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You know is not a bottom pair defenseman he's our top line sentiment right now and he's not here in the middle of us please on line Elliot Friedman Elliot Friedman how're you doing today sir. Particularly you can do it. We're we're doing great really appreciate you joining us on short notice and we know you just touched down in Pittsburgh today sort having a lot of conversations here about you guys that you see regularly. And that's Housley and talked it either going to be the sabres next head coach. I'd say there's a decent chance. He I think ideologies and borrows you guys know made it very clear he'll take his time. And I know there's a lot of talk that how we gonna be in Florida I know that. You know Florida is kinda deal talent leave our record last week and saying it's down to two and everybody believes that the number one on the list is mostly. You know Woolsey. But I think picked up totally and talking are definitely in the mix. Along with problem leader and part Riordan and possibly some other names that we are even aware of yet. Well let me ask you this Elliot Friedman joining us on line sports NASCAR Q reporter NHL hockey insider. How soon after the playoffs do you expect there will hear this because now we're tied at 22 I was hoping this thing will be a sweep and we can just start talking about it. We'll talk about another week. Her while Munich I guess did he wasn't like all the stars coming out and enjoying themselves in Nashville and it really irritating them. No you know I think that. I think it'll be pretty quick click you know what I think they produce huge probably old. Of the interest. And the bride you know there's something to vote not doing it during mayor. View I don't know too many teams that really would allow whole their coaches interviewed during the playoffs I mean I know. Jimmie Johnson used to do in the NFL he didn't have a big problem with that blood. They have a lot more time off than you know we do. So I would bet there's some visits over the next day. They'll be sending notes to these two news. And they'll be saying to we interviewed these guys and the actual B yes and we'll see how quickly it can happen you know a lot of people who are going to be in Chicago. During that week as the week of the draft so you know I wouldn't it if it if it can happen before then it'll happen during that. Elliott Freeman joining us online LA I don't riven I don't know what the bigger question is around here who's the next coach or will Evander Kane beat buffalo sabre next year. Rumors are everywhere and I'm just wondering what you heard. What country are responsible for starting some of them so it's kind of my fault. Love and what have you heard of where have you heard them. You know I I I've heard LA definitely interested. I heard some people say now I'm I was told that's not the case. And you know I I think whenever you have Vancouver. Whenever you can available you always wonder vote Vancouver because they've been accused in the past. So put the warranty mile I definitely heard it had some interest. Was LA I mean. We all know what the sabres are looking for they're looking for the LA has the I think the biggest question why haven't been able to get answered yet is. Is is really willing to deal one of their. I think LA is also looking at Tampa. You know I think. Campus is Steve Weisman is on record saying he's looking for defenseman. And you know oil is looking for forwards Tampa has a surplus of forward looking for deeds. But knowing all the kings play the way of energy in place. You know the they have in the past and you know I think it'll come down to you know whether or not they can make a deal with buffalo but I I know they urged. Well we're not going well you know what. We had we had read the other day that Dustin Brown. Was being offered up and the eleventh pick to Las Vegas or Vegas story. Mom doesn't this open is this something that is is kinda tied into Evander Kane. VOA could be. He you know that that's certainly possible I mean I've heard that happening before. In no way in when I when I mention I has been mentioned Ellie his interest in cain's. The one of the reasons that people initially doubted it was because of the kings cap situation. You know that makes a lot of sense to me guys I mean that there is. You can fit guys in every year there's no questions. I think the question is that they wanna keep that standard beyond that and and that becomes an issue of all the pieces that you have to fit together. And I do think there are a lot of teams say I have heard of teams now saying. Ignore interest in doing this which you but we got to know we can do this first. And you know I think it seems have a lot of balls in the air I think they're waiting for Las Vegas to make their decisions. But who were they gonna do expansion deals where. You know we've who we believe they've got one with Pittsburgh for Marc-Andre Fleury. I know there are people out there who believe they help one with Columbus. And probably some other teams as well maybe there are times but until teams know for sure what Vegas is going to do. They're probably have some of their other plans on hole. While I was just gonna ask you what do you think the currency is for Cain. What what's the return I mean. You give up a player like that I know the contract situation coming up easy USA about. You know rivers talking about Jake mas in her Alec Martinez those are names that have been tossed around are those realistic. Don't think you're doing that like your. The Laker like if you told me there it. Tampa was willing for example. To give up like Jonathan drew where was god who's just raises an entry level deal. Or I'd like a sign Tyler Johnson kind of player but I think Kelly might consider doing that pride and less Cain has signed a long term. And you know he's not eligible to do that until July 1 W can talk too long. I can't see the king was doing a Muslim or a Bora Bora Martinez for him I just don't see that. Aren't what can you tell us about just quickly penetrate no kind of 'cause I'd still like to see this Larry might not be worth the value of and a banner came to treat Christiana vote in Vancouver. Is that guys that are real trade rumor that we're hearing about him. Well I know what it seems vast the bottom. I think you guys I would assume you guys are one. I don't know for sure footed it fits with what you guys want. You know ten members from Toronto so I don't think he'd have a big deal a big problem coming east. And playing here. We know but you know I think there are keen interest in I think Dallas would love to have them actually concede she might draw a line christianity is not. You know the biggest name in the world brings a solid guy plays a very Smart genes. But I think Vancouver's pulled sheen's he's not coming right here easily. You know they really they really they need to be a lot Vancouver that you scores. And I think if you could get them a score would Pique their interest. But. I think it's gonna cost a lot and I think that there's a lot of competition. And you'll Vancouver in the industry that big old I think one Timor's. You know the mobile retreat this guy we're gonna need someone like salt I don't think she's only getting DL if we hear the trade and we go all okay. That's like he was treated because he's worked that much. That's a big deal that cost you a lot. Yeah out. I you know I again I was telling I was telling Craig I don't I don't necessarily know a ton about this player I mean the description of the player in the type of player that he. You know people say that he is yeah I definitely think that that's a guided buffalo being arrested and I don't know what the what the trade value would be but. It's hard to believe that guys like Rick said that gets ten points as you know. Going to bring you in a time but I guess is he's pretty solid defender what are you hearing in the. No one had the one thing I would say a vote that is that you know there's some guys in the league who I think that. There are some guy is he in in the league who are not big points guys. But they happen but they get the puck I was gonna get the puck off the ice like if you watched clapped Baughman Larsson in. In Edmonton in the playoffs this year. Those guys are never gonna get a proper points but they get the puck out in the U that they get on someone's stick cooking. And ten it was like that I'd feel a personal Vancouver couldn't score on this year. That affects so I don't think he's ever going to be a forty or fifty point guy. But you know if you look at have value and players who at least not when they get the puck on their stick know how to get out of your home. You know he can do that plus is also signed three more years at a pretty reasonable number. If you know there's there's I understand there's too humid time. I would just say that there's. There's growing interest in defenseman now who could at least moved the puck that they're not big scores and clapped bomb was one of them what a great playoff. I think discussions anymore. Kabul this late to me I mean I'm looking at a guy whose stats are correct incredibly similar didn't kind of break out of his shell. Until they got to New York he's like a Kevin Kline. I guess you all and I think there's I think I don't think Hughes physicals client would be. But yes I think there's a good comparison there like that but a guy who can do a lot of things quietly and white guy to ever says. Would you com see him as a mark Edwards classic type for defenseman. He go out there is I think classic is great lakers find someone ask you this morning how many number one DR they're in the week. And fuel plastics on my list. I don't know if he's that good but it's a similar. More. And he gets all the tough match ups like classic period. Blasted to me is delete delete. I don't know alternatives that high but actually he's a level people. Well Ellis they played the same style of defenseman. Guy your guy a guy who's not gonna get your cup points. But a guy gets you out of a lot of trouble and faces your best mashups and does pretty well. Your good salesman will take him here mobile T it will take ten have right here only eighty. Another thing I wanna ask you obviously rip and I were talking Murray Fleury for game five isn't that obvious and what he expected the rest of the playoffs here who do you think he's he's gonna win it. Well I think national been the better team there's no questions from fourteens. You know why I'm still looking like thought Crosby was really good. In game four I'm still waiting for peak Balkans. Click it it is is Pete Balkan coming in this series but the guys single almost entirely in October Columbus. You know what I think. I think Pittsburgh needs peak Balkans and some form of Cassel will really get going if they're gonna win this. So that's I think it's going to be Marie like the only Mike Sullivan Matt Marine One on the Stanley Cup. I mean you guys know how much that means when. It's so hard to win you know I think Mike's over his more loyal to talk is any against worry brings more loyal to Marie that he is worried. So RIC Marie starting tomorrow night for Pittsburgh. But I I just think they know in Nashville. Now all of nationals young players. Nevermind the I think it's in Pittsburgh has had their cancels play really well. I think Pittsburgh needs peaking Balkans and really effective Cassel if they're gonna win this series they really need those guys. Kennedy and do you see that happening. I see ill Balkan I think you get used to that was him he has believes he he's an unbelievable player and I don't understand why he wasn't names of the top hundred. But you know he's not as consistent as Crosby street northeast. He has more nights where keys. Not always fair. But you know what I do think he has an interim I think he's also loves the staged. You know this speech is coming now and and I I would be surprised if Jeanne five isn't. His best game. Here's Malkin can sometimes be be live grocery can be Marvin duke I mean he's just. You honestly have no idea which one you're gonna get it whether river tunnel I wanted to I don't wanna Datsyuk. Play what's that Eliot. I don't want Amare reduce fraud that's the picture arm a duke on the couch at the legs out does that big lazy great game. I wanted to ask. And give me your taught three Conn smythe. Candidates right now. Well you know I had you know I had no idea that I wanted to vote Pittsburg won I wanted to vote for both Maria and worry they could share it. It's happened twice in Major League Baseball it's happened. Once was Super Bowl MVPs in football it's never happened and hockey and I was and you know Chris Johnston from our place it's fortunate he. He's in charge of the voting and he has the league if I could do was they said no. So I I can't do that sort are knocking of. Vote freedom that I always it's a great idea now that idea. The I thought this year Pittsburgh win the cup Marines Hillary deserved it because you're getting here without flurry and I don't think Maria I can vote for him he's only played what like seven games so far. So it depends Blake I think it national wins it's probably. Even though we had to really rough teams he's recovered really well he's been he was good in game three at our it was great game for. You know I I think. Click on that defense who you voting for but if you had to pick one guy on that piece who is it. Peaked too soon to know. You dumb and act act. I call click you can make your case you could vote for Superman you could vote for apple. I think he could also make case for Ellis if you really wanted. So like. Like I was look at somebody said to be of players that mean this week there's just tactical guys. These that he would still vote before. That he would be the second rather. Because these things but hey he's finally scored last game but he did a great playoff and still played well even though. He hadn't scored until later in the Stanley Cup final but I think it was nationals got to be rainy day. If it's Pittsburgh like honestly I think is to come down the last two games but I can't do the goalies. So it's it's going to be one of canceled Vulcan or Crosby and it comes down to who finishes the best. I'm taking gets all day long her Elliott you got the Eliot you're listening to the show this morning or yeah. Like I don't get to a Pittsburgh. Sure. Brother begins any and you are back nine as we like to sit here. Hey speaking at a bank on to the got to let you go here are you two and you and you and I will be not together but will be attitude and I would sawing look forward to hearing live the most. Are you know what I hope they do some of the old stuff like you are irreversibly. Sunday Bloody Sunday it was a big song when I was that he Dijjer shall I say. I've always whenever I hear that I love the old stuff. All right I went and looked at the set list Elliott so you're gonna be an order. Form inaugurated for a big surprise first stuff first set you'll hear that now and they're gonna go right into Joshua Tree they're gonna play the whole Joshua Tree album and they have. A few really good on course so he meathead they do he just said he wanted to know both the senate just. I don't care whole thing form I don't. Yeah I felt like to go and fresh. In a lot Elliott and enjoy the show you'll hear Sunday Bloody Sunday by song three. Used to better are you guys take care guys thanks so I was doing black.