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Saturday, May 26th

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GR sport. Real quiet city it's time to take a look inside a high school sports. Kelly hearing brought to you by mighty taco my entire school. Would feel great right about now my New Zealand's have you Italian sausage it taste the difference quality makes and like dent neurological institute to. Developing solutions to neurological problems faced in our view. Good morning welcome inside high school sports I'm your host Tony Caligiuri long Roger Weis and Tom prince from Western New York athletics. Wait a minute there's two missing where's Francis and frank. Think around on assignment today so you've got the three of us sitting here where are we talk of baseball today. I'll play a scorn on. Good morning guys monitor off and I'll look for that every week. I don't town. They. Many of you know that I culture in little league football Niagara Falls and were a member of niece. There are seventeen organizations I believe me companies and one of those organizations. I Cheektowaga thunderbirds and I'd like to say give my condolences and our thoughts and prayers with the family of Raymond Rosh. Go a long time coach Cheektowaga. My thoughts and prayers also with the Cheektowaga thunderbirds. Community coach grew OSHA passed away unexpectedly. Is relatively young he's the from my understand. Small business owner and his family could really use some help right about now to go to go far me and you type in Ramon no grossed. Gee our old ISC aged the fan we sure could. You somehow. Very sad situation and over devastated in Cheektowaga. Their own. Speed beloved within the community in. It's just such sad news to have to start up the show with but again my thoughts and prayers are with everybody the family and the community of two to one little week. All right arrives let's get out to some on news and notes and some. Some good stuff like to start softly. Okay. Lot of are outcasts high school players that are Rhonda. Playing college error you know gonna go to. Showing for themselves. Buffalo stayed. Ran a car Drupal from her Corey Corey sykora from Angie are competing in the NCAA division street job. Track and field championship. This weekend. Courtroom Orton completed in the women's 15100 meters and sykora is gonna run and a 400 meter dash. Luke Simmons of candies. Grad and Brandon Nicholson and Orchard Park cred and Brad roper left Steve from block port. Spend dagger from lawyers released. Are all part of the Oswego state baseball team. Here are competing and I believe it's a New England regional trip on championship. Earning a trip to the college World Series that's critical beyond. Another one on a mansion. Today her paranoia of Mormon corporation over when I'm preaching neighbor of the College Lacrosse championship actually it's. And Gillette Stadium in Pittsburgh units today excuse me. And enough facts pearl. Yell is playing Albany also surged seed Albany's a second seed. Duke can foresee displaying Maryland which is the first seat you know that if Fiat. Higher seeds hold serve today the final will be Albany vs Maryland. Possess sound odd impressive for a little while western New Yorkers pretty amazing well it should each team has a pair of Thai human high school graduates that are gonna go head to head against each other they were. Teammates at a time and Anthony. Now that's what I believe Adam them all and chatter feels they have the right named Anthony and I believe you don't OK they were teammates at time and do you think that this just might bring a few more College Lacrosse coaches to Western New York to see some of the people we have. I think the will be pretty are recruited pretty well right now if there last I've checked there's been no shortage of our kids be an. Notice to Western New York port if it does bring more that's great. But tool on any for an end high school teammates playing against each other from national championship I just yet. Pages on believable. Now let's go to some cross news we have Lancaster defeating frontier. Our Clarence. I believe lost torture parking Lancaster won so Lancaster. Is moving Bill Walsh take. See. And leave off. Yes they want to double A finals so they move on. To place our rock last senators are about oil across my let's take class a large schools so congratulations to Lancaster was talking to Mike Wii's. Our sister station kiss 98 point five his someplace for Lancaster who's trying to keep the me. Up to date as to how they're doing he felt pretty good that Lancaster would advances are one team. Like to see them improve right disastrous an hour the face offs says would probably do little about it so. If father wanna go farther gonna have to do better faceoff just like a football time of possession. Is what you're looking for so you know best luck to. Lancaster saint Joe's they won their third straight. The 94 win over Nichols though face I Sharma an aide. On Tuesday for the Catholic state title. Best luck to saint Joe's sacred heart upset number one seed mount Saint Mary's five to four for their first title since 2000. And fourteen. Monsignor Martin executive director Pete Snyder announced that next year. A growth across Catholic state championship. Tournament will be held a with three diocese is from downstate. Over to the girl's section six Hamburg will make its eighth straight appearance in class B finals. Katie Ryan announced that this will be her final season. As head coach of Hamburg. They'll face defending classy champion frontier. A championship games will be played on Thursday at. Williams though north. I see we. Threats. Battle of amber for a championship blah. Lacrosse people around Merrill popped up off. DJ called reason PJ college sent me a message and make sure we mention that. Big south sound driver or looking forward to it and can't they did have an opportunity to see the frontier girls lacrosse team this year against. Not dollars and Lancaster and Julie Gucci Ares launch which is always usually given for the championship game and they not only beat up. Line to cast your talking about frontier corps'. They'd beat them. Solid it was a close game for have second half frontiers came out and took care of business. They have the one girl are is her name she's a real deal. Again Thursday all the girls championships and it will north 33530. And I believe it's 730 there actually did. Might be the bee championship ring of truth to all fields there so they'll have two games going at one. For the rest of the boys you have let's see on Wednesday. McDyess is gonna take Aaron Akron Akron had just defeated de Salamanca. Is not class C west Seneca east will take on either end. And we was built east will take our Hamburg. And that is Wednesday as well. Can you do mentioning go to the monsignor Martin girls lacrosse. You know poultry sicker are 15 before what else is no. Believe redoubt was a magnificent coaching. Performance by whose sacred heart coach they held my senior Martins who was almost like jobs. No stall game were what they used to do in basketball before they had this act clocks and all that. Ice. Mount Saint Mary's win the semi final game against an ardent. She's all your jewelry her name ms. Lois Peron next year you fall should really get out there and why aces young lady perform. She's already data commitment and I believed to coast care coastal Carolina. If she election due saw him. Hoping so little local schools will take a good look at earned maker and offers while. The you don't get a natural goal scorer and they're out there and look likely dominate you Odyssey Salah. It seems like half court passes this girls can make or teammate who would be just slight. Peyton Manning throwing a ball on the receiver goes zero to break stride to catch is saying and just keep right now I'm going in. Won't she's as good playmaker issues are goals score again lowest Daryl hall and then only amplifies a factor why Iraq. Sacred art did to mount Saint Mary's entity. At the mosque seamer Mary's an iron game. They head out thirteen plug goals in the first thirteen minutes of the first half before. He bought in you know reserve players and all that they were scoring a goal a minute and men's semi final against an iron. This lowest Carol girl you lacrosse fans have kept the analog watch this young lady took pleasure to watcher sounds like a high octane offense my kind of I can laugh Baghdad and unfortunately you know look like trigger are frowned a way to put sugar and gas tank in a championship game they held before roles while. Four goals this five minutes usually for Ron simmering right. He hands. You gotta love this stuff bride all absolutely. Are let's move on to baseball where Tom prince have been keeping us updated throughout the playoffs and is this is fun as well because we're seeing is some real for real amazing baseball going on right now. We had a game of the year that happened. Currently. Everett after the show we had Grand Island play west Seneca west. In probably the game of the year that that people do not understand. How great this game was first of all it was a thirteen inning game that I Seneca west ends up winning 71. What people don't understand is what got to that 71 right. The bottom Osama through her bottom while night that he is where are starting right at night that he started one runner on for Grand Island. Coach Karl Brack who walks the next two batters to load the bases. No outs bases loaded. A guy. If yes Josh rages those who Rogers and you walked home we think it was a runner was on. What was the second or third. He he was in IA scoring position and lawful was second with hardware wise but. Date he what he does is he's trying to get the the force at home as what he's trying to do at this point and now one Grand Island wants to do is they don't they can get down a suicide squeeze bunt. It's all it is so hard to defend that especially runners coming in with full speed and add some speed at third base right. So they go to bunt. West Seneca last. Calls an outside pitch. So he can't bunt hit. They get the pitch on the outside. Pick off the Cate now at third base runners out at third base now. First and second one now. Next it pops up. Next hit line drives now they added the but here it looks like human Knight grand isles got a wind and and west Seneca comes out. We go to the eleventh and which is wow we're really topics. Runner on first base where an argument popcorn gap got this oddity in the view governor rod why there aren't that I'm. Opera's base. Batter gets up the spine drive over the senator feels echoes of the fence. The kit from burst comes on and all the way around it all. Comes home starts celebrate. Jumps all over whole play. Keep celebrate with a Steve runner on first the one who hits this will probably could've gotten a triple in this. Stops in between first and Sackett and runs into his team needs to go celebrate I don't know. Coach Albrecht now sees you didn't step on home plate. Comes over. Appeals the play all piracy is he did not touch all play. Runners foul at home the runner between first and third because he left the base path. How old I and he. And now they go to this one off. Oh man I'm in Austin on the thirteenth and men and and that's one west Seneca how to run in the thirteenth. Wow or six runs in the top of the thirteenth this Dassault hi pops the top of the poker if I didn't hear about this topic between Alan and wow gate of the year passed hands down past the medium of the year. Dean has got to be sick to a stop McAfee had have been jumping up and now it wow. You know and Sheila. Might just say that this is for whatever reason it's a magical year for my son Michael was yeah really has sent hockey every sport basketball. Football and law and it and it went under these conditions. Why you have there ever such a thing as karma and high school sports west side to west as. No doubt and then after that now they go to Hamburg in Hamburg Scott a very good baseball team here right. So they go to Hamburg and then only a 54 game in Hamburg. To advance to the championship against Willie's. Which unfortunately we lost that I did. But still you're talking about a team that beat top level talent to get there's what they did amazing lower the score low here thirteen six. Well leases are real and I aren't there there's no doubt they're there there is but I. You know. At the same time is. West Seneca west used every pitcher a long ways can't it didn't take it he's waited. But I totally agree I think every picture every British ever every cardinal and maybe the Pope. Yeah and what will bet it will be good to see merry go take them on today because I do believe there are those cuts and strong pitching that could keep him close and off hitting. Yet 888 it's funny you got merry go straight the pitching. Verses weasels. From. No I think Mary is now. A cook I'm not sure exactly where to gas if it's not fall short it's pretty sure. Anthony's is that. I appreciate your play today at noon an aggregate of article 3 o'clock news new Nyerere falls yet please release Mary yes I apologize and then now the game after that is is will north. And the cast okay and will no worse another story to talk about. There are seven seed in the double A division here they are going to take on clearance. As a true seed. And Clarence has been unbelievable that should the only team to knock down Lancaster. Right so here's will be north defeats Clarence. Then goes in and takes on Niagara wheat field and you all have heard me say how strong pitching staff is right on an unbelievable run. Will north goes ahead exactly the retail. So braves now will not think it championship so you talk about two teams that were unbelievable in the playoffs so far west Seneca and will lower note now. It was one thing we talked about before stars all takes is that top pitcher. On the right day in anybody's gonna beat anybody absolutely. And I are being. Repetitive. Barak's. The sad part about it is. Logistically is just not possible to have the best two out of three children on any given day one team and a single nomination. And acie can act powerful offer sheet now it happens. Just takes one pitch one pitcher to get you know I'd have their unbelievable day and has the day I'm no doubt about it. But I will tell you with a all of that. Tuesday. May have been the best day of baseball I have ever seen throughout Western New York from one game to another. It all starts off with the Jamestown playing Lancaster. You've got Tommy Benard ski comment. Throw up perfect gave me in the play twenty and up 21 down I think eight and he throws it Jamestown. At Lancaster vs chiefs now. To kick this off on Tuesday. Unbelievable. Sight your packet going on. I am over that Mary Dell and star point. Weren't watch Paula Trippi in there and chase. Early gem at each other 11 going into the bottom of the seventh. And Mary Dell hasn't walk off hit in the bottom of the seventh to win that once you want. Then I leave there run over to sweet home over at sweet home is for don't you played appeal. I know that king goes nine innings. 31 for don't you wins that game. One of the three ones in the in the bottom of the arms are in the top of the ninth is a catcher's interference call for one of those. Is wrong. So really it's a 21 gave but it was ended up being a 31 game there because of a catcher's interference when he Dugas clogged mountain are not happen to be with where. Where you stand and in the batter's box it was it was a very controversial call in the sense of the umpire could have gone either way are. You amused by the best way to explain that I don't like yeah and have a really great guy going raw crude rose in the manner and Louie showed guts to make that golf sure especially in Asia and in an an excerpt but but from what I understand. Right. All of you see is. This infraction. Right and really add on these fields that are hurt it's hard to see batter's boxes and stuff that where you're supposed to be. So it's hard to really make that call whether the batters in the batter's box that they're not in the batter's box from. Our guys let's take a break when we come back time we got to get more of this. Super Tuesday will call it for a high school baseball. We'll be back with more inside high school sports and WGR Sports Radio 550. We're back what's inside high school sports Tony Caligiuri long Roger Weis and Tom friends talk baseball. Before we give back to our town Super Tuesday stories. I do wanna remind Jews for you. Those interest hitting youthful almost leagues already have registration open and if you and I know your your organization go to the web site. You'll be able to assign operate now. If you go to our church and play for me in Niagara Falls Niagara Falls to your football club dot com or an aft. Jane arraf C dot com. A sign up. My teams called reserve your interest it. And it didn't get out there had to get that out there are able Covert martian moon missions you down there must plan. RO OK. And you never know Roger you know I Thomas get back to Super Tuesday. Soul. We left off the for don't you defuse. Wright was what was was where we left office in this story and I still but I want to I wanted to say also about the west Seneca I'd talk to him about winning 54 against Hamburg then we are talking about a little bit on the break watch out for Hamburg future. First of all they'd be wet when they beat west Seneca east they didn't with a tenth grade pitcher Kyle Burrell. This kid is it was left the real deal an unbelievable game against west Seneca east. Then. I through the ranks they haven't even greater common up Tom cheek peas as last name it was a former coach's son. They're saying I damage he's pitching for GB he said he was one of the best pitchers exceed all the years and TV. So and then I heard he got into one of the market I think it was against west got in house. And I heard again that this kid's the real deal so watch out how strong Hamburg is going to be in the future they've got young staff there. Job even with some big losses because Jake's story and and Crowley there are two great hitters for that team and they will be sorely missed job but definitely you're seeing. Some future rate for Hamburg then on that same day you have nagger wheat field keeping their streak alive. You have ran off with a win win out in 89 still winning. And then detained I have also been telling everybody watch out for which has been for his bird gets away. So was this unbelievable day at his great baseball clear across the way where you're getting scores reported constant level. Where it was like well why don't this is gonna do this get out the best. But no Dow to meet you gotta talk about the highlight is. It is Tommy and schemes aren't perfect game that's just amazing it really is and it came off. So Jamestown was able to keep their stuff so this is priced Jackson is its name from Jamestown. He's the one who pitched against frontier. In the game on Sunday that got rained out gobbled designed. So they actually pulled Bryce. In the fifth at the end of the fifth inning. So they can actually hold him hopefully for a game against Lancaster cause they're up I am not that at that time. So they pulled Bryce to bring in another pitcher. The minute they bring in their picture either back up pitcher box. Norse and gets up in in united and blasted two run homer and now you're on his bowl wait a second is there a chance that this could have been a mistake. And a box ends up settling down and shuts down 52 was the final and and they're able to bring price Jackson back for. The Lancaster game see you thought you know maybe this kid's you know army got the stuff to be able to shut him down. He somebody's throws low eighties somebody who can is got a nice break of law. The question is will be enough to shut down Lancaster obviously wasn't menu that somebody the other and throw perfect games so. I'm beyond perfect team and beyond to Norfolk to appear in how many strikeouts. Eleven on eleven strikeouts in the game so all bill while every so half the batters he struck out himself. It's still leaves ten batters where you know people on the field enemy plays a Al takes is one little miscue on the field that rose a perfect game sure to also ironic when you say that I Reno. Is that the pitcher's fault that one person gets done because of an error. But that's what my definition or for for game is. No doubt. Are where we are right now monsignor Maarten so monsignor Mara we just had the opening yesterday. And probably the biggest game was in house yesterday that I thought was the going to be the closest game of the day. What Saint Mary's right in his apartment via and the final ended up being 52. In favor of Saint Mary's the pitcher for Saint Mary's. If you haven't seen him pitch yet is probably. You would say one of the most an orthodox pitchers in in western new York at that time lefty with a side arm. So he is very tough to read his pitches it really is which I can totally understand why he now started for. For Saint Mary's because he's so tough to read the ways arm angles are different and an out in that lasted a little which makes it harder. So alive but he pitched an absolute gem yesterday for. For Saint Mary's and an army on the other side part time and time it through there there top pitcher which we show on Haiti's. And he's had a phenomenal year retirement. But you saw definitely that seniors is a little bit more in the past there with that game. Eight this is no doubt this division is gonna come down to it's gonna come down match ups. But this is where everything changes. Because I've talked to you we've all talked about the section six. And were one pitcher can make a difference right right. That's not necessarily. The same thing in my senior mart because you've now played past two out of three. So we talked about all we would a lot of deceit for section six we got over in Muncie mark right so now it's going to be who has the deepest pitching staff. Right who can go really. You know you have now. You throw pieces control Collins right and then you've got will car alone with saint Joe's. You got like a Sean Hayes for odd timing you have. Coal Conner for Saint Francis now is going to be with the next ones that are in the step up. Who the number two's and ROK and and it is some cases number three and four. He then it is still got to go to the pats that isn't unique to our relief absolutely. So really could be the differences in the 34 pitchers make the biggest difference now. In the backs obviously have to be right to. So who's the better hitting teams out of him vols are locked up or who's gonna get that that number one Al quicker. Right to get to the 234 pitchers so much fun trip. Now that's a I don't match ups for for sex a sex with whoever the next matchup match ups so rightly know. Yet so right now you've got. That the biggest one. Today that your seat. So arrogant enough. Some from frank send it over right now only sending over Maryville starting now lineup is okay pump our souls are without one why he's facing you've got. Mary Dell vs will east as as one of the first games and as I said that's 12 o'clock noon at Niagara Falls correct the camera go to that game. And looks like DR de Mexico will be taken amount for Mary Bell there. You've got. And casserly who take on will north. That's at 3 o'clock got your goal of that one right I I will be at that might do got a cold by my thirteen year old team at 12 o'clock so ultimately be jet now I'm here code code to gave. And it from naral head right up fuel. To Niagara Falls to cover that Lancaster will north game which and again it's all gonna come down to pitching. But I will tell you what Lancaster did is Lancaster when you talk about the staff that so deep. By far the deepest out that there is. I watched you talk about he threw in our ski frank we have are the perfect game on Tuesday. Wednesday Lancaster plays Orchard Park throws Ryan man's now who throws a complete shutout game for six innings cop pulled in the six. Really feature came in just to pitch the seventh inning but was ten nothing. So man Zell now frozen scoreless and and I got cheered auto loan against all north. What team wouldn't like that pitching staff. If it. I think what your Rich's unbelievable I doubt it he's got kids seconds were up there. Amazing absolutely amazing okay so that's going to be a lot of fun today you know plus the it's really hot out so. Hydrate hydrate fellows make sure you know your water and and we had time Cameron via first came cruises Cox's and so you're responsible for reporting a net person I'm assigning you right now that it. All case because I'll put that mixing and so you have ethnic ethnic and you know the social media aspect better than all of us that yeah it certainly better than me and actually probably be bugging me go to the concession stands throughout the game. This is the way you roll like here's the blog June concessions. And as for your necklace you're my son and I rise get us up today our softball. Okay yes sir rob from the my senior mar enough. Same Saint Mary's a Lancaster and hired who won their semi finals off Saturday and Sunday as it turned out to second game Sherry was. Rained out the rain and lightning came around 8 o'clock Saturday night. So off. Dinara knock completes the ones Sunday they play Tuesday night at the Kessler down excuse honor and all that final score it took ten innings final score an ardent one. Saint Mary's not playing great pitching classic. Saint Mary's probably squandered a run in the bottom of the first in their leadoff batter on second nobody out. I don't know of the second batter missed a bond. Attempts I didn't see what she was storm but all of a sudden a runner on second took off for third base like she was trying to steal had gone down which won the cardinal rules time. You don't make style. War the first out at third base. And that turned out you know burn them because you know runner on second nobody out your second third fourth batter up. Who would be. It quite an effort to keep that person from scoring especially softball when any hope for a couple of singles bringing a runner and couple singles somewhat troubled Bonser ground effort to show off. Well I'll I don't think the final scores going to be one mountain no problem guess what there was a problem now iron. Don't got crucial laws runner necessary. And they actually after nine innings of softball at least in my senior mart may go to the international tiebreaker. Start with a runner on second day to personally pull us out audience goes out you start with a runner on second when nobody out. Monitor to third she scored around. They call and a passed ball I couldn't call of the wild pitch. Problem is the same marriage pitchers so good probably any other measure whatever oil page one patient should that one anyway one not them. And two and irons credit they held them bottom of the attempt to me when they're going down stay believe Monday you'll play in the states semis. Sex is sex. We are down through the finals X well they actually in class files. They want and re one jamboree a two would be two championships involvement established there's a cross over game. They will be at Williams bill Norris. This Tuesday along with the double A finals. Teams involved. And a double A we actually have a five seat a three seed playing in the finals will be Niagara wheat field verses. Lancaster. Lancaster finally put it together after the last three years going through the regular season as the one taps seeds. They backdrop law. Orchard Park throughout Thursday in what many people cause upset. It wasn't just warning that you may want thirteen to four. He convincingly yes couple girls or whoever got in my opinion accreditation of Vietnam the last couple leaders. Olivia can cannon in my opinion about stature in Western New York this year and parent coaching in a first baseman pages Sproles had a field day and again this Tuesday. Lancaster. Vs Niagara wheat fields I was able to law and going back off will mark on their home field. Eight to four was the final score. Hey Juan. Well. Williams released tool. West Seneca why east one. Panel least Kelly. Like I say Williams releases the obvious favorite and that. But annaly skelley on one vacant as anybody in the promised land she almost did only gave up two runs energy was only able to score one. Against a freshman pitcher summer Clark. Names familiar sisters played on a 2000 and I believe fifty will sell to a state championship team. She's and I career at these are you got a commitment to the University of Missouri house and has sent to share. Class. Eight tool. Second seeded here coy and actually off for received. Lewiston Porter Lewiston Porter went through most of the season undefeated. Unfortunately I don't Austin a fair competition was this was not a strong year for. Niagara Frontier League and here core ages. Point up blocker you girls in particular all here for them. We'll see out literally artists whose area through all against though Williams always. I. Think this year where there's always figure it's rule law. An actual games you know load came against your coy and the cross over him again Aaron excuse me there. Fire west regional game. I don't see any reason why they can't win a state championship. They have weapons having said that I said that the year ago lot of Orchard Park and so again at any given day. All in it for drone no one is surprised they ran championship game a stunning isn't it ironic shocker I don't think. I carry memory here while one osu teams haven't been in a championship game and it was there was because role in was up request saved because you are the play opened the styles of football or depending at the school population. Good game to grow one. Probably or care of one of the friends were most appreciate the purist would that was to be true championship game Eden verses. Right there. Rope against a break apparently I'll continue this after break I couldn't possibly get this done and has format. Ours are there that's safe radar for the other side of the break will be back with more don't forget sports. Talks Saturday is up next at 11 o'clock keeper rate year. I'm WGR Sports Radio 550. One last segment inside high school sports then sports talk Saturday. 11 o'clock here on WGR Sports Radio 550. Before the break Roger was giving this up to date softball and left off before you are. Arch prior vs deep enough. Hostile Iraqis start for op Eden. There are off pitcher had a little bit of difficulty in a person and she walked a batter. Then I don't know what there was having trouble gotten used to the artificial turf for America but she called me dad called for. Three illegal purchase. Showed coach made a decision right away you may have bearing on my uses a ninth grader. Brought Renner second pitcher was also a ninth graders who she's got shuffled our infield goes to shortstop coming in to pitch. So they're down for an up and after two innings. And may were down I believe five to one after five innings. While land in the sixth and seventh inning he can bats came alive final score Eden A Breuer six. Took like I say it took you know a few innings again cone and I'll probably say the same thing about Roy in our society is similar to law. Lewiston Porter and Meehan nagger Frontier League I don't know all. If the Roy are gonna have the toughest schedule in the world and whether they were. Playoff ready to Zaid went through them married rural easily and pretty much went through. Class B two law. Playoffs up until finals and all that. Salt. Now on they will book excuse me Eden will play in the believe to be one cries over championship game. Tuesday at Williams drilled North High School verses calling him. Class C it will be. She talked all lake vs number one seed poured fell. If for frills true reform may or may came here they won the section last year have literally everybody back. Should talk or lay equal literally have to bring their double A game in my opinion to win that game. Classic match up maybe the mess. Final of all of playoffs. Will be class do you this year. It'll be here rematch north council's third seed vs Franklin bill the first CLA nationals I am. They can win out they can read anybody in the state. The winners we are loaded soon won't play next Saturday in the second. Not classy indeed our regional games we've played in Fillmore high school and section five. The class a winners will play at will released a week from today. Double A cross over championship battle I've been. The class A championship at 130 class B championship and four collect let's have hope for good weather. Next Saturday absolutely. At time you wanted to wrap up. More match ups well before we a sign off. Yes of the class BR crossover game Roy Hart vs all Leann. Should be yet huge matchup you've got only and led by Dylan Vincent 38 division one commit. However he talked about earlier multiple ties between the two running brothers' story I'd been saying all along lawyer was gonna come out of this. They have now right but I'm gonna tell you this is going to be good game. The reason I give rush had this slight edge is their pitch. I'm definitely unbelievable pitching staff that they have this year. Looking classy Allegheny limestone vs silver creek. Got a chance to cover Allegheny limestone wall of their capture their catchers on believable. He's got a complete team out there ball pitching and hitting they're gonna be tough to beat. But I will tell you for silver creek watch out Alex well bull bull Posey and Sam Mullen. Another phenomenal catcher Tom golf hole lead silver creek that's going to be good game but I dubious Allegheny limestone. Class the crews berg which you already hear me talk about again watch now vs Brockton. Brockton advances with a one nothing game over Franklin bill. Where we sit where that again the name we talked about Brock ouija throws a complete game loses one nothing Brockton advance we've gotten our class. I give the slight edge industries berg like everything index complete team can hit Kindle and it got mobile kids ignored the mound. I like trees Bergen. Has. Brack please a loss of our breakers to this year losing out to law Maple Grove in the championship game and a the Ralph the nerve to whatever the stated rob Orchard Park then and now. Franklin real loss to law east high school for the section six basketball championship each high school and on to win a state championship. And now he loses a heartbreaker one note that if Brack wages and beyond. Athlete here Western New York. I don't know talk about building character yeah. Exactly Anthony wanting and neglected dimension and non news and notes and Ali. Two earlier today. Section excuse me easy icy track and field championships second day today at Williams fell south high school. A week from day a week from today. The section six track and field championships. Rated in your backyard and Niagara falls high school Friday and Saturday. Outstanding Gustav guys time one question before we go and this is something that conversation struck up. Last week. Myself and no one of the coaches about kids getting worked out in the summertime. So we're just ask you is plain house and travel too much for kids. That's the debate right now. And you know my answer is it depends on the kid. And the reason why I say that is if I played travel. And I'm a right fielder for travel baseball team. Don't want irate feel the whole time her wanna get a chance to play shortstop and I wanna get a chance to play some of those infield positions and in second chance to play because. I'm my travel team room at that rate field so in the house team you get that chance to play and the because I'm probably a stunt on the house the right. Now if I'm one of the top players in the area. Do I get frustrated playing in house games yes. So goes both ways. I can give you reasons for a couple reasons to play ball but I'm gonna tell you right now these travel teams are getting now towards a 4050 games over the summer. And and you and I did a house component to that. These games are getting harder and harder for you to even think about playing house game because of the amount of games your played. Travel pars as us tell my friends at looked you know seems like karma football starts we can as it dispatched. And because these tires are not true Annan. For example on Thursday April would have Pritchard played in both would be pigeon ball yes and some case against us but they are mind. All of how many pitches. So and and and and ultimately comes on the dance. In my the parent to keep track. But the coaches that are brought into a pretty good about monitoring right but some aren't and some look at it as on the house coach I don't care what you're doing and the other team I'm worried about this right now around eight and older to Gallagher director of Afghan soldiers are yeah I'd just say no he's birdied it stares arms bothered him I'd I want him to have this. Normal rest that he should have because his pitching belongs on this. So it's a it's a team effort folks are Tom thank you so much this is something loops are probably. Do again because it's out trying to fascinating and you know now that I'm back involved with the coach and baseball and move these type of topics are common up and I know who'd go to. Roger thank you Derrick thank you as always we'll talk to next week with more insight high school sports.