05-25 Schopp and Bulldog Hour 3


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Since I know that I agree that it don't then it's you can't make fun of me bored or think less of because I know. Are probably smelled bad and a Bulldog you don't think there are many shot or put your regular work shower shower every day I I I mean it's a part of the thing from. The shower don't you do that regard for the exercise I would feel good. Coca I don't feel good when I need these natural royals. Seeing in this game you know. It's beneficial body regulates itself Mike Hsu joke and a Bulldog when normal people take a shower and use deodorant you know the well you both. Our guys fought my my father while these people he doesn't get their views the only at all he's listed on admiral good smelling you know we're hoping that the only way we. Let's see your debt again and I'm gonna I'm gonna you get your bill and all this I wanna smell your dad you want to call it. But on WGR. I wanna smell your dead Sports Radio 550. Don't hold LeBron James this. Hi I do not. I'm gonna guess that he is. Sure. EU. To. 33. Men. You guessed lol probably because I'm asking you if you bring you think like it's going to be surprisingly. Lol young. Yeah I mean he's been around so long but you know he came out on a school soul you know that. That he knows that mitigates how long he's been in the national consciousness. At least he's been in the NB a anyway this team people were aware of import into the NBA obviously but yeah. Do you consider him the best basketball player ever. I do I have no goal no problem at all saying. I think Chamberlain. I don't know what do you do Chamberlain right what he's 71. Or whatever he was then a pretty surely everybody else in the league was like six to. And so look chamber rose comes in his course a hundred points and grow it I don't know what to do that but don't. I've got no problem putting LeBron James above Jordan. Jordan was incredible I got no no no hesitation. Now I I did some reading on this recently there was a pretty good break down. Championship. Points value added it all so all kinds of things and I'm not that familiar with how to amount it LeBron. LeBron. You know playoff performances. And just in. I it's reasonable to me that is certainly asserted. You know we recruit. Funny we were we were RO and exactly arguing about this last week and reinsert you spread like he came up. And you know with this case would shorten his. Equally compelling like he's he's going you know it was an unbelievable and super influential. Talent and regular global. Phenomenon that good LeBron James is just. This is sold much and there are. But you know having lived through Jordan and watching will be watching him and appreciating him in rooting for him. But James. I I've I find watching James more compelling. And I think it's just the skill set is so buried. I just I find watching him more but I thought I I wanna see it. More than I remember one meeting to see your one to see Jordan. Old Jordan. Sure. Meet a new 04 so when. Here here's my basketball. Eighties when they started to care about it. I rooted for the lakers over Boston. Because it was like to meet those were the only two teams almost like Boston and then I got to college and after college and it was the next from. Ninety's it was the knicks from. The UN mix I rooted for the viewing next and they would play the bulls off it and lose except for the one time when he was retired. Ends. IE but it was always a pro mixed against the bulls. I don't really know why but I just ones out. But when it was bulls in the finals I always root for the bulls right like I never wanted them to lose same here I'm the same way about Golden State like I I want. If those sports league normally casual observer. But I don't want the same team to win all the time I like the story line. I dumb. I think and nick a little bit of a mixed thing. But net net I was there and are my favorite team. And the bulls were really ever my favorite team but it's one of those things where you just search through rooting for the greatness you know what it is just seeing them. There again like I wanna see them. This does best player in the league. Just continued to Staten. And you know so so. You know I liked Jordan a lot I don't look what I ever would say that I put all of them are like I was a big bulls fan I don't think it really had much of a favorite team. In his error I don't really wanted him to beat the pistons are number not liking the presumes. You before they got there wreck before the bulls broke through right exactly I want the bulls because so. But it's sort of like the pistons looking back. Sure but I like the bulls enough to root root for them when they would run up against Detroit. But they would lose that right and then finally they they got through and then they won the. Six championships and what yours and eight years yours. And I always wanted to win those series like the Barkley songs. Malone and Stockton twice. That one sonic team with Kemp and Gary Payton. The lakers beginning with magic. MBS of missing one but. Portland. So. Well the big Jordan fan like probably most people. But I just would. I just consider without Exterran numbers ever like this this is the sport right is never do that I've got LeBron james' basketball reference page up. It's massive hit its blinding we incredible via video you know they have hall of fame percentage is like a 100% and a third of a there's not even a metric here that. Pokes. Any hole into him as a legend Brett I I don't have the numbers memorized. But as I said does this piece I read it espn.com. I you know was vetoed a week or two go. Mean maybe it was that Friday when you've got six suddenly I don't what it's Raj from reading it. A guy like Eddie Eddie came out you know. Brian. Not any kind of blew out obviously to light. You don't he would statistically. By these measures. We we you know you can you can put him ahead. Of of Jordan and part of it is like he's still going. So this cease to be able add on so they he's already again by certain measures passed them. And they're still obviously more column like this was in the middle of the playoffs this year and Jiri is. In the conference final again and who knows what happens from here. So. But there bears that. For for me the LeBron. Thing has been. Like emotional all. In that the amount. Of criticism that there is there a I don't remember people wanting to tell you that Jordan wasn't as good as blank. Do Chamberlain was batterer bill raw I don't maybe that was out there but it's just a different were just such a different times with. The week we consume sports and we we talk about sports and Twitter is a big big big part of this. But LeBron and immediately had detractors. And you know that the fiasco when he left cleat on the first time. Certainly put a giant target on him and you know rightly so old and that was just it just to stick to Harvard lawyer. But. But to deny aid how great views but is insane to me and people doing it. For whatever their whatever reasons or whatever their agenda is whether it's just to be to be heard. To try to get ratings to try eyeballs leverages. His detractors have made me wanna dig in more than ever him. And root for him what I want him to win so that people who've been criticizing him have to eat. In a wage that is you know we talk about this in the run up to the NFL draft there's certain quarterbacks. That you know elicit a certain response from fans and like. The get a lot of criticism before there even picked an Allen is one of these guys that was like that. Yeah and the bills victim in Lamar Jackson was somewhat like that too. You know amenities and play receiver oh my gosh CP I always want to root for that guy LeBron James is. The nightly great and there are still people that are always hacking at him and I want him to jam it down their throats soy. I'm always rooting for him. Here's why when US the other daily if he leaves there but what then and the I thought about that more even after that show. And I will root for him wherever Eagles I just you know LA would be the only geology but I I wanted to win. Because I think he's undeniably great and you are blind media if you are trying to argue otherwise. Hash tag blind meaning hooking me. Here's Bob the outside Bob. Don't guys just thank you would actually. Not been for this year are a big important decisions in this ought. I thought who the number you can't comprehend how much this is the man among boys and a lot. I mean it was just amazing match and it is never seen anyone should just. Eat. Like CC. I walked out there would even though I mean he's the problem probably great Cortland. I just to watch him out of the army and the ball. Just of these. It is shocking need work work easy. So why are you now that and I never thought Jordan line but from my two cents. Down the back. All right thank you Bob Bob what are your plans this weekend. I actually get ready when they get to this day. We go to the cult. I'm thinking about it I was I'm actually very contemplating going to I'd like to pick it. There comes in and out all right next source on what we don't want have you looked at places. I've not gotten so I'm all ready. But I think I think. But we're a good reason to hit a I have a friend who's gonna be there on Monday and he said he saw a 900 balks for the cheapest singles. Who couldn't people who. Right no I stop I'll tell us. From 848. Dollars. 4100 tickets left I bet. Now we're oh hockey's gonna go over there Vegas what you do about the course is you find out which casinos don't you walk in just gamble like Kris. Get the comp tickets and where is that what your result we're saying but like to approximately at least I I don't. Oh yeah. OK I stay there. I said I never knew where the arena was cool all right thanks I'll have fun. It'll be pretty cool scene the body Carlo. May I don't welcome my Carla my first time in Vegas there's a lot of remember about that trip one is that you can you take who those missile like this eggs we edged. Bob was on the Paula prevents him. You take this little tram from. Monte Carlo to the Bellagio but it's. Everything about Vegas you were there like these huge casinos are just really evil lying on the strip. But there is not like walking next door knowing. It's a walk from one to the next you know do you take as little trick find trail ride sometimes. Yeah and Monte Carlo to Bellagio had a connecting train and I was on that thing so many times. That Colin seaports hero Shelly is still in my head from that tram. It in Vegas. That's a trip where. I was meeting my sister and mother. Out there the Rochester nine. And so I was flying from Rochester to Vegas and they were flying from both go to Vegas and I landed they've never been there before. And so the first thing I do is to check on them like are they here he had or what time did they Lander whatever. And I got a voice spell for a sister said we got to Chicago and turnaround. They thought that the flight was so bumpy for them right from buffalo Chicago and agers got out of it took a car back all scattered to continue they did not continue for no Betsy flies everywhere like I can understand. From Vegas and Trent. I'm out there and everybody in my family is the only time I think this is ever happen. Well there was one other time I don't need to mention. Like my family members felt bad for me but my mom and my sister felt guilty like they sort of left me there that he worked to get. Meet tickets to show is you know even though she wasn't going to be out there you woke up at the Monte Carlo Lance Burton magician. And numbers like what we do for you well we don't. They don't Asia retinal or like I got money list of spend on that trip. And my girlfriend out the woman a marriage who now she lives in Rochester right exit you won't believe what happened. They're not coming. A motor by myself. By the way 85 and sunny perfect Monday no rain on Sunday there they're not coming about your myself like really. And then. The next so you know I'm in Vegas the first night of my life ever being there. And I'm just try to get as much of it is that I can I'm gambling all the time I'm walking around and take in this tram do whatever I can do. You go to bed at like 3 in the morning whatever is finally. I'm dawn. And I'm asleep and there's a knock at the door. The next morning you might have been like 10 in the morning or something there's a knock at the door the next morning and I'm thinking myself I put global sign on the door who could that do not disturb really don't want. Post keeping right now and so much of also comes yelling in my sleep at all set. And then no response and that is more. Eventually have to get up and open the door my girlfriend is at the door. Georgia Priceline came out by. Nice great most. That was OK that was all that was welcomed always colonial that was a great move right OK that was good I. I was up there doing all right that was a good day but nobody even blow like you weren't. Looking forward to being merit alone no I was very happy to have her arrive I was stunned and good I'm a very excited good. Good that walk being mentally I don't know Watson people probably had this happened. But the first time I ever went there with my wife. This would have been like February he him maybe march of 98. So your that the NASCAR track is opening out there we're not married yet but. Like were were a couple we've been together awhile ago let's go to Vegas really wanna Scioscia NASCAR race. I've never been there and she like loves like she'd been desire on national park and what's the one isn't this enough that you called us a couple of parks. That are very close by. Certainly you don't want would have reasonable drive so will will do that we'll do some Vegas and what was that you don't iced and go to the NASCAR race. Which she really loved because it was like a ten hour days and she ran a whole book it's. But like walking the strip I remember we were bat and we stood at Tropicana which is neared the end GM down. Booed New Yorkers aren't yet ripe old drunken as the old right. And because you yourself walking like. Well let's walk us Caesars like that I can see it over there gets that far right you're walking in your walking so far and it's just like. I can still see it and walk in for like half an hour Michael Holton. Believe what this is ridiculous. That would stop stop for drink some dark. And people tried to hand you'll little. Welcome to our club tickets are fifty times I during the two loses all Fareed it's been very often it's very deceptive. You do you conceive what you wanna get to where it is. And it it's deceiving you just think you're you're. Attack let's go to Null when someone else you know the line when I'm an author of the McEntee is. And John saw me talking to somebody at one time John Merrick the and he said listen there's nothing you say if you ever need to lose somebody in the stone. Just tell them you'll meet them in front of caesar's. Think you could actually be out for disease there is no chance right price we will never find this song this is settlement. Only I don't even remember if we. But that I think we gave up I don't think we will hot. When we walk Barry you've actually we took a cab to from where we were to the other like halfway down running late okay. Plus it's a hunger Nate Cooper right. What's good seat let's go see some other stuff now but Milwaukee was like meego Mayo and the question are you my story with bread aisle there. And I didn't I didn't I didn't so many. I even bend near there so long and whatever I don't have the best biggest stories but I got a couple that I like. I was there with the red Ryder one night and we were. Please call the Barbary coast it's another old place with a billboard out front that says steak and eggs you know my 99 right or whatever. So were in there I think you liked it a little bit CD yet so we go and I need to be dragged. To CD but to Brit is Bret Bret Meyer like CD dragged the CD and it. So I've been there with them so reluctantly but you don't find work there's the old console casino. Really dead like super late at night. Ends theirs alone singer. In a place like it's not. Whatever your picture this is it's the least glamorous. Setting you can imagine. In the lounge singer is peak lounge singer. Though the bad to pay rise this bad sue like it's right honorable perfect right perfect I would love. So worse and they're like this is a loss. And then people came over this long time ago now so in my wrist and he tells her I want her bread told the story. People came over to try to get us to sign a release. Two. Jurors a show coming up in the back and it wouldn't tell you what it Wallace. But you needed to sign a release to go to way and I'm already sort of reluctant being there and what I know. I'm not going to be showing count wanted to Adobe did and works like so what is the show why can't he was doing the talking why can't you tell us. And they wouldn't tell us and that we sought to people in costumes running through the casino chain saws. It happened to be part of whatever this thing Wallace right that is just sort of suffer and the whole time it. It is that guy is still up their banging out my way kind of epic. I hate. So a bench and saw it running I remember that it's important. Right at that chainsaw is probably got in my way and you've got the machines in jeopardy right you know. So we'll torture and we're sitting there and it if it passes. We're not going to the show and the guys finishing up and he is singing my way like it's government song he's this guy is. Going all in I'm this song and it ends and no one else is there like just there might have been ten people there. The song ends and there's just dead silence. And before Obama to clap for this guy look at sought public. You have to before I can the machine. That I nine. Like is Lotus can be it's the Johnny Gilbert voice. This. Has jeopardy act act act that act. And like Vegas. An audible to get chainsaw there. A lot of guy. The machines. Were all in one minute with. There's a singer right let's get a moment I'm always wanted to go all those holes up for weeks after that I've arm themselves. So dude that deserves better script. Sorry about the machine I hope you love this sort of all of this is what we've been addressing some time. That is 2003. That trip off. All right so all thank you Bob be called to say that you saw LeBron person I want I saw him last year it was great terrain it's the same way I think but seemed to rant. Impersonal camping I do just amazing. And so yeah you got game six tonight Boston or Cleveland and we'll have the game here on WGR. We've got Joseph is memory of one of our Ryan was on Memorial Day weekend shows memory of one commercials right will have that and we can as we continue here. Eagle 30550 is the number. Opium good Memorial Day weekend that was a channel to forecast 85 and sunny Monday chain that I can that I promise you I don't write chance of rain Sunday PM it's wanna did you see Saturday I didn't season hopes perfect okay tomorrow. Eighty insulin per. This holidays. Thank you it. And as meaningful. We will be back with sports Mike show and the Bulldog WGR. I think the other may be a little bit of a short term setback could be in the Kerry cannot play Tyrod Taylor level. But again here as you know I'm like Tyrod Taylor. I thought he got a lot of points out of the offense. That may be may not have been there with all the transition that was going on Domenici can get the twenty duty when he three point level than that great. But he doesn't then has to be a little bit short term setback but I think in the long term getting Josh Allen was a great move. John Clayton with us you missed it we'll have that again for you next hour. I think Josh Allen plays earlier than that and earlier than I think you think you'll right. We'll see. Much over the bull look here Memorial Day weekend thanks for listening here's Jonathan. Hello Jonathan. Should put men big proponents. Well our pocket. For a member shelf. We were armor and show. And I want our guys he beat up by. While. So where Anaheim. It was even only looking. One. And you know wanna. Be part that was cool. Yeah I don't remember that contest but I love that we did a good for you. Eight. Quote at no. Well. Thought we keep that good for you. What he's. Done all they call them the right. Opt for the pat but he wondered about 08 column every year and band. I'm again tonight we want a blown up. And also you ought to give a I cannot stop or even as he needs to art yes. And and that. Fifteen collapse or go to all our governor. Though. Some of the Stanley memories are. Did you know that Bulldog and I both our first ever Major League game was in Cincinnati. What are you up. That's right my it was probably like 79. I barriers are more and more like yeah like mid mid seventies like big big big red big red machine to legendary. Lot real World Series reds. Alec I saw them as a kid. Play. Telescope I know them or wrong. For baseball players. Then. He got cool thanks John of them to solve the reds it was either two Summers in a role or late two out of three. That we took trips south. And stopped like Cincinnati was a good it was a good was a good day's drive you know the eight hour driver thereabouts. They do is good enough to push. Far no fun you know I'm on a day. He'll leave real early it's still dark out hit the road. Drive one stop what you know 4 o'clock 5 o'clock. Check into a motel and like it let's go let's go to the baseball. But that was we checked the schedule the reds are home and like that I can remember. Like the whole thing I remember going. But driving. On the interstate driving through Cincinnati and seeing the ball park in being super excited that we're gonna go to one game at a going over the bridge in the Kentucky. Checking into the motel with just. Not being noble wait until we could get back in the cork. They won't we when we go over when we don't over the when we don't hold. And my dad going to the ticket window in the hole like I'd like and I can see at all concourse like all of it. You really great memories via to a two of those to the in my first two baseball games were would. I think. Well recently I was watching game one of the 1976. World Series on YouTube reds yankees. And the the broadcast on YouTube starts with the introductions like the World Series you know expect the players lineup on the bass lines. And that lineup is all 76 reds in game three month about Yankee Stadium. It's all. I don't know the border rose. Grippy I'm guessing rose Griffey. Who would be third wasn't arise no. Foster may be Foster. What are slowing us donor. Rerun or you've got bench the recent drop Dreessen was the DH if not the first baseman -- was the other yeah Morgan and Concepcion rose. Foster dropped mammography good job boundaries for him. Yet he was they did DH in the gale park. And those uniforms. Are just my favorite the back. Although Grady red uniforms. Our Josh my favorite the way. Concepcion name into rival's name removal Roman number for the huge letters. And they did not shrink them and guys with long mayors ago right. And there are all I think so cool. I'd do it almost it almost seems like that we need to see in the yen. Conception owners like on his shoulder blades went to the bottom crucial radar and just wait that's right ritzy brilliance like you you know it's also the really cool and all those picture and an Anderson the manager who's the first to be in now's the time. Like I just. I have some obsession with those jerseys and those players. Of their own one but it's got its. Borg my all time favorite walks the the reds in the the names like rose fourteen is classic match five is classic. I would love. Any of to Wear any of Gary Nolan was the picture I don't know much about earmarking and you know that's not. Iconic and anyway but the rest penalty although all of Weisel lineup this. Two run double cooled me down Cesar Geronimo twenty great number of rate him it's funny I don't remember. I don't remember the pitchers really at all there you know I do it right. I even should know from what you're before they put the Red Sox but I really don't I really don't have you wanna. Number problem you know him I might breed holy Gillingham gullah gullah dongle and I'm gonna guess at least ten dollar one I think goal one borrow. Who's he was on the Yankees and 7778. Okay. He's the only one that I do I know whose names of course but he's the only one that I could have given you just. Play Carol. Play ball hitter away I was thinking clay Kirby clique Kirby and clay Carol yeah okay yup. All right east way Mac inane need all the plays Anderson look at these pictures out. He logs are right he would love. He's dead right. Yeah. I'm not sure if he's got and the instead they just are used the he little I think you look the opener the the bright bright Chinese term for brochure it started with reliever closely yet easily said Romo Romo thank you you basically. He would get those guys were out of there. What is Joseph is favorite member of the show. I can think about how I wanted to try to do this with you and I think what I what I wanna do rather just tell you what Joseph mentioned to me. Is. Try to see if you can remember it based on where we work as a pat I it there's a few things. At least to mean that I think you know as you mentioned earlier what sometimes when we remember these things differently but. There is. No one of the times that we are at the auto show together. And we were. Doing the show. In a different spot than we often have before like that we've been there are few different times that I could always the near where the stared at the end with a staters where people come up and entered its second for the of the conventions and this time we were more. Towards the back wall where the bathrooms are and we had Fred Jackson Han. From the auto show. And on the phone no he was there in person because I remember. Him coming over and sitting with a us in new remarking to him about his watch. Only out yet get a really good to relieve the anger beyond of those at. I don't remember. I remember Fred and I remember this this comment about the watch Andre reed we talked about it on the air. I don't know maybe I would differ today because I don't have this one okay. And that was really enjoyable and at some point like later after after Fred had been on. You know maybe in the final hour of the show you started talking about it I think I think if I remember correctly you needed to. Pick up some food for cents. OK so you via YouTube Google Voice pet stores or something. And we ended up just talking about we talk about dog food are also times mentions that as mentioned the stars Ellen. You like the conversation as you said Thurmond's dog. Mean that was a different date yeah I think I remember right was for the ones you mentioned to me is a thing about the with Thurmond's dog died. But go ahead okay remind them okay all right so. We're talking about dog food. And you needed to get dog food and Joseph Joseph mentioned me the I don't think it was a whole show but I remember. You guys making names for for pet stores. Oh yeah and Greg would have been here Gregg of what you'll remember was wegmans. Caught up up up. Added and I think because Greg was to a Greg is just really really really quick and good. With that sort of thing vault will just ripping on. We're just good bucolic the haircut places you know it went to the main events right though here and you know here's the here's what caught. Whenever a cut above the cut above all that all went out right. It was sheer madness of it. We're just doing that we it. I took a picture I think oval place in the lock for a couple we among the goal and tweeted I Greg has solved although it I don't think of him for those but I. Would split when I don't remember that again try to do. When that kind of thing would happen in here. We've each got our own computer screen and the producer can tell us messages at the bottom of the screen and Greg would Jos to go all us. And like you could hardly ever mentioned what he was typing quite. But just to amuse himself or else I don't think I had the computer screen that he was typing on Batman. And I've read it since we've got more monitors and we've ever had now the raunchy just for versions of all of those things were just laying right here in front of me. That it took. Right also look good then the thing that group that that our boss mentioned Q is it different conversation that's where you said. You were going off dog food must be better now well no it was something I I was very proud of this we were Fisher. It might have been the day we invented the golf back to because the PGA girls and was in Rochester we were more police training camp days and Thurman Thomas. Lost his dog and his dog died and he most of tweeted that like. It's not something that Thorman would tell me. Texans don't read my dog right. So he boasts of tweeted and I just was one of these moments that we have every day were like okay what we're gonna say next. And so it was coming up on a break or some thing like well. Said here that Thurman Thomas is dog died. Our dogs living longer across all of that run our our dogs living longer and you're like. A links all but why shouldn't they be right. Isn't the boot better it is in medicine better it is it just. Evolution like why wouldn't dogs but I sold by voices. Living long and why wouldn't they do. The way the way I remember our boss telling the stories like you you went for a while about. But building in this case and then there when there was a pause of measuring. I don't think so yes the practice but to put whatever the problem got all the good that's right television and. Two different dogs hours. My dog right now it's about the thing on my mind is about door bells. Because. It wasn't. What you don't doorbell rings on a sitcom or whatever it's not even a doorbell is Andy bell the Dow is. Just. I just sit watching your show very peacefully. And there happens to be a bell additional egregious. Clips. Really come on Sampras. Gerald Levin figure out that that's not to mourn at our door. My wife did one of the best things either of us have ever gone for any of the dogs that we've known we've had lots of the dog we had. Maggie wood who was a massive. And then pearl was also a massive. And now we've got friend who's this little. French mini bull dog terrier mix and he's just a he's a bundle of energy. And he is a handful even though we saw little to walk he'd really export model leash and he just. Is given what he's gonna pull pull pull poll we've had a very hard time trying to teach him how to walk calmly by your side she bought him. This the hardest basically. But it goes over it goes over his head to amend just buckle belt buckles and an and then you'd see a clip the leash to about the middle is back. I walked him that the yesterday and like he he was like walking my side look at me like we have is as good I'm good right yeah we went and I'm like why oh. You should like it's incredible. And then today's issue up to go to the cottage. What 11 in the morning or something. And she has this little. Cook up in her car now where he you'd have a mean that thing. And you clip under the seat belt so he's in the passenger seat with her driving and he couldn't move or well wounded but not. Driving with him has been and always really hard if you loan confused it's going to be all over him and Mike is not really safe. Now he's like clipped and says he's like he's that dog detain and out the window what he's balk. It was hilarious watching the driveway he's like hey Al Gwendolyn on local is. And this thing is it's a Dobson this this artist is great. Doing odds are good he's a little long time to think that there were set up nicely for them. 8030550. Much over the Bulldog WGR. I am gonna go away overnight and other reason is is simple and it's cool anymore right or I love great all beat this is no disrespect to him you know he's wonderful march here but if you're giving the edge. You're not position I mean slurry is on it columns might not yours not you know because and because of of his knowledge experience everything that it takes to win that Stanley cop. And and what he did in helping Pittsburgh Penguins win multiple Stanley cuts I feel like that could be the difference maker. OK Darren Gregor of the investigators is probably. Among the most popular. You know pretty. Basic one. Euros solid takes that are gonna get right it's only saving 95% of the shots on him. You'd like him to be different from bro you know I can hear that. No way to know. But Florian has not let up the spot through three rounds he has not let up it's insane he's on a all time. Playoff. Run for an eagle. And so we keep in those that again a win. Washington's guy goes that galway and if they both do it it will never ran it will just go to a picnic or normal ever score curry in every game when we get to the second game because the first game won't take. Years scoreless tie. So alarmed. I don't know. I was I was not thinking of any thing there. I'm excited for the fantasy draft I don't know. I'm 42 days always lean back on that might. Yeah right now I would do I I you know I'm down I don't want base to win the Stanley Cup. I recognize we're cool story it is and I feel kind of look at jerk not liking it but. They're playing more on my favorite players in the league and and Ovechkin has been one of my favorites for a long long time. So I'm crushing on a couple of different guys on the capitals this Ferrari kid I think is going to be someone you're gonna see a lot of in the years moving forward. Where is it what's the story for Rommel he was a relatively high pick for the I mean like that. Not a high first trumpet but I think he's what a highly touted guy when he brought him up this year it was it was a big deal Jacob around. And I just I think he's got just as he's got a lot to offer he. It's good size really moves well and I just. He rang one off the post early in game seven the other night and I thought for sure he was gonna score I think. But a lot of times during this series like he just jumps off the ice to me. You know not that I'm going in looking for a minute now I am relate when the series beat Bruno began. Was he was just someone that I kept noticing. So do I have his background anywhere near Wright like I don't I don't know automotive expert on the guy I've not really put glimmer evening but. I'm really high gotten on his his future. So but tonight the thirteenth overall pick OK in the fourteen drafts and aren't so that's Reiner okay. Yeah he just he looks just he looks really nice to me. But I Boyd whose net awful lot and I think he's really become all just a tremendous top ten player. In the league too but you know that's him his just missed. A guy I've I'd like to melodic I think he's. You know he's he's got a lot of criticism I've criticized him at times. But having him in the final is just fantastic. And so it. I don't know it's not as compelling is first your team makes it but having one of the greatest players of this generation has not won a championship. Be in the way of this biggest story I think it's pretty awesome. So I'll be on team capitals for this Beaufort pulled for them and him. That's Monday night right now I've just gotten no way action item. Just. The flame. He has them doused fears are right but it's been it's been put out our guests have gotten opened up and go I've gotten off thing left I bet against Vegas more than once. By aides had Tampa I had Boston at one time I had Toronto or one time it. Just everything I've talked to with hockey you know this year has gone wrong for me. Mean you can't predict the goalie and if the goalie that's just not to make excuses that's part of it you know you should know Becker betting. What is clear do they they just could not score on that this has been able score on him right Winnipeg have lots of good players amid plenty of chances and ended just try to score. Holly biggest as his running these team over there play at a pretty even and yet right. Which is an accomplishment but they're give an opening he's making what 35 saves in the game so it's not only decent merrily Marty Booker in the in the ninety's Michael nodded at 21 senators what he's not I mean he's he's been tested. Get to say the least gas. Eagle 30551. Talk sports with a husky was called we've got another hour to go we'll have our chat with John Clayton coming up within that. Memorial Day weekend should be awesome hot sunny let's go. Much over the whole blog here on WGR.