05-24 Schopp and Bulldog Hour 2


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These cell comply GO. I'll tell about shield itself up dungy ills jump on GO itself apology. About Ngo. I'll go Ponzi elves around coach the audio on WGR. Okay. I am genuinely interested. In knowing from Sal how we are they ones sell how was it out there today I know it was perfect out. Did you enjoy being back there in the you have some Richmond conversations. I loved it it was great it really was yes much island has been around football and it was nice to be. Back out there maybe because too we've had such a long winter really that it was just nice to. Get out there you know that when we had been out there before I know we did that the one it was the rookie mini camp outside it was beautiful weather what was nice. But you know the other stuff we does apartment inside whether it's you know some sort of event. I'll press conference or the conditioning stuff today outside absolutely gorgeous weather. And what resembled kind of real football except actually hitting each other because there were no restrictions as far as playing eleven Atalanta and in. Defense offense and that kind of stuff so that was really cool nine. Any being surprising at all about wade a quarterback reps who doled out Q. Yeah I I was a little surprised when Sean McDermott said to open. You know press conference agitated before practice that he said. Ball agent care in the eighth and human had been taking turns. With the first team in the Josh Allen really. Had exclusively that working with the third team. I guess I would have expected that Alan would be taking some reps with the second team but really that's not what you said and that's really what we saw today either. Doesn't mean it won't happen soon I'm sure it'll probably happen at some point when we get to training camp but for right now he's only working with the third. What else did you make of him today in whatever. Area. Look at mean. He just. Throws the ball was such set and when he knows where he's going with a it calms out quickly is a very quick release. And obviously right now. You're gonna give me I mean you're gonna give I don't know this about huddled to give them some easier reads on the beaches like Hayward is where we're gonna throw it. Susan is that back foot hits apple itself when he is decisive in Knowles where he wants to throw it you can tell it's confident and it's coming out really quickly. It comes out really hard. You know may be the one thing is you have to. Think going forward here you know that that touch we talked about this the touch on. Is football and he throws as he gets older as you learn to might of the doubt that out and back a little bit on the fastball they get that touch so we'll see but. Right now he throws that volleys he's at but it in the that's right I really like about him I didn't see anything that would. Cause any. Concern or jubilation you know today to be honest with he did some nice things he missed some throws he makes a really nice throws it through. Touchdown to ray ray McLeod was really nice. I like his interaction with his teammates at lake is interaction. When this coaches I like his energy. I think all of that is really positive in that direction. How you found him. Talking Celek did do you think a particular brand to mean on draft night and then again the day after the draft may be on with Howard Jeremy. The this guy he's he's awful you're gonna see are ever making note that like. It was sort of beauty can't rub me. The wrong way I don't look the Somalis open a can rub me the wrong way when someone has only been here for ten months tells me how buffalo somebody's. His you know it really do all you sure but. That just at face value. I also by the way of that in that context I may interject this have been. Even around a mention of those suites by Josh Allen Mike. What was it know all that well he'd know that I mean. Yeah I think I think it was like you you'll see different I don't like him yet right he's via. Anyway how you found him to be sail. Straight. Out of that McDermott been. Cliche playbook that if you well. And it doesn't mean that genuine these January oh look he's always seems have a smile on his face which is really good he seems very upbeat. I like that about an energetic. You know he doesn't she doesn't say anything anything that's going to get any headlines and I'm not a lot of two I don't expect him to. You get that sometimes. You know you go back to even when it. Jalen Koreans he posted that tweet he jewelry to couple weeks ago during rookie mini camp at opal you were here for this he. There was a video of the bill's post that Josh Allen just kind of throwing the football that Mitchell where it just kind of come out as it. Jill Ramsey on his Twitter account the VP for the jags quote tweeted it said that's a pick waiting to happen. And. I I think I don't know I think it was kind of just joking because I mean goodness it was just a regular throwing it just right warm and I were together that Friday mark was all this is not this is not Jamal Adams did. No this is separate while Adams basis at look at port. You know the best the best quarterback played with her more X or something like that. Ricky did this after a rookie can't practice in buffalo tomorrow Arabs of that after. Maybe be he was drafted or something yeah so anyway. All website of course TMC caught up with Josh Allen at LEX maybe it was and someone asked him about how. That Sheila Ramsey tweets and his response was while he's great he's dealing ramseys one of the best team easily it doesn't bother you whatsoever. He's earned that right to talk like that I guess you also. Even something as inflammatory that could have been. It was it note today. All about hey you asked what do you think you know being on the the third team he's like I'm I'm just watching watching these guys there. They're great what they do any ala take mental raps wanna take notes he says there is a challenge not getting as many reps but at the same time. You know he's taking that is trying to be positive. So he's like I said chemistry out of the McDermott been playbook. You know this might mention that that the tweets com. Did that come up because this is bin his first chance to be around the entire team brightly to anybody ask him if he thought it. Appropriate to address the team because that was something he said he might feel a need to do. Him to make your address any concerns that players on the team might have about. No I'm glad you brought it up because maybe next time maybe not just him other players were asked about that but I mean I know hum we have not does that then. No one that I've seen has asked him about it or where I've been. But that's interesting and it just seems like he fits in with everybody so. I guess there's maybe don't need but you're right I mean maybe nothing clarification on if BO going forward. If there was some sort of conversation that could be a conversation happens Eva training camp when they do all those bonding things to run well Brett coming out for a time for right now. If he really doesn't care about criticism. Whether it's from other players in the league or anyone else good for him I mean that's just easier living. You had mayfield who put it in his book and walked around with you know this attitude about it and neither way is necessarily good or bad but it's the it's the way that agrees with me is. You know a guy who you know as someone that takes criticism the better you can do to ignore it the better off you'll be. Yeah I agree with that. I got to imagine. On some level. You know Josh Allen eight we know is a chip on shall look him in key. Has pretty much been down the depth chart at every single level of ball he's played in any had to rise up and how to prove people wrong he was recruited by anybody. You know all these kinds of things so at some level I think that there's that chip I just don't think he's gonna outwardly talked about it right now I think it's more internal and. Doubt that he did I I saw a mention of him referring to having been third string when he got to junior college. So there'd be registering here is no end is not no big deal. He said he lady in the fourth when he got there I don't know if he's then he's been through this drill before. And we'll see if he knows there's a lot of time. They asked to take shape guys as I've said before nothing's going to beat her determined by any of these tent OT a sessions. Everything's different once the pats c'mon guys are way different lots of football players are different once that's gone. So we'll see what happens once we get to training camp and all that stuff starts happening. Feel free to limit your answer to this next question to one word if you so choose anything to Peter men being first team. No. Sign you know words are. I don't always appealed for now I think that's it no no is the answer right now good night but but I do wanna add that. I think that Nathan Peter is more of this quarterback discussion that a lot of people seem to want to. Taken to a let's put. At the end of the day. We have usually talked about McCarron verses. Allen. I think it has to be considered the three of them and I think today. In this week knowing he's taking first wraps and underscores that. Okay yes I admit that it's. Always bin I think right to say a that how however the fans. And we feel about him in the five picks and one half. They really like him I the Coke with the likes in my I don't have any questions at all about that. I agree. And I think for me a lot of it is seen him put everything that happened last year behind him. And I think he has the make to be able to do that. But we'll see he's he's lights throughout this organization I can tell you that it's not just this coaching and there this organization likes the computer and let's remember they did draft the first round you know I mean Jack right. If they like to make it that much they wouldn't have gone and spent the right. It is sure to take Josh Allen but I I just think that when we talk about. Who the quarterback will be weak wanna get the Baltimore Ravens we should not limit the options to AJ McCarron. And Josh seven. About joy on the AT&T. Hotline with us talking about this session bills OTAs and this coverage is brought to you by Chester cajun grill. When your region for cajun get on into testers KG grow in Cheektowaga. The say Jones news sell mom how much of a surprise how much of a concern. We already know what the wide receiver depth chart looks like so laden you know all of that on C Jones. A lot of a surprise even more concern. And nobody knew that they Jones had surgery. Sean McDermott said that today before we went now that's a bad knee surgery it's been something that's been lingering that they wanted to take care right now. He did add that there's no. Concern at this time for him to miss the 2018 season. It sounded like yo. From what say you say this of what would sound like he kind led to believe that maybe you'll be ready for training camp. But he's going to miss you did say he's going to miss the spray known CAA's sparse concern our concern looks a Jones had a disappointing rookie year there's no doubt about that. And on top of that he got hurt he had the labor surgery. We found out that through the media through his dad and then we find out now that he has and they had the bizarre incident in right away which was crazy. And now we find out he's got this sir our surgery Estes. Have as well so. This is not a good start the show on man's career move this is already a thing position group and I'm concerned about eight Jones and that position. Yup. That seems right how about McDermott here in. The route it was yet he was asked about Richie and got me no we should cover that he was is and he says I am really not gonna give no details now he talked he did give details on and assert US sell us. We didn't give details on like the the period before he was released leading up to release by not what happened I guess I'm curious about that part of the story to an end. Sell Lou the details on the entire veto. All presentation our our scary. Yet they are. He did say that you know he basically mentioned while he retired and then he retired he wanted to un retire so we let it we moved out. On the go back to what I've been pretty much figured at the time which is if you don't wanna be here and we don't watching you know we don't wanna deal with that he also said. I'm going on where quote here quote I'm going to wish Richie well as he moves forward certainly appreciate all he did this organization. And. As. He said what he meant to us and what he meant to me. And quote so that's kind you know a nice that he said about Richie hoping he does well but as far as integrity of himself. On something and in need some help at some level here guys after. You know reading some of the things that happened at that incident at the gym in the police report just doesn't sound like a man who's of sound mind right now you know for whatever reason that may be. You know I I would say it. 32 teams in the league are reading that police report and probably most of them if not all of them are saying we cannot touch this player. I I I hope that we had NFL live on here and Jeff Darlington. Is one person was on the panel there and said that he is there's a long and he feels he knows. He got into very well better than the down on the planet guess that is how we said thank you. I'll tell you it I tell you that Jeff knows Richey very via. I mean he he made what I think is a very good point your luckiest non a team right now and maybe need some kind scare like some some help. And so I know I know why you say 32 teams wouldn't go mirror right now but boy at somebody showed. Does that mean that just does not sound looked good situation. Well you think so what should lied well just doesn't make sure he gets help but he is well really don't. Eight maybe NFL PA can step in to something right you know I mean guys as it jerky does have a group and a support group here but like ill for a team to do that and they're gonna have to Simon Rattle. They're not just their reach out say we wanna help this I mean that's nice that's humanistic you know it's a nice human nature thing to do. But you know I would think here in the situation he can that the apple PA is there for support like this may be taken. You'll help in the situation and I feel garage you know like I do he does need help and and I do agree to the point suggests that the broader point he's making is. Being they structured environment with people who love you was much better than. Where is right now where I. That would help the broadcaster I think go ahead ansari cells to say the broadcaster Darlington was breaking down from. Talking about. Yeah I think I think that most teams of all would look at that police report no retreat past say. I'm not I'm not wasting yo money and signings player roster who I. The these things are going on with it may never play for us and we have to deal with a lot of things are going along with. So how about Sean McDermott on the anthem policy. I thought it was a little weak but. I started today asking bull dog and every one I'm not sure I'm right. To. I'm not sure I wanna judge him so carefully. On this part of me wants to he's in a leadership position and I want. A leader to show a strong voice. But he sounded like it was all just like to assume for him to know. Want to say and my goodness yes in terms of this policy specifically but my goodness you had you can't tell me you know have a position on. Beat the protests. So I feel like he could be really hard for him or for any coach. Try to get the most out of your players. Trying to make sure you have their respect but also if you have management that wants the policy I mean you saw the vote. Or whatever it actually was the decision. So what should he do. You know I agree Mike I think he's a tough spot I think all coaches are in this regard. I think that he has to gauge the temperature is only room before he can even. I think the biggest mistake that he can make it's come out and basically say well. It he can say. I know little pale I prefer everybody stand but that would be nice but I think it makes us think anybody can use it yeah. We should also need to be patriotic or hey with the with the leaks allow these guys get out the key should be. You know one side or the other I think he needs to gauge the best leaders to me is the need to gauge. The people underneath him and how they feel for what told you watch the set for his team going forward and I don't think you can do that until you get together with the leadership council. And guys like that which he was asked about he said that. You know they'll do that eventually they just haven't so I guess until all that stuff starts happening you know you're not really gonna get much of a one way or the other statement from her current. Except that might be what he means by it's early it's not early when the but this year dealing with. His team. It's not something that they've gotten around to yet but so it's early for that I guess for this group is made bodies to. There yeah I think so too he was asked is quote on that with the leadership council was a you know wiest you've seen how we handle these situations last year worked well and give our. Our players the dialogue so. You know he said not at this point but at some point it would do any players talk about itself. Yeah me Lorenzo Alexander did we was asked a little bit about it today and you know Lorenzo. You know key. Basically kinda heated. He didn't go I was surprise element because I thought maybe ill because he's such an NFL PA guy. That you got to take the same tone as the NFL PA but he didn't he really didn't he basically said okay well this is the policy they want then. You know then that's we're gonna have to abide Dave ward after just kind of see what each guy wants to do so real kind of seem like they worked to concern Micah Hyde. Was actually said you know he's has really thought about it honestly all that much so. You know I think as we get closer. Maybe we are making more of a deal in the players even care about it as of this time because there's nobody is around a corner. Okay thank yourself. You're welcome current sales appearance Gus brought to you by outlet liquor need to stock up shop New York's only outlet liquor bottom line on the bills just tuning in. The working toward Baltimore but they're not ready yet for Baltimore. Express. A match are surprised I mean not surprising. An opening day a week one match up. Off teams. That it came down to for that final wild card spot in the AFC connected by an eagle and the ravens were really resent the bills. I wouldn't think so mean they missed the playoffs in the bills mated but it's the Bengals who beat them and played the bills right last year they've. Like this not even that great of a season for Baltimore to just make the wild card so I wouldn't think they'd Lira is like the the fans against more than players. Like resents the bills. Interesting way to start the season bills at Baltimore for the second time in three years. 8030550. Is the number we've got the continuing discussion about the anthem policy and also. Lots of hockey we have done none of it yet the Stanley Cup finalists that Vegas is favored to win the cup. And has hole mice in a bigger Cain. Got his contract we'll talk about that too. As we continue which over the bulldogs three to seven weekdays sports next on WGR. Resist this golf Bob. You know just playing our game. Stick to assist them men now we deserve to win. There was compliments and or serious. Against dollar but against bid against Columbus where we've quite fluid enough we right now off. Borrowings. Away from Celek upset victory we're gonna fight them there on distinguish right now. That is Alex Ovechkin on the ice after. The capitals I eventually solve editor for its content but we wound in my watched watched everything I don't feel like you know his voice. I'm not a bad probably had to be all that skin but the ambulance or really know his voice I I know for sure because I heard him say all that last night. Before. The last time we played a clip of him was when he swore after they beat Pittsburg. And I knew it was him that time too because I did see that. Elsewhere before and heard the clip. I would say his voice I is not an easy one tip for me by but I think America. But before this this playoffs I don't think I had him. Gets Aaliyah I gave I gave myself that I just do it to be sort of to play full and just kind of open myself up to being made fun of wanna do so. Mean there's a little bit ego too but I give us a whole lot of credit and attention for getting the Astros right last year and even the Braves like its soul mate. And the Braves are great but there having a good start to look like they could be a better than 74 and a half we Indians so I'm excited about that. Every hockey bet I made this year went up and smoke her backpack. I don't you and all that sure I had. Not not in chronological order it from before the season only get anything for the season. But eventually I got to Carolina to make the playoffs and they controlled games installed missed as a goaltending was so bad so whenever they don't care where meg greed these lost. I got to Dallas to win the west and then Dallas fell off a cliff right after Wright did that. I for fun when New Jersey started well and the Pittsburgh goaltending at the beginning of the era but you know. Meet the New Jersey can do what Colorado did and just win that division even though there may be not that good. And so I got big odds on that went for it even though that made the playoffs they lost. In December I bet Tampa to win the cup. Lost. Remember the last day of the regular season Boston had to make up game and if it one or even maybe got overtime. They would have been the top seed. And that was big because that way that made New Jersey and around one instead of beliefs. I thought. Like most I think that the Boston Tampa one erupt in the division was really at risk in round one Boston was down in the third period of game seven they want it. But Boston blew the game against Florida. So bad day Mike this is my best gentlemen I have to bet Boston they're good. And so I did it lost. And then there might have been night away at the sharks to be Vegas bunch of different ways. Oh good good good good well played small you did you did win one that you did win one hockey. Did you and I have won all the sabres point total of sabres point total from what the third week of I told her there were diverted to play Columbus on what. I thought to be fine. Doubt was number over 87 and a half is 62 it's all good I'm not worried and and they lost a columns at like five to two and are you glad it's like. I want that thing by 45 points one that things like you crew rooms all mine that was my world's a guy wherever and whenever today. Clinched. Under 87 an app and apparently that day I came in and week we were off I think around the time that that was happening you have one but I always have always ready to get here I'm going. This is brutal horrible but I think it was a march towards me give you ammonium it was inevitable. Those horrible what's that number next year. No way too soon but they're still be offseason. Too soon I mean they could do something really dramatic the roster what's eighty sell like. It's hard to say that that's all I hate eighty because it's not near the playoffs right. But it's batter he writes it's eighteen points better eighteen points Federer is almost a third batter amounts of Camelot. What's that number 84. Those numbers and a score on shop right because. You know it's people batting. And you might be able to do legally by crime decision comes around so Cain you guess before we respective bowl something else probably the name people's thoughts on the the anthem. Our policy. What's better I think. Not having thought about it a lot. I would rather you're. And I'm not sure exactly if if lottery protected means San Jose keeps the pick for sure in 2019. Or means they just have the option. But I guess almost either way I want them to. Keep the picket 2019 if they miss. And then wal thirteen. They argue between between these first hundred no matter what. And they've been decided after after falling short meaning they just missed the playoffs so there are one of the teams with 3% odds in the lottery or some thing. And maybe they just say take the peck. At that point I don't know I don't think this is one of those were there is an option OK I'm not positive if there is no option but I definitely want this if there in the playoffs the pick is buffalo right if they're not the pick is theirs that's where I want. I want them to miss the early minutes. They can miss by may be a lock. Maybe missing a lot of better wherever. In the Natal wrecking ball. So that 20/20 I'm sure to have a good day now they're just divesting themselves of contracts and a dollar is didn't work. How about this contract. It's I got a surprise hope. I mean to say the right what does that even 67 year seven million dollars. Free agency is just crazy. He scored thirty goals wants. Okay. Mean he was good for them he scored a lot when he got there and was going pretty well in playoff when he started I don't know was he when those guys that win. They got bounced there was. There was an injury I feel like that that there was something that he missed he was suspended two in the playoffs when he for game to be missed a game or something. I don't know if McCain gets suspended for game in the playoffs for a thing. Tumor called Logan but I didn't watch them closely I just would wake up and see their scores. But of course they're there out west there was no chance so loops don't know normal producing much of but the only good good luck seven years. You know but who you know he did say he did. He did well here for a couple of years as far as not being a problem at least outwardly I don't know what the room would have been like. So you know good luck with a sentence thing. King did miss a game in the Vegas series he got suspended one game for cross check okay thank you. Yet. All right. With political people who are about all the long time and usually like there's a number in my head that when your on hold your past that number it's probably not a good idea for us. There's just little bit too desperate today. I wanna make an exception because the anthem policy stuff is people think that people care a lot about them so want them to take your being on hold a long long time to mean. What you have to say is really important deal so let's go. Sean is on WGR I shot. Yes I don't got things going. Yeah listen. Although in. You know why some people get out of here it would be at some protests. I'm pretty open minded. I had a losing sleep over the stuff but. I gotta say you know we live in and a very ethnically and religiously diverse country and that as I think the implement the only thing and bind us together. Certain like wife Richard upper wedding ring. It's sort of feel betrayed or you feel kind of like. Both your conversation we can talk about it anymore. But I think that's part of the reason that we when I do some supper for action is so what. It gets me a little bit about it. I think the those. Taken a wrong approach. Terms of having people say in the locker room I think it's just not televise it I think he can't convince. 63. 250 pound man solid muscle to do what you wanted to do we can do it still might give up bad idea just. Just that televise it just aren't sure they said on national television and I think that's probably the best solution. I think that that might not be up to them. I think they NFL could not have the anthem Sean but I don't know if the NFL could tell all its network partners to not show it. Because that looks bad on a network is never to have new departments may be fox over the news channel but the these networks don't want to be. Accountable like that bill bill wanna there was a new event last year right whether players kneeled so. It's a logical thought process there Sean but I don't think the NFL necessarily. Has that kind of power. Thanks for the call terrorism yes and no I'm sorry I I I like I like how the I like that we presented. It thank you sorry god mark is an excellent mark. Yeah hello hi. Open about it or the yeah. Hey mark sorry to interrupt you but it's very hard here you are you look bright. On your phone. Yes yup you please. Our. Again I've been until the end for over forty years. I have never served. In the military. But we need the flag is sick and I took on a whole different meaning. I'm not an elaborate. After that event occurred. All the patriotism. All the flags flying. The flag really means something to me now. I also. Not a gun person. But I joined NRA. This support those who do want or gotten. Now my question is is they're not another forum. What the players. To order. Protests. Or they I don't even sure exactly what with their protest. Racial inequality whatever but he is there not another forum other than in my opinion. Disrespecting. The flag. Disrespecting those who serve. Disrespecting those who gave their lives. So we can enjoy all the great freedoms. That this country offers. The answer is sure. But for their purposes is there a better one maybe not. Well I again I mean. Again I've been a bill stands for forty years I've ever and they're huge and it felt as well. OK I know are we got we got that thank you if you're question is is there another way to do. Again the answer is yes. But you're trying to be effective you're trying to turn heads are trying to make a point. And is. Any other protests necessarily going to be as a more effective I don't know but maybe not I want. I wanna know what is so disrespectful about going down to one knee which is often something that is a sign of respect. That can be a sign of prayer Tim Tebow was horrified. For taking a mean as a as a very. Public Christian athlete. What exactly is disrespectful about taking a knee while the anthem is being played. Well you know I'll make it come in and edit well immediate ally. You know myself personally in the united deal with the lord and I stay at the Y. Yeah that's what people say it's just not it. I've done. My that's my personal opinion I mean you know I been in in my own home. You. Yes they do I don't think. I'm sure people don't you don't I have I have flags flying and infer my house. Who have been very liberal labor ready here at Pittsburgh. Eight it's it's just I just think that there's a better way. I mean you know I paid money talks and guys who make millions of dollars you know let them put some money up foundations for whatever they're causes them. That's that's happened actually work do they they they do do that that was the reason. I mean you know I don't think that there needs to be any confusion about why either choosing to do. What they're doing in the way that they're doing it. Ask Bennett and you'll see if you know what what happens this year I mean those Little League is chosen. To go back to this now and bring it back up themselves in my opinion that's. Trying to beat the president of the punch because he was probably just waiting to get after them again if they hadn't announced some policy about it. But this is my gas. The idea of finding a different way. Going to City Hall on Tuesday. All those things. Yes they could be effective in yes they would get some attention. But you deal as it pertains to this. And how much coverage. Whether or not guys were kneeling last December even. By the time late October when Denver was here like that was is that September is it was September sorry. Early in the season when the president made it a huge issue. There was a lot of attention about it we talk a lot about it and we don't when it was listed who was kneeling in Washington and all this. By December quick. I don't know I kept watching games I was at bill's game I can't tell you whether guys were kneeling or not or whether I was even paying attention to whether they work. So consider. If players had never kneeled on the field. But instead were protest being racial equality in their communities in which they play in their home towns in the offseason how much awareness there would be. The B and. You'll remember whether you noticed and that's with only one fantasy team. Bright and I have no reason to be distracted I was totally somewhere else. Pregame myself so. There thank your Denmark much over the bulldogs is WGR. Typical of the NFL. They're just playing to their fan base and they're just tall basically trying to use to have fun. It's take patriotism. Nationalism. Scaring people it's idiotic but that's how the NFL channel their. Business. Steve Kerr. Whom. Mike show in the bull dog with you 37 or weekdays we'll have John Clayton on tomorrow's show. It's been discussed with a message out to him to win it for what time is good. And I think even details yet we can't but there will be an event in August where you can meet him. And there's more to it than that but they'll be something. We can look forward to. It is something I'm looking forward to new testing US meat dinner because the Matt Cassel chiefs when the AFC west and never paid me. Wish that still up I wish he had just two doesn't just very very hard to read but it is there. Do we shall collecting them I don't even all wanna do is hold little room. Does he remember. You don't say anything you'll probably say he does he plays along as easily via. Here's Nate next time they. They I think they can call. You're seeing here that upsets you about the ads and protests discussion is first all out about the anthem. A song that China. National at a whatever it says it it's a protests. Sports things that are not related to the patriotism of via. That the one thing upsets me the other thing is. Who's who says that 32 owners who are predominantly white male did this side. Why a leak who are predominantly not white males I would say. Get to do with with their freedom. And the third thing is deep the hole and so being televised and being a big deal fly overs. Didn't even really come into effect until post nine elevenths. So for me this idea that what are what are ruining what the leakage and extra foresters is just not. Not practical in terms of an argument and you know what that's kinda my 89 point on all things. Thank you Nate is as I see at the NFL. All lined with. The military allying to win if patriotism. Sort of speak for money. It is good for their business I assume people. Accept that and appreciate that and enjoy that or love that and the league game has gotten paid you're paid for that that's right if it weren't good business it wouldn't happen. So they do have their rights as business owners as the league to. Go to a certain go certain distance. In restricting what their employees can do the Mets what is the issue here both of the issue here that's what kind of a given here's one they have the right to do. The players bargain for. Their rights to win maybe there's more to develop as far as all that goes. Right. Because there there there was not a me thing. Unlike the NBA like it's interesting like has been brought to our attention numerous times. Since this conversation. Came back to the forefront. That the NBA has a policy but it's collectively bargained it's in the CBI the players have to stand there on the floor they have to stand. And to my knowledge Steve Kerr was not asked about that but the answer I think would be well as collectively bargain and that's that. That's that's a big difference well but basketball guys are being asked about that and I think current mention this but it's. We have a league of my turn to speak for Kirk quote remember I think it goes like this. Our league takes. Very seriously. Players their activism. And supports them in baton and that there is this anthem policy that goes back to Mahmoud Abdul roof. Back in the early two thousands where he would. What we do the first eventually put his hand up or he. They compromise with him Emanuel had this policy. Think that the NBA generally overall is saying we don't have this problem and her point points out that. You know usually the clip like. What they do is they try to run against it they're trying to suppress it in football that is not what he thinks the NBA has gone to. Missionary the NBA today who want one. An award for give me I don't know exactly what the award was put on the headline on the stores that I saw about him at this ceremony. Were silver don't stick to sports. And that's that's how the NBA commissioner feels. So they are embracing. Whatever what you're saying like what I mean they're players don't feel they have a need to make a point. While the anthems being played because the league is encouraging them to be active in all their public way. Does it is. Try to find out what that warrantless a certain for partial literally don't have one for it is like Phil. And I failed us by telling you this. Back to your calls and the update as we continue much over the Bulldog WGR.