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Saturday and Sunday are not days off our sports talk. Surely can't be serious. Answers. And don't on the show sports talk Saturday. Future. A WGR Sports Radio 550. Flipper is Robert who was forty trying to pointers all be all over it erroneous. Or won't it Bob ball cap. I am two for three here I know I know the first two movies there. Airplane an old school. What's the third. What's the third movie either that is you know. You create the open. This is actually this is one of the old school okay well old school Leo we got that and that's a movie to airplane number one. Surely don't McComb don't call me surely. Old school number two and oh yeah that in and what was that what's the third 13 one there it's not old Wilson Vince Vaughn yeah. And they go hand in a tenth wedding what it measures a yard dash scene that I didn't remember that was it then okay I got that. Tyler Dunne joining me on the line have you seen all three of those movies Tyler airplane old school and letting pressures. You know what I've never seen airplane I'll leave it. I. That's OK it's it is I mean I was young when airplane came out now more than new model where I think so you don't remain. I say that I think about probably fifteen to twenty years all the news so it's okay have you ever seen it but you should go back and watch 'cause it's pretty damn funny. I feel like that the kind of go back Hughes like RAZR cell all right I've just. Upgraded or improved comedy movies so quick and satellite. What is funny is it lasted and I don't know. What's the oldest really good comedy movie you likely get a caddy shack may be or something like that. Oh you know what apple. Right after it said that I mean there is one timeless classic and that's the time what about Bob. Yes it is. A lot every other. That's a great movie has funny he is Bill Murray Bill Murray is really good is he my son my son is totally into ghost busters by the way. I mean and I like the old ghostbusters the original. In my son is four years old and he loves it. And he's so into it I'm not kidding you Ricky he buys like proton packs usually wants and he dresses up he dresses up as a ghost buster we have to Gorham house. In zap the ghost and he has this little sly everything. He really wears a slime her shirt now you like those other things but he loves ghostbusters so one day though. Com. I know he comes on my wife says hey. Ask Max what the name of their fish is in their classroom like they officially their classroom is as yet basin creek and I said. Next with the naming your fish in your classroom he looks meaning goes. Peter Baker meant. So what's her as a who named the fish Peter Baker and he said we did think the kids named the fish eater meaning that it there four years old Tyler. Probably under and hit it the product. It's amazing I'm glad you our public about today. We haven't chatted in a while. A staple of my Monday. Point after show the extra point I should say show here and a major Sports Radio 554 we had a lot of things you trying get to. With Tyler here on the line and one of them is this gambling issue that I cannot open the show with that really got a big news. Around the country that the Supreme Court ruled. The you can no longer being in a sports betting at the federal level it has to be allowable. On the state level if they so choose and it looks like pretty much every state is going to do so the question is. When and how they're gonna implement it and all that kind of stuff so. Do you think are we making too much of home. We consume and how we are going to consume football. And basketball in the next years or is this going to be radically different for all of fans and media. You know I. Obviously people gamble right it's like got you know they're they're an alert or if people gambled on sports before but I think that the accessibility. To every type of gambling you can imagine is it gonna explode I mean yeah you're right it's gonna group that's gonna help the economy then be dumb not you through it so. I just think you're gonna just keep. Swear you can literally make them any any game that you could ever match any American watch and a are built jet game and their two minute lap band jot down in the builder driver that your bank is pathetic echo that. But the drive a mean that back and a up. That there's really no hope boundaries they're they're they're they'll healing for oil could take up here and I'm not a big gambler myself so I couldn't tell you exactly like. What app is is gonna take out but that we'll be right I mean it's gonna people all gonna be that your finger could be able to play and he got to that. You can imagine at Target Center you know and I don't Dickens spirit says but I mean you know. What are they and Ed that those involved. Isn't the sport you don't practice football that any sport. I mean what what do alarms that are concerned that all of that and grow into the game out there aren't that rapper Rick and I hourly minimum not too much money. Rick because the perception right to be the perception. At least short. Yet you know what I think is really itching to meet Tyler's how this business this industry is going to change in what I said earlier is. You're you're going to see in the next few years network TV and ESPN cable TV and radio stations around the country. Not just national but at the local level there are going to be preview pregame. Gambling shows in a rebuke highlight gambling shows like this is going to happen right now Scott van pelt does the the bad beats segment right and ESPN. What you're gonna see a lot of that's going to be really inundated I think as far as the. Type of product that consumers are getting from their own network TV when they talk about these things. I do think about a medicine ball and and her thirteen years ago you know there might be one magazine on the news they had. Previewing the span of people policies and end up pro football weekly here. I mean that's that's where you got all your people opened for patient. And obviously we know what it's become now in the NFL embraced so. Now that the NFL itself and every league itself will probably an increased gambling even though they were fighting for so long and yeah that's pretty hypocritical. It's probably in a ticket similar trajectory invents them I mean you're right you're gonna see. Pregame shows Al post game show that gambling is gonna take over in ways we we probably can't even battle right now. So you don't gamble that much but now that it's on a legal basis and you can have such easy access to it will you try it likely use say a basketball game. That your just that in not even football you cover the league so let's say it's basketball or baseball police say you know what I. I don't like LeBron plus three tonight would you be more willing to do that even though you're not a big gambler yourself. You know I at militant group it'd tiptoe around it because I'm terrified of what would happen by diet and right become like you know. Of Opel light problem. All the bad the board for now it in the long game. Because I think that will happen I think you know the more that people have access to something now that it's legal there's there's a segment of the population that says while not doing that that's illegal but. You know with marijuana became legal some more people would try it and now they gambling on sports will be legal I think it's just natural that more people try it. Yeah yeah oh absolutely I mean it definitely people are gonna are are gonna pick it up and am not yet you know guys quicker so I think. Every kind of person from every kind of background will always give it a shot because it's it's you're going to be inundated with that you're gonna see ads. All the time in a match in the commercial and how much the band you'll entrapped in the meantime I don't even know what to expect them and not look. Yeah you know I've been to Vegas for a college football Saturday in an ad then they're the NCAA tournament I've been there for an NFL Sunday in the the the interesting part about watching people as they show up with their jerseys on. You gotta neagle stand over here Redskins fan over there bills in over there but even though they have their Jersey on and they're rooting for eighteen. They're really just rooting for their money and you watch them. And they're looking at these screens and there's cheers and there's boost and that's going and I think that could be what winds up happening at some level. And that kind of. I don't like that part of it Tyler I don't like the fact that you know people have teams they root for but. I gonna go to game for example so if we sit at a game. And let's say you root for the I don't know I'll use arena team in the Dallas Cowboys and it's third down and six and you get on your phone and even though your cowboys fan you say. Well realistically I don't think they're gonna make this so you bet against them making the third down. They don't get the third doubting you to share your toys ban an early look around you know what else do it. Right I mean it basically kind of what happens now with fantasy football rights to a whole other level right like tiger. You know there and he spoke journalists in New York robbery in their lineup and that got it would appear at the game well. You know that. A whole season fantasy league or independently now. That's typical direct. In the upper hand right now played a late drive drive in the game because there's money involved people participate. Delegate I mean I could get a kick out of Vienna ballot and how it. That the didn't want to. You know rip are hurting integrity of their league and absolutely critical state the state wanna cut it as well. There's no doubt they're gonna totally wanna cut not even have a team in Los Vegas as well you know to do so it's that that's an interesting dynamic it goes with this whole thing that. Vegas has a hockey team almost who have a football team as well. Absolutely absolutely out of that that's going to be enters and. All right so Tyler does whether you follow my Twitter act tied done Isaac features NFL writer at Bleacher Report the NFL can't do anything about the gambling issue they can. You know try to be a part of that and have regulation but they can do something and they have done something. About the in the protests which I shouldn't politics unique about the nationally at them and the protests that were on ongoing during the National Anthem. On your your thoughts on everything that went down this week. First there was this vote now there's story that there really wasn't in actual vote because they just took. Poll amongst owners and many of the NFL PA response to all of this kind of where do you live now what happened this week. You know I got shocked by it I mean I'm a little shocked at that has kind of been what three years. I'm intimate and I mean you look at the NBA elect 1996 when apple guru. Didn't want they have the National Anthem David Stern and the idea that they think are going to be suspended them implement the rule and and that was that though. You kind of get a kick out of you know he's currently NBA and everybody had a blast in the NFL this land. You know it's right there right in the NBA that everybody mops international at film with good posture and all of that went. The Indiana ballot. You know in it has been a different position with all that the last couple years so I think people out there that obviously I mean that no shock there I mean there. What are the business and when the ratings plummet 20% when you have GE partners. Box yet and it EE heat yet. Not making budget and medical games due to those bad rating outlook business and you have the kind of stir emotion on the I think that. What you thought these owners absolutely can sympathize and want to help there African American. Players and and their causes but you know when you're gonna business. If they believe that this could be Rican oracle form degrading. Obviously lack goes into it how people can consume yet at all today. They're not just on the couch watching TE. On the there on the mobile device all that and they're there are a lot of factors but target a prayer for doing what he that we can after the president mark. That he was Japanese and in new blue in the heck out of their own team a team that wants local Super Bowl. Yet apparel fell from a business perspective. Let there had to eat something and puts them in and writing am. Buying some type of political compromise. I guess you know you're gonna criticism it wasn't collectively bargained. And he kind of like he'll jump the gun on that regarded wanna wait until the new CPA was up. Because. That there's a sub that's also yap at the owners at the straw voter put everyone to call it. I don't accept I look at anger at how bleak at Connecticut. It if it is a big reason for declining ratings her and thicker the product and how open it up and there's a lot of players. Who are in favor of something as well because they received 47% audit all revenue if something's hurting net revenue. The league it's gonna do something good like any good will. Tyler down with a this year from Bleacher Report I agree with you I I I. Take a look at what the NFL PA response was as well and obviously they're not happy with this but at the same time master Lorenzo Alexander and he said. This is not to be something they're gonna think about negotiating in the next he BA because it affects. A small group of people to be honest we need Tyler. There are players who were probably happy about the policy who won it other players to stand and I think that that says Canada the further division that we go down here so it's going to be interesting to see how each team treats it. In no matter what happens here. We're gonna have questions every single Sunday now about what players came out for the anthem which players didn't why that happened what the discussion was. And I think that keeping that discussion going is not good for the NFL. Agreed I mean he had the other relevant metallic handle everything currently at an app that it's just that handle. All a lot more swiftly with a lot more decisiveness. But. But yeah I mean I think if there's a player that somewhat appropriate that on and it happened that app there were 88 in that they cannot allow that. It happened I'm if you think just keeping your incurred a leg up you know hypocritical terrible and I well appealing to their fan base I think the quote well. I mean the article look at data like yet were appealing to our band aid when we're losing those fans and I think that there's there's look at Iraq and make everybody happy with any decision abate but the bottom line about mark the end of but also the orbiter. Industrial pipe at the edit packet to packet to get any questions how is always wanna take phone caller to we can not. Do that but in the meantime I do wanna ask you about the kick off changes as well the NFL before I get to some NBA talk with a yet. There's a lot of changes going on I don't know does this kick it this play is going to be around. Much longer it seems like they're trying to get rid of it but I do give them credit for making some not just. I guess not just window dressing changes it looks like some radical changes to the kick off because they say they don't wanna take it out of the game but. Our our have they done too much year do you think or is this something that maybe it will work him we can continue to have this play in the league. Matt you can break a lot like that helmet will now. We're at a bell continued to try to find a middle ground with players they either don't make this I mean as long as you're blocking exactly. Intently I mean if it's not touch football. You're going to have concussions you'd you know I mean you can try to take I'll kill shot and had a harder but you know you saw Iraq as separate visa and even the nineties and all lesser. But at the top incompetent at that add up to it it got it either I mean the card numbers are going to be there are not going away. And made it seem content kind of chip and away. At public perception and a cable or Mata by the kicked up and that's gathered to kick out out of it. Okay you can't beat grit your head here are some examples of ways that would have been blackened and and it. Cited the senate burlap. He's an and you look at the replay that the media they're legal oblivion and I can stop on a dime a that they eat and redirect your your trajectory I don't know. I don't think it was all a bit if they're trying to find a sweet spot it doesn't exist in pro ball poppycock that the violent game. And I get a feel that it brought out an opportunity. In a podium in the city late in the game April because XYE. But there's still black in this built up in the store to be cut and I think that it. More than. You know and they get the related editing gambling related edit it. Kind of hurt the product of long term because correctly it is not gonna resemble all. Yeah I understand that and down you know I I love I look at. I fully understand as someone who loves football that there are issues that we need to address there are concussion issues injury issues on the way the sport is played however. There the way the sport is played is what I love about it which is its violent. There's a lot of collisions as you know Tyler you played the sport at the high school level and you know allow you saw what you seem being an NFL game this is not a contact sport. This is a collision sport and that's what the allure is to people like us who love it so. I get conflict and a lot with that because I don't wanna lose that I love big hits I think it's part of it. But I also know that with that there comes a lot of risk in those kinds of things that we as people who love the sport he takes seriously to try to make everything we can. Is safe as we came without losing the love we have for what it means. Absolutely and you know having it would have historically reports common got a pretty prominent player. You know that late in the 2000 and the only way it. Brain damage. Right now I've spent some time with them and you are having memory issues you know he may be driving somewhere and forget where where he's going but. And that's comments are a lot of guys that even he you know how it later today. It absolutely. Do it again because. They you know quote a quote no new at this site up and it was a violent game and you know I think that some current players Mike Schmidt to be one album talking last year they say look at. If you could make a planet document you know make a sign a waiver where we know what we're getting into with assault and and it yet it felt kind of own the silent. And over the fact that you might get hurt playing football it could alleviate some of the that I mean that is the bigger picture here actually earlier yet their. That's the bottom line all the time and they are convinced mom to let market like football epic at bat that they're over bet that there might go in that sense. You panic get it but I think that began a felt doing more damage than good because. Over the next 51015 years over more these these rules what you saw this week. I'm with a kick up with a helmet rule your pushing the sport away from what made it great in the first place. Tyler this NBA final four. Is up pretty interesting but at for two really different reason it seems like the first one EO Golden State Houston got that new team try to knock off the team that's been. On top for so long and then on the other side. You simply have one guy against five it seems like every night witches that LeBron James against. The Boston Celtics so where are you on each of these series and kind of how you see them playing out as we go to. Game six in game seven respectively. Yeah I mean it's been great and I at this thinking and gold date period a game cardinal probably win MVP but a really crippled. In most valuable player on that team that postseason and what with and how your your kind of like a rip in the heart and so a lot of recchi right now ankle state rep who went by. And they have no problem. Co edited it all began back in game seven you've got to think he's not gonna be himself so cold they catch is a huge separate but bad I mean they. It really looked out of sorts I mean they're not you know and the ball around the court like hot potato in gitmo open threes too much iso ball too much Kevin Durant oppose. So I mean maybe they kind of get into like here where it would file and yeah I mean what is there about LeBron James that they're adamant that is unbelievable must see TV every night at pump an amazing. And he's got to let alliance he gave players around him in any case I Getty bought them at their best players but. IU a local artist. Better to make that'll go discussing with Michael Jordan well reopening it takes this into the idol I mean you can absolutely have that discussion who's the greatest effort. 4611 and nine last night he's just amazing those two back to back threes he had. Let me I just eight you just look in amazement. At what he's able to do a do you think that anything that's happened here this year. Good or bad has changed his feeling about the cavs next year where he might wind up. Bed at night. It would be culpable crunching will be the east I mean that separate the path of least resistance. That the best NBA player there are in the west. So that it becomes you know if he's thinking that way Cleveland or Philadelphia I mean it would seem to be the decision that it if you table but I'll recruit. Apology or the Cleveland Herb Kohl eyeliner the Cleveland. Which he very well could you mean the its stranglehold that about it yet but I believe it seems if LeBron James can do that then. It may be really don't wanna keep it as part in Ohio I mean is that they'll overturn the real. But it would have met. To come back home but it hit the raptor currently constructed at any point in next few you know Iraqi hood in Jordan Clarkson and and aging Kyle Korver. The team that but yet he's he's gone I mean he's Smart what Iraq Allah or I wouldn't you know. Totally dismissed the idea that the cavs at and players around the Brock of people are quite what. I know you love your retro jerseys are so right here we got twenty years from now. You own one of the jerseys you when he Jersey from someone or eighteen here in the final four which one owning. All right that's a great question. And I think help oh. Room. So the demand Barton. The Boston Celtics. I aired things right yeah Dana. That it err yeah I think that is I was I was thinking more I think and you're like Monica Kyle Korver guy. I I let Kyle Korver but I I think twenty years from about that obscure reference group looking forward is gonna be. That this 610 man out of order from New Zealand. I would love it. That are quickly with what's your favorite richer we own right now. You know I gotta I gotta stick with deputy made since our IP. Charlotte hornet sports scene. Love it love it. Aren't letting me. I'll be catching up the issue I'm sure we'll see each other out I appreciate you this on a Saturday special on your Memorial Day weekend now thanks. Tea at a time they have them. I no problem that is Tyler Dunne from Bleacher Report.