05-24 The Nightcap HR 2

Thursday, May 24th

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Enjoy at all. Cool. I grew up like most kids where I could eventually place that I would've been end that I wouldn't find love. Then I discovered partying and certainly all those queries went to the wayside. I didn't need I had eggs there. I discovered I was really rearranging and reveal wonderful things about myself I can relate to broad regardless of what kind of broke they were. I can be at a party and moving people and everybody would laugh you know he really. And I could they be upon and compete with real integrity in short at the bill by potential. Nightcap with mine and. Just CR Sports Radio 550 dare Kramer Jody BSE were the ones. For flying potential in whatever way I guess we're not we're not not the party your guy in that thing I mean. Then I mean maybe Ryan is new I don't know what I don't care it's is this a little pilot. It's it's always so funny and chuckle about that on. So it. Anyway Ryan gates off for the rest of the week. And it's me it's joke we hanging out with you again tomorrow night as well so who knows what we'll talk about that no big deal. But you heard from. In the first hour you heard from me computer and you heard from AJ McCarron next segment you'll hear from Josh and I don't. The third string quarterback he took third team wraps in OTAs while Peterman and McCarron were splitting. The first team reps there. Exceeding in OT days this week. So firstly votes is done not much that you can really read into it how ever the big news was that. Before speaking I mean when he did speak with the media first thing you said Sean McDermott had said. Zeta-Jones knee surgery. Po boy. I mean. At this point for me I'm just wondering if pours a Jones can catch a break at this point. I mean he had a rough rookie season where he is playing to a torn limb to shoulder. And it. You know he struggled with a drops Hewitt is very inconsistent. He had a nice game in prime time against the jets on that Thursday night before that game went south on the bills after his touchdown. And then he had the the incident there in the hotel with his brother. Pretty much essentially saving his life and no one yet. You know a bizarre incident there. And now this a knee surgery the pork kid as. A rough start to his career and I got to build form I mean it's not. Easy with the pressures of being an NFL draft a little more on a second round draft pick and now you have to go ahead and deal with another surgery. You don't get to go to these OT junkie to develop the timing with these new quarterbacks. In pre season Peter may and Jones had a pretty good report. And it was looking real promising for Rosie Jones and then gambling has said that the rough start to a season he dropped the potential game winning touchdown. Week two against Carolina. And yet it could have also been about a thrown ball but at the end of date does his hands and that's the guilt that he Haston of dealing with. So. But again a rough start to the career of Zeta-Jones. And then bills fans meanwhile. As if this were to help any sort of case. Pours a Jones he looks at both second rounder user Smith Shuster lighting it up in his rookie season as a third receiver for Pittsburgh. So. I I feel backers agents I think that the guy needs a break him and it's not happening form right now. And I hope obviously that he comes back batter and ready to go for training to. Yet puts their wide receiver corps and it's hot spot I did I hated the way. That they had built the receiving corps to begin with now let's speed there there's not a lot of depth and I got a lot of high end talent even so I just went on the say Jones angle for the guy personally and out. But along the bills dot and a look at added look at on the football field size that they just. And not in their. He already and you're right in it really tough season last year. And you know I can argue that to break. The fact that he was even able to get that opportunity and get on the field a second round rookie because the bill really didn't have any other options at wide receiver once Jordan Matthews goes out. Means a Jones pretty much past the plate they dressed in first out yet so. I don't know I'm he did not look good in its first year he had problems with drops on. I wasn't super high and him coming in this year but you know there was at least the hope with him because we know we're getting out Kelvin Benjamin we know we're getting Andre homes. Wipro all these guys are veterans even broad street yours and journey curly like these are guys that have been around the league we pretty much know you're getting out of them. The only way you're receiving corps connects to be pretty good as Susie Jones takes another step forward. And if he's not on the field which you and McDermott says today no timetable that he didn't think his season was in jeopardy so. I can take some hope out of that but really for their receiving corps to be good they don't make another move it needs a Jones take another step. You really don't they are available. And you do need and take a step in development yes I agree and that's the only way that this receiving cores coming about it because. I mean let's be real one of the more popular names being sent back bills fans would like to Dez Bryant. Two things one how to does not assigned here too. And bigger number two. Bryant doesn't scream process to me at all. I don't think they do is probably a mutual I'm not signing here okay great not signing here because we don't want you. Kind of thing with the bills and Dez Bryant case. Again Dez Bryant doesn't really screen process to me and Bryant himself looks like he kind of wants to try to go to a different team. Particularly one that's facing cowboys disease spiteful. The thing is though with that I've made this point before on meet German and if he's gonna wants to be if he's gonna be considered a aid truly great coach in the NFL and I'm skeptical on that. I mean they made playoffs in year one and that's better than anyone before him had done but they did get a little lucky that's why it's a little skeptical to automatically say OK we got our coats were good. If he wants to be considered in that top tier head coaches in the NFL. At some point you can't just bring in the guys that are great characters and they're just gonna fit right in like that's easy. At some point you gotta do what would Bill Belichick has tried to do. Try to conform guy who's got a lot of talent. In your system make it work and like that that happened with Al check this did hold do your job thing in New England know whatever said that Albert Haynesworth would fit that. No whatever said that Randy Moss with it that ensure and every time they did that it worked it did Albert Haynesworth for instance when mentioned as an example pains rattles off flaw deaths fell right on the face the Randy Moss. They were brought famine hit that we brought Randy Moss and in doing with its privacy at this guy's not. A double check guy. This is and do your job but what happened. If they made it work they took the talent and and they brought him into that system if you have a good supporting staff you can. You can afford to bring in a guy like that it's not Rex Ryan where he's running a loose ship and you bring in. A guy with character issues he's basically able to run wild now you've sat opposite a team here where your blocker and should be able to handle that. So at some point I'd like them to take a risk like that red ring and excited as soon yes I do well maybe you bring in a guy that hasn't. Really good talent but maybe he's little questionable on. The character sent things now does for instance. Maybe that's isn't it time to do it because I think we agree on this we don't think he's a super which he's not a super ten. At this point he's a good wide receiver still in the NFL. Even last year was a down your firmly at 800 yards and a couple touchdowns late that's not nearly what you'd think he'd be getting out of Dez Bryant but from bill standards. 800 yards and three for touchdowns but that's maybe your number one wide receiver going into the season like that that that's pretty good. So. No I don't think he's a little bit over rated as a player I don't think he's nearly the player he used to be but if you look at for one year contract. Why not try to emphasize you've got a big hole wide receiver you've got. A lot of unproven quarterbacks Huard could use some help. Specially Josh Owens and playing this year I don't really necessarily feel comfortable with him going out there with this wide receiving corps. Because if he wants to throw the ball deep he does not have a guy to do that for him. Is evident run down field. And what does he doesn't rank and does France I think I either know but he's better at it I think and he's on the guys and I just don't I don't see it I I think he of BB. While he is overrated I don't think he's of a great receiver at this point I think he automatically becomes your number two wide receiver. I mean yap but I think that what you're looking forward. What the bills need. In a wide receiver at this point it is. Don't they need everything a legacy or they knew speed guiding need of of reliable slot guiding he'd died I can just playing outside so that I'm very Holmes is an on the field. That's the thing yet thank. I think honestly you're a guy that can give them some doubt that the. The position you hang on I I I'm sensing Ryan is channeling through me right now because I'm in the same name and it's gonna kinda makes some sense here rod Streeter. I'm on team rod. And it didn't Streeter had himself a great pre season was gonna make this team straight up if you didn't consult her. I think that he gives you a little bit that speed advantage. That you need and he is a Jones can't start the year in slot. Streeter cam. But that's that's but out of the art. But the outside I think yes that's still legitimate concern union another guy and the outside and Walton and marketing at I hear you with Streeter my point. Would be that can never I'll sit does Bryant isn't just. Coming in to be like he's not gonna fix the whole problem but he's going to. Take a little less pressure up these other guys to come in and the automatic difference makers because last year rod Streeter gets hurt. And you were nowhere with a deep threat in the had to go on the street and find yup he tops and it worked but are you confident you're going to be able to do that again say rats Streeter gets hurt again. What are you looking edit your deeper. They don't really have won and brought to the broad Streeter. Is some world beater he had won two really good season and other than that and he's got half of his career numbers in one year strangely enough I'd Jerry curl. Is indicted you can look at though in a little bit of dispute illness while. These journeyman he's a jerk but he's really Jernigan and click through and around he's been a niners jets lions. Pines municipal lines and I remember because I help with and as he when he was with alliance awfully forgettable you know what I bring up the name Mosul click on it right maybe it was Wednesday that the in somebody else. Don't have a possible news for Detroit X for one year who else could it possibly be thinking of when something injured early. Right Streeter. It wasn't a points please stop with 55 years with the jets bend down. Still lions' forty niners and then back to the jets. Pro football reference doesn't ever have and fleeing for. That's because offseason if he was traded from before the season started was traded from Detroit to San Fran. This so here he signed with Detroit in its in 2016. He signed with Detroit. But then he was traded to San Francisco in August aka ice of that here in 2060. So really he's been a journey in necessarily serve one year with San Fran after his one year deal was. Don. And went back to New York. So just pull up some of their stats here's the Jimmie currently in roster to the kind of similar in that they. Have only really had one really good season and brilliant season talking like 800 yards and an 800 yard range and a couple touchdowns. I tried apple does rank your my computer's going each at least slow fight. Remember up top of my head. Down season for him last year was about 800 yards and a couple touchdowns to that would be kind of more my point it's eight. I'm not seeing guys has the coming here and eat Houston we have the play all the time I would what is it if he's down season. Are these other guys is great season. Then you know if I'm only bring him in on a one year deal I don't to commit that much to him it could probably get really cheap because. Really where's he going right now he's trying to think to get a catcher that a Green Bay but doesn't seem like their biting where else does he go search turned out Baltimore. And show after reports is mode more teens that when wanna give him even the minimum the thirteenth the wanna sign in at all so. There could be a scenario where desert sitting there thinking. Meant I don't wanna do it. But I don't know were awesome plane I don't know where else how many get time on the field where else I'm gonna be able to get an opportunity to even maybe put up these numbers than buffalo so. If that happens. Not an odd projecting predicted that happened I wouldn't say it's likely. But if that does happen I think the bill ships legal went on because you're it's I think their biggest hole right now on the roster is their depth in their talent wise procedure. Yeah I agree with that but at the same time. I'm dismissing dad's Dez Bryant moralists because of the first part what we're talking about with. Yes Sean to me does need to take those chances but I don't think it's gonna happen this at this time his career in his second so when does he do it next year. It's soon after I'd say if he gets a little bit of tracker and and more importantly if Josh Allen is a Stella says the quarterback. Dez Bryant Riley 69 catches last year nice 138 yards. And six touchdowns but talking about these other receivers if I told you. You're 838 yards and six touchdowns out of either rod Streeter Jeremy curly 85 Susie Jones there you would take it. Yeah immediately and that's a down year for him. It's a down year for him but I also think that the other reasons that he is kind of had it. And the last thing now I think Sean McDermott wants in his second season grooming a rookie quarterback with an unsettled quarterback situation that's the point. Is a headache that's the. That's my thing if that's right if I am just trying to establish then your yeah that may be it would be. A better idea to do it I still probably lean towards that but you movie and you mobile local sort of the middle there because that's right if it does. Is that Heidi that some people think he has some people don't think some people think it's media narrative but if he is that. That night your I don't want him near my rookie quarterback it's my rookie court explain. The mountain. Very McCarron it I hope McCarron could deal to announce a three it's a 300 race. At quarterback. Named him and still factors and this got to remember that and. The thing is that one stacked Prescott's. Went under the senator for the Dallas cowboys' Dez Bryant has not been the same player. Not a point bro so Romo Romo Romo says he's hasn't had role while he is not in Italy this year exactly. It's funny what in the league court reckon different he is ranked right now as the top free agent senator mostly and I think Eric Decker is mountain who has not signed. During Maclin has not signed Matt Gonzalez signed. Right it does. Malia and this'll shocked the name is still out there. But that's sometimes is what happens in Chinese. Well he's versatile with what they laugh you know I think of that logo was versatile you know I think this is a time for a break. It's before we go to break up as an address one thing we had a couple questions. One on Twitter and one actually some called in with this. Asking about the lottery protection for you and your keen peck. Because the sabres get that's when he nineteen peck now because kaine signed in San Jose so when they wouldn't DC lottery protected. As I've come to understand it. And this hasn't been confirmed we haven't seen as deaths from the team is every grandstand yes fry bread from the guys who. Know what they're talking about if the sharks missed the playoffs that means they retain pack. The dismiss it entirely and it's not like wizards win the lottery or not no it wouldn't lottery protection means that if they missed the plastic kick at that point one bright and then they would get it regardless it's not like all of you only don't get it pitcher to win one of the top three picks know the way it seems is that sharks missed the playoffs next season. Then the sabres do not get that and that's funneled dicier than I would that is I think very unlikely obvious because. I'd share easily made the playoffs this season. And I'm not predicting it'll happen. But I think they're gonna be serious contender in the land Johnson ours if they end up with anguish and landing that whale and there is a 0% chance the race missing yeah I mean I would I would. There are really good team and a and I'd be came X and obviously I would danced in the streets of the sabres can get them buy it if he settles on San Jose then well I'll be I'll be happy. You know has been that means hey dude like you said and I'm just in the playoffs know that team would be loaded Edna and Edmonton would worry me Calgary would worry me. Calgary in particular it would worry me beaten to themselves and women for whom who are in danger for the sharks and missed the playoffs. All IC for Jessica knocked them out of that spot yet. Mean yeah and I guess I'm not confident Edmonton's gonna figured out though Calgary is a good one. Calories and one that actually scares me more like Smith doesn't get hurt their towards the end of the year the aid and in the playoffs instead of LA I'd think that that's the thing now I'm not sure LA's good enough average to jump San Jose because I think they did pretty much as good as they can do last year I don't see a lot of young talent coming in their making them better act they sent them I'm December same way. They don't seem as they don't have that young talent coming up today but when you talk about would dynamics scoring LE. Watching them in the fraud and could not get chances if I threw doubt your article Qatar. Work getting them chances nobody was doing nobody whereas the sharks like they've got. Offensive talent. Everywhere they capture the Belsky Britt burns and back and Thomas hurdles developed into a nice young player on team home buyers and a first Alexander fairly good debater Kane Joseph Thornton might come back and the little deal. On penalties and but he went one year deal he said he would come back to that he still almost the point game said nobody here herb Sutter he might he said he might even come back on the Batman and yet I. I think the sharks are different from the kings in that way where I think you make a point where Sugar Bowl. Like the course or a little bit older but I just think it's more dynamic talent on the sharks it would be there. I would be. Flabbergasted if they ended up missing that's not a great. So I think your prop the sabres are getting that's when it first so it'll be probably fifteen. Well there's your. Clarification. The sharks miss the playoffs it's a point when he first rounder but for now it is between 191 round pick thanks to. The San Jose Sharks getting. Agreed to with Evander Kane. And for all he. For all this approach taught that the sabres got at least in that deal. And in the end at the end of the day they got their first round pick. Who might complain. I'm not going to. I think it's cool they got their first round pick. Let's do it. I mean again because between Tony but they still are guaranteed a first rounder. Let's go. Any Regan to. They also got a another pick fourth round pick this year but the sharks can switch that to a third next year. Well I mean I'm pretty sure they'll just give a fourth round Europe and Stan does matters as we've got ross' missed. Yes we do and now everything that happens is going to be great. Because everything just the bonus. It found money take your bonus like this for some tech. Right. You've heard from Nathan Peter ring you've heard from AJ McCarron now you'll hear next from the rookie. Josh L. From bills OTA's. Dare Kramer Jody DIC we hang out with you on the nightcap you're listening to WGR. It's almost Google. They're really doesn't affect me. Things happen in this way. Yes sir when his gestures of love you always have won over the years doctor chancellors and our lives and every. After that I bring an energy recovery heroics. Our players are gonna guess who I was born. Benefit. Those kind of Tyrod Taylor I was distracted by some. Guy deciding to speak while Tyrod Taylor was speaking. But Tyrod there was talking about the fact that the grounds reportedly had tried to trade for nick pulls. Before settling on Tyrod Taylor the Eagles declined pick number 35 overall. To trade their backup quarterback. So but I also distracted by whoever the hell that other guy Willis. It was speaker mayfield. Was that. I have died and and that's your entire attendees at Corbett that author coming up on the hard knocks hard facts yes that's right hard knocks you gonna have. Baker and Tyrod he was actually may fill in the background yelling full it is batter. Our itself. Like like we said you've heard from the other two quarterbacks here's Josh Allen. After OGA is wrapping up this week. There responses and they right now you know I'm all quarterbacks are still trying to figure out. Entirely what's going on with everybody that's that's tough part about me quarterback Steve was noted when Zuma field. You know it Beijing native generally good job that they know what they're doing out there and it's you know give him a lot of knowledge in this film along the way obviously. For only three days and so we get a lot more install. No get a lot more to do before we. Can they were reading. When you stood in the system learning how helpful. Absolutely. And it's not that we we learned a system before it was learned how to learn the system so is. And techniques we can use solar formations. Things we can tell ourselves. When we hear concept Angola and chuck remembered it just sequencing. And Jordan have been dealt with me in you don't stand with that. Yeah absolutely. My junior crowds here is actually maybe there may youth sports. Efforts through your four games. Work. That well at the challenge with it is getting a limited amount of reps. You know especially yesterday it was split up where the ones and who's got more than threes. The same time it's me stand back there and try to take mental reps are from what aging Nader Dylan. You know stay engaged the entire time. Let you go. No guts and. Said. You're back in the middle as many reps as they're sometimes they. Tennessee Sioux saint Patrick too much to show you know I I I want more reps I want to show that I am I belong here and kind of have to not be too aggressive at times. I bet that's a really good question and some people handled differently. I'm going out there I'm trying to do everything right. I'm not trying to do too much and and whatever coach they won't coach holy preaching to me is when I'm about them and do and just my teammates for the borrower needs to be let them go make some plays and it's as simple as that. We'll see. Our there's enough. You know he's very energetic. Very engaged now with myself name is. Meetings Ross of these super talkative he's got a lot of information. And you know I'd definitely in a really good situation here you know learn from aging in a and then you know codes like able. There's also one play help on the field you threw touchdown pass ray ray got really high diversity is now on the. Yeah I mean. In my opinion there's nothing better than process downs so you practice it is the juices flow a little bit sides wanted to go out there and let him know you're a really good route mean do we supposed to do when. Seems as when everybody does their own job things things and worked out the better. Zetterberg minicamp. This kind of feel your way out what's the veterans got here it's been a few weeks you know it that you call that activated. We are you in that process of feeling your way out on this evening you know it's open or whatever as a we'll. You know it's been great and the guys that are here the lock from that we have the culture that. No coach McDermott is established here it's very. Am like so getting in establishing relations is with the vets and guys like the Marines are Alexander with some points on Benjamin. I got Eddie our group played Wyoming with me and there's tons of other of other guys but. You know those are the guys that. And morneau in the past but. You know as being good to get in with these guys in a share stories and just kind of see where each other comes you know comes from. You know it's been a fun process. A lot of names involved with it adds it's getting better each day just remembering faces along with the names. Amanda is this is a fantastic ultimately got him. All. I opening is it or maybe not see the dvds at this level compared to college and how tight they are the hoax like the windows are there that things and things like that. Yeah I mean it's the game just a little bit faster you know it's not that. These guys run so much faster so much bigger than the guys in college it's. It is smarter than they know where they need to be they get the route recognition a lot faster a lot quicker than jumping on balls now. You know we got guys. That are fantastic players Michael Haydn player in the gut. You know of that like Vontae Davis out there he's pushed our receivers be better and you know making sure that art art. As quarterbacks who put the borrower needs to be. But will that help your growth. And maybe even quicken occurred working against Trey wife. Or employers like pies just mentioned but I would think going against that group only make you better quicker. Absolutely and iron sharpens iron so woman's arms another one that's on the mindset that you know when your practice he should have he should be able so. Look across to the guy next to you and they got me to compete with and say I'm gonna make you better you make me better and go out like that. Finally the readers about the reps were told how much of that was kind of preflight. You know when they say that this is how we want to develop these did you kind of know going in it's our bottom and worked well. I didn't know that I expected it. And I'm not even look at that will look him. To get better every day you know whatever reps I'm getting with whoever I'm out there with I'm here to learn you know from obviously from the native code stable. And their experiences on the practice field you know balls that I can throw it a slow balls and it. Being out there like my keys of the guys that we have others. Definitely a quicker learning curve just because the guy's got there are extremely eager itself on the process has been fun in yet it's just that. More pressure. Because you wanna work your way up faster or less pressure because you're starting at the bottom until they won this deal. There's really no pressure no there's nothing that's been said needs. You know making the don't comfortable so worried about anything at all on here get better here you know be the best he made the best quarterback that I can be. Some tentative but. It feels really did you know that the drills that ordeal with polian and Taylor. Really did they definitely applied in game and in practice situations his own pressure from one side and subtle movements and so your feet now and put the ball needs to be. So what's your pitch. Tom I see the people. The bills mafia is an energetic group there very passionate you know. I've gone out to eat a few times in the well mean by. The people of the community has just been. Been tested you know got a lot of good people ought to get our working people out here that. Really love football in this in that department though Libyan. Was pleased that in those ilsley Saudia. Well. You sense that door and that was it. So some people. Say. Well. It. So yes but for us. Yeah com. I'm very self motivated guy to be honest I've won this game for as long as I can on my body will let me. Some do everything right that's what motivates me is the latest effort. Fifteen plus years and be known as one of the greats that played this game he'd talk but the that's totally granola Drew Brees and Tom Brady. They've been so there you mean the list goes on and on it. To be talking like one of them you know takes a lot of artwork takes a lot of lot of success in north. Get success it. Takes a long time to usually over the years that's the relative. That was Josh Al about it oh CA's. And you know he seems very. As salads but he seems very you know. Eating till he's got Cain and answers Scott smile as haseltine says he's enjoying himself. And that he is not part of the process. You know how he's answering questions so. I think you know just announced it's pretty good things there and I think that he's taking this season. As he goes. So. Joseph and I got into an inch single discussion. While that was playing. Perfect. I saw I saw commercials varsity here for the news hours movies missile story. And I'm excited for I'm probably negotiate this weekend and Joseph and I though ended up a little discussion and a little bit of a hot day ago. I think I mean might it might tell me if I might be. I always said was I don't think. Console be my top ten favorite Star Wars characters now with the Croats I went through intent is a lot he's weakened yeah that's one thing tends a lot. That would have been a hot Dick Beatty now that he would not like it came out today couple hours down if you've seen this side this all comes out this week yes. Right this week. Yup or next week. That another characters having a standalone film please that'd be Obi wan. I wish all of my number one. Both that. Over fat is getting a stand alone body. Over jeans mangled it will be the right yeah greater. Looked. That this might be a hot tickets on Jolo made the top ten for me badly but he did bullet. That at the discussion for another day. A reformer quickie tell me wherever I got OB one out of them look at you. Look at Vator okay to block of Boca at our duty to you male cat or two he comic you've got a little comic he's got personality today given now give Matt. Luke Skywalker yes layup yup. You might have a problem these next OK Darth Maul. I don't I don't have a problem doing awesome I think you is under use. Especially as a kid yes I was a kid watching in the U that guy I was with your kid read did you see those movies don't cited lights because you're younger than if he sells movies are so he had a bigger impact and that's fair. And both. It was close with him and so very close who's cooler. Though. Who's cooler that's the guy who didn't go out like a little punk. They try to do it alone and not here yet. All went out by accident by consoled by the way who's blind at the moment it's even then you only disagree really with one of really I don't it would be close I would be justified on this so makes my top three he's actually number two. I've gotten Luke Han lay out Obi wan go to. Because original trilogy go to was. A bad man. I see now that I'm giving my rankings you get meeting here on March icy when hell what was. A do nothing then Bader and that I'd really great from these new movies I think she's lost. Then chewy then quiet guy. That's right quite an engine any kind of risk any any time you got to leave him nuisance for me I'm cool with it meant. I respect I give respect quite down yet he also invented the ghost thing yes he invented the coast thing. Apparently I was really just George Lucas turned. Tie up loose ends and century count for everything in the exactly. Yeah that which was when he rushed everything together like a joke. And the number ten strangely for me evidently a tie between. Mes we knew Darth Maul and thin for have a niece went. A man in the musings and Samuel Jackson I mean. In an east wind I don't think meets when it's above console now not including M sat there I got hot night but how is my second Erika are tense hours I mean. Yes welcome to Sports Radio station reduced hours talk thank you very much. Apple pulled a fast to even this garbage. Here it is garbage. The onions and I'm I'm angry if I need to breach the is the nightcap dare prayer Jody B Osce were hanging out in place of Brian Rossi here tomorrow night Sunday night so. Hang out with us as well you're listening to WGR. Well this is day it was a really really important commercial. That's friends they do know revenues but then again is something in your own now. Showing him when they're so nice get everything going about the next. Rockets head coach Mike Dan Tony. And hey that Dan is on at 9 o'clock you can hear that over on our sister station ESPN 1520 rockets warriors that series tied at two. Our clay Johnson and Andre Nadal playing they are questionable. I haven't seen anything yet on. So there you go if I'd be yes. He would dollar doesn't play. And Thompson because Thompson came back in game four after the injury us quite the same but did come back Iguodala. Didn't play at all. He was held up for us that would be my guest. An interest in little status of my ESPN. That if the rockets win this game the odds of us getting warriors can couple years for. Fourth bureau for that would be down to 3%. So the number of times it happens would be do would be higher and dare alas that's a percentage of it happening. I'll ask these questions as your more casual basketball fan I guess I'm. I wouldn't call myself Liu die hard NBA fan bit more about your somewhere in between Diana her or indicates that nine out somewhere in between doctor and casual so. I wanna know your opinion on because for me personally. If it ends up being rockets Celtics in the finals it's just not gonna have that same ball is to me it's not gonna had I won't be. Waking up in the morning going all muscle team three night rockets and Celtics but if it's warriors cavs again even though I think you would probably be a blow. But Betsy legit rivalry and that's LeBron jeans and I think are an hour but I wonder what your opinion would be like. How much would it change for you and how excited you would be for the finals if there was rocket Celtics sent warriors cans. I don't think you would change anything formats the watch it because of the fact that you know and it's the finals and semifinals. The two best teams. Are there at that point so warriors cavs went if you like any bones doing him any bonus actually it might be a deterrent based on the fact that. LeBron James has to do everything himself. Yet carrier ring last year and they still only won one. And that one it's funny but the house and I think that was the only game the words were lost in the playoffs. And the cavs sat in NBA record with 83 points in the first half with these the only one. Now that that team doesn't have much of a chance I think that for the sake of watch ability. And a longer series. The NBA needs the cavs to be. The Eastern Conference conference represented a two I actually think the best scenario for the NBA's rockets cavaliers and I noble warriors like the warriors know that if there and it people watch. But I think an order on with the terms of competitiveness. I think it's a closer series if it's Cleveland and Houston as the Aggies in the probably win. In six games but more like hole from LeBron James Moore and that more that big poll that star power from LeBron James who beat your ass of this our powers there in his his quest to get to that fourth championship would seem more likely than if it was the warriors to thank the warriors walk in against either one of these teams in the east. In the casual fans like you again maybe now you personally but I think people in your position might look at and go. And the watch words in my thirty in depth what's the point is this beat them. That if the rockets are in there there some doubt. Now that's why I think the best case near the NBA still got the star power pardoned all injuries little murders though might help it with that doubt. Yes if you see different so in game series then I might think that Houston's just as strong as Golden State but think about it to those they're really good players getting hurt for Golden State. And it's their third and their fifth best player. Think that's how amazing their and their their cell stack superstar player they got hurt and then there. Really other really really good starter like it was their third and fifth best player and they're still favor tonight on the road. Now against the team that set records for offensive offensive efficiency. Mike statistically the best offensive team in the history of the sport is an underdog at home. That's how that's how good or there that the no loaded there followed there so I I think adding rockets can't. I want a seat at game five it's over any S can fifteenth when he. Starting in about seven minutes or so pregame party over there you wanna. Yes now wait wait compliments were so by the way yes you way to come mormons but I Texas tonight. Came in while we were on the break after we had some Star Wars discussion. Mean Neeson went to negotiate trade routes and started an intergalactic war you know he's not wrong. He's not wrong. A I think she really got to. He's felt William Neeson as wrong thing is you could always doubt of course while while still knowing that the name being spelled B a Neeson. Yeah did it. She's still got he got eighty spelling of niece in on this it's like super Swedish version of it. What was that meeting. What made him think that. Or money. This is Star Wars cantina music. Now I can. Clear that we have been on the show it's just up or stop for you oh boy. Oh well I I regret nothing. The rockets. Tonight through this basically listening. As always. Here on WGR. You know how tomorrow goes wait don't tomorrow's different yellow line who tend to well we don't. Sell sell beyond from ten to 30. Boy marathon shift their himself so hard Jimmy sixth and usual thing. And then sell ten to three there's no investigators no one bills lie but sales can be here. And then jumbled up through decide and then John are back here for another nightcap 79 you know how it goes here thanks listening is always. They're Kramer. And Jody B Osce we've been hanging out in four running gates specialists in the nightcap WGR.