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Howard and Jeremy
Wednesday, May 24th

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Affidavit portals symbol here somehow or another they have turned this franchise in Jules master and production of defense. And I level good defenseman. People talk what the top order here right now potential you can get well. They traded structure which I had tough sport to get Bryant Johansson and they still have a defense like this. Must also you know shooter left in the year before that interviews well and yet that they need to keep producing the talent. That's that's an honorable life here are just spits them truly excels. So as Pete Weber the joined. Bulldog yesterday fine and on demand WGR 550 dot com. Do your. Justin Bradford the author of a book called the making of smash they'll. Among other things GQ covers that the president is down their national makings mashal a host and lead writer for penalty box radio. In Nashville as well covering the NHL. Anna on one into the game as well so without further ado Justin bred for joining us on the AT&T hotline just and good morning thanks for I think isn't time to join us. That's her rock soul other parties on non game days to Ehrlich what happens in the interim what happens in between games. Well you know last night and actual what I noticed being around downtown area work. Everyone was glued to their keys these 1462 in Pittsburgh Penguins and Ottawa Senators. Just wait nuclear potential. In downtown national and international area in the suburbs. And every TV glued. Our game that was not including the national team everyone is waiting to Q was going on talked and right there shows off the maturation most. A hockey fan base international can secure their QB to ever won was glued to TV watching game 6 of the Eastern Conference final. You have a you've booked in the making of smashed a lot I haven't read I've just. Actually interview yesterday because we have a mutual Twitter follow more than that kind of hooked us up and said I should talk to use so. Well let's let's go back like as far back as you as you as you'd like to go. But if you're grow to tell the story of a hockey in Nashville. From start to finish where do you begin well liquidated start to feel real the national could be a real hockey market it in that's assuming that. You know the rest of the hockey world kind of accepted as one right now. Sure sure I mean go back to making a hockey in the city national arching goals for the predator and the state had. That people really accepting him hockey match or repeat the agreement passed that you. Eight years what are really boomed in the actual grip accused Iran and T national for very long time are you bought my elite teams you're the Dixie plotters intended certainly using them in there. The nights. In the early nineties took kind of been around a little bit and building the framework for hockey these people have enjoyed going to the game or national predators came along and ranking I'm seven person yet and I hate the most and people have to be educated about it and it's of the ideas there that you have to stick to time to educate a brand new Candice to a sports. And it would have predators did that so closely from time lot of people want to make it to what happened there and he you can teach and tried fault. And trying to educate people and expect people to know you can kick the time to educate folks about the game while important will the rules are from that picture of the game. People appreciated even more and that really helped build a foundation for the fan base so back in 98 many times they're doing hockey 101 classes. And in arena radio broadcasts will include hockey well one of why this call made while the little ball and things like that article very long way in then. The atmosphere. You know approach people what Marc Collins were optical insult toward and infliction through three which of the creepy fan base. Section there in in the virtual arena. Say you're you know we're gonna make this woman may not be winning for the first few years that's franchise but you know we're gonna have fun. Agricultural pot plant hamsters and soccer chant to things to make it far and removed and French workers and just aren't up to the lock out the very first year we made the playoffs. Check on him. Hurt in terms of that the momentum there too then in 2007. Barbecue almost moved to Hamilton Ontario become Hamilton predators gym facility at former CEO. The Blackberry turned move its merit had a premature. But season ticket dressed. And our interior so and that actually you look back ten years ago yesterday. It will and that still almost happened. For the predators or move for her arm carrier so the vet. Hit your behind and are you think ten years ago this week occurs almost moved and now they're moving from Stanley Cup final and from then. They continued to really build your new ownership coming and new leadership come in and it it just goes from here are bringing in the right people to make sure that this city grew right way and the organization report the report way. One got has that been there for awhile and David Boyle did the GM. On Wednesday when Justin Bradford on the predators here 11 theory I had there and we talk for the slowed early in the show. He's been there for so long. I I don't mean this as a criticism but I wanna I wanna ask do you feel like in and in a more traditional hockey market they're would have ban. I know more outraged mean worm buffalo we we don't saying about things Manama on the field does that mean in Toronto all right if things aren't going fast enough. You gotta get met your fire people do you think that you're by the David Boyle would have lasted as long. If it was a more traditional hockey market like that the people call for firings and call for heads I'm sorry if this sounds like and demeanor how market but I think a lot of hockey fans wonder. If the spotlight is as intense and it's the standards are as maybe even. No public high in a bad way like what would you have the same kind of fate somewhere else do you think. Don't know I think you're totally right and protein that is needed but national organization in itself event. When you look at how long Barry trot lasted was projection phenomenal produced coached period in any sports they're just doesn't happen anymore you have. Expectation that people want got to win a championship here in. They can deep run in the very attractive quirky. He could with the Ross he was given. Based on that internal budgets are also given our ownership of the partners or salary cap but who took along TARP supporters even. Think the most in a year that salary cap so that's always good about. Where beer truck could do was get the team at least that's articulate with what you're given David oil had to do that part. Planning to write free agents making him. Clever trade here in the airplane leasing about a potential between parent especially. When you know when they think they're treated or cured for Berkett thinking located in the year about the past year in terms of point. Patrick massacres ever had in the regular season in the going to recruit around first round injuries and helped. But I mean he can overcome injuries so after that prepares problem a lot of people thought okay clothes are on track and accomplish it stuck through it. It has been a lot of people that called retina that. Another part of the maturation of all the sports town they're cute when people are calling for firing and so they revolve not been safe from that in terms of sand. When they don't that you betrayed or they need to think that the team left to play out too early the ticket items they got a part David Kuo but he stuck around to it. The net patient and kind of paid off. And CE Schoen. Like so many other GMs to the economic equality straightened the maturity he's pulled off the past couple seasons have been phenomenal for the French Open for the future. Are there as well everybody has their loved lecturing from our Novato. Now but but that didn't hurt him mirrors much that people probably thought I could. Read such refrigerated bring in Q bearing retreat in purple underpants until. Yes obviously people calling for firing the normal it happened. Heck even earlier this even people were saying should Peter Laviolette be on the hot seat at the predators on the depressed that the primacy and so. Yeah that that there are things some of those things that in the market awaited here. Patient a group of ownership and just hoping Coakley trusting the process. Justin Bradford and the AT&T hotline covers the predators and author of the making of smash bill. On the soon ban trade you know a lot the hockey world was kind of split on that and I would say most lobbed it for the predators but. National fans would have banned. To some degree invested in in Shea Weber he'd been their for so long and events such an important part of that team. When that trade happened that day how does national react to that that day. Other blowout fire. Patrick Burke cook all over social media. Everywhere it was a lot of shopped. If you had a lot of mixed reactions. Are and the ridiculous just like that people investments where virtually Webber once. The most maybe it's a franchise what got people excited. Altering the hardest shot of the cavaliers up a big hit the beard. The adjustment being the captain so many different things sure whoever was natural predators for the longest time. Payment people didn't work too familiar with Kiki Cuban news that you endorse trophy winner they merely played for Montreal that. PM Eastern Conference only solve 22 yet what you eat and and that so that really shocked a lot of people there put them and settled down and the majority of people sort of realizing hey nurturing for different cement. Perhaps more speed he can pass the plot your skill the pocket they're staying till he's younger departure maybe more accurate term to just capture it. But overall. It's better right now compared to what what would happen much leverage our retire early in the natural get burned but the but overall you've been brings more in terms of what Peter Laviolette each of the system that he runs. And it took a little bit while it is even for people to kind of grow on and even then even convene turkeys and even with particularly dealing with injuries. Throughout the entire regular season a lot of people sort soul there's even points in the playoffs there are people still are sold on it so. If it's really hard to long process for people I want to get over because I understand the connection whatsoever what to move on the it's been far tougher on folks just because the lower ridiculous at times and people are used to change like that compounds such a big change than that that. Yeah I mean that's I don't regret. It but that's a that's a trade that that defines the league's offseason and this is not a big trade for a team that's a big trade for a league especially. For players to be swapped one for one like that. Which was charged with regard to the the predators here. Are are we talking but does it feel like house money or now here in the cup final I guess what I. I think about heartbreak for for fan base is no fan fan bases are often defined by their disappointments in buffalo we have lots of them we remember them we. You know tear up on thing about some of the great teams that fell short sometimes you have the a year where they expectation is win or it's a failure other times it's. I'm just loving this ride and I hope my hope we win it. Where is that the heart of the national fan like afraid of heartbreak playing with the house money. Can't believe this is happening and you go and is the sixteen seed in the playoffs I don't know how many people this would have seen this coming. Yeah it's it's crazy to think that the roller coaster then purchase in terms that you're a stand. An actual person you're going into the sea than all the hype was there from national media national hockey media E. A. SPORTS team can win the cup that it. Video game. Mean all the hype was there and then all of sudden October happened and the part analysts. Groups that are really bad. Beginning to deceive and Turkmen natural predator until people over at them expectations dropped and they stayed pretty. Mainly wavered a lot in this recovery in the middle recovered. And expectations though. Has been minute. And then something that's been unique because when expectations are high in the community and they kind of went into the middle. During a record keeping an ultimate sweep Chicago and then people normal paper when the cup now the Chicago Blackhawks it it's pretty crazy to see how the role of treatment for the image you're acting now. The national borders amber at that point to where they're just happy to be in the cup final given what happened in direct or even. For obvious Q are you wanna help a lot of things to their application no you better when you get all of it's better win but majority of people going to be. Happy with the pointer right now because it's tremendous progress. From where they were last. Just making the Western Conference finals that progress that the most people said spokesman that I talked Putin won't pay. Meet the western governments are all policies and politics that's what happens from there happened at least they made it this far obviously they want to. Winning the cup where at this point now it. Along for the rock whatever happens happen enjoy it and I think that's people who have been pushing out just enjoy this one people and other market. It chain just enjoy this run because it's something that's actually special for the city and for the team itself. Just the Bradford covered the predators joining us one last thing Korea so what happens next what what I mean by that is. You know I think the NHL does have some success stories about nontraditional hockey markets Austin Matthews being drafted number one overall growing up and Arizona. Mean you have to kind of point out that they got a hockey team there hasn't been successful. But kids started playing hockey California. Kids started playing hockey in Tennessee in Nashville in the surrounding areas is youth hockey. Has it seen an uptick in the number of players and do you think this will lead to like pelican baby boom of hockey players. Call it a huge. It and you meet me and I think just look in the last three to four years because the predators been more successful the playoffs and being more successful workers even in having a lot of young players being a little more flashy and and when the watched its production in the room here aren't here in national or are they break ground this summer on the next rink ought to worksheet to bikes. Arthel west's national that'll help bring up our total. Five she included Bridgestone arena sorry it starts have been cheaper to members are here and an intentional and an even more of their Q what what. Well I would refer to it that adult league dropped pop up targets for me. It really really late on Sunday because Sunday to really be used hockey days and so I'm we're having puck drops at 1030111130. At night. Rocketing on down because there's so many slots that are being saved and used youth hockey. If there actually and saying in a very good way of people join up USA hockey being huge year. Really pushing the group a game in high school hockey continues to grow here as well in armor team picture for hard school hockey heroes championship milk and that's the testing any remote links that are for concern there well over 2000 people in attendance for a dude actually and saying yeah. Chanting cheers would cut into their and everything. And then you have to travel hockey teams we have an 83. They chill junior hockey here and there shall dwell in the end result would be one College Hockey just an hour perhaps south and Huntsville. That's really seen a Bluetooth because the partners people want to see prospects. Potential NHL are from her. In hunch oh well so it's helping me and tiger region. Now the national particular in terms of a hockey people be aware of it and helping kids want to play hockey and that's just what you want it to you wanted to take a generation for things to really. You're going with this kind of sport especially in a quote unquote nontraditional area and so it's it's moving trend here I can't wait to you in the next ten to fifteen years how many potential. Draft picks are that the current middle Tennessee. Now all right just a brat for Justin congratulations on not the funnier having into. We wish you continued on I think I most of the hockey world is kind of cool with Nashville and kind of happy for the predators have a say it's not like you know on the same old teams of Pittsburg it's and you got plumbing people that hate Pittsburg. Philly Boston and nobody hates Nashville yet maybe that's the next step right is getting to everybody chipped. Night just a retina are you so much thank you just a Bradford author of the making us mashal as the predators are in the cup final of course and that waiting for the winner of this series. Between. Ottawa and Pittsburgh which is not over yet they'll go to a seventh game metal beat tomorrow night.