06-08 WGR Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 1

Fantasy Football Podcast
Thursday, June 8th
Derek Kramer is back with the first episode of 2017's Fantasy Football Podcast series! Joined by fellow fantasy football maniac Joe DiBiase, the guys tackle the upcoming rookie impact in this season of fantasy football! Check out who they like from the 2017 draft class to make an impact in fantasy leagues this year. 

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Talk about the fans of all no way no how well. And WGR fantasy football podcast you're too. Love the fantasy football podcast dare Kramer Jody Yost see here with you the new one on the team here Nate you're also going to be handing out podcast. On WG ours on demand audio and podcasts for you here. Make sure you check out the on demand audio always great stuff you listen and you show any time you listen to our podcast. And you know have some fun dominating your fantasy football leagues this year because that's what we're here to do for you. I would WGR fantasy football podcast mare joked you're completely right now like the you brought the rookie on the top doesn't rookies here. Rookie at talks are rookies and that's probably no better segue. Then that it's a nice job their joke. The the NFL draft happen and you obviously have to go ahead look at hey Howard these Ricky is gonna come in do. The veteran training camps everything like that OTAs have done many cancer going to be on their way. And I got to start leaking into the fantasy perspective wide these guys what. We're into June. Here in June that is it your fancy dress like it or not for some weeks sums some graphs are gonna happen July. Some gesture gonna happen and August before the pre season's over. You better start looking you better start looking now and that's what were you do for you. This is the first of many this year and not to mention. Three of us will be hammering out fantasy football articles for you. To be checking out every week as well on WGR 550 dot com. So let's start off with quarterbacks here at the rookie QBs there's not too much to really get into here. You've got you've got Patrick Holmes he's probably gonna be the least sort of fantasy impact. Safer and Alex Smith injury. Or word that she's doing terrible which bills fans are gonna want to happen. If the chiefs have pat homes in this year that means that something's gone wrong so I wouldn't worry about patent owns dynasty that you know hadn't thrown that into the you know I wouldn't even worry about Holmes right away there either. Yeah I agree I think. My homes if Al Smith gets hurt you know maybe he'd be stream or the good match up. But I think the only light the only scenario are even see one of these rookie quarterbacks becoming a Geithner reliant week after week. Is if you know Doug I would charged Kaiser or mixture risky and of getting the job at some point this season. And that team is just so bad that it you know what the glee portal fact maybe if Kaiser's plane for Cleveland in Cleveland is is always playing from behind. You know he might be able to turn out some decent things against you just from the fact that he's going to be having to throw the ball because cleans can be down most of the time but. And the other than just that scenario happening. And that we don't know those Stuart start that we don't know about your miss you we don't know about Kaiser. Is so go on and all that money I mean yeah. It and Mike Glenn is not necessarily ace lobbies sadly the best quarterback of that thoughts and 2013 FL draft quarterback class I mean. That's not high bar but when a third rounder is the best one and it's just because the others were so terrible. That just goes to show what that Wallace but in a true this he has to be Oakland in. Kaiser has to be out Cody Kessler who despite getting hurt impressed every now and then for the browns. And the browns I don't think they're going to be looking Kaiser's it long term option annually. Too risky might have some fun things to throw to in Chicago. But he still testament. Let's start about the guy that probably will win his job that's Shawn Watson Houston. Watson. Always got to do is beat out Tom savage and if you had a really have to have a problem beating out Tom savage maybe then you're not hyped up to be. What you're supposed to be. So I think though. There's a lot of promise that they Houston offense if there is a competent quarterback you've got to after Hopkins you've got willfully you've got CJ Fedora it's a tight end there. You've got a solid running game Lamar Miller who can catch passes on the back you'll. The rookie quarterbacks to Shawn Watson. He might be it I mean finishes in the top fifteen. Yeah I can see that I think the kind of projected now and I went on rankings up but I would probably sit in between that's you and the job. Between Alex sixteen to twenty range I think because I do like what's around them early dale and I think Houston's. A good team that is needed the quarterback and I think Watson might abandon. I think he's the most pro ready of the guys that came into the draft. So I think he's gonna step right in I think he's gonna do pretty well there if he's able to be up Tom savage but I mean to have a guy character happens through two. That that can salvage that can eat the breads on target that's what you need you need him to get touchdowns and you have a couple locked in their CD for Horwitz. Not a big name it's pretty good player I mean he was stealing a lot of yards from Hopkins last year in the red zone so. I like this situation for Watson are not taking him. Hi all if I'm drafting him and that's the question is where'd you draft to Shawn Watson. And I'd say is worth a late round flier if you got a quarterback already and maybe you're not sold on and say you've got like like a Tyrod Taylor and Eli Manning a guy that. You don't. For some reason you decided I'm gonna win quarterback and try to get up by committee approach he's good for them by committee approach because of like we said. We love what what there is in Houston on the opposite side we love the the package that's going on there I think that if the the Texans can get to Shawn Watson comfortable. He's got to yet he's not a dime and trust my face up and he won it that's almost not gonna happen yes like. Regular for me idle waiting court mixer early so if you happen to find yourself in the situation where meet you take. I don't know if you take a Philip Rivers late in round eats or somewhere in the middle of the draft and you know Philip Rivers is match or proof Philip Rivers that gets tough matchup up not going to be that good for. If you have a guy like that he's kind of a middle of the road quarterback even back that up with a Shawn Watson if you got the room to do it for strong the other positions. Then you know I'll find that because his upside is pretty high I think especially with the weapons are yet to Shawn Watson obviously is the guy here that has the most promise. Almost on by default he has a lot of promise. That's the strange thing about it he's the only rookie quarterback I would draft even if they all got to sort out exactly and it's one of those things again. You'll love the situation that he's and yeah also factor in the guy's gonna get you some rushing totals. He's got the speed now minuses and to go and pick you up complex appoints on the ground. Why not you know it's one of those things where he's worth that late round picks if the draft has fallen that way. Where you haven't focused on the quarterback position or if you want a stash. Is it possible trade as a were pretty pretty pre and are in agreement here via the late round flier and you got to have another option yes and great minds all think alike often times on the fantasy football podcast. Dare Kramer Jody Osce neat Geary also. A member of these podcasts and not to mention the show that'll start back up in the in the bills' season practice of the bill Spanish style. So there's going to be a lot of fancy opinions a lot more coming this year than last year. The schedules are freed up there's more. There's more cooks in the kitchen now you're gonna have more fancy content coming to you here on WGR. Running backs I mean you've got yourself a loaded. And promising running back class. At a position that could use some fresh blood. Law of the rookie quarterback class this year I mean I don't know who you wanna watch and first I wanna launch into probably my favorite that's doubt and cock. I love delicate situation in Minnesota. Because of the very least even if tapered bar comes back healthy they still need to rely on running the football and let's just look at the let's just look at the capabilities Albuquerque is a far and away better player than Davis Murray. He's one of those guys who's going to and it stealing that job. By force and he's going to look awesome doing it. The vikings are one of those teams that they have a nice little bit of balance on weapons Sam Bradford really isn't throw the ball deep that often and he's not really some can rely on to carry an offense. This is where like dealt and cut situation and I think that his ability. Is barn on the back. The ticker IA. In terms of their ability. I think there are pretty close my. Opinion is cook. Is the biggest question mark right now because I don't trust what's around him now I trust I trust the vikings I don't trust. How they're gonna use the running backs because they just paid the tedious during the off season and while I agree the east. He's a bad running back I've ever two years ago. Hearing some stat like it was. Murray had. The early ninety's yet time attaches tears with the best and the ruling 93. Running backs at the history and had the same on touches him. And of those 93 in fantasy points he was 93. All time he did nothing with a lot. Yes so I do I don't trust with the eighty's very but I. I think they're gonna give him touches they paid for it they're gonna get their watches but I think that DeVon cook is going to go ahead and send based on the just on plain fact that he's better than but at what point is gonna happen because IE if I'm taking Galvin cock. It's a she from an keeper dynasty league and take him very high. And probably overpaying for so. Two I wanna do that when he might not start till week for five or even if he gets the starting job he's going to be splitting Andy Murray becomes the goal line back in May be chair McCain in. Is thrown in as the third down back and I see him losing a lot of touches. Around that back field. If its ability alone he she get all the touches he's a three down back he has a three down back and I don't think he's gonna be treated as such he's probably not be treated as such right away but I do believe that he is one of those guys though that. It's going to be that classic example possibly that week for coming on strong. Next he knows he's the hottest thing on the waiver wire and then you and if you listen as podcasts you've animal long you've angered everyone in your league. I think that Albuquerque is easily worth a selection here in the middle rounds not a guiding you go ahead and take right away because the situation at hand. But I think if he turns that situation to a positive for him and the vikings. Now who's your favorite rookie running back a minute now address is my favorite is Christian McCaffery I yes and I think is couple reasons for that. I think you're not of the rookie running backs. Michael that eagles' second in the roster that's made us significantly cut the lead toss up. I like him more than for an app though and the reason I like him more than four Nat is because Carolina. Drafted and that early. They're gonna use him in Jonathan Stewart and injury riddled throughout his career he's getting up there in years so you know what he's obviously some goal line work away from that. I can live with that because McCaffery. Not only seems to be getting a lot of looks like he's getting a lot of the work of the back field. In the passing game department half point PPR on the PPR that's the man I'm targeting because. I think he's a special talent. And and people compared him to Reggie Bush coming account it's different beaten out because you gauger running backs to beat Blake that mountain that. Reggie Bush type player back that the mismatch right problem and they can throw him in the slot. And if they're in man coverage the linebacker goes out with Derek and he's been tortured every time even cornerbacks Pete and divorcing in the combined. If you were right wide receiver. He still be a first round pick. Like it is he the next Julie cattlemen but he's. But he's added. The running game to it like I don't know what he is but he's it's because he has so much to his game. He is a would you say great running back to that's the other thing Stanford uses all around abilities but he can hit between the tackles no problem. Now my big question McCaffrey is going to be this Joseph. Where do you end up taking the guy is it is is you guys that you goal early 31 three rounds kind of player. Or easy summer that you're willing to take that risk and wait and seeking to steal on him. There's going to be a lot of hype Qwikster what perception leak anything PP are there he says half point whole point in particular. He's got to be a top to Ron peck. I agree I'm I'm in a two player keeper league right now which is like my mean we end. McCaffery coming into that draft so basically everyone keeps everyone's keeping twos are basically restarting the third round and if I were picking first. I'd be taken. I'd be taking him first overall on my draft. But that's like taking first and third round yes I think that's of hours value of having and the second. Early third I think if you wanna go heavy and receiver early and you're able to get him in the third round I think I can trust him as my number one running back I think. I've really. If I can get heavy receivers are not gonna over pay for him in brown won because there's a little too much risk there for me because. While I do think Jon Stewart's only enemy to take some goal like yours away still there. He still that backfield Cam Newton so that that it cannot itself is kinda like delving Coke thing the difference I would. Did the reason I would put McCaffery over Galvin cock. Is I think he's gonna give you more of the passing game he's in and I did talk to yes and adding Carolina. Is it team that drafted him that early because they wanna start using players out of the backfield because they needed help. With new and throwing the ball. And they might be running a lot more screens this year I could see that happening. I think McCaffery. It if you I think you'll wind up as the top fifteen back for sure by by the end the season I think his chance he could even be top five. Yes I think that Chris McCaffrey is going to be one of those promising backs. They has a talent wise I slowed down and put that much more but Christian McCaffrey's got a taste of being the best rookie running back of this draft class. And someone that could be a great number one running back for you all around. You know what it let's talk about the guided both analysts are a little are not as high are suggesting we haven't talked about and yet consider he's the Fed. Marley and me the top guy don't got the first one of taking it in the in the NFL draft and wonder format I don't love the situation Chris I Avery is still thing you never know what Doug is Doug world's gonna do there. He's yet just one of those kind of fancy killer sort of things. And now what you may have disappointed TG albums. A backfield that yes I'd I'm not love in the situation there I don't think it's the greatest thing in the world on. I don't I think he would be my second guy the are still taken before cock. But like you said there's some other stuff there and ivory in yelled and and they're also cutting giving you similar stuff to look for that's giving you. And none not from a really great passing backs. None of our really. I would say eight Rory pass blockers. So who's getting the third downs is a game might before net nanny be drafted and that early to probably play in three downs. So I could see it having Nicky to cut higher ivory act see that happening there are very low and yelled Indianapolis sees as well actually might be him but. It's something about it I just don't think he's gonna get the I think you're gonna need for him to pay off your dressing him a second round. Which I think is where he might end up going the 81. I think. If you're drafted that high during need him to get double digit touchdowns. I don't see that happening Jacksonville I just don't see that offense being would produce a ten. Touchdown running back you just giving him enough opportunities that to happen I can't. Agree with you more here and my knee injury is and is. Offensive line in Jacksonville still needs work and when he seemed dug her own actually produce profits of wind that. Has been batter then what it was before he came in. But the Buffalo Bills for example there are great offensive line going for them dug her own shows up and they got. Considerably. Worse almost a laughingstock despite having a lot of the same talent around. Yeah we didn't averaging card real a couple of years ago admiral as the coach but. You almost the group was still there. But then you see Buffalo's offensive line get. Immensely better. When Doug room leaves you see the Jacksonville Jaguars offensive line trying to get in that shooting itself in the foot kind of position because. I'm starting to realize that Doug Brown's not as good of an offensive line coach as he touts himself ought to be. Yet I'm looking backing ask her rings off the coordinator of the saints' two and 6008. It was a great running team. Not at all were they when they had Drew Brees stay Edger breeze but. Have Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush left and went and became a thousand yard runner. In Miami so. He's not really it seems getting the most out of his running backs is not an animal suffers offensive line to get the holes and running that's that's where the point is he's not getting enough out of the wine for the running backs succeed. And we saw what happened last year for an up playing Alabama when it went his offensive line. Is not. Batter or dominating the defense of line he struggles he struggles that immensely his dealings yeah he's very reliant I think on its offensive line. Yes and sometimes is good to have a vision based back like that the lines are the Jews in the holes Korea. Not much that he can do so so where would you feel comfortable taking it because I think second rounds where he's gonna go tonight this is on taken this is yet. Here's my problem is that you know personally I like to conduct kind of my own kind of draft board in I have players that I like to avoid almost at all cost and find some of similar value. Right now that's what I'm sniffing out a letter for an. I'm gonna take a Ricky back I might take down in cook and from I might take Joseph Nixon. I'm going to wait and get Sam regime Karine. But if it's round four is all say Perino I think there but those other guys are the board yeah I can probably ruffle I'm probably not taken around Forbes how is that something. Although we see your position. Or quarterback album is a Great Valley solely based maybe I'm gonna go ahead and say this. Buyer beware and one are for now don't go too high on him. And don't over hyped he may have been the number four overall pick but. I don't know if it's worth the first rounder that people are gonna fight among I don't first round for sure I'm not I'm not toss and I finally consider him if I have a pick median delete second. Yeah but the you're going McCaffrey are cooked before that I'm only doing enemy's eyes off the board Mason is and let's talk about jokes here. I mean. That state crowded Kirk. When you have Jeremy Ito Geovany Bernard and now you throw Joseph mix in the group all second routers. In the past. But the differences Nixon can do poll of what hill and Bernard can view it. But again the main issue is how many carries into it that's in recent yet to watch opera training camp. As the offseason. Turns into the pre season. I think. Within within it to be very interesting in that backfield because if all three of those going season. I really want talks any of those yet any of those guys and adding mix and of course is the most upside of the three but he also could not get a lot of touches early on because they know they have two other guys that they can. Reliant a little bit I think. What might end up happening is I think they might end up moving on from Jeremy hill. And yet you Bernard shuttle lot more of that promise at the end of last season break its independent how is recoveries have because it. I know yet and yet in east yesterday. I remember you might ACL but. If Jeremy hills not their day one of the season. Bernard I think it's to say he's proven that they only trust him as a third now back at this point yes which I actually think. The regular I think he could have been more but I think they proved they don't think of them that way so in that context. If Jeremy hill is cut or is not there in week one. I think you can take him in the first two rounds yeah I think Joseph Nixon as the talent to where he's getting the opportunity he could be. He could where he could end up. But Avery we talk we're all these rookie guys who. Are any of what any of them bush completely shocking if they ended up the top three running back this year. I mean PPR McCaffrey. I'd kind of be shocked if any of these guys did enough top three and there's thank your bumping. It's that you're bumping probably one of the likes of David Johnson log on bell. On there Nixon for me would be the biggest shock. Because. I did the back field around him is better than any other situation Davies Murray's garbage. Yes he has chair McKinnon is very small he cannot be three down back he's a third down back at past. We go through Jacksonville that those guys yelled and they are is not a good running back cry for you go through the room. But Cincinnati they have to guy ace who have proven that they can be good three down backs. Even Jeremy hill Jerry meals very bad passing game but. He's a very good pass blocker he's a very strong runner very strong runner he's got speed in the open field Bernard same thing Bernard of all around back so. Add to what scares me is I won't countenance and it's really scares me with what's around him yet more so than the other teams are so. What I'd like to do I like to have sleepers. And I love the rookie running back sleepers every wiped the justice apart than ever stops. There's actually a couple of guys that are. He'll like in the later rounds are made mention one with subversion Karine in Washington but he. Before I extend on that one I want also mentioned a rookie that I don't wanna touch with a ten foot pole. Alvin tomorrow norms. That the reason. And it caught the how many honey everywhere index are their New Orleans right now. It was a lot there's too many and it's always the problem every year Sean Payton. Kills Mark Ingram is fantasy value as hard as possible I got to thinking let's cut right. They brought in Pedersen they've never liked him I mean. He's good he doesn't have a role there and it just it doesn't make any sense in now Adrian Peterson's that is. What it I don't know why. Sean Payton continues to essentially poop on the value that. And talent of Mark Ingram. But you're right it's the case of they just don't like it seems like by the moves their or. Or the front office Norris is losing their damn minds. That could be my guy I think Jamal Williams out of BYU he's fourth round pick by the Packers. They might take a little bit time for him next kind of getting into April is a weaker. Running back how Montgomery right now is their starting running back he's converted wide receiver a year ago he was wide receivers so. How much do I wanna think he keeps flourishing in a position that he hasn't played until last season I mean. I think Jamal Williams. And coming into the draft at least seem like pretty good speed decent size and that vague but he's not super small either. In Green Bay. It's kinda iffy on how they use their running backs yet but they have had successfully C had a couple big years their Wacey one point. And yet such a big seizing as the number one overall pick in face of the year after yet and he down pat answer so the UK and succeeding Green Bay. And it. I gotta think he's gonna it he's got to at some point he's gonna take the job away from Denver it's moralists of yet the part of maybe they don't use the ring next look at last season he used running backs so infrequently because quite frankly the count. Yeah wasn't there and right now I think Jamal is not a guidance on anyplace fastest nobody's career and a couple we hit July and August. I think that's a name and people zag in the magazines or listen in a more podcasts hopefully ours and they serene stuff online I think that's going to be guy that. Is gonna start declining fantasy drafts as this as the offseason goes along I think. Right now at some point I think you can feel comfortable taking him in that brown nine to thirteen range and feel like you ought to stash my bench for a few weeks. You be starting here if east's starting at some point that's going to be a great pack. Yes. Here's one that not many people are gonna notices well I love Corey Holland yeah of the three Eagles running back. This so awesome as a as a ball player and he's gonna steal some snaps in Kansas City where. Yes Spencer ware is there and you know allegedly at the top of the depth chart there. You never know with Andy Reid and sometimes a guy like Korean hunt you guys and steal a job and earn that starting spot got talent to do so Kenzie has the running back. Fever off patents to do so. I think this is a guy that you know he's not going to be a guy you're gonna work out drafting. He's going to be guy that you wanna get your eye on early and see how he's used in the pre season. By Andy Reid and neck Kansas City office. Another name that I think needs to be mentioned Joseph Williams. Utah mountain 49ers to Nestle story by Peter King that he wasn't even on the 49ers draft or because John Lynch him on there because of characters used. Amman it was. Who was who was part of the country if you cautioned it was standing at the draft worth saying. There's someone Peter King asked them who's the player you want he said he's not on the board. I don't know atoms and talked to John Lynch and taking him he graft for four wanted to combine. He's I think of really good talent didn't keep his character issues under control. I think he I think. Will start the season because. Carlos Hyde they. Outside of week Juan Carlos Hyde is not a good friend Al running back he's not in ten high towers are only a running back. Tim high tower dot blossom you made great comeback in the league is he's up there. Right now from what I've what I've seen from the Bay Area reporters and the 49ers is a Carlos Hyde looks lost with Palestinians offense. And then he looks like the most confused running back of all of them. So. If hikes having each cut tough time picking up the offense and has heard the rumors that they might wanna move on from because of the salary. He. Carl Carl's had become he could be another guy ended you know I wouldn't be great price. He's not even if he's not. I think Joseph Willie starts yes I am I'm I am I'm in a 100% agreement about Carl's hi there. I think that you know again outside a week one what is the average do for you in advance of the nature had one explode off. You me you hang on them because of the value I don't know hang onto for the value if I ever drafted it's to start of week one sell high to some goof ball. And you know go from there right. Exactly Carlos Hyde is easily the most infuriating kind of person because he's that guy that every year using a letter for nets and your do not draft was Carl's highs mind yeah but that's skulls hat's proven once and again. That he does this. Every year since frank Gore's query and it you know what media ideally get over that if there was Christina couch and running Texans offense to pretty well fancy. Right debit Carl's side proves to me he's a one week wonder if he's not picking up the offense and we won wonder we won wonder. But he's up there at the offense and top of one week week one wonder. I can't say that yeah I guess. I can't say that wanna gap I tried. So you know again that the last guy that I want to go over I wanted to reach. Return to simmers Ukraine. In Washington. Are Cali. Come on Robert Kelly yeah era but is he really gonna be that number one running back. Not fancy. Except for the fourth for the Redskins well I think he could be. I don't I don't see it with Robert Kelly. Pretty well last year he's not a guy that's gonna while you and any sort of waved us version for green has that talent we sought in Oklahoma. He's one of those guys wary you saw the deep running back class you're seeing him falling you're like okay. Which team is gonna get this guy who's going to be in who's going to be in the fortunate position where Perino ends up on their depth chart and washing got it now thing to approve of landed in. That many better situations you mentioned Green Bay mentioned San Fran but. I do Washington's kind of high on the list of where you'd want a running back to go that was steal yeah either that if you're. Take Karine a to do you can still feel comfortable taking him kind of in the same range he could take Joseph Williams or cream on I think. He's a guy that I could very Rossi starting at some point this season I do think rob Kelly is going to you. Do you find now I think he looked pretty well pretty good last year he averaged four point two yards a carry on. Problem is the pass game. And I think Karine can give decent value. Even if he's not starting. Which I don't think might be the same case for some of these other guys I think if rob Kelly goes in there and he's starting maybe maybe secede. I can still seek Karine it being a flex play once in awhile because I think he's gonna give you some stuff by the pass team. That rob Kelly's not gonna give you his rob Kelly is not a good back and car. Edges of the deal being that you get it was our rob so yeah he's not going to be a guy catching passes so in a peep Gary might do that an added boost icing prunes draft. Oh that's the other thing is that you know these other stills overlooking that they're kind of guys that gay might take a late round flier on them for depth purposes. But they mostly might BA. Check them out see how they use in pre season waiver wire kind of father. The affidavit an early draft of the big reasons more Korean is more intractable than some of these sleepers and a guy that. You should be putting on your draft portly. Yeah because especially like if our events are about two guys armored for the retirement cream on or Joseph Williams. I'm sitting here today the instinct Karine first. Now if everything goes the way I think it's gonna go I'd predict what's gonna happen the next two months. I've back Q my draft in August 20 Joseph willing foreign thing careened. But that's because I think hides and now have an issue India and might end up on his way out of San Francisco but if it stays like this. Prefecture. Over those two pressure art itself. We'll be right back after this for a talk our pass catches you got the wider series you got a nice tight and class and you know we got it right and rates I think last. Is going to be fun to make she stick around here the fantasy football podcasts on WGR. We'll be right back. Then check out podcast makes it go ahead enjoy. All of ourselves on on the men out here on them TRY dot com. Welcome back to this football podcasts here on WGR Sports Radio 550. And on demand audio Domenici 550 dot com dear Kramer Jody Yost is here with you. We've been talking about the quarterbacks running backs of this impending rookie class and now the rookie wide receivers. And tight ends we'll start off with a wide outs and also the but it might fear on a battery in all caps Mike Williams is going to be awesome. I think that might lose you've got Oprah restore on the football guy Q now on the other side. Then this is one of those things where you're not gonna signal coverage you've got hunter Henry and Antonio Gates don't seem. So it's healthy and either way I think that. LA I'm dad got it right. LA the chargers. Have a good chance of having a deep receiver core. Of my Williams is that guy that gulp and do everything for. I needed am big on corn this year. And I think he's gonna send it to. Mark stereo is number one target. Taj sharp headphones for its backseat foot surgery. And I can talk here in the offseason. And he spent struggling to get back on the field with that and that can be troubling injury so. I see him getting a lot of targets in Tennessee at the detail is there and I'm not worried about I mean small school guy at the western Michigan's and that's the yeah I had that gut they were to beat there's no arms and BCS bowl but yet accordions. Williamson Davis really. Are kind of in the same mall they're ovals do everything receivers. And people have talented quarterbacks aren't the Marriott is getting started and rivers coming to his. Coming to his clothes in the NFL but. He still obtain good quarterback to get the football team. Our John Ross. I grew ala and not loving it and here's the reason why I think he's DeSean Jackson. It's gonna be one of those things where you're getting get eight catches for 210 yards and two touchdowns. The word. You're gonna see three catches for thirty yards and a fancy bust for the yeah no think Q&A session he with any dollars as quarterback in he has built the repertoire with apple Tyler expert in EG green. So to me he's the third look. For Andy Dalton. I agree you DeSean Jackson like he's gonna put he's gonna have some games this year where he gets 2.2 points but you know products ought to do sags. The Sunni part of the problem is you don't know when those games are going to happen and that's the frustrating part particularly would daily fancy which we will talk a lot more about. On with the with the fancy show on bills game days. When the season starts again is in daily fancy John Ross probably won't be the single most infuriating person. Outside of John Jackson because I think he's a clone of DeSean Jackson at the easy guide it. You can have them go deep and burn you but then there's games where that defense is gonna plan against it say there's an injury between. Green or ciphers and then they go okay let's make sure this guy doesn't take us over the top. So there's John Ross for a I can't get a sleeper for. I've got a couple. Com as Joshua Reynolds one it's not so we can go ahead and nice list here are Josh Reynolds a 42 on John Reynolds there's always that guy. Who's taken the first couple rounds so they can add to avoid. On the first couple rounds of the draft itself not not the fancy dress. DUS for two big name yet how ever he's been buried by a team drafted them by default. You're talking about you've got to pass marquee sleep you gotta get passed on her and she got to get past Allen. Alan Robinson Allison Al Jefferson on. Al Jefferson Alexander eight yeah. Yes yes Al Jabber that Al Jefferson don't you do that Alan Robinson I think he did he probably could get over all the out of that you have Robinson missed. Get in that. The dubious second but I don't think happens this year. Am Kearns is a whole lot more underrated than people seem to get credit for. And you know again a great undrafted find projects and all the other thing is that you don't locally poorly you're gonna get every week. Esther well you know you think it's our time yes not to mention Jacksonville traded for. No they traded a wager is Taurus I and you know I think though that. West for that draft he's not gentle I don't even know these waves there I keep and I am because if he starts lighting up in training camp Panama. Or my draft does happen I might end up or I might take a fire and then from here but. Even if that doesn't happen I have my guy and him all season. Yes this guy that you know there is more vote limit late in the season watching injuries pile up kinda guy. You know if your team's struck it wonders here in Maxine analysts say Jackson was a couple of guys down yet he Westbrook is a guy even though I had grabbed his. Jacksonville Jaguars always seem be throwing combined that's there's worse situations and it's right now don't worry about a guy like do you Westbrook who was was drafted high in the NFL draft. A guy who's highly touted I wouldn't worry about it but. You say you run he's Josh Reynolds 63. A 4445. And it. What taxing them. Forth from. I think he Yi has a very good chance on the Los Angeles rams team. Receivers very much he's a very good chance. To do something there is a lot of issues with us now I'd of these draft he's not a bad Q my because it's. Robert Woods. Plus art is that he's a favorite past season number ten on Austin. Is gadget is a slot C slot receiver again. Percy Hartmann the six that's what that's with him on anything less productive lives their other outside receiver. Exactly there's a dead and look on my face no bloody nose and felt the need to describe that to run listened to this podcast the spots available. I think Josh Reynolds has a good chance take it drafted him in the fourth round so you know he's not. Going to be guy comes in the easy don't they ones they are we're gonna hand you the job beard get a chance. Arnold's might not get a chance and in camp but disease progresses here. Could be that there outside receiver there are so you species of fire here's a major question on your fire them. What Roger do. Or golf. Question and answer questions and that's why also ignore it. You know I don't like him I'd only cared off sell yet to keep an eye on his progress even if he does start. They do this is Reynolds is not a guy that can be topped when he takes off. Beat the quarterback holding backing it he gets the job so what am looking at him throughout the season. I think at best he's the flights at some point. By. Yankees held back off for your night you mentions agents. Zeta-Jones is going to be a guy like you said unless the bill signed Jeremy Maclin. He is the de facto number two wide receiver on this team and a guy who see a lot of targets. From the middle of field. He's not national the size touchdown production could be a factor for Zeta-Jones with the Buffalo Bills and the other one. Designed starve. From C out. I think that that's a guy you can go ahead and get a huge TV factor with with the height. The big play ability with going up and getting it. Those are red zone fact is that you have to look up Rihanna Seahawks have Jimmy Graham and yes I'm well aware of that but. Are roaming the rules guys that steals a couple of those touchdowns from Jimmy Graham. Sports car owners I don't have ought to give you on our brokers I'm not that haven't read too much in him and seen what he's been doing but I guarantee Jones and tell you. I would not support he could give you the yards that Robert Woods gave you last year with the touchdowns just on gas so it and Watkins is not been able stay healthy. So he could end up being a defect or number one at some point in that office stated that the bills don't. Sign it right here right at this is order anointed heir Decker for so. We'll see what happens there but as a lot alike with Zeta-Jones and his situation there and awful. I mean outside of that the writers your class it's a little trickier to go ahead and find the potential sanctions media are Darius Stewart in the jets because. It's like that in there but I think you have Josh McCown Bryce petty and or your hat hacker director you have your garbage time. Curtis Samuels in the dying Carolina to keep an eye and me and he. Other than that I don't see that Carlos Anderson loft. And loves him I want the bills to go get him so bad in the draft. But like the fifth there in Denver I don't know any playing time if he doesn't like the court next tuition so it's tricky kind of off the grade yes a wide receiver it's not as deep as the running back class that we were gushing over in the first part of this side. First artist podcast Cooper cup I was the other nameless thing in a Cooper processed Turkey. Yes the battle yet they'll battle and you know I'm not sure Cooper cup is a number one or outside cheaper here. Tyrants. The pretty deep class starts at the first rounder of that group Jay Howard Tampa Bay are you kidding me this might be a top ten times and right. He's got genus Winston thrown him football you've got a bunch weapons there Tampa Bay with a fully functional offense to go ahead and do you view what you need. And OJ Howard's got the town to get it done. And take care of even getting a little bit of operate to Mike Athens. Yet Alec fit there I think it's perfect forum com walled. We're tight ends always take awhile to develop though and you don't often get Thomas finished production out of rookies meaning political rocks rookie seasons it was borderline. Tight and one. Apparently that he it was a little different is it Hernandez there to compete with them but. Be careful when you're drafting and a rookie tight and I OJ Howard ends up a blow and item one this year. And that's certainly a guy that I can take in the middle rounds. On Evan Ingram with the giants as an Ingram he's an interesting point is. You remember it than now and then bit ID but the one guy there that know what's document as will tie. I didn't will ties game good football player and I think he's more blocker yes but he's gonna be on the field but I also think that acting Ingram is gonna go Heidi and get his catches gave his touch yeah there. Because Manning does like keys is tight and if there actually capable football player. Funny how we function tied and says Eli seen in his career not usually on at that Jim Shockey is really what else have gotten. They're Pasco yeah I rest my status boss. Dressed like yes. On the other name I like is David joking in Joker actually kind of have a little Devoe a warning label on earning occupied go via rat he's sleeper I think there's one or two ways to go about this with him and it's really one or the other I think it's something where I can see where your coming up with that you know a guy that can go ahead and explode on the scene. But it's also include browns and a team that I really suspect we'll have three different quarterbacks at any point this year arch I'm no man's garbage time is a factor. I was our sense I just know that the camera she's going to be off this Cody cast is probably starting season Cody cast is going to get hurt. Joan ties is going to come in to Sharon Keyser is not probably going to be thrown to the site to the ones all the time. This is too much in this. It's a chemistry issue I'll say this I would not be surprised I would be shocked that might be surprised if he does what Gary ours too. It I respect that. On the one time and I'd go ahead and take a look at remembering the late in the season. But he hides the guy at Virginia Tech too distracted to Minnesota and a guy who probably replace Kyle Rudolph immediately. As. A nice little seat he dealt especially. For Sam Bradford yeah. You know it's one of those things are. You know. QB big sleeves is going to go I hadn't throat was tied and a bunch and that's what he wants to do that is analysts calling card Sam Bradford mention I'm reference in there as it is. On Teddy Bridgewater if he's healthy you know he's going to be guided finds guys in the middle of field that's a strong suit. No matter who the Minnesota quarterback is Sparky Heidi is gonna steal some touches steal some catches. From Kyle Rudolph and probably toward the end of the season replace him as the number one tight end. For the vikings. My guy that I like is Jake but oh he was drafted by Denver out of Michigan you'd like to but I like the but he had bad. Bad knee injury the end right in the season but he's wearing a brace and his right knee no mobility problems. According to. Law whatever Denver Broncos beat writer I just had up on the screen that is no longer there. No mobility problems in one else is there tight end Virgil green that's it yeah he can overtake that he gates stepped in there heat it the they're number one tight end at some point you can either red zone target and you know what those quarterbacks they might not be certain feel too much though. The talk. Needed it short over the middle the field is where I see a lot of Denver's past past is gone. And I think that can be Al -- community but could be a nice little promising either for as well. Speaking of promising things that's an injury appears cycling. But we're doing these podcasts we're gonna help you out this fantasy season as. We come into training camp as the offseason turns into the pre season. I'm Derek premise Joseph TV Yost see this is in the fantasy football podcast. On WGR 550 dot com and on on demand audio.