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Saturday, May 26th

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Good morning golfers you're. I'm always see tenth tee to green golf show you're on WG arts Sports Radio 550. Have fun on the PGA tour one help with your swing do you miss your call at 8030552. He's too green on WGR. He's presented by would still wedges in my medical mobile ultra. The Western New York PGA might custom her. Then by our home clubs fox valley ten terror. I am Breyer were. Just after 7 o'clock on Memorial Day Saturday we welcome you win. Two TD green another addition your local spot for the best golf socket what your race here on that Biggio or Sports Radio by fifty. We are hammers that little golf course please be with us here rankles Gil Evans Lester PGA pro Jeff meet us. And also making up our round tables morning. West junior PGA pro and you owner of the golf course it frees. We'll start with him according to him one bracket expert evidence here this is great as on our beautiful morning here I. When I heard the news that you're. Going to be taking over the golf course here this is one of my first first images are accurate to shield and write and read in the pit I don't literally classes like Jeff. Kevin that's right we're not at school yet. Tech package is only approach. You like this make any event if Kevin good morning happy holiday Memorial Day weekend act rates. Be here you know I I grew up the now Waterloo are the birthplace. So this is always. Huge weekend in the town itself. I consider for don't in my hometown because I was born there and for your pilot was there schooled here but I grew up in one York's. Everybody had that waiver. From Waterloo listening there's a few people. And buffalo area the big weekend her Waterloo and cool Jeff good morning good morning that you too weak dollar so of course are part of the course here as well. And I think it's been reported that I could to do different things and it would normally do is just the normal golf professional I get to have more grass and and things like at the current equipment upon. He was going to be Jacobs and yes Asia China. 57000 dollar riding mower talked about plans careful. X nine in my car so yeah that's coming blades are on. There's three deaths. And enough to hurt you the right. Eleven feet and these are the things are wearing them it's been very cool. And Hillary got a big show here coming up over the course of the next hour. Obviously gonna talk about Glenn elk and for those views that are familiar with the course we'll talk about some of the maybe in new exciting stuff that's coming here. We also. Have these section six golf champions to join us for a few minutes on the phone and spits from orchard park high school. Other sections six golfers have there annual championships this week at river oaks and I will talk to Ben who wind up coming out on top. In just a few minutes here at 72 point that it costs that are from woods two wedges inside the World League ultimate 730. And you're gonna wanna listen in because they have them really new exciting expanded things going on there if you don't know about it he'll tell you and we're gonna have another prize giveaway so be ready for that here along the way and if we have. Some things to look at the senior PGA championship going on and we have one of Western New York PGA's own playing and it hurt stopper who week. Mention last week we were at his place. Piney acres in Bradford back at the end of April so we'll let you know how he's doing as well. Not end. While away course or west senior PGA tip of the week. Information on the duster challenge coming up here are Batavia downs gaming and hotel. Majors contest is back at the US open is coming up but a few weeks so we got a lot to get to hear pollen and our guy brilliant do and everybody keep in line. Bryant but for the strokes on FaceBook live artillery base look like tee to green giving notice Brian. Looking at me dissing he would stay focused on that data off the rails Kevin okay. I act if it and I starlet quick question for. You know that the gentleman here at ONEOK. Who you know spin. You know good twenty some odd years. Being greeted the national's private clubs and other courses but now being an owner operating manager. What is his table start reviewing Jeff I want it to what have you learned that maybe it surprised you from. All mean the golf course the entire facilities opposed to. Having been you know directors of golf and to steal part of the article. Jeff I I would think we get to see how it was run for all these years that are private clubs there. You know port 25 Europeans in the PGA we get to see how these things rumble we never wore that hat now when you Wear that hat. Eight yeah I considered kind of hopelessly we get to look out and say you know what it Robert Trent Jones. Initially think of this golf course or for that matter Donald Ross that a cease to be what role is their intentions so. We get to look outs I think he intended this you look and plans I think they intended this here sight lines were trying to clear out some sight lines in it in involves a tree management program plants and trees in certain spots and others and they probably shouldn't be there so. Where the big caddie Lee put it all together from the the food and beverage operations in the gulf operation onto the ground operation or grounds crews still loyal. And so did what they do we're just enhancing I don't consider them maintenance people that means maintain where and answers and troopers. So that's we wanna do your client focus make it better for for the customers in the community here Amber's been hammers so. Just tonight we put our heads together daily on pop up on mowers and getting blowers out there and learn how do you change it's a lot of fun. Can we get fit we gifted these things that we think are fun and we think golfers are people with the car on the range you can try to being that Nintendo's Wii you know we understand what a golf course should look like from being at them the best facilities and we're here we're trying to make our facility. A long are we that and and just the experience of data data golfers are definitely different slot machines on a golf course right yet but dumb but it's been really really fallen and to not have to work through committees or worry about all all the other stuff and just worry about people have a good time and actually go for the great. And then the customers come in here we understand that just like you wanna go out to dinner with your wife and family later on it's a choice that your ago we think it's a choice to play golf here in west New York so. I think every customer for common and hopefully they come back when reliever. Try to make their experience your little bit better and we just keep enhancing overdue and so just thanked customers for common. Because they have that choice. A feels pretty good day to do that shake hands and and give up some some giveaways and in on the range this baby's kiss me and I don't think it's out of the Jeff and Porter the car buried which is cool. Although the staff didn't like the election of whoever's the last to work. A partner. At the L ethical video. Where Eric let out in Amherst thanks for being with us antique arena they'll be GR rankles a chemical Lester PGA pros Jeff mean as he approached him freeze. Jeff in Tim a particle I don't hear part of the new ownership team. And here's what's also of course which he walked into it while. This golf course is mentions the designer. Got a good golf course like. Beyond all the other things about. Mowing and digging and cutting and food and beverage and all this other stuff. There were building they'd say it has good bones you have get an idea what the HT TV show that both those shows yet you've got good bones which that I start you were mentioned the the high school championships. And an aunt Agatha played back in high school. Insured up my end was here Crennel. Members that there on the tenth tee in the amount activity and Diego on numbers let's that's under team and I proceeded at top refers to teach after in the creek here at ten. And then you try to recover around here but you know what's in front of everybody knows Glen oaks here in the area it's going to be fifty years old next year. And Trent Jones was here designing this that I need to thank Rick Burnett the same time we were last week yes that's exactly it has so he had some visions of what he did and from. From picked an apple a pretty much flat piece of land. Incorporating. Ransom creek and electric the route off putting some pines inn and and Jeff and I are looking at all of that how to how could we make hazards you know heartbeat. Herpes go up when you see some water and there's places here that your samples to see the water just like at TPC and if that entire seventeenth hole was surrounded by Sander grass. Probably wouldn't be is as dramatic as it is now surrounded by water so we we yet try to answer them. Some of our lives mark. Probably with the rule changes come near January 1 2019. On some other states have taken different colors next year's one anticipation that Letterman association collected his rule seminars and tell little will. Eventually look like who wants a heart beats up on some or as a beacon of. He had to pick off 53 on down they just started to encroach over the years in the planning area and they were just simply ignore that fact would have ever placed them so they. Little things like that you know every year we we hope to make the operation better and we we we think we can achieve. I want which hole out here you found to be. If maybe had a favorite. Before weigh a lot of people like the seventh hole here. Because of the risk reward on that par four but maybe another hole that you've grown to appreciate even more working on it. And looking at the original designs signal we wanna bring his whole. Back to Robert Jones intended. And I'm gonna throw the eighteenth trade data I like to start a golf course kind of funnier it is par five let's start off you can have a mistake or two's still start off pretty good. The eighteenth the finishing hole just as Jeff just pointed out was. It was encroached by some trees so we took out smokes. Handsome ash there are unfortunately dying here in the area so we're trying to open up that entire slate and we want people say well what do finishing hole that was could you literally hitting over. A creek to start another creek in a second shot an iPod and your third shot. On it's hard enough as it is but how can we make it even better so that we can open up those lines and from the tee could see eight or wanna take a little risk in. Tick down one of the tricks and depending on the T structure you're gonna play Jeff and I are trying to put in Mort he structures actually. We're like hasn't daily tees. And so more families more kids and Kamal play the appropriate yardage and as you move footballer tease your eventually. I'll have seventy structure so it'll be appropriate for for all ages for all abilities. To play the golf course in that eighteenth you'd be just the same so as a child like c'mon here and it's a par five that distance should be appropriate for him or her to play on the back. That hole is probably one that you've gotten a lot of that you throw it's a lot of people. That we have not done. How to players say what review it it does have a whole lot to think what he's played from you know also to the Betty T it's. Definitely want you want both popular with a bubble. It's certainly less controversial now because of what we did two there was it was a difficult hole to navigate your way through to nowhere and hit it definitely not. And heaven are accountable and history cleared it out go to the original design if he keeps it's definitely. Is definitely less let's afterward there's no complaining anymore it seems like it was. I think we I think we may fifteenth. Is that male and eight years ago we we filmed a segment on the green when Mike. Who goes. He used to work here yet so up and we played if the tips the back tees and I think it's it there was a great hole from the back if there was no question hit driver. From the back here because I you know I couldn't reach the water. And but from any the other tees forward it's it was decision time and it was very precise this is decision time I was though. Because you keep playing out to the right towards that bonkers to walk way away from home. And but McLaren out trees and I think it brings driver in the play. It depends then again you're appropriate levels so on the driving range eventually there will be some targets and those targets will be colored. And depending on how Fareed and flyer ball carrier ball the driver on that's the T structure you should place on the eighteenth hole. A kind of think with with hazards on both sides that you should have a driver and of that hole and that meets an appropriate tee. It's tough to wail on par five that he just never thought that was the right idea but break here it's about 69. 6920 and yardage for the championship tees we like to enhance that. Get it over 7000 are probably can put that over to close to 7200 with it puts in state behind tees and those of the eventual championship tees. And so the thirty out here. Dogleg left though we're gonna use that as a championship team for eighteen. So that means that clearance you get a clear about 240 yards and that first correct. Combat V channels and I have to squeeze in just a chippy chippy but that's appropriate for. For good just palaces of the world he can back there it's clear that no problem but then he's got decision time in the second shot he can see the par five. Green it's a small greens small target but give him that chance but that's not appropriate for someone. It's gonna come out and and hit it 150 yards in the air that's not appropriate before the right people TD green airline that. Leno in Amherst thanks for being with us here on Memorial Day weekend. Is that of course celebrate all the lives that have been lost wealth and honor them. For a brawl with that given its freedoms to be here and play golf and enjoy things like that. Let's. Which side note that I know that. Memorial Day weekend. We mention of course and talk about the lives that were lost but also at the time to it's it's also a time honors them. Of our military personnel and I know that you guys continuously through the west here PG AQ great work that I know Jeff especially like that's what a year that's one of your big. Focuses I know it's part of being out west here PGA pro. Yeah we we Carl we're working in the hope foundation Thursday that we got started teaching them that fear that your motto we offered discount 10% discount for India and he veterans so so my union campus and off. Your round here criminal but it is that I'm passionate about and a few thinking you know nothing makes you feel better you know we were pertinent with these guys you know. They give way I feel way more out of it than they ever would I would do it every day if I could just that you need experience and and meet these guys and here there's still loses is wanted to who was part get together and do those shows via we do we do have a passionate you know that we are passionate about. Well Jeff is. Absolutely. Appointment Tuesday keepers. The caller yes. Back to the golf course here collateral notes him in our conversations we've had. Beyond the golf course and what you're doing to maybe make it even more enjoyable experience and other some other things that you'd is doing the facility itself and ideas you have. To make it a re the really. Complete package in terms of that. But experience that you're gonna wanna come back here eaten for maybe beyond just getting shot all you have this is where we all start making funny faces all the stickiness out of all of us and all the ideas that. That whether they're crazy and that we we we like to think that this is an opportunity for the entire community to enjoy. The facility and issue eventually elected this to be yeah PG reach facility which which enhances. Some of the veterans are gonna some parking only four active and veterans that are completely golf course. For junior space here we go out programs that we would like to launch for for the juniors as well as beat the person an inclusive here. At the course as well so to me I think he Google office anymore shall we complain about four hours does matter. We are what level we are just kind of zoom around that's that's your thing I ask here we'd like to try to enhance that by clearing out trees. Clearing cutters cutting on the rough we feel we've cut about fifteen minutes already off the rounds. But in addition to that gets in the plans for the for the club lost just brother. At pockets restaurant count on us really enhance their food beverage operations in east gets a big plants together. We'd like to see something a little bit more there on that actors 120000. Front doors within about fifteen minutes of Leno and so why couldn't you come here. Have a bite to eat there's baseball them across geared. On model earlier which is always mob that's right so at some point we'd like to have a nice and my second deck over there some fire pits. We'll have a lot of fun here in the oh well we can agree with the over the monitor because all up dig it up they don't sell your ears needed now. No they don't really Andy. You know but there's some games they ought to I just can't. I come. The egg that Spanish bay experienced. You know. The fired the fire innings in the bag liked them you know nobody nobody had played I don't read the article about it I didn't. We're like little clock please there for disease clock in the first few last week it's a funnel there where government association in joint here. Echlin OK and be part get a handicap and we've got tonight's events for company did announce a a full PGA jacket angles to the team funny when you ask him you know we're from a while that that's cool were you born well liked in Lexington Kentucky are right now with the temple starting time from Lexington Kentucky. Well ankles and all the government announced that he before they thought that was kind of a cool thanks Jeff Allen. Just enhance what we've done. Enemy it's a kind of our community golf course and and hopefully one day. People like c'mon your Joker really an enormous changes worked again it's a place where it. I think that one thing I'm excited but your view is that island and Amber's with the colts' facility to me I love playing this course. But sometimes. You get nervous because you're talking about well how long the run and take it mood to say that you guys are doing things that picture. That it's not going to be the five and a half hour around the people that I do you dread talking about when they say we've gone public facility late. That you're gonna you guys are really focused on the like that that's that it. Really that's a huge factor we talk about all the time the show. What is one detriment to people displaying and doing all of its time ever it's time so precious everything. And sometimes. A half hour in around whether that extent that extra thirty minutes earlier out here earlier vice Versa like that. That can really help in two weeks there it's like you wanna come back to the same course again. And and also captures you would know it also helps out on the home front with getting out to play again. I you know it's your scene that is that it. A cool out there like I I love being on golf courses right it's you know it may ultimately means on golf courses these guys to like. It's a great city. I don't wanna be out there for five hours plane. I you know and how many times if that weren't have. I don't let us that it sums golfers listening look at net there isn't a single golfer out there that wants to be out there. Over four and a half hours hops right well we asked do you play usually the better you play if you're trying to hide from somebody. That's three don't hang over there than ninety poll by the agreed dec over here I know you don't hide on the golf course OK I have to say. Well we won't we mean don't we spaced out the tee times a little bit which always helps space to play and we are monitoring it we can sending people you know. It is that occasionally you'll get someone who photo which is asking us that the five month after groups where if you're gonna if you're struggling recently that. And that's okay I and we runner I run it felt ready program which is introducing fourteen women starting this week here. To learn to play golf they've never played golf before one of the first things we talked about it no and here's how big plays on the plate that correct yes though and that's one of the barriers for people wanting it introduced to the games though eight got to pick up final hole to keep up you know one there's assistant handicapped you know accounts for the worst thing I see out there at that I've noticed fears there's a lot of people giving lessons them. That's what I Java forget my cards they want to play a little faster here more than there. We have we have a we have noticeably affected defeat the play you know we're still working on things make it better but but it has gotten better and a and as fickle or we're gonna get better and better. You just make people aware that if everyone that goes off this year anybody listening becomes a note. Our focuses on just enjoying yourself from one of those is just like you said when it's not like zoom around a golf course if you play earlier in the morning if you're one of the rabbits you betcha. You can zoom around but if that's on Sunday afternoon and we were trying to enhance the players and trying to complete we're trying to. Do the same thing as justice pointed out we can do that said it's forty here on TD green alive and glad no rankles a Kevin Sylvester and the group that's now running the place they're like oak PGA pros to freeze and Jeff beaters thanks for being with us on WGR Moore Glen oak here just a moment but. Where pause and get ourselves to talking high school golf the section six boys golf championships were held on Monday at river oaks on Grand Island. And joining us now on the line is the new section six champion then spits from Orchard Park by school. Then it beats. Tim your sweet on panther Tyler at all yes and that's NAS and Acker wheat fields into that he dealt with Tsotsi. By two spitz shots a 113. Over. A full eighteen and then a second nine as well so 113 is the winning score for spits at Holm. So we don't go authority from we feel tied for second but congratulations to all those that call by for states that we bring. Betting here now to talk about his victory Ben good morning thanks for coming on. Rob thank. So congratulations and tell us what it was like there you were in a big dog fight and that the other two players that I mentioned. And you guys at all shot 7070 Yorktown. During that final nine. And Ed Coleman Delis RT and that shooting 38 and you go through them and very impressive 36 on that last nine holes to win. Yet the exciting it was pretty neck in neck the whole body. Right off the bat I had a public street button first read all the of the third nine. And got the duo were so sorry to back after three I knew I had picked up birdies but to get back yet. Get back in it ebony ebony how that even par through I think. That old and and I got it back but one over after. At fourteen of the thirty. And now we are not inaccurate and imports nearly three but it and I I had a heart it from. This band which which put it even going in the seventeenth the as you are siding. I felt pretty confident the whole day I sort out really bad in the first it being bunt that third nine did not start out you. He bogeyed from the first read a book well fairly top and a much as any it played and got pretty exciting I L nervous but. Think I was so confident group you're stuck being. Is this your first eighteen hours if there are repeat visit for you go to the states. But in the last year I didn't in my situation that I bought it didn't wanna last year it was I was. Think I'd fourteenth after actors or state college made. And then it real well they're not thankfully. Stopped yeah is really citing. And you are you looking at colleges right now or area where it what's your plan going forward you over the place and college golf. Yeah outlawed but. Of course I think I everybody get go that look good now. Not you are worried about the decision eyes would really like you. That gap yeah. Well you're about to let the ball we'll muddle it up you know split but on the year. Then congratulations and now I wanna ask you about our rights regardless that you've put dents the third I was on the back nine there a Plano has to get river oaks. OK so you're coming in seventeen the par five there eyes and it played and a par five as does for the the members there outs set up. So you said he knew you need to make some birdies there is that something where yeah I mean. You your mindset no we need to do that did you keep within yourself there are not trying to over swing and be you know too aggressive. I. Actually to head a little bit there and then seeing the apple but he's gotten was like a out of bounds but a lot. But let up in the traditional. Vote little nerve wracking but I tried they eat out or going to comment there. On the schalke everything intact and but that they and bounced back about. When he had thirty eater so stolen duper close but let's not yet yet I and their on again. Then I it beautiful hybrid. Right back in got up and down for birdie. We're and the need put in the fairway and then of course split a little right and the other but. From where it was an outing it incredible art so. We kept that we are still within one stroke going they'd been I was I was still pretty. Pretty nervous about it B. And look who would you Donny DT hybrid. No it bird. He'd seen I apple to redo it and didn't catch it very well and had five iron and Latin that you are not that my long irons. So I just. Basically choke down to the shaft but it driver really not bound and make sure it stayed short. It up or let but I knew that I needed that nature but the art and I knew the only way that they didn't have any typically in the wires that. But almighty adrenaline got out of me legislature had to get source bringing back down captured the water. I like automaker at a I like it took down driver global player I agree yeah and I'll bet I know your coach stately Ares listening so here's your chance to that to tell him. That you all your golf success to him Opel. And I bet if it. Both periods and I think are being I Orchard Park here in a lot talent we had a lot. And years or so. But a whole lot way more of Arctic that's basically comes to end this stuff but yet doing it honestly. Probably one out coached. Equivalent but then they've been ED Colbert still more than. I I yet they are here but I would say you know that killed more than any other but who wrote last in the art media in New York he would. It's really great policy of non. The big yeah analyzed it they. Rose and figure out. It's aspect of their game itself so much compared amateur golfers. And the college golfers and he spoke some notes bill this year we're report at the highest vote and it's really at but these. But despite that Libya. Orchard Park in all of this or later as well. Yeah actually acted. That knocked down got let. Let's bring back this state that mean net net. We we I think we went out there it in a row portal out anything but not. And at the end of that and that their day out like. You don't sit well and he hit a bullet got at this point you know it almost brought. But then I decided that we made. That's great you read that well that he wrote for them and entity and it. Well back thank you so much. For coming on congratulates and UN now eight others go to play Cornell are in net at Cornell for the State's neck is that next week that would that. Yeah relieved that. Back that's the Robertson. It won't all the of course that's right back congratulations again good luck and a great season and Ned go get it states. They. Okay you've got to spend spits the section six. Golf champion. The other eight muddle through those names out there that are go to states as well a great accomplishment Tyler analysts we all at the society of nagger wheat field. Eight show off a Orchard Park Mitch Jaffa Easter or Holland. Zach boys of Penn west Andrew look Congo of Easter Holland Matt Jaffa beast or Holland and it that he easily go low. Of Jamestown those would be the voice representing section six that states you know about that portal course to. Yes they didn't play too well there and you please state their team and a lot of phone that's right. You know all about what that went through playing in this Fletcher is going through there's a lot of golf specials that came out of that state championship there and there since we're in around Central Europe questioner northeastern. Very cool it rise we we had to break here. I'd just wanna. Mentioned something in sinner condolences out to are for mark Rachel and his family. Recently lost his brother Christian. In some folks play at a Grand Island lot round. Rachel I play golf and a few times. He. Passed away few weeks ago and is wonderment and joke here. Folks might go there ebony tribute golf event on June 4. At river oaks increases honor. So those are no Marca can reach out to him on that but I just want it to them marked a great support the show very different mine I just want to put that. Wealth that that's right but with mark. OK time out here from Leno or we come back haven't costs that are from which to what is inside the world golf don't listen up we're gonna have a price to get away. So be ready to go to a degree from what else. We PGA pros temp threes Geoff Meade it's Kevin's Lester I'm Brightcove thanks for being with us this week. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend right here at WGR. You're listening to TD green presented by woods to wedges the global trust the Western New York PGA custom turf. And fire home clubs fox valley ten terra. And Breyer would stay tuned more tee to green coming off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And ambition and arrogance and a single point yeah. Elements. That are yeah. It's. So. Sure the new tool. From non core. Your body's not invincible caring for your mom is an acute reminder of best. I'm Susan banks headed absolute here we believe mom can return home if she hasn't been hurt. And it sits there and we're going to find it. Power rehabcare is designed to get mom healthy and center home safely. We shall receive complimentary hot lunches firmer. You. Niagara Falls country club an Louis in his getting set to host the sixtieth annual Porter cup this summer and I'm Wednesday July 18. Through Saturday July 21. The turn and it has been hosted golf greats like Ben Crenshaw. Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods and Justin Thomas Rickie Fowler Brooks cap gun and Dustin Johnson to. If you're US GA handicap this three or less you can participate in the Porter cup qualifier on Monday June 25 at Niagara Falls country club. For more information and to register visit Porter cup dot com if you want more information on nagger falls country club had been Niagara Falls CC dot com. To listen up golfers here comes the Western New York PGA tip of the week brought to you by the Western New York PGA. The Western New York PGA has one goal promoting and growing the game of golf today tomorrow and beyond. Seven 33 is that time welcome back here on a Saturday beautiful Saturday at Glen oaks golf course here in Amherst rankles you haven't Sylvester along with PGA pros Jeff. Meet its and it's him threes we appreciate you being with us. Fix the section six. Golfer. And spits from Orchard Park for joining us less like he's the champion and congratulate all those golfers that participate in the Omnia the nine total that are. Heading off to state the great accomplishment there you heard it's time for a west York PG tip of the week will be today in just one moment but. Joining us on the line right now from one of our presenting sponsors at TD during its would still wet is it that it Willie gulp down and Kevin costs that are is joining us Kevin good morning. Or. Thanks for coming up we appreciate it and happy holiday weekend to you I know we have yarn about once a month or so but we always have people that. Still might wanna their learn a little bit more about what's the wet is it what you guys do inside the world adult film. If they haven't been in to see your facility in the last month or so. They might be surprised at what they see the I know it that you guys are super proud about the progress in the expansion. What your facility looks like today. What we've included maker. Or we're. To her card trick or. Up into. It so. It's when you went before you yet attract and studios. The wall. Yeah you guys that we we we we showed ninety degree DB and your company quite severely. Please awesome. The Walt tell everybody about the walk of. So long as you put your power. We are. All our Connors. Who. They're the bidding. If you're pretty whom. Over the map that are there are a couple on protocol error has occurred. A driver and it's been used. Offered for the rights to operate that are doing so art or pollute the earth that I could go out. Well you what what are on we. Sure. And it Tim broke up there and explain what he at least in its 500 shafts on this rule. And the culminated in the Lugar aid in weight LED lights it change collars with all the different heads of every manufacturer right there in the middle separating. That to fifty chance to up to two hours at the guard down below and it is it's mesmerized. Yeah it's just awesome golf thing. Football junkies that you think about the possibilities. The they can put together when you go inside that studio to get you fit exactly and you know freezer you know Jeff you know it feeding a player means. Never have very good pair shoes or cut it fit right they do right. Gary command air weave it makes a big big difference when you do you fit properly especially beginners sometimes they think they can just get handed down small clubs from somebody and go play with them it's about the worst thing you can do them you're gonna make a difficult game more difficult here. You're not hitting the proper equipment. But how is that this to a figured if you're gonna goal best in new driver Dicey at best because it's a lot here and make some money and it went surprises on the golf course. I think driving golf ball and why not go get the information fits. You know you're gonna spend the money anyways. Get fit properly and Kevin that's included when you buy when you buy driver rightly barred by a set of clubs are by any club right. Yeah we do we do fitting shirt for drivers iron there are earned. Credit. All sitting toward sort itself out rural cities and in just social club but so what they're gonna be the best triggered yeah. Kevin Haas that are from woods two wedges inside the world golf though we're gonna have data giveaway here from what's the latest but it just one moment. A DeVon just wanted to tell us this tell everybody what that experience is like to command. And and being that new studios I know even for some that. Are nervous about hitting in front of others are seeing what the graphics like a you've got these in all closed off of these private boosted everything it's it's. Takes many any apprehension a way that someone might have any. It's it's a phenomenal experience I think for anybody that even interest at about seeing dad. From their own game that maybe they never got a chance to see before. Certainly we we deal with oh levels of players from from the player and professionals who know college players to. You know players just take up to gain in the great minorities that are all private. And I believe that there's there's nothing we haven't seen. You're not gonna you know you have to worry about that and now we're just interested in Sydney everyone other than just to regain. Inveterate in order or third could complain. Really competitive golf reduce the interest in giving everyone. Two played their best ability. That's right. Kevin up before we get away via the prize here can eat this letter but he Dallas they want more information on which the way it is where they can go into how they can set things up. Sure they can tickets dot and our web site though it would split up well duct I jumped to its other spoke. Work computers inside the don't. And evidently united about it and Kevin and Donna and staff to super super friendly you know that now head to view yeah yeah regrouped clubs while remote there get it done it. In the last like LD years it's time at this time. Right that's more for me it is time it occurred nearly biweekly program print you know what happened. Pretty much oil got to oily hands in all aliens. Now they they do an awesome job you know and you know you. This levee just bought him maybe drivers out odds are you don't have to write a book contract and session. That would await ago in the chipped up right there in the picture. Erin in the proper equipment because economic damage idea highs in the all the police at all. Me personally like him in and they fixed it a couple times. Proper I'd just recently did Sam pop lab. And I'm putting better now because Kevin got me with the with the putter that better suited for Alex Pollock pot and my angle like it's. Yeah I I I noticed that my putting has gotten so much better commitment it was all the analytics we have today they have their right for you daycare and our right. Kevin now let's gets the track let it special lesser let's get that way I am giveaway attract audiences knows what's gonna rampant Internet. Eunice at the appointment ballas took two years of call. Get enough that are what do wagers at the one year review sticks with via an example to wave. We're gonna give that away this this is this Billy Bailey's priceless. There's gonna improve your game so you know we. Get a product of vacant when I can't do that now we can't while and then he takes lessons after that that's that's also prices would itself. Fifth caller. 28030550. Will win the prize from which the way it is. Awesome Kevin ops that are from which the way it is it's woods to let his buffalo dot com check commodity FaceBook is Weller. Collided are seeking evidence Donna and that'll take care be great and against fifth caller 8030 by fifty for eight. Track and session haven't thanks to get into the holiday weekend we appreciate you coming on and also appreciate your guys' support of teetering. It around though. Might have enough that there that we done that before I just got my clubs regrets about a month ago with them. It's it makes the difference you think the grips you have are fine. Until you get the new ones on and and oh yeah what are my goodness it right the whole time that I had Adam. And I definitely too long without getting regret you like it he's fine I can yet of how often they do it and. At least every season and Craig and should at least start the year off with a perfect there are always I actually read. Recruit in the spring and not recruit wants some of those seasons like liars in the fall sometimes even your if you're gonna usual wedges a lot yeah I'm gonna miss some greens what happens is the oil's hands it's a catch this Easter gripping it a little tighter. That will start to shorten up your golf swing just wanna nice and it isn't it nice nice feeling grip brand new grip. I'm into the proper up with sometimes you put tape on anything outside your Hansel support I see a lot of people going to bigger grips when we actually don't need current because they think it feels better for what it does it'll hit it retained a bad thing that happened. So you're just making the bigger the fact that you think if you double check yourself I did the a fitting. Tacky and so as the latter rate each swallow more secrets. Which at check your wedges in your driver clubs you hit the most do so even if you don't have to be your holes that you know your analog where it is of getting through when McGrath and stuff like that we the driver you've been a lot. Of drivers but. If so those things check in the AA can't make a big difference for you don't squeeze as much. All right time for our where a severe west York PGA. Tip of the week it's brought to the west here PGA that with your PGA has one goal promoting grow in the game of golf today. Tomorrow and beyond. Well we talked with a section six golf champ then spits he says he used that knocked out shot so let's talk about that as our. Tip of the week. Jeff we'll start with you not the knocked out Joseph what's some of the things that you should be focused on trying to hit a shot like that well. Honestly our work them out when the coliseum we work on that a lot of its key shots every guy who wants anybody anybody wants to be competitive golf for you need to be able to control the flight your golf ball he can't control how high you're hitting the golf ball into wealth are well. Typically a knock down the shot we're gonna take some of the spin off inflate the ball low. So what I'll do if I'm hitting an account and it's not always into the wind on our council Tenneco's Streeter because they have less spin so well we'll have left side and in. In relation so I'll take the ball it's a seven iron shot Alfie six iron maybe even a five hour. Choke up a little bit move it back in my stance. And and try to get a little bit Lena my left leg so I'm not paying him that behind the ball. The key though is not the calm down steeply take a big divot them and hitting knockdowns but you move back your stance for the Philly is shallow straight. And anywhere real abrupt short finish you don't have a full follow through you keep that handle ahead. You rotate through make sure you keep turning his people tend to pull knocked down ovals we all of these. Make future aggressively through it and extra pressure on your finished. Go to the range of practice hitting it is what we should he you know most people just practice hitting our High Court the region takers to turn try to hit as low hooking it. And typically that background a draws going to be a little user hitters and knocked down I believe in the phase field and it's been a little bit so you're gonna if you're gonna hit back down that tend to be a little bit more. Marsh. I would think that if if I jailed several anyone out there try this I've played eighteen holes and I choked down every club in the round and you'd be surprised that I hope it's just the start did it because when you took the club down. You're gonna move a little closer to the ball chef becomes a little stiffer you do take the spin off. On the won't launches high and you have more control whether it's in the winter not so knockdown shot is super useful when maybe your timing a little off maybe you're coming down and at a tournament. And it's important to anyone it's good shots choke the club. Just a little bit move the ball back and chancellor of the tickets are more on top of the ball you take that's been enough. And play a whole round that you'd be surprised most people actually if they're fit if you're fit a little shoot for shorter clubs you'll hit it better anyway. Juli people are playing clubs that are a little too long form therefore a knock knock down or choke down chat is very appropriate for most golfers to play better. It's a great shopper lay ups you know people are lining up on par fives with that particular forward with a what whatever. Taken out hit them on them just one example on the fairway if you control the flight and you control line and golf ball better to. Tip of the week right there rusty brought you by the west New York PGA at if you wanna. It started with golf or see a golf professional locally check it out Western New York. PGA dot com if you got a son or daughter that you wanted to go get going with golf that's the the best or spouse brought him go or spouse that's right. Or your mom or your dad or an aunt or uncle or your friend or whoever. They also do some great work with the last year PG reach foundation I know that. One of the things we're excited about with their upcoming duster challenger Kevin. It's that we are able to donate some great mutton to the last year PG reach foundation and speaking of the duster. Registration is now open Kevin it'll be on August 3 Friday night at fox valley club yes. And this would be you you've. I think Nate leery because George parked read out because and it nor has it into last year but it was in it incredible fun and that's what and we wanna make it to be a fun event is a competition but it's also fun. So all skill levels. Are welcome. The idea is to come out and help raise money for the western Biggio reached foundation. So I sign up and duster chairman of the dot com do you can earn their board and we definitely appreciated and we've we'd love to have people have a little bit more awareness of what. Dusty Israelis dot com it's the website. And you'll have a blast it and right now via register. Before the end of June you get five bucks off so it's fifty dollar but it's 45 right now we do you know wrestle him to an elected wanna work it as they hit them with or be in the last couple times does this work and the it's fun to be around. That's right before we go to break attract men winner Phil jerky from lake view. Congratulations bill. I wanna Pakistan which for that right up to wait so there aren't worth an adult will be email and news or was it will be mailing your certificate that you. That he set it up with which to wedges so well have fun and good luck with that attract and bidding. You'll enjoy what we come back lots to get to Champions Tour report will let you know what's going up the senior PGA. Our PGA tour leaderboard this week at the Fort Worth invitational. Batavia downs gaming majors contest information. How much time left so no I have been ready I'll shut up next it will reverse character and on TV greater returns here from glad elk. With Kevin Sylvester Tim priest Jeff means that rankles Gil thanks for being with us here operatic great start your holiday weekend right here on WGR. You're listening to TD green presented by woods to wedge it's the global truck of the Western New York PGA custom turf and wire home clubs fox valley. Ten terra and Breyer would stay tuned for more tee to green coming up. The Western New York section PGA of America as your place to find the experts and business in the game of golf. This section which includes buffalo Rochester in northwest Pennsylvania is home to 275. PGA professionals. And over 100 PGA facilities that are dedicated to helping individuals of all ages get involved in the game of golf. If you're looking for a beginner clinic the junior tournament. Your next match court jury just didn't getting involved with the PGA reach Western New York foundation. Contact the Western New York PGA office today. 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Fifty welcome back TD dream alive and let go here at Amherst they are being with us written a great start your holiday weekend it is time for our look at the PGA Champions Tour. And the senior PGA. In Michigan. Place where Tim freeze has played will ask him about it in a moment here but we hit the top of the leaderboard Kevin Sutherland in Scotland errant. Are tied for the lead at the four round event a major through two rounds Sutherland McCarron art minus eight. A big group of golfers at minus seven and also includes Jerry Kelly. But David Toms is amongst the large group at minus six GO we see in the liar minus five. And our west York PT Croker stopper who was able qualify unfortunately did not make the cut but had a much better date to catch it really great opening. Front nine in the Iowa struggled a little on his second nine but. To participate in this event Tim I know you did a few years ago qualifying through how Kirk did. It's really fun to be there be part of that capture all when you see together ropes in the galleries that are out there and be. Part of that to be inside the ropes and play and to try to get your game in a position where. That you can well I actually appreciated the tour pros. And their games that they are the best in the world at what they do and it chosen in the scores this year just a little bit. Higher than they were when I was there when it was there that the scores lower copies little different but it bit Kirk I'm relieved that fighting out. How we did when he when he felt when the wind blows on this golf course or some places where. It's off and we just talk about Mac outshot them but look at the scores here's the eats in the seven wonders. And had a really strong golf course it's approaching 7000 merits for the for the seniors and we're even moved up some tees at tapes challenge it's awesome that events at Oak Hill next year current events. In nineteen very good fun. So that's going on at that NBC this week that you wanna watch the the champions who were there at the senior PGA event that Libya and BC. Watch at CBS the during the television laughter. If the PGA tour leaderboard. As we get to that now it's brought to buy uncork golf Buffalo's golf ball in by Donald Ross. The world's finest golf apparel for all of you watching that are teetering FaceBook page that tell us your wearing. It is all day to you and retreated from the at TD green golf won it they tweet out a chips we gave setup for her. An invitational this week with us. So like you know no show for their headquarters. It is summer as we expect the students at them for us through becoming the premier in the like got it did when our public and to publicly again Mexico. No doubt John route all great stuff. So at the Fort Worth invitational. Justin Rose shot 64 yesterday he's at minus nine. That we evidently Otto the re low I don't do it in Riyadh Al Green no reload his association has changed sixteen times. It says it's looking like he's he's. Everything year old cousins from that cheat him. What shot back and it might it's not so rose revote. The defending US open champion crooks kept. Is tied for third. He is at minus is that he's a monster that is great tract colonial country club. The longest running PGA tour event at the same course other majors in which the clubhouse is that Ben Hogan. It's ought again and obviously in the gulf shut his office or to please can walk in you know what goes to him and then. Up the whole way they've got a stroke. It's really cool that off the other bigger than microbrewery. Slightly slightly. Rickie Fowler it is in fifteenth minus four judge Jordan speeches in 23 at minus threes and the other. More popular bigger names there. OK speaking of the US open match Brooks that guy is in contention this week is that batting champion this year's US open will be action hockey skills and about. Three I have three weeks yourself. On Long Island ant with a dominant player by the rushing going. Well I'm a try to maker okay our mosques the Wilson only the group will be here for the show that we core chip. Which. Speaking at the major at a major coming up about three and a half weeks away which means gonna start to talk about another Batavia downs gaming. And hotel meters challenge contest. We read it for the masters will be doing it again. Makes you follow me on Twitter at Bryant to EG RB tweeting out the information how you can participate. Over the weekend but we'll tell your right now right here on our airwaves and on RT I think FaceBook page. That you can send us three golfers in terms of we think obviously you want to pick first second and third. And yet you could pull that off that the best that the best entry terms of money won it's an awesome prize back to take account gaining tell which includes. A night in their hotel. Which includes a restaurant gift card which includes replay. We had a winner of course that from the masters one of only to retreat at Patrick read the masters so you probably have to have the winner. Yes if you're gonna win. But I'll have all the formation out on Twitter at bridle our outlook for that we of. Weekend and I did not qualify this year fortunately though if you're minding don't think yet is the Hollywood and the winners like yeah like Steve Jones is over again great honor Michael Campbell right correct that polar Michael liked him. At Pinehurst China sulphide. Partners. Who finished second day here. Tiger. That. I don't know. They can't remember I don't know either but I remember him winning them way too. That's. That's thank god for we're here for old. Jason Gore my she's acing school or like apple with it coma he. Are you guessed it an artist gets a little right now he's in winners quality. That's very well of course that one unit he's our top player becomes like when he gets going it's going. He's throughout their plan. On an order for. Yeah and it in my in my hand the most to hear that you're. Points or money when you're going down there for what our results of today were were film and days special. We did last year also points channel two leak on health challenge. Films of this as Monday at media day. May Dan McCarthy news they would come to players here he's currently in the top seven. Top 25 get their cards for next year but the top 75 want to come. Tour championship was another 25 get their cards. For next year so 83 days and they get in on July. 2. Through what are its seventh may. July and July 3 as the pro am I too like second on core golfers I'm on war on junior pro. Toward a cool thing for your kids to do one final program. With pros down beat you that's right Jason Gore was involved by the way in that but he fell off on Sunday the the finishes worse and I guess that was Campbell in one of us that by the LT oh really out there. Tiger was tiger Campbell with even that fighters the only golfer not over our woods was in second plus two. And then Sergio. Tim Clark and mark in the where five over that is really between Campbell would. Don't feel like every member panel members must schedule yet there was no duel there we would have remembered that at lest Campbell this I thought Campbell had a big lead busted they tell you put it charge must have been. People shot final sixty nines so they were. Yeah. Or I don't remember that more than all the remember than others and remember Payne Stewart film angles in right higher number 890 maple or the last should cock time. The US open Mickelson who sit over Mickelson rates that was the problem on the putting green. And out there the par three number seven. I remember that was there before they were holding between groups as actual live rounds are going on they were hosing. This guys are hitting. Debts that are the green and the ball entirely picks Jimmy Walker. Oh mark as early panic. Three and a half weeks now war on pick I want low altitude that's our minds and I might reserve the right treatment mine I have is that a which are locking it walker from the run of birdies I'm rooting for Phil. I want a seat that will be finished in second. I assumed it to Grand Slam. That would be fun but he fall off years that he's rested and well I'll so anything that field goal the short stature and not the one actually pleased that. I should go to Donald Ross wants feature because I have one of those in the air great strategy for a maverick. But whatever he's got to deal some. Before we go here's what I think everybody Glendale for it though it's given us the warm hospitality will be back here for US open week. For us and our opt out there simulate the last word here. Eight a lot of joy Glen oak ever really have some fun here and now one day or have some. Like on the driving range injured or really Aaron it was always an imaginary at the end and it naturally likes AK. Insurance abuse gap awesome thank you make him regret for for for being here Leno giver and congratulations. Thank. What a joy here Memorial Day weekend. TD green realty company on demand audio section double BTR fight if he got cut off tweet it out as well and we. What I think again our guests for joining us haven't ops that are from which the wedges that spits from Orchard Park golf and for all of you for listening enjoy your holiday weekend. Docket next Saturday at 7 o'clock Kevin Sylvester inquiries Jeff is I'm rankled till they're Kramer. Producer back there Amber's studios enjoy your weekend right here at WGR.