05-24 Schopp and Bulldog Hour 1


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Mike shield and a Bulldog. Guys I could not believe what I was here. Clinton this is on them. Arm are threatened local radio station this crap. Is being played I couldn't even believe that the word that I was listening to might show as a mom. It is. Like why is this on here and a Bulldog I started it tears in my eyes it upset me so much. And my eleven year old daughter listens to does radio station. Never again lets you listen this might show up got to collect myself because listen. This is what our youth. Is being subjected to and the bulldogs'. Visit on our radio station that our kids are listening to. I so let's bet this is ridiculous it's Mike she'll spend a Bulldog. I trouble you. The radio and I just don't even understand. Why they think that's okay on WG ER my daughter willow never listen to that radio station again ever I am shaking. I cannot believe that still does on. Sports Radio 515. All right. Why have a question today have a question. More than a statement carried. Some days are the pressures are not an answer them either you might not want that's okay if you don't and some days it's I think this high. And an enemy off maybe you say I agree or disagree or want to ask that. So. The bills had their thing today Dayton and today was the one day this week that. Cell was allowed to go to watch he's admitted he was allowed it but stand outside the whole day. But he would never get to see anything or talked any players we chose not to do that Smart judge Saudi way you want. I'll give him credit to put a Smart move. Today is allowed ago. So cells tweeting reporters are tweeting you know things that Sean McDermott said and I wanna know if you think. I wanna know what you think. Mick Durham it should be a bow as far as the anthem thing goes what do you want from him. So. He's asked about it today. First he's asked about he starts by talking about a Jones. And I guess nobody knew about that right I don't know about that at all and so he's he talks about Zeta-Jones and he's asked whether it happen it doesn't say. Fuels and McDermott last year this is what you would expect. When it happened won't he doesn't say. He's asked about if there's any ligament damage or says I'm not a doctor is if you get to talk to the doctor Richard don't like the coaches poll to be responsible for that stubby does those of you're like a politician if it's not something they wanna tell you and I can't tell you that it. And he did a lot of that when he came to the anthem policy he said it's too soon the first thing the first words out of his mouth about being at the policy were as was. Were yes you know this the news is somewhat fresh. That's one way of looking at it that the policy. Team yesterday it's also been a topic in the league for two years. Now. Now so what do I want from him what do you want from them. He's all he did over and over to say it's too soon. For you to ask me you know what I'm going to do it talk to him about it word will involve the players. I think I won't want to what I'm. I want for most people. Honesty. I want him to. Be honest about it and if that. Means he. Wants to insist that all of his players come out there and stand there and he should say that. And is you know peace and he criticized for that salaam fine but I want him to be honest that. That way you know you can cross that someone isn't just pandering to you. Win win India. They say you know we respect. The the the players' feelings on. This matter and where I recognize. The situation in the country you're worth whatever someone might say to try to placate everyone. Just just be honest and if you're honest I mean ideally his arms the answer would would be one that I would find. Palpable I don't really for you yeah ideally for me. You know I. We wanna listen to our players and we respect their wishes I've likened to some of the jets owner. Which is I want like that all my guys stand but I understand that they may not. And I respect that as well that in Zoellick Steve Kerr is too much to ask her maybe I mean I've gotten all the idiotic every net that beat the B fein to. Well. But does he not have. Is that not a risk. I think that's why guys are honest there of course it's a risk for OK but that there's a risk specifically to if you don't get to know I guess. What the coach of the bills really thinks about this cause he doesn't want to tell you. So if he does want if he does believe that the policy is good. For him and even for the lead or for whatever whatever his purposes are. If he thinks. This is good I want my players unified the key could I don't think without too much trouble. Maybe I shouldn't assume. I think he could explain. No matter which side this year Ron you could explain it in a reasonable way. And as the coach of the team he has all particular. Incentive. To wanting the players. To stand for the anthem which would be well you know it at least superficially. Unity I want us to be together and if we don't have this divisive. Matter on our team I think about a raw. And I know nobody has to ask anybody about it in the locker room. And it's it's really not a subject that I ever have to view with again and even players after. Whatever amount of I don't cauldron to strong will ever amount of criticism. Will be out there when native. Players find some other way to protest. The big if if we got 53 guys dressed in world out there standing there than were were out of it. Think I I I think I would understand a coach even for pulling that regardless of how he really feels about it just. Path of least resistance that's what I think generally coaches are looking for. You and I were in here. We have ESPN on NFL live there were really some exceptional moments on the show today opened mocked the show. Feel like it's a lot of cliches and just somebody get you know somebody get online. This wanna watch from the show over often and just like look look yourself up. In this case. Jolene Anderson and Jeff Darlington Bill Polian were exceptional. On this issue and they put on the show what you see now. The upcoming topics on the side of the screen so you know what's coming up and at one point it said Jerry Glanville. On anthem issue and I made fun of that to you he's in Hamilton theories and these guys coordinate of Hamilton tiger and it's working under June Jones there head coach Davis man sell and after two in the tasker. I want to ask you rank those right now. But like I said you although it ought to be good right Jerry Glanville but that ought to be good for and I said to me like I watch him. On any subject just put Jerry Glanville and acts I think I wanna see. And I said I said you nurture our trust him to comment on meatloaf what loan this OK here we go somewhat like with Napoleon. Glanville. Said. Alternately. I want them I want them to stand in and light up I want that for my team. But I thought he was impressive yeah in how we explained yeah he. He he he said. Don't bring it to work basically is what he said if you if you want protest. Tell me where you want a goal and I'll go with you albeit a com Tuesday. OK that's our day off but where we're gonna meet let's go to new. Basically and we've we've heard that I've heard that frequently but the player should do something else. And my response that is usually likely okay. Do we even know for sure that they are not. It put the the field is where you're going to see them but the field this where you're going to get the maximum volume. Out of the protest of the most effective way to protest your guaranteed to be seen. Going to City Hall on Tuesday we don't we'll meet maybe that'll be covered maybe at all what good. I bring Glenn go up because it's another way. Somewhat similar to how we were talking about this a few minutes ago it's another way McDermott could go. McDermott I mean I don't know like he's he's rarely forthcoming. I think he could be in the interest thing. But he doesn't really seem to want to allow himself to be interest thing like I oral B really is. I want you give someone the benefit of the doubt restores this I almost. Home. Yeah I maybe I'm more than that it probably is interest thing. Fantastic impression on most of the people that he's come across the he's dealing with well tape recorders and cameras roll. So I think. Obviously the interest that would that be a guess we could have different ideas of what that would mean. Would that be being interest thing or would that be may be something else I'm press is the engaging dynamic aren't just saw something and I think that could be interest things so I don't know him and I don't wanna say that he's not I just think in terms of what we get. For public consumption it's rarely interest thing and here is. Here is an issue that's on fire. And has and is not just pull out of the sky yesterday I mean this is this is what we're talking about. And as a coach. And its sister obviously it's up to him with the need to say so I don't. As a coach he could. No pun intended stand behind. This policy. And say a it if it helps me keep my guys focused on the game. And may also a better group that is kind of the way he talks then I'm for it and that might be something he would say if he thought of it you know like that that might be something he would. He would. They go over here and there are like I can take that chance I mean I can say that. He also might think it's idiotic he also might think that's about I wouldn't be my guest. Bilateral. The also might think the whole thing is really stupid and that players you might think what the jets owner but. Here's a hypothetical. Maybe his boss doesn't mean. And so if Terry and Kim or one or the other. Can restore all the talking now about away our all of like she's the president and the owner and heroic what. The chief she's the one right she's the one right now that there's one right now there might be a good idea considering how the quote you know they were old it surfaced a month or so little from the New York Times about the meeting the team had with players. How open looking across that Terry Terry to kind of steps in it all the time so she's the one right now think enough. And if she or a day. Support the policy it's the league's policy there are owners that they. Well I was gonna say voted the report is that they didn't even really vote but you know bet that's will say voted. They voted. Almost unanimously nor voted against it this is what we're gonna do. Targeted against certificate mismatch because. I guess. That's another thing but a pulley on that by the way said that thing that that kind of thing happens a lot. What they do in the room is anybody I know is anybody who's anybody abstain amendment that's the end of so if Nolan says no and that moment it's not an official vote. But it's still something that it serves as one of us or might it might not be scandal has access. Yeah. So what if McDermott the key. I think and NFL coach necessarily. Is kind of stuck in the middle. Not even considering what their real feelings are the coach. Needs to get the most out of the players. The coach wants to beat their for the players to varying extends right some guys are more like that and others. But the coach also was an employee. Not even necessarily the highest ranking employee. There's the gee I'm fourteenth residents on paces some we're not some teams are not trying to be Snyder like that the president of you have to be don't. But there there could be other people in the way to that might. Have authority over. Things like this yeah so it might be one it's obviously controversial issue to it might be one where. A coach doesn't really know what to say. One of my supposed to do here to if if I. Say I'm pro policy does that make me pro management does that make me bad from is that a problem with my TV out right my players don't wonder what got their acts and if I'd do the opposite is that a problem with my boss now. Right I checked. Sure there are Cantu and any and you might even not even need. To take your bosses feelings in the consideration although it's probably a good idea to do that. Eight in in maybe I've movable say most situations. But not all. He he might recognize himself independent of however he thinks his boss or knows his bosses to feel. About it recognize. How delicate situation. It is and not want to alienate any portion of the fan base. And just not just. It's state. The little less I'd say the better and I don't really want I might wanna stick up for my guys being able to meal but that probably is not the best course of action. For just for the team overall and whether or not that agrees with the owners or not I just think it might be best for me to just stay over here. Well that. Is kind of the coaches being coaches usual instinct and these days and it or for a long Latin sitting here. I've been doing haven't always been talking had ten different coaches since I sat down. And actually have always been talking about the thing that they won't tell you would it's kind of silly sometimes went to church just tell you get it that probably the less interest being. In answer is the less likely there will be more questions. To elaborate upon so whom you don't if if McDermott is ready to just. Talk at link. About how he feels about. The president last year about the about the protests themselves about the path forward about. Racial equality Emmys ready to go Ecstasy Steve Kerr Gregg Popovich. Then there are going to be. Dozens of questions afterward if he's not interesting about it at all ever when this goes. How to do I did I did the quarterback. Think she's done you get a being so you don't get any thing area to keep Digg and so that's usually you know that's what I mean by say the path of least resistance is just don't. It below that is what I am the better probably that's what I would expect to hear that's what we should expect to hear that's what we got today via. And I would anticipate dom I would expect more of it. You know we'll see I mean I do believe him when he says he's gonna talk more about it. But I think it will be a subject that will come up I would think he's got this leadership council. That they established last year you know Arab public think there's some turn over their oh what's gone Rashean got Beatles gone. But Britain they would have that again and I would think that he would want to. You know certainly take into account how his players feel about. You know the situation. Most people look out for themselves. And if he is looking out for himself. What he wants is wins that's what he wants his gut may be out that much to gain being on either side office. But what he needs is he needs to keep his job from the one side he wants he wants the stadium the job. And from the other side you know he wants the most out of his team and I think that could be like a really tough. Seed to navigate. Especially for somebody who doesn't want open up and maybe also sometimes can't really articulate Ali. Feel when there and strong buy that fear of saying something it would be controversial or can be bad for them and I didn't think it all about. Are you you brought up the fans like will when he lose fans. If he talked one side or the other on this and I guess but that should not really effect him. Or like the easy for me to say right if that kind of thing we've had coaches. Lose for too long and friends. Get. Frustrated him and they get fired. And maybe not in all cases did management want to fire those coaches but they may be felt that they had to. Because fan support was really lagging I think McDermott that's a long way off I mean I don't know I guess you could say something sold crazy. That everybody would jump on commerce on thing America get him in trouble but I don't see that as anything. Anything imminent we now I treacherous for him I know and because I think he's going to be all saved. You're measured enough savvy enough. To whom you know stay out of the ditch on this then yeah about that speaking honestly openly. And maybe controversial about how you feel what something should be equated to the ditch but I just I think he's not he's not gonna put himself a spot where. Anyone would. Any one side or the other would go. In what how she'd see what what's. He's just he not like the flag like what got these countries that we didn't hear Israeli. Eve maybe with a par five of the goodness there from it I think what does he said that to go today. Review said one. It's really not in my best interest to talk about this. Not gonna be my decision you what I think what this early that you want honesty honesty you know if if if he is if he thinks. I've got nothing to gain. Telling you oilfield rice. Right because how I feel is a problem on one side or the other because he felt strongly and that would really that would be honest yes. Like would you dig them for that I would respect that. Yeah if if he's gonna keep going I got to talk to Kim than the next time this comes up as as we still have some things are still too soon like you just do it. All politician wants to is always port off. The question until the question goes away right until it's not an issue anymore with this you know were. Were there it's Thursday a Memorial Day weekend is that like you don't blow big comeback for the Xstrata vote few days. I don't know there's always something that can set it off. Well it takes is one player on any team in the league really saying something in much the whole conversation will flare up again. But you know DEN. A lot of people he might be thinking. Let's get to Memorial Day like this where it through and secondly every wannabe immigrant in the right. That's how it works like. That we can relax and start to focus on meet the Peterman because first he's wrapped quarterback today. Yeah okay Memorial Day my prediction is we'll probably not talking about this next week. At least for long right we definitely are talking about it because of what happened yesterday when the season starts June. Even maybe when the pre season starts. Do players do you make her move in the pre season or do you wait I mean they're going to be on the field. The anthems going to be played. Yeah that's going to be a story true NFL. What might want money. One of my thoughts yesterday. Then I was the most interest that in is. Did the NFL need to do anything now a year ago. I might have thought yes but by the end the last year wasn't as much talk about it the wasn't as much kneeling and okay leave you got thruway. I don't happen to support volumes matter but the league might look at it that way. I would think wisely. And then move fine but what the league did yesterday is throwing gas on it and so now. I think when the season starts it is almost there is practically guarantees. That we are watching we meaning like the media and the public to see what happens. I yeah I big through yes I I I speak because they. My my best guess yours. Debt they would've anticipated gas being thrown by someone else if they didn't. So rather than wait to react to the gas being launched at them. By the White House that they were at least pro active in Minnesota don't fire. For which is a little silly to do. But I think maybe they were. I wouldn't disagree if if they were sitting around thinking it's only a matter time. It's only mattered not it really do this now all. Or we waited until the pre season starts or the president just decides. It all orders that all committee doing some thing. And it's you know worst we're talking about it but it's it's flares up just like that I think. Don't. Anybody listening think a certain way about Sean McDermott here. Like him again respect that he might be caught in between but do you what do you want from the bills coach. Honesty leadership. Is it unfair to west for that. Eagle 30550 much over the bulldogs sell for this is WGR. Seen how we handled last year's situation and that we felt we worked well giving our players you know the dialogue the respect of the conversation. And some ownership there's so I anticipate that at some point just not at this point. Okay in his Bulldog pointed out. Is gonna need some new leaders for his leadership. Committee because a couple have gone way BB Tyrod Taylor was one of them I think so I don't know for sure the economy was on that I know or. At least you know urged. When Taylor that Williams was also part of that he's hearing and Doyle Alexander. Still a year ago. Some guys. I'm a mixed it and as it was last year like the team dynamic as part of us and we've got. 53 man or in this case morally 190 whatever number is now but by the time the season comes around. 45 on game days 53 guys. And if one horror several of feel strongly. Of out. The protest means is really last year to. Then. Do you want a team to. Have other people on the team try to suppress it or re direct it. Or what. What I would want. And I'm I'm what it and furthermore are there players who are offended by them and to protest like it's just like football and justly you know the audience. That we talked to like bill they're probably wish I would I would think so yeah. So. Far far be it for me as someone who never played professional sports if you needed me to tell you but I think what I would want. Is this long design. Don't have to worry about whether him getting your best. Then you go be you need to be it you know like this is not viewing during plays this is. You know before the game and and I think that would probably the way I am is that your deal. This is mind it's your deal OPEC yeah. And maybe that's the way most guys would be. So I don't think it's team is really divided or should be divided. By a what happened last year and whatever will get this year as seen in the locker room for whatever I do I never got the sense. Me. That Britain that this team or really anything. Right on the Eagles were a vocal guys yeah. Jenkins yeah I mean maybe the closest we got to that was there was the one Pittsburgh player when they decided to stay in he came out. Go on the way yet thank you and he he's a veteran. That was like the optics on that odd out of I don't know hold the there was much of a problem. Team dynamic wise there was just it's a strange. Looking scenes when he was the only thing. They were in the playoffs. Right yeah it didn't students while. Boy. Talking about this and earlier specifically about what do you war we want from Sean McDermott about this he might have. A boss or bosses that thing that they represent the policy the league has this policy now. That think bet is away and McDermott also wants to be. All service to his players and make sure that they respect him and so he can't be or wouldn't wanna be I guess I've I would say. Deaf ears Monica and success so might beat. Tricky for a coach he doesn't really. He doesn't go into stuff these press conferences he's not open do you tell you his feelings really just tells you in this case today. It's too soon for me to know what is going to happen here what we're gonna water do. 8030515. Years job with a solo job. Coca. Jones and come through. Threats and its impose a nice day today. Sure ones. Oh you're talking about it like it's over his ring here now. Try to be LB really nice and we get on steal. Buena you'll don't take another nice sunset picture about it I'm going to baseball from here pulled out the nice exposed pirates wow that's great. That's seems like you had to know the Expos were still in the you're talking about your daughter's Little League that you he's on the team to okay in older and older exposed OK at the same team. Same thing and he writes even though they're two years apart while it's a good break for you is my my kids were this age we moved. Senators went wrong. We separate teams it was you know 10 o'clock and 3 o'clock tomorrow right. No I got lucky as a nice night for baseball. I think I think so too. It looks that way Rick is with a solo record. Our guys are original. Your arm RR I want to call yesterday. I didn't that happen stop bothers me to execute. Third double standard and watch it gamer for air sports are how many people are less leeway in the air and god they. There's still. Appear. Your nuptials. But yet there's this big outcry because he's gotten. Peacefully and mind you. Wanted to you know your belt or something and you got one individual. That has given his coworker. Gloucester school or not because that's were Jews and ridiculous. And I don't understand its gay people. About jaws are trying to figure out who you know there Yorkers pop culture at the bar. And I just think it's well both be hypocritical. If what does this thing and should say what are your whole at a sports are beginning without. This standard should be felt caught the war and we got to stop being very populous. Okay thank you Rick I mean maybe. I I don't like the idea of lumping everybody together at think certain way. I think I'm most people when it comes to the anthem from their stand up to my head off. If I'm not I don't. And you beauty you know you hear this you hear that that is hypocrisy is that hypocrisy. Is it that that that now have having said that and asked that. IE don't have a problem with the players' actions. So I think you know due to what now what are what are your hockey game and the guy next to you doesn't stand up you have a conversation with a M you might. If you're friendly with them already you might ask him what is motives are or you might to stay away from it. I would not be one to like pressuring him. All right I've never seen that. I mean I've I've never seen. In the stands at a at a sporting event where someone you know we've all been until. They got around to mentioning remove your caps. There was a time when I I I think I remember seeing people. And maybe I mean so someone had two big remind me eight picker panel please just wasn't mindful of what whether or not you should do that now it's just said and there's more I think there's this bill Maurer. Awareness about it in the neighbor was fifteen years ago. I don't think I've ever seen it but I don't dumb. Little want to really do with they go wall what about what. What are local brands that are. Are in the bathroom and one about the that it is. Wherever we Balkans for humans and you get your goal when you can go you don't wanna miss the game that's why you're there are so yeah the who's playing and you get an ambient lighting it's not Jones like like okay. I don't think. We frequently I think. Wanna change the subject it is that there's always rather than just answering directly. The question what what what's your problem with approach with with the players dealing with why is it such a problem. For you it's what do they were pro testing something that you didn't agree with her you would. What is your problem. We why is it such a problem don't don't give me hypotheticals. About how. You you're at the game and dude you got caught a long line of the men's room and now always forced to do. Just tell your problem is with the players feeling. And I'm gonna try to work with you to find some kind of common ground here where we can understand when. I don't need to deal with what what if they were doing this what do they were doing that and what do mime would revive. I don't hell I don't care if it's it's irrelevant to me. It's it's it's not it's not important is it changes the focus of the conversation. And you know the conversation is pretty straightforward I think you've got some players who. Chose a venue in which to express their feelings about something that they feel is an injustice in the country. And you are. Fended by what your own. I don't know I hope this isn't only a cop out if it does you tell me you're your own life experience so shapes. Your views on these things. If players were brown skin Neal and tell me their reason for doing so. Is. Injustice toward older people with brown skin in the country. I say I accept that. And I think I accept it. I'm not sure I need evidence and I'm not sure I have it we have it I'm not sure I need it that is your viewpoint. Now if his viewpoint. Is. Way out and our space on like that the thing that you've just never heard anybody say before and the next thing might be well is it in my way. Is really not in my way I'm adding I'm still fine right so. Mileage here I feel very lucky for the life I have and if somebody else. So the thing that bothers them or that it's there their view on it is is different. I kind of feel like okay well. You're you may be right or you're probably right and you know. You know respect fizz ball. I just yeah I just always been that way about this but I do feel like it's a little it's a little weak sometimes I. We're on yesterday. And my wife was tuning in and I didn't know she was she often doesn't doesn't have a chance to. And I had we were talking about how old was like 5 o'clock and at some point someone said. The took to the question of the matter of walking away from the NFL do people will people are people walking away from the NFL. NG tax me something that was I thought very profound. She said I wish I were already a fan of the NFL so like could walk away and and I went home and I told her how impressed I was with that with that wording. And I just sort of made fun of myself afterward like really I'm just here for the fantasy leagues. Like I if if if I get to play fantasy football. And I have this job that's also when. The eggs it also exists largely because of the bills in the NFL. Like I'm I'm happy with that I want to keep those things and that's pretty selfish I guess but. I don't know is that does that. So most people both who aren't like that knowing that that's what that's what I like that's what I. Land that I know I think that is. Written notes offered a cop out to me about the way. I mean that in a certain way that's. Exactly. What the problem is. For some people that are upset about the venue that was chosen for the protests. Because they just you. I I don't want. What does it really doing to you what you do with the way you said delegates up somebody asked me we we ended up talking about it somebody or somebody was protesting abortion rights. What would that bother you would you support the only. Are they stopping traffic but I think keeping me from picking up my kids are all or they just kneeling on the sideline before a football game starts. Just really an asylum before football games arts and then someone wants to talk to them after the game honestly I don't I can choose to listen to them or not. Bomb but it's not the goal of impact me at all whether I agree with. How noble cause it is or not it's irrelevant the game doesn't even start later but right. So. I keep saying that there is. The there is the bureau or not treating the flag or the country with respect and a and I. I struggle with that because I mean I yeah I I understand. People who paid. A huge price. Offer freedom feeling offended by anyone who's not respecting the flag in the way that they. Believe it should be respected laid up I I want I want to try to cure those people and understand those people. But but what. But my struggle is what what is the player new wing doing TU. And to the country Britain the what they are trying to do is make the country better. Alternate sounds ridiculous because their football players and a mile before the income. Bolick alternately they're trying. To. Porsche for word of a conversation. That needs to happen on a massive scale went far larger than a radio show in Buffalo, New York or anywhere else. And what why is that such a problem the reason to play all this is you don't want to have the conversation. People who are bothered don't want to have count they don't want to do that they don't want to know. That someone's got problems I got my own problems I don't need to do what your problems. And some of that could be racially motivated some of that might just beat him to shut up. I don't wanna hear. I got I I gotta I gotta work fourteen hours tomorrow and I'm here with my buddies and I I just don't want I don't wanna think about. How hard it is for people in additional Missouri. I just don't hear it. And I understand the but you don't. Someone is leading you. You'd think a guy like a speech about it. And for a minute and 45 seconds before a football game. Try again it's it's not taking any longer doing you don't have to I mean the colleges the whole thing like I again with all due with I mean I'm really meanness with all due respect. To the flag. And to the military like what is the damage being done. Where's the problem he seems almost ridiculous to me that it's this huge thing but. And that's that's the way that's the way the world works. That's the way politics works that's the way this president works. And it's divide and conqueror and let's get a ready yelling at each other. And it's just such a sad state of affairs man. But going back to one earlier point in super myself do it I hope I hope tie that I just try to get good notice it is super myself. Today it was the first time. A long time has. Stood up for like doing the yard work on wall of doing the artwork it makes me feel good. I own a home. So I have regards take care of and I take pride in what I don't think that is so going to really let it rip today. We're going all away for the weekend. And will be blocked mourn our work there too and but today I had to do it and I I I he'd almost every human really I was just. Yeah it's just but I'll. Spa it's one it's him Peter I just wanna not be doing this I'd rather go exercise now you're talking liquid you were talking out at odds are records I'd read you something else. But it it felt like. I've got to get this done now because I'm gonna be gone for you know three days over the weekend if I don't get it done now it's going to be like a mess but coming back. And I never I just didn't enjoy it I'll play what I did. You'll you'll laugh I I rate fantasy players know it was nuts on the it was not voluntary it was not only want to do. They're all old alt cellular aren't that neither was reading but none. Who's reading your outside. I was inside others outside which was that was that was the best part of the experience that I did not want to do. Mike show that although I would sell the plot yo in fifteen minutes this is WGR. Honestly I haven't even seen what the policies is like what the ruling is there taskbar. And act certain to be an honest answer. Really true. I'm just gonna do whatever coach tells the those decisions that are. Bigger than me are so scared oh they decide. All right AJ McCarron taking it easy easily doesn't even really know what it is. Celtic podshow coming up in. Ten minutes. If by a who's sort of ask this allowed here. If my life if my a attitude about this continues to be. You do what you think is right. Does that allow whole room to respects. I don't really know. Guys. Don't really have anything to tell you guys. Does kick him. Can you respect that I mean do you need to do I need everybody to care about this and off to. Say some thing Mora van and owner Leona it is in just goes to what they tell me. Mom. I don't I. I don't know I I don't think I need. I understand anybody who doesn't wanna wait and it's not one week in the there's push them. That you know there there is a lot and there's even I would say even more. Positive reinforcement. But it's not in all it's not it's not something. Not every player. Would would want to do is the is. You know. All the mines too bright terrible drive on our secure about the world if you. The judging the doubt but this what is. Our federal that's when this. I just don't think everyone would would want to put themselves in position to beat George for your opinions are. Right that's that's right and I and I and I understand that I mean I I don't I don't ask me every party in the hunt hunt and go to. I'm not I'm not give. Look. Don't know upon someone who wants to avoid that conflict that looked like OK I understand. You know. You Q you've got to you know just lit in don't yet you got to live with yourself like from from mile talking like this about it. Because these are my values this is how YE. I'll I'll I have evolves. To beat to think about the world and feel. About things that I think are important so I'm gonna. I'm gonna tell you that the subject Qaeda I don't need to be doing this you don't crack if there were something else. That made sense for us to be talking about I may be fine. But. I'm not hesitant to have I think evidently to collect all old people. I thoughts on this I think it real life on this I'd be like most people which is my close friends my wife. Beam me my parents. Would know how I felt but mostly people wouldn't I would say away right Eli uncertain uncertain uncertain. Controversial issues are being in here I think there's a responsibility to come forward yet and and you know I IE. And I also would you at some point mystery USB you seek out those situations where your if you end up talking away from this venue. About this and wait Null but they find you if you do this like if you talk like we're talking. Then there's going to be a certain. A certain. Level of acquaintance that is going to wanna put like I heard you like what are you what what what's going out with that. And you know that's where the you know mostly. I will hold. Work my way away from schools conversations. And I just would rather not engage because I'm. More worn out by Franklin. You'd get your children get I'm at a party and it's about politics are mourning for the hills. If it's about mormons amendment locker room culture right cannot extricate myself I cannot physically. Deny myself the craving over this conversation. I'm excited to read all about Washington's culture by the way I haven't read anything yet but it's still only the day after. They may really no changes to their team after having the sport's ultimate reputation for blowing it. And so yeah. Well actually one of the changes that they did make is they don't have Justin Williams anymore who was supposed to be 20 that was gonna fix all went for them. And I see them didn't work this as the game within the hurricane and they took the guy with the rings off the team is. Article article exists I don't know I don't know what what is it somebody please tell me I never played sports all what did Washington do culture wise it's a pox go and can't wait to read more on this trip this weekend on Memorial Day weekend you know pour a cup final opens last night. While I was watching. The game and you know Washington was saw they were cruising but you eventually adopted three offering it was like OK at that probably the probably pretty safe here. On. Its thinking about Tampa and they're so good and they've been close and I was thinking about stand Grossman I didn't have it and I was frankly I was starting to not off and I had thoughts or did you go looking for stem courses stats but. Patrick O'Sullivan who is in media I doubt he he tweeted this lot of strikeouts no shots. In. Oh excuse me six game sevens for Stephen stamp goes zero points nine shots on goal. All talk and light for it to end the juxtaposition is over excuse reputation. In big games. And you know. Here's stem gross whose. Snot Russian right he's Canadian relate you don't. You don't hear that you don't read that that's just not I don't think it was I I could've missed it. The the first guys next time you well maybe well maybe now that Patrick O'Sullivan took the time delay tell you the stats specifically. But I thought that was in to I was thinking about it during the game was like. Where his me hey maybe neither one albums Obama all right I know but. Your quicker I think or have been we have been hockey media held here that quicker to make the judgment on the Russian player being solved flaws it. In some tragic way whereas figures and ocean's greatest players in the game and he's doing nothing in game sevens to right. Usually go to the same thing. Was never be either doesn't have to be one of the other electorate maybe they're both great players yeah I think probably Ovechkin has numbers in playoffs you know before this year. All right cell next stay tuned.