05-24 Schopp and Bulldog Hour 3


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This might show. I know Bulldog. I drove home. One of the best sushi restaurant the ballclub that they won't sushi demise and it was great for your house yeah there's also with some of us. Well and that's a very good thing to have to win. Because you know hot it's not really important at all Tony Johnson right there you bet that he had -- would probably be terribly wrong so do it it's Mike shield fresh hot it beyond its not something you see above the solution it's gonna get this very bedrock fresh Russian constitution. Here. He gets some sushi you open the lid and it's like steam comes out it. Pop pop pop up I don't know bulldogs. Placed right Ryan never knew that I know together as I want in my stomach don't know. I always do this just is always like a forty mile test my children and Bulldog. What are you go to our microwave in just who she thought aha WGR. Sports Radio 550. How much do you like. And Bill Polian. Yeah. Like I'm okay. I don't watch the programs that he's on you mentioned earlier today that you saw you saw more than I did. So I'd miss him being. What you described is as is good on the anthem. Policy. I I don't. I like remembering him as someone who meant a lot to bills. That's how I feel about Opel. Sold I thought like. Earlier this year you're tolerable Mark Jackson was really to off. No public. Importance. One stop agreed to one. So. Bill. I I'd I'd I'd what I like I like remembering him as this binary. Team building character in Eagles history. I don't like watch him watching him sometimes like TE the part of the show that you described as being good today that I saw was him at a board trying to move. Things around on that touch screen. And it was it was whose house. Yeah so this month alone can match him. While it skipped. It. Weather guys do was in the touch screen you want him to give us give him a marker pick up. So I think I'm a chalkboard dry and draws bored I'll try to rise. Don't know why he left well I'm not his biggest fan but I thought he was brilliant on this today they did a great job this show I usually make fun of it. But you read Jozy and Anderson and Jeff Darlington and Bill Polian in that order. Discuss the ample policy NFL live on ESPN. Just seen Anderson said among other things she's been in touch with a lot of players. And nobody wanted to go on the record but. This group of players she talked to was put off. And it's now it was about the next step. And then Jeff Darlington made a point and he said that he talks to players who like office. Not everybody wants to be protesting. And so that was an interest in things like remember there are players who will you said the study too I think there are players who will be glad that there is this policy. A written an employee and took his turn and he was great I thought. He said the thing you've got here is and I hope I can do this justice the thing you've got here is you have to parties and they're both right. The NFL is right. For wanting people to respect the flag. And the National Anthem they have a point. The players are right because what they are saying by their protest is valid there's no doubt about. You have two parties who were both right now what. You have to make it work. Get together and make it work employers. Have rules and the players have a voice that should be respected. Can you make this work now. He went on he quoted Lincoln McKee went it's really Smart. So I wanna say that because I think sometimes like yes Lamar Jackson. Sometimes he sounds like easier to represent a long time ago and you know that's not bad that exactly right sort of not my early what I wanna hear. I think it's it's wrong in some ways sometimes but I thought he was great to. I'm glad you highlighted that because you don't you ask me when I think of amendment and I'm quick to get to like I'm not a huge fan of what he goes on you know in media. There's I do think he sounds there's been just baby antiquated mostly. So good I'm glad to hear that he did such a good job on a complicated issue because it can be hard to articulate yourself. In your thoughts. Perfectly. I and so on something that is so. Divisive. Preston is next on WGR hello. Oh hi. Yeah I think stick mark all appreciate it sure. I'm I'm. Our girl white man I have some privileged. I'm also sick so it's about 310. So you know I had the presence and and have the ability to appeal to place things. Sometimes the people boat of also schoolteacher her work we're troubled U. Who were there black children are Hispanic or white. And what I've discovered is some people just don't see your realize. It's like tegra student out somewhere. That we go into extra war of sorts and out get a couple Clarkson with me a couple of flights students with me. Inevitably. The managers Jesus walking. And either he or a staff member follow my black students around the sport. Roof never have they ever followed in about flights to promised or told they were you this. I live report taxes but I adults more kitten. And you know usually people just don't realize what these black used for having to deal with all of their life. And not having their voice. And you know when the wind people who are speaking out against they're they're protests which have so far what protest. If it's not a belt patriotism and they know it's not about preacher that it's about rights at the bottom life it's about race because if you would about patriotism. Why is that culture romper somebody else tweet about the hockey player. We've hockey fans in itself more to win basing and actually at them whatever they sure it works borrowers. Everybody in the whole arena yell. Or in Chicago when they yell throughout the whole match. For you know in the biggest daddy went and knocked source. If you think yeah. I think you know because the players. In the arena if they are filled with republic flight people. It's okay it's okay that disrupt its okay be disrespectful. Toward a black man violently. Takes me oh my god they're unpatriotic. I just you know it's it's a it's a racial. Thank you Preston and interest thing well. I'm nodding through most of your call. I have two kids with brown skin and it's just the beginning I mean I I'd. I'll just leave it at that for now it's certain it's it's only think about every day. If I speed. I might have a better chance of getting away with him if he does. Just who knows or she does someday mean it's just a ways off but it's something that's always on my mind. I don't know if just to give you comment beyond that. What you're talk which is describing a hockey games is really the same you know this is and it is anything disruptive. Or just in the same category I can appreciate why people would see not standing for the National Anthem as. A symbol is a certain kind of symbol and people have been describing for. Throughout this conversation like why it bothers them I don't know if I've ever thought of brightly in Baltimore Orioles games. Yell always at one point two yes all right I ever thought about that is it the same. I I. I never have. But I noticed that now and warn more teams are the first team I've ever experienced having a fan base do that was out of Baltimore Orioles game and I don't even know how many years ago Wallace that was real long enough ago. That I never really gave it a thought now when I hear from watching the game. And I hear a fan base do something during the anthem I I noticed it and I think about it. In a way that I never did before because of this all this controversy but I. In saying that don't either think it's it's something that would equate to kneeling during the anthem but it is you know. Its interest. I appreciate Preston's call I mean I think there's a lot. Just a lot out there. There's a lot out there. You know news stories. And what's in it it's not hard to find. Stories like he's describing going into the store. You know you have to want to read them you have to wanna we appreciate them you have to care. And if you don't. Then. I don't know I don't know what I can't really I can't really get anywhere with you. But to think that. Any any athlete that is trying to make a point about the experience of growing up as a person of color in this country. And and to have someone not want to acknowledge the difference. In the life experience that that person would have verses of the difference that you might have. I just I don't know why I don't know why you can't fronts and empathy there. Don't understand like why the conversation. Is being forced I knew. And and obviously being forced on you would be forced on you now it was what we're talking about a few choosing to listen Dawes and like listening to us. You know I hope you're getting something out of this conversation. But the players kneeling. I don't even know what what will no. What is it doing to you what was the disruption. You know all in your life of the flat the flags being disrespect to well. These people are coming from a viewpoint and from. Oh I don't know. Bringing or or even currently living in and I'll be with an operating where their experience. In America which is what the flag is supposed to represent freedom for all. Is vastly different. And they're trying to tell you that which you loved the country to be great gonna make America great again. Well let's try to figure out a way that everyone can have a it's a level playing field as possible. And the two still exist. Because yes. A black person walking along the street at night is going to be looked at differently by a white people driving by probably by cops by every one it's just how the world it's. And that doesn't make it okay. And kids being followed around stores like you don't but my my kids go to school with with. People of color like that they've got stories like. That's that's life. And I have no problem with the people who've grown up and lived through that and still are living through that. Wanting to pointed out to draw attention to I think you could make us better. As a country that you could make people more understanding and and and realize that the experience is. Different for a lot of us. Mike is next along Mike. I gotta appreciate it might call jerk. In the middle of the once again it sort of like the other polls going. I belong labeled as I'd love to see the player there NFL PA and the all worked together. And note a request they're reaching saying who the players want. But I have a social message or something that they want protest of who they want me to vote dual PSA. Or eight commercial drinking and you were to attack or not it are the issues but to to broach the issue. Trying to save goal we will have anger and let me leave it up looking. Up one point at their place it shouldn't marshals all the time. It's affected what you Mike inaudible and play sports because they're fueled commercials all the armed artful. I would love to see the two groups working together. Of all the problem instead of you know it'll sort of saying well no legal scheme I think that's sort of power we have. I thank you Mike. They were my kids would watch it the whole game reds. Sometimes feels like it is. That I tell you going to sit on the or the other day about watch and staff. No I didn't know cut well may be due here anyway if I did about I thought I did what I turned on. Rockets warriors all recently guys that are in the air jaded I'm sorry yes a third out rockets war I it was my son and I think you might have been Sunday yet he never want to be he was on the couch and I was over here and I'm Michael we'll watch this game. And I was basically. Do we play by play on this game did get his attention in Israel book Golden State was doing this dance everybody was going off and it was like one of those great sections of their games. Mean never looked up. It just doesn't care and then when the ad comes time but what was it last night Russian someone else last night this happened. Because watching. There's a hockey game at a hockey game on some for some video game or something and came on is like home. Both my kids to stop whatever they're doing or they just stop talking and they just edit. And that was in the callers point was that. Prominent music played sixty ads work in his family's anything that surprised you this guy's got kids who see those ads annoy our go to player right now. No denied that votes that is not my experience. But you don't have that about a bit expert it's. They've taken party police sixty things but did it dawn they've been you know we've gone to the field house take part in. Some of that stuff but there is there isn't in. Mrs. Ehrlich all got to be out of how trade outage Saudia business school who is on line five please. Hello Derek Lowe who was on line five for trying to find out we can take its goal. Thanks okay here's mark with us I'm mark. I on the I look at it pretty simply. That the bills of cola only to property. So. I don't and that and a player comes to what I mean they own the stadium they pay the bill so he built come on look into the stadium they're being paid. They don't own the stadium I don't wanna try to derail you but they don't own stadium. I equated to a viewing Bulldog wanted to do thirty seconds of silent. Or what ever cross what would your bosses do us. While most companies you can't do that so that's the way I look at it. If the players want a protest by protests before and after the game but. It is before the game it. What he is for the game but they're being they're being paid as soon as there on the field in my opinion. Well that's your opinion but there is actually there are actually terms. I mean you're is that not a matter of opinion when they get paid. They are not. They are not impeding the performance. The game the what you paid for what the owners pay them for in any way whatsoever. I'm nothing impeding the play but OK if they come into the stadium. Isn't that when their jobs starts. When they start getting dressed. And I'd I don't know I don't know I don't know why it buys and when they leave the house in my. I'm not sure what the what the point that is in your example if Mike can I chose to sit here and not talk for thirty seconds. Or a minute. Or. Try to you know could do something that would be not what is expected. When we are contractually. Obligated to do. Then the then our bosses could could have a huge problem with us. But we're not doing that and nor are the football Packers they are me you being Wallace song is being played. So that all of you hampered even without its. I don't know. But but the policy at its whatever the policy that if they if the NFL that it's OK that's fine but if the owners say it's not. They're not impeding the aptly site I think is the F which can and do it before and afterwards. You know when they're not. In my opinion just when you come on the field. You're being paid to play ended do whatever the owners Scalia and I equated to when I don't work as soon as I walked in the works. My public opinion doesn't really matter if I go against whatever the company says. I can be fired or fines. Well that is the case here in the the bottom line is anything the NFL puts out in terms of a policy. You would I would expect to be within their legal rights. So I don't really think that's what's at issue is whether it is within their legal rights to enforce. Vests there are things you can't do as an employer. There are things that you can't enforce. So it's not really that it's certainly not a matter of opinion when they go to work to be terms for these things. Anyway. Yes you have a job to do we have a job to do they have a job to do and part of this debate is are they somehow not doing it. By this protest and I have I remain unconvinced. That that they are somehow not doing their jobs by. What has happened already. Today. Miss part of the game today not pay attention to the game did this or something about. Their performance that was affected like what was it what was it that was affected. I don't know I have no one's ever been able to explain that to me. Here's Steve next hi Steve. Oh hi you know. Well I am just in terms of talking to one of the people on the on Tuesday. Incumbents with the country's fallen upon me protest is the freedom of speech as well be able to is going to hurt anybody. You know you're hurting your feeling uncomfortable you let it be known public what what's going on with you if you are forced to go in the locker room which opened in Coca among yourself. That's not a good what good at doing great as president pro and and I would just gonna play the vice president took heed of any respect the flag he. Went over in Hawaii lying about the president. And it is birth certificate in trying to do that against the president the president of the presidency as part of the flag it heat of the need to respect the flag itself. And these players telling them that they don't support them to do that and in the black community it's not gonna go well because. They've already had their names taken away it languished in a way. Everything taken away from them and not dwell politically drop hundreds of years. And that's not comical and welcome to the owners are gonna definitely have to break football down is not gonna work. All right Steve tough topics that are brought up by Steve Jobs. 8030550. Is the number will take more calls and do the update when we return which opened the Bulldog WGR. Built upon it is an energetic group they're very passionate I've gone out to eat if you well I mean the people of the community has just been fantastic bargains are we're. Well here that really the football that's been cut cut farm. Third is always compliment the fans. They know their football appear and they're very passionate Josh Allen today bills are off until. Next week. Much over the Bulldog here 8030550. Is our number. How about that Vegas is favored. In the cup final. The the idea we we should be used to it and sort of comfortable with a bye now hold it like Vegas this new team is. This good in this far along they are favored in the final with Paul Weiss. Washington thought. It was. An unlikely. Finalist for all the times they've lost in the playoffs and wrong. Think its these other guys are just in the league and that's who you're playing. Parent gifting. For a Washington fan like I know Vegas is record everything but which Hewlett. The key is is real we get to play who in the fight we finally get to the final right. There would be I think. Abusive but often lament that you gotta be that they just patently c'mon cut and you tend to ignore. When you watched if you watched through the playoffs dawn by Vegas. And you get to play them. And I think it's attracting art. In a way to get used to gamble it away it's like what playing Edmonton in 06 would've felt like yeah right even though it. This is not an eight seater anything but. What right I don't have to beat Chicago and to beat each Chicago auto would like all right. Nice I went a little I don't know how long it felt longer. I just spent a couple of days crafting and maybe that's why the time span was maybe longer than normal but I wrote about the biggest my biggest problem is. The title of the piece of WG Arafat to do dot com I never got around even tweeting today. But it's it's up maybe I'll be remembered during the next break to tweeted but I I tried. Write down what my issue with them has bitten but it's you know. But a lot of things that are at least a little embarrassing to yourself five it's complicated you know keep it relieved and it downloads. And Whitman. A year caps though they put their time and they deserve it. Teams since the seventies they've been good for many years. Mean to have you all you got one user written out and overmatched in is you know it's easy for me I would. I like both of those teams last night when I was rooting for all of let's get an important capitals scored. And admitted in the gap when it was it was like. There was that there were loyal to there was yelling and when there a while to get this bank did you think the goal it was slow along that I did I I thought I. You looked awkward because. My son and I debated this and I thought NBC didn't really spend enough time on it. But we concluded later that we wasn't up like that I thought swallow me and got his stick on it which is why it knuckled but I think it knuckled remarkable start getting too so not yet he. I just thought he was slow on medical questions there that's a spot and the the other guys in the center really didn't have a waiting to where am I thought may be the goalie should have gotten there in the pockets the middle and yet it went through he had. The first. The first. Also seems seems similar spot we beat them at the top spot like the above the head below the blocker. But this one the Obi wan went they went one cent between his armor his body was not knocked it. How about that caps and golden knights are the teams. And kept. Yeah I guess yeah yeah here's Tom excellent time. They write and don't good thank you. I have a couple points are being proposed the first there's a lot of people are saying. Well I knew this well what place you know I would be able you're right it fire this that and these guys. A different title and that's not apple what is collect are in they signed contract individually. It is not the same kind of applaud. Second of all there are precedents where you express your opinion what. Oh lightning or what irks. Army if you start in a factor productivity. And I'm not like campaigning for candidate or Barack I don't owe a debt that it is protected speech and I am sure that up okay. It's going to do their thoughts to figure out if it's applied about. Earth. Everybody's been telling about its suspect in the back and well and Hewlett that's patriotism for eighteen years now to make money. I don't know what. Can we take me out in the country better off pot smoking to make money. While solid job by Tom. And Tom you're one of the things different than most people in their lives is. And if all players are not so easily replaceable look at their salaries. So. They can't be replaced and they are replaced but it's not like most of us. Most of us were to. Step out sort of speak in our jobs. Our boss might go okay well you can go after somebody else entered into whatever the finger is but and ballplayers mean they make 67 figures. They have real value would not say we don't but they have well they have that value they're not is easily replaced I think that that. You know it doesn't. Doesn't I mean the protest is broader matter right wrong. But it makes it tougher to listen to comparisons to our relatively real life the existence is up. And if you know what I mean by that gap and the that they don't. The other the it might work it might work OK I'm assuming if if you have a normal jobs. And and we don't even really qualified for the studios and live normal jostled between three and seven we are. At least were like fifteen or eighteen minutes of the time. That are expected to doom a specific thing but then there's breaks where we could maybe do. Something that would. Emulator protest supposedly because you have a nine to five jobs in traditional you shall walk at your reader digital Angel why you work on. Or I outside were confer. One of utility companies or your true goal whatever it is. McKnight a public that's your public spending time protesting there would be taking away from your work. That just doesn't. It just doesn't add up. The other guy hates who made a point about that before saying well to meet their job starts when they go on the field to what it is to you would means nothing. It's what it is in actuality what it is in their terms or to their owners like I don't at all it's it's been. It's people like almost two full shows of this. Just just because you're bubbled the last the last couple of days and I just you know it's. You can try and you can try you can try to like find. A reason why there's a problem with. And I just. Eludes me why you can't just respect what is what is happening. What the point they're trying to make news and leave it there and the scope. Okay maybe. Mean maybe your life experience through life experience of your family or the people in the community where you grow up is is so dramatically different than mine. That I I should take a step back and and and just respect that. And I may not like what what exactly was happening but I I can find so angry residents find some ground to respect rather than try to find. Some reason. To. Discredited. Or some way to make comparison. Do that would be less palatable to me or someone and what do they were doing this and what do they were doing that they should. Mean how badly do you not want to hear about racism. But that's the bit to me that's the that the bottom line quit publicly you know when I have to think about racism. Is that's what it sounds like to meet you pull all the all of the years of all the different questions away and know where I think you really end up is. I don't wanna hear about it. And not. I'm somewhat I understand we all got our problems of our wives lead you'd challenges with your kids in school just like I do. And their relationships in and what I've. You've got your life to lead. There there is a greater world out there that does affect all of us IA can be like that. I think we you know if a new story comes on this really upsetting to me. I can be like that. I don't IE I hate that I'm doing this but I'm turning it off and I can be like that but that's that's that that's not been like entering the conversation and yelling about what it is that I might not understand about this is leaving at baton I am. Disturbed by this tonight choose not to listen to this right now. By the way I did something I think just a minute ago that I have never gone in fifteen years have you noticed up on your foot. I just stepped on her foot putt and only ever stepped underfoot. Yeah I don't want to ought to go way over there I don't know. I'd like stepped on how wide. I don't know the bottom lane we are guys might have been rear got two guys have big feet and you know but I still have managed to never step on your foot a bigger your feet. So as 1414. And twelve. I've managed to you know avoid wearable wearing stepping on flip flops from 103. Yes I know our lives are so hard we we have these jobs we're you to come in. And our regular job possible one would want we are not allowed to declare a ball players pops right. At least jobs you can't do that you were over that it's worked. It's it's just I just did 32 silent protests earlier I don't think he anybody even caught them. Curious Luke with a solo Luke. I'm. You are a little different. It hurts so arch look adult I don't have a problem. Putting rules in the place indicators as. They're going expect out of you don't expect if you commit til they're out there I don't I think it's within their rights that. You get good at the end of the day the players represent the owners of the team that they. And if when they're on the field that's what you associate. You don't associate him with any other car that's been a part of any other partner outside my. That we all live outside of our jobs you you you're associated. When you're is that it's. Not mean number one number two. It may may I comment on that please. I don't think that's necessarily true but you can do that and I think may be most people do that. Look at. Mean when you on the TP Luke is a gentleman at oak other birds but you know. Peter's talking all time. I just wanted to say you are you. People hear us. Okay I think we'll see if I gonna try this again I think we said about players representing teams. Is it's not necessarily true it might be how you look at it and I think it might be almost fans look at it. But I don't necessarily. Ignore everything I know about an athlete when I'm watching them play because they're there there and talk dirty to me at that moment is that they are on a certain team. Like I don't know a Mecca to bring up our jobs goes I don't really restarted. Settled so how that can be ridiculous. Anyway I just I think what your saying is you can't be a blanket statement to represented fans. Well and I mean I'm not a bit you know argue or disagree or hurt contend over. I get over whether or not people look at them in viewed him as Buffalo Bill. Doubt Kabul but if they weren't playing for that he'd. They would not have the platform on the Sunday afternoon or Monday night it would get up to do that whether people agree with that thought. They most likely wouldn't ask that platform. Yeah if they were not. If they think it's that the bills the cowboys that's the league right if they weren't football players it would matter which team Iran. Oca. Absolutely okay and I think you know that the owners of the illegal scheme. And then no leader you know and it's. Time it's really easy to separate those two groups at that time. It seemed that there. It's as belt for whatever reason that that. This and the players are making. But they don't agree waited there and they keep not met says there are making. When they decided. I don't have a problem I think the other part of that it. Watching. Sports. And something I've noticed that the last twenty years. And that this sports in general in an ESPN has been several really good articles and things written on this recently. Kind of the the lack of progress even the downturn yet he and his ego. You know 89 years. And a lot of I'd say my opinion there's you know several. Articles about this is that. A lot of what we look at today on whether it's for better or different different court programs obvious yeah. It's become more politicized. No I I I have to stop you that there was just a piece written about this today there is no data. At all to support the theory that gets its espousing your your Porsche. That ESPN's decline in ratings has anything to do with politics and believe me this has been researched and examined closely. Probably because there are lots of people that want to prove true is not true there is decline in sports watching. All over the place and you can look if you want to know what's true about that you can find out. Right well and an out for you why it is true because I know. 800 feet. You think really that's gonna outweigh this research like you know it off people that can prove that they don't watch ESPN because it's political look I'm not here argue with you either but. When when somebody pushes some nonsense like this it's my job to call a moderate. And there's just batteries there is no there is no evidence of that at all. The fact there is evidence that it's not so. So I mean I know a lot of people but there. Well on the main before before you. Belittle it let me explain where I'm coming. No I'm not gonna are an ugly I'm sorry if you feel like it's belittling me for belittling you for me to correct you on this one of my supposed to do. I don't want people listening to the show to listen to osh or you or anyone just force some lie. I just saw its funny that that's came up today you can you can read that for yourself. I don't who was dead spin that had that today somebody had that today but their continues to be no proof of that. Despite what ever certain. News channel or whatever else wants you to believe that that's why people are turning off certain sports coverage it is not so. Thank you for the call nevertheless mics open the Bulldog back with more after this timeout on WGR. We've been right around full participation which is phenomenal this time of year I can't say enough about how much the team effort that. From everywhere around the building and the players or to get here and stay here and put in the work these guys there as focused of I've seen this time years and it's harder the work. Group of guys as I've been around. Her case. Of course it's. Sean McDermott the bills coach quote CAA's are over organized team activities AK practices are over for Newsweek there's this week remorse sessions next week of them that we can month. Weeks more after that to. And then there's a mandatory minicamp and then they have a vacation. Forum among them. Training camp starts. Our question that my wife put to meet today and is it worse. To. Have a bad infection. Or. Quote wastes. End quote a trip to the doctor. An infection that could Syria could be serious enough to be life threatening. In debt as it is it these are possible but it's still worse two weeks the trip to the doctor. I don't don't rule it. Now folks but I TV infections and I mean it's it's worse this is not about the people at all but that's some of the worst. Money I've ever spent today might be the worst morning of respect out post ever admit a sister was a nurse. I could've taken a picture of this he old. Mountain and sent it to her and I got in here and she would've I think said no but. IE without even thinking twice about it a heat and my wife's suggestion. To call one doctor one should go win and haven't looked that. So why did and that was 25 dollars. And it. Cost me valuable. Tool time ad be pulled valuable points idea whose 45 bucks. And the nurse. Suppressed all laugh. Well well OK so why are you here. And I told her right shoulder and she kind of public. Like that. And it is your your fine. And then the nation's capital looking like a couple minutes I felt like it was only because otherwise it would have just been ridiculous we assure disappointment upper right I gotta give this guy a couple that this patient a couple of minutes here right. At least it's off. You were worried. You thought maybe some was up I guess I thought enough so that I would heed the advice and go win you know. That's why it has everything to is just text that's that's what one point 10 my god here right now that there and you learned that sound Judah made that sung. Bill intact Nazis she definitely was tied to that zone aren't really her. That's what that would have been a response really. Yeah yes really I'm not the nurse you are. And sellers. Who wins 25 dollars and I don't Firefox is your whole day every wings is that. I told I right no that was all a couple minutes ago were like up there. And it's I got right and I got an appointment I may uniform. Ever all right so sometimes it's exclusive to sign all the reservations thing for him like that you guys and appointments. That's suitor per hour and an appointment gators don't think you understand the meaning of reservation in ways that we do know I don't think you'd analyst with the doctor works. Of you do. So anyway I'm fine and here is nick with a solo neck. Did you weren't going to think I'm going I'm fine yeah he's not infected. I got this thing in my head I just mentioned anyway go ahead please. Not a single Luke started out strong epic like what our outlook it and you know. The great part about the aspect I think that like on accused I think you represent the brand and read those referenda bills. That's entirely currents at play and platforms to use and because there were they art you know in their notoriety you know plan playing in reverse order. Even even even almost all the they're going to be followed by acts much and be social media he oh we're so that's a whole other everything we dictate. Easily get an eight what are they why haven't I mean a better impact to. You know that you could actually get your specific message out there because he's well people could be going back and main issue is what is their main issue why are. I why would say first they probably do that. So heroic they probably do that and I don't know if any of those tweets are gonna get a national conversation going at last year's. But that's what we have with us thank you nick. 8030550. Is the number is a more singer like. I I think. It's not an either or I mean I think I think it's obvious or we know that a lot of players do a lot. And that's white players and black players to a lot in the community and they are we do they do donate they do donate their time that there is a lot of this. Already it's not like they've chosen. The anthem pro as a place. What what what I think is that important to point out about about that and I mentioned this yesterday is that the having what one will be. No one of the league's longest running. And still old I think true enough. Conversations you'll get into with people who are within the team. Or even a certain kind of fan who may be is involved in these endeavors are people who work which they talk to you guys don't ever talk about. How many sabres were at gospel are comedian nobody's talking about. Lorenzo Alexander bowling event or look at what we're grabbing somebody solely guys had guys taking. Kids' Christmas shopping or it is also they don't. And but they do all that and they do all that in a relative anonymity. Compared to the amount of attention. A few guys per team kneeling on the sideline. Mean just think about the assist it's not. Doesn't make it right but it's the way the world works man. It is worthy of publicity and usually when Mac comes to me I am embarrassed about it yes I mean it is like there's a pure effort here to make. The conversation interest thing and people gravitate to criticism and controversy and if it ever sounds like our show is largely about that it's by design and it's what was alls I know what is and what it's supposed to be. Interest in sports to grab you. And that makes me feel pretty bad I mean because there is a lot of that it is that. Incredible amounts of great work that those guys do through the years mean for. For lots of causes it. Thank you I know we are really relate to you you just you just triggered something. In me like it is known just thinking about our our our small part in. In all of us. We are general Lee. Criticized if if were when we're criticized for being too negative by by a certain kind of fan base. And I think in in in this instance but I am defending football players. Vehemently. About something far more important than whether he ran a pass through correctly. And yet I'm catching. All kinds of flak for. About. Your your head and knee. Does I'm defending players are telling you hey are you know bomb that racism is kind of bad. I don't know man. About that. Like if your tweak it meat and your your I'm never listen you again and your pissed off at me because I'm I'm preaching. Think about that your your mad at me for defending players who are trying to tell you that there's a racism do you think it's the same guy yeah. Says. That's why you receive the bill. Then. Much over the bulldogs back with the continuation of our show after the update on WGR.