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Update from one bills drive the Buffalo Bills will be without. Second your wide receivers they Jones for the rest of the spring head coach John McDermott today said that. Jones had surgery last week late last week on his knee he'll be out for the remainder of the spring workouts no timetable according to McDermott about when we'll be back. He did say that his 2018 season appears not to be in jeopardy but there's known as we said no timetable at all. But they Jones injured his knee no specification and when that occurred he was coming back also from offseason shoulder surgery for a torn labor. On the other side the bills a head coach announce a wide receiver Calvin Benjamin's fully healthy. And performing well in OTA practices the final day of the week was today in the beautiful sunshine of Orchard Park. Here and Orchard Park today the bills we'll get the weekend off him back for three more organized team activity sessions. Next week at a fell approved a new policy on pregame ceremonies yesterday the owners' meetings in Atlanta the policy. Requires all team in league personnel to stand after on the field. They'll have the option to stay in the locker room during the anthem if they prefer. Elsewhere in sports the NBA playoffs the Celtics beat Cleveland last night 9683. Game five of those up laughs in this outselling the Eastern Conference finals. Pre game to game six in Cleveland tomorrow night 830 tonight. Game five of the Western Conference finals with big game this series in Houston. All tied up to a defeat between Golden State. And use buffalo by agents in action as we speak top of the third inning in downtown buffalo to Syracuse Chiefs lead devises by score eight Timothy. I heard had a six game win streak snapped last night by Syracuse I'd score of 72. And that is the update from one bills drive John Murphy and Steve tasker in a one buffalo studio starting our victory. And joined in studio right now by bills insider Chris Brown from Buffalo Bills back down. What's that would have been rounded up rounded up ground and up the week really expect respect government final OT session today sure it's beautiful out there when it. Great day great day Kenny had used up. You know watching football there on the president have been trying to get her to play he's keep saying training key countries treat citizens like felt little release are pretty good Lorenzo is like now now. Here's why I felt like trading him. Calm weather fans the whether it was nice and hot as in football to play football that's also. Okay those are all similarities. Are to argue that what you notice. I like I like the temple. For the first week. You know I thought I was impressed with the way. The rookies matched the tempo that was out there. I mean. Any review its values they know it's gonna get stepped up a notch from what they did in rookie mini camp but knowing it. And executing at two different things and I didn't see. Many busts out there I think I only saw about two or three. By rookie players where you know we got to redo this play or this guys off and he's getting a lot of instruction after the play. I I thought the rookies. You know kind of showed well today all things considered. One of the things I always think about when you talk about tempos are rookies can overdo it they come out they like they're like 1001 instance of there like a thousand miles per hour for the rookies nobody else's score and made this is that this is run through it's just. But sometimes that's where they go but if they if they did a nice job of sane you know keeping that pace up. That's where they get it right it's not going. Fast enough it's going too fast and the veterans who will bro. And there's a learning there's a learning curve right now there's any secret about that they'll be another learning curve when they get to camp Thursday and adds. You know this is a you know we're only doing thought guys nobody to the ground and I had somebody get you know bump today but you know attack it's gonna happen. It's not intentional. That didn't training camp by a tea. Did my first grade you. Jump from the Booth at the Pro Bowl this year did the radio and analysis for that Pro Bowl game that's what was his training camp practice. That nobody the ground and wherever they the guy ran through the hole we got stood up in the whole point was it was dead at spotted me go again that was. That's I was shocked. Because that's not what I remember being back in the day but as a way to as the minutes it's a tempo thing and that's you know what it. If Ervin knows the tempo nobody hurt. You know that's right what Tony about some that you said the rookies were kind of hang in there you and what to whom in vetting means to start. The rookie ready wants no. Touch. I mean I think that yeah it was cut to the chase what exactly so would a lot of people out there that you don't wanna watch is on drill clutter your fifty. We're gonna ads help. People you're gonna tell you about the bills' practice it practice it all the punt team that's what is it out of Josh outlook right they have to apologize to me that because I was there with you I was I was looking. Their two. Yeah I mean I thought he did pretty well. You know I I was trying to take with a grain of salt the fact that. He spent the day don't against the threes yet so as it as a top flight first round draft choice I expect him to make plays against thirteen defense and he did it. I thought of the three quarterbacks today. He was the most willing to go down the field with football. Audi is even close I only need Peerman through pass over twenty yards and I think AJ McCarron threw two. That might have been attempted over twenty yards Josh Allen had about eight. So and that's his MO he's always been known as that kind of quarterback but to see it this early in the going. And to actually be executing those plays. Is encouraging even if it is against a thirteen defense I think he's best through the day was the touchdown pastor agreement while you know I mean he fit that thing between corner floated or there where it's okay here. So if they're about they're on the plus thirty don't in. And he drops. And retirees lined up wide to the right side. And he makes I mean cut you know item about it if you routes and what the route was specifically as it watchable way. Com. Ago whatever are like is goes something like that and you know he beats he beats the quarter inside who knows he's got his help in side. And the safeties closing. And challenges ripped it in there and you know you got a safety pull it up is is the safety probably making contact him live football and drill in the receiver. Good chance. But he drew he drilled in there. And has touched down thirty plus yards is a nice throw well well timed well executed I talked to ray ray after practice in. This just came run all the way down the field and you know couple of superlatives in there while he said nice route. But but our react yeah so they were happy that you know the play worked out and then. There was another throw late in practice that he was late done. Late reading it. But he still got it there before the DB turned his head around. Tarvaris cadet came out to the left side on the he split out wide pre snap and then pretty much just ran a go. I don't know if the deep within the expected quite frankly. Is very slowly but yet like he got caught flat footed on the turn. And and Alan stroke got there even though he was late so those were two of his better throws. Yet another nice one it couple nice passes to Robert Foster. One on oh well times. Slant like over the middle. Did a good job hit him right in stride he got away from the safety and probably were gone for a touchdown to the far side of the field. And there was another pass to foster's well so I think Alan availed himself pretty well today you know all things considered he certainly looks comfortable. Mean there's no jittery nature to his play at all he's locked in and he still. I'm touchdown them McLeod is probably the one that sparked this quote which it considers best quotes it's been here in my opinion nothing better from a touchdown. That's deep found fault with a Coke I didn't I hear this thing. I've if you look at it realistically yes wrist. We've been when you do this we read a lot of stuff from other teams and they've ceases to sand Arnold goes out only to talk about the two interceptions he threw again rise to his team. Baker mayfield threw three interceptions for today and and so very proud right so. We get regain that nothing right I mean it's may and it's early morning as early terror but the fact of the matter is it tough talk just compare him to oh like how is he said he goes down a few more than those guys I mean who's. And they said they all took the exact same amount of reps today for a. Most part at the end of practice it was interesting B it is the way it would go as they get four reps each of the twelve play series and today neat was with the first steamers AJ was with a seventeen hours Josh has been runner was third team all week. You know Peter in McCarron are flip flop and with the ones every other day. Thompson today was Peter Wednesday with the ones and I think we all have seen enough of Peter's game to know what he has he's a guy that's gonna take the drop get it out quick anticipates yet but a lot of that stuff. Is usually in that five to fifteen yard range. AJ is similar I think to a certain degree but will at least based on what we saw today went down the field a couple of times. You know and as I said Allen was more active weight on around go downfield now how realistic is that with a real live. Pass rush I don't know. And we're only go one on one days and on the line observing right it does depend on that but I think. The interesting thing was at the end of practice. Allen got an extended the thirteen hours got an extra two series. Of work because I think those are the guys they need to know the most about whether it's defense or offense so. I don't think anything should be reading today at people like oh Allen director of that into practice well. He needs the most work he's the rookie and the guys as well in the case is much the same for everybody lineup with on both sides of the ball so. It's good that they got an extra time. Because extra work never hurts for a guy who's got to learn on the job. Chris Brown bills it's at a Buffalo Bills back Cameron's studio with a there were questions we heard Jack Jones. News conference or questions about. The depth chart and being with thirteen but clearly we're what's to related to put any stock and where their lineup but at some point. They're gonna I would think you'd agree Josh Allen up with the ones in or to. Provided he's making the progress that they expected him. That's fair for the spring I think it depends on how quick he comes along I don't think there's any. Question. That Josh hey man it's a pretty solid football IQ. He's passionate about knowing. The gains from an ax is you know standpoint. Is always ready to consume more. Running as an insatiable appetite. For you know it's the schemes. You know of the game at the pro levels so. You know I I think the want to is there the willingness is there. Kenny translated to the field on a consistent basis you know really today. I think back to what ice on January the Senior Bowl and watch him practice today. And is already in stark contrast you'd out to the senior now because he was he was clearly uncomfortable. Jittery. Feet were all over the place. And the ball as a result was also today he had to inaccurate passes to at a probably. Wanna say. 35 to 45 drop accident. So that's pretty good and again. We're not real football yeah pump the brake but they weren't at their word that they weren't at the Senior Bowl if it weren't totally break sailors that's. Rated jumpin. But at. What about everybody else to miss talk about the other side of the football you've got to remain Edmonds in the middle of we talked to Lorenzo Alexander he said again the kids doing grammys digest you know he's got a lot of misplayed and we we mentioned in this Thomas Stuckey doesn't rentals said two to three years he figures to mean Edmonds is all first team all pro yeah I think he's got to accountable and you know what though I mean. Yet that out so it's got to pump Lorenzo's breaks athletic ability doesn't get you all for. But. Having a lot of responsibility handling it well does and that's what it seems to be in the early returns for two incidents. Right and you know you heard Bill Parcells alma yours talked about the importance of having Smart football players you know it. It was a still remember that press conference in 97 any coach of the jets. And you know he said I am so tired. Dumb plays being made and so the reporter asked him wired dumb plays being made he said she got dumb guys like it there. And there's a value in having Smart players Smart handlers always get better that's what's remain Edmonds is and I know I've talked about on the show with you guys previously but. Edmonds is a guy who was studying film. Eddie eighteen nannies when he's dead it was his high school coach and oh by the way did you know he's dead as a Pro Bowl tight end who can teach him. The intricacies of what to look for on a film to dissect things and give yourself an advantage out there. Kid's been doing it he's twenty years old he's been doing it for five years or I mean he's wise beyond his football years. And if he wasn't he wouldn't be dropped in the middle his defense they won. To run the huddle and make three step calls that's what he's doing now. So yes Lorenzo Alexander two or three years I mean he stays on this current trajectory. That things are looking good but they've put an awful lot on his plate and that's can handle it but he's got an awful lot on his plate he does. He does you know this is a guy who skipped a grade in school no problem. A minus student you know I mean. Comes from a solid family. Having his Brothers all did the same thing I mean they're all. If he comes from good stock. I think. That's not the only thing that enhances your odds yep that'll work ethic to go with it. But I think he's got extraordinary athletic ability got football smarts he's got good pedigree mean it all should add up to success on the field. And interestingly enough to he's not in a vacuum Kyle Williams's ahead of him starlet to LA is ahead of him he's got Jordan poirier and Micah Hyde. Behind quarterback in the secondary so he's got some guys in the middle of that defense that. Can take some of that off his plate and make sure and bring him along faster. Now there's certain things and we spoke to Marines about Zander at this we said you know as a million things can do better like showing guys in alerting guys to stuff but for right now there's none of that to be done. When you go against and you may thirteenth they're installing base now anyway so. He's not gonna be alone out there and and certainly he's gonna be have some guys in and the culture they're trying to build here they should all be helping each other get better anyway so yeah that's a plus I think for him. When he sit in the middle of the defense. And I was impressed with the confidence is coaching staff has shown in the draft class as a whole. Because. Yuri I think everybody knew Jermaine and as was getting it dropped into the starting middle linebacker role here notes CA's it was no surprise anybody. Terry Johnson their fourth round pick is starting nickel slot. Harrison Phillips was starlet to lay apps and today was running first team defensive tackle next to Kyle Williams. And then you know you've got Josh Allen working with the threes began. A healthy dose of raps and running with the threes with him and getting the bulk of the playing time there. We're Austin parole when ray Raman clout. Sarah O'Neal was one of the only guys that whose reps were somewhat limited in. He's a guy who's making a transition right now after playing corner last year at Jacksonville State he's back now at safety and learned some stuff there but. It's a lot like what we saw last year is over I mean with the 2017 draft class getting thrown out the field in rather prominent roles early yet. They're doing it again here right at the outset OT gates Chris. Around bills etc. Buffalo Bills back comments studio with a for about another 810 minutes or give any comment or question you're welcome to join us 8030550. Or from outside buffalo to a free calling 1888552. By fifty. Aside from rookies anybody else jump out after their matches today like yesterday was your first election yeah I mean. I'm nagging comb through my notes here really quick but in terms of some guys that made some plays I tell you impress me go ahead. Government. Lies to good looks good and and and I like it you know we talk about Smart players I like the way he understands where to be a regular basis it's. I'll give you that I mean. He made a lot of plays in the passing game today. I'm just happy that he's running and looking healthy that's what it's. He's he's big he's mean he's different body type that he was less essentially played on one for Italy after the season last year mean you know torn lateral meniscus. And I just dragged his body out there every week to play which is a credit to him and you know he has a mean history that. You know might give pause to some people but. All signs the arrows pointing up right now on Benjamin's health. And hopefully that translates. Into play making ability that is gonna work for this happens because they needed at that position. So. Hopefully that continues. On its current path I'm trying to look and I don't think anybody like dominated now practice. You know Jordan or had a great playoff tipped pass over the middle Maine an interception that was the only one day. I'd like tap it. Who threw the pass I was Peterman tipped off nick O'Leary's hands and at least an hour before catching the ball. Can you tell us how it went south in LA when it took office. Mark DiMarco his hands and went the other hand detachable ball. Him. I thought Robert Foster did some nice things today the undrafted kid. And then what's interesting is that not done him. Is doesn't have natural. Football instinct has all the athletic ability for days really all the athletic ability great days which is doesn't have. The instincts find in the hole in his own those kinds of things. You give morale to run and it's against man coverage he's pretty good so it's going to be interesting to see how he comes along. As more and more gets in salt installed as the head start swimming a little bit or. You know is he going to be OK I think the one inherent advantage that he as. Is he probably has a good working knowledge of a lot of coach stables. Terminology goes by virtue of the fact that he played in the op in in in some form of coach stables up at an L analyst. Talking about receivers we have to talk about Zeta-Jones and it really is now owner of the day I guess and and after I don't really have a sense on how serious this could be heard you know we know I had cable provided on when he might be back. And no timetable in. Far be it from us to really speculate on what Dmitry injury is coach who's going into its so I'm not getting either. It's just. It's tough and the guy headed toward labor him but he played half the season with last year he's already rehabbing from that through the early stages of this offseason. Then this. What coach described as an ongoing the issue. Kept cropping up and they civil let's take care of it now the have a chance to play in the fall but I think we all would agree that. He needed wraps yeah yeah. Through the course of this offseason is an off chance I mean she says is the second who are now two years yet and two new quarterbacks throw the football out there and now that's all off the table for him. Potentially into likely until he walks into training. Now. You know he's getting a lion's share of the raps and you know he can go six full weeks get through three or four pre season games and get all that time in he should be ready. But it doesn't sound like that's a certainty right now. Would because we really don't know. How long it's gonna take for him to get all the way backwards medically cleared a name cleared for football so it's disappointing. To say the least especially in a position where there already is a lot of unproven talent mean you have Kelvin Benjamin Jeremy curly and then after that. There isn't a proven guy in the lot. At the NFL level so. I think people were expecting these day to take that year once a year to step. And I think that's a harder step to make when you're gonna miss the balances desperate. Yeah and I and I agree I was talking Murphy is it just timing kind of speaks to an injury like for his need that he got surgery on. Late last week it speaks to me like they tried to rehab out of it and it and Edward didn't work heard it wasn't going as wells they wanted to and they wanted to make sure that he was ready so they probably cinnamon their name and the first thing obviously was asked was if they thought it threatened this season he's at now. Here's what concerns being TU I where an agreement on this we get a piece them on the website a couple of weeks ago. Guess I don't round table topics player as investments to make a leap into any team we both picked a Jones and I wrote. Hum the bills expected more last year and they need more this year. And I think you know yes he had the shoulder issue to know anything about the need time he's only 23 years old but. I feel like you nobody's ever verbalize his but I feel like Chris they were never. They needed him to be the number two guy in May be still can be that guy but. Now there's some doubt about that based on this injury they needed him unless he's gonna come up behind you behind yep he's got he's gonna miss all this time is gonna miss all these routier's and his mini camp. Who knows where there's going to be back for training camp for the started training camp. This valuable for him to be apart of everything while there installed on all this so he knows where it comes from he won't be behind mentally. And that's why you wonder if they're gonna have to change their approach with him because I know a lot of what coach Robiskie and coach stable like to do is teach the concept. And let them. Understand that so you can line them up anywhere is of views and Steve can speak to this better and I can but. You know if they know the concept of the play not just the specific route their running you can line them up anywhere. And is a struggle with that last year. When he got lined up in all different places they may have been better served just put him in one spot may have been able to contribute more last year. I think the hope was they can teach him. More effectively this way by teaching the concept which is what they're trying to teach these guys now. With this loss tied it makes you wonder maybe they say with all the lost time he had let's just give them easy and let him go. That and they could do that here's the thing in a lot of people's that we got to expect got to be professional fees if they are rumored to constantly got to do with the way. But here's the thing to the coach are trying to win games sitting given what he can handle and that means putting him in the ax and leave him there. They'll do that up to a point but there are always looking for somebody who can. Due to anyone done line up anywhere just so saint Joes may do you have been. It's gonna turn into a two and a half three year career before you find somebody who can learn the concept and executed that way and that's. But until then you got to give the kid what he can handling good everybody field get him on the field so we can contribute best way he filed wondered if the approach is gonna have to change do all this time he's been in this field I mean yeah in the classroom with them but it's. At the same as rapid. No doubt about it. No doubt about it because one gets involved in the our Twitter will be let go because the theme of today's show officially Steven Katzman pump breaks them. Because we're all excited Steve was wish there was an over under at. It was a giant bills Kuwait earlier this week and based on a couple of things that are happening this week I think it's time to pump the brakes wait we we got several months now for the season begins our wonderful Chris. You know with this kind of a little bit on Twitter were asking Alice's what's the biggest objective for the bills offseason and why we're about halfway through the offseason from. Super Bowl the first pre season game. Our Twitter followers boating and 44% to the biggest thing we've got to do now. Is installed a new offense 28% say they've got to find you know as. They've got to settle on the quarterback depth chart. Who's the at the top of the quarterback capture. 27% say they've got to find top three receivers NC Jones situation plays into that what do you think what's the biggest objective. For the second half of the bills Nazis. And why it's the court because. Number two will help you with number one yeah I think and that's why ask coach McDermott that question today as it you know how is your plan. Going to play out here. In terms of handing handling the dual task. Of effectively installing new offense. And undertaking. A three man quarterback competition. That's. That's a lot that's a lot of rope to pull line in one offseason that's a lot to sort through half. So I was hoping to get some kind of answer for him on that he asked me to be more specific yes I tried to. But. His answer basically was. Don't expect the Athens to be where the defense and I. I think that's an answer we can you want at least. From coach. And he's right because. For the most part this offense is going to be Buckeyes can your excuse for a longer. Time we may not see the offense turned a corner. Until they decide who the quarterback it's it may take that long so. Now the question becomes. When's the drop dead win win do. Ryan Babel and coach McDermott say to themselves. We got no by this time if we wanna be ready for week one and have our quarterback in place and have ever all the ducks in a row. Here's how it can work I mean they're gonna know early but they're not gonna tell anybody into week one. Observe it really might get. Remember that's have a I was arrested as best they can keep balance in the reps out to be on the towel dismissing if you will see I mean. I pray and I have seen it before their bids right and competitions here before won just three years ago. And they're all settled well before it ever about the second priestly an out it was going to be. August 30 was on the announced Tyrus starter remember that but it was only an erection pre season we knew that. So I think with respect your Twitter poll. You've got a note. Where you're going to quarterback if you wanna effectively install profits at least in my opinion so yeah caters to the other in large part right yet the what you can do offensively depends on the net poetry no question about it and and god knows that. It will be huge and see what what these what at least three these guys offer individual things can be fun to watch Chris banks have a great holiday weekend we'll get back to yes yes I am. Yeah we've got some good stuff coming up on on what's Ilia and so have. Quarterbacks weighing in on how they felt we want a vote to gaze went for each of them personally. They'll be up in the afternoon we'll also get the usual 45 things we learned from week one votes DA's. And we got an interesting feature tomorrow for people you want over the weekend on Rhine Roy. Who's probably got his best opportunity in now entering its fourth year bills uniform. Finally nailed down a starting job center. Well he was sprinkled in a guard today but I I think center is where he's gonna battle. Primarily with Russell vote I'd much like the quarterbacks are rotating with the ones those two guys are every other day also it sent. Chris Brown bills and set a couple of those back now we thank you. Stephen I've backward more it is one bill's life from one bills drive in this is Buffalo Bills radio. In our one buffalo studio for one feels like from one bills drive over new airfield folks from collider over there having lunch we're looking at the the names of all things defense putting their time listening. Detectives and Judy with the you know. Yeah. Palm it's McDermott spoke earlier today we are talking about that one thing is asked about was attendance. At these offseason workouts so far and as they said they've got. Two weeks left vote TA is one week left of a mandatory minicamp he tends. Suppose we percent there but where every time we looked out there Steve it seems like there's an awful lot of players here McDermott was asked about that a housing you can spend so far. In the Ortiz here's what they'd go to this. Yeah we've been right around. Full full participation which is phenomenal this time of year. I can't say enough about how. Much of the team effort that. It's from from everywhere around the building and the players. Ordered again here. And stay here in Cannes put in the work these guys are as focused of a group is I've seen this time in years. And Anna's heart of the working. Group of guys as I'd been around to this point my career. That's good Steve Wright mean and always tested it and looks wonderful group. Yeah they're they've got plenty of bodies out there there's no question about EC when they humorous that you team and stuff like that there's plenty guys stand her watch and and then plus they've got. Enough guys now they even while they're doing some teamwork they'll have a position groups off doing. Specialized work off the side so. He had the it's voluntary no question about it. But they've got a lot of guys that are volunteered to be here work really hard and so it's it's a good thing is it speaks to the culture they're trying to build in and I'm with him. There's still a lot of work to be done but it's series certainly needed to do all that work when he got enough guys to program. Not here of course Richie Incognito was released from the reserve retired list earlier this week and then had a little incident in Florida. No updates on that he was so taken into custody by. Authorities in Florida today in his under observation. And McDermott didn't have much to say about that but he was asked about it today was asked about the decision to take Richie in tech you know off the reserve retired list. Well you know as you look if you look at it first of all wish Richie will. He moves forward. Certainly appreciate all he did for this organization. And mine. It's your last year's one years his career at the Buffalo Bills. What you meant what he meant to was meant to me. You know. Reaching informed us several weeks ago that he wanted to retire. And then. Following a couple weeks later give or take time frame there. One to re or retire so. We rented. Request. And we're moving on. So and accurately. At this point that's the question pipers. That we talked about yesterday yesterday I hope rich he's well LP he's OK it's just it's troubling but I think it's pretty clear there's no. Wellspring of like ill will towards Richie Incognito here none I don't know I don't think so either plus. It's of the simple fact of the matter is sort of at a month or two ago Ritchie decided he was gonna. Retire any sighted at that time he said he was having some health issues with his liver his kidneys and and the stress was killing them and and we get a player talking like that do that team is very cognizant of as an OK and again at Nate and a lender retire and then they move on you know they draft a guy Dave and they start signing guys say. They move on knowing they've got it a spot to fill on their roster and then when you come back its animal I really want to or whatever it's like you know. Believe take from a guy who retired at this game rules on me and I don't wait for anybody there are gonna wait till you make up your mind. What you are Pro Bowl guard or not they've got to make decisions based on who they know they've gotten. And when you know got to this point and they say you know they'd certainly don't have a problem he must play some place let him play. Neighbor grant him his release and then. You know he's in he's run into trouble almost immediately so it's it's a sad thing I don't think there's any ill will at him with him. Certainly not in the locker room and I don't think from the from the organization either. Does get popular nine minutes ago from the third and final organized team activity work out this week Steve tasker ran out there and you talk a couple of players right. Yeah economy just off the field in the field Hauser headed towards the locker room and we changed marketed to navy's white Jordan point let's listen in Steve talks with. Safety Jordan employer how about the field just a little while ago here at one bills drive. Jordan first of all let me congratulate you got married this offseason is a big step for everybody and hamster how. How's it going so. It's us it's amazing. You know I don't know why she's in Florida and now with my movement utterly and so. Only Sears must as I that would like right now but you know no words to. Sat out ratio below and a behind you Russian but I. Now this is amazing man you know she's my best friend you know she's she's an obvious quarter and so it's. Deadly blast and so let me ask you get your marriage your best friend but your other best friend the guy that you share the safety spot with human. My god talk about your relationship both you guys were. New to the team last year and hard to imagine it going better for your secondary than it did you guys for your together I mean this. Are less about him and I in our hard he's he's soon to be a husband here and in July. So you know our wives are really close to each other talk all the time handoff feel rushed games together you know I assume the other case Laura with the lawsuit and he's really tell us a solo player. And you know we realized that we have by high expectations of ourselves and so when you got like that it works you know action harm he does it only motivates you were just as hard. And so you know does this defense these coaches say they put us in the right position and be able to make plays and so he knows that we've been. Detriment fund and so we wanna continue to just you know give better and and keep working. Talk little about what the next step is for your secondary you you you churned out. Turnovers almost alarming rate early in the season last year release it this team your company's engine rated. What's next what what the level could this secondary get to. You know we we we think this guys that we race that we have high high expectations are so who is secondary. And come back in the system for a second year you know it is and makes me. I'm right how are always easier Bristol penalties on the field knows he is there happen a lot fasten your reaction and you know a lot better receiving keys live better and so being in the same year in the system you know trade. Outside of our tea veteran leader coming in you know you said this the sky's the limit for us. Talk a little about that he had the jail last year tree Davies came and made a big splash is a corner in the league which is. It's not easy to do and yet naive you've got Vontae on the other side what's Vontae bring to that mix because it's going to be you know and a new chemistry motion back there. Now he's body and you know he sees he season when. There we go about our business in body and and and every sort of way you know he's he's a leader. You know nationally. Two time pro bowler so you gotta respect day he's he's he's playmaker so. You guys that it comes in only as more and more straight to your secondary you know. I say the sky's the limit for us when we have we have really high expectations ourselves and we just weren't you working. One of the things that outside people look I mean that your rooms isn't the only change really one of the big change is John but we've got new defensive back coach. Talk a little bit right relationship what you know about John Butler what he brings to table and and how much of plus or minus it is getting your position coach change in the offseason. Nice he's he's a great addition to this team and I can see whether coaching staff to hire them you know he. He understands x.s and those really well in any game you know he's of those tucked the ball he's in his energy is always high. You know it. We always say him embodied batteries are safety codes that Friday Brothers is because they energy is always so there always answer every coach Tom always wanted to coach wanted to make you better the better football players so there is great addition to this team to our secondary and so we're very sad and have a. Or the big things that happened the Buffalo Bills last season was signing huge Jordan warrior and Micah Hyde to bring new safeties are not new. To the NFL but new to the team he came in you clicked right away. And having seen this access one or more teams Italy what's your take on. On why it hasn't happened around only what major combination with Mike as a special and why is it worked here when other teams are willing to take that risk in this offseason but not signing knees. In a position. Communications Hughes I think. I accidentally ship on the few plays in effect games so you know I can really see. You know why why hasn't it sign away our business effect. You know pain in my mind whatever it in in in our perspective might and I communications Hughes and if you're able. Yeah as line up and talk talk drifted down talk. You know priest now posts now. Priest during snap and then you know maybe talk about a silent. You know after a series of raising this huge thing that goes a long way. You know. No you know. About the safety Margaret its eyes and nose in our our Sunday with RC Jesus that's a huge deal. Jordan thanks for taking a minute with a us here appreciate. It we. It day it's me again now fortunate the bills are and how Smart they were to get those to a Jordan border Micah Hyde together. And and put him back there and great seasons and they're good quality people to good leaders. And then you mix and guy but they Davis was talking about and the rookie last year previous white I mean I admit it and when they sign Micah Hyde it was it was like on the night free agency be games like their top freeagent. Prospecting was their top guy they wanted to get they signed him he came here and Evers like yes safety and it was a relief the sexy pick you know like reading get running back or wide receiver quarter right. And then they signed Jordan warriors well also is obviously we're gonna revamp that secondary from the get go. And then this is stepped up to the plate and and drafted two Davies white in the first round so they it was all new starters in the secondary a year ago that late training camp trade for EJ gains he came and was a was a huge success here. And I think that was one of the most surprising. Transformations. If you said at this time. Last year that that was going to be a big difference in the bills and and and for my money. That's secondary in their ability to generate turnovers in the passing game was really the engine that started the bills off on their run and got into the playoffs so you talked intra Davies two. We had a chance to talk to him and he came off the field and you know first round draft pick last year is hard to imagine him getting off to a better start in his career. And I asked him about that when I caught up with him after practice. Traits how big difference it make coming in the same group. Same defense now for a second Europe. Is good he's good be in the system were you comfortable. And you know you know this sort of wait it you've got moving him back in defining so I'm very comfortable now in just. And no wonder things that I supposed suicide note you know with the coach's speak and I know. And who is poised please go I know everything is going also loses. Give me. To allow faster than in the game slowed down. So I mean you made it big splash splash he came in and you you've played. As good as any corner in the league and he's kind of got summer he has got left off a top hundred player list what did you think about that because one divorce I was surprised at. Absolutely I'm competitive enough to let you know my game famines in the way that we performance team also and did the transformation that we made as McCain told. I feel like you know my place to be recognized across the board is meeting on day you know. Me being a rookie you know you don't get his way recondition you know you get is what is is sort of anybody we're sort of this you pretty much you know. So it knows should Wear a flag gaffe played that in you know. Most most on is in the league in most homes and it is but you know who knows I'm does not do. What are supposed to do existential that could show but come nation out on behalf hound alias. That's I was gonna say he can he played so well your first year he's was as. Surprised firm except you probably but now. You do mean now you use hockey talk that. Is that it again to level what is the next was a looked like. No first team all pro. First team all pro probable and don't pass this the first round playoffs is on the folks enough. But continue to do and go to work everyday and where Claude. It's continue to try to found ways to give Betty each and every day after that beef Eddie last year you came in EJ gains came in. Lleyton training camp was a big addition. And then. Now you've got Vontae Davis a name a lot of people known have heard about to talk to him about his addition to the secondary because you guys were maybe the strength of the defense last death in this and then beat this beat this big addition two time probable. I'll pro cause you know ten years so I was a whistle at ease him in is is up to pick his brain. In just from from him from over the years of him how he played so well so. Is definitely a plus for me to have a delicate illness that much of the net most experienced because he's Islamic to sickness it was better. So last year came it was such a great. Together group. Start from scratch almost tells about the important these days are your fine about. The new 2018 Buffalo Bills that's different in the 2070. Sort of saying you know with the new guys coming in you know is good that we have. Greatest Tennessee with the with the gas has been on his team everybody's coming would agree that two bit. You know they give them around and they scene awaited you know how we laid the foundation mentioned how you know coach McDermott like things to go in. We've been doing a great job Sean focus on those guys the way the bill's way. And often like to know they don't give behind us and so we don't keep just trying to wrote. During have a great weekend thanks has taken a minute with a us. Previously received cash to take a break come back we'll mortal moment one bills like present about come out of health for company from. One bills drive on Buffalo Bills reading. We learned from today show presented by advanced alarm providing Western New York homes and businesses with the find this insecurity and home theater the preferred alarm and home theater writer of the Buffalo Bills. We have been bowler and I'm from the Boston Globe who cover the owners' meetings in Atlanta Georgia over the last few days. Obviously via boat on the a pregame ceremonies was Paramount in the museum out of the owners means. Yesterday we asked federal and why owners felt that it was important to go back and address the pre game. Policy after it seemed to die down let's see here's your readers as answer. They felt like they had to address the British peace dividend and because tabled it marked the owners' meetings and this is the last time or altogether before this season's start with this is that. It's time to do it. Why they they just reversed course I'm not really sure and I agree reviews really contains. You know a few players in Oakland it's key players in Seattle and maybe five or six guys total. And then eventually die down and I I agree I think you were really would have been had not issue just a few players at a club called select cities. Would have been doing it and as they would be able to move on. And Golan Boston Globe we also reverential Alexander on the show this in the studio Lorenzo talked about the the rules changes including the one on. Rejections for helmet hits subject to replay review here's what they're into having Anderson. For me don't you review thought it was a split second thought is it like just awash in veer you Wear my helmet all the way down. Or is it if I hit a guy with mop my face now from upcoming in the shoulder tackle what would it. Because like I keep saying. Always says he rejected a bullet BC kids about not solicit work at it being he's blowing his target hit in the shoulder he's beaten at noon. That our little target and he's in he's engaging me too easy he is one that is well. And now I have as a defender I'd have to lay off that he breaks a tackle I ran over and I look soft. I think he's right it is going to be a new rule. It just goes against defense to play right and it's hard to imagine them being in the audience of 90% of the rule changes had to do with defense and limiting their ability to stop the office because people wanna see scoring. There and is that fair I don't know. I'm I'd I'd like the way they backed off a little bit when the for the rule was first. Talked about in March that it looked pretty you know hard and fast we will eject players. Who use their ailments and in it without ailment. I don't think they're at that point now on penalty and beaters yeah I agree there might be a couple of rejections ninety and we made jokes about yet and the priest he's going to be a ton of them and let up on the case but it'll be interesting to see how that plays out. It would be one of the things now because people will be looking for me and the one the team's best player when he makes attack get ejected and helped them win they are. Our poll art form Poulter at eight look. Twitter poll to be dealt with the the bills that the in the first week of OTAs what's the biggest objective for the bills offseason program 44% of you saying and solid in new offense. 28% of you said the finding an early leader at the quarterback position. 26% of you say finding the top the three receivers. 2% it's up analysis it. Chris Brown made really good point he got to find a corner recommend you can kind of police and so you know reply got install an offense because. Once you get your quarterback you can tailor it but you gotta have everybody on the same page offense. No question there's a lot. There's a lot to do on that side of the football and that's why that would report focused got a couple of days off we will not be here tomorrow nor on Monday were back on Tuesday production assistants from George last Geoff called Thomas out of her caliber JJ to Rio. Kevin carcass and James rubble or producer heir Steve have a great weekend you tumor I will argue people do as well we'll see you Tuesday with one bills live from one bills drive. I'm Buffalo Bills radio.