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Wednesday, May 16th

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She yard. Paul. WG ER I. Ryan gates. And relaxed and we lied and nightcap. On WG ER Sports Radio 515 yeah. I'm back here. The nightcap. But an elder. Birdied. Five minutes or so of the nightcap before we had doubts and we'd be ringing you. Las Vegas just Vegas actually Vegas vs Winnipeg. Game three that series tied out one piece. They Izturis went back coming up at 845 for pregame puck drop. Just a little after nine also on ESP 5020. There will be the Western Conference final between the rockets and the warriors the warriors up. One to nothing in that series. 8030551888. 550. To 550 interesting tidbit coming out of TS on 69 B in Montreal Gordon Miller talking with one of their shelves are bare. And saying that's Hastings might have changed a little bit for the sabres with a winning. The draft lottery and the rights to Rasmus Colleen. Well I think you know the one being the couple. The concern is that you know what sort talk credential people in the lottery. I think this may well below legitimate contender to get John herbs. Brent because if it took earth while we have double what we into play at all or go pauper. And now you go around the league coming in Oregon read a line and they've gone cycle. They've gone and older will spend money. It close the hole but you know the usual scrutiny he is uncle John played ball low in the crawl of vocal leaders alleged there. Like eight all the sun with ball went in the water. They look like European players while. Right that's Gord Miller. TS and six. EU saying this is stuff that he's here not just something that. Maybe he has he's projecting out there so oh he is a guy that's pretty well connected he travels around because the games he's talking to these coaches. So these guys that I tend to think cats have a pretty decent Paul's. Of what's going on around the league is that being said he's not. Bob McKenzie or purely Eleanor dared trigger one of these guys I did not even really considered to bar is this AD. Rio all legitimate thing for the sabres and a couple of years ago. There's a lot of talk about scam coast nappy possibility for the sabres but the way that they've gone since I thought pretty much. Ruled them out four and I always laughed. People who would say all of his uncle played here John Navarre is legend here playing for the buffalo bandits is always something. Is that really something that's going to rain. A player to ball below is okay maybe as a little bit of a better idea that other people what goes on in this market. But an average just assume that the man like put the sabres to the top of the list he's got inside info on buffalo. Why don't they were put on the topless but don't you think it helped to. The sabres if there in the meeting Herman Johnson virus and on their side there's uncle John there's John if on their side there's John Navarre and oppose why would he. All of the bandits Yemen here and oppose any. Bozo and oppose obviously and more exciting mammals and there you want and you can bring all those guys back to gather life. They both your and the tedious check in with Jack and ours to come with it. There is a just there's so much movement that would have to hang out there and in order to be able to fit you want to Reagan. John Navarre is the sabres are looking at about nineteen million cap space. This year that's before signing any of terror free agents that's before and he buyouts. All know Robin liner obviously the so they've they've gotten nineteen million cap space. So and higher looking at OK what can be shot. In order to bring this contract and and what he what do you figure to bar speaking on the open market eleven million. Thirteen thirteen million Iraqi cut if you want to an Okie well but I think if you watched him he can make thirteen. So you you have that you can buy out. Meant malls and I'm am you can you buyout mammals and I think at this point they're more likely to just Bay Area and because that the savings are. Pretty similar and it would last for two years you can buy now Zach Bogosian. Let mr. Reilly. Exactly that's what I get active injured it if you're ready to bar is all right these. Absolutely I mean of course a right was played wing before and he would be really good player in the wing but I don't know how many I don't need him anymore rival army players can you paid. Seven world. Feckless million dollars to not be fast on mowing plus proposal is there to. I think if this happens you would absolutely be 100% be treated as this is not dollar mean to Bristol line and I think if he sank Tavares this isn't just open up the possibility they could trigger Riley acting B would absolutely do. Yeah that's not you you have to do in order to get right to open up the cap space you're pretty much dispelling. The the senate need and that I don't know exactly what the contract would look like four to our ads but you're looking at its north twelve million dollars. And thirteen may be putting those yeah I think just north north of ten and a half of things probably. Fair to say and in the open you you're looking at ways to to shed salary in order to make that happen and and here your looking at okay. They could make it happen. Date yet there's there's no question in my mind Jason natural who is a guy that was very hands on what came out in Pittsburgh. Could figure out a way where they have. At a time when they signed Crosby and Malkin to those deals those were big deals that he was working. And working with keep under the cap and he. Figured out a way to do it eventually in the years app and salary cap growth and looking like pretty decent value. And are able to bring in new players like need. The council due to add to the only thing I think you have to keep in mind is. The of the long term outlook open as well and since this is something we've seen throughout the NHL and to a team like Chicago really Chicago as the team now is we'll bring help where they have their guys they said. Kane. Toews at Seabrook it key. All of the guys that they were paid posts post I was there as well but he was a little bit of a lesser salary at the guys that they were paying and everyone else around that. Word. Pieces that they could part. Awful laugh but sod. An air these were all guys that there were willing to part. Sell that turns into more the reality for the sabres. If they need. And happy Jack Michael and John Tavarez 1110. Million dollar contracts. And you look at Chicago they have both. Obese similar if it was eleven million dollars and is using number as the basis eleven million dollars for John Harris. That would be seen combined adds what the Blackhawks are only paying. Kane's case. And you've looked at the maneuvering in this was. A difficult year for that team and they're looking at new ways to re build on the. Eyes because they made a couple of mistakes they Dorsey passed on one guy in canary and they thought he was the same old same mall with plate. The it lands of the world and he wasn't an -- is the real deal with the dad should capped and they also made a misjudgment on Brent Seabrook. Where they thought he was one of those core pieces and he was not so. I think. It would be a fresh start here in buffalo in terms that you could decide who was part of that core piece because if Riley's out of here post this contract is not super super long but Seabrook and Chicago's on a couch for six more years. Or something absurd. So I think Dallas and five the keys are marked to my hours I don't really know how it works because he's technically retired navy. Hoax hoax so he sent us an posts all hope so consultants and earn money. Posts those are on the site more clearly the Tavares becomes. The tastes year Cain not in terms of style just but the Contra league but that's your other mega deal in Iraq can be able to really have. But it can be tough seven other mega deal you're gonna have Colleen it's going to get one at some point but. I think they can make it work the cap goes up almost every single year and you would have to make sacrifices of course. But I think if it's not only it is reasonable if you're looking at those sacrifices. That you teams that come apart. Bristol and all right. If I guess that's that's kind of the way I wanna put it if you're a sabres fan out there and you hate the idea of treating those guys. But that India and is a way. John Tavares ends up being our. You should be able to stomach get in if you can at your notes. Yeah that's that's at it though Bernard V the long term plans and it's hard to. If you're Jason natural sit there and say that is going to be your long term plan because it's not guaranteed July 1 and open up and of course. Now July 1 is kind of anti climactic because you're already there sir and where certain players are galling is that period they talk. Two. Teams already and July 1 opens up against a flurry of sightings that you already know. Are are going to happen. Hands. If that were worthy case. And you're watching these moves happen and I don't know what. Or audience that going for Bristol lining and going for but those are your trading away talented players shutting salaried. And hopefully getting really nice returns the other players that you should be able to get nice returns for because all right the is the the two weeks honor that everyone loves to hell he takes eight days off seed please PK power play can do it well. And Bristol line and is still what 23 years old young defenseman. I am pretty reasonable contract. You should be able to move those players and decent value. And that's the idea behind those moves I think that's something that sabres fans would absolutely be able stomach. But the end it's just. There's there's no certainty to it he's gonna be able to talk to. They have the scam coast sweepstakes and how many teams he was talking to. And that Toronto brings a man and brings and eight sponsors without any just runs back home to Tampa bands like all right I talked to Toronto they want to put. My face on every single billboard. In the greater Toronto area. I was gonna sign with you guys for a half million tickets camp also probably came back payments and yet you go do that and they're gonna take 45% out of in taxes that do. That you. Go ahead take Millen out here are your zero Florida now so will be able to sign you for really cheap. It'll Israel by 5188. By fifty to 550 what do you make of this that Gordon or comments on TS on 690. Michael saw hear those one time. Now no not at and okay yeah area. Well I think you know the one being the couple that the concern is that you know what sort confidential people in the lottery. I think this big ball below it legitimate contender to get John herbs. Right because if it took earth while we have double look at what we didn't want it ought all the good opera. And now you go around the league coming in Oregon read the line and they've gone cycle. They've got an older we'll spend money. It close the hole but not you know usual scrutiny he is uncle John played ball low and across the ball well you're aware of their. Like eight all the sun with ball went in the water. They look like it in the players who want. That is Gord Miller Alan melnick in the afternoons Jeremy White has tweeted that now you can check. It out there it's about 630 to that interview and journey points on Twitter. Leading into that question it's not really did they talk about these. The draft lottery have been hands. The sabres are number one for the sabres are mentioned a little bit and the question let's Marcel. About the buzz and it's one of the first places where the G until get together at the world championships. It's on the places that the GM's kinda get together with the boss is coming out and that's what Gordon responds with the is that the sabres winning. The draft lottery Auld sod it makes them more legitimate players for John pars and we went through this means stamp cost a couple of years ago. It was because I mean the sabres were necessarily favorites or anything they are ahead but they were there were part did that the group of teams that are being talked about. Along with. Toronto and Detroit was one of those teams and Tampa I think Belgium fourteens are truly being talked about. As landing spots for stamp goes and it appears that buffalo might be in the conversation guys in Israel by 51888. By 52 by fifty let's hit the phones here we've got DOD. Yadier on the and I kept. That was going on right. You still look and you guys and listen to your they'll take you when you talk cocky guy and I barely had any idea what you that's talking it up front. Is that is that a us problem is that you problem. We have you're probably okay want to make sure that we can't intelligently talking about things here. No no I. Not the case I'll but as an are older than my only question do you guys is likely to rationale. On this happening. Armed do you think. I mean why would. Why would you say you know he would couple who took Paul lo and lead to islanders I mean the whole reason that he would be leaving the island. Probably is. Actually want that are. I don't know go to or franchise. You know I had them kind of the those that are but not a day. I'll trust me we're we're very well aware on to hear about how bad the B sabres. Back and so that's not something that. I consider a de L the only thing that I can say that is of course. We've been waiting here for the sabres to make that turn and I'm with you Danny I I haven't considered. Tavarez is a possibility at all I did not think it was something that was going to happen I didn't think it was anything that was a realistic possibility because of kind of where the sabres are and they're not a team that right now. Or at least this season. Was super competitive. And I guess the only thing that I can say is that he views the sabres as maybe a team he's 27 years old then maybe when he starts crossing into his his thirties with those young pieces that they have been. I call in middle staff and now with the grass is now being going to be the number one pick as one matches in. Not necessarily carry him because I would think that he would continue to be a very effective player. Even into his thirties. But a team where maybe. You don't have to be the number one guy all the time is going to be pieces there where he can kind of go into that secondary role. And be a role player but not be the guide us. Relied upon to to carry it that's the only thing that I really have does that mean he's viewing it Indy in the future. Kind of view on an on ice perspective. I think that is great point I mean Ted Barrett that started I had no debt is they've got to they're they're literally came. Our story came out that islander fans returning all of these is due date they thought that you holding them hostage or whatever bought. Well I think that the front office did but it does that. Earth there's no doubt about that the islanders front office has absolutely been a disaster for as long as I can remember I mean the ownership has to the whole arena stuff is just a mess via. Yeah I think that there is a little bit of that failure I think that you need you waiting and they were hoping that. All the new arena was good you know woo head and and and get in this state but I mean why would you. You know I think I've used don't I don't the event. Yet thanks for the call Danny I appreciate it I mean. There are some young pieces there specifically thinking about parcel being apiece for Tavarez. And I mean pars all looks like a stolid they've got some other prospects are coming up there are pretty nice. With with the islanders but man that is an organization that is kind of a mass and maybe maybe there are some islander fans that feel that way because. Not but the bars is necessarily holding them hostage. But at this point of his career. He's 27 years old he's band with that team since 2009. The 20092010. Season. And he is he's put in an effort for that team he's made the playoffs. Three years there's never ban. Really great success in the playoffs for the islanders they meet and the second round in 2016. But this is never about a guy that has had a ton of success there. And he's probably looking out for his best interest I feel like one year at that age you're 27 years old especially as an athlete. You have to look out for your best interest at that age what are you looking for at that age. Is it money. Because money is certainly a driving factor there's no question about that and the way that the athlete's career ago of course compared to. Us regular people working jobs out here. It's and a lot of money that we really can't fathom but they have to make there Monday when they can and have to be able to cash in. When they are able to and right now. The bar is if he hits free agency he's going to be able to cash in which he's never. Cashed in her. I mean he had 84 points a season 37 goals 47 assist. He's coming off a really excellent year an islanders team that didn't even make the playoffs so this could be as time caption if the sabres are willing to step up and pay him. Or another team. You have to be thinking about that adds as a player who this might be your last big deals especially if you're going to be taking a seven or eight you're deal. One other thing too is Leo that was running the sabres to get that ran the pain and that means a cap situation you know that's gonna come up you know JT did you know that. And here's another thing I mean all purveyors is uncle leads to say is look up at the rafters and agent to to Mars is up there. I realized how credible that would be absolutely. They would let Otis building yeah and families. In buffalo sports the other thing which athlete looking at 27 Q. I think that's when he released. Maybe just as your growth as a human being stark look more towards OK what do I really want my future what is the legacy that I'm going to create and maybe he sees the opportunity he's had a chance and opportunity to do with New York. But he views the sabres an opportunity. Or maybe it's other teams that you are being known as the guy that is going championship chasing the all these guys. For winning the Stanley Cup and money. Money certainly a huge driver there for the Stanley Cup and the money spam act. Bought does he wanna be known as a guide me be joint team that already have the pieces in place or does he could be. Part of the guys that may be turn something around. I'm not sure I'm not it is here but. Being from Toronto I guess it's interesting because it is close to Toronto. Having is uncle here is I really up to this point and thought it was that interesting but maybe it is. The court Miller saying that it is maybe that's an act that he has had I'm John Tavares may be made their something more to that's. I have never considered it that way. And the fact that. Gordon Miller saying that it's some of the rumblings coming out. From the GM's there's still a ton of time but still the draft there's still moves to be made by the sabres there's still salary that would have to be cleared out. But it's an interesting. Thought to have it is okay went to the sabres look like next season. And I'm just gonna go at the top two centers because who knows what the other ones might be maybe even the top three but their top three centers you're looking at it's. John Tavares Jack cycle and Casey mills that. And you start adding some of those speed pieces along the wing. That's team that maybe can turnarounds. More swiftly. But they're still ought to be done is just a rumor. That's one it's. I it. I need to hear from someone like Gordon Miller because it was just coming from. Random Twitter people you know NHL trade rumors incarcerated Bob over people that I am not going to believe. Gordon Miller he has some connections. He talks to these people. And maybe that's that's something that's more legitimate 8030551. 88. Like if the two black fifty about fifteen minutes away from pre game. Four jets and golden knights right here WGR we do it bring you today's match ups from the rates buffalo buffalo sports team bracket that's coming up as well we did Rita. Eight matchups. All the ones the two's they are an action today were there any upsets find out next on my cap. Well I think you know the one being the couple. The concern is that you know what sort talking until people hit the lottery. I think this big ball below legitimate contender to get John Ers. Right because if it took earth while we have double what do you read into it ought all the good opera. And now you go around the league coming Oregon read the line and they've gone cycle. They go out and older will spend money. He would close the hole but not. You know ensure global scrutiny it is uncle John played ball low and across the bow your alleged there. But it all the sun with ball went in the water. They look like in the players while. There it is as we've been talking about Gordon Miller and yes on 690. In Montreal. Discussing. After winning the draft lottery. To Belarus. Could be. Considering the Buffalo Sabres. And of course is sports talk radio is going to talk about it 03055188. By BP Q 550. Few more minutes here before we had to. Jets and golden knights to a couple more calls and talk about the great buffalo sports team bracket. Start advance north buffalo Vince or an IKEA. They ate what. They are important that it took it was a remote lock themselves and as far as getting ready. So that the media folks are talking about I mean I'm I'm I'm duty. What can do it Josh. And he's been injured so many times to step into a huge country I mean who could picnic and tricked. Who were you talking about you mean Bogosian. Yeah I'd he's he's one that yet he's been injured so much he does have that huge contract. I'm not sure what he can really do it that you can look into a buyout but he bio lasts for years forehand cell. That's not really something they might be interested and it might be one that they kind of deal with at this point but I think that is pretty much untreatable. With Bogosian and that's why. I end up looking at other players whipped with bigger salaries like our best line in horror. In all right leave because it's just date they have an opportunity to actually received some value I think Bogosian. You're pretty much giving up apiece to be able to get depth Wear off your books. Yeah that's what about oh what about a lingered what are you gonna do what Kyle I mean he. It's the same thing I need to get a huge country that he hasn't produced in an injury prone I mean how do you unload him on a team. It's the same thing wet with him and I wouldn't give hope also may be a little better chance to rebalance. And Bogosian Bogosian is just back and so consistently entered thanks for the call Vince he's been so consistently. Injured. In his entire time with the sabres I mean this as a player that. Just hasn't been able to be healthy for almost his entire. Career. You look at even going back to when he was the Atlanta Thrashers the only time he played more than seventy games in the season has been its first two seasons in the league. And they are and there's the lockout shortened season and where I guess he remained relatively healthy but he still missed fifteen out of forty teams that there are so this is a player that just has really had difficulty. Maintaining his health. Whiff. Apollo so I'm gonna give him. I guess more of a benefit of the doubt because of the trauma he went through last year and a very serious injury he was not able to train in the offseason Mikey might have been able to and I'll just listening to the investigators earlier and they are mentioning how he is already back now training which. Did not happen last season and he ended up doing okay did he produce at the level I think people were expecting him to produce that. Probably not bias I think there's more chance for him cute to be able to bounce back he doesn't have the speed. But he could still be useful piece if may be not just slightly overpaid a bayou L four Bogosian. Would be. You would save four million dollars the first two years August. As the bio cap it would be one point 14 million or so those first two years and then the following two years would be two million after that. Don't be so bad that can be an option that could be an option for the sabres team. All right let's get into indeed. Greater greater great buffalo sports. Name bracket we had a ball V. Q and fifteen and one in sixteen matchups today even though there was a close call between he wanted to sixteen. Mansfield rod though beating out Brian holes singer by 53 to 47. It was shock all the ones move on all the Jews move on so the two is being. Acapulco Luken and who call tackle Luke and then after this week's. He moves on to quote Abu Bakar you're Rambo and kept happy they all move on over Joseph Juneau might hurl but Richard should not liking Corey bomb buried. Advancing the ones over the sixteens man's field rock though. Coco Crisp Morse Titanic Darren group are all moving on Bryant holes singer Sam gash marks the house and Drew Willy. They all and you know. They they don't move on so we do finally have some clarity. On what some of these second round match ups will. The between 81 seeds and ends the teams that moved John. Between these teams. The people that have moved on between the one in eight matchups so in the second round Coco Crisp. To be going up against Richey in a needle one vs the eight. Daren group the one seed going up against. The week wrote the ninth seed in the second round Morse Titanic. Again and horrible cold Lee Baca blow in the second round the eight seed. And then Mansfield Rondo. And booby Dixon. In the second round and is ripe for an upset if you're asking me. Before we get out here again I get some time to. The buzz blogs he's got to give is is time to cookie Gilchrist WP is going to be a matchup either tomorrow or Fridays ago. Tell the people laws tell the people wider than any double for coach Gil crest. We hate what Brian thank you an expert in Q so what struggling you either adapt their bird cookie Gilchrist. I mean that the I am critical about this. I mean there are a lot of we're not going out with the first round game we want to win the cookie want to win an anchor. If so what we're gonna do here is basically the Alabama quickly it'll be any opera product. You know great name and on ever but the the pretty much Alabama purses plate. Tennessee Chattanooga and the person that he's hurt and it got off I'm not in the know leave all my cards on the table yet. Not control my way that it showed up play action that built them the run and collier this year right. But. So. The first thing is we need to know what cookies name. Anyone out there with what it it to greet the great game at Carleton. Chapter cookie. Gill crest. Near and yet his number retired that Thurmond is requirements but yet at every candidate yet trauma. In and that the pirate thing by the way you know I forgot I think it's real quick change subjects. I forgot about the and we action here yet net interest being that injecting you get rid of all right salary and page are a lot of money that that happened. But take all per cookie are right the baker coming up Michelle growth. Makes us appreciate him and yep cookie he's going to be going up tomorrow against bock of for rod or maybe Friday we haven't determined which match ups are going to be be available for voting tomorrow. But yes it's interesting hearing abouts. The bears and it's. Sabres connection and we do have a tax to 55550. Of ever have the the idea they wanted to send a quick thought you can always talks to buy 5550. Wasn't stamp Kos post come here to not happening. Not happening in all caps Ani files and off with hash tag wishful thinking. And I do believe that I do believe that it is certainly a lot of wishful thinking and I going to be comparing those two but the fact that. It's being discussed and just because scam coast did not and upcoming here or doesn't mean the sabres were a part of the discussion Tarvaris doesn't have rod dynasty a locked active. Eight that it needed to bars than walking back to a situation that's going to be. Tampa Bay who is in the conference finals so it's not. Not quite the same so that wishful thinking. I think so but I don't think it's necessarily completely out of the realm of possibility. I think the sabres might be at least in on it is it wishful thinking. Yeah I think it is absolutely. Wishful thinking at this point it's going to be difficult to you convinced. A guy to come here to the 31 team but maybe view is a goal and Colleen as as players who can really work wept as he. Transitions in his career. But I agree it's it's pretty wishful thinking. All right coming up next it is the Stanley. Cup Western Conference finals the golden knights and the Winnipeg jets it's right here on WGR Western Conference IBA finals on TV here is the NHL with a conference final.