote defense first and then they allow their offensive abilities to take over when they have the opportunity. Time to spare Mario but you can't do that. I am about how good doesn't it I'm just what's in these highlights right now but yeah I think of bird can't come back even though don't get healthy. They got Trevor Daley back in the last game in deeply seven defensemen I think playing seven. I've ill panes the cold Rui gold. They struggled big time and that is one of the big thing is if Trevor Daley can be a factor is thought Crosby of sub market you slept castle. But I mean all pac man I mean. A lot of good players there are cell. You need a couple of saves but I hated it when. Quickly as we don't have it in the rundown Marty and has to be quick to face so I seconds. Blum will the penguins come back Emery. C I wouldn't. Just yeah. Come back before I come back the flurry with a short leash but recommend not dirty said that a flurry is going to be the guy I don't think so I didn't see them yet they have either. Maybe it's Everett or maybe I was Mayan sites groups are. I dropped apple and settlers plan tonight report. And that. OK so next I'll wait on. News is Larry is. I'll look through Twitter and you you'd date. Next topic in the gym stake out to the point is should the caps five year. Very trots. Rib eye we'll start with you because I know that you you you think very trots is a hall of fame coach who right. I will say this that they do that the sabres talked to acquire. I mean. Listen I think very trucks is one of the best coaches in the National Hockey League his last two seasons with the Washington Capitals. They won the presidents' trophy. Best team in the National Hockey League. They did not get it done. And there having a heck of a time getting over the past one organization that's the Pittsburgh Penguins. Com. But I I don't believe it's very trots I think that he coaches he's done he's got a lot of success. In his career in nine you would be a he he's exactly what you need. Players at some point some players not to take some accountability to re all that wasn't the question should they fire. In this fire now. No I don't think they should fire Barry trots but I think he's getting one more year and that's about it is track record. With the Nashville Predators and now the Washington Capitals are one that doesn't seem to be. Bruce Boudreau like rape you did great regular seasons but you cannot do anything in the playoffs and that is I think. Very trust I mean boat reds and I had them the world championship he's a great person a great coach. A great teacher. I just don't think that the gives you dad jolt of energy at the Peter Laviolette Beckham's coming Europe that comes in and yells and get you goal and Mike Babcock. So that's what separates struts from. Being great the playoffs so one year that doesn't work that bill and quick. Coming back to my research on Twitter. Renal have watched TV sports says that met marine first Al this morning he had his own net in practice he will face a sense tonight Marc-Andre Fleury doing extra. Your insights sorcerer must be the guy served on the one that gets there. After the game starts you want to keep you guys in your toes doesn't know doesn't know what's on you you know and that's about it you're okay. Why don't what do you think about that decision necessary to play over Marc-Andre flo. Premature. Premature I'm not surprised about as I said yesterday it's great it's it's almost like a the penguins dream scenario they get to throw the guy in now that got the job done last year. Maybe just the right time in this to give your team a boost. What happens they went out. Well last year rate the same thing happened I came here five last year yep. Well doesn't matter they still made the decision flurry comes and plays phenomenal. They end up moving on your member what happened a year before that no wait wait wait. This is what happened last year game for Murray struggled flurry went in played well game five the start flurry he's struggled the law's game five they are down 32 in the series merry Kim's comes back in six and seven and wins. The move on win the cup. Now they're doing at the game early this year. It's game four. IA thought. Give flurry game four and at the struggles. And you come back and fight with Mary but you'd be down 31 point you know it is real I think this. Decision was made that he's gonna start its international I think he was made. After the pulled him against Ottawa wiley also a very audience got to play when mammary when and for the first time in the playoffs that was that was his that's when he got to snap back he agrees hitting a sharp he wouldn't be anywhere is getting there patiently knowing that Marc-Andre Fleury was going to pepper for 45 at some point maybe not all one period but it did happen. You know and remember what I thought it Chicago. Darling and Crawford Crawford was struggling in the one and one half hours. This could be also trying to get some. Wake up guys like yeah we were to change goalie what you need to play better. I may be this is a tad bit of the desperate move by the president acrylic and it is a move looking forward to next year because memories your guys if you sit on the bench. Truck diesel playoffs humane than you make a news conference about two more topics in the gym stick out to the point. Before we get to Darren trigger 1130 from Germany a lot talked to him about. Tom next topic who should win GM of the year it's. Is appalled Dorian peer PS are here Dorian. Sure rally and David port. Always wanna call. Sure rally Jeanne surely there was a goalie in junior. But what is it Peter shrimp industry. Whoever artists over the. IA I am good at night. Throw a dart on the wall and home I mean to me. I really don't know think it would I go Dorian because. Of everything that's happened with the that the team being able to acquire Mike Condon and keep the team in the in the playoff picture. Being able to trade today Jeff for for so hard it didn't really work well but it. It's working now I I don't know I mean maybe Doreen I don't think that portal in Nashville than anything special. Surely with the human trade you think that was a big monitor was it at its event wasn't really that good all year. I was gonna he's a great now but that was voted before the playoffs started and Pete is who men's number during the regular season which is okay. Over the and welcome you're over forty points. I don't know you answer Alitalia after 430 seconds. I am I. All all three guys extremely deserving I'm gonna go surely just because he made some bold moves things that were head scratch or tree and it all starts with the Larson trade. Being treated for Taylor Hall. Com. Everybody in the hockey world thought he was crazy when he made that move but he made it because. It was going to make his team stronger solidified. The back and which needed help. He brought in and a one year deal. Russell. Which I think it worked out for him and bring in in Milan Lucic this year was a big deal and the year before he brought in nom. And now. Can tell written the other Patrick maroon I mean he's in two years he's made some deals that have taken this team from the bottom all the way to launch. 21 outbreak could Jewelers and one usual it was a hand outs signing bring and there are I think. You know Zach Castano a deal was done both of those just before him or whatever lawyers who know what he's been able make of this guy I mean. Yes sometimes it is the deals of these guys make a couple what these guys turn into an organization isn't an instant success comes through convicting all get out of here no I don't think so at all you'd take Lucic and there you take your child or maroon and there during his camera to help put us their take Larson sort of their take Russell where there's either arsenal Lucic you can add just kind of. David and nobody else but I'm just seeing is the Edmonton Oilers are a team they are right now because of congregate while public that's how both the guys that were surrounded. Around comic David made him better get the opportunity on one night all Milan Lucic not playing very well let's just put Patrick maroon up there the next night all he's not plan wallet put Everly up there the next night it's it was a revolving door and but you're always playing with top end talent. And he. He wasn't there. Just to go okay negated if you don't play well we don't win you know what they had they had great great talent all the way through the lineup. And they they had a much stronger defense this year than they've ever had and they have a note never number one goaltender which they haven't had in ten years. All right Daryn Gregor coming up at 1130. So just a few minutes away we got to wrap up the segment here the gym stakeouts. To the point. Thank Marty thank Craig great stuff we'll be right back yet these gators WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSC. Welcome back via skaters Andrew Peters Kregg reframe Marty beer on. Marty so every now and then. Persons or was aware of started looking up these national day calendars like every game I've noticed something guys 15100 national days. In the year. I mean tennis 365. Conservative represented by probably five some more some last summer ones but some three. Today for instance has may nineteenth salute 12345677. Things that are. Import of significance. So. With the first when national doubles rooted their trigger coming up here too by going national doubles birthday cake. Devil's food cake day. National may raid which has finally mix of Brad May robbery. What is. A genius for national bike to work today. National defense trance. For patient national endangered species day. If you aren't endangered species. And national pizza party day in it's NASCAR day today to. Rev your engines. It's national pizza part in it. That applies like the national pizza party do you ever in the NASCAR pool a oh I love NASCAR rule. I would ask her I never light now aren't that I join the pool. And they quick sidebar here. The first year so we get George Babcock. Gave. But the guys that like cars or coupon. Not for you if you did so. I can't like the second or third overall act and it iGoogle acting Dale Earnhardt. Ideally on him you really had to think of that morning dale Bernard and I don't know it about Iran. It is the year 888. Trees the year no way he. So those like 2001 yours yeah. Now it was like night and never watch a watch my first Daytona 500 am loving it. And then there like he's in the lead straight to block for. For Dale Junior to be able to get up in front all thing in the law. It is damper on the fees. All right well we welcome the showed their trigger that's a tough act to follow Darrent welcomed the line here in Germany now. I am I'm in Cologne Germany I was looking forward to this segment but Marty just. Prior rate down to ground level you know. Guys who were killed in the line of duty. You know I bring it back up is IA I mentioned. A little picture your buddy Gordon Miller put on Twitter yesterday about did Gregor I failed the amount of why in in the year we have it on our screen right now the amount of white in years it's guys that at the table that had to be a lively event. Yeah well you know what you guys know this is act hockey players. You know there had built in a number of code broken like tweeting out pictures that's disasters say. Well April guard Miller there's always codes being broken there that's not a pretty brutal that he would do that I can't hurt their daylight. What happens at the drag your cap based eighties at the trigger cafe you know off camera at all. I betcha this morning and he showed his wife that pressure first thing in the morning local daring and dying he's drinking out here. Well and because. Dimensions of access to my bought there. Them do well there rave girl there. Dave Tomlinson of course there you know market group whose. I didn't see a big plate of chicken par on the table I think there's that's enough. It. So what else is going on there what do you what he got for us what's the biggest news you can give the investigators today. Well you know like. I'm not entirely out of the loop. You know from an NHL perspective. On because in covering the world. But you know folk rock creek where should be anathema Stanley Cup Playoffs North America but. You know here and in Cologne Germany Canada isn't set for us for the Russians currently big part of the new yesterday it was pretty obvious and that's. She mile pay. Frankly not showing up against the fans. I I'd like that American court coming into the world that I thought and got the good young talent they're Michael. You know color Larkin and go down the list of shoved a promising not roster locked. And it is a great preliminary round game against the Russians. You know they seem to be trending in the direction that they needed to and then if Lotto you know all respective Finland noted they later today Kinect. Quarterfinals while I was certainly a bigger story here and Coleman here. Yeah I don't think that was quite get over here yet. As a we we've talked about balance as him but I it was that game to say the least I know riven Marty are sold dialed into the world champion John you know it's funny though because everybody's. I can about the way that. You know our conference finals here Ottawa Pittsburgh Anaheim Nashville it's not really went DN HL had in mind out top teams. And now you're looking at the world championship. Finland will please read in which is a huge ivory and Canada Russia. Without probably exactly what the wall championships our organizational committee wanted to see. Yeah out a guy you know. I never I've been to Germany capacity through I mean you know I. You're going illegal Frankfurt or whatever but spent a little bitter primary not mark that building was. Gone bananas yesterday for the Germany Canada in. And you know as. German squad they'll let you know they kept portion bill. Look people you're right it's semifinals set up a pretty nice but you know clearly overshadow what's going on and National Hockey League now I get out you guys like. Again I'm watching from our side the B luxury like he had it on replay rather watch quiet lately. I I was curious and and was amused but reaction on Twitter Corey Perry on ending Acker remain at. Marty I guess what you're on the that is but. I didn't love the but doesn't that so little bodies would Corey Perry has. And I don't mean that they currently. I mean these guys scored cute cool and did again last night but to have the presence of mind or is dirty dance. It's pulled out act off in the way that he did it was pretty remarkable that's fair. Is there. And you look at that Corey Perry he. He's in that conversation now when a guy like Maurice Reshard we're demos overtime goal in one playoff series east side with Iraq and I mean that. For a guy that. Is known for is like we went out is is is greeting NASA and sometimes doing things just on the outside the line. To be able to score that big goal. In in a time where do you really need it eruption nothing he led its Lipton six minutes. Of the third period and Andy comes through it lucky bounce but still that's twice now he's done this against national thrown puck from bad angle and getting goals so. I've yet he got again of that court period some credit but I said on the air the other day and age just okay. TSN hockey insider Darren Gregor joining us on the line from Germany here on the investigators staring you hearing anything about team. Sabres coach. No and I want to be honest. Yacht doctor JJ earlier in awe again and I am somewhat. Is connected because of my assignment currently but yet you are you talking I've talked to bunch general monitors who are over here. It's usually aimed straight at earlier Oprah the potential of soul how we worked soccer game. Is been out there and whether connect the spot or connect it to the floor Packard doesn't matter. But it does say that I think is decent honorable is going in direction acts. I can't say that and of course there's always others in the speculation and you know last week we cycle on Earl being hired by the Buffalo Sabres. Is there fit with someone within that penguins organization. And wrecked pockets seems to be the most obvious. To me that. Pretty obvious. Lot I'm not. Willing to reporters stock or add any credence to it because that oxide or pocket. Or Jason auto specifically about that but it which the connection obvious and it does make them. What about a guy like as it Ralf Krueger again off period in Germany sought out there may be some some. Word out about Ralf Krueger because he's involved in the soccer over there what's that what's the word there. Well look there's all registered broker. I had her record hitting coach coach tell me the other day. You know he's. Handful of major junior team. Call him trying to connect them with Ralf Krueger. You know European team they're always doubt it will Ralph Krueger and their NHL interest in crop per hour. And and I would that'll be surprised if he's done bottles left. The problem that. They might. They being off or any team in the national security is Kruger gotta wanna come back to the NHL. Com and select we all the complications. Like you know it's on who plays over here. His family is pretty established in Europe. He's got an unbelievable. Job and my understanding is again not reporting this distract just what I've been all. Yeah they make helpful owed them money and and by comparison. I would suggest that whatever any team's gonna pay them you know you get a date that take up. Is he willing to do that just yet I don't know so I can't discount him. I'll let it I don't know what blotter list but I'd be surprised if you blood and on the list given the outside interest in Ralph Krueger overall. Disarmed China the last few are for Britain but it revs his purple. You're talking. And it has been a little noises giggling over here a Hoosier gee everybody here are you got a kick it's unbelievable this. I don't know I guarantee you actually believe you actually believe that. Not know but I feel there dependable leader and Rabat I'm not throwing -- are you comparing you to jump colonial. But I I'm a dog on television and on radio city's famous diaper. Where he doesn't really you'd have to really think anybody is watching or listening and all that year low but it. I applied for auto. I no no it it's entirely believable. I. I've done is muted but does that they thought Jeff O'Neill is is notorious for. Often there. Lake when he thinks the Mike is down seeing something and the comedy made at the trade deadline this year when he asked teams that the profits up on that because Harvey cry burgers. And it went on the air or we'd get a get a transition to an interview. It's hot button achievable. The other dog yet and a cocker let's again as you visited Syria have. Of the year you have Dorian you have. Oil and surely who are you liking. For me and then I mean that's a great respect for their oil. It between Dorian and and Peter surely there's the issue naturally without. It is yelled as the pieces that you know just landed in at like upn and doesn't get a bigger than Condit gave it. Bloody get big some little you know significant deals including count all the for me was one of the most underrated stories in the National Hockey League is here I don't think he got nearly up cracker for. You know what he did in in helping me Edmonton Oilers finally nailed down a playoff spot went around against battled day in and push the Anaheim Ducks still. In battle. Is there acknowledgment guilt even the Taylor all traits for Adam Larsson. You know in the ball I think most of the thought that the orders blocked that deal because Taylor all book is the best player in the deal. But Adam Larsson. As stabilize that blue line and you know in auto lock your door and was was fairly old and maybe it's starts with a higher. Keep we should keep in shape the it guy out there and and for some reason he's a bit of a short term got a look at the results that he's getting. From that Ottawa Senators game and then there are other moves sitting raids that are paying dividends as well. So why were giving the accurate prop yet you give it to about preacher only but just by a fraction over here or. I don't know I I I'm with the I think I'm I'm I don't think I see. You take we gave it off the roster. Retake the guys around him off the roster of the loot she eats the Larson yeah I'm coming out other pieces and I I mean you could have been David there but. I still think he's done a phenomenal job and I think it's unfair that everyone says hey you know has beat Davidson he doesn't deserve it. What about it drags the fact that. This awards only been going for seven years and three of the winners were fired by their teams just two years after data area. I cursed the edge GM of the year award going forward you look at even got I advise him and his team now and even make the playoffs the Jim Rutherford may not be with the Pittsburgh Penguins for many more years. He was last year's winner out. Is this what do those with the GM's decision you know wet I'm fine being Kenya away from the spotlight for this one. I guess Marty but. You know your card to book a couple of very experienced guys insure rally and saying David oil lap so in peer orient it. And I other superstitious there attachment to it got. You know what I think of a client commitments now they like I I think it was more that cannot be electing all are the oil out here. You know a lot of it was injury related that doesn't last like you will be Isaac. Band and the fact I think if he does an excellent job as the general manager. Of the lightning so. There is that of a bad rap that all that but I'm pretty sure that every guy in the final category this award would be rolled up aerial water letter. All right Daryn Gregor TS and hockey insider every Friday we appreciate it from Germany to thank you very much hailed otter. Oh yeah like Europe and culture the life here a lot yeah senior editor felt in the background. No noon. No idea all their ago. And Arum yeah now. But there's I don't know the name and people are going to be mad at you bring in enough that they don't know the name. But there's the payment cute Beagle here in Cologne. But it just spectacular so. They get bumped up the people are. PD and let somebody else Google. And you'll see the pictures that that stopped any. Do yourself a favor watchdog an uphill confession we'll talk to next Friday. Modulator starent rather he'll be back next Friday every Friday 1130 we'll be right back for a couple minutes here for our final segment on Friday. And appears to aggravate Marty beer on the investigators live and MS GWG a sports field by fifty. It. But. Welcome back to the investigators sad day here. Got to say good bye to somebody if I'm playoffs not even no one's out James Donovan. A cage James Bond here in the show completely irrelevant. As an intern and the Twitter he's leaving today. That is national peace that it is national pizza party day. And he's leaving on the right takers Christine. Who's probably the biggest piece to the bills organization brought down pizza and wings for the boys here. Economist James enhancement donuts change artist on us today Rory has. Like sir I can and business. So there's Jane's right there in the red shirt and then if you take a look back to the double glass doors there's the there's the big boss man and there's JJ to the last. George would you waved George at a epic fail like kick ball last night. There's Jeff on the bottom stream but James is John James. We will not miss you. Arriving here at 9:59 for 10 o'clock show. Leaving here at 1159. And show that ends at noon so we wish you very good luck in all of your future endeavors. Investigators we love you James and we'll be back Monday and you want a I.