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Sunday, May 27th

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Newborn son and send me. Maybe check with the reverend would. We'll just play the damn game man. You GI back. Sports Radio 55. All right it's Sunday it's not 8 o'clock we're on an hour early for sports thoughts on it right here on WGR Sports Radio. 550 great wealth and Jody the Aussie here with you for the next two hours before Dave Buchanan and WGR's fast track takes over at. 10 AM this morning and then at 11 o'clock we will have Westwood one's live coverage of the Indianapolis 500 which takes place. Just outside of Indianapolis today. One of the best racing days of the year wouldn't you when you agree so job well it's got to be right Indianapolis 500 always won those races works just like. Down probably go to tune in at some point watch that what the big races are Daytona and Talladega Daytona and the Phillies Talladega races second Wanda Alec. There are other roses and gathers to tell they are race it's like to Daytona races political goal for hundreds Alec. Ever so yet and I would say if it goes through and Indy 500 but those of the Big Three. Today I was like tuning in to some of the other races that. In the NASCAR circuit it especially because. Like Martinsville is always fun because it's always that long racetrack with a tight turns and Beaulieu. Hello courses are always felt like Watkins Glen is always yeah I will watch watch on. Watkins guns get to watch it's good good TV yes rockets hit it really is and if you do watch NASCAR race like. The coverage is actually getting much better I think the fox coverage with. You know the it's easy Dylan heard on it now and he's on NBC's coverage penalty be getting I think the the Daytona races separate arteries. But the fox is a great job the TNT still doing acting do such a great job at fox always is great and then NBC they just got dale junior's cell. That'll be huge upgrade for NASCAR coverage at least but this race ultimately be watching today he he did a little off Olympic broadcasted in it it was. At all and it's a big get some short track speed skating which you know when that makes sense yes a lot jams and short track speed skating on key you know. He thought he did and our job so yea dvds speed skating I'm sure he can do and sport when he was doing the speech to escape they did watch a little bit I heard is announces he wasn't like. Analyzing the technique of the skeeter tourney he was analyzing like how they move on the course and like what type of action that they that they yeah. To get around as I heard on the Gator IR LR camera angles and stuff was it was really really interesting to hear him and I'm really looking forward actually hearing him on the NASCAR broadcast one on. When it gets underway and NBC bat coming up and early July maybe the Tony Romo of NASCAR's patent hey I'll take another Tony Romo you know. Maybe NASCAR Baltic another tome or Tony Romo type broadcaster. I average sport. Hockey knees don't girl who he had with the Sony it was the next who's that guy who is the guy in hockey that's maybe playing right now to nearing the end of his career that. You're like oh yeah economic report. It is English was better I'd say yeah armored shocker huh. That we see Paul much fun I was thugs do you Bryzgalov that necessarily for. Blake the analysis which. To have somebody on the broadcast and as some sort of personality leads to a sub for the players Tribune yes I'd like to see in my Emmys well where all the Russians broke your opinions on NBC and at least one. I didn't actually know if there is a guy it's like playing her now medically and making the he's not. Nearing the end of the year earlier today from a month year decades away from the right and it's kind of like yep Sidney Crosby Crosby won't be a good example of of a guy yet popular. But all around and he had good now analysts but he's very bland to me yes he would eat yet he deathly SF some personality. Old batch in a badge and maybe it's yet to edit all my answers are going to be European guys. That yeah I love listening to the European because. I mean for Canadians there's not many Canadians that are super centric or that you know how votes a wide vast personality. Because Molson that it really good Canadians are very lol communal low key loan in the you know. They're not high tempered or anything like that just. There's there economy David. Is it very soft spoken can. Who pretty much just says all the right things it's kind of like Sidney Crosby he's very soft spoken he says all the right things and he's not gonna say anything that. And it draws the ire of the league unless it's something very controversial that he has that has a voice in but that's kind of all occupiers debt. You know I don't know I know he answered this this. Art it's Roberto Luongo. Who needs definitely Roberto Oliver Berle Longo became an analyst definitely all the animal he's the he's the answer I think this question he's great on Twitter. Great on Twitter at Twitter he's great they had those. Those like skits that he did with Cory Schneider will you still in Vancouver. On a key he sees it he's he's funny he's a good personnel Ellen listen to a so. Yeah I think Luongo would he again he's he's nearing the end if you don't know what Lavar revert along those Twitter is at Strom one. He doesn't you know it's just a picture of a goalie with a question mark Allen a black and white silhouette of a goalie with a question mark head on his chest. But it's it's been known it's been confirmed that is the Roberta along this quarter count. And it's great it's a great follow on Twitter to get the chance I think it took me years before I realize that was him. Even after came out that that was him right I don't know if I'd think you might think people can be listening to us right now the pulse trombone one is reportable longer so forget he has. It's it's cattle like that twittered. Debate the other day when all when an old son JP lost and there's a GP lost an account that popped up and everybody was like. This is the real GDP Losman duping elderly and he started following others and others are following hand there's like what is this and then there's like sources that said I know that's not J. P. Losman and I think not and and the Twitter account got deactivated arkansans that there was not GP I don't think so -- I don't think so. But would it be funny if it was J. P. Losman in an arrow and thought oh he's faking it's not really J. P. Losman. And JPG the guards try to get Twitter at the activated those people thing I'm faking why they think being J. P. Losman. But they I guess he he was Jake Long has created Twitter count he's thrown out there and it was intercepted. And just like his career moles. And I had the shows are gone after a sudden everybody you you don't real bike 5188 by fifty to 550. Is the number here you wanna get a hold of us on the bills and sabres where everyone to discuss this morning are open for anything feel pretty give us a call feel pretty let us know. What you're thinking neither the fault line you can also tweet us at WGR by fifty at PG Wilson WGR at DB Aussie WGR. Or you can even had his tennis up on our tax on it by fifty by fifty but the one thing that I wanted to talk about breath that this morning aside from all the NASCAR and and broadcaster debate. Was not the first time since 1979. There's go to be two game sevens in the NBA's. Conference final. The last time it happened the two teams that advance are no longer in the NBA. Being the Washington bullets well they're still we MBA. Didn't big weave in and come back is different and I don't think so no just they just had to change names because the names and all of our kinda controversial so obvious that the Washington bullets and the Seattle SuperSonics. Okay yeah. Seattle's no longer around. Seattle won right they end up and and yet these are after that you're up. So that Washington has right. Any technically the two franchises still exist but yeah under different names one in an entirely different city build the last time that happened this happened two game sevens in the NBA conference finals. Which would you say it was 1979 there was yet to be a shot clock or three point line. And guys shorts were. I don't know six inches. Only goes with a really knows the days for the day with a really short shorts in the NBA so the knows where that completely different basketball. That's less time that happened. A lot of interest in his seat to be alive I mean there's plenty of people that probably are alive listening to us right now that. Knew it but. And Brosnan were too young and sweet we were alive for those days of basketball I didn't even know there wasn't a three point line in basketball at some point in Seoul. Like last year I didn't know that until tonight. Do you deny I had no clue I think that the eighties they brought them before that like you watch old all the highlights you actually Wilt Chamberlain highlights in the NBA there's no three point line. Now it looks very weird on so they just scored two points every time get nothing for reports and you know. Wanna go back now the things you learn breaking this well the things you learn every day that is the that is a model that goes along. Very well you learn something new every day. How much of warriors rockets or less I think six. I was working my other job done but Saddam but I did have a lot of timed it to tune in and and look and pay attention what was going on. And he certainly was a first half after the first that was over like our orders made a nice little push towards the end but. Efforts half as the rockets that keep playing like that series is over is no way it's going back to game. Ul. Here come golds at warriors. All they're all they're blowing them out now what what a what have all okay it's it's like a thirty point we OK game's over for gold backed Houston. The it's on. These two teams are the way they're built. It's amazing howling a slick swings like this can happen. They were up seventeen but the rockets scored 39 in the first quarter and it's 46 the rest the game yes. 2030 point five seconds like 39 know what 22 after one gases quarter they're up seventeen after the first quarter not simulate by thirty yeah. It's unbelievable on how they discussed they live and die by the three point and we just mentioned that there what you do you see three point line now that it exists. Teams that have built them selves up to live and die by the three pointer the rockets to a lesser sent the warriors wizards did everything but also but they're great because of their three point shooting. If you are not hitting your threes. You can sink every subtle from the rockets that they started missing three pointers and they go from. The best team going in basketball to a team that can't score. All we decide at the other night in game so I game five in Houston now either team could hit three pointers right off the bat. The oldest they would icicles right. And then the second hat Houston kind of picked up a little bit they started hitting some threes and Golden State was still struggling and that was kind of the difference in the game. If I mean honestly Golden State hit their threes. We wouldn't need talk about a game seven in this series go see it would have won game five and a game six would have been all home state as well and the series will be over. Yeah would probably be talking about in other Golden State final whether it is the cavaliers are not. I'll say after that brand of basketball though at the three point just watching an op every two seconds on. What I think I'm kinda changing. High and mighty enjoyment level of that type of basketball because what we're seeing what are so many blowouts in the NBA now we went. Almost two weeks without a game that was decided by single digits. It was from like may ninth. To me 1223. Or something that. There was no gains in the NBA they were decided by single digit points and and finally decide to kick the Celtics lost by nine you know they've been true and it doubled its ball game home. The data on which received the other series too but the other series is like. It's completely different because those are also good three point shooting teams yet but both teams are good because they it's like old. It's more old school basketball it's driving to the hoop it's big man on the court it's rebounding it's. It's just. It's different basketball the what you're seeing in the West End. If US this question a year dogma like oh I would much rather watch the Golden State Warriors play. Then the cavs in the Boston Celtics Seth Curry to step back three like that's awesome James Harden just by suing somebody up doing the same thing step back and you just can't guard these guys but that was fun but. Now there's so many blowouts and there's these huge swings where that game really leave the think about it was never close. Because it went from the rockets buoy up the warriors to the warriors blowing up the rockets and you add me to look at. What 23 minute stretch for the game was like. But within one score. Where is that the cavs and Celtics they're going back and forth LeBron driving to the hoop Tatum driving to the open the other side Horford download Thompson down low. And like those gains have been closer right and it. It's more. It looks more like basketball Meehan and I want revealing the old school basketball back is that's an opposite of what I think here they normally they get off pylon bad ultimately player that's an opposite of what I wanna be but right I feel like I'm enjoying that Eastern Conference style of play right now more than just these other two teams in the last. They just are shooting from half court. Whenever we get a shot except for about it did make a shot from half court yesterday but. League that's entertaining I just I am enjoying east more. To the Houston is in trouble that okay Chris Paul back for game seven guide you and that he was a report that he's less likely than likely to play and he'd. I mean the hamstring injury his foot screwed up to. On a lot you were you surprised it came back from that injury so you know. It wouldn't surprise me if he would be in the lineup but not near 100% yet maybe he goes out there plays is watched it and and and just. The warriors are favored by I think six and a half seven and a half I think I saw this morning and I think that's about right I think they should be favored and I think you should be favored. Not like comfortably I think that that's comfortably so even though there on the road and anger when they just too much firepower. They might they like it he would all of back so like Chris Paul my miss the game or they might decrease Paul back that the warriors could get. That really reporters that. Here's where icy with with how these playoffs go in the NBA real quick and feel pretty China if you want you Israel by 518080 by 52 putt fifty with the NBA playoffs. I watch Golden State and I think. Medical state goes back to the final. EE whom no matter who they face it feels like if they face the Celtics that they face the cavaliers sweet they're going to win in 45 yet games. It would be something if we got to six interview miracle we got sat. If Houston goes again things up for grabs. I think we could totally see the east whoever's in the east pull off the upset against Houston but. Golden State. They're kind of in the top all right how right now with Houston but. And you know this this year this series she probably shouldn't be as close as it is right now no I agree had a Golden State went knew we cover it ice cold in games four and five yeah and that. Never happens that they had the worst shooting quarter. In game five the fourth quarter and in the public twelve points that was the worst corner of the entire seat any day loss at home for the first time in sixteen. Games and game four off consecutive games in the playoffs for the first time since they blew that 31 lead the cavs and when he sixteen. So. Yet today. I think you're right to say that. The are late they're they're they should be favored to win the championship were in effect they were favored when they're down 32 in the series which should really speak to just how great they are. And they were favorites. 322 in the NBA title so now I think yet the that's right and that's however for Houston. Because Houston makes the finals and Chris Paul's banged up in you know what even if he comes back. And it's injured a lot so it's not liking it becomes Becky snack and three aggravate something or late he came back and play game seven and they want. I don't think he plays the entire NBA finals disease are ready banged up our guys gets injured a lot so. I would watch the rockets to make it just for sheer competitiveness because the warriors make the finals and you are most fun. Gotta like I got two great series in the conference filed in our logical state stop the hell out of whoever's coming out of the east where as if it's the rockets in their banged up. And it maybe you have the cavs and the other side who would easily have the bass player not easily been the would have the best player in the series. Like that tears could go either way that's a run for its competitiveness that that's what hockey has going for. And a lot of people even that our hockey fans I've heard in national media the past couple days especially when there's that stretch in the NBA. Where there's no close games like Bobby and Annie took lessons blowing away the NBA playoffs or ten because. Technical of course they are because the NBA the games are over by the third quarter in the NHL you've got overtime games you've got. Pulled goalie and are there has been as they overtime games in the NHL does shares as slash last year they are eight hotline over overtime game that's this year you're getting close teams though and yet you're getting more close games than not but with. When you when you mean the point is is really the national media it's still funny because. There's no way that anybody's. Really. Really really watching the NHL playoffs more than the NBA playoffs don't know that's rightly not even clueless when the games start you right. When the game started its armed with Tiffany team for game three Houston Golden State and then gained seven. Her I say this of the cavs and Celtics were on it seemed time the other night yup as game seven lightning and captains and that when those games start. It's lightening her I'm sorry it's the cavs and Celtics on that that's what viewed the people the nationally. Around the country as people are turning on. But as NBA games become blowouts which happens a lot. Then I think maybe you see more and more appeal what's going on hockey and Oates one nothing in the second period all the lightning or dominant labor and other on the verge of tying this up. Think that maybe they think. Hockey might do better once those games are blowouts on the in the other sports on. So I don't know I think at some point. For me every year because I'm pockets and what sport easily I I love basketball but it's not near instead doesn't touch hockey to me so. When the NHL playoffs in the NBA playoffs start. I'm always all NHL playoffs like the first round of the NHL playoffs is may be my favorite time of the year in sports. And at the NBA. It's just like you know who's getting to the finals in the conference finals so I don't really care as much. Generally there's a point that I reach Rob Morrow Mike Okinawa care more about the NBA the NBA. Because the star power and the celebrity of it in the drama and at some point but usually it's in the finals or debt and at the conference files or art. If they'll both Bob and I might be going to the NBA. Where it's close I haven't even come close to that point yet because. They're just haven't been close games and albeit hardly the only time that I'm really picking basketball or now's the bronze on and doing something insane. Whereas would be better place to be great you got a great story in Vegas the capitals are great story we give great stories all of that Mitchell plan so I I've been hearing prospered how. Entertaining these plants about even though you're right there have been a lot of overtime right and man I'm just. I was I was on Twitter late last night and yet I I don't promote their job and I just went on to patterns scrolling through. I saw and I saw between Mike Harrington who said. Many NHL has to be rooting for Houston to win game six here because. They're going to get teach to roll late in ratings regardless it's it's game one of the silica final its biggest gold knights. Expansion franchise it's Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin finally in the Stanley Cup final. But they're still going up against Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets and games out of the NBA finals. Your your Europe which goes up casual bask movement. It was a diehard race it somewhere between at Knoll problems not on Molly casual I could care less what happens in the regular season really. Butcher icons in the playoffs I'll I'll tune in a little bitten especially the NBA finals let OK so let me ask you this question type so. You made a point there about the rockets and ratings in the NHL rooting for that would my hair my carried into it. If it was rockets Celtics. How much less likelier would you be to watch it than if it was caps wars. Probably no difference no efforts okay that's why I was wondering probably not because I'd at least say are. I'm tuning in just you know I I know what's going on I see how everything's playing out who looks good looks bad you don't so and so forth. But I do think nationally if there was rockets Celtics obviously in the the ratings would be worse. Because Elliott Lloyd the warriors are just going to the worst trying to be the best team of all time. And look bronze trying to be the best player of all time. Where is Celtics rockets like what's your means a real I don't think LeBron is anything left to prove I think he's the greatest player all the time but there are people out there that think he has more proof so until. Everyone is silence. Maybe he thinks he asked you this now Tom. So I don't know I I I think I think there would be different nationally. I I definitely understand where you're coming from over there be no difference now. Just just because they and really tired of the Golden State. Cleveland Cavaliers and fourth Sri final I'd be so tired and I. I'd shoot inference is that as much as Houston Boston with the same mindset of Scott stinks. Like Houston Cleveland. A probably. And that's the most enticing them to mean that would be very great they had yes. That Lloyd EB it would be the most even series I think up LeBron verse hard in the two MVP now yeah and he's got a good cast of characters right behind your bass player. Chris Paul and you know catalog is healthy obviously Kessler also there you. Right at as second best player each team right now playing games on. And the rest of the cast of characters are pretty good supporting guys right behind the main guys. So. I'd be some happy I got that the Stanley Cup final yet and if carrier Irving was still. In Boston in Boston that might make in a little more that would meet the guys higher in conference finals butter. Because they cut the NBA's all about our EU and U he hates him and ended of Derek they don't get along of Westbrook and Iran are fighting. Oh look over your over your LeBron entire year getting into local Y it's dispersed now but it's just it's like it's a reality show. So if Tyree had been in this series and it was kind reverse the bronze. That would have been civil largely I think the Celtics probably would have party won the series yeah I would let a lot of files for drama would have ban a lot better now. Or even if Tyree was even just still on the cavaliers he never got traded never requested a trade is that maybe they can next be competitive toward exactly. And that it would be another incentive LeBron having to carry to Al Ras Europe and on the floor. Right against the Golden State team if it's Cleveland and Golden State again. For its target file I don't know if he's for years and probably would because there's a lot of Pete though the one thing that really got irk me the other today is that. Everybody was talking about. Always this LeBron last game and click it like as a cavalier. Like we haven't even played the game yet just like. What it gold play itself out and then we'll go on from there. And plus there were at home. They're every team that he's been at home as one in this series. And it doesn't seem like anything's gonna be different Celtics are tight and no homes these playoffs and there but they're also won in. They won it six on the road now so it hasn't mattered forum right and ever since the first series against Indiana Cleveland has been very good at home yup. Very good. Sell I do with that you brought appeared on annoyed with people that we're talking about how that could have on the bronze game from last game with the cavs yeah. I'm guessing your side do you think the Celtics are win game seven but by a little bit has no Count Olaf. I think LeBron played his last game Cleveland by having he's I don't think he's ever point game and right I mean let's see what's tonight. Plus he wins tonight. Even if they win a championship in Cleveland you think he's done. Even now that's interstate I haven't really considered that possibility because I've always been thinking OK they might make it to the finals but that is to stop by the warriors but now this rockets things come into play. So I haven't really spent a lot of time thinking about that question but might instinct would say. He would still. I think. It would still be light maybe not more likely than not but it it's they are still be a solid chance that he would leave because he could play off as okay. Obviously we got a little lucky here there injuries on the other side and I'm just gonna a moment ago I got you guys I got Cleveland two championships but I don't necessarily see the future working out the same way summit jump ship. So I would say that his odds were definitely increase of staying but I think he could still sell. To those fans that OK I won I won two championships. Of its cool finally Brett. Accident happened. I don't think he's gone back either open. You never now things change he would deal look at Steven Stamkos situation everybody said oh he's going. Everybody's reporting he's going the next thing you know on that crazy hour long stretch of June 29 when mean one out when he sixteen yup. Everybody agrees signs everybody gets treated. Just like yup C Sampras is wineries and all things. They've been fighting organization that kind of come out of left field within it oh yeah it's certainly dead. So we thought everybody was released and passed three NC. Clay Johnson ciphers which shots are as we all think oh yet he's W a test market the next thing you know. Kaiser senate doubters are the only difference is it makes will be made we more sense for Stamkos in Tampa that does for Tarvaris stating island. Because the organizational difference is just. So much different the roster difference yeah so what's different Santos was on a contender. With played a public that's the lightning are one of the better organizations in the NHL ice or mend their ownership is really going to be opened a new practice facility. Whereas the islanders. Tuesday even just our snow or he's gonna be playing army times if the move he'd probably just move to Brooklyn that was gonna move back in that NASA you. And then he's got to go to Belmont where the new arena's gonna be like at some points like okay where my living yep where bygone. We'll talk a little bit more about that would come back the break industrial 55188. By fifty to fight it the anything is on the table for you this morning on this. Sunny Sunday morning in it really isn't gonna be nice day out and maybe a chance of rain but. Tomorrow schools be really nice its goals the high seventies low eighties throughout the day of sunny the entire time solve everybody's enjoying their. Extended weekend for Memorial Day and hope everybody has a safe in and happy Memorial Day tomorrow but we'll be right back of this break here at sports such sunny right here on WG. Think you know there may be a little bit of short term setback if AJ McCarron cannot play it Tyrod Taylor rubble could again here as you know I like Tyrod Taylor. I thought he got no a lot of points out of the offense. That may be may not have been there with all the transition that was going on on and if you can get the 22 to 23 point level and that's great. But he doesn't then there's going to be a little bit at the short term setback but I think in the long term getting Josh Allen was a great move. That is. Formerly of ESPN John Clayton he's doing some radio analyst work with these Seattle Seahawks radio broadcast now. Always a good listened to with that John Clayton here and WGR sports real fight fifty and we're. I mean there has been anything yet confirm that he's going to be back next year but over the past several years he's that I was shall in the blog. On. That Al Wednesdays and he's been on Thursdays as well. He's missy you find it on Amanda WGR 550 dot com he was actually on this past Friday so you'll be able. Listen back there and and hear what he had to say about the bills he was talking there about Josh Allen. It's real bike 5188 by 52 by fifty of the up and thought of the bills together thought on the sabres be have a thought on the NBA playoffs. NASCAR. Stanley Cup IndyCar Racing Stanley Cup. Feel pretty gives a couple let us know what you think and what eaten you know got a question of anything still offered it to to call us up you know Israel by 51 EDT. Fight 52550. So before the break we're just talk a little bit about LeBron James and and the finals and whether LeBron would actually stay. If Cleveland happen to win again or fees heading in the market we brought up that interesting topic of the Stephen Sam goes in John Tavarez and if there's any comparisons I didn't wanna bring up to Barcelona I wanna talk a little bit about the the idea of John two cars leaving and we heard it a couple of times where. Port Miller from yes and sad. With the sabres went in the draft lottery that you know the sabres could be a team that all the Sunday comes in. Is science jobs virus. And dare drug you're here on WG ala the it's the Gator said that the chances of him signing with the sabres is as close was your percent as he gets because. Hey he doesn't know. John to bars what would he know about him her that he doesn't know rest in selling what we heal well d'alene really. Some conflicting interest stinger reports having granted if if John Tarvaris worded M were to come to buffalo I wouldn't be. All of that you know I wouldn't be upset about that but I'm almost kind of on the same point where I'm disliked now I can do without onto pars I would I. I think there and a good spot regardless he would you like the big whale they've never really gotten so that would be obvious that would accelerate everything. If you were able pull that off now the point that he doesn't know anything about roster style mean I don't know if I'd buy that a 100% I'm sure he's. May be always watched is something someone re tweet on Twitter are related. A few gifts but I don't think he's dug in and like OK what what will look at a point with nearly watching film and such but. I think he's got to know who we is just as a hockey fan as a hockey guy you hear the name you here at. The height. You would know at least something about him and French yacht took a senior Josh Georgia's waived his no trade clause to come here. That was and even like when they had Jack cycle Ed that was that a peck. That was before yeah it was an art. We were just trust that we think young guys are gonna get here and it didn't obviously go take. Didn't go quite a ghost like how excited they took longer than they probably thought when he signed up but they signed up thinking of it is going to be a lot of young talent commitment. Some and I'll transition that. Dumars could look at this and say okay there's a lot of hype for a lot of young talent here that's gonna be digging a little bit on these guys and maybe that helps out but. Obviously I don't think that. If he does leave. I don't think this is one of its top landing spots that they are trigger was on the the NC gators last week he'd mention of budget when he spots all of which were out west about San Jose. Aussie Lewis Vegas even Nashville lit up to clear some cap room obviously yet the later those are more realistic landing spots me because those are teams that. Our have been in the playoffs and really Tavares ghost a team like that. And their Stanley Cup ready like immediately where's he comes to buffalo it's okay and their. Almost certainly a playoff team but are we a Stanley Cup contender not yet. It's kind of like the Patrick Marleau situation when he left San Jose comes Toronto. And it was like well you know with Marleau on the picture a kind of makes them you know a potential candidate for cup. That's it's not exactly looking pretty good how are now they have to win the exact same way it did before they had morrow. And green jobs are again I'd love to bring in a guy like John Tavares I think he's he's a top line sediment. If you bring him and he's probably gonna be. Either first or second line center right hatter behind Jack Michael golden no doubt. That would allow peace in Middlesex become the third line senator. And be able to kind of grow his game a little bit more and and learn the ropes and get some limited playing time while getting good enough experience. And Yunel. Then you would have to trade right rally of course because that that cap that he would carry. Yeah now without you know really really tight if you were trying to keep trying to rally and ensign John breasts I think John Tavarez. The the reason I don't really want to bring him in. Is because I think he's gonna garner a ton of money. And with. What's coming up for the future the sabres a mean. And I hate to use it as my main excuse but you know. I'd rather spend my money maintaining my assets then really trying to kinda. Bring a guy and that yet he might help us out another year too but right away. It's gonna come in and he'll be a part of the you know part of the solution but it's not gonna come to fruition right away. If you were a couple years older if you were 29. Thirty. 31 and this was that coming up I would say OK it probably not I don't I don't wanna deal Alipay in north ten million dollars. But the fact that he is only if he's 27 years old. And he's got. Yeah I think 56 over the years laughed to being a player that he is. I don't start to lose a little patience lake it lets go already. I'll ought to make the playoffs to spend far too long I already had one drought with a one team year I don't need to start. Getting ended the double digits with drought and the other team so. The fact I and I think maybe you're right that the smarter move. You know would be Smart move I think to be close it would be smarter for cap reasons yes bush if he goes out. The Western Conference and it's just kind of like okay yeah kind of dodged a bullet there and he's he's gone out to the last only see him twice a year. A must go to the cup final we claim the cup final but for its Toronto. I don't think Toronto is gonna sign them I don't either but what it believed what if oh it was like OK we could sign him. Because he wants to live near Toronto so if we say okay we only one 89 million dollars. And he's not considering that Toronto is over here paying ten. Do you would you would you risk cam going to that division rival. I mean there's toss iteration he could go to Montreal. CRB five to that because I don't. I don't think he'll be much much fields. There other than Kerry price they are tire fire now. That is nurture their third. They nothing on the back and it has treated all they're young blue line is brought up last week at the dinosaur league and there at the dinosaur the one are adverse event as a dynasty Virginia yes. Easily. Not hey Natalie it dinosaur GM but not a Smart GM period. Just. Adding that the Jonathan your land for decals target kept rates. Just continues. To get a laugh that because you're trading a guy who has. Had character issues in. Tampa Bay didn't wanna play for them because is he wasn't getting enough ice time it was you literally caught in that choice I literally sits out. Willingly and voluntarily sits out. It's you know wait for trade. Daddy goes to the HL it will I think this is in reverse sort of egos the HL they send them there so we can get some playing time that he voluntarily sits out. Then he decides to voluntary return. We've played super well and he wrote a letter saying whomever plays for the organization and yeah that yet and then next thing you know two years later he's traded to Montreal gained. I wouldn't say it a super lopsided trade yet it might be too early to call that but as of right now strength held serve which looks so good for Tampa Bay. Certainly trending that way that it's training to be lopsided and obviously on another trades would you be lopsided at some point here. Is Soo bad for Shea Weber told now lol it's not quite lopsided yet because Shea Weber such a good defenseman right now but soon ban to be honest. He's a better defensemen are now he's leagues especially for this the way the NHL's going in speed and puck moving on the Blue Line is more. Prudent would not see Shea Weber said good in those areas it's Toobin is a leaked in those areas which Shea Webber a lead in which is this cal itty slap shot obviously isn't the top in the league. And it. Being just the physical stayed home defenseman while also giving you a lot of offense. Is leak it it's changing a little bit. You'd rather happy Casey Ben I think in Shea Weber now I mean you mention their ages yet it's humans what 34 years younger he was endorsed candidate this year yeah. So they've they've made a couple moves where did circling back to the bars here. The difference between Montreal Toronto for me if I'm sitting here as buffalo fan but he goes to Toronto. And okay meant it to its Toronto Tampa in this division. And man I met that. Somehow climb over Boston girls I'm not getting one of those three division spots 'cause I'd it's going to be really hard to up and Toronto or. Tampa whereas Montreal. You think Tarvaris acts at the sabres and being competitive with them. The next couple years in 030551808550. 2550 is the number here talk a little bit about John Tavarez in the idea of bringing John Tavarez. Two buffalo are you in favor of it are you wary update. Do you. Feel free call slot us now. In a real fight 51808550. To 550. It's got a phone call here on a topic that I wanted to bring up an and a little bit but. It is all John and Rochester introduce what he wanted to talk about John you're on WGR its fourth sucks on it already had. At the border great chill though thank you know I a little effect of search and our third couple of colonial that referred. Study that would buffalo. About to borrow leveraged support of the work you possibly bring America. Thanks John I appreciate you bringing that up and and will be doubly get into this in detail coming up a little bit but. Phil Kessel certainly is intriguing name to me. Because. He's. Just Jason bottle has said. Eight we need scoring on the wings we need speed on the wings and we don't have enough of that here. Phil Kessel maybe a little bit older but he stills place fast he still scores he put up his career high number in points 92 points this year. End. I mean if he's available on the trading block and ball looking get him at a decent price on the market. I'd be all for it. Ideal for bringing Phil Kessel here. And he did a lot of that 92 points not playing without getting Malkin or Sidney Crosby right and that's part of the fallout actually do it was reported that he added to spewing Mike Sullivan because he's frustrated he wasn't playing with him any mall in. And they used plane with their for sergeant who would have in the third glance at before such a suitor. No suit of his daughter's been on on the less confusing him with the Detroit guys Sheehan Bradley Sheehan Brian machine and he's up. 92 point plane on that third line yet he would just reject Michael. We're jumpers. Or case and now that Orion or Riley or all of those are better sentiment and when he had. Yeah circus arts nothing's no slouch put but I overall. Players yes that he probably don't anarchy and here's here's castles. Cap numbers here he's still got four years left on his deal. With an average annual salary. Eight million so yeah it's a little pricey however Toronto has retained one point two million of the salary throughout the arousal every year it will be one point two million. That's like as I saw six point eight million is his cabinet until 640 mill will be his cap hit. For the rest. You know the time that he has because they're going to be protected Toronto's retaining one point two million of the entire. Salary throughout. So being get Phil Kessel port six point eight million for the next. For years even three years if you wanna try to trade McGann thought that that that its contract for Toronto those still just wolf. It's not it's not a bad deal it's not that that sour about raising money Mel yeah. But he'd instantly become the third highest player on the team that is if you're not treating ride a rally or signing John. In if I think those two ideas would existence separate rounds and final figures signing Tavares obviously and they were were talking. Fancy GM here is that for Tavares and Cassel but even if one of these ideas were an option I don't think they can exist together via. You just can't Adam Sandler yeah you've got you can trade O Reilly. And end up with two cars three could treat the rightly out of the counselor you connection probably have counsel. And O'Reilly and your books at the same time it would be a lot but you can probably make it work right you have to you have to compensate that no other way by getting rid of another contract or trading on them. He. It can happen I think it's it's it'd be a complicated process but hey Jason opera was the cap colleges kind of when he was with the penguins so if anybody knows how to fitted and and actually. He can do it because I think he was one of the guys that woods in charge of getting bill Cassell gets come to Pittsburgh in that trade that sent Casper cap and a bunch of other players to Toronto. But. Anybody can figure out its its street. She's grown trust trust what you do going on here. For me you know I don't put too much added pressure on myself what's gone play my game suits against soon it's something. And you wish you when you don't plan. More than others he's eligible for me and I know what I'm capable of doing. An amateur so. The choice everything I put into. That is cavaliers. Forward he's ago go okay cavaliers go San Diego. LeBron James you know it's funny that you say that because we were looking up bunch of blog on Friday the top ten scores NBA history. A pull up LeBron James. The pro football basket pro pro football as well the pro basketball reference page and every position was listed for him except for senator. At shooting guard point guards small forward and power forward while. He does he's viewed as a point forward. LeBron James. Really isn't. We can debate the Jordan vs LeBron thing and it would be me calls for its LeBron James. I know Jordan won six titles I know that he was part of rate and BA. Team when he at Scottie Pippen there he also had Dennis Rodman there and you know a bunch of other supporting cast members but at the same time. He's done a lot of everything that he has done in the NBA all by himself. Late this year. They don't get as fire in the NBA playoffs without him. He is they don't make the NB don't don't no no without Cleveland they're likely playing without him Cleveland's likely play for first round there'll overall pick yes every year. They were late word and doing that once he left last time yup they'll I think he reads this offseason they go right back to. Social and carried. And yuck or capital yeah. The yacht because there we got the live coverage of the cram all the Monaco for a role in mind let's just kind of on a WGR here and sky sports is talking to Tom Brady or now recovery would be in Monaco. Of course he has he is becoming. Analysts. See the reason. The reason why it's like yuck and everything is because. How they see Tom Brady I'm just like yup Boston sports I don't want any part of boss sports. And eight ties in with boss and his disciple who you who would you rather wanna see wind plea no I want to see. I wanna see Cleveland would because I hate all spring sports. They've won enough. Does the kid with a sign that says I'm eleven and my ninth championship parade but get out of here. I'm I am sick you don't need anything you heard your sat for life. On your championship yet I'm sitting here watching my team I can even get a playoff berth. Rob I'm celebrating the streets for making a wildcard. This kid's been in nine grades I don't I don't I don't need the Celtics I don't want them to make spoils kid spoiled and it's strictly because Boston has just. You won enough a enough party. Yeah that's flat White Sox at the IRY Cleveland to win tonight even if even if Cleveland gets blown out in the NBA finals I'd rather see them in the NBA finals the Boston so I'm just tired of Boston teams winning. The patriots I hope and I think we've hoped for several years that OK this might be their last good year. Let's hope that and bring your tires is your dollar check retires to record except it's probably gonna bought for another three or four years because you know hey they're they're like bionic machines and in. Boston the patriots. Waiting the first time that was sent us. You can it was just for you when the first time you thought our nick impeached him earlier that would wonder two years left Albright could even be the year flood that whatsoever the first time you've thought this could be the year that they slowdown. When you Bree was 35 maybe. Six years ago when he started. Aging that's what twelve I mean everybody ages like. The L and apparently not he doesn't apparently not yeah because of me he put upon his best years last year and the year before that was a really good year too so our animal brand image. The crowds of 33 so Sally keys. Forty I worry that I hope that. Properties Slaton. Can get him to retire him to retire she wants EU like ago. Like out of town of youth or something right as a fanatical he found training guys. In quite a mere mean argues some. Treating it may be humorous things like the the league he defected he doesn't. Eat strawberries. Because there's too much sugar in them while Howard doesn't eat strawberries either but that's said to completely different reason is this effort it didn't illogical. Malicious remain Eddie and power it's also the one that didn't trek Peter potter intelligence and it's fifties top five fruit. Strawberry. Definitely pop for. It's also. So insults okay for it's it's a top basket at an all star fruits and a leading group itself surf through draft that be great idea. I think there was a turn for one point me to there was going to be in there wasn't there. You guys in the afternoon shall call with a lot of really really great ideas that never come to fruition. In question. And accommodating route on on the reputation of our Ed never Condo partition yeah those don't. All corny puns corny puns. I 80305518550. To 550 coming back from the break we'll talk a little bit more about. The sabres we'll talk a little bit more about what's coming up to the Stanley Cup final coming up that starts tomorrow night at 8 o'clock from Vegas. And now of course you're on WGR we'll have live coverage from Westwood One. All the Stanley Cup final throughout the entire final. You hear the games live. Right here on WGR Sports Radio 551 Morari goes sports hot sunny with me bring Wilson Jody yes he's also hang out here on WGR.