05/16 Night Cap HR 1

Wednesday, May 16th

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Time now for the nightcap. Bryan gates came. How much I'm here I usually effect hoped you wouldn't believe it do you know what would happen if I suddenly decided to stop going to work. Business and big enough that it can listed on the NASDAQ goes belly up. Here's why this ceases to exist without me no you clearly. Don't know who you're talking to someone include you have. The danger. And I don't print this story can shine you can. I am yeah. On WG aren't Sports Radio 515 and. All right what's gone on. Alex it's weird it's still the range version of the nightcap but it's really really long rich. The Golden Gate Bridge yet instantly a mile long re supposed to betray jewelry local crack. Yeah I said wreck. From south counts believe we stayed out there Jody B she's out here as well. Poll on the updates and like you are expecting it to. As we know what you are known for his car troubles. And that's important here tonight to more car troubles firm like Ferrari had been album always epidemics are here people have. V. What does it game three between. The jets and Vegas. Pregame at 845. Am and the first ever conference final game in Vegas. To being made about. The home ice advantage. The big east Lou all of that stuff but about the Winnipeg and attack at the bus home record. This year but don't seem to talk about the Winnipeg flu it's called up there. So I don't think it actual flu I think it might be the actual sickness you've got you aren't when. To the joke Moore was only for Vegas for instance that they are more. They're all over the coach at a bend the biggest hang over and you're seeing tremendous and he aside and he wanted to win if I flew in the sense VE or whatever. The Winnipeg sickness. And the vaguest clue but anyways we'll have that coming up for you later tonight I believe. We will also hang out game. To game two of the the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets that will be over on ESP IN 1520 but no playoff games. No playoff games until 9 PM tonight I am to me. Ending answers. I know you know Karl west there how wise to yachts I get it's but you know you got to sacrifice Houston. You started sex. During the central time zone. So you are using 6 central I'm saying race between me eight I think. Eastern they would start assets. Eight Easter which would beat 7 central. They're starting at 8 central. I'm of that I don't know whether or not doing that the NBA may be trying new. To take take on the NHL rightly NHL it I don't think they need to do that the NBA and that's why do you know what averaged just if you're if you're trying to do that he's beatable. No flexible Lee stopping bullies and B if that's the case. I guess you wanna be the top dog flexing their muscles are little but again their muscles aren't we guiding over the NHL. Sandbag in the NHL running circles around him and those ratings for what that expansion team only it's cute how much of the greatest sports team in history. The it's. That's that's the NBA as the MB anyway is that speaker of the NBA we did talk. About the NBA tonight on the nightcap. Because. Watching last night LeBron James. And the Cleveland Cavaliers. Obviously. Don't suit nothing in their series against the Boston Celtics. The Celtics being coached by Brad Stevens it is really the headline of it while they still also have top three picks in jail and loan. Hands was the other one thanks Tatum Tatum Jason Taylor and him. Oh they also have. 00 is a first round pick Al Horford has been around what seems like forever now. Hands some other guys that are market Smart market Smart who is getting in people's faces JR Smith. Getting Horford that to arm shot in the back and they're Smart Smart. Are Smart is. What I would like to imagine myself as basketball player except much more talented. But yeah scrappy grinder grind it out a grinder type. Well I loved the way that he he plays the game obviously no no Harry are being. No Gordon Hayward hasn't been there all season and the cavs find themselves down in need to oh hole the Celtics in her history. Have never lost a best of seven series and being down. Judy nothing beat up two to nothing in a series. And just looking at these state of the cavs have an edge on I have bad policy back and forth here. For a little why ill and looking at that the ivory Irving trade at this point. And looking at what PE. Cavaliers really got back for so they get rid of carrier being. That was one of the stories of the summer for the NBA and really what was. The NBA's summer with the story lines that they were making and what could be another huge sum for the MBA with even more player movement going on. In Alibaba and probably the biggest stories carry Irving whining get out of Cleveland's. Because of LeBron because he feels that he's trapped under a shadow when he wants to go to a team. That will allow him to flourish where he's going to be. The main PC arms up going to Boston which brings and Gordon Hayward and now has two other stars really emerging in his absence so he might not be literally beat. The number one guy in Boston he's gonna come back and encourage kids to be the starting point guard but I mean they've got two guys who are really emerging. It is abstinence. So it's going to be interesting to see what kind of re being naive in what. What happens with him. And then of course the return in the trade from the brawn. They get Isiah Thomas Jae Crowder and TG Jack the protected pick from the nuts which turns into the eighth overall pick. And that eventually turns into. Rodney hood and kinds. Gloria who works and rule there against you and writing but we'll probably go down histories the guy who would not enter aren't a playoff game for the camp he refused to answer that's what he might you know slaughtered on in garbage time if you he thinks he's. He thinks that. I think not only is not to be carries steam because those players. Whose team is there right now he's seen as spreadsheets that like this can be like the next kind of spurs situation here Popovich easily seen is that like master genius he's the reason the franchise has been so good for so long. But Brad Stevens has that boy genius tag with them right now in. A lot of people think the reason you didn't get coach of the year votes because other coaches were jealous of them they should be because he is he's figured out. Pretty much after he's figured out a win in the NBA without a superstar as of right now because he did to do without carrier ring Gordon Hayward. Last year were greeted with Isiah Thomas and it was like ours down that he was a superstar egos of the caps and of course he has hip injury. Which he gets the surgery on this offseason maybe Isiah Thomas comes back and is. More like the Isiah Thomas that we saw last season and earlier in his career but he was not the same player and I think a lot of the credit goes to. Brad Stevens what he's doing what he rose here at this point throughout the playoffs the give a lot of credit to. Brad Stevens so we're going into another summer where there's going to be a lot of this movement but could that go down. As one of the worst trades in history. Getting that timing for franchise. You can look at that not strain from a couple years ago where they give up a bunch of first round picks for. Garnett and pierce Garnett and pierce who are two guys at that time who are on the opposite side of 35. And they're trying to try to create some magic look for the short term fix. And they just move there they are trying to. They are deployed there was now mode yet there are trying to create laws. And I think that goes down as potentially one of the worst disastrous trades in history of sports. Because you just look at some of these picks in what they've turned into. But that trade giving the timing of it for franchise we're up LeBron James year chosen sides of the city who. Do you know needs to have that kind of success in order to stick around. He's due at least could be continuing to meek. The finals. And right now that team is very much in danger of not making the finals they only have the eighth overall pack. After the draft lottery last night not what I think some people were expecting to be me be a top three pick at the beginning of the season. Now you're looking at some of the pieces that are broad and the younger pieces because they wanted all with the youth movement because the team could defense. And those pieces aren't necessarily. What you thought they were either we've got JR Smith point 15 plus minutes last night. You got George Hill playing a ton of minutes last night and the direction of the cabs with LeBron there is the only hope that the because. A number eight pick in the NBA short turn into something but that's not something that is ever. Really. Doubt he'd yet it's it's it's tough pin and Joseph brought this up. GU I you're breaking up is this your baby with out. Cleveland fans and they should all feel about the. Yet they shouldn't they should absolutely be upset if he leaves and it's. Now I'm not gonna blame LeBron James I'm not in Cleveland I think if I were him I would leave because right now. That's our Jason Jordan on Jason Jordan and trying to figure out a way to beat the Golden State Warriors in my. Those beat two. By two biggest motivations. In playing the rest of my career at age 33 seemed to be 34 it be beating the Golden State Warriors who were mentally are gonna be beating the Golden State barriers as much as possible. Because how can he not. But today tonight or game one when he's he has those off nights in this guy's a student of the game like. He he mentions that vote he is a photographic memory re mentioning plays a watching press conferences with him where he's talking about. Watching Jason Tatum is a high schooler in bringing up moments from. T Adams high school could really this guy who observed right watches so much basketball it's unbelievable so there's no way he's not watching warriors rockets. He has to be watching and saying. My god. But what brought to I have to do what I gonna have to deal. To beat this team is even if I get to the finals he's got to be looking around saying there ain't no way we're doing it would this crew so. If I'm him I am absolutely getting out of town because of our not what I doing a signing up. To just win the east every year median maybe not now because Philly and Boston are gonna be super good teams as well. The season Cleveland makes no sense basketball wise absolutely none. But on the fan's side of it from a Cleveland fan I and that LeBron James effect I'm already a little peeved that LeBron James because he has got that in this mass essentially. The there there are the worst kept situation probably in pro sports because they were brought Marlon recitals voice. Tryst and Reagan signed a Max deal chair. Next the overtures and tops and who doesn't spasm rose started he started last night but that he's like a spark starter at that he's an energy guy. That link it is it does it didn't make sense of fun at Cleveland fan. I'm not I'm mad at that also because you've got them in this cap problems it also. Kind of the reason analyst carrier ring anymore because. I know what the reasoning was that carried left some people thought it was because they are mad that. The bronze wanted them to trade him in a three way trade and a acquiring Paul George Carey got upset about that in one of the move on his own so. If you look at it maybe wasn't just the bronze doing but his presence on the team was the reason carrier ring wasn't gonna be there for the next ten years. Ends LeBron had me when your life. And I was so it it's all going is bad as you can possibly imagine for the cavaliers in its setting up for them to be another. To be to have another era of their franchise with or just the bottom of the league. Here in 030551888552. By fifty before numbers here you want to. Chime in on this I guess I'm look at the offseason. For the FDA and if you're the prion. What are indeed. Really reasonable destinations for you to go to if you're in the Eastern Conference you look at a team law leak. Philadelphia. But how does he really fit with that roster with two players who are demanding the ball and of course me neither a see that a little bit by his view. I'd sit ins and the bra and as being LeBron obviously is a shooter but BE similar they they want the ball they're driving that's images and player that's going to be a catch and shoot type player who has literally can't do it right McCain transforms his entire game otherwise that's never going to be escape so you're taking away from. If you want your young superstars of your Philadelphia. And his development his growth. If you bring in a guy like LeBron because you are going to be able to thrive and do what he's most successful. So I look at that marriage Philadelphia that's what that's been talked about Claudia. Joseph Holland peed talking about it. Juniors that Shuster posting on Twitter with Pittsburgh Steelers C a if you wanted to join the Steelers got everyone. Thank you for LeBron so that's a place that maybe could make sense I'm just looking around the league and if he wants to. That whether it only makes sense because it's in the east but it's over and repair pretty much of only reason basketball sense a report made exactly right there's stat on bent Simmons he did make one shot outside the paint in the Boston series at the things that I just can't you. He's a great player he just can't you yeah and so I start looking at other destinations and ones that. I guess are realistic. Boston isn't realistic because that's for your being is once if they decide they're going to go away from every Irving. Don't think that that's going to be one that works out code. I don't think I could I mean there's I. I heard. A PR Chris Broussard the fox NBA insiders talking about how he if he were down. He would he would treat either Qaeda re org Gordon Hayward and he said you you would prefer Hayward but. If you're trying to get a guy Ilie quiet Leonard out of San Antonio who are they gonna want to probably gonna want cope carrier ring. But it's funny to me that they were even discuss treating Gordon Hayward the deck I signed. Went to Boston shows them in his free agent destination he played one half and he might never play why additives are small or. So right I I wonder what's. Brad stevens' relationship would do with that and that was brought her all girl but. Depth Butler relationship. Yeah I think that was a big reason why Hayward came over there meaning even look at the jazz and what they did this season with the intentional Murray and by. But that's swings back around your point would Tyreke could but it's not completely out of row possibility he could be traded again if I were Boston. I would look at that is no matter who plays point guard under that coach. Pretty much becomes a week but terribly here's pulling a super high level the past couple years. Or past couple weeks since our. Isiah Thomas went from again decent starter in the NBA two MVP candidate so. Yeah I I don't know it's not going well for him it's obviously going much worse for the cavaliers the Celtics is made out. Incredible I think it's arguably the best trade. In recent past couple years and sports it is absolutely. We've got nothing. Eight pre basically they had eight overall pick which rarely is superstar in the NBA effects. How often is it the number one overall pick becomes a superstar in India. 5050 maybe yes maybe. And I just look at the the trades that have gotten me by Boston in the past few years. The wizardry of there there are old team they had the original Big Three with Ray Allen Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce Paul Pierce is. It all time legend there they win an NBA championship. And they start falling apart there's not really an infusion of young talents. And they take those two players one that had had an all time bludgeoned for them. And ship those guys I'll get a huge return which starts turning into young pieces for. And now those yuppies are starting thrive. You don't even have carrier being where Gordon Hayward in the lineup and you have really just a ton of players. Who can play Horford more speed and round Smart rose year. And if you're gonna bring in another player. Is that a team that necessarily. You talk about the the pop bitch and Steven's kind of relationship. And how it could be similar in their ball big both can be seen as like the faces of their franchise and would you even consider it Popovich is rain obviously Duncan's all femur was he ever really a superstar yeah I just always. He he didn't. He would act like a superstar as he was like that flashy like you're buying Tim Duncan shoes. When I wasn't Shaq. But late in terms of his talent. Whether he is seen as the face their franchise that he certainly was what you superstar player I mean he's. Considered by many be needed about Colin did but many many big east of us power for whoever point. Yet yet but are we top ten all time so. Yet personalities a little bit different there because Duncan was so laid back in May be Popovich just. I don't know he could been seen as the face of that franchise even while Duncan was there but. He was I adding Stevens is in his spot here where the public certainly over the past couple years I think it's been sees the face. But right is that the reason why San Antonio has been so great in many people's eyes citing Stevens yet to be seen in that seem light. And neither GM could be seen that same light as well because he's the one who's making all these insane traits. And I think you'll be interesting to see what Boston does in the off season do they want to bring in a superstar type and he. They really have to superstars sword sitting on the bench for other teams those guys are our stars on those teams if they're play. And now you're just seeing this Boston team. Be able to I know the east is super weak and that there's not a tough competition there. But that could be a team that I'm in Philadelphia beat teams that are going to be set up long term for relief. Aid. Decade. Of success if not more the way that these teams are built all about and they're built differently though they bought bill through the draft. The DeSoto as the Celtics and who. The third sixers are two sets of risks and yeah 76ers where. The Boston didn't fast forward to what the the spurs Bertans 76ers were doing. Because they got that massive trade is 76ers kind of slow played at all and you don't like super drops. 71. Whatever one's twelve games the one year they want the ball that they were after the real pain in Boston. A couple of years of its. But it was never that bad and now those look like the two teams are going to be set up. For success in the east especially if LeBron goes elsewhere but what are other destinations really makes sense you're saying the other day that Houston BP. A team just because they're the team that's is competing good team that's shown the willingness to make the move us to say you know what we're taking on the. Early ever reach the finals but that gays in the back shot. Tell west though which is tough I don't know if you would wanna sign up for that's because I mean if you're looking east. Really Phillies your own spots of the doesn't like that you have to play off ball and I think he would NAFTA which you would still be the best player in Philadelphia but he would not be. Did he would be the point forward that he is now he would be more like a true small forward but I think he would. Right at that to be upset you with bright basically whenever he would do but. For define him. I would be leaning towards Houston right now because Harden is just he's the best iso player in the NBA like he he it's. Incredible on dark problem with Iran the most on garbled players in the league. You couple that with the fact that he super to friends with Chris Paul and that relationship relationship I think could help swing him to get there. They would ought to change their games a little bit because if you watch our if you what's hard and in the past personality hasn't changed his team and outs for Chris Paul. Lake they played similar styles and it's kind of like what color and the bride and carries feeling good now it's my turn now it's your turn outs might turn it but. That can be good for LeBron is he's. Look at him he's playing in this superhuman wobble. But he's 34 should be 34 years old it's somewhere else that's on that point I mean he can't just be doing the things that he did last night putting up forty ratio 21 in the first quarter and Cleveland is gonna fright out doing that every single night so I think that can make a lot of sense of him. To go to a landing spot like Houston LA it's a lot of talk I just think that's. Officer and it's ridiculous in the the only reason you don't malaise to further your brand. And I'd both sides need to know he doesn't at all he's in Cleveland Ohio right now he's the biggest megas you'd probably the biggest athlete in the world with robbery in a 30551. ED 552 after I get a break in the first let's get John here John your Mike Jones. Hey guys involved in the NBA talk don't hear very often and I Lou. I think it's so impressed with the opposite duet. You know gaining any regrets you'd probably about GM coach come on we are now arming you look at where they are. And what they did with there used to preserve and all your garden you're sending a hundred people on the just and the Dixie. You know corrected counted up and you look at outlast muted in like the lakers would eat circle bracket. And you know you do is Randall okayed in you know it also alcoholic and it's just it's kind of crazy how the French you're. Dealing with it is superstars. You know all had a lot of success follows the success there but now. You know look horrible teams are I mean Boston even without Gordon Hayward carrier they could be that there are unbelievable right now and Jalen brown. Didn't it must have a bad play is. It's amazing and you know one more point for you guys. I think LeBron next year. I think either and in person let me either end up in Philly or Los Angeles. I think Los Angeles could still be a destination form planned a lot of all Kuchma. Randle out there they did you have some pieces and and we don't know brow wanna go out there how to work with you guys are so owing. But still going to be an option expect it if Billy give. Stack up and actually didn't Rita Benson and know that included a picture now put it LeBron and our public toilet than you imagined such and it. That would be great team I think the only way he'll Sally is if he gets Paul George or quite wanted to come with them. I don't think you would want to grow with players but it would be different Philly discuss Indian Simmons are ready at a high level I don't think he would want to grow with. Those that have players whose on ball look pretty good bit. Com kind of weird that we had and we don't few years reporter started to develop into you what they've potentially could be that that's the only things for the call John what the Celtics I think. Do you talk about V declares that they have out there right now and I think it's kind of unfair to say that's because Jalen brown and Jason Tatum global top three picks bought the the idea that they kind of feel ill. It is like he did a little bit because I've only a Boston's gonna go that far in the playoffs so injured they're down there two superstars but those players really felt like they had something to prove in these playoffs by saying. You guys are overlooking us were to top free pecks you on the box coaches in the game. And you're not even taking us seriously uniting us seriously to beat the 76ers. Who they complain at first some people are thinking back to baton. An upset in the first round so its. There's there's kind of that's not. Misfit necessarily not like Vegas where they have that mentality no one Norton wanted us for the mess that pieces all coming together. But they have that kind of chip on martialed because everyone's saying well they don't have guys read Gordon Hayward that could make that are not going to be able to beat LeBron. They're there an example of a philosophy that I think pretty much every general manager in sports should have been theory if you do you. Trade a guy a year too early rather than treating guy you're actually they did that with Garnett. And peers they got them out of them I got them out of there when they cut it and say okay we can make another run at this. We can add a couple pieces around those who still are Rondo we can so we Celtics shot this note Danny Ainge said you know what. We should we just fired about shots. Were treat these guys now while we can still get some good value for them and I do it's it's a bad example because it's fancy but. I did the same thing like in my league this year I trade a guy and Antonio Brown who a lot of people out there casual football fans would tell you what's insane you destroyed the best fantasy football. You strip the best receiver in football. But in my mind I'm getting a guy an album tomorrow who's a young running back and I'm treating I'm treating a piece a year too early revenue a year too late. Now Cleveland's. To not do that. And I don't know I don't think they could have done that but the moment if I were the cavaliers general manager. The moment carrier ring with came and in my office and said I'm not playing with LeBron James anymore. You treat me. The first thing I would've done is and that meeting. Get LeBron James in there and say. I did you wager no trade clause. Because I am all about treating guys early rather than late I would have valued a Gallic Tyree Irving. For many many many years rather than taken no one more shot at a title with LeBron and then maybe you're going through ten years of absolute being nothing. Afterwards we'll get into that more afterwards because I think that's interesting from a standpoint of fan perspective. Ownership perspective in doing what's best for the team I also have pulled all the odds of where the primal played. 1201819. We'll check those out as well it's the nightcap might fiery out here. Christopher walk in the impostor never called in unfortunately. Apparently we we had a guy call in. Leaving that he was Christopher Watkins handler. Terry about an hour ago probably seen it used to get Michael McCollum at 713 but no such luck. You'll have more of LeBron. The odds of where he will play next season that's coming up on the nightcap. I think you orders are going to be big game hunting for the blue laws I think you're you're really being so vocal about having it for round pick in play. I think they're going to be big game hunting. What do you do. If you get yourself somehow in Vietnam War and let you go in the air and there are you know with the drop the Buffalo Sabres are both houses are out of the line and all of a sudden that left the review the Buffalo Sabres fans will say well considering the pick they're gonna make it number one. And maybe mover on an out and didn't maybe look to bring a veteran media and felt the Blue Line with their new young he says they're prepared to cut off while both. There buffalo maybe along without it. Ryan Rashad TS and that. Talking thereabouts. And that that was making the rounds on Twitter earlier a lot of the Oilers fans were discussing that. The idea of treating cluster bomb the country overall pick to the sabres. For. Rest mistress why then. And to be honest I mean that some young defense men tenth overall peck fuel. Wrist line and salary off the book. I just I don't know enough about this Oscar caught on well to really out that strong of an opinion on east on his rookie deal he's got no name. You know he's got and he doesn't get paid as much is restoring him he's under contract. 44. Point one the net four point 16 million until 2023. Security. Left shot the I would say from. He. I don't know kitten decent amount I've watched enough time I would say he's a good second pair defenseman but I doubt however Morton. Like I don't think he'll ever be as good as personal and maybe maybe as top end is what Bristol line and has bat well that's that's my thing to width but it's have over a picked it. Right by. I don't know anything about those guys who. But think about it as well picking NHL draft is generally. The decades and making your team and generally is not to be superstar ability making an impact. Yeah. No odds yeah no I agree with that means not always obviously. Because we're looking that it's still too early to throw the book and you'll see Leander bullets I mean gears and his drafted fourteenth overall grunt goes twelfth overall Charlie knack of oil. Write me go back and right. It is it has can go back and forth you gotta have the right guy drafting and so far I'll say if bought trolls getting guys like middle stat who served eighth. Right played what five games and Chalmers making a judgment on him yet. He looks like the real deal and he got an eighth overall would you go if there residential reach rafts tomorrow he probably don't top three. Yes absolutely. But I just I wanna see Bristol in that role I'd have pets is more suited for him he goes Edmonton is. Number one guy there with. Arson while filming enough neatly put all we'll look at the left handed or right handed a discussion for defensemen to they can't be ignored here the sabres have no right handed defensemen. After the curator Bristow to I don't. I'm not sure that's really trade you know from a hockey sense that that's opens but it would. And Ali I know please both sides that can help but you're right they don't have a lot of great shot defensemen. To me though it's. It's only it's completely based in whether they actually want to treat restore our Paul and or stations saying that he's the most uncomfortable guy on the team. On so. I think a change of scenery might Wear it if they if they if they see that in him and they think a change of scenery is good for emanate think Oki B I don't mean now. We don't necessarily need to trade Bristol line of native Sweden you're really good value will do it I do think that's really good value. I do think that I think that's eighty number three defensemen probably whose only 24 years old so it's Sally get some guy in his. Late twenties only got a few years left when you're gonna have. Clock bombing your top four pretty much. For. Maybe a decade and you're getting a tenth over OPEC which if you got a GM can pull off pics like that lake hope we keys in middle second B. I would hope that he can do similar with the tenth over it which is a really high tech so. I would be hesitant to do it but if I were sitting in that spot and Peter surely can damage that offer I think that would be you and I might inclined to take it at a decent offer. And there is going to be I think you look at the the core of this team. And what we we know adds that the Turkey was part of that core chip golf this year. And there are all these locker room issues toxic locker room that gets talked about all the time crystallize and has been a part of it for so long maybe. Achieved scenery for him as Mike was saying would be good for him personally to go some policy and see that. Things aren't the same as they are in buffalo Orton right all right we is discussed in this point a lot I think those two. In this offseason are the ones who are mentioned first because they're the ones that may be. Have contributed to part of the problem. In buffalo open at the same time could fetch you. Solemn. Really nice value and how deep do you wanna take this rebuilt or as though are both can you make hockey trades. Because he secured Jason doctoral and he's he's got to me that. Every GM's does this I think but they wanna make hockey trades I think we've seen more of them have been recently. So I think there there possible to make out there. But how quickly can you you turn this around what moves can you me to turn this around and kinds. I don't know I just I think Bristol I didn't. Could thrive in a role where he's not playing those happy minutes threes not be relied against the top match ups. PK power play everything. If he gets to be all where he's not lying on literally everything. Maybe. It gets better. I ever heard policies that he's the most uncomfortable guys on the team. So I've ever SS yeah that a sports talk sunny and I think that was the first thing in India so. If the team sees that. I would think that they're gonna do I think that they would trade him but. Especially now they have doubt leans so if they want to make these big changes. And Ryan O'Reilly talks with Darren trigger in Denmark at the double I took four championships and he said he met with. On botched roll and it sounded like ten that he's not getting treated. So. I don't know I think I'm having a really good relationship with the G friend Dave talked about it it's and he wants to be part of the solution and I have difficulty. I don't know if I don't have that same active dancer I just don't know how big a drop off Bristol line is to clothe bomb I don't know I have watched Obama and every single night. But the sense I get is he is a downgrade for a Salina the media not a huge downgrade. And he's still young so. It depends how highly you think of death for death tenth overall pick and surely gotten Peter Charlie or this year and irises and think much of anything of it because. He's shocked when that soccer. Yeah as you shop and that soccer he is looking for something to get in return that he can use now and we always that's that's what little self train as probably so I think I will say is you know I get opportunity to you could make deal with the huge rally. Yeah butter beans I don't get you better be talking to get moving quick you know lots of other teams will open and their real capacity that deal. Now if you told me they were gonna treat Bristol lied in an O Reilly this offseason my first question might be okay. Would you trade deal and are right now maybe Edmonton would be the leader in the clubhouse first line in the navy Montreal be a leader in the clubhouse for O'Reilly. They're GMs are peer surely mark versioning. How likely help the idea that decades if you look you may want trade was surely this offseason one tree with mark version and I Michael I might love that. They might love that idea. Now you're probably treating the bass player and steel I don't necessarily love that idea you either but. I'm not completely against that I'd be really on offense though. Do you think that New York Islanders might be a team to that the in the trade artist of ours goes elsewhere. I mean they got a lot of assets the a lot of prospects and they'll probably be scrambling to replace giants are as dummy GM exactly. Garth snow that's that's the key. Who are you dealing with her and what are you really willing to do I like all the PMs to be yet exactly you wanna be and bilateral. Obviously we're still well. Getting to know him and a little bit he's really going to be able he he made some moves last offseason. But he's looking forward to big relief. Putts the his stamp on this offseason he talked about adding the speed he talked about making significant changes and the speed is one of those things. And that's when I start thinking about other guys talks about speed on the wings right let's what what is his value tail because Ryan who. I would like a lot personally when he he is on his game I think he's good he's the kind of player that. You've got a place that bad April for me on the power play worries in front of the net. Man but he's also skilled at front and he's got some good in your throwing in front. Did block disagree path from and from the Nazis ethic on it and he's he's that type player on the power play. That is. That's huge so I like rat art lie and you look on the wings what else is that Mobil posts so that contract would be tough to move and other possible. The in the wings are just just Bayer so you're just looking to. At speeds weren't review at that speed. On the wings problem and maybe they feel comfortable without lean and so the other moves that they've made so far with pilots signing yesterday and cool we being able to maybe step up he's he analysis and that they're looking at dancing media crystal line is where that begin. To foot the doubt and that's about what you adds yeah where. A fast player on the wings for restful life and as opposed to another another difference because there is a glut of defensemen. All unknowns bots. If you might look at it and say I don't really need to touch the Blue Line right now but some of these issue right because I agree I think right now Darlene in the fold wing has become your biggest issue it was blue line forever right now it's wingers in speed at those wing positions. So. I think you gotta think that he's going to make that stamp like this off season because he said he looking over the football team. And see in Brady being. Came in there and just tore that place up he'd got rid of everybody that was that we we guy a word that was part of like the creepy beat the previous regime's core. And he made the playoffs and yet success bringing in his own guys and now he's got the key hit that team right now is all basically brain beans but that's his creation. And but Joseph still sitting here with a largely. Tim Murray built roster so I do think at some point he's gonna maybe make a big move like kind of we saw what Brady being over on the football side. And think okay Bristol lines to get defenseman but. I didn't draft them. And I aide don't necessarily have as much of a need for him anymore so I do agree with you if I were as in that spot I don't think I would probably touch it or now I wanna see. What were so wide and does in that role before that I'm able that the problem with that though is because it's. Kind of argue with myself here because. I do wanna see reversal aidid does in that role but on the other hand at a one week to want it right and Darlene Zack and be ready to beat a number one defenseman right away so. To see crystal light and and that number two spot probably get a we'd least. A year and a half I think. And where. Where is does his value lie AV time to make moves is it in the offseason. It's really more practical colts Q meek. That kind of large move. In the middle of the season because teams are less willing to part with big pieces. Or 30 by 51888552. By fifty. We never got to the betting lines be betting odds on LeBron and what he he'll play for next season we'll get those after this break it's the nightcap on WG. Back here on the nightcap talking a little bit about Bristol line and we've got a call and that we'll take that as we come back here and and get into those. LeBron not before Joseph has take off to compete with integrity we've got Tim on the line anchored. In Tamils and what's going on here on the nightcap. They're still looking into. Damn radio down please. And Brian. My by phone with. Oh. Or. As our family over the ramp for I hope she goes on. Our government in America regardless of. So I am just kind of always the index for like last year and even like the predators of this so. By. And I just like we beat them don't speculate it yeah right you Downey and we had you know you know really play at our yet. I like the yeah on the idea them spit on. Darlene Brit so you know who pinging or. Error name at the moment. And doubt. About. Get a look at boat you know Cooley and even now and not a hell of a blue line like action. And I can't imagine. Treating her though. Wool. Not getting Eileen I don't think entry or though will be like oh the blindness suddenly. You like that we hit the ball. And if you can have this winter and in Dolly an op. You put him on the part and trying to think of who are I. I have written though now mean Michael maybe a post on my car on the PP and how to. I don't let me. Yeah it's it's not really for me. It's it's about okay where word you have. The Dow and I'm not I'm not super hot and movies as the line and it's just something that I'm willing to consider if V right offers there and you're getting. A guy need be in turned back and played wing with Michael. Do you trade in this obviously rare treat words arson for for Taylor well. If you can find something like that obviously that is an extreme plea agreement is something that probably won't happen. When you can trade it. Bristol line and for a guy that can truly play articles wing and the aside kid or someone that elevates critical faculties and that's that's kind of deal I'm looking for it's difficult to find a deal like but if you can find that I think it's one that you have to made because that's going to meet. Your cornerstone. Under and have your second cornerstone. And Dolly of course we have seen them play game yet. But I I agree with the idea to call him I agree with the idea especially with bill house. I mean that's a guy that's going to if that is your coach of the future you're going to want to build. From the Blue Line with that guy he's coming for home. Nashville where they are running 67 deep on the Blue Line and I think he would like that blood. I think part of Nashville's problem is beside. Michael being a melting down in in the playoffs. Is the fact that it's got some skilled forwards up front but it's not. I'm a superstar yes and no superstar. Forsberg this sort of thing and Johansson are both mean like all star level that I don't know if I would. Consider them forced mergers has those flew ahead should yemen's largest. Absurd he does am what is the Edmonton can you write new happens. It's a different. I it's different in the sense of what you're getting it's not different you're still treating our sponsors Klein and obviously right it's different as that you're you're getting a signer. Who are you moving to the winging its elegant move to the way you could I think that we it and do you move. Middle stats though weighing may be I mean if I saw a traitor right away my thinking is that all right these god like where would you put these guys you know if metal stent to. Yes that's that's my guys they I don't mind moving centers to wings I think that's so much it's such an easier transition. Then putting a Winger to assign I don't think you can never have too many sentiment. But that's true but it doesn't exactly if you're bringing in Nugent Hopkins to put him on the wing his values not a high. As. It would be and other teams so. Yet the parents I think maybe you might make a point that if they were to make a trade like that that. O'Reilly could be out the door but. And up I'm not I'm not against that I'm not necessarily for right now I would like to see it but I'd. Really wanna wait two years to see if he will be that much batter and a number two role. All right so we've been talking about the odds of. LeBron James playing for different teams and that the cavs just what team is LeBron James going to play for the 201819. Season. And this is a few days ago on that outline. Joking guess who the favorites are. Food. Brooklyn. Not. And Cleveland's. Parents and it. A study that Cleveland is the hour it favors okay. Plus 125 for Cleveland and then there's three teams plus 375. Those three teens are Houston Philly and the lakers plus Boston. I was saying he had his he's mad at high rear end on that stay away from me plus 1000. One team. They're really relievers relief yeah. Although the world leaders of the war. Output that it wants a million union going warriors applause one policy and applause. Well dread is Los Angeles Clippers and 16100 is going right Miami. LeBron white hat. This. We're the only way I'm sorry what did he ultimately lose what is it that he didn't ever works it before with me that was so much different if it seemed directly beat him every single guy had already did our superstars. He didn't Hillary. It wasn't I can't beat themselves join them it was I've got no help here on the to create something in Miami. What was Miami though and it's less plus 16100 aren't to be honest are batting one team right now on that list that is what I would take the heat at plus 16100 they'd been mentioned among teens like a very. Few amount of teens he would even consider that's been one of Miami yet I I think if he could get. Paul George to come there. Late night same thing all over again yet and they've already got a few nice pieces they're doing weights so they're the kind of stinks at this point he loves Dwyane Wade. It's great I mean that's not gonna hurt obviously loves doing in ways idols and that's still in the east I don't think that I would bet that. Plus 16100 that that is if have been gambling was legal of course. Which is not. On that is that what I would take a serious look at Miami plus 16100. That that is. Poor. So those. If if you here are some rumblings on the street Joe's looking for someone to help them out here for some action maybe it real by 5188. By fifty to 550. Just coming dollar on the Twitter Gord Miller talking about the sabres chances of winning and being. The biggest free agent. John Carlson host John Tavares Yost different John wrong Jon but they go to bad. He said that he thinks that that's going to draft lottery is a real game changer when it comes to the poor. We states captured that in Federer fall by its record Miller on the show where's he at ease with Obama and noble will have to do all right we got to get a break for our the updates. And then later 845 we will out. The Western Conference finals beat. Queen the. Jets and the golden knights it's all coming up here on WGR.