05-21 Bills UDFA WR Robert Foster on One Bills Live


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Robert Foster from. Alabama you to sort your chair you're six foot two and you're sure this one here and thank you physically comfortable like the way you. If you larger factor that we appreciate you are now and then the a couple of weeks at the conferees on the men you know just embracing everything you know. Think and everything in and had taken advantage of it happens we can't you you came in here from me with Brian Cabell yet so did it mean seventeen is you know what I like of one in Martinez and I think this chemical. Yeah it is an army and I. It's. Is the fares and nom I'm trying to take advantage of everything I'm not going to element passive causes cause you know my uncle back and tournament time and now. He non we had a little businesses so you know I want in that take advantage of it you know. We asked Iran when you were we're talking during the commercial break. Why Alabama now clearly it's you know on the premier program in the country that you grew up just outside Pittsburgh a little bit you had a choice between either. Go to Alabama are staying close to home downing that I over I want to be the best fare because we've been that NASA and I couldn't do that at Tina. I love the university but I had a choice nine Nazis. Alabama because you now want to compete as well. Yeah I mean you were there you were in three national championship games you want to it and yet that. Might not happen definite head right now and I'm at that miss not marketed out and Sparta and not denying charges. And again I did it for the best in the right area. They they give reputation. An element for coaching yeah pretty assortment. It pulled punches and you know. They don't babies through you know a hand through it they expect you to stand up and get it right there united preparing for the next level and taken advantages in mr. references goats and talk about like I'm accurately if you if you're good enough to play. And I hate it definitely talk about it you know cause him promise me through things nice that I have opportunities there. To pay for announcement sentence in a room. You know one announcement sentences and also you know also have an opportunity human agree with that I did so. I mean I I today and you think that in because he promised me today and he's the man of his word accepted it with your degree. I have communications. Yes. To still talk to you we were talking to that you were merely tang. You don't know he came up near buffalo you don't know anybody bomb that Illinois just any kind of so the other day you guys all all the rookies to have fizzled your pocket money sure we're really now a fairly odd that this tonight and causing learn. You know just to have a better and this is who said the that time that we have in Nam I decided this is growing and make some birdies and become over the sauces and sits in Jenkins is. Sit in the back and it's and answers about that's great weather for that episode of the show I did all right and I get ten minutes ago whether he had the advantage also that there are why buffalo when you your you've gone drafted did you think you'd gone drafted number two I'm I'm an anatomy meets Gaza it's the united and he did decimate it goes there velocity you know because basically say you know -- would -- it's at these two guys. These statements taken advantage you know I mean. I just want to it is it is to make an impact on some guys team and a any carry over. Got to be some from the office terminology that kind of thing. Say you're pulling it from the vets you might be more veteran in this office anybody else. Not really I'm still lands is what anybody else's then they'll come by and running so common the down now. I could then I was only a thousand other opportunities in the silk is my ability size how to take event is a Vietnam. A lot of to use the Kenya as a vertical threat you know be and it puts it no movement in that embracing and yet so. Doesn't ever it's an event is you know as the sonic is my ability Ian Brennan and that great time. As the don't want the F 4413. Best accomplished yes yes there must have felt like job done when you let that I mean I was trying to compete you know on nine and against the city organizers felt like I was this. And sent predicament is Democrats it is attached to suitcases myself. Tells about the atmosphere there is you know because you're you you cannot parachute Indianapolis you don't know whose committee got a you're in the middle of the same guys you played against Smith and seen on TV you know that so how what was the five like in the group. It was definitely bless him you know I'm it was a new one that's non needs is me not him. Great players you know it is competing against them united misses less and there you know it is always be remembered so. It was definitely invest infamy you know and is being around it in on him ban on us around as there are those great players and it is embrace and Annan. Lot of fun yes sure that it definitely was Robert Foster bills rookie wide receiver encrypted free agent from. Alabama last year out of every your senior year bomb you clocked just fourteen passes but it talk about one of them. A 52 yard touchdown catch against Colorado State that would. We had a nine yard you know call Kos car in the NASCAR who's this random are and in these. He knows Ayers is the commander on the outside needs is merely good commission and now. I did everything else at the day he knows how to make a play for the team mean it is it is if blue applause those commute in and I mean is it just took advantage of everything. Is that where you went to Alabama Saban. Promise you something to anybody I promise you anything when he got to buffalo what they tell you not very contract I don't know what promises to survive what they say they'll resist commenting in compete basically not a. I don't I don't want promises not all I don't want promises that are you know only anything my my thing is fifth so it's a work for at the end of the day and I'm happy to be in part of those mafia and hopefully I can be it was so there's not been Libyan. And make an impact on the team that impressed me anything as is going to be able to compete in in guarded and made those mafia would Newton would need to feel on top. Robert when you go to Alabama you probably know that they're not a team that's gonna fill the air with footballs or an act mr. with him much there and pleasure you play analyst said the guy Ridley who. Really might have been the number one target over us and our. Already out in a note how management is a great great theory nom nom I'm learn from him nonsense and naive how he's so strong he's really it's all. Great route running arms kind of learn things about Baghdad in on which is being a stronger you know taken offensive. Certain size the corners and everything's on time and this Cink is much that possibly can't. So you come into a locker room like in the NFL it's a little different than it is Alabama for one thing yet like 200 guys now badly cut. Now even with this gotten medium hair is cut down you'll. If you do you make fatigue won't believe the first day stretch from the collectors like nobody out there you know so but you walk in their. You know with some of the guys Eurasian some number thirty years old the five years old time about what that's like walking in and and what's the vibe like in the locker. About that vibe is basically you know I'm I'm ready China's. Go to connection with the benefits in on the guy I am kind of audiences I'm 24 is those of I'm just kind of delivered basis it would then you know means try to do is do go about it. The dual standard in Emmy goes to the one that does cause some call 111 and I abide do there's there's job and I'm just kind of world gold I'd you know I'm in China take human president. Nominated if there's going to me this in the right direction and I asked them can do is just follow his direction equality and railways would think about sort of OTAs tomorrow do you think the the atmosphere or changes over the oh yeah I mean we're all it's going about their compete take advantage there opinions is half fine and then today this laugh. Robert good luck to you thanks for coming by here and if you shake it let me go to right that the our Alessio thank reverend Robert cluster bills rookie wide receivers Stephen I've back tomorrow moment one bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills read.