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Update from one bills drive where the Buffalo Bills head coach Tom McDermott announced today that wide receivers Jones that means surgery late last week. He is out for the rest of the offseason spring or is Leo anyway. Jones had surgery last week it would mister maker of the spring according McDermott it is no timetable. Then it was to get the need done now. And this part this point McDermott says it appears that no part. Jones when he eighteenth season is in jeopardy he already was recovering from offseason shoulder surgery for a torn labor Nolte joneses and the people along with that. Those just now coming up the field after the third and final organized team activity work we. First week of royalties is over will be back at it again for three more workouts next week three more than following week. And then they get to the mandatory minicamp in it you. NBA game five of the Western Conference finals is coming up tonight. Two games apiece for Golden State and Houston Rockets and that's at 9 o'clock tip off tonight in Houston last night. The Celtics beat the cavaliers 92 victory in game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. They now lead that series three games to. Celtics rookie Jason Tatum at point four points as Boston and its tenth straight victory at home that played their games that tomorrow night. Hockey tonight's game five of the Western Conference finals is tonight. The capitals would base for the well I. Sir that's wrong Iraqis are ready for the finals as the capitals about the lightning warning nothing. Game seven last active at the finals for the first time in forty years but take and the biggest golden knights in the finals game one. It's coming up on Monday. And the buffalo fisons at a six game win streak snapped last night at 72 loss to the Syracuse Chiefs ever home against the chiefs this afternoon. While 51 pitch at the count them field who go field. NFL approved a new policy of pre game ceremony yesterday the owners meaning the policy requires all team in the first stand. If there on the field we have the option in the locker under. More on that during the course of the show John Murphy Steve cast your Steve is out in the main area of the field house giving interviews we looked at some of those in Pretoria on the air and were waiting in time we go to the podium in the quarterbacks we believe AJ McCarron will be the first quarterback. That we go to and pick up his news conference alive is the players. Come off the field. Chuck McDermott already met with the media bills head coach at 1030 news conference here and Orchard Park today. And double here's some of that comment some of those comments a little bit later on in the meantime. Let's go to AJ McCarron bills cornerback AJ McCarron at the podium at opportunities OT work. But forget AJ McCarron let's go to the Twitter poll today you're welcome to participate. Maybe you have some thoughts on this phone lines open if you do 8030515. And toll free 1888550. 2550. We're about midway through the off season for the bills and everybody else in the article just about midway wanna know from you what should the bills' number one priority be. And this offseason what they have to get done it seems like a lengthy list today when you hear about. The injury is a Jones some of the other issues what's the bill's biggest objective for their offseason program and why. Again without a hearing on the air we got fault lines open at 8030550. And outside buffalo 888550. To 550 on the totem pole so far installing the new offense is the leader 43% of you say. Installing a new offense is the number one priority for idea. But the bills right now. 48% of you say finding an early lead in the quarterback derby who's going to be what's Corbett depth chart and look like. 20% received that should be the big subjective for the bills in the offseason program. 27% of you say finding the top three receivers they Jones I think complicates that matter now since he's up for the rest of the spring. And 2% of sub announcement it was a call this note to think. 8030515. Tool free 1888552. By fifty. Now we go to bill's quarterback AJ McCarron at the podium after today's OT work. And goes I Shawna told us he was in the speak to that team and everything about it. Then I'll be honest. And I don't. I haven't watched TV and you know CBO watches. The finals and I let them. Drawn plays than. They newsroom going over every over everything so to me honestly I haven't Eden. Seen what the policies is like what the ruling is there past. I know those are certain. To be an honest answer is. Believed to boil it down its players need to stand when they're on the field or stay off the field like a National Anthem is over. You know I guess just on the outside and it is it nice to hear that there are at least looking and and pursuing. A way to resolve this. I mean you. Really truly honest and do whatever coach tells the and then. Those those decisions that are bigger than me. Higher or so ago with whatever. They decide. It. Area. Where. Our. I mean it's fun you compete. You know why I'm scared reps before so. It's fun rumored out here are right kind of really learning. You know especially. Speaking for myself pledged turning it I mean would guys. You know first live action by. Yeah it's it's been fun and toys on. And injuries. So it's. Old. What it's. O. It's you know great player. Huge target. Mean. Really just put the ball around them and as a result. Snag and it's now making a place though. He's been awesome Fort Worth and four you know future. What's that talent and certainly. Learning aspect I mean we'll also competing try to you know in an upper hand. So what was the chicken you know trying to if you vote because here you're learning at the same time so mistakes being made which are also trying to be as much on point. Just go out boy. But he really just try to take what they give you mean if it's. Home run and it's a home run if not then. If you have to or to the back offers six yards and you know you just look what that's for the game and that's right you win. You can't always have the home run hitter and and so I think just taken with the defense gives you and and just play your game we found. Or all along I. Looked over plays together schemes together. Worked together. On. I mean what we we all meet. This QBs every day so and every morning and so it's really. Should say every day. Men and we've been doing there. So they're great for great news. Mates like. Walking Angel and your sister and I wanted to just because you ever need but. I mean it's. Josh has been awesome Fort Worth and and trying to help and never react and and but it we have really good room it's fun to be part of. Bryant seems to be really hands on working with you guys individually out there and drills are going over certain aspects of techniques and stuff like that. You know compared to some of the main guys got in the past you know is that little horses you've seen in the past. Well only had. Talking from an OC standpoint her she's. Not mean he if you journalists. Rogen along 1000 NC. And then examples the same way when he took over so. This nothing if there. Benefit that as a quarterback. You've got a guy that's going over things pretty immediate rate after the happen. I mean. Let's see and talk already oil there. At least at this is because. I mean the camera doesn't lie in. Human Lawson comes in he'll thank you season. And so com. What camera as well so I mean you can talk about it but until you actually see you don't you know men and talked talked about it in the found room and series try to take quick notes that he can and if not known to explain. Again. Yeah. There is just. A big dude on defense. Covers a lot of ground. Of anatomy now. I'm not over nets outside Kenya you you know an answer on how he's doing there but don't but he is a big do richer and and I feel like he's you know he's done well. I. Let it get him. To Ruble. Took what they do us we had some big plays so. It was good. Our office. Bills quarterback after today's OTC canisters back and Sunni his afternoon a couple of interviews. Today is one of those days I know these days last day of the week long weekend ahead. Hammered out here are ready to other players are the only ones but yeah. That there's a lot of people run for the X and Hackett hack but yeah like I got just talked to Jordan warrior entered it is why will hear that sound in in a couple minutes but we're also kind of once practice breaks in these guys are media availability were kind of start juggling time slots were not trying catch Josh Allen lives as he comes the podium. So we're a group we start talking about waging the carriers and we cut off it's because we're gonna go live to Josh element but AJ McCarron. I think it's interesting you're gonna get a lot of different questions for AJ McCarron you're gonna get to Josh Allen yet you think about what you wanna know from each of those guys it's completely different AJ it's like. He's her you heard it. Was offensive coordinator like compare this to Cincinnati what about the players you played with as is that what. You know so he's got. A Reza made that demand some questions about what he's seeing things in week he has because his opinion about the NFL. Holds little more credibility compared yes he he's he holds a more credibility than a guy like Josh now. Kick out of him a couple of questions backed by any vote question that he was as he spent much time talking with Josh yeah Monday's and he basically McCarron looked at these questions it. I've been meaning your room with him every day I do talked on what we think they're dornin there it went and meditating. These players aren't difficult spot today with yesterday's. Vote and hand them out he just happened nobody quite knows how it's gonna play we. You know Sean McDermott talked about earlier today. But McDermott there Caribbean visit I just do whatever coach tells us to do. Most players are probably in this camp rightly have a football player I don't get caught up in this analysts in the wrong and don't offend anybody. Don't really know many players probably. Have aren't different to whatever statements that are being meters but I do think it has been in this. I think part deal with yours deviancy. Quiet new cycle news right now and I at a hospital died in Ben's right. First preceding game will be the issue but I think that injustice of it last year. But last year nobody talked about pre game protest you know I happen again I think by I think Karen veteran knows. I think it will be an issue if one of the players decides to make it an issue just like the way the whole thing began and that's that's what or to immediately outside the sentiments and have yet to certainly the president is yeah there's everything everything to separate the United States is gonna come in and and and Annie Mae. But I don't I think it'll be off the table. Like. Ambivalence that they're gonna be taken attendant who didn't and they're gonna have to watch who comes out of the tunnel after the anthem who comes out on the field after the anthem is played if that is an issue that actually happens or. If a player just says you know what I don't care I'm gonna pay the fine I'm gonna take in need during the sentiment dude every tournament except the consequences and that will be. That will put that will force it. Back on the table because he's not gonna. He's not gonna bowed down to. A silent protest. I'll talk about this all day but you know what happened here last year which I thought it was a really good outcome. There were protests some of the players selected to participate in pregame protest the reply any discussions and I think as a result of some pretty intensive. Conversations between ownership and coaching staff and and the players. They started of positive things weren't so we'll talk about this when he joins us in a couple of minutes know the relationship they have with some local groups com. I camera with a name of them exactly and don't know. Was that the directly result. Was it directly a result of did the aftermath of the Libyan protests he just challenged the rookies anyway at the podium let's listen in him right now. You know every everybody is learning a new offense how's that you know what do you think about the challenge. Now you are you doing tonight are in the neutral. Yeah I mean. Everybody's on the same thing right now you know among quarterbacks assists and figure out. Entirely what's going on with everybody that's that's tough part of having quarterback Steve was noted what is almost field. You know it Beijing native generally good job that they know what they're doing out there and it's you know give him a lot of knowledge needs help me along the way policy. For only three days and so we get a lot more install. Know a lot more to do before we. We can say reading. When you stood in system learning then I'll open up and you're absolutely. In its not that we we learned a system before it was learned how to learn the system so is. If techniques we can use solar formations. Things you can tell ourselves. When we hear concept Angola and truck remember it just sequencing. And Jordan joked with me in who stand with that. Yeah absolutely. My junior crowds here is actually maybe there maybe use force. Efforts through your four games. There. Work. That well the challenge with it is getting a limited amount of reps. You know especially yesterday it was split up where the ones who got more than threes. The same time it's mis in back there and try to take mental reps are from what aging Nader Dylan. You know staying engaged in tires on. Let you go. Now the other thing. I said. Your doctor if they don't as many reps as they're sometimes a tendency to Hussein tried too much to show you know hey I I want more reps I want to show that I am I belong here and kind of have to not be too aggressive at the time. This idea that that's a really good question and some people handled differently. I'm going out there I'm trying to do everything right. I'm not trying to do too much and you know whatever coach they won't coach -- preaching to me is when I'm about them and do and just my teammates for the borrower needs to be let them go make some ways it's as simple as that. We'll see. This stuff you know he's very energetic. It's very engaged know with myself and alienated. Meetings are awesome he's super talkative he's got a lot of information. You know I'd definitely and it really good situation here in a learn from aging in a and then you know coach but it will. There's also one play. On the field you threw touchdown pass ray ray got really high diversity is now on the. Yeah I mean. In my opinion there's nothing better than process downs so you practice it gets the juices flow a little bit sides wanted to go out there and let him know you're really good route mean do we supposed to do when. Seems as when everybody does their own jobs thinks things and work out the better. Zetterberg mini camp that kind of feel your way out was the veterans got here it's been a few weeks you know it that you call that activated. We are you in that process of feeling your way out on news team you know it's open or whatever as a vote. You know it's been great and the guys that are here the law that we have the culture that. No coach McDermott is established here it's very. Am like so getting in establishing relations is with the vets and guys like the greens are Alexander with some points on Benjamin. I got Eddie our group played a while on the with me and there's tons of other of other guys that. You know those are the guys that. And morneau in the past but. You know it's been good to get in with these guys and address their stories and just kind of see where each other comes you know comes from. You know it's been a fun process. Lot of names involved with the goods it's getting better each day just remembering faces along with the names. But man is this is a fantastic ultimately got him. Hold. I opening is it or maybe not see the TVs at this level compared to college and how tight they are the hoax like the windows are there that things and things like that. Yeah I mean it's the game just a little bit faster you know it's not that. These guys run so much faster so much bigger than the guys in college it's. It is Smart and they they know where they need to be to get the route recognition a lot faster a lot quicker than jumping on balls now. You know we got guys. That are fantastic players Michael Haydn players in the you know of that like Vontae Davis out there he's pushed our receivers be better and you know making sure that art art. As quarterback for football or needs to be. But will that help your growth. And maybe even quicken occurred working against Trey wife. Or employers like pies just mentioned but I would think going against that group only make you better quicker. Absolutely and on a separate science the woman's arms and other and that's kind of the mindset that you know when your practice he should have you should be able to. Look across to the guy next to you and they got it you're competing with and say I'm gonna make you better of him he better go out like that. Finally the readers about the reps were doled out how much of that was kind of preflight. You know when they say that this is how we want development that you kind of know going it start to bottom and work your way out. I didn't know that I expected it. And I'm not even look at that will let him to get better every day you know whatever reps some games with whoever I'm out there with. I'm here to learn you know from obviously from Nate Nate date codes stable. And their experiences on the practice field known balls that I can throw it says hello miles and I think it. I've been out there like like he said of the guys that we have about the difference. Definitely a quicker learning curve just because of the guys out there are extremely did so. In the process has been fun in yet it's just that. More pressure. Because you wanna work your way up faster or less pressure because you're starting at the bottom until they want this deal. There's really no pressure no there's nothing that's been said to need. You know making the them comfortable and so worried about anything at all and here you better here you know be the best he made the best quarterback that I can be. Some tentative. Deals Philly did you know that the drills that ordeal with pull in and day ruler. Really good they definitely applied to me gain in practice situations its own pressure from one side and subtle movements and set your feet now and put the ball needs to be. So what's so it's. Tom I see the people. The bills mafia is an energetic group there very passionate you know. I've gone out to eat a few times in well I mean by the people of the community has just been. Been tested you know got a lot of good people ought to get our working people out here that really loves football in this into the apartment though Libyan. Is that it feels ilsley Saudia. Battled against vs at times. So it tends excellent series. You sense. Or oppose it. So some people. Say. She. Don't know. So that's. For us. Yeah. I'm very self motivated guy to be honest. One at this. Game for as long as I can on my body will let me. Summit do everything right that's what motivates me is the play this game for. Fifteen plus years and be known as one of the greats to play this game talk but the that's totally granola Drew Brees and Tom Brady. They've been Philip period mean the list goes on and on it. To be talked about one of them know it takes a lot of artwork takes a lot of lot of success in north. It's excessive. Takes a long time seemingly over the years that's relative. But they get it. Judge Allan bills rookie quarterback first round graphic seventh overall Joshua Allen quote nothing better than front touchdowns. You indicated this pro because he's young. But the fact that I like that quote this week can aggregate teachers sprinted up like there's nothing better than her on touchdowns Johnson. What is clear is we. Greco I like his I'm like and that he's 22 years all right he's young he is is I think it's gonna work out well folks. There's an a guy it. Course we're dissecting everything he says it is we are today as if the entire season rode on and on a may interview that there's a lot and they're like I like his taken and immediately what he says is what it was so hard. What's different about stand back there now if you were third on the depth chart now what's different this. He goes he knew right away case it's not getting grips. The reps or what is what the big differences in the news he knew it's taken mental reps gusting gauge when your bank and that is exactly right now that the best players always do that went. When the number ones are not in there they're engaged. They see what other guys see they wanna talk about it and they want it in and packet you know good quarterback like a Ben Roethlisberger Dan Marino Jim Kelly Robert Drew Brees Philip Rivers. They're taken reps in their in their CNET they're seen and they talk about to their backups what they saw why they saw this and talk about it in the film room in the quarterback from them. When they're not in there. It's interesting for the good quarterbacks they wanna know what they're back to quote what you see how do you see what's your thought process because they learn from each other and and the way another quarterback views of play a lot of times it's exactly the same as him but some other times. His reasoning for why he sees it is just just as important as the throwing makes have because it teaches other guys in the room and that's. His ability to do that and and his wisdom and knowing that that is important was was pretty telling. It may tap the brakes again. Where are the bills. What did and it's important and easy he said I think may age immigrants attitude they've got three practices in real. Up until this week. It's been conditioning work and yes a little bit individual or throwing watchers. The last three days have been the closest thing we've had a real practice these OT eight they are practices they look like practices. And so. To get caught up in where you are in the depth chart and I I loved affected Josh Ellen and basically yes you're right does get the reps but. The result statement being made there you got to the quarterback you've been around here for a month at least for just count was even Buffalo Bill. Course they would get the early reps here this first week Lotta time for things to happen this recap of the great. Lot of time for your gesture on the rise or fall McCarron to rise or fall. Ever get tired in the voice of reason that the yeah I do. Because I don't I don't like it was a and I am always in what time I'm totally always irons and I totally out of it is I'm Polly positive all the time I'm like. Awesome well it's made there's time there's a time you're right you're right but you know what. And I told this to Cairo it was like being a first year player and you went out there and their guys out there like. Austin parole and and Robert Foster guys we've had on young rookie free agents and give heart to beer nice who. Who's out there. And you know get this idea that man can make the team to day yes I can make the team today I can impress guys today they'll never forget you know I can. And you just not gonna get it done is just not the time for that and and like you're right you gotta pump the brakes but it is still. It is exciting to be out there and and to see the you can feel it in the year that another team is gonna take place in 2018. And they have a lot of reasons that they might be pretty good. Greg talk with one of those players a veteran who's been around for a long time is some thoughts on the rules changes some policy changes in the first week of OTAs. So Lorenzo Alexander stand by the join us live here in studio when we return detector John Murphy won bills live from one bills drive. This is Buffalo Bills ready. Show one do live from on the front number beastie faster. That's of the next government here in studio fresh off the field after a beautiful day of OTA's habit to have those iMac camera to a standard studios agree yeah. All of them obviously to laugh get off his turf. You know that mom aids he's enjoyed so much that field grass outside and really doing with this buffalo looked and felt like training camp. And that's a arm yeah I guess weather wise there is no pads on right in the union not stepped up UID to pump break rep. I can't. A ten from. The conditioning work you do you of course now we actually could be very some guys actually at the right to football plays so it is fun to be outdated it's just a public we're entering the field with the vibe and I mean this new locker room yeah I like guys I mean he's like yeah I mean I like the guys we brought in a speech on a brand of continue to do a great job in the second year of bringing in. You know like today it's one Akamai guy and they brought in the same character guys that second round. It's a better as an argument I mean I think. He gives them today trades at a great job so far in the form do you do without the Mike position of control they. Caldwell making checks. In just learn each single day you know it's only been three days but eased conceded get more comfortable and confident in what we're calling and where he needs to be. I was gonna have to get. We're talking Ghana may be amateur maybe I was talking myself but this. He's got locked in on his plate does need to remain Edmonds he's got a lot that they put a lot in front. Yes well I mean he's the Mike he's the quarterback of the beef so he's making because he's making these chicks if somebody's out of alignment. Hit a vigil you'll going to where he can correct people but right now I'm trying to help him much I can't obviously. My model. You guys surrounding how we don't know what it is definitely tell them a lot of things in the run game will be seeing its fourth line split. The were auction on appointed as much as we can't he's opened up really well he's not a guy out in deer in headlights that sometimes we give guys. Too much information they slowed down clam up in the air like where oracle what he's done a great job responding. On the athletic in the he'll just continue to grow into himself as the players understand the game. This one of the things people don't get is that. Yet okay doing their duty X is knows he can make the call in the huddle but just like you said. It's endless everything else could do if he knew I could do if he was experienced he could do if he had been a five year vet like like you said it. He could happen office won our deepest want to move about three inches he got he could tell this guy a back off a little bit hey look for this in this formation hey do that. And there's a million things that are beyond just call on the play and run into the rights. Exactly in an in the crazy thing is that he didn't do any of this in college teams we'll lie back to back into the boundary. It was just a full OC ball give ball type player if we're gonna make this transition smoothly if he's making it I mean it's really impressive from nothing to talk a lot about. His foundation of these Brothers being in the league that play. He's approaching his game with a lot of maturity. And just want to we want to be wants to be great he's accepted that that role Mike linebacker all the details. That's it for me that's the characteristic he got warm be great don't I wanna win yeah I don't wanna make the team not wanna sign that Connor he would be great well that's nappy it's all about football and getting in and there's no ceiling he's got to keep just keep getting corporate always something to do right you don't ever reach a plateau everything okay have done what I wanted to do you you just down. That's a great place to be. And he has that looked in an Indian and and all that what does god given talents I would be. Surprised if he's now you know and all while players in the next you know 23. Two years and I'll I'll be surprised me just his athleticism and how well he's an information. I'll be surprised he's been mixed. Great linebacker you know in his era like him Ki Ty I'll be surprised what are the how good his defense beat issue. Army I think they had this conversation you know he is not you know I'll establish a top team and say not at Daytona five last week. Atop the that was the afterwards it was. It'll ultimately toxin European that was captain I demand Milan rested top five that's the most that. Nothing has happened yet to make. Me. But that if you today and you have ever gave up three games and apparatus gains in Utah team don't get you don't. Your guard up where from Atlanta and I'm asking that question that's all right now they've ports to kick off rules. The united nobody knows what's gonna look like and but it's going to be different with a lot different yet so. Early returns on I've been talking to guys and all of us have this idea that man almost suddenly it's come at them off the return game will be. Because of the standing start him but they are given fifteen or fifteen there's going to be eight guys. Up close. And the alignment and most people aside from the running start to goes away it's gonna look kind of the same. But the techniques are going to be very different. Any differently mainly just because of the timing because that extra five yards tunnel running it starts you get into it. You know you probably be down the field may be. I don't know I don't know what it speeds go gain before me that I didn't know I don't know I don't you don't know yet how the time is gonna work out so. Is definitely have a guy that covers kicks it definitely would. Determine whether or not I'm a button press guide which are probably wouldn't do with the guys guarding the ball found recently engaged to retire our mop the got a black in the unless the ball right behind would you call yourself of what. But Hoosier but at present what buttons whereas doing it but I it's. The kickoff team kickoff return team as a retreat back to block mean I'm running down if the ball is with Iranian. Let's say I've guardian I'm up on top of Rutland because the group terms Goldman opposite way on the run right down the middle laden to get be pushed him back. Decreased air or the space between him and a block him to return make a decision we make that decision rip off in May witness. Yes that thing in that and that's why this is so intriguing to me because that it's that timing. That is the catalyst for every great return right when the guys coming up in the return who's got the ball a chance if he can go full speed. Make it cut off a block. Just as they engaged because what happens is the coverage got like a resist saying he's coming down. You're taking guy on physically. You're you're gonna pick a side. You're gonna need to go to his right to his left or go right at him if you go even if you go right at him. You know it's the guys Sony they're cited you. Pick us to hide right to return under the timing is such in the returners are usually it's good enough athletes to pick the blank spot. There and nobody there and he'll just put his foot in the ground and he's through that hole at full speed gone. And that's that is indeed crucial element in great returns is the timing of the Frontline blockers. And the coverage guys and for the last few years. He's kind of hasn't existed the guy catch it takes about three steps out of the end zone. And there's already guys around their blocks you know so he's got to avoid a guy trying to get out of the wanting. Forget about getting breaking. Right yeah I mean asking are we gonna we are at this. Not as much will be a significant he went from the thirty yard line to 35 that have changed kick off return and timing. So it's even going to be even more drastic now. Like we were talking earlier announcement that they be more space game to get the return of little bit more time to. Set up blocks in maybe half a bigger retires which. Innately may pre eight a world where kick off teams are astute coaches what he bought about art keep the body in the home. Give it up to 25 version giving up returns to make about thirty yards on them. That's been the big thing lately exited I told you this or we've been talking about it for the first time in football history. The last two years when they move the 35 up and they start and then move the one that touch back to 25. For the first time in history. It was better fee in the field position on average. Not to return the footballer. That's the first time it's ever happens in the last two years when he moved up to 25 there aren't average starting time for return was like the 2324. And and it just didn't make sense to return the ball so then it in and conversely incentivized teams kick and it. To have returned. Another heavily I want to how we are trying to get rid of those things you know and now if we incentivized and to actually read. In life that may be forced to be helpful the reverse on the flip side oh. For a broad standard studio with a semi national the other thing they approved city helmet hits will lead to we took when it first came out back in March. You raised concern about helmet hits and injections. It seems like the league's backed off that a little bit and they're gonna all the injections will be subject to a replay review does that. Handle it from your perspective are now. Now I mean what what is the letter. With the ruling actually I don't. In for me evil you review subsidy is such split second so is it. Like just awash easier yeah it's more my helmet of all the way down. Or is it if I hit a guy with mop my face mask and I'm coming to make it shorter tackle what what is it. Because for me like Jackie giant. Only pay as you dejected are going to be defense of guys you're not gonna feel right bagged it in he's lowered his target Dick in his shoulder he's create Netanyahu. Pat Arnold target and he's in he's engaging me too easy he is right at me as well and now I have as a defender I'd have to. Layoff may be breaks a tackle market ran over and I looked soft and you put stuff on tape. Or you or your. Here's what happens you you've given your chest is Helmut duck you in your chest all the sudden you get going back to back your head hits the ground you got. Good question right if if those a lot of things that I just don't know and it's football today and figure out a way. The power is safe but at the same time there's no legislative weed my genes may injuries and concussions zero Osama is does not the way to do it. That's the thing that that gets me to his they've they've got word that brought out some video to show guys and a lot of times and see where you thought about this semester you've seen him over the where it's like the second guy in worries channel like the guy like get that really coming in the second time but you do you still have to. Like if the guy's got a held up and he's trying to fight him against a first down and got a command and have some momentum. How you deliver the momentum my guess is the big thing that you see these guys I was. Comedies I'd I'd do it unless that he's stuck it is paying. It's egregious understand this was bad too he'd gotten it yet that was a pretty bad he's a risk we're watching these on him as your viewers can see you've been on on radio or artist. What assurance of highlights from. This season this past year and they're being highlighted as injections and and they with a show like that in slow motion as a bit. I had a vision outlined it ain't easy it yet and not go there ought to be some that are great area. That are OK you know what is his face mask he's looking bedding but his helmet hits are you shall order a helmet I mean you'd think the catch rules are important way to not get a load this thing. Felt. As I just don't like he's so it won't be too hard in ejecting guy. For you know come in to make it a good football play. It is going to be hard to swallow. We got you moment for the rental take a break come back with that one goes live presented by collider helper W from one bills drive and this is buffalo new tree. Expected to be Joseph Joseph Murphy hit your right to Alexander's in studio weather for a couple of more minutes here. The lowdown with the Lorenzo for a couple more minutes Lorenzo from its back. The controversy about pre game. Policy the NFL yesterday the owners approving a new pre game policy that requires that all team and league personnel on the field. Should stand ensure respect for the flag and if they choose not to standing makes in the locker room. You you went through this so last year last October September October where are we now what do you think what do you think yesterday's vote. You know it it wouldn't surprise me at all. One owner are. Passed in this rule. For their business owners in a protest and in active users. Honest and agree with that but I understand it because of the older one time you try to do things in China label side trying to get things together. Fortunately for you we have ownership and also cares about the community. They are willing and are eager to put money back if communities Whelan initiatives as well it's not so very simple. You know like you. State. Fair account that situation. So I'm looking forward to. Control what I can control and ethnic impact in the community. The Buffalo Bills organization so we're very. Eager which it needs are beset with ownership can be so department it's going to be pretty much player driven. About how we can make impact in in the city of buffalo. Equity last year you know very Michael Cobb what we wanna do we impact immediately five or six different places we have players go out. We also have networks have come out with a TARP initiative. You know whether it's education it's also social injustice. Com web that look like we don't know yet if the meat before but really just to streamline our expected after an influence into the community. To really helped create change. And just trying to figure out a way that creates the most and you know good education for example normally impacts about different things he's going to college if successful have a job. Have an understanding of how that impacted communities legislative wise. That's why I think people tend to go that way because it affects so many different things family structure. The more educated you are all that that's definitely so that we're trying to figure out now how can we mostly the impact of the buffalo community. And move forward. Passionate protests got more part of the one piece I think we need get a good job of creating a conversation. That we need to follow what. What with the people dead or. In these different institutions are really pre changes that people every day people people in these communities can really feel and see. And grow from a benefit for a. I've mentioned Steve you just said it you guys figured it out last year and again from my outside perspective looked in and you figure out a way to take it beyond just a simple pregame protest at what do some good southern area to do that it. I give our time energy and money and obviously is playing in the air right now but I know can't interior very. Eager to adopt this culture and making it up what the buff mobiles. Organization does. What are different from a staff perspective in a player perspective because players come ago so you know option I'm here now. Michael G Aries be posh got a lot of people that are involved news but. A couple of years I'll be gone so what we're trying to do right now is trying to set up a legacy that. It goes beyond me and who I am The Beatles because people Obama flowing without his organizational the next you know team at 1520 years. And we wanna steal have a solid. Connection to the community and understanding an impact in those areas that would need to be addressed and we're. They suit that you you're just mentioning that the league is gonna match. The money you guys put us up to 250 grand life is gonna go into your thing from the players whom and then the legal match that right. And so that's a so yes as a half million dollars and annually some good to really impact. To areas in buffalo that really need to help that's what we're going to be looking to do these next couple weeks have come up with. A divisive plan we're not just don't want money desperately and all over the place but really streamline. So that it makes the most impact in kids lives that famine. Let's question every on this topic today. Is there any chance that teams maybe bills maybe not the bills could be divided by this by the way that the new owners have set up this stay indoors of. On us on the I think they are divided on it as an enemy or just overcome all seen he's gonna pay the five sports players they get in the days they. You know the compromise between the owners with this policy on because they don't want a forced guys to stand so they OK we can't let you guys staying at the team decides to come out. So they try to do the best way to do it you know if they do I agree with Darryl they gotta do. But I mean it's okay because we get steal you've platforms in various ways like media on the show right now to talk about it social media. You know born on the community there's other ways we are guys skiing. Mobilize and get to hear your voice across the evil force are heard in really skilled addressed a lot of issues important in our communities every day. Speaking of doing so popular your aces foundation bowling event is a couple of Saturdays Alina right yeah. On June 9. Get what you get out there buffalo bowling being treated guided him right I come from one register with you about fifty to get themselves left. We've had some some great people down tires really stepped up to be our title sponsor name is so. Thank you him Robinette Biden over the I don't tired for a step in and so on just eager to get out the year after following up players I think there's enough troops would be there. Josh is coming out format I mean their lives like this option. Tests well yes the field it's really actually Portland over a strike if slaves held a B six people each lane. And I'll sprinkle some players to out in that team that has the highest score. One hopes that a prize. In the highs bolt won a prize some trophies. The patient autographed after an out to those people close the competition but it in the days relate to great. Raise money for itself or high school the bills it's always fun Portland. You he survives that long. Long long buffalo winner leader and this idea and now the stuff you're here for what looks like to me great morally week in L really enjoy looking forward to what I have to stuff tomorrow the American bad. Beef association which you have youth camp value for about fifteen kids. On the on the feel com. Go over stock coffee hang out so for the fans wanna come check me out a tweet it out later that exact location I'll be over there. It is Sunday have a friend Chris Wilson play with him and watched him for about five years him and his family coming down like Brothers what I love about football and the related to that you have you all about it he'd get together. Problem over Niagara handout I do a maid of the mist. And get my cousins here locally he's a shift so. My days at a barbecue and have some fellow pros. You're going to throw it the barbecues like. You shift at a out of accurately and anatomy he is an issue FT eight dollars. Well actually before my son's birthday so that she's vulnerable to influence these amendments before I've done this is pretty cool it's really. That's the best part about going to go look at it you do that once I'm okay going down in there. As if it's pretty impressed you don't realize how strong the wean the warrant declarative. You chug chug chug chug chug up to the base of the files that first it is well let's get a turnaround and I don't think that's. Is horseshoe falls well it's Hillary's right I'll ever done it. It really has negative. I know a guy no guy you know god that you looked up yeah I just a when I was. Everybody comes in like Q every comes up they got to go. And either I'm heroes were when it now now that we've been here for three decades now nobody comes up anymore right there so I never while I was playing in every way. And I was always an average time to go on. Google that would go Sunday would we do with public member member golf tournament. Paul yeah. I. Haven't gone you know made it in this school for a great weekend brings in halo you always. Are there Alexander joining us in studio more don't want Marty go one bills live from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills review.