05-24 The Nightcap HR 1

Thursday, May 24th

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I decided to start the computer and our quarterback this week. And like that yeah. I don't mean Titanic. And in my options and come sometime so for those of you and try to be ready and have tried to be ready since their stats that you're in this facility so there's and a great returns from. I don't just have to get things. Then nightcap with the Bryan gates on WGR. Sports Radio 550. The total load of denying him his own thing Turks. The price. Yes. Welcome into the night cap here on WGR Sports Radio applied it the no rank gates. Dare Kramer jedi BSE were hanging out with you again. Not just tonight but also tomorrow we're and we're getting down right now. Just a little more connected that's more adjustments and that's what's just jam out here man it's been it's been a they're tough couple days now. If you've been listening you know it's we've been tackling the tough topics and of course I don't blame anyone for any sort of fatigue a blame anyone for you know. It'd it has been exhausting anything like that. NN we're here we're here for you with the chill vibe snide here on the nightcap as Ryan would like it to be. Self bills OTAs have gotten started. First weeks overweight it's over it's done and as the open would suggest based computer that might have a little more of a hole. India bills quarterback competition and many of us would have original like to a suspected. You've got Karen you've got. Peerman you've got Josh Allen mostly conversation those been more on the two new additions were freezing McCarron come in from the Jeep from the yacht since that it angles I'm Scott cats mixed up there. And the draft pick at number seven overall Josh jail. But it seems like the bills are playing a little bit of a you're forgetting about someone because Nathan Peerman splitting it first team reps at. OTJ's how much you read into it. Probably not too much but at the same time we have to be reminded at this point. Maybe there is something to neat appearance presence when it comes to this. Quarterback battle that's going to be coming up in training camp. Yet and we were talking on the softer a little bit I thought it was interesting to your cell earlier today with a much of the bulldogs say. That he thinks maybe were not paying as much attention to Peterman is maybe we should be and he could be a bigger factor in this quarterback competition. That we think. But the thing back a couple of years when they drafted when they cite answer the sign Matt Cassel right in the treated and afterwards I Matt Cassel. And you've got EJ Manuel there and they signed Tyrod Taylor's like. He besides that or is it okay. It's going to be like training camp guy needled make the team is the third string quarterback but that we'd never I don't think we seriously took Tyrod Taylor. As being a part of that quarterback competition like the third guy and then he kind of sneaks his way in their he plays really well pre season he wins the job. So. I don't wanna say it is going to be similarities to the situation. In terms of Peter doing that same thing but that's kinda what he has right now he's the afterthought in a quarterback competition we're gonna see go down here a little bit in with Josh Allen starting off as the third string. And being a rookie and being a rookie that was seen as being raw coming into this draft. And then you've got a fair and on proven veteran and AJ McCarron like the door is open there so if they do like Peter man I. I I do agree with what sells thought process was league maybe we should be paying more attention and. Yeah and it I'm one of those guilty parties I would admit it. Casino sometimes there would be some callers I would say something hey what do bunnies appearing in my area my response has always been. What about me computer. And it looks like I'm one of those guilty parties that means to us are taking a little more notice on this because. It seems that the bills coaching staff likes knees and vehement and ultimate meaning pay. That's that's what happens sometimes I say something it's not quite what I suspected and and and no one's surprise because it's kind of almost becoming my schtick at this point. Kirk stop talking. No I think that. This is going to bring out the best of all three of these quarterbacks just like how it did. In that training camp between manual Taylor and Cassel because you saw EJ Manuel. Even as the third quarterback at times. You know kind of stepping up to the occasion as well he saw Matt Cassel playing. Halfway decent throughout that pre season he sought Tyrod Taylor rise up and become the starter. One of these guys is going to win that can't jobs and I'd better hope that it goes that way in particular because it's. That's the only way that the bill's gonna have some sort competence a quarterback this year. If Josh Allen wins the job it's gotta be because he earns it. It can't be because of and I references a lot of times now. The plea portal situation in Jacksonville were Chad Haney was so terrible they had no choice but people like portals in before they wanted to. Yeah that's what the situation. Reads to me is. If Peter Main and McCarron are so bad that ailments that job by deep ball that means that. Maybe Allen's I've been necessarily ready but tie goes to a rookie. Yeah I'm looking at right now and I'm actually Trenton Britain's number and trying to figure out if I was gonna make percentage shots of who is going to be the starting quarterback and they won. The what's my gut feeling right now. And if I had this duet make me do it we're sitting here today. I probably see McCarron is above 5050. Excuse me he is. Cats and paid the most analysts on a lot but he's getting paid the most he's also a guy that we haven't seen from before only couple games and I think maybe they wanna get a look at him and I also think he might just end up being the best one wrapped bat because. Peter it's kind of McCarron just. What 34 years younger. Mean they were both fifth round picks there were both scene is like backups in the NFL. But the difference is the Carrey in and you know he's been around a little bit he's got a little bit to game action so I think he might even. More worth putting into the game so I would say 60% from Karen I would say probably 25 for Josh counts you never know. He could come out swinging in the pre season and training camp. And I heard Chris Brown today on the Merck talking about. Throws down twenty throws and passed when yards downfield today. No T shirt shorts. And T shirts and it would exiting T shirts and heroic long sleep I don't know why Iran marks sleep it was seventy degrees and beautiful outside some guys that did some Irish open training camp authorities should don't that don't they also we're short sleeves when it's snowing and ten degrees. That's the thing that confused me a football at any did figure out what to Wear on their arms and know when it's cold and know what it's. It was comical oil is wows me every year training camp when he's got. A hoodie on and sweat pants I'm like dude I'm sledding for you and how our you know what's going on. That's that's just incredible to see that kind of like. Holding choice in August I got a chart worth ago that all of the downfield pass so Chris Brown mentions today that passes down. Third passes there were tested further than twenty yards. He said Peter and did not attempt to pass passed its. He said McCarron had to he's at Allen hit eight of them. And I think that's what you're getting I think you're gonna have they're gonna see I think Alan obviously is the most physical tools so if he. Ghost of the pre season and he's connecting on those long balls that the other two can't necessarily do they just don't have the arm strength to do it then I do think either you know there's a decent shot the Joshua can do it bought. Like you said before if it's if he doesn't earn it if it's close with him in the Karen my gut feeling is still a little McCarron. Because they don't want Russian along and maybe will be the backup media we can be third string which he was today in OTAs so. I don't know as of right now I don't know what your feeling on this is there but I think it's more than 5050. That McCarron starting right. At Peterman what's left there 60% for McNair and 25 for Alan so 1015%. For Peter runs out of right I was kind of. And at the same wind and the numbers but a different ranking on the players I thought it would be 60% McCarron 30% Peter Mann 10% now. I think that this is still a true redshirt year for Josh down. And you know he starts up third on the depth chart and like I said it just don't wins the job it's because he's won the job. And he's impressed the entire time. I still think that the bill's gonna try to bring him along slowly because they do have me computer here. Let's do it and they do hold him in high regard. And by the way 8030550. Get your thoughts in on this what what do you think if what happened what is your thoughts that naked human and that being serious contender. For the starting quarterback job would you be in the open. To make it Peter and starting week one against the Baltimore Ravens. Because on that what you decide my thought process would be OK if Allen is the starting quarterback week one these have gone really well he earned it he looked phenomenal that's the reason he starting. If AJ McCarron is starting. Then I think it's okay he looked pretty good and they didn't see a lot of progression from Peter ring announcer raw and that's what I would pick probably in the happening. What is that. The plate Peterman and it's starting to me it's either an injury to McCarron an Allen still not ready. Or. I don't think this is very likely this is why have a lower than Alan because. Sure Peerman could just. Impress everybody and he committed show a lot progression. In his game but you know what he still is a little bit flawed when it comes as physical tools as quarterback that's why put I would think Allen has a better chance to start because. It's hard for me to see Peterman come out and flat out earned that job I think Ed Bass he probably looks can parable to AJ McCarron and I think it probably just that. So I do think he will be a part of this conversation but I do it's still think that he is the clear cut. Third most likely person to be starting quarterback for the bills week one. I wouldn't say third most like more than I'd say third but third when it comes to consideration by outside sources. Particularly national media. And even Europe local meat. Is that it's a lot of people are leaning towards if they think it's going to be Allen or for it's going to be McCarron. Which is something that I think. With what Sal said today needs to be checked because. We forget that the bills hold this man in high regard they put him in for a start. Cross country. While in the midst of a playoff chase. They did so you got to remember how highly of how highly they hold him. In India against the year again attempted fifty passes on the year did and complete half of them. He only ended up with 250 yards two touchdowns five interceptions. You can put those numbers and say OK in a lot of that might have been going up in garbage time defense is like against the saints and I mean they were throwing by the time you. Threw them out of that chargers game they were throwing every point is they were down 25 in the second quarter so. And then and then equate it the colts is a little bit different because obviously that game was nuts that game was six. Thousand feet of snow whenever once. So. But even Anemia impress Thursday game that we anti summit Benjamin was exactly what you use Kelvin Benjamin for which is that nice little thing in the end zone. He beat the corner straight up and use it will come out the snow we've all of that and I think it was going to make that game a lot safer than it ended up being. Against Indianapolis to you still playing rather steady in nets now. That favors I would say this though when you're looking at both. Peter may and AJ McCarron small sample size they both have of relatively. Small sample size appearances really bad sub 500 curbside sub. 50% completion percentage. Five interceptions. Not a whole time yards yards pretend does that high. And at ease QBR's. Twelfth which is if you don't know lucky BR that's about as bad as I've ever seen and then McCarron you what he's looked pretty decent. These looked all right isn't a great also looked horrible and I think maybe that's why McCarron might be more enticing option to them as they go for because. If you're looking adding you're saying OK I don't wanna we wants our Josh don't yet. Peterman proven that he can lose you games. Peter and proven. That he can make risky throws when he shouldn't be making risky throw century was a rookie but you know east those young quarterbacks he won a pro right back into that mix what happens if it goes bad again. And suddenly this kid is going to be the guy that not only was awful as a rookie but he's an awful in his second year and that more is clearly you can ruin his career if you put him back into that spot and he still not ready union makes the popular. So that's six court next few years before they should really be in games. So. And McCarron on the other hand. You know. Multiple sites but he's looked all right he is not lost anybody game in fact he. Almost won a game for the Bengals at their defense and as a form. So he doesn't metal audience it was their defense that awesome for Muslim partners who penalties and a it was in his Adam Jones getting in Labonte has partnered with the stupid it yet that's the lost form. So voluntary health rumbling mimic the McCarron I think. Might read to me as clicks a team manager type and I think that could be enticing to this coaching staff that they don't want. What they had last year which was. You know with with Peter now what tyra Taylor's that's what tyra Taylor was ever they went back that I don't think they wanna see another. Five interception performance I don't wanna think they see another guy standing back there under pressure just throwing it up and praying. Because that's what a lot of those picks were. Yet and while some of that blame does have to be placed on the up let's Wyman for known. Letting that happen at the same time you take on chuck and in crayon like that when you're under pressure. So. Yeah no I I think people do you still hold the five interception game that harshly against him. And thank. Shouldn't I do and I think that it's I went records deserve you have that. In your team have that performance I would put that more on the coaching staff and on him himself. Because of the fact that. Well. You could not have thrown him into a worse situation. A great pass rushing team that boasts Melvin Ingram and Joey Bozo and Corey leads in the middle. And then you also have the fact that they have Casey Hayward. In that secondary. With Jason Berry to on the other side of course is well. That's a really good chargers defense that they decided to throw him into all and by the way you are traveling. To the West Coast for this game. So it your routine is going to be a little bit office team do you put up that kind of a dud. Probably not Peter and is in the game because Taylor's not throwing five interceptions in the first half but. Do they win that game I'd still say probably not. It doesn't turn into the white washing became because no endurance performance and he obviously doesn't have to shoulder a lot of that plane and that stigma. But I still think that it's over you missed. Because the fact that the bills do seem to respect what he's able to bring. And therefore he's going to still have to be a factor in this conversation. I guess that's my over a question do you think there should be like what is there actually difference between unique in Peterman any Jim McCarron certainly one. Should those two have some major difference between. One does one might and that would be care. Because the fact he's been around longer. And you tell the mentality is there with and he's been around this before he knows how to work for this sort of thing like other people and doesn't it's just that. The experiences there you know he's Ben he's starting quarterback in this league for more than two different occasions. We've yet okay that's right but McCarron you're right McCarron is also coming into this quirky. Basically signed on the last possible spot he might give starting chance so he comes from Cincinnati where he's got to be behind Dalton for what was a 56 years. For five years and heat you know deservedly so all that pretty good quarterback. And they paid him and they gave him that contract extension so that's gonna be hard to up and that guy. But that if he's sitting there needs coming here. And he gets up and did by the kid threw five interceptions last year the fifth round rookie not even the first round rookie who they drafted to be the franchise quarterback. But the guy they just threw a dart at the wall last season in last year's draft if he ends up starting over you. I would be honest about and Karen I wouldn't be very happy with that. But it's not like you can do anything about it but that. I don't know I think maybe there should be a difference. Because McCarron is coming in here is that the veteran guy he's coming in here as the guys being paid the most. You know what to bill's fans at least. It's easier to sell. Because you haven't seen AJ McCarron if your bills fan media some that left in other now you probably haven't seen throw more than a couple passes or. The throwing passes and gets on Twitter where is Peerman. You know what they saw the bills fans saw the performance so. I'm not saying he should make their decisions solely on this but they wanna factored in a little bit then you go to Karen because that is easier to sell bills fans have not seen him they have seen the. Yeah the mystery is always going to be more enticing and that's why usually backup quarterback is Mostar. Public person Papa I do think there's a difference between that I I fight a preference I think it should be McCarron I do think it will be McCarron. And I think Peterman is getting first team reps is is kind of a sign to not just. McCarron and Peter and its Josh Allen too that this is an open this is a true open competition everyone's and so giving Peter in those first team reps at the site. That's telling the players were giving everyone a fair shot here so. You can't come to us and say you think you Pearman a shot at this would that they're gonna they're gonna do. There and do it the right way they're gonna let everyone have their opportunity edit but I still think weigh in week one comes. I'd be stunned at this point barring injuries if neat appearance under center for the Buffalo Bills I would really beast shocked at this point I would say it would necessarily be shot. It might just be like say Josh Allen isn't picking up the team. Add quickly enough that he would be ready for day one and nine AJ McCarron and the playing an anger that is a very realistic situation where people men and up. Being the start. I think that that is but if there's some pretty easy ways to go about this and of course I think McCarron is the favorite ultimately all this but at the same time. What are we gonna do F five. You know if he is the starter and a cup and I threw five interceptions in the first half Villa his first NFL start to get the enemy literally you literally can't get worse from the. So if you had the bad and the guy who would be I know we both agreed McCareins odds would be the best we EB the guy that you would bat. Now. I would bat on Josh Allen strangely enough idea would to causing at odds do you lower and I do think there it's it's there are scenarios for he just. He lights it up in the hectic at that coach except one has yet you discount the field being yeah that arm we need to be able to throw it downfield. And you and haven't got him yet and and Karen's contract isn't necessarily going to stop you from putting him as the backup not paying a way to much. And a new computer and I mean guys making rookie salary and a fifth round deal. Dodd had that on Josh don't start I don't think is odds are that would be the bass that I don't think is not should be passed but. Yet he he has the potential to be their starting Corbett we won. And if you know I wonder if there are odds on the sound terrifying meaning but. Check them out I would go for him it's there may also have our buffalo sports named bracket are so it's. We loading is closing and so. The other vote. We know what war did that on the out on the side of the break there as well as giving you. Nathan Peter and on the other side. Of this break by the way broke quickly before we go to break there was push back beneath you should've been in this bracket. I didn't see it. Now even right right right armor are on normal host here rang gates who's on vacation and he even mentioned that maybe nick Shapiro should be and here's a low seat. I don't think it's a very its appearance in greeting a well thought even that unique it's not now I now. Alec GP human and a certificate. And if his name was. Yeah I don't want to push back its Anita Peter and should be in this for the name bracket by trees. Other workers. I mean you also think that people voting in the name bracket degrees and a golf course there I mean you aren't boy immense Silverado is gone Mansfield grotto dungeons guy whose real name is not even booby Dixon he's asked for is a travesty. That man should of won the whole bracket and now I got another guy was latching myself to when he's losing to someone who's mythical. I also to. I was letting. Oh boy what an update on that the the name brackets. On the other side the break also need computer and from OTA's you'll hear from all three quarterbacks as a matter of fact we'll play sound. From Nathan Peter may and AJ McCarron and Josh Allen in net order. Peter ring coming up next year for area. They're Kramer Jody yes you were hanging out in place or rank gates for the night kept you listening to WGR. They're great great. States like walking Angel. It's been one of the best guys you never me but. I mean it's. Josh has been awesome or worth trying to help and never react and. New bills quarterback AJ McCarron the freeagent. Kind of new bills quarterback. To imparting his first OTAs as a ball will bill and generally the favorite. By many to start this season for the Buffalo Bills under senator. Calling me computer may well Hocking he chilled. The number ten on the court that the but that would be Mike. Go to number just looked sharp on the court and looks into it's that but it's a fine number four court like I would say I don't even know if there's any like a weak ones that wearing bullet. It just looks good to me. Chase Daniel came in my mind that he's hitting good that can't be good for the number ten quarterbacks and it's if there's got to just angels the first I think is that. I and my brain is fried. So very. Courier and for your Vince Young. And like you'd also for you are suffering here for talking property Erica throw that in there I don't know there's it'll be quarterback it's worn number talent. Nelson just might be young. As Joseph goes silica. As Joseph goes look that up and since he's having a bad time with this side. With this name bracket. Albeit a 12. Who want to update it does and I'm not not happy the way it's. Why not happy about something else man. Oh it's easy it is getting Waltz. I feel like you guys gave no bad seed Fran tar content is the best quarterback of all time to Wear number ten according to fox sports. Management Arkin and pretty good. The Japanese get walloped in the greater buffalo sports name bracket just like Scott 71% on two point 9% there's only. 39 minutes left on the voting battling people on. Other matchups to date cookie Gilchrist lawyer Malloy. And a wild nights like that. Gilchrist running away with it as well 70% to 22 on for Laura Malloy there. Still to allay he's got a big one a big lead there as well I'm Grady Sizemore succeed in men. Joseph as least favorite thing going on here. Off unbelievable. Unbelievable terror CG moto not a real person he's a three seat is beating number six a great name. John sand box means I need to be classic to be there are all these three seeds are dominated. Having gotten this far in this dance for a reason. Joseph also the bill's. Guys smoking. And savor guys here while men and innate RO CU Mona may be when the sabres great hopes. Fake name real draft pick. Yeah that was is include that was the yes he wasn't a real person but we included Saber draft picks that we had to include him because. Seen traffic and a real sabres traffic there and that's your update of the great buffalo sports named bracket. So we promise you sound from Nathan Peter and and we've got that right here for you. As set by Jews died OT's got these interviews if Bittermann talking with the buffalo media Donna OT is at one bills drive. Bush that you guys rotating. First team reps throughout the week so I guess that's that's going to recite a lot of them has been have a day like in these procedures by us. Yeah I mean we've all been out there you residents of the day's work. In a bunch of guys you know got some guys on team so that's good the rest everybody in those canisters everybody is. It. You know obviously you're all starting from scratch with a song that just hand. It is easier to talk about the process of work. Here for. You. It's good you know immune working out at her place a few weeks. Here but it's very great you know as far as you know. Being detailed in what we're doing and and batteries and first you were doing to. I think that's. You know really great about this offenses you know gets us understand the play completely you know not necessarily just I once these threes are progression but they understand what we're going over certain coverages what we're trying to you know this place. On I think everybody's really bought it and threw it to. To really study I mean I know it's our job but get guys you can tell you know love. What we're doing and I think that goes along way. You see obviously you have to learn tracks last year. Is it easier how's the difference between this year and last year. Deserves. Some carry over 1000. Yeah it's my fifth year fifth off and so. You know as far as my last New Year's in my career but. I think is good I mean the balls for about him today but there's definitely some nuances of different things are doing. The NFL games of a different college games dollars last year was it. Big transition for me but I think you know it's it's elsewhere you know the lessons I learned last year going to be. Also for this office or doing this year and known tell us so far. The yeah I mean everybody together own that's kind of the difference he knows terminology. And so on average than their own style but I'm definitely makes sense it works. It's just. A lesser Tyrus back up and obviously there's a story and it deals going was old draft again. A veteran and how he would. But just this situation that you're now in the. I think the biggest thing is I've always been a competitor and even last here no matter. What your role technically is I was always been it is starter no matter what. Than that my whole career. And Betty competitive situations and like after those two. It's sort of. Fortunate in that you know I mean a lot of guys come into the league and you know there's. Absolutely entrenched the number one in your night you know you're not getting a whole lot of reps and it is this kind of what you think about your growth and opportunity. Oh. Absolutely I mean anytime you play the game and get rest it's its fun you know it's what he loved you mean have a great job. In the world. And you know it's it's great to get out there throw the ball around and that'd be your job is awesome so. The opportunities being great. Just to have that and and really have been learned so much even in his past couple days and you know continue to do that. Yeah. And one of them there. Time DOS and telling guys on there aren't some you know open. Create great matchup for us. It's. A healthy well. It's it's. Yes so much and accountants unbelievable talent. Odyssey. Is miserables. You know he he wants he wants the counties got a mentality that. Ago again from me and use their government catches so that's huge rodeo guy like that and with his talent it's very helpful. Great they can better C news just mean native for a while we're just got here so. Which is you know it's. News you know. As he would treat this in is. I've had before with the guys it and you know just think he's greeted. It seems humble confident. You know coming here learn and Smart kids so the great room I think. You know coach Dave Marcus toll. Me and say our guys make that a court records on. Yeah I think. This is atlas is just a day you know eighty's it's now accused. Creates you know using journalist does match sets of linebacker running back where it argument when some osmosis and so these town like him access to work. The effort. And though he looks like K via the so yeah that's ahead. I can't sit down and you deal with the new coordinator new offense but also. Eric Ritchie are gone and you know does it feel like fairy different. You know when. Chemistry standpoint yeah. For certain and that's a great thing about the NFL it's it's in the team every year got to build your identity. And at this stage especially. And routier's. In the camp and in pre season and so on but and it's in every year and its sudden you're fresh start. He. So last season you did look for us indeed have been building on it would you say to any fans or anyone. Coming into the season how you've improved. Yeah I mean. Fargo last July. Be honest and kind and this journalism degree lessons last year. That I had some ups and some downs as well lit and is much it is you know. Those exams it's really just on this year and it's a fresh start. You know learn a lot you're off its players and coaches. There. I. Oh yeah. This earth. Yeah it was great. And this again with avenue new offense and rated. Adds a little bit to it you know hours tonight clay it is a completely comfortable with everything going on but it. I'm as though the days and the weeks ago on the immoral more comfortable and it's been great do a bit off time to. You know can't get a breather kind of look back at things. Respectively coming and its its last year's kind of your hopes that in every night just kind you keep your head above water so. The new office this year it's it's a bit different if negotiated two days. Phase one phase to go through things a couple or actually read them. That was Nathan Peterman bills cornerback at OTA is today by the way Joseph while cumulus playing. I am I got some people telling me that time I numbers aren't thinking that you said there was another chat at your Twitter because is sacked. Preston Morgan. Tweeting at us. Not a big fan of Eli Manning but he is number tall he is awful that's a stinks Jimmy because I know you don't like him another taxer. Tells the son Jimmy Jimmy outlook to never attend the need is is apparently going to use the mountains are right now in the NFL worst walls. He likes things and that's for. And I mean a the guy is Super Bowl rings. And now I'm saying listed just I don't I'm dying industry job pays you why don't now I'm not good news and not getting here. Arguments there. And being good based on stuff that happened at a decade he is it patriots Larry now. He is it's the little brother Peyton. EU also should be retired. You should've done two years. Our one year. He threw thirteen picks last year. Listen if you wanna be a hero if you wanna use the rest the show on Eli Manning happy to indulge ya to all of you it's it's not gonna go it's not an ego. It's going to be fiery it's gonna be a lot of pot takes hey you know what if you wanna feel better about Josh alien and his completion percentage look at Eli Manning who's got a career 598. They go well. If you got a bad feeling about Josh Allen bills fans well I mean Eli Manning is someone that's held in high regard. And look let me ask you question 812. I mean no not all of these ignore team accomplishments because I don't like the factor that into someone's individual performance would you take you lemmings to recruit Josh. Yeah I snorkeling in your yard just getting to soup rubles like you've got to put the team around him but would you take Eli Manning the player. Career for Josh if it leads me to Super Bowls. Sure that could. I'm not telling you it's going to I'm telling you you're getting that player that player could be Philip Rivers. Because I haven't cobra like if Philip Rivers is better than Eli Manning in my opinion are but he never got to receivable so let's. So that I would say looking at it I would look at the numbers and go hadn't think to myself what am I getting out of Josh Allen at that point in my dating a guy who could threw me 4000 yards thirty touchdowns and it'd be something that's bankable. On what I would tell you as you're probably getting. This is my opinion they are Manning I think you're getting an above average quarterback on elite quarterback but a very good one for over a decade. And then you're getting a guy. My you know my tail off byes in the thirties. I would take that because to me yeah. Out is he's that's a franchise quarterback it's not one of the better franchise quarterbacks in my opinion but that is a franchise quarterback and to be honest we haven't even had that here. Awful long time so I would take. I would take you line Manning the player not even including the symbols are you looking at a four time pro war. Any man who. Pistol for more than 300 touchdowns in his career also the highest. Will Jenny interception ratio in the league by a lot but yes the putt sounds of their two but not together but there there are peaks and Alex with him there are three times that Eli Manning has led the league in interceptions in the twenties. Twice in my high twenties. It's unbelievable Corbett couldn't in this there it is but there are also opens but there also seasons where he's had the lowest sack percentage. And the most game winning drives in fourth quarter comebacks. 4000 yard pass circle time's almost got 5000 I would say policy us debt I'm not at the end of the day I don't think I'm getting an elite quarterback and get your Billy goat franchise court and it brand and being is competent at his job. I you'll put a team around. Quote unquote Eli Manning over here and you could get a some want it. Yet you could if you don't have enough as it seems good enough. If he's able to do good enough for you then yeah I would. It it is it's tough to say it in concept of you know asking you that straight up because unlike you I'm not the biggest fan of Eli Manning and SN Brussels things to troll. But if you were to ask Mina ardor really look into it. You know what. I would take it at the end of the day. I mean I can also very easily see the rookie season that Eli Manning had. Many threw for a 1043 yards in nine games seven starts and six touchdowns nine pecs. I've it's the I can see that being his rookie season sure. And and that might make some fans nervous because of Josh Allen comes out place half a season and that would more receptions and touchdowns. People are gonna be really nervous about that especially today's game when that never happens I mean that did happen you guys rookie season yet to remember fifteen years ago was a different NFL. So. I don't I wouldn't take his rookie season because to be honest the wake quarterbacks come in now you're either good right away from your not. Good pretty much leaves is the way it was worked recently you're either good or your rookie season and you end up being a pretty good quarterback or you if you stink right away you're not. Gonna progress enough to be some franchise quarterback. At the other day people are gonna look at one more thing than anything else Mets won loss record. And Eli Manning. As a starter in the NFL as a 111103. Record. Let's face the 500 basically 500. But again one playoff season I think since they won or less liberal. It is it's not it's not great recently. Yet course had a lot of good years in the middle there so. If you what are we having for for Josh don't because number you select him. May be over these other guys because his ceiling is that much higher because he's got all the physical tools ever ask for the court Becky could throw 83 yards allegedly tells this. Quarterback figures that he's on your team credit for better for worse over the last three or four years for fourteen years. Stability. Some idiot and don't know almost as long as the bills' playoff drought and a quarterback for fourteen years. No it Tyrod Taylor might be the most stability there had the position in the last three years. I would take ten plus seasons out of a guy even it even at the career arc is Eli Manning. I would think though you're hoping you pick quarterback that high he's got these physical tools I think you're hoping he's better. I'll be honest I would take you iced river now because I'm not high and Josh Allen added to the bills wouldn't. You that I think the bills probably look at Josh Allen saying hey if we do right by the skid if we develop the skid. The right way he comes along the way we projected him to come along he's going to be top five and he's gonna be one of the elites one of the greats. Because he has that ability strangely enough Eli Manning. One of his best seasons. 2001. He threw for almost 5000 arts trying to anti us on sixteen picks. 81 knee but the straight zone interception ratio is never good I know I'd love it but I think about this. Josh Allen at Wyoming had a bit of risk taking streak to. This would make sense and guess what Eli Manning and his best season won a suitable. Yes might have been from a fluke Heathrow but it. He still was at least good that year. It's not he was trash and they just were plucky group that and I mean they were plucky group one assume more often 97 record but. Thirty years old Eli Manning had his best season in 2000 mother and they ran into the Super Bowl with. I would take that. It'll throw by 5188 by 52 by fifty. We've got AJ McCarron coming up next year on the night cap talking from one bills drive down an Orchard Park from OTA's. Dierker jedi Yasser hanging out with you this is the nightcap on WGR. Welcome back to the nightcap here on WGR Jerry Kramer Jody yes you're hanging out with you. And we've got AJ McCarron it's. Down at Orchard Park. Sean told us. Does that speak to the team and there. They're only honest. I mean I haven't watched TV and you know she via watches. The finals and I but he's him. Drawn plays and make his term going over everything over everything so to be honestly I haven't even. Seen what the policies is like what the ruling is there past bar I know those are certain. To be an honest answer is. They to boil it down its players need to stand when they're on the field or stay off the field wait till the National Anthem is over. I guess just on the outside and it is it nice to hear that there are at least looking in and pursuing. A way to resolve this. Solution. I mean it really truly like I'm just gonna do whatever coach tells us that. And then me. Those those decisions are. Bigger than me. Higher up so I'm gonna go with whatever. They decide. Right. It's scary that wraps it quarterback so far it's. Yeah I mean it's fun you compete. You know and shared reps before so. But it's fun there were out here are right kind of really learning. You know especially. I'm speaking for myself pledged turning your timing with guys. You know first live action but. Yeah its it's been fun and it's always want to compete. In the struggles injuries. Coats set it this. Felt great and it looks really good we're used to tell them. Did it is you know great player. Huge target. I mean. Really if you just put the ball around him and his record album stagnant and I'm making a play so. He's been awesome work with and we're fortunate you know future. What's the I mean. Learning aspect I mean we'll also. It over it. So what was the end you know what you vote because you learned at six types of mistakes and it's also can be. Yeah me just go out and play. You really just try to take what they give you I mean if it's. Home run and it's a home run if not then. No if you have to burnt to the back offers six yards and you know you just look what it that's for the game and that's how you win. You can't always have the home run hitter and and so I think just taken what the defense gives you and and just playing your game we found. So far you've gone along. And I looked over plays together the schemes together it worked together. On the office. I mean what we we all me on this QBs every day so and every morning and so it's really. If you could say every day. Men and we've been doing that. So far bigger and bigger news. Mates like. Walking Angel and he says that I wanted to just because you ever need but. Mean it's. Josh has been awesome Fort Worth and and trying to help and never react and and but it we have a really good room it's fun to be part of. Bryant seems to be really hands on working with you guys individually out there in between drills are going over certain aspects of techniques and stuff like that. You know compared to some of the main guys got in the past you know is that little horses you've seen in the past. Bobble head. You talking from an OC standpoint where those seats were not being here if you Jerry Lewis. Rove hands on when I was in NC. And then examples the same way when he took over so. And it's nothing new for answer. Benefit that as a quarterback you. You've got a guy that's going over things pretty immediate rate after the happened. Knocking. Atlas and he can talk all you want out there. But he said this is because. I mean the camera doesn't lie in being dehumanized or lost in towns and you'll think you see something and doesn't happen so. What the camera goes on so I mean you can talk about it but until you actually seen on film and then talk to talk about it in the film rooms and here is try to take quick notes if you keep in mind if not known to explain it again. You respect your presence. Yeah. There is just a a big dude on defense. Becomes a lot of ground. But anatomy now. I'm not over and that's outside Kenya you you know an answer on how he's doing over there but. There is a big dudes for sure and and a select he's you know he's done well. I. But they're good. To terrible. So whether Davis we had some big plays so. It was good. Our office. Bills quarterback after. Yeah bills quarterback guy AJ McCarron after today's OTAs that's that's exactly what I was gonna stated John Murphy perfect. It's like I had to do a great job and cutting and part of that out so that's me I think PL there whatever. Well relate to erect. We'll come back we'll talk more on the bills notes EA is namely the white pursue your positions they Jones. He had surgery on his knee and his status for training camp seems fine. But he status throughout spring he's out for the rest of offseason activities there he should be good to go by training camp. 803055188. By fifty to 550 Derek crater Joseph DIC we hanging out with you on the nightcap you're listening WGR.