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Gotta let it play got a lot of play when to let it breathe. Three not Mike come on bring it up bring it up there yeah. It's. Happy Sunday at what. And he gave it totally agree that. Hi welcome back sports on Sunday here at WGR. Sports Radio 550 break Wilson Jody DeOssie back will be here for another hour here before. DP candidates over the WGR's. Fast track coming up at 10 o'clock and 11 o'clock we'll have live coverage of the Indianapolis 500 right here. I'd WGR and then later on tonight we'll have and the B. Sunday night baseball and then all right ESPN 1520 great noon NASCAR race tonight NASCAR is entering its sixth starting at six where they had tonight. I don't know. We had. Tonight's race news Charlotte motor speed Charlotte OPEC. Aren't. Since the all star racers that the Coke cola 600 Coke 600 that the authors I don't know now what's the Oscars. That is not the all star race the Coca-Cola 600 I'd. It's gonna waste that race what's the difference being all serious and others and can it. Are they all and a there are all in it yes I didn't. Not like the other sports words the better question for debut came in once scene when she arrives ales did have put a mean the the thing that I think is the difference is that. With the all star race it's like separate races. It's all uh oh races and and they all come together at the end its like the other top five guys in one race will. Yelled brace the other guys from the top five and and the other guys in the top five will join that group and and there's a blunt one more top fives like the top twenty racers all race for the grand prize at the end their skills competition. Nell. Nobody is Roland what we did what would those contests even be in the thanks to restricts watch me this carpet ready for aiming or bring up a fighter. Watch that I want that hold the line ask our skills count that's what's it. Tell your really really tough to do. Maybe set the entire course on fire. And whoever's in whoever has their tire still remaining on at the end of the race thing demolition derby. Now being asked ardently convinced our family editor they demolition. Let's see you there's no rules NASCAR come like in the video game NASCAR's three can turn off the yellow flag settings on there and you can race. The wrong way via that site he'll also caught the right way because intentionally crashed on and the people read the don't I don't recommend not recommend that life. No not real life but it's. That that was funny now that wasn't a lot of fun because you can crash your car. You could put everybody else on the race and by the especially track like Martinsville so tight it's so narrow. And if you create a giant rack your wracking a bunch of cars out of 43 car field. All's on their deal like a glitch in next thing you know there's like three cars racing against their press the great thing that he quickly twenty laps down you just catch up in this Tryon when the rest of the race but. Man I wish they would still come out with those NASCAR games those are a lot of fun. Create a lot of Havoc. I attacks here that say kind of hot take with. What we've been talking about with LeBron James. Mobile hot day brunch in this is going to us this spark that Jordan vs LeBron debate and more I think when when I've reached this tax the right. And he. When YouTube call Ron Brown the goat it sounds like you're twelve you should actually watching knicks bulls 1992 game seven win maybe you can get it. But anyone who says LeBron and Jordan is even a is even in a conversation is either an IU or just an absolute eighty. LeBron vs Carl Malone is more conversation grow up unions. Mean young ins humans I think we're renaming our show from sports talk Sunday to the young and shell. So. Yeah I don't know how to. Karl Malone was a good player. But you're really telling me that Karl Malone had more of an impact that a game like LeBron that's that's insulting LeBron James and. Her ability it really is he the only name that's worthy of mentioning with him is jordin and Kareem. That's because that generate did not generation group watching Jordan but the generation grew up with. Even before magic and bird with Kareem it careens ago ago but I watched Julius Erving and it. And TNT and T a couple weeks ago with Kevin Garnett. And they've. Brought up Jordan LeBron debate in Julius Erving goes I think Koreans about cyber. But I think that generation. The cream was their guy and they are obviously respected Jordan but they would probably see that's debate. And then the golden generation grew up watching Jordan play OK he's obviously he's the go and iMac and hear about anybody else. And the people the girl watching LeBron James play like me. Are gonna always say oh LeBron James ago I think each generation's gonna have their guy right so at some point when I'm in it when I'm older adult and it. I don't know I'm in my fifties or sixties there's going to be some other. Guide its weighting up the NBA and omnimedia they get off my one guy at that point thing of the project is ago. I don't wanna hear about LeBron James junior this is Robert this taxes almost kind of like he real or fake segment that we do with Howard Jeremy a morning where it's like. Is this text or tweet real or fake. I can't dial because there is to me it lodged in that. That I don't agree with there is a point that I except and that's I had I did not watch Michael Jordan play. So it's hard for me to argue. Just strictly on my own opinion that the bronze batters I didn't see Jordan play but. The fact that there are people. That are in that age group that it will freely admit that the bride is the goat to me tells litany of the LeBron as the ago. Because there are a lot of people out there that watched both play in Salem bronze better. Has the bronze better rebounding the bronze better passing the bronze about a three point shooter LeBron is more athletic he has banned a more finals he has more years. Almost every record he can speak of in the playoffs already and he's got the by the end of his career you'll have every record. I don't know if there is a record he can't get. He will have them all he'd he'd just tie Jordan I think on game six for almost forty point games. In a BA playoff history in these 33 by the way so he might have seven years left so yet. I just. In the debate will rage on forever. And I wool except that one point always. But I will always except that counterpoint. That I didn't see Jordan play because you're I didn't so right now I caught Jordan at the very tail end of his career yet may be I remember very rarely Goliath. I mean heat I doubt we watched him with with the wizards which was. A laughable. Laughable time period of you know of his career because it was just kind of like. That that wizard church does not walk and I looked very at all it looks so weird it almost looks. 88 you could literally say that looks just putrid awful. I think our Barbara watching LeBron in that lake in the last year he was with the bulls in 98. I think that's the last X I remember it was last one I remember him with the polls. But I think it was when he was it we in 98 with them and that was his last year he retires a little bit because back in 2000 and at the wizards. And and yet just. Looked really awful the one the one part of the argument that I was here about those two bit will that frustrates me. Is. This and not the championship debate. Because I've seen Georgia Moore six to three league that's an advantage for him but. When people take away from the pry on the east three and five. And that jordin six and now as if if jordin was six in three would have been worse somehow. The re strictly take the finals and we only we look at in a vacuum when that's not what you should be doing because. The bronze should not be punished. For being three and five rather than three out. Because I feel like there would be people out there if you were three you know set at 35 that would book at him more positively like OK he doesn't lose in the finals okay. But maybe he lost in the second round or third round where early jordin is six and no. And yes remember there were years she lost in the first round there was the year he lost to the magic and there were years he didn't make it to the finals so you should not. Ever punish someone. Because of their finals record because all that tells me says to me is that it made it that far so. Why why are we criticizing LeBron burden making its eight finals only winning three as if if you ban three you know that would be somehow better. That's the only part of the debate that always frustrates me because it makes no sense whatsoever. As if he'd rather have a brown losing ground wondered pacers. Hi I just I got a text message here from from Patrick heat Texan he says. I'm 43 have got easy magic Thomas bird Jordan the products that are there's a strong case for low bar on LeBron to be the goat. But I can only say that there's a case for I personally Celtic extort. Our climate that I'm I'm totally fine with that you are also members 33. If there's a case for a now 67 years left. Lake if it is bleak even at least a view. Won't acknowledge. That there is a case for or even gotten to me I think he is about some fine if you don't think he's the boss I ever. But if you won't even at least acknowledge there's a case for you have to acknowledge that he has a chance to do it considering he has six years left probably. That a tax rates and I watched them both Jordan was batter to say LeBron is more athletic shows you nothing about Jordan the man averaged 37 points. I think that's very fair point that the team. It's it's kind of the same discussion that we have with the NHL even the NFL with the with the way that we want to build these hockey teams the way we want to build. The football team we redid some people that call in and they'll say well we need to play with more grit and tenacity in at the NHL level. After the NFL is well we need more of an offense that looks like you know the bills from the early ninety's. Problem is guys. The league is so different from. A back those years in the NHL few years ago it was still a tough grinding lead you still had guys who would you know. Have a boxing match it's at a price they drop the gloves off of the peace stopping go at it right at sunrise you don't see that anymore you rarely see that anymore. This game now in the NHL's all based on speed and skill with the ability to beat top still bought. It's mainly speed skill and being Smart. You look at that Vegas gold knights they took a team that was nobody last year nobody was on the team and they built a team to fit today's NHL and look where they are now they're in the Stanley Cup African fine. Yet felt. After the bills was do that the bills did the K gun throughout the entire time. In the early nineties everybody started to adopt the no huddle offense every offense now in the NFL has the no huddle offense. It's. Leaks everywhere are copycat leaks might show brought up the article in in. The recently in an NHL wanna talk about Vegas where the NHL is a copycat league. I think that dates back to them to the penguins when they won the cup in 2016. Against San Jose. That team was built on speed and skill in today's NHL style. That team one other teams started copycat and afterwards Pittsburgh still won the Stanley Cup the next year. And now everybody's trying to be Pittsburg from that year. Last year it was to hurt last year was the penguins and now this year it's Vegas and Washington. Two teams who are very well built for today's NHL. Even a guy like Tom Wilson who gets suspended for hitting a guy out I'd breaking news John giving him concussion three games. Tom Wilson money's not being dirty is still eight bass player he's a skilled player he can play on the line with Alex Ovechkin. And whoever he's playing with nick backstroke as anything that's not exactly. Tom Wilson's not just the third line fourth line grind it out guy he's a guy that can actually plug in with a top line. And be an offensive. Offensive threat. You know all the down forty points this year right in the NFL. The out of felt when the bills were the hot thing in the ninety's it was the no huddle offense and in playing. You know just a dynamic offense that. Would tire out defense and wouldn't you know. Be effective. And now in today's NFL. That's all that's everything that bills were back then. Skull. And today it's mostly at passing game it's a quarterback league. And how some teams are still trying to catch up trying to find that guy the bills are hoping Josh Allen is going to be that guy. But the NFL you have to have a passing game you have to have a decent quarterback in order to succeed in this league. Tyrod Taylor did enough for the bills last year to help the bills get to the playoffs. But easy franchise quarterback. I think cell. Baby goes the Cleveland and rose the the best quarterback to Cleveland's had in several years. It could happen but the draft the baker may feel first overall I think the I think it Tyrod Taylor even starts to struggling Cleveland. I bet he gets the hook and baker mayfield goes and it starts at quarterback. Things change all around and back to the point would basketball. It has changed. Basketball has gone through its its motions it's changed over the years. You've got guys who are just. She wrote in threes now you see more of these incredible shots these incredible plays in basketball. Or backward Jordan was playing it was a lot of those drive the net and play a physical game. An hour today's game yet you could still do that but a lot more guys are willing to shoot three Seth Curry's made a name for himself because he just drains threes like it's nothing. It's a lot of fun watching the MB it's a lot of fun watching. The game today and that when you look back and and the tax line is is blowing up here and some people are just like. You don't. Everything's so much more different and stats and records and eccentric sat triple back then the game was totally different and it's true. Deans of Walt's whole much differently when the black cops on the sale I keep. Leading this back to the NHL just because it if you know me I watch a lot of the NHL I'd just gets colleague Mike thing. When the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup. They Wear out fast team but the work. They were a team that was completely built with speed and skill they were a team that. Did have a lot slower guys bought they were Smart team they played the way the NHL that year. In 2015 the last cup that they won they played really well with a team that. Did have some speed but they are a team that were Smart they were there overpowering the Anaheim Ducks. A few years guarding 2014 when he thirteen something like that. With size zero double play with musicality and he did bring speed teal but. The league is completely changing now to the point where it's speed skill you don't have to have so much size but you have to be fast you have to be skilled to have to be Smart you have to be able to move the puck from point a to point B. And that's how the NHL's being built now. We yours not a hockey compares for. At what point. To Gretzky become better than Korea now because according how even Gretzky will tight he's the bass player of all time and I'm sure people that generation openly Gordy Howe. Is that was the best hockey player ever sought out but at some point. Gretzky didn't just our breaking records he was shattering shattering he was he that man Wayne Gretzky would be the highest. Point getter in NHL history to never scored a goal. Just for the success and you so what at some point volume. Will just overcome everything else and that that's going to be similar to what the bronze gonna end up doing because he is setting these records for now he's tied up but he's only 33 years old and 33 years old he's still playing at the pinnacle of his which he looks like in his prime. How long is prime the last is going to be like Tom Brady asked to embrace the Golan. As good as ever on each forty while I think Rodney go and is good at 3839. Totally that he is going to dust bowl week. Records yeah so at some point I agree I think even people that wanna see Jordan's batter and don't want to acknowledge sets the record just fine. At some point when you're just soul much better than the so everybody else in those stats they got to count for something. Industrial by 5185. PP to fight its multiple lines you can call here from Mike and awful Mike WG. It had been ordering it and operate our league championships. Answer every question and one I really can't operate out O'Brien it's not Michael. Earlier though Russell let in after years checking ships. Yeah Andy that's a great point I'd be championships. Certainly say a lot about. The the caliber level player and and how he ranks in the in the war is in the history books bill Russell's putt eleven championships in. He's not the best play at all but. I mean. Yet ID but certainly I agree with the point though that championships tennis people will say championships that's all matters if you grace player of all time you better have the championships. Bill Russell as eleven Jordan has six LeBron. Is what three is third three. You might have six are ready though if you didn't go the speed of great team all time yup Wu Wear the worse those warriors teams in the ninety's LeBron hasn't missed eight NBA finals since 2000 intent. I know he has won all the on the that's certainly thinks something. And did you know George Allen have a run like this. Boy you went six and eight. 68 but you've won Saxony ya but there were two years he. I don't he took off he took off one full year by at this rate he took up one full year play baseball. And then he took most of that next year off and came back. For the playoffs just in time but then they lost to the magic thing I have buried in the net on three more. After that so you know that's a similar stretch but. Sure that's not before though stretches in each guy's career LeBron is better. He was better he reached the finals he got closer than Jordan did his numbers were ballots all the spotters and there is not eight. That you can argue mid range game but I don't think there's a single thing. The Michael Jordan does better on the basketball court in the brunch in science. Here's isn't better three point shooter better rebounder better passer bat better everything so. He has god gifted abilities just the athlete that he is 68 in the can run. Like a wide receiver in the NFL and he has the vision that you've never seen. But you he's just. There are no full Haas whose game and announcing her Foster Jordan's game but. I just generally I don't like the argument. That he's battered just because of championships. That's eighteen. Accomplishment hmm that's a circumstantial. Accomplishment based on who you play and based on what the league is and the fact that LeBron has had to go up against arguably the best team we've ever seen. In the Golden State Warriors should not hurt his legacy now as a player now. Geddes is mostly had you everything himself. And we salute the movies this year feature him in before it. In Cleveland he did that those last eyelash here Miami. When they had all the injuries but a lot of times it's for you're right they had he has had to do everything that's why I think a lot of the discussion will we were gonna have the discussion for ever now with. Yell and is the greatest player of all time. I think it just depends on what area watching the sports. If you've seen everybody if you've seen a lot of these guys play the audit opinion of burly guys like you'll meet. We've mostly only seen LeBron but that's why I don't think we're gonna have the debate forever because at some point it's gonna be LeBron right. I think at some point when a small deals. R.s ten ones driving like 90% of the conversation I think it's going to LeBron. Astride the conversation in ruining the world has there at. With our else how to always you out a category I was sitting eating avocados toast and talking about LeBron James the best bets what player and we can't afford. We can't afford to buy houses we can't afford to buy Harley-Davidson's. We can't afford to buy any jewelry. We'll get there hopefully. The head maybe. You know even if if things decide to play out and our favorite Philly societies but today. That's a discussion for another time and another you know it's real fight 51 EDT by it to fight it wanna bring up a little bit more the Phil Kessel discussion that we are handled it. I feel like that we you know touch base that left it because we ended the of the one textile LeBron it's an assault on a tangent but that's the wanna bring up the Phil Kessel idea. In a patent coming back from this break here. Bill castle where would you wanna slot him in what do you think he'd be a fit forty think he'd be kind of one of those quote on quote cancers in the locker. You think he'd be a good solution for the sabres in trying to figure out what they wanna do for the future. We get a little more in the baton of course we'll take your phone calls from here in a trio by 51808552. By fifty if you want to chime in with your thoughts LeBron still gonna chime in with an Opel spots. Feel free call us. Sports not sunny rolled on Briton Wilson Jody BSE here on WGR sports pretty a fight fifty. If we've been good at one thing all here's stay resilient coming back but we need to start better. You know obviously the one time that was the case. When we just kind of weathered the storm. Two and they had a 45 point lead but we managed that. We can't have the end of quarters like we had games three and four here. That would be Celtics head coach Bret Stephens. Talking about get ready for game seven tonight between. The Celtics and the cavaliers that one he's coming from Boston tonight tip off is at 838. Right. 83830. It's. Good hopefully all the games for the NBA finals has the seem start time like the NHL decided to do with the silica final. All the start times for the finals are at 8 o'clock. Easy and there are ya. So a final every game in clot easier to remember it easy to. Keep in the old noggin hair. At a there'd be a better chance that Houston makes a vertical state. Central time zone vs Pacific. I'll figure Bayesian does that is the first and the Mitchell Thomas configure remember. Now is that the reverend San Jose Pittsburgh soaring like ten in Iran being. Up arms and open arms about that. Has got to wait till ten and watch the Stanley Cup until 1 AM but it's Vegas so that might right. Help and some sort of fashion the rate he's got a rates as their record this year for the NHL right for the finals and ironically I would think sell you got over you an expansion team which is great story right he does not alias the penguins are hot market but it's not the penguins again. It's I think people would be tired of seeing payments for church street time because everybody would go on Sidney Crosby again we have the watch again. Cindy Crosby is not I mean yeah ice on the greatest players in the NHL but I don't think he's all that popular when. You know. In the cells right I don't think it's William telling the NBA league with LeBron James is indie games you're gonna watch million people watched just for Sidney Crosby. Is on the ice only a third of the time right. He doesn't have that impact. However people watch when our arrest is the only incomes and becomes the buffalo sabre in June he's the first time his name got mentioned it spurs think they'll help president. Our estimate the record. Since the sabres on the lottery for a yet well. But he did miss our odd conversation with Howard Jeremy at Friday morning we did talk to Tom's mom. He was the Swedish national world junior head coach with Dolly for the past two years. You find that on Amanda WGR 550 dot com get dialed it until lean as we link to call in the morning. And others other instances too where there's been other interviews were we've talked to several people relating to rest is only. Everything you can find and theirs in on demanded WGR fight that the dot com. Industrial by 51 EDT by fifty to 550 talking about little bit about LeBron discussion with Jordan we're talking about. I greatest players and air we're also talk a little bit about Phil Kessel wanna bring that up and decide let's held the ball once take a quick phone call here from Steven Toronto Steve got WGR corona had. Hey guys. They're quick primer are on the change Jordan conversation you're having our structure if you mention one thing I regarding the two dominant the defense side of the ball. James you know addicted defensive player he has to different parts of the block charge her cat he ebitda even made you know all of nature. Shot blocked at least getting settled on was a big apology years ago. Yeah I mean I think that's kind of one of the steeple. Blonde highlights of the bronze career when he did that. Well right but that's the thing is a struggle considered an elite defensive player he was his brother number you know on first team defense team's. While our lawful yearly quite often we talk 200 jaded and took part of a passed ball as these days that kind of ball are still won't let. I guess if you feel that we can't make chocolate he's got the Spanish matador just there are ways just what he brought a lot of guys. You don't get a two point popular then you don't play defense. Which barrel or get a lot of guys do in the NBA these days but yeah I hope that that's a big difference between the two adapt. And at the end of the day Illinois got the top of the points from the song could be repeating myself well but here. The end of the debt typically players truly compare themselves based on championships I know that the team accomplishment. But if you think change is important not to do I get together for dinner and James are the fact that he's about a passer rebounder what have you. Jordan of football does and it's up our brains are more than one on the other and just says seriously. So I think these guys truly compare themselves to. The championships but they want to be that they are our guy on their team in our well I. I think a big difference for people to part of the game that I think Jordan whatever just no way that's an Islamic I just walking and he's gonna. He's going to be tougher bills aren't equal under the basket I insult I think that's a major difference between those two players for our. Yet I get your point there's the thank you for the call appreciate chime in on your thoughts there that at that is certainly had a decent point. The complete player the complete package. Think that's always brought up in in a bunch of sports point talk about their comparison the defensive end. Sure I think LeBron when he needs to like that game seven block that he had ID or dollar you most iconic defensive play in NBA history is not. I can't even if they had enough I I can't think of another one either unless you know you've got. Blocks from the one Hughes ago woods what's his name Hakeem the dream gas salons won't yup Hakeem Olajuwon. He's so should show some hero moment now there's no moment like that don't like one significant defense of play that you see in NBA history that's like. Wow all that changed the course of the game that was in the dying moments of game seven of the NBA finals he runs down the court. Full speed no Ole. You know he didn't have any other thought his mind except get to the rim and try and block something Iguodala tries a lay up in Biloxi like big time. They come back the other way. And I and I correct me if I'm wrong I think it was LeBron that set up Tyree Irving for the game winning shot the next possession back the other way. Yet the assistant is more an iso play OK yes but I mean he can still. He Qaeda helped generate that way to got Irving Irving open he puts up the three. They get ahead and then nothing else really has the threats game I don't think there was another point scored afterwards plus there was like maybe just that we are reportedly got for free for ya. Free throws but still. It's Dole's type of moments that you see LeBron doing that and I mean I'm not I'm not door rigueur Steve the Jordan was all first team defense a bunch of times of course ends yet at some helping boo LeBron has been. All the team defense but not recently right on the other thing though is Jordan enough to guard 611. Guys who could shoot threes from half court you know. So a little harder nowadays because you got a guy argued at a card guys right up on the three point line and it. You also used to be able to hand Shaq can touch guy becomes in the lane anymore so. Sure Jordan was first flawed team all defense but defense in this era. Is not nearly as important as he used. To a sentencing yet. People like more high scoring games that's why more files tend to be called nowadays everybody can shoot. Yeah exactly it through fight that he won 88 by 52 putt that the jump. Yes we we talk a little bit about Philip castle earlier in the shell and the idea of bringing him and ready to keep fit asked if the sabres were trait for a what do you think of first off what do you think the sabres would have to give up to get a guy like Phil Kessel. And be where do you think you fit in best. We fitted with a guy like he's a middle sadly fitting with a guy like Jack eichel I think well first off I. Act I mentioned kinda earlier this package I thought it would take to get him which would be a player that helps you. For the penguins a player that helps them now a first round pick. Ands. He beat loss median minus prospect and not get our first round pick this year clearly. But the sabres who have to next year so. If the if if watcher roll calls up as bodies in Pittsburgh in this ends up coming to fruition IE would it tied to gas. Either sharks picked next year. But I don't think you could trade that because it's lottery protected. A thunderous maybe I'm wrong yet and I might be wrong it would you can't the navy would even be Buffalo's first round pick next year I would be very. Hasn't tree that away though is I'm not sold that the sabres are going to be I think to be batter obviously this can't be worse but the out of there be a playoff teams you might be in the lottery and so maybe the sabres first round pick or the sharks if you could do that but if not sabres. Who who's the player to help the penguins now with went out. Well who scanned Allah. Yet they could be looking for defense adopt new scan dollar McCabe. On one of those guys and then in that option and the peoples for the UN. The pistols I would maybe if you does any literary artist I'm the first round pecking at that it would still see in the top prospect now. To me it doesn't say media facing him is that you can treat you later not be treated for trumpet. I'll. I don't they would wanna go the first round pick but at the same time. Trees and it may be incorporated Justin dealer nick Baptiste that deal. But he beat plus prospects of this point yeah. A pixel. I think I their roles that are looking to fit in the organization I think those are guys that Pittsburgh is getting like undrafted kind of sure he's right. So I don't know maybe maybe you Lander in McCain gets it done. I think it would take more than that but you know I'll. It's tough because. The sabres have to figure out a way maybe get some some more cap early put that contract six point eight million dollars. I would got to watch but not too much what you big trade scandal as opposed McCabe now how to write a cap right on reason I just don't know all. The dead and on I don't Scot Colin from TS and as mentioned like you know hey he's you know he's deathly one of the better defenders in his own and rate in front of the net. It's reliable defender but at the same time it's just kind of like he's got a lot of other aspects of his game yes you right he's. I mean he has been yeah it be at times is you outlet passes many times yeah answered yes he's not that. Yes and then nearly as offensive as we thought he was going to be. Our music is playing second teen power play when he first came up here like. Pick anywhere near my power with what I've seen. The past couple years giving him a joint council he has a modified no trade clause and he submits 818 lest he can't be treated that. OPEC. Art with the sabres ranked analysts. Rubble when. No I'm I would be blatantly Toronto budget times a year maybe and maybe stick and throttle up. Maybe could be that you know Jason bathroom they I don't know that I work tax erecting castles the icing on the cake dot dot dot. Well we don't have a cake yet dot to dot so we shouldn't get up. Yet it isn't telling the cake. Are we getting the kick and the month. When the draft the month until the second now part of the way fast that's the cake approaching. Yeah but we just haven't started eating at this rate so he put the icing on Perugia in. Mike beauty in the grass is Celine certainly like the inside filling of the K ought to be used to be honest I don't want a tree full council. Because he's thirty years old I don't know how he's gonna last throughout his career right now luckiest some fitness freak. I'm not saying pence fat Ernie and write something or why but some people to imply that like he clearly. Isn't like really good shape like the dude can skate a thousand like the faster skaters in the league right isn't it credit for that. But he is thirty years old and I don't know how he's gonna hold up right so he hasn't really been injured all that much his entire career he's been certainly banged up I think but I just wanna bring up his these stats here to see how many games he's played in his career isn't a slot again exactly he's he's I don't I ever being in despite everything that's been said about him with his hot dogs in him and joining us not forget Phil Kessel has not missed a single game of action since 20092010. He's played. All 82 games in the forty games that he played in 201213. He's played every single game since the 201011 season. There's no question about his durability it's just. You know does he have the work ethic does he have what it takes is yet the character that would fit into the sabres organization yup I don't think sell the other reason I'm not super sold on it is you do isn't a point there isn't mister game and hollering and four three years. Dole. Let's see 777. Years that's incredible but. And of him being thirty years old under contract until eight years. Of ears start and billiard. And being thirty years old being under contract until he's 3435. And I got a teenager coming here and I've got a 21 year old franchise sentiment. What am I targeting for when I'm gonna be like eighty if I if everything goes really well. And that they did you make the playoffs before this as the steppingstone but 1 am I talking about really shooting to be like eight legit Stanley Cup contender. Probably what 34 years when Colleen Tony one Michael's Tony four point five. At that point Phil Kessel 34 years old and what am I getting out of a 34 year old Phil Kessel if I am. All depends yeah I think it did it sabres were a little further along. I would be more apt to want to make this trade but it doesn't really make that much sense from the timeline wise because. Like Tarvaris is different for me and I mentioned Thailand to Parse the East Point seven. But he's got 56 years left of being in the lead player council might only have to. I don't know making he could do more but I would be very hesitant to trade. A lot for a thirty year old when the core of my team is 21 you bring you brought up a point and before you know we got. Today it's with castle where hey you know he's a guy that you know may not be in the greatest shape but he can still skate. A guy that was never in the greatest shape it was a great. Player mind you it's different position total of musician Marty Brodeur Marty Brodeur off the ice. He can't act like you've got it up and got yeah cheeseburgers but he's brought into the goal you know. Nobody was still in great shape and you saw that type of moves he was able to make even when he meets and it was upper thirties and early forties. Marty Brodeur could probably still play goalie in this league and be really effective he keeps. I don't really I understand. I understand that totally different position. But at the CI think as long as Phil Kessel can still play the position and get the job done and produced points I care letters what he does happen I asked the eyes and he's. Hot dogs every day breakfast lunch and dinner. I don't care. The other thing is though if he does his body didn't hold up they did indeed despite in all the opening if you lost some of that speed without the players the castle he doesn't have the speed. Down. He knows that he's what he's. All some of the better shot I certainly think that if Jason box on the sabres that was made it work I think that backed by 480. Reasonable price to get a guy like Phil Kessel. If they truly believe he fits in and he's a solution to the puzzle in the short term at least and helps the sabres move along quickly and continue to. Develop on their progress to being a contender once again if they truly believe he's gonna come in here and be a pivotal piece. I'm open report. I'd be completely fine with that eats eats them. I don't want seats more intriguing idea than signing John Tavarez to me it's our job to ours would be an incredible addition to the sabres three years to come by. To me it's not even close you're getting at these players it's three years younger and threats careers and it is. Really really difficult if that you're not a net to give up an idea. I would I drive really really hope that. If it's I I hope the sabres are busy this offseason making some moves in improving their roster in. Getting to fit today's NHL. Still Cassel might do that Johnson cards might do that but I don't want also for them. To put themselves in a situation where they can't make future moves he continue to progressing a batter and install a yeah I don't want them to stall out that a couple years. Quickly do you think there's any other team that makes a ton of sense for counsel. What if he does get moved I don't think the sabres be on the top of the list of teams even the most likely to fail to maybe needed one I don't know. Blake is thirteen operated streams at all yet they're perfect console. Yes they need counsel her yes OK okay opium like. On the Vegas and he sees an. Holmes a V. They just yet kind of Evander Kane they have room if they win it's they don't get Tavares which they're gonna try but who knows date on the mean Jack Cassell. And manner certainly know what Evander Kane was here in buffalo we we knew what you brought to lock her in San Jose still regardless game seven year 49 million dollar contract. And San Jose is gonna have some cap space opening up yet they have no they've league Knoll. Forwards under contract of that and Kahne passed next year. Yeah senate is that the senate they would be good option there a couple of other teams but. You know thrill 551. Hit by fifty to 550 Joey brought up the idea of any Kessel for all the tad hot dogs commercials. He could be. That would be a lot of fun if all sun sabres acquired in the next thing you know you hear commercials on the air in in and on TV. Tiger great Phil Kessel here pretends hot dogs that would be. That would be something but. Are we got to get the break will wrap things up here we come back in the and allowed over for Davey can in WGR stashed track before live coverage of the Indianapolis 500 gets underway today and WGR. And 11 o'clock sports hot sunny coming back here in just a moment. He didn't even put up the point this year that it is an in Montreal but I. Indeed here it was butter or what's more confident than it was more of a team player in developed by a lot. But he is playing in the American Media played like expenses don't pay off rocket. He played PK those things were never ever concerned the year before who would never let it ought to go on in Montreal. That is the Swedish national team coach Thomas Mott and he was the world junior coach referred team Sweden talk about restless they'll lean. If you miss that interview from Friday was howdy Jeremy you find that on demanded WGR 550. Dot com you know it's real fight 51808550. To 515 just wrapping up. Our not only our talk on Phil Kessel also wrapping up here with our latest edition of sports stocks and we'll be back again. Next Sunday at our usual time 9 o'clock with the Indianapolis 500 not. Getting in the way of our normal programming is this now and no lights it's all right that's that's DB can go beyond next but. Not a couple of good tweets on the Phil Kessel reaction to our RW GR sweet about it. One I mean there's been some people that are just saying no no I don't want anything to do with that. Others and a couple that said yes let's do it there's one with a picture that just has Phil Kessel had and it's filled thrill. I like that I would buy it Phil the thrill shirt that was blue and gold and he was with the Buffalo Sabres that would be pretty cool. Let's see yeah. Alex said here to ours is a free under stricter free agent so basically you're trading right rally for someone you can who can walk in July 1. The game Iran above buffalo signed him but you don't have to give up anything to sign him and could just be a return for a rally perhaps the flames for. Doug Hamilton. I think it would take more than just right around to get Doug Hamilton out of Calgary. Calgary's not you know old ya get here surely Trafalgar is not Montreal and mark Persia and I think that Brett trailer living is. A decent general manager and I think they'd ask for much more than. Just ride around in a trade for Doug Hamilton I'd love to bring Doug Hamilton in here. Good young right handed shot defenseman. Don't have enough of them we can use another one penalty could be a guide can slot and with the rest as the lean type player. Well to humor charm of the extreme scenarios and we're talking about Tavares and counsel. And it certainly if you can go for want of what would be the better idea to me when we're talking about. Those two against each other if you were able to land Tavares. In your trading all right really you're getting something really solid four rightly so really what you're doing is your true you're getting two bars for free. But you're also flipping some of your depth at center for something else that you can use its productive. Whereas you get castle. You're just getting castle in your giving something up that's probably really valuable to do it that's the big difference in my month that's one of the differences in my mind. Two I would think the Tarvaris ideas a lot more appealing to me sure it's up the Winger that the sabres need but he could get that for a rally somehow. Andy you're not having to give up new AB Alex knew Lander may be a first round pick or something else to acquire Johnson are you just getting him yeah. It's it's our reasons for both arguments. Right this castles might get paid half of what's ours right we'll see how things play out in the upcoming weeks and in really months here because. Still long off season coming up Stanley Cup final against starts tomorrow night and early at 8 o'clock here and WGR two in the biggest gold knights and the Washington Capitals. Here all the action live throughout the Stanley Cup final on WGR. Will be back on Tuesday April local programming there's no local programming tomorrow from memorial to everybody has not so everybody please enjoy your Memorial Day. And have a seat Memorial Day as well and we'll talk to again Tuesday morning but in the meantime DB kidding coming up with a fast track coming up next right here and WGR Sports Radio 550.